Replay Reactions
by Sean Randall | March 30th, 2006, 3:17 pm
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Martina Hingis, showing that personalityIs it just me, or has the addition of instant replay in tennis added personality (or a personality) to the players on the court?

Nothing to me says personality more than watching a player look over at the chair ump and make the replay request. Wow. Riveting. And then we get that reaction of “yeah” when they are right or when they slump their shoulders when they are wrong. Just marvelous.

I never knew tennis players were so cool. The big honchos at the WTA, ATP and the USTA should all be patting themselves on the back for bringing this great innovation to the sport.

I mean really, those 10 seconds or so when the player stares the umpire down giving that steely Clint Eastwood-ish replay request look is far more entertaining for me sitting at home in front of the TV or for the fan in the stand than having to watch Johnny Mac smash some water cups or listen to Andre Agassi dropping a few “F bombs” on the chair ump or having Nastase sit on the bench awaiting the supervisor. What fun is that? None. Heck, I’m pissed I’m stuck at work because I’m going to miss David Ferrer making his replay request today in his match against Roddick. Darn.

So in short, I totally get where the tennis chiefs are coming from. Rather than make it standard that the chair ump checks the replay on any close call, I now understand why they made is so that the player has to request the review so this way we get that injection of personality we ordinarily would never see. Screw the match, or the fairness for that matter, and show the emotion. That’s where the money is. What a great idea, just can’t wait to see what tennis has is store next to help rejuvenate the sport in the U.S….Mic’d up ballboys. Now that would be wicked…

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