Djokovic, Federer Win Marathons Tuesday; Williams Sisters Today at US Open
by Richard Vach | September 2nd, 2008, 11:27 pm

The Serbs like the drama, and world No. 3 Novak Djokovic supplied plenty of it in a gutsy 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3 win over Tommy Robredo on Tuesday at the US Open.

Djokovic injured his right hip (second set) and right ankle (fourth set) during the match, in addition to an upset stomach, but the Serb displayed some stunning shot-making in denying the Spaniard a fifth-set victory.

At one point Robredo was incensed over a line call and what he perceived as Djokovic’s theatrics.

“It was I think 2-all, serving — I was serving against the wind, and winning that point was 30-15 for me,” Robredo said. “So the game, it was pretty close for my side. Also Novak was doing the show, that he was — that he couldn’t run. So in that moment, I think that point was so important, and the ball was clearly inside the line. So that’s why I was so pissed, no? Because a ball like that can change a match, and I think it did it.

“I have pain, as well,” Robredo continued. “I was running like hell and my feet were burning but I say nothing, no? I think that if you’re not fit enough, then don’t play. But after every time he was asking for a trainer, he was running like hell and he was making the shot, but he does what he does a lot of times. So I think we should take care a lot more of these things, because one thing is that if you fell down like I did, I can have blood and it’s normal that trainer gets in because there’s blood or whatever. But for having pain, I had pain, as well, all over my body because I think I run a lot more than him, and I said nothing, no? So did I trust him? No. No. I think he took his time because he did it because he was a little bit more tired and that’s a part of the game. It help him a lot.”

Djokovic says he began the match on less than a full tank.

“The moment I stepped on the court, I felt, already, as you said, less energy in the tank,” Djokovic said, speaking with reporters after the match. “So I really tried to forget about that, to eliminate those things, but I just had to. I had to take a medical timeout a couple of times, go to the bathroom, because just many things involved. I want to do everything to win.”

While Djokovic overcame injury and illness, giant-killer Gilles Muller overcame Top 10 regular Nikolay Davydenko 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(10).

The No. 130-ranked Muller played his way into the event through the qualifying tournament. Davydenko converted on only two of 15 break chances, and uncharacteristically slammed his racquet to the ground in anger when a passing shot clipped the tape on match point in the tiebreak and landed back on his side.

“I think it was the most exciting tiebreaker I’ve ever played in my whole life,” Muller said. “I think the shot he did at 5-4 was the shot of the tournament for sure. It was hard to accept it, but the good thing is I smiled about it and kept going, and it really helped me…Everyone told me that Nikolay likes to play in rhythm. I played him twice already, and I was playing good matches, also those two matches, but every time I lost. I was hitting the ball every time and that’s what he likes. This time I just kept changing the pace. I played a lot of slices, which he doesn’t like, and then I went with the high ball. I changed my serve all the time. I changed spin, then slice. I think at one point of the match, he was really, like, out of it.”

Davydenko confirmed that Muller had found the book on him.

“I was expect, yes, serve, big serve, yes, and good volley, but today was different,” Davydenko said. “Like, he don’t give me some chance to play from baseline. Just play so many slices, try to put ball, just — it was not so many rally. It was like tough to make something from my side, try to do something, because I’m baseline player.”

Muller will next face world No. 2 Roger Federer, who needed five sets to subdue Russian Igor Andreev.

“What I need to do is get through the matches,” Federer said. “Hopefully the best match will come at the end of the tournament. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I have no complaints. I don’t feel I’m extra tired. I’m not scared to be super tired tomorrow. I don’t think physically it was that much of a problem. Those are all good signs to have right now.”

Earning a meeting with Djokovic in the quarters Tuesday night was Andy Roddick, who strolled past a tired and sluggish Fernando Gonzalez 6-2, 6-4, 6-1 in the feature night match.

On court Wednesday in quarterfinal action are (6) Andy Murray vs. (17) Juan Martin Del Potro, and (1) Rafael Nadal vs. Mardy Fish.

There were two women’s quarterfinals played Tuesday in Flushing Meadows, with No. 2 seed Jelena Jankovic having little trouble against No. 29 Sybille Bammer 6-1, 6-4, and No. 5 Elena Dementieva remaining hot in dispatching of No. 15 Patty Schnyder 6-2, 6-3.

The Russian Dementieva has failed to drop a set during this US Open, saving reserves she will likely need after coming off a gold medal run in the brutal heat of the Beijing Olympics.

“For sure, it’s important to win in two sets, especially coming from Beijing,” Dementieva said. “I mean, extra time for recovery, it’s always good.”

Jankovic and Dementieva will now square off in the semifinals, with Jankovic owning a 4-3 career edge.

“It will be a really tough one but I have beaten her before,” Jankovic said. “I will really try my best and hopefully I can make my first Grand Slam final.”

On court Wednesday in quarterfinal action are (6) Dinara Safina vs. (16) Flavia Pennetta, and (4) Serena Williams vs. (7) Venus Williams.

Tropical Storm Hanna is scheduled to bring rain down on the US Open as early as Friday according to the Weather Channel…Andy Murray on his simmering feud with Juan Martin Del Potro: “I’ve known him since we were really young. Doesn’t really bother me. I wasn’t great friends with him before. I don’t need to be friends with him now.”…The City of New York in a ceremony yesterday renamed the base of the pasarelle just outside the East Gate public entryway to the US Open, the “David Dinkins Circle.” The circle, commemorating the 1964 World’s Fair, serves at the gateway through which most of the 700,000 annual visitors pass to attend the US Open…Andy Murray on players watching themselves on the stadium big-screen replays: “Yeah, I always watch. I think most people watch the replays when they’re on the court. They normally only show good points, so that’s why you watch it.”…No end in sight to the ATP betting investigation into Russian Nikolay Davydenko, an investigation that has gone on over a year: “We need to take as long it takes to determine if someone was involved,” said Kris Dent, the ATP’s director of corporate communications, speaking to Newsday. “The absolute bottom line for the ATP is that integrity is the most important aspect of our game, and that tennis has to be viewed as clean and without any hint of corruption.” Perhaps the ATP is dragging it out since, once they announce the investigation is over and they have no evidence, they will have opened themselves up to a huge counter-suit by Davydenko for basically ruining his personal life over the last year…So will Rafael Nadal debut his ‘adult look’ wardrobe (collared shirt, short(er) shorts) by Nike in his first event after the US Open? Reportedly the new clothes, designed specifically for Rafa’s measurements, will let him avoid the “bunching-up” (as a Nike exec said) of the shorts…Andy Roddick is suddenly looking all the wiser with the combination of skipping the Beijing Olympics and bring Patrick McEnroe on as a temporary coach. Gonzalez looked like he had the Beijing flu on Tuesday night, with barely enough energy to put up a fight.

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90 Comments for Djokovic, Federer Win Marathons Tuesday; Williams Sisters Today at US Open

Ryan Says:

I cant wait for a djokovic federer semifinal……..

Jojo Says:

Roddick on Novak…

Q. When asked about his injuries today, mentioning the right ankle as opposed to the left ankle, the other day ‑‑

ANDY RODDICK: Isn’t it both of them? And a back and a hip?

Q. And when he said there are too many to count.

ANDY RODDICK: And a cramp.

Q. Do you get the sense right now that he is…


Q. Lot of things. Beijing hangover.


Q. He’s got pretty long list of illness.

ANDY RODDICK: Anthrax. SARS. Common cough and cold.

Q. Got a lot of things going on with him.


Q. Do you think he’s bluffing?

ANDY RODDICK: No, I mean, I’m sure ‑‑

Q. The way you’re saying it, almost means you feel like…

ANDY RODDICK: No, if it’s there, it’s there. There’s just a lot. You know, he’s either quick to call a trainer or he’s the most courageous guy of all time. I think it’s up for you guys to decide.

Do you think Andy was sincere saying that. I think, even Andy himself don’t believe him… Well, as he said… “I think it’s up for you guys to decide.” ;)

NachoF Says:

The fact that they are asking proves that everyone is unhappy with Djokovic’s attitude… the players, the fans and the press.

zola Says:

I didn’t see the match today, but reading the Eurosport live comments I saw Djoko called for the trainer at 3-0 second set.
Then I read Robred’s comments and now Roddick’s comments. was it so dramatic? Is Djoko’s hip injury something he had today or from his previous matches?

Just caught a bit of Fed-Andreev. I think Andreev had a chance of winning and Fed knew it. JMac said it is because most of the guys hang around a bit more. Andreev did his part for sure.

I think all the QF ( maybe except Fed-Muller) should be very interesting.

YY Says:

QF Picks for men:

Fish vs Nadal – Fish (in 4 sets but hope Nadal wins)
Federer vs Muller – Federer (str8 sets)
Djokovic vs Roddick – Roddick (str8 sets given Djok’s “exhaustion” and Roddick’s form)
JMPD vs Murray – Murray (in 5 see-saw sets)

zola Says:


my picks:
Rafa vs Fish—-> Rafa ( this one I can’t be objective!)

Federer vs Muller—–> Fed

Djoko vs Roddick——-> Roddick

Del Potro vs Murray—–> 50-50 but I give the edge to Del Potro

I think last time they played ( Murray-Del Potro), they did not play a full match. JMDP might be exhauseted and Murray looks very good right now. Still, I think JMDP does want this win very badly and he might get it.

YY Says:

zola – i’d love for Rafa to win too so I hope I am wrong and you are right :)

my choice was based on how they both played their 4th round matches and again factoring home crowd advantage.

the winner of this match will likely go to the finals over the winner of the other QF.

given novak’s fitness and federer’s less than perfect form, this might again be roddick’s year to capture his 2nd GS.

but let’s see how the QFs play out first. my dream final would be nadal vs roddick at this stage as i’d like to see the point difference gap between him and Fed and Djokovic grow :)

Emily Says:

I don’t have a huge problem with Novak, but he pulls these tricks almost all the time. Calling the trainer, bouncing the ball, getting a new wrist band… I remember the 1st match of his that I really watched was at the Open against Monfils. Novak was claiming that he was sick and gagging as if he was going to throw up. Gael just sat there, ready to play and rolling his eyes. Novak better start getting more creative with what I think are his excuses if he wants to maintain his integrity.

zola Says:

when it comes to Rafa, I lose all objectivity. I really want him to win.but trying my best, I guess we can look at the rankings, where rafa is better, then hard court record this year, again Rafa is ahead. then the fact that it is the fastest surface, home crowd, Rafa is a bit tired and Fish is more confident. But Rafa has improved too. I guess technically Rafa is better. Home crowd is not a problem, because Rafa plays in his own shell. But if Rafa has blisters or is too tired (mentally or physically) or if Fish plays out of this world for 3-5 sets, then an upset is possible.

Rafa-Roddick final will be just great. Roddick is getting more confident with every match, loves the home crowd and has a new coach. So he has a good chance.

But first RAfa and Roddick neewd to win their QF matches. let’s see.

I have not watched any of Djoko’s matches ( just the one with Cilic)and he looked fine in that match. I did not see the one with Monfils or Robredo.certainly Robredo was not happy about it.but I want to wait till I hear the whole story.

that matt Says:

lol, Roddicks quote sums it all up: “he’s either quick to call a trainer or he’s the most courageous guy of all time. I think it’s up for you guys to decide”

Ra Says:

The way Muller has been playing, the facts that he’s a lefty, his serve is big (1st and 2nd), he can clearly play very smartly against a specific opponent, that Federer’s form has been all over the place… Idunno… The quarterfinals are looking very interesting to me all the way around.

With the possible exception of Djokovic (if he’s really as messed up right now as he claims and if it gets to the point where it actually prevents him from stepping up in the clutch moments), I can see anyone left in the draw holding the trophy on Sunday. I mean, a Muller v Del Potro Final doesn’t seem at all impossible at this point. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way going into the quarterfinals. Added to which, there are 5 guys left that I’d be happy to see take the title.

YY Says:


i’m a big rafa fan too and so far my “strategy” is to lower expectations for his performance (other than on clay) so as not to feel too disappointed if he does not win certain matches.

this has worked many times this year because his results so far has been amazing and i would love his run to continue.

however, even if he loses i can take several positives from the result. 1) he did at least reach the QFs which gives him additional ranking points (Djokovic and Federer are more likely at this stage to lose points or at least maintain) 2) it gives him motivation to improve his game further 3) he has fewer points to defend and more to earn next year which will be pressurizing if he has problems in next year’s hard court summer season.

i think Federer has the most to lose at this year’s open if he does not win. 1) he loses at least 300 points if he reaches the final but loses 2) he will not match the 5 year USOpen title streak 3) he is still 2 GS away from Pete’s record which is no improvement from his position at last year’s Open 4) his confidence will take an even further blow whether he loses to Nadal or worse Murray or Del Potro.

Federer fans have more to worry at this point in time :)

YY Says:


totally agree… all the quarterfinalists do stand a decent shot at the title given the form of the top 3 players. personally the one i’d least like to win is Djokovic.

because 1) his “attitude” (as discussed in the other threads) does irritate me a little at times though there were times he has proven quite witty and generous to his opponents 2) a win for him would make him equal rafa’s 2 GS titles for the year.

anyway given how he played at the 4th round, i think he won’t make it pass the QFs and will stand to lose a few hundred ranking points.

Leftykick Says:

Give Nole some credit, he did concede a couple of points to Robredo that were called out.

I think that the winner will come from the Murray DelPotro match. These two are really doing the business on the court at the moment. An outside bet would be Roddick.

The top 3 are all suffering from an assortment of: tiredness, illness and lack of form.

jane Says:

Men’s Picks:

1. Rafa vs. Fish: I am taking Rafa but with the full acknowledgement that this is a 50/50-ish proposition given 4th round form. But if Rafa plays aggressive, which I expect him to after that Sam-scare, then I think he can win over 4-5 sets.

2. JMDP vs. Murray: Murray, but this is a call em match too. It could go either way as Murray sometimes is inconsistent. But I think he’s full of desire to do even better than Qs in a slam; he wants to prove himself so I think he’ll be very focused and ready. If he gets too far behind early, I don’t know if he can pull another “muscle man” though.


1. Safina – even if she’s weepy, I just see her getting to the semis.

2. Venus – but it could easily be Serena. Venus won at Wimbledon pretty convincingly and has looked as good as her sister here, so I’ll go with her.

jane Says:

Leftykick – who do you give the edge to in the Murray / JMDP match?

zola Says:

I am the same. Rafa has accomplished a lot this year and I am grateful for each extra match. On clay it is easier to be hopeful for a Rafa win. On hard anything can happen. That’s why I don’t predict a lot. He lost in Miami final to Davydenko and IW semi to Djoko. and he was playing well.
If he was playing Djoko or Fed, I wouldn’t even predict anything. But against Fish, we are talking about a major upset. I hope it does not happen!

Great run for both Andys and or Del Potro. I think Roddick has great chances here.

that Roddick interview is just too funny and just made me more curious about yesterday’s match.I wish I could have watched it.

Leftykick Says:


Both good returners although Murray has the edge on the first serve. Murray also has a bigger bag of tools, which I think he will have to use, so I just give him the edge.

I expect to see a sweat polished bulging right bicep at the end of the match :-)

Janadev Says:

My thoughts on the tourney:

Well, The bottom half has three top dogs and one QUALIFIER. I dont see any upset here but just imagine Muller pulling out two BIG upsets and reach final, THIRD upset would be crazy to imagine itself..

Personally I want Rafa to win this to have a Hardcourt slam and rewrite the history…

Vamos Rafa!!

Charlzz Says:

The Nadal-Fish match will show whether Rafa is suffering from ill effects of playing too much or whether the Querrey match was a blip for him. Rafa has to feel confident that he’s never lost to Fish and that the matches haven’t even been that close. Querrey had more weapons to attack Rafa including a bigger forehand and a bigger serve.

Having said that, Fish’s serve is actually pretty good, and I’m thrilled he’s going to try to beat Rafa using a different strategy. So many people play the Federer style, of trying to hit winners against him.

To beat Rafa for most players, you have to hope Rafa is a bit off, especially in his footwork, so that he misses more than he normally does. Djokovic had a near perfect match in Cincinnatti where he served well and attacked Rafa well too.

I think Andreev might be good for Federer assuming he’s not too fatigued. Muller is a big server, and has big groundies. If he can get past Muller, that might be ideal preparation for someone like Nadal. On paper, it should be easy for Federer, but having seen both Muller and Federer play, I think Federer will have his hands full with Muller.

Roddick is taking a sensible approach with Djokovic. Ignore distractions and assume he will play great. If he really is injured, then Roddick should be able to take to Novak, but I expect it to be tight, with a tiny edge to Roddick. If both were healthy, I’d have to favor Djokovic who is more consistent off the ground and very accurate. Roddick is playing patient, but not exactly hitting a bunch of tough shots like Cilic did. It’s helped that his opponents have been more inconsistent and have had a hard time breaking Roddick.

Abby81 Says:

Hello, I absolutely love reading all of your posts – I visit this site daily to see all of your opinions and comments about everything tennis. I also thoroughly enjoy the stats and facts from the past that you all talk about. I have avoided posting on here or asking questions simply because I am not as knowledgable as all of you and did not want to appear naive or “annoying.” Although it was at the beginning of the tourney, I was wondering if the manner in which Santoro finished the match with Roddick…irked? anyone else. At the very two last points. I thought it seemed childish and inappropriate. Bothered me especially since I have always enjoyed watching Santoro matches because he keeps it entertaining. Is there a sort of unwritten rule not to hit the ball into the body in tennis? Would it be for sportsmanship reasons? Just curious. Also wondering what other sites there are to visit besides the obvious ones with information, blogging, stats, records, etc. Thanks for your time…hope you are all enjoying watching the open as much as I am.

cy Says:

I’d just like to say this: there is only one guy among the 8 quarterfinalist that is single backhanded. What is the chances of this guy winning the tournament?

jane Says:


Thanks for joining in the conversation. I usually enjoy the magician too, but I thought the way he acted at the end of the match with Roddick was rather silly: isn’t he the most mature man around on the tour? And that spitting on the court was totally uncalled for.

There is no rule against serving into the body, and Roddick even said it was a mishit; he meant to go up the line. Whether or not that was true (I’ll give Roddick the benefit of the doubt here) Santoro should’ve tried to return the last serve; I think, unfortunately, he made himself look foolish in that little hands-on-the-hips protest – not the way to go out of your last US Open. It was too bad that happened.

zola Says:

**I have avoided posting on here or asking questions simply because I am not as knowledgable as all of you and did not want to appear naive or “annoying.” ***

I have certainly seen some annoying comments here from some unbalanced characters. There are also meny informative ones as you say with facts and data and stats and that’s what brings me back to these pages.

Thanks for your nice words. Hope to see you posting more.

About Santoro, I watched that match with anticipation of seeing a great play from the magician. Instead Roddick dominated that match and I guess that annoyed Santoro and he showed his frustration at the last point.

Roddick has some habits that does not sit well with me , but hitting his opponents at 5-2 last game is not a habit of his. To me that serve was no big deal. I don’t think Santoro’s last move was received well with the fans.

***Also wondering what other sites there are to visit besides the obvious ones with information, blogging, stats, records, etc. ***

I like to read these frequently:

I also like the atp site: (lots of stats)

andrea Says:

andy played a good match last night against gonzalez. i was surprised with his ground strokes. he tends to be ‘the serve’ and that’s it. the quarter with him and novak should be entertaining.

and despite me not liking his playing style, no one gives a good press conference like andy. his comments on novak are hilarious. (and not too far off the mark).

i wasn’t aware that andy and del potro had a tiff back in rome. oh, the drama!

jane Says:

andrea, you can see the you tube video of JMDP and Murray exchanging some smack talk~! It’s quite interesting and should provide some more drama today – maybe

grendel Says:

Abby81 says:”Is there a sort of unwritten rule not to hit the ball into the body in tennis?” You ought to have seen old Lendl, especially when he had McEnroe in his sights. You had the feeling he meant it, too. But it’s a productive shot if you get it right – after all, not to easy to return the ball with control when you’re holding the racket with the sole aim of protecting yourself. Although I have seen a ball ricocheting off the defensively held racket for an inadvertent winner. The initiator of hostilities then slinks off in shame, pretending that nothing really much has happened.

Friend Says:

Roddick is so funny! He has really made his point with minimum fuss. Really, Djokovic is making a fool of himself pushing the rules like he is. Really, he needs to cut the drama and behave like a real champion.

A few more ill-advised time-outs like the ones yesterday and any amount of scintillating tennis will fail to save his reputation. You could practically predict this drama once Cilic gave him a real scare. I just hope he doesn’t pull out similar stunts against Andy tomorrow. Andy needs to be mentally ready for a break in play anytime he is sailing smoothly. Maybe he could get a back/shoulder massage whenever Novak calls for a time-out.

blah Says:

Well Roddick’s comments just made me like him a bit more. Will be fun to see how he reacts during the match if Jockitch tries his dirty tricks again.
(And yes I sort of gave him a pass yesterday but I only saw the end of the match, didn’t know he called trainers early, etc.)
Guess he didn’t learn anything this year. Saying how depleted he is especially pisses me off because he wouldn’t be giving credit to the guy who beat/challenged him and he’ll just make himself look better if he wins. Shut up and don’t complain about how unfit you are. I haven’t seen Nadal, who plays one of the most grueling styles, or Federer who had mono at beginning of the year, complain about their fitness. They don’t use medical time outs and wrist bands (wrist bands? seriously?) as strategies either.
(Oh and how many freaking times do I have to watch Jockitch bounce the ball before he serves it out.) There’s such a thing as routine but this is ridiculous.
Anyhow, I would be very surprised if Roddick doesn’t win this. Fed didn’t look good at all and I smell another upset by Muller (he only needs to be patient)
Oh and what the hell was the thing at the end Jock itch did, brain, heart, legs?
Did he also point out he has no guts? no integrity?
Does this guy really expect to be #1 using these tricks? How embarrassing would it be to have him represent men’s tennis.
/rant over.

osazone4real Says:


hello to all nadal fans especially Zola

dont worry Nadal will wins in straight sets.

Come on why is everybody bitching about Djoko.
It is in the rules so he has the right.
Most top players dont use because they feel they dont need it(because they are less under pressure).

Fed nadal 2006 SW19 he went to the Gents,same in 2007 SW19(although not exactly the same) but he did it when he felt pressure.
Nadal nowadays feels the pinch and he uses it too,henin always uses it when in trouble same for Serena and Janko is the queen of time out.

Actually as one of Kim Clijsters biggest fan I wished she used it but she never did and it cost her matches.

For me the rule is there use it,if ATP feels it is abused they would have changed it or dropped it altogether.

see u guys soon(I am blogging of my Phone)

Friend Says:

I think Santoro made a big issue out of nothing, really. I like his style of play, which is certainly unique and entertaining, complaining about a serve? Come on! It is not a point blank shot. You have a good 25 meters from the point of release. I remember in 2004, Nadal got hit on the mouth by a Roddick serve and there was a bit of blood involved as well. Nadal made no issue of that either on court or in the press.

I guess Santoro just had a cranky old man moment there.

Ra Says:

Admittedly, I’m pretty distracted and not fully watching this match, but every time I look it seems like Murray is outsmarting JMDP. And as far as I can tell, JMDP is not getting any smarter. Maybe that’s not fair or accurate considering I’m only half-watching.

zola Says:

I am the same. taping the match and just watch it from time to time. Seems Murray is the better player. Right now I want Del Potro to win the second set and take this match to 4-5 sets, but Murray just broke Del Potro, so…. , wishful thinking!

zola Says:

hi there, sorry didn’t see your post earlier.
yeah, let’s see how Rafa does against Fish tonight. Tough match!

I like both JMDP and Murray, but since one of them could potentially be Rafa’s opponent, I would like Del Potro to win ( which is not going to happen!) . I also wanted this match to go to 4-5 sets and that’s not going to happen either. Rafa’s match might!

jane Says:

Murray’s up two sets and was up a break, but I see JMDP broke back in the third. Very tight contest!

Unfortunately, am at work and have been able to only follow scores thus far – but recording for later, after Rafa!

zola Says:

JMDP won the third set. This is both good and bad news for Rafa. Good, because if he wins, his opponent will be a bit tired and bad, because I guess his own match will go 4-5 sets too.

zola Says:

back to back breaks in the 4th set!

jane Says:

Wow this Murray / JMDP is great, much like Djokovic vs. Cilic in how tight it is, except that Murray took both first & second set. This 4th set could clearly go either way though.

What a bunch of exciting and tense matches in the last couple rounds- wow!

Leftykick Says:

Never in doubt was it :-)

Now officially the worlds fourth best player!
Who will be next for the Scottish wonder?

Whether it be Michael Phelps favourite player or the big fish called Mardy, Murray will be ready.

jane Says:

Murray is a great all-courter with so much variety; just the way he can switch pace so easily. I am impressed.

It was nice to see JMDP and Murray seem to bury the hatchet at the net there as well because they played such a competitive match, be a shame to see that marred in any way.

zola Says:

he IS the world’s fourth best player. Actually with all the winning streak etc. around JMDP, still Murray was the favorite because of his ranking and the fact he has won a mster series title and has been in a semi.
but I wish it went to 5 sets!

I didn’t see the end of the match but read that the handshake at net was warm and friendly. so perhaps all the bad vibe is now history, which is nice.

Leftykick Says:


On form he is the 4th best but his ranking will go up 2 places on Monday.

At the end Andy seemed to be making an extra effort to bury the hatchet. He said quite a few words to JMDP and gave him a few (light) pats on the back.

zola Says:

***Murray is a great all-courter with so much variety; just the way he can switch pace so easily. I am impressed.***

that’s why I was secretly wishing for DP to win! Murray is really good. Of course I am assuming RAfa will win tonight!

all that hard work has paid off for Murray. I was following his ranking last year. when he became a top 10 then out of top 10 etc., but did not give up and now he is the happiest of the SF players. Rafa is playing tonight and the others tomorrow. So Andy can have plenty of rest.

I wish they started the matches earlier or even better simultaneously and in different courts.

Leftykick Says:

Well guys, its way past my bedtime over here so I wish you all a nice exciting evening of tennis.

My predictions:
Nadal to win in 4 sets.
Serena to win in 3.


JCF Says:

zola Says:

“JMDP won the third set. This is both good and bad news for Rafa. Good, because if he wins, his opponent will be a bit tired and bad, because I guess his own match will go 4-5 sets too.”

How does this affect Rafa’s match? What will cause Rafa to go 4-5 sets? If he beats Fish, he’ll get 2 nights off, so a late finish shouldn’t affect him.

Von Says:

“How does this affect Rafa’s match? What will cause Rafa to go 4-5 sets? If he beats Fish, he’ll get 2 nights off, so a late finish shouldn’t affect him.”

I’m so glad there are a few who have some reasoning powers and are objectively fair. Doesn’t it make you wonder at the stupid/ridiculous rationalizations that are put forth? Where’s the logic. Just senseless, tireless babble.

Von Says:

JCF, sorry, “tireless” should be “tiresome”.

zola Says:


it will not affect Rafa’s match going to 4-5 sets, but it will affect when it will start.And if it is a long match ( which I assume it will be) and ends up very late, they lose the whole night of rest.

that’s what I meant.

zola Says:

Bully smells food….

JCF Says:

“Whether it be Michael Phelps favourite player or the big fish called Mardy, Murray will be ready.”

Phelps’ favorite player is Nadal? I didn’t know that. Phelps would make for a good player himself. If Djokovic can get fired up by critics like Phelps does, then Roddick’s comments would lead to some exciting fireworks in tomorrow night’s match.

“he IS the world’s fourth best player.”

The ranking may say that, but I don’t think he’s there yet, unless he wins the US Open. He has no slams to his name, and only one AMS title, which he only got a few weeks ago. The top 3 are slam winners, and have lots of AMS titles between them. Fed has about 16, Nadal 12, and Novak has quite a few himself.

He is the 4th highest ranked player in the world, but I don’t think the “big 3″ has become “big 4″ yet. He’s still an outsider until he can produce a season that rivals Djokovic’s 07.

“I didn’t see the end of the match but read that the handshake at net was warm and friendly. so perhaps all the bad vibe is now history, which is nice.”

It probably wouldn’t have been warm and friendly from Murray if he had lost.

zola Says:

They asked Phelps in the olympics which player he looked up to and he said Rafa NAdal. He said he went up to Rafa just to talk to him. There is a chance he might show up in the US Open.

Serena decided to play more aggressive and now has broken back. great effort!

JCF Says:

zola, as I said, whoever wins today will get an extra day’s rest compared to whoever wins tomorrow. He won’t be at a disadvantage should he get past Fish. He will be ready.

At the AO this year, Federer and Tipsy went 10-8 in the fifth set, and those prima donnas Sania Mirza and Venus refused to move to Vodaphone arena to let Hewitt and Baghdatis start sooner (an Aussie playing in prime time will have to be on Rod Laver Arena, no less) and these guys had to begin their match just before midnight because the matches were so behind schedule! The arena was full, so they couldn’t just postpone the match and send everyone home. All the ladies had to do was play on another court! They should not feel slighted by it. I’m sure the guys would have agreed to go to Vodaphone if they had the option, but they weren’t, because theirs was the highlight match, not the women’s.

Sania and Williams went the distance themselves, and then so did Baggy and Hewitt who didn’t end up finishing until almost 5AM (it was almost midnight before they were able to begin). The 15,000 fans were robbed of the highlight match they paid for, because after the first set most people started going home (they work the next morning).

The men handled that late match fine, and so will Fish and Rafa, who I doubt will begin that late.

zola Says:

that’s right. They will have advantage over tomorrow’s players. But the winner of Rafa/Fish plays Murray. So he has the advantage of one more day of rest.

I remember Hewitt’s match. It was very late. Today the commentators said that Venus did not agree to move. So , there you go!

But I also understand if playes want to play for a bigger crowd and that ppl who have paid for a certain match would like to see it.
Today, they could have started the matches earlier or scheduled Rafa/Fish in another court at the same time with Murray/Del Potro. well, time to go check on the sisters!

zola Says:

wow! Serena wins the first set and holds from 0-30! very interesting match.

Ezorra Says:

To be honest with you Zola, I don’t think Nadal will make it tonight. You know how I admire Nadal’s game. But I think, some of you might true that Nadal, at this particular moment is not as strong as he was in the previous 5 months. I really think he is phisically and mentally exhausted. However, like YY, I really really really hope he’ll win tonight. Let us pray and hope!

Von Says:

What a diff’rence a day makes
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear



Danica Says:

I am also predicting the end for Rafa tonight. And, I am sorry to say, I unfortunately see Murray going all the way.

As for the two sisters… hm, what do you think? Sure Serena will win.

JCF Says:

zola, having Rafa and Fish play on any match other than Ashe is out of the question. An American is playing the world no.1. This is today’s feature match.

I’ve been reading your posts on another thread and I have a question if you don’t mind. Are you a normally a modest person in real life? I used to be, and still am outwardly.

I ask, because you seem to lack any confidence at all when you talk about Nadal. You like to ‘hope for the best, but expect the worst’. I suspect that like me, you don’t really mean the things you say. You believe he is more capable than you let on, but are afraid to say anything in case he loses. That way you at least don’t end up looking like a fool.

Von is the exact opposite to you. She seems to be super confident.

I’ve tried to be realistic first and foremost when analyzing players, with a modicum of modesty still where Nadal is concerned. Going in, I didn’t believe Rafa was favorite to win the Open (I couldn’t point to any one player and say he has the best chance at winning it), but thought that the possibility was certainly there. It still is. And I still believe that on paper at least, he should get through tonight.

Roddick said that until Federer is beaten at Wimbledon, he will be the favorite there, regardless of his form. Until Fish scores his first win against Nadal, you have to tip Nadal to win. If Fish wins tonight, then the next time they meet, some second thoughts are in order.

Fish is trying a new game plan against Rafa tonight. I haven’t watched him play much, so I’m not sure what his usual game plan is like, but it sounds like he is trying something he’s unfamiliar with. That might be what he needs to do to win, but there are always risks when you do something you’re not normally comfortable doing. This is part of the reason why Rafa still falls back into his comfort zone of playing defensively from meters behind the baseline. He’s trying to work more aggression into his game, but that isn’t second nature to him yet and when he’s unsure, he won’t risk it.

Von Says:

I’d like to see Serena win; she’ll be No. 1 if she wins the whole thing, whereas Venus wouldn’t be.

Danica Says:

I am not at all suprised to see so many negative comments and namecalling regarding Novak. Did you guys see that match at all? Some of you sided with Robredo as if you don’t know how unprofessional and lacking in sportmanship he is. Think only his match with Kohlshreiber in Hamburg. Disgusting. He was hurting but he didn’t ask for time outs? Well, why didn’t he? He could have, he didn’t, bad decision. Fed did it in AO with Janko when Janko was on the go. He needed rest, he got it, he won. No one made fuss about that. I also don’t recall anyone bitching about highly unprofessional antics of Mr. “other Swiss” the other day.

Novak had all the right to do what he did. He was leading 3:0 in second set when he asked for help. Surely he was more tired in fifth, but never stopped and complained. Everyone could see that he twisted his right ankle. The same one he hurt in his first match. So, whoever interviewed Roddick and mentioned the left one is quite ignorant. Btw, that Roddick interview was not at all funny. It was classless, unprofessional to the core and showed lack of respect and sportmanship for fellow player. In fact, I cannot believe he allowed himself to speak like that. Very disappointing.

Danica Says:

Serena will surely win. Father made sure Venus understood him.

zola Says:

I wrote you a long message and it was gobbled up!

To answer your question, I think I am trying to be realistic. The best way is to look at the facts and make a conclusion. About Rafa, I sure want him to win every match, but I know it is impossible. I am just happy with the way he plays.

About tonights match , I wrote this for YY:
“when it comes to Rafa, I lose all objectivity. I really want him to win.but trying my best, I guess we can look at the rankings, where rafa is better, then hard court record this year, again Rafa is ahead. then the fact that it is the fastest surface, home crowd, Rafa is a bit tired and Fish is more confident. But Rafa has improved too. I guess technically Rafa is better. Home crowd is not a problem, because Rafa plays in his own shell. But if Rafa has blisters or is too tired (mentally or physically) or if Fish plays out of this world for 3-5 sets, then an upset is possible.”

There is no question in my mind that Rafa is playing much better this year on hard courts, but that does not guarantee him winning every match. On clay I expect that but not on hard. maybe next year! One thing about Rafa that I am sure of, is that if he can stay healthy, his domination will be scary!

I guess our definitions of confidence is different. I will call a person who chases people from one thread to another to make personal attacks, very insecure.

Ezorra Says:

Serina WON!!!

zola Says:

I did not see the match ( I wish I taped it) and looked on youtube for some clips but could not find any. I read many different stories about what happened. I guess Robredo was trying to say that Djoko’s time out was not genuine…He also talked about Djoko putting a show and I did not get what he meant.

I guess it might be because of some previous incidents. federer complained about his time outs and then those in Wimbledon and Monte Carlo did not help. But I agree that Robredo should be the last person to talk about things like that after that bad behavior in Hamburg. I also think playing the olympics had a big toll on their bodies. maybe Fish and Roddick play the final!

JCF Says:

“I guess our definitions of confidence is different. I will call a person who chases people from one thread to another to make personal attacks, very insecure.”

I wasn’t chasing you. I was reading the entire thread (including your comments) and it was relatively old, so I didn’t want to post there, because not everyone reads old threads.

I don’t consider it a personal attack at all to say that you lack confidence. This is merely an observation, because you seem to be quite an apologist for Rafa. Sure he’s not guaranteed to win every match, no one is. That doesn’t mean you need to jump on any potential excuse in advance (such as Murray going 4 sets).

Von actually called ME out for that, which I dismissed. But I’m starting to think her comment had some merit.

To say that I’m ‘insecure’ for this is a bit strange. We’re both Nadal fans. I’m as big a fan of his as you are. What am I insecure about exactly?

Ezorra Says:

Zola, i feel very guilty for saying that Nadal will not win the match tonight. that is how i feel and nothing i can do about that. but deep into my heart, i hope we will win the match! at the moment, i’m very nervous waiting for the match. GOD, please prove me wrong!!!

JCF Says:

zola, I just wanted to make it clear, that you’re one of the posters here that I happen to like. I do think Von has been too harsh on you at times. Don’t bait her. She has fangs. Some other people she gets irate with I do also like. I just don’t step in when she engages them.

Please don’t take this the wrong way.

I’m just trying to be unbiased. I will disagree with people who I normally agree with or share likes and dislikes with when I feel it is warranted.

Mary Says:

I love the idea of Americans in both finals!

While this topic is overdone, the problem with Novak is there is always a problem. What bothered me yesterday was he sneaks time by grabbing a sweatband and the rest of his drama, then he ends the match with his hitting his heart etc.
While his actions were allowed, it’s weak.
Anytime when this discussion surrounds a player time and time again, it is an issue.
There’s too many gamesmanship problems with the usual suspects. There’s a difference between having an a@@hole and being a sneak. I can deal with the former more so than the latter.

I’m bored of the subject, so I will now recuse myself.


Von Says:


If you don’t mind, please DO NOT EVER mention me in the same sentence or in a post as the above poster. We’re talking apples and prunes here, not even oranges. Education and class vs. ignorance and beyond low-class. The shark always bites. I’m sorry to say but you are way off as to what defines modesty. Modesty, is knowing you’re up there, but can still communicate and treat others with respect. It doesn’t apply in the above case. Sorry to prove you wrong.

Von Says:

Serena Wins! Now Fish and Roddick go out and kick some butt. GO USA. This is OUR SLAM, give American Tennis is a jolt. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Von Says:


AaRE YOU FOR REAL? You think I’m harsh on her? You need to read some more history on these threads and retain some more info. You’ve got it all wrong. I’m REACTOR not AN INITIATOR. What do you call her attack on me two nights ago? Peaceful. The woman purposely instigated an argument. This is her MO not to mention she’s gutless. I’m irate to people when they’re irate to me. WOW, are you way off. I’m done. Bye.

Ezorra Says:

Von, come on… you sound very desperate… hold back a lil’ bit…

Ezorra Says:

“Von, come on… you sound very desperate… hold back a lil’ bit…”

this one to reply “Serena Wins! Now Fish and Roddick go out and kick some butt. GO USA. This is OUR SLAM, give American Tennis is a jolt. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Von Says:


I guess I’m desperate. I’ts been a long time between trophies for the US at the USO, so if we have an oppotunity to do so, why not? Do I think our guys will win, I don’t know, but I can hope can’t I? I don’t see anything wrong in keeping hope alive — without it, we might as well go six feet underground. It’s what keeps us going in life.

Mary Says:

Von: I get what you are doing and it’s cracking me up.

Von Says:


I’m so glad you can see beyond the obvious. Being farsighted has its benefits. :) I wish there were more people as witty as you on this site.

Mary Says:

[salute] As you are too, my fine American[/salute]
I know George Washington, Jimi Hendrix, (insert your own famous proud American), and Dale Earnhardt are looking down on Mr. Marty Fish and spurring him on to victory!
Have a patriotic evening.
Over and Out. Thanks for the laugh tonight! Are they still trying to figure it out?
Outta here.

Ezorra Says:

I like it, and i respect it! it sounds very patriotic to me. good for you!

Ezorra Says:

“I like it, and i respect it! it sounds very patriotic to me. good for you!”

this text is to Von…

JCF Says:


I know what modesty is Von. I’m saying she’s being modest on Nadal’s behalf (and asking whether she was modest on her own behalf), as though she was his coach or PR agent. I think she expects more out of him than her comments would indicate. Whether her person is modest or not, I don’t know. What I feel is that her EXPECTATIONS for Nadal are modest. Realistically, I don’t see how it should bother any fan of Nadal’s that Murray gets extended.

Yes, you’re a reactor, not an initiator. But I also think you’re an over-reactor. And no I didn’t read what happened two days ago. I tend not to read exchanges between you and her or get involved because I’d rather not have your ire directed at me. I don’t want to speak on behalf of her without actually reading what was said, so I’m not going to say anything further on it.


Von Says:


I did not want to get involve in a dispute with anyone. I had my fill two nights ago from one of her nonsensical posts and then got blasted by the Tennis.X alias king. Perhaps you might not believe it, but I ABHOR CONFRONTATTIONS, and I let things slide, but when enough becomes enough,, I don’t hold back.

I”ll give you an insight of what goes on here on these threads. Maybe some will understand where I’m coming from, and others won’t, because some people do not like to face reality.

The comments on this site are mainly from non-Americans and Fed and Nadal fans. If you’re a Nadal or Fed fan then you’re in the Nadal brotherhood; same for Fed, and everyone is nice to the other, because guess why, they all support the same player. Hence it’s very easy to have harmonious postings. I’m probably the lone American defending the Americans, maybe there are more, but seemingly they don’t care. I happen to care and I defend the Americans, which makes me the most unpopular person here. I’ll always be in disagreement with the anti-american posters. As I’ve stated before, I’m not here for a popularity contest, but I can still rise above the childishness. And if that makes me a bad person with fangs then so be it. Judge me however you or any others see fit. I DON’T CARE — I don’t need the brotherhood to survive; I can stand on my own. I’ve questioned my reason for posting on this site many times, and the only answer I receive is because I love tennis, but believe me, it’s damn difficult most of the time, being odd- man/woman out. I try to interact very little nowadays through personal posts to a specific poster, and do my very best to post in general. However, at times it’s difficult because there are some posters whom I genuinely like.

Ref: “I don’t want to speak on behalf of her without actually reading what ws said”.

You’v already done so by saying I’m harsh on her. You don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ve tried to avoid her, but she keeps ankle-biting my comments all of the time with her sarcastic sh*t. You’re both Nadal fans, and should have loyalty in the brother/sisterhood. I’m an American and proud to be one, and I’ll keep on kissing the “grizzly butt” according to the alias king. Do yourself a favour, look deeper before jumping to a character asessment. you are so waaaaay off here — it isn’t funny. Modest about Nadal? Phew!! PR Director and land/body owner, yes. She owns him body soul and butt. Her last words at night are: “Rafa, Rafa, Rafa”. God help the idol worshippers. Rest asured, i bear you no ill-will, and we can still post on general topics and words, but the Nadal stuff, I’m out of, same for Fed. A very democratic situation ain’t it?

zola Says:

JCF Says:

***I wasn’t chasing you….**

oops, I think I was not clear enough. I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about Von.

You can ask me any questions you want. I like people who can reason, who can dispute and disagree but remain civil and I like your posts too.

so, no problem here!

zola Says:

get a life.

I am going to ignore you and your bullying personality from now on. Go write any trash that you want. This is a board to discuss tennis and you have turned it to a fight club just because I said Roddick’s behavior towards an umpire was irritating.

I don’t know what your problem is. I will write about Roddick if I want and will criticize him if he insults a player or the umpire and you can jump up and down as much as you want and you can call Rafa “Tarzan” or anything you want. I won’t even bother reading your posts.

deal with it or get a therapist. leave me alone!

zola Says:

sorry, just saw your post.

he won! congratz!

Fish had a good chance. but he had to play the way he played the first set for the whole match and that’s hard to keep up.

Let’s see how it goes with Andy on Saturday.

Von Says:


get a life.

I am going to ignore you and your bullying personality from now on. Go write any trash that you want. This is a board to discuss tennis and you have turned it to a fight club just because I said Roddick’s behavior towards an umpire was irritating.”

How like you to turn the many, many pages of degrading posts on Rodick to “just because I said Roddick’s behavior towards an umpire was irritating.” How like to to trivialize your rants to a “just because”. You’re behaving like it’s one post. You are a street crafty/smart one. WOW

I hava a life, which entails having a profession. You on the other hand are a professional websurfer searching for any smidgen of information you can find to read on Nadal. Not to mention posting on several of them too. You have nothing to do and all day to do it in. I think that ‘get a life’ statement is meant for you. You’re like a gossip-monger with all the gossip, and you’d search and search until you can find it.

You are unbelievably bellicose and cantankerous. You like to start situations and then pull yourself out of them by transposing the uglyness of it onto another person. Just like you’re trying to do now. I wouldn’t need to say anything to you, but you like to incite trouble by picking on certain players and shredding their character to pieces. This is the reason Shital Green had to write that long confrontational post to you about your nasty remarks to him and talking down to him and others. shall i retrieve and post it for all to see?.

I have not spoken to you for several weeks since the Toronto Tournament, and suddenly last evening you got it into your crazy head to start andargument about a matter that happened in September, and when I couldn’t remember, you told me “You remeber perfectly what was said.” You insinuated I was lying.

Now you’re trying to put the blame on me — it’s not going to work. I do not want to have any interaction whatsoever with you. Your post 2 days ago to me was uncalled for because I had not mentioned Nadal in anything I’ve posted. That said, all you’re doing is looking for trouble.

If anyone needs a therapist it’s you. You are suffering big-tme from the pangs of unrequited love. You’re crazy about Nadal, not like a fan, but something else. Get your head straightened out, because he doesn’t want you. In a way I feel sorry for you to be so love sicka nd the man doesn’t even know you exist — you have nadal fever. Poor baby!

Stop the pretense with your Federer phoney defense. I’ve been reading through some old articles at Tenis Planet and there are quite a few posts where you shredded Federer to pieces and had some huge arguments with some of the posters in which you were ordering them to leave Nadal alone due to your bad mouthing of Federer. Then now on this site, you’re defending Fed big time, being a hypocrite and not meaning a word, because Nadal is winning all the slams and MS tourneys, so you want to show to the Fed fans how nice you are toward Fed. I laugh when I see your posts telling others to stop saying unkind things about Fed and being his defender. Whew, if the Fed posters who think you’re on their side could see those posts rediculing him from Tennis Planet and another blog site I found yesterday, I think they’ll have some second thoughts about your phoney Fed defense and see how good an actress and liar you really are. Your Nadal rants are beyond comprehension. I sometimes wonder if no one sees through this farce of your pretense to like Fed. Whew!!

If you don’t leave me alone I will post every single one of those posts. I have them written down, and let’s see what defense you’ll come up with when you’re exposed. You’re treading on thin ice with me, so be careful. I’ll also find Shital Green’s post from that same Toronto thread and post it for all to see what he thinks of you.

In view of the above, I think you had better think twice about your actions and your deliberate attempts to start trouble with me even though I ignore you and don’t interact with you whatsoever. Or maybe it’s because I ignore you, and you can’t stand it, that’s why you go out of your way to bait me. Even JCF can see how you like to bait people. Keep it up, the ball’s in your court, and I’m not kiding I’ll do as I promised. It’s all up to you, and I feel that you’ve gotten away with your hypocrisy too long — it should now be stopped.

Von Says:


That insecure comment was meant for me because you stated “Von is super confident.” Jealousy raised its ugly head. She turned it around to reflect that I’m insecure, because I happened to post on the same thread she posted on, and has interpreted this to mean I’m following her around. I suppose if I want to post on a thread that she’s posting on, I can’t do so, or else she’ll look upon my actions as following her around due to my insecurity. Why didn’t you tell her she’s super confident, smart and highlty educated. She’d be blushing from ear to ear. She’s starved for compliments and attention — hence the obsession with Nadal. She’s the PR Director and everyone has to include her in their posts whenever they want to discuss Nadal. Please check with her first before you post to get her OK, and don’t complment or mention me to her. Thanks.

Vedrana Says:

I really can’t belive how meny stupid comments are here. Anyone who watched match Djokovic-Robredo could see that he really did had injury. And please, what about the point that Djokovic gave to Robredo admitting that the ball was good. There were so meny times that he proved that he is reall sportsman. Sorry to say but Robredo wasnt fer making these statmens. If hi had cramps and i belive hi did he could take a tim out,but if you fel the pin and dont take tim out then you are stupide.
P. S. I now my english isnt so good- sorry

bob22 Says:

Nole vr. Rodick
1.67 : 2.07

So, Rodick fans show your confidence (not just empty words) and bet for him. If you realy beleive in him you can’t loose. Right? I will be waiting on the other side :)

Danica Says:

You guys, I so like reading you, please don’t make this site a war zone. Lets enjoy tennis.

Top story: Pavlyuchenkova, Larsson Win WTA Titles Entering French Open