Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 Racquet Review

Posted on October 27, 2006

Wilson nCode nTour Two 95

Head Size:
95 sq. in.
Length: 27.25 in.
Weight: 10.7 oz.
Swing Weight: 320
Stiffness: 62
Balance: 2 pts. head light
Composition: 25% nCoded Hyper Carbon/75% nCoded Graphite
Power: Medium
Idea Swing: Long-Fast

Recommended String: Wilson NXT 16 String
Recommended Grip: Wilson True Grip

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Used by both Justine Henin-Hardenne and Lindsay Davenport, the control offered by the smaller 95 inch head and the lower power level make the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 the ideal racquet for players who bring some of their own power to the table but want to benefit from a lighter stick providing nice touch and spin.

Tough to argue with a racquet wielded by two former No. 1 players in the world.

The Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 includes Wilson's nFoam and Double Hole technologies designed to lessen vibration while at the same time improving the feel at impact and overall stability.

Mark is a 5.5 all-court player with a one-handed backhand.
Randy is a 5.0 teaching pro with a one-handed backhand.
Jenni is a 5.0 player and self-described "doubles specialist" with a two-handed backhand.


"A little light-feeling, but it seems to have 'enough' of everything -- balance, power, spin," said advanced X-Tester Mark. "The 95 head makes for some great accuracy on groundstrokes. There are advanced racquets out there with more spin, more power, but the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 strikes the right balance."

Also impressed by the controlled power were Randy and the two-handed Jenni.

"My forehand and one-handed backhand had great control and I didn't have to try and hit extra topspin when hitting hard," said Randy. "Very accurate but for me not lacking in power."

"It's got a very soft feel," said Jenni. "I usually like a stiffer racquet, but this somehow acts a little stiffer than its 62 stiffness rating. I couldn't just haul off and rip winners off my back foot, but I could generate the power I wanted when I set up correctly. I could drive the ball low with slice, and felt like I could put my two-handed backhand on a dime anywhere on the court."


Those that can't generate big racquet-head speed or mechanics on the serve may feel the more control-oriented side of the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 rather than the power.

"I had trouble generating the power I wanted on the serve with the Wilson nCode nTour Two," said Jenni. "The spin, kicking or slicing down the middle, was adequate. I think it takes a strong person like a Lindsay Davenport to wield this and get everything out of it. Aside from the power the placement was fine."

Randy also felt the control-oriented side of the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95.

"I found myself hitting flatter serves to try and amp-up the power," Randy said. "The power was average, but I had no problems consistently hitting deep serves and moving my serve around the service box."

Enjoying the serving offerings of the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95 was the 5.5-rated Mark.

"A big improvement over the larger-head version of this racquet," Mark said. "I found great access to power with more control. The spin is adequate, and the placement excellent. I played around with some lead tape and found even greater power and kick with kick serves."


"For a medium-powered racquet I could still get a lot on returns, even when stretched out," Jenni said. "It returns like a heavier racquet."

Randy and Mark found different levels of success with the Wilson nCode nTour Two 95.

"I felt like the softer feel gave me more control on returns," said Randy. "It is pretty lively, yet easy to keep the ball low on the return."

"This is a good racquet for a player who hits a flatter ball, who can crunch a ball like Davenport," Mark said. "The smaller head and amount of bite make it a little tougher to play a big-topspin game, yet I had impressive control flattening it out a little and directing it around the court. It is for players who like to return serve with a racquet on the light side."


"This is a competent volleying racquet, even playing mixed doubles with the harder hitters," Jenni said. "Good feel and touch, good pop on the ball and maneuverably light."

"It doesn't feel like it has a lot of extra length, and the maneuverability is good," agreed Randy. "I was volleying deep without a problem, and the feel is good on dropshots, lob volleys -- better punch than I expected."

"A little headlight for me, requiring a real firm wrist and concentration against big hitters, but the feel was good and the power adequate," Mark said. "Once I adjusted I had no problems getting enough "oomph" on my volleys, and the control, even with the extra length, was great."


The racquet used by Henin-Hardenne and Davenport offers a pro-level performance, receiving accolades from our testers, as it should from mid- to higher-level players on the USTA rating chart seeking a smaller-headed control-oriented racquet.

Consistent power is there for players with a longer, faster swing looking for a lighter racquet that nonetheless performs like a "player's racquet."

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