Rogerio Dutra Silva Bio

  • Began playing aged six with his father, Culicio Teodozio, a former tennis player
  • Nicknamed "Rogerinho"
  • Used to play tennis and football until he decided to concentrate on a tennis career aged 15
  • Mother, Maria Das Gracias
  • Has three sisters, Debora, Andrea and Adriana and a brother, Daniel, who is also a tennis player
  • Speaks Spanish, English, Italian and is studying German
  • Favourite hobby is to surf
  • Idol growing up was countryman Gustavo Kuerten
  • Considers clay his favourite surface and forehand as best shot
  • If he wasn't a tennis player he would be a football player or pro surfer
  • Part of the Proyecto Rio 2016 at Instituto Larripassos
  • Considers his first win for the Davis Cup against Uruguay and his first win at the 2011 US Open as his favourite tennis memories so far
  • The Australian Open is his favourite tournament.
Biographical information from ATP. Unless noted otherwise all data as of year-end 2013.

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