Fish, Querrey, Nishikori Oust Seeds at US Open
by Richard Vach | August 31st, 2008, 12:27 am

Third-round Play

(1) Rafael Nadal d. Viktor Troicki 6-4, 6-3, 6-0
Kei Nishikori d. (4) David Ferrer 6-4, 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 7-5
(6) Andy Murray d. Jurgen Melzer 6-7(5), 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-1, 6-3
(32) Gael Monfils d. (7) David Nalbandian 6-3, 6-4, 6-2
Mardy Fish d. (9) James Blake 6-3, 6-3, 7-6(4)
(10) Stanislas Wawrinka d. Flavio Cipolla 5-7, 6-7(4), 6-4, 6-0, 6-4
Sam Querrey d. (14) Ivo Karlovic 7-6(5), 7-6(5), 6-2
(17) Juan Martin Del Potro d. (16) Gilles Simon 6-4, 6-7(4), 6-1, 3-6, 6-3
(4) Serena Williams d. (30) Ai Sugiyama 6-2, 6-1
(6) Dinara Safina d. Timea Bacsinszky 3-6, 7-5, 6-2
(7) Venus Williams d. (27) Alona Bondarenko 6-2, 6-1
(9) Agnieszka Radwanska d. (18) Dominika Cibulkova 6-0, 6-3
(16) Flavia Pennetta d. (19) Nadia Petrova 4-6, 6-4, 6-3
Anna-Lena Groenefeld d. (17) Alize Cornet 6-4, 7-5
(32) Amelie Mauresmo d. Julie Coin 6-4, 6-4
Severine Bremond d. Tathiana Garbin 7-5, 3-6, 6-4

Apologies folks, am bedridden with the NY illness, will leave it to Von, Jane, and the rest of the group to dissect the results above.

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55 Comments for Fish, Querrey, Nishikori Oust Seeds at US Open

Von Says:


“Apologies folks, am bedridden with the NY illness, will leave it to Von, Jane, and the rest of the group to dissect the results above.”

I love the NY illness but I never did become bedridden. I moved to your state so that I can eventually grow old soaking up the sunshine outdoors. What a wonderful life without snow and sub-zero temperatures!

NachoF Says:

Wow, Karlovic is out…. Nadal will destroy Querrey.

JCF Says:

Karlovic and Blake have been taken out for him, and Murray was almost taken out. He’d better make the most of this luck. It’s his for the taking right now, so it would be really disappointing if he lost to Querry.

He couldn’t have asked for a better path to the final.

NachoF Says:

Yeah, with Federer, Tsonga and Djokovic all on the same half it seems like Nadal is by far gonna be the favorite in the final because of how much more rested he will probably be

NachoF Says:

I hope Fish will be able to put up a good fight against Nadal though.

Colin Says:

So Djokovic is playing a Croat. Remember the supposedly genial Ivanisovic at Wimbledon, saying that if they both won he wouldn’t dance with Seles at the ball? Pretty nasty, particularly as she was very young, and not what you’d call an intellectual.
Is there still bad feeling between Serbs and Croats?

Ellen Mooring Says:

Isn’t it wonderful about Nishikori? I know the Japanses people are jumping out of their skins! Maybe now we have another wholesome tennis player to pull for–after Nole.

Noel Says:

I remember that comment very well.It really shocked me.I liked both the players although I must say that I was a much bigger Seles fan.I always wonder what her-and Graf’s-legacy would have been if that Graf fan had not stabbed Seles who was dominating the game at that time.
Goran also used to say that he wanted Seles to lose whenever some reporter asked him about any match involving her. I don’t think I have heard any nasty comments of late and apparently the newer generation Serb and Croat players get along reasonably well.In fact, most of the current Serb players have played in Umag without any problem.

Hypnos Says:

Nishikori’s game is sweet like mochi. And he showed some mettle against a warrior like ferrer — great win.

S Green Says:

This is not a post, yet a place for us to post. Good enough. What can we expect from a “bedridden” except “dissect the results” [yourself]? Thanks for your effort. Get well soon.

About the picks, it’s getting tougher by day. I went down from 93% to 75% last night. As long as you are doing better than 50%, you are doing ok (you won’t lose money if you gamble).

Here are my picks for today (aiming at 50% again, I have to get 4 clean winners):

1. Fed vs. Step: Fed (upset possible if Step plays like he did last year here)

2. Roddick vs. Seppi: Most would quickly pick A-Rod, but I am not sure. He must be feeling the effect of 5-setter of the other day, but at the same time he must have gained some confidence with that win over a most brutal power player. However, he cannot rely on Seppi’s errors this time. He’ll get easier serve from Seppi, but he will have to hit winners.

3. Cilic vs. Djoko: Djoko (upset possible, depends on who will serve better)
4. Davydenko vs. Tursunov: Davy

5. Robredo vs. Tsonga: This is a tricky one. One likes to play the baseline; the other inside the court. So it depends on who can force the other to play his style. I’d want Rob to win for Djoko’s sake.

6. Gonzu vs. Nieminen: Gonzu
7. Almagro vs. Muller: Muller
8. Verdasco vs. Andreev: Verdasco

YY Says:

S Green tough calls today. Just looking forward to see how the day plays out :) Will we see more 5 setters and upsets?

S Green Says:

I’d really appreciate if you copy mine and make some changes and question some.

Sanjeev Says:

Some really surprising upsets:

Nishikori vs. Ferrer – I think this was definitely a battle of mental game. Any 5 set match shows the players are playing at an equal level, and the winner will be who wants to keep going in the tournament. Fatigue plays a big role and I’m really surprised that Nishikori(about 7 years younger) was able to beat the veteran.

Blake vs. Fish – Probably the worst upset. First of all the stronger American lost to the weaker American(no offense). Blake just never got his act together. I expected him to win the third set, but he just died. Fish had some great shots, and he was always in control of the game from the net and baseline. BTW, Blake has some freakishly hard shots if you noticed…I thought he made a hole in the net once. I’m expecting Fish to lose his next round match.

Querrey vs. Karlovic – I did not see this match, but its good to see youngster Querrey progressing in the US Open. Him and Monfils are probably my favorite young players (and Donald Young). However, he is probably going to get massacred by good old Nadal. Sorry Sam.

AND finally, I would not consider the Monfils match to be an upset. Monfils style of play is ideal against Nalbandian…Anyways


osazone4real Says:

Is this the same as Shital Green?
Why did u change ur name or rather shorten it.

I played this game b4 with you during SW19( I have a Job which involves leaving my internet behind so I sometimes disappear)

Agree with most of your picks but….

1. Fed vs. Step: ??(fed. could loose if he plays like his last match)
2. Roddick vs. Seppi: Roddick(would like to justify missing Olympics)
3. Cilic vs. Djoko: Djoko(no way cillic can beat Djoko)
4. Davydenko vs. Tursunov: Davy(seems his love of tennis has returned)

5. Robredo vs. Tsonga: Robredro(tough call they have never met)
6. Gonzu vs. Nieminen: Gonzu
7. Almagro vs. Muller: Almagro(i really dont know muller)
8. Verdasco vs. Andreev: Verdasco??(But H2H favours Verdasco)

maybe we add the ladies?

S Green Says:

Yes, it’s the same Shital Green. I shortened it because of some intolerant bullies, and my friends approved of it.

S Green Says:

Sorry, I misspelled your name. “Ozone4real” gives some environmental ring to it, though, like “Green” for environment awareness.

osazone4real Says:

for the ladies

so they dont get left out

1.Wozniacki vs Jankovic: Wozniacki(jankovic is unpredictable and for hell of it let the pretty blond win)
2.Bartoli Vs Sybille:Bartoli(she reminds me of play 2hands both sides)
3.Schynder vs Srebotnik:Schynder
4.Dementieva vs Na li: Na li(dementieva is too unreliable serve wise but I hope i get this wrong cos i like her)

osazone4real Says:

S Green

Yes u got me there Environmental ring and love of chemistry so it is a “chemical mixture” of my actual name and my hope the Ozone layer doesnt disapper one day.

I approve of the new name ogsa.

S Green Says:

Looks like Muller is a bad pick.

osazone4real Says:

oops “ogsa” actually also
(live in my newly adopted scandinavian country)

osazone4real Says:

S Green

Yes looks like muller is a bad pick

osazone4real Says:

S Green

And by the way how could you even entertain the thought of djoko looising to Cillic, are you not Djokos biggest fan

S Green Says:

I am always modest about the player I support strongly. Cilic is not a text-book player and can cause unpredictable havoc sometimes. So I am taking precaution for any contingency.

Leftykick Says:


Looks like Wimbledon all over again.
When will Jankovics 9 lives run out???

Leftykick Says:

Dont you just love Almagro’s macho posturing :-)
Didnt realise he serves so big – 135mph!

YY Says:

Is something happening on Arthur Ashe stadium? Am following scores on the usopen site at the scores for the match has been the same for the last 15 minutes.

S Green Says:

Did you guys see a big crowd watching Rafa on practice court. And the crowd gives cheers and applause whenever he makes a shot. Obviously, he finds it funny, smiles at them, and shakes head. He’s like, “You people are wackos. I am not even playing a match. What’s up with you people?”

S Green Says:

The women’s score board on the website is not working, but the men’s is fine.
It is one set a piece, and Jankovic is leading 4-1 in the 3rd set.

YY Says:

Thanks S G :)

Was hoping for an upset though.

S Green Says:

Jankovic has already won now, with 6-1 in the 3rd.
If you don’t have access to CBS on tv, why don’t you watch on The 2nd link from the bottom in the tennis group has CBS live streaming until 6:00 pm (ET).

jane Says:

People are forgetting about Monfils – to me, providing he gets through his next match with Fish, he will be a challenge for Rafa. I am not saying outright he’ll win, but an upset is certainly possible if Monfils plays up to his capabilities. These two have not played since 2006 on clay; in fact they’ve only played on clay twice, hence the 2-0 H2H for Rafa.

Monfils pushed Roger on clay at the French. He stretched Djoko on hard at the Olympics, where he beat Nalbandian. And he beat Nalbandian yesterday – easily. Nalbandian wasn’t at his best, but he’s no slouch on hardcourts.

I think Monfils vs. Rafa would be a great match, and I am hoping it happens.

Daniel Says:

Someone mentioned before that RG and Wimbledon are the real thing in tennis. It’s part true and part false.

US Open is one of the hardest tourneys to win. The hard quick courts favors the attacking games and who ever is on fire get the win, as we saw with Nishikori and Del Potro. Simon played a really good match, but Del Potro’s attacking game was too strong.

Wimbledon and RG always had those multiple titles to one player. Not so much with Us Open.
This is one of the reasons we saw the drop in Fed’s game on hardcourts. Anything can happen! It’s hard to win when you are not playing great. On clay and grass they (Nadal and Fed) manage some wins on consistancy. On hard you can turn a 2 sets down in a Slam anytime if your balls start entering.

That’s why US Open we have so many great matchs: 4 excellent five sets and we are only in round of 32.

I can wait for the shock between the new ones (Del Potro, Murray, Monfils, Nishikori) and the “old” (Nadal, Fed, Djoko, Roddick)!

jane Says:

I see Roger’s off to a quick start against Radek; he knows to take him seriously.

jane Says:

Hi Noel, Daniel, osazone4real – haven’t seen you all in a while.

I am glad you explained your handle osazone4real, I’ve always wondered about it; I hope we have an ozone layer for a long time to come too!

Daniel Says:

Agree with you Jane.

Nalbandian wasn’t playing that bad in the first and second set. Monfils wasn’t missing and returning everything, he kind of drained Nalby who eventually collpased.

But I prefer to see a Nadal x Del Potro match, after a Del Potro x Murray (which will get on fire)!

jane Says:

“But I prefer to see a Nadal x Del Potro match, after a Del Potro x Murray (which will get on fire)!”

Well, you could still see both, providing Monfils loses against Rafa in the quarters, and Murray loses to Del Potro.

Those are long shots, but stranger things have happened!

So far Roger is serving very well against Step – at 84% first serves, to Radek’s 60%. Roger’s serve is still a big weapon.

jane Says:

Sorry, I guess those aren’t long shots – Likely Monfils will lose to Rafa if they meet, and the Murray vs. Del Potro match might be a toss up judging by how far Melzer pushed Andy.

We’ll see.

osazone4real Says:


Actually u voiced one of my fears i.e nadal meeting monfils or JDMP (bcos I am a strong believer that winning a GS depends alot on luck i.e openning of the draw for the player.)although some of them was dealt with (dr. Ivo and Nalby).

BTW about the Ozone it looks like we are in a loosing game. The north pole is defrosting all its ice a sure sign the ozone is in trouble.

Once again fed is not playing great

jane Says:


Rafa would likely beat Monfils and I think he’d definitely beat JMDP. Monfils would be a tougher challenge, but that depends on whether or not he plays well. And if it goes long, we know Rafa has the edge. So in my books, Rafa is still the favorite in either of those matches but I just think Gael can get hot and flashy – a bit like Tsonga.

osazone4real Says:

S Green

Looks like Muller is still in the game

osazone4real Says:

fed has upped his game in all aspects
He is even getting his hawk eye correctly.Glad to see him playing well

S Green Says:

Yeah, Muller is still alive. In the last match, he beat Haas, coming back from 2 sets down. But he’s playing a 2nd 5-setter in a row, so it could go against him. Younger and fresher Almagro may have some advantage in the 5th. Just a thought.

S Green Says:

I am happy that Muller does it. I got that one right.
And Fed did not even have to play 3 sets.
Two down, two to go.

S Green Says:

Correction: “more than” after “play”

jane Says:

S, I don’t have evidence, except for my draw sheet print out, but I had picked Muller to win. I also picked Davy and I had a question mark beside Step / Fed match, because of Roger’s recent troubles and their last meeting.

I have also picked Djoko, Gonza, Roddick, Verdasco and Tsonga. But I think Cilic could win is Djoko’s serve is off; I hope not obviously. I also think the Verdasco/Andreev and Tsonga/Robredo matches could go either way. I think Gonza and Roddick are through easily though. Their test will come when they face each other, though Roddick has the winning H2H against Gonza. Actually, I am liking Roddick through to the quarters. And there it will depend on whom he meets. If Tsonga gets hot like at the AO, then I think he could beat Andy. Djoko vs. Andy would be 50/50. I would imagine whoever battles through all this will face a fairly well-rested Fed, who will face likely Verdasco then Davy – a nice coast to the final four.

Who knows though?

On the other side, I still like Murray / Rafa in the semi. But the upsets possible, as I mentioned above, are JMDP and Monfils.

If Djoko or Roddick don’t make it through, I’d kind of like to see Murray win the title, though I wouldn’t be disappointed if Rafa does, mainly because, well, for one, I like Rafa a lot, and two, it’d be such a stellar year for him! If he could go on to win the AO next year, he’d do something AMAZING – capture that elusive golden slam.

S Green Says:

I trust you. You are doing great in your picks. I think you’ll beat me at the end of the day. I won’t mind.
I will keep my 2nd and 3rd picks secret for a couple of days. Redundant to mention my 1st pick.

jane Says:

I knew the Andreev / Verdasco match could go either way, but it’s looking like I was wrong to think Verdasco would pull it out. Roddick, however, is a shoe-in.

S Green Says:

Yeah, you were unsure. I and Ozone (Sean, too, if you want to count him) got that one wrong.

Daniel Says:

What I like in the Fed match was that his backhand was very solid, he only missed when he went for the lines. He was doing some damage with returns and those passing shots. His forehand althoug good was errant sometimes.

But something he really needs to work with is his volley, specially forehand. What’s up with him?! He had an excellent volley, now it’s just OK, he can’t finish the points with it anymore.

Looking at the draws so far, Nadal and Fed conceeded only 7 and 8 games in their round of 32. Let’s see how Djoko will perform. But the real contenders for this year US Open are showing their guns.

Daniel Says:

It’s good to see Roddick closing the doors on the opponents face. He is increasing his level when forced and I too think he will be in the quarters. If he gets there and plays Djoko, I want to see how Djoko will react with the entire centre court against him.

jane Says:


“I want to see how Djoko will react with the entire centre court against him.”

We’ve already seen this at the AO. I think, though, that Novak will have learned from that and will play it cool.

If they meet it’ll be a good match and a 50/50 split – Roddick maybe with the slight edge due to (a) having skipped the Olympics, (b) having the crowd behind him, and (c) having P-Mac with him here.

Roddick was beat a few times on hardcourt this summer, but in each case it was a tough, up-coming player: Cilic, Troicki, and Del Potro. So it’s not like he should’ve ever been counted out as a serious contender here.

I think Djokovic would have a slightly better chance beating Roger were he to make the semis though. I know he has only 2 hardcourt wins against Roger, but the style of his game challenges Roger’s timing, and Roger can’t return his serve that easily. Andy has that one win against Roger this year, and he’s always very motivated, but theirs is a long and battering history.

Anyhow, back to the current match…

JCF Says:

“When will Jankovics 9 lives run out???”

She only needs 7.

Leftykick Says:

Good point JCF :-)

She will probably end up as number one in the world again. Especially since all the other candidates are falling like flies.

Leftykick Says:

On a lighter note, is Radek Stepanek the only tennis professional to still play with his shirt tucked into his pants? It really looks weird in this day and age.

Is there a tennis advantage to doing this? I cannot think of one. Personally I like to let it all hang out and enable the air to circulate.

JCF Says:

It’s likely just a habit. Lots of players have weird or quirky habits and superstitions.

I’m still not sure where female players keep their spare ball. Is there a pocket in those shorts worn beneath the skirt, or is it going into their underwear? Players like Sanchez Vicario wore a belt that held a ball at the back, but it looked tacky.

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