Luxilon Tennis Strings

May 20, 2019

Itís the string thatís all the rage right now in tennis, Luxilon. For the last five years or so Luxilon has dominated pro tennis with its unique line of high quality strings which include the Big Banger Monotex and Multitec lines.

The Big Banger became the official string of the ATP menís tour in 2002, and now reigns as the No. 1 choice on the circuit boasting over 50% of the ATP top 100 and over 40% of the WTA top 100 as customers.

The Big Banger comes in different flavors to suit different needs from Original to Spin to ALU to Touch to Rough.

So whatís all the fuss. Well, the strings last long, feel great, give you power plus control enabling you to hit winners wit power and accuracy from just about anywhere on the court. Some would even argue this string should be illegal because itís just that good.

Remember, when considering any kind of tennis racquet string, be aware of the numerous factors that can impact its playability. Some of these include string patterns, string tension, string gauge and even weather conditions, which all play a role in the stringís control, comfort, power and durability.

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