Ana Ivanovic Interview - Miami, March 27

Posted on March 28, 2009

March 27, 2009

A. IVANOVIC/M. Koryttseva
6-0, 6-3

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THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to have your opener behind you?

ANA IVANOVIC: Oh, it feels really good, especially I had really good performance. I'm happy the way I played, especially from the beginning.
She can be -- she had lots of matches behind her, so that was obviously confident -- she was confident coming into tonight's match. But I really stepped up, and really pleased with the way I played.

Q. Was the wind much of a factor there?

ANA IVANOVIC: After the final in Indian Wells, you really think I struggle with this kind of wind? No, it was a little bit gusty in there, but that's Miami. It's always windy here, so you just have to accept it.
It's the same for both the players, so I really tried to take it out of play tonight.

Q. Does the ball bounce as well on the center court?

ANA IVANOVIC: Yeah, the bounce is nice. I mean, I really enjoyed playing there. It was really the first time this year I stepped on center court.
It was really good. And also night session, you know, adrenaline, it's a little bit higher. It kicks in, so it was really fun to play.

Q. Has your adrenaline dropped in the second set?

ANA IVANOVIC: No, she started playing much better. It was also a big stage for her, you know, a night session, so probably she was nervous. She started playing better in the second set.
I didn't think I dropped too much. Maybe I was not as aggressive as I was from the beginning, but still stepped up in important moments and managed to get the break in the second.

Q. Did you have any chance to enjoy Miami before the tournament started in between Indian Wells?

ANA IVANOVIC: Well, to be honest, we had quite a few commitments for the tournament and for the sponsors, and didn't have a chance to enjoy Miami too much. Hopefully after the tournament.

Q. You came obviously close to winning at Indian Wells last weekend. How much is that pushing you for this tournament? This surface, is it similar? The conditions are similar?

ANA IVANOVIC: This tournament, I see as a big challenge for me, myself, because in the past, I mean, that's something that I learned from last year was that I wasn't consistent enough. This is a big challenge now for me, because I did really well last couple of weeks. I played lots of matches in Indian Wells. I really want to keep up the good work and keep up with the victories this week, too.
There is no easy matches, but it's something I really want to work hard on. Obviously conditions are a lot different. You know, everything is much different than Indian Wells, but it's -- I see it as a big challenge.

Q. Which do you prefer in the early games: to be really tested by someone and have a little bit of a scare that pushes you, or to have a more straightforward like tonight?

ANA IVANOVIC: I think, you know, from the first round, you sort of want victories like today. It's important to win, you know, quite comfortably so you get confidence through the matches. And especially against these kind of opponents, you have to be, you know, there from the first moment and don't give them any hope.
Because they have nothing to lose, so if they see you are struggling a little bit, they can try and use the opportunities. So you have to be there. So to win comfortably it's really good.

Q. Do you have any planned commitments for the next round?

ANA IVANOVIC: I just want to, you know, enjoy, and I really been enjoying competing lately. I want to keep up with that. And like I said, there is no easy matches. I have tough opponents, but I just focus on match by match.
I just found out now who I play next round, so I want to keep it that way and have fun on the court.

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