Andy’s Out
by Sean Randall | November 9th, 2005, 11:55 am
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Big news of the day is that Andy Roddick has decided to take a pass on the Masters Cup in Shanghai slated to begin Sunday. Can ya blame him?

Roddick’s back has been buggin’ him and he just played a few sets Monday night in Hershey, PA for the World Team Tennis Smash Hit event. Put yourself in his shoes, after that, who the heck would want to travel some 16-20 hours to Shanghai and play more tennis with really nothing at stake.

By going to Shanghai he can’t really improve his ranking much and cannot get anywhere close to No. 1. Plus, having a bad back isn’t going to get him past the likes of Federer or Nadal. Money-wise, he already has enough cash in his bank account and just by showing up doesn’t guarantee him anything – unless the rules changed I believe he actually has to play to pick up 45k/50k.

From Andy’s perspective, the option is to either go home to Texas, lay on the couch watch some football, heal the back, digest a lackluster 2005 campaign and rest up for for a few more year-end exos and the 2006 season. Or travel to Shanghai, get roughed up by some of the best players in the world and possibly further injure the back all for say a 100k in cash and a few extra ranking points.

Yeah, 100k sounds like a lot to you and me, but Roddick knows he can make that up (and whatever fine the ATP rules) easily by playing an extra event next year, that is if he really wanted to.

The ATP, Shanghai organizers and fans will not be pleased with the decision, but for Andy at a personal level it’s probably a good move.

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