US Open Draws are Out; Federer, Henin Win
by Sean Randall | August 23rd, 2006, 10:24 pm

If you haven’t seen the US Open draws yet check ‘em out here.

At first glance the men’s draw looks to be all Roger Federer’s. On a second glance, it’s still Roger’s!

Sir Roger will likely not drop a single set on his way to a 10th straight Slam semifinal, a feat only accomplished by Ivan Lendl. Fed’s road is quite cozy – or the exact opposite of what he got at Wimbledon. Jim Wang, Tim H, etc., though Juan Carlos Ferrero could play him tough in the 16s, and in the quarters Tomas Berdych, James Blake or Dmitry Tursunov could snag a set, maybe. But that’s it.

Up for him in the semi’s is anyone’s guess, but I’ll go with David Nalbandian who seems to only show for Slams these days. Good for him. He knows where the points are. Anyway, his section isn’t much tougher assuming he’s playing well. (David is well known for making hard work of the easiest foes). En route to the quarters, David will be tested by Marat Safin (perhaps?), Olivier Rochus and then maybe, should be, but I doubt it, Tommy Haas. Nalbandian’s likely opponent in quarters in my mind has to be the winner of a Andy Murray-Fernando Gonzalez third round sizzler. I’ll take Murray only because he won the junior title a few years back and then threw up here last year. Anyone who throws up has to be favored the following year. In the end, I like David over Murray. Tough luck Andy.

As for the bottom half, the other Andy, Andy Roddick, got an easy draw up to the 16s where he could meet Marcos Baghdatis in a rematch of the fourth rounder back at the Australian Open. The big story in that section is of course Andre Agassi who is making his last US Open appearance. Unseeded this year, Agassi will play tour vet Andrei Pavel in what will be a very tough opener as the Romanian has the goods and has beaten the eight-time Slam winner. Should Agassi win he would likely face Bagdhatis who will not be awed by the situation of sending Andre packing. Once the dust clears I’ll take Roddick over Baghdatis just because it’s in the U.S.

In that second quarter, Hewitt’s a bit banged up so I like Novak Djokovic to come out to the 16s to face Ivan Ljubicic with the Croat winning to set up the Roddick meeting.

In the last quarter, Nadal has a tricky road that begins with an early test against former finalist Mark Philippoussis. If Flip was a 100% and at full strength, that would be a great upset pick and a good match-up for the Aussie. But anything less and Nadal should triumph, albeit in a struggle as he’s just doesn’t seem to be in form these days – plus, when was the last time this cat won a title in the U.S.? Answer: Never. Moving on…From there I’ll go with Jarkko Nieminen in the fourth round to play Nadal and then in the quarters Tommy Robredo, who will beat Rafa (or more likely whoever is in Rafa’s spot!) Sorry, Rafa, I’m just not feeling ya this year…

Okay, let’s see my QF line-up:
Federer d. Tursunov
Nalbandian d. Murray
Ljubicic d. Roddick
Robredo d. Nadal

Then SFs:
Federer d. Nalbandian
Ljubicic d. Robredo

Federer d. Ljubicic 61 76 75

And there ya have it. RogFed holding aloft yet another trophy. What a shock.

So you want first round upset picks? Okay. How about:
Scoville Jenkins beating Jonas Bjorkman (Love that one even though JB returns quite well)
Juan Monaco over James Blake (Blake will now feel the heat like he never has before)
Julien Benneteau over Robby Ginepri (hardly an upset)
The qualifier to beat Fernando Gonzalez (Ya never known with Gonzo)
Stan Wawrinka over Juan Chela (Stan the Man is a good darkhorse pick to the get to Week 2)
Albert Montanes over Lleyton Hewitt (not much of an upset)

Match I most want to see: Novak Djokovic vs. Donald Young. Ha. Get some popcorn ready for that whooping. Will The Donald finally win a set?

As for the women, I’ll got out on a limb and take a Mauresmo over Sharapova in the top half semi, then Henin over Kuzy in the bottom with Justine winning it all. Yippie.

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14 Comments for US Open Draws are Out; Federer, Henin Win

myfacemyblog Says:

Wow, those were some nice yet obvious predictions.
I wouldn’t dismiss Haas, Hewitt, Blake and Ferrer in favor of latest-results darlings like Andy Murray (by the way, Federer obviously let him go with that match).
I would stay away from Robredo too(see Ferrer) and Nalbandian (see Safin, Coria, Haas)this time around and obviously let Murray go in favor of Davidenko or Gonzales.
Gasquet or Hewitt could definitely stop Ljubicic and then bow out to Nadal who, I think, can only be stopped by Ljubicic and Federer.
I must say I like your Tursunov over Blake pick but not over Berdych so he won’t get a crack at Blake who is heavily favored to repeat against Federer (lose, that is).
So here they are, my picks, if you care:
and finally
Federer-Nadal with Roger to win.
Enjoy the Open.
I’ll be on 54th and Lex for the Fed-Rafa exhibition. Should be fun.

Nick Says:

I would have picked Federer or Nedal, but now with Roddick and the outcome of the US Open Series with Murray beating Federer and Nedal, both having a bad summer to say the least, it’s hard to know what will happen at the US Open.

proactive Says:

Nick, don’t read too much into Fed’s loss. The man played 8 matches in 9 days.

Federer is still the overwhelming favorite.

jj Says:

surprising to see someone actually say that Federer is having a bad summer with first loss since French Open. probably overplaying the back to back AMS tourneys. on the other hand, Nadal seems to be not picking up after his Wimbledon final. it would be great to see at least one of the new fab five in Gasquet, Murray, Djokovic, Berdych other than Nadal make the semis. Federer over Ljubicic in the final…

sic Says:

Did you say that Nadal never won a title in the US? Question: has the state of Ohio ceded from the union? Because he was the defending Cincy champ. Nice research.

Although I agree that he is definitely off form.

By the way, I think that Federer threw that match against Murray just to get some rest. Did you watch it? Fed kept giving away his serve and Murray kept blowing it on his serve. It was kind of likd a boxer who is going to take a dive jabbing his opponent a few times to make it look good and almost knocking the bum out. He actually almost look irritated with Murray for sucking so bad.

» US Open Draws: Women’s Singles Preview Says:

[...] « US Open Draws are Out; Federer, Henin Win August 24th, 2006 US Open Draws: Women’s Singles Preview by Lynn Berenbaum [...]

XC Says:

sic, Nadal was not the defending champion of cincy, Federer was. On the other hand, Nadal was the defending champ of Montreal/Toranto, but he was def. by Berdych, and Fed won that one over Gasquet.

sic Says:

XC — Ah, my mistake!

Nice research.

Bjornino Says:

I don’t get it..what is all this Fed-Mania about? The man is BORING. A tennis machine. That’s it. And as for his so-called “great sportsmanship”: Did you guys watch ANY of his matches against Nadal this past clay-court season? (or the Dubai final) As soon as he starts losing, he yells and screams like a baby, slams his racket to the ground, smashes balls out in the audience. It’s easy to be a “gentleman” when you’ve been beating everyone for three years. Thank God for Nadal, HE is the future of tennis, NOT Federer. Nadal is humble, has power AND touch (seen his dropshots?). And above all, he has something that FedEx lacks: ANIMA! Soul! One more thing: Federer’s accusations about Toni Nadal “coaching” Rafa during matches. Quoting FedEx: “I caught him in the act.” Is that a sportsman? No. Is that childish? Yes. Interestlingly, these accusations started as Nadal started beating him.

Ok, I know..this was supposed to be about the draw.. Lots of interesting aspects to that one. We’ll know on Sept 10th what it will all come down to. I don’t think FedEx will win. I think Nadal or Nalbandian will win. I don’t care if they weren’t on top in Cincy/Toronto: they are the ones who can beat R.F. They have the tools (Nalbandian was DEMOLISHING RogFed at the French Open Semi, before he got injured), Nadal is a born champion, and I think Nalbandian will finally get his act together. It has to happen one day, why not now? We shall see..

Iacta alea est!


Giner Says:

I know Hewitt’s not in the best form as of late, but picking Albert Montanes to beat him? Come on!

As for Roddick’s momentum from winning the US Open series… he won it last year as well, and look where it got him. I wouldn’t read too much into that. Ferrero upset all the right people for Roddick to finish the job.

Jennifer Says:

I have a question. I am not sure if anyone knows, but do you know what time Agassi will be playing? My email address is please let me know. Thanks


rjnick Says:

Why do people keep picking Ljubicic? He’s never made it to a slam final. Rafa’s beaten him on a fast indoor court in Madrid. And in a Slam SF, I’d pick Rafa any day over Ljubicic. Why? Because Nadal knows how to win slam semis — until recently Ljubicic didn’t even know how to get to the second week. For all the talk about how many points Roger is from Rafa in the rankings, people forget that it’s over 1,000 points that separates Rafa from Ljubicic. Ljubicic on the other hand is only about 200 away from Nalbandian.

Giner Says:

Ljubey has improved a lot over the last few years, which explains his bad record.

Would you have believed it if Federer had only one one career title before 2003? Now he sits at 40.

When Federer was Nadal’s current age, he’d won a whopping ZERO career titles. But look how quickly things turn.

Ljubey does have problems with big matches, but he’s certainly shown his consistency in results.

Mario Says:

I dont get it why people r so jealous of Federer he has been performing remarkably well 4 the last 3/4 yrs and has been more consistent than any of the former world No 1s 2ndly he has a all-round game. Roger Federer is humble he also speaks highly of others, as far as being upset at losing goes who isn’t upset at losing a match Pete Sampras refused to shake chair umpires hand after he was beaten by patrick rafter at a masters series final. Every 1 gets up set when he isn’t performing as well as he can or he should or when he is not playing up 2 his potential 2nd thing is Nadal no doubt has played well but he will have 2 win something big on hard courts before he can be considered a favourite at Us open or Australian open.

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