Rainer Schuettler Quotes

"All the players have complained about it. For sure, this hardcourt is a very bad one."
-- Rainer Schuettler on the courts at the Westside Tennis Club, host of the Masters Cup in Houston.

"I don't really see the pressure that I am the only German hope. There are some more Germans in the draw, four or five and everybody in the main draw can make it far. It is very close between the players who are in the main draw so that anybody can beat anybody. Thus, I don't see myself as the hope." -- Rainer Schuettler, trying to talk himself out of the pressure of being the top uninjured German. Don't worry, German fans don't see you as the hope either.

"On the court I feel okay, but now when I stop playing I feel very tired, and I think I'll go straight to bed again. So, hopefully, tomorrow I feel better. But on the court it's okay. I feel weak, but what can I do? The only chance is that I keep fighting...so far it works. It looks like a flu...I hope it's not SARS." -- German Rainer Schuettler in Rome.

"If I will be Top 8 and have the chance to play the Tennis Masters Cup in November, it's for me a dream. I'm going to try everything to reach this goal." -- Rainer Schuettler, who has Houston officials trembling at the thought of promoting him for the year-end ATP Masters Cup.

"That's why I'm playing very good this year and I'm lucky. In Chennai a bird was pooping on my head during my match, so I think that's a good sign and why the year has started pretty well." -- Rainer Schuettler, after a flock of seagulls flew over the stadium during his marathon three-set victory against Max Mirnyi in Dubai. The court had to be cleaned because of their droppings.

"I don't know if hes taken tennis to a new level, but hes definitely the best player in the world at the moment." -- Rainer Schuettler on Andre Agassi, who handed him his ass in the Aussie Open final

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