How Soft is Novak Djokovic?
by Sean Randall | September 4th, 2008, 1:49 pm

We are going to learn a lot about Novak Djokovic tonight. And I think Novak’s going to learn a lot about himself when under the lights, in primetime the Serb challenges American favorite Andy Roddick for a spot in the US Open semifinals.

I’ve been hard on Djokovic for a while now. I think of him as an elite player and a guy who should be No. 1 someday. But I question, as do other players and critics, his durability and his on court behavior and off court rhetoric.

Right now I’m starting to get the feeling that Novak cannot win big titles if he has multiple long matches along the way, like he’s had at the Open in the last two rounds. His body/mind isn’t suited to the task. Starting tonight he has the chance to prove me wrong.

In this matchup with Roddick, Novak’s the clear-cut better tennis player in just about every category except serve and toughness. He’s also had the better year and the better results. So I think he should win this match, and more importantly expect to win this match.

But following his five-set win over Tommy Robredo, Djokovic curiously announced to the crowd how his opponent would be the fitter player come Thursday. What the hell is that? Is he joking? Is he playing possum? Or does he really think he’ll be that mashed up after 48 hours off?

For me, why even go there? First, you take away from your opponent and then you set up an excuse for a loss in the next round. You show to your next opponent your softness, your frailty. Maybe he’s feeling the pressure of defending major points from last year, and he’s trying lower expectations. Maybe. Either way, playing a four-setter and then a five-setter should not immediately preclude a player like Novak from winning a title, and if his body can’t take such a grind than maybe he’s in the wrong sport.

How many sets has Gilles Muller played? Andy Murray went five sets. So too did Federer. At this stage everyone’s got bumps and bruises and frankly, nobody wants to hear of it. Sore hip? Upset stomach? Ankle turn? Unless it’s serious get over it Novak and play tennis. Take your impressive five set win over Robredo, take the confidence you gained and build off it, rather than announce to the world that your tank is on E. We don’t care.

If there is a tough guy in tennis it’s probably Roddick, who bullies his way around the court, cursing at umpires and occasionally running the smack at his opponents.

The other night Roddick took a shot at Novak’s injury issues, telling the media, “You know, he’s either quick to call a trainer or he’s the most courageous guy of all time. I think it’s up for you guys to decide.”

If you are Djokovic you have to feel some offense to what Roddick said, and even to what Robredo said. He should be pissed and he should be even more motivated tonight to set the record straight, stand up for himself and take Roddick down on his homecourt. This is not the time to backdown and complain about exhaustion. It’s his chance to prove me wrong by going out and playing the tennis that he’s capable of, especially when things aren’t point his way – if he felt the crowd was against him in his last match against Robredo, wait till tonight!

As for Roddick, he’s arguably the favorite in this one and it’s easy to get caught up in the Andy hype. New coach Patrick McEnroe, he’s ripped through the field, he’s back to old Andy, etc., but the fact is he’s very lucky to have reached this point. Ernests Gulbis in the second round was just a few big serves from sending Roddick home. From there he had an easy, expected win over Andreas Seppi and another victory over Fernando Gonzalez, who’s had better days.

Credit to Roddick who playing well, no doubt, and his confidence must be sky high, but I’m going against the grain, against the hype tonight. I somehow think Novak steps up and shows why he’s the better player, the higher ranked guy and beats Andy in a real statement match. Will Novak go on to win the title, I don’t think so, but if he can play good tennis, keep the match clean I think he’ll make some real fans tonight. Maybe even myself.

After a tough five set win over Igor Andreev Tuesday – a win I call Fed’s best on hardcourt this year – Fed I think we’ll get a reprieve today against surprising Cinderella Gilles Muller. The qualifier Muller has a big lefty serve, one he used to beat Andy Roddick at the US Open a few years back, and an aggressive game, but that should play right into the hands of Federer who should move through to his 18th straight Grand Slam semifinal.

As for yesterday, great win for Andy Murray who endured a rocky road but survived Juan Martin Del Potro. And Rafael Nadal, what can you say? The guy keeps doing what he’s been doing. The Spaniard is now just two wins from a ridiculous third straight Slam title, and with two days off now and the back-to-back format this weekend he’s got the edge.

Last night we also saw Serena Williams somehow getting through in two breakers after sister Venus blew what seemed to be about 50 set points. Impressive performance, and I like her to get through and capture the title over Elena Demetieva.

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130 Comments for How Soft is Novak Djokovic?

Gans Says:

The Williams sisters should be banned from playing for match fixing. A person with little bit of common sense can read what Venus’s goal was. Play your best to lose the set. No one talks about it because of fear.
This is shame for the sports. Had the Williams been from another country, we would have heard lot of comments from the American media.

zola Says:

Right in time for the big match! great!
I think Djoko has the game. He has proven it. But maybe his body is still not there and that perhaps leads to his loss of confidence. I learnt about him first in FO 06 when he said he was in control of the matchwith Rafa! and thought he just talked too much. but he has been no 3 for two years now and has been in the semis of all GSs. so, he has the game for sure.
I guess fitness is something he has to work on. Like what Murray did. So he will only get better from here.

Roddick is not as tired and has PMac on his side and this is his home. Now I am thinking maybe that shot to Djoko in his presser was in retaliation to Djoko’s remark on the court ( my opponent will be more fit).

I think Djoko’s hyperventilation and breathing problems are also stress-related. If he can keep his cool (don’t pay attention to the crowd and don’t offend them) and just play and if his body copes he can win the match. Because as you said, he has many more weapons. But if he feels tired and already resigned to defeat, then the match is Roddick’s.

get off the bandwagon Says:


Please get off the Roddick bandwagon and go back to writing him off just as you’ve been doing for the past five years.


S Green Says:


Ref: “His body/mind isn’t suited to the task.”

He may not be among the physically fittest in the tour, but mentally he is there among the top 5, imo.

It’d be a little bit more convincing if you say that a player who is able to finish earlier rounds, especially semi, in straight sets and has the advantage of the early afternoon slot will be a little less spent, thus physically better prepared for next round, especially for the final.
Again, I don’t think any player sets a goal for a lengthy 5-setter to win and validate the GS or to prove he is more durable and, therefore, he is a better player. As a viewer, it’s beautiful to watch 5-setter matches, but for players, they want to finish as soon as they can. They are not out there to prove durability. Tennis is more a skill contest than a durability contest, though endurance helps in case such situation arises. Even the most enduring player like Davydenko would admit this (he does not have a slam, yet).

If you have statistics showing MAJORITY of instances where a player played 5 setter Saturday afternoon and won the USO final next day, then I’d accept your reasoning (I’d appreciate if you can chart Connors, JMac, Lendl, Edberg, Sampras, Agassi, Federer’s semifinals and finals, to show the majority instances; or you could provide statistics of majority of those players who made it to the finals most but lost due to durability issue). Or else, there is a fallacy in your over-emphasis on durability, as if GS is hinged on that alone. No doubt it’s a plus, and one has to be ready for any contingency, but durability as the sole basis to win a GS sounds to me overstretched. Or, are you simply wearing this less-than-rational posture to appease the herd?

NK Says:

Go back to Super Saturday (1980 or 1981): Lendl versus Pat Cash (5 sets) followed by Mertina versus Evert (3 sets) followed by McEnroe versus Connors (5 sets).

MCenroe then went on to play the finals the next day against Lendl and lost.

zola Says:

Who thought of this super Saturday anyway?
It is ridiculus. why not have the semis at Friday night?

S Green Says:

I already looked at those data before I raise the question to Sean, but they don’t make majority of instances.

Sean Randall Says:

S Green, I would actually think the player in the second semifinal match wins more than the first semifinal winner. I bet if you actually dug through the stats it would come out even if not in favor the second winner!

True, as a viewer I too love watching five setters, but I just get the feeling that if one involves Novak his tournament hopes are almost dashed. The way he talks you have to question his ability to recover.

And the only reason I bring this up is because he brought it up. Had he walked off the court and kept his health to himself this maybe is a non-issue, but he chooses to put his exhaustion and injuries out there.

In Cincinnati we saw Novak gassed after having beaten Rafa the night before. In the Olympics he was pooped in his lost v. Rafa following his Monfils three-setter. And at Wimbledon he said he was mentally tired.

Australian Open, IW and Rome he pretty much waltzed into the finals without much energy expenditure.

Mary Says:

Inclement Weather Advisory
Thursday, September 4, 2008

As of Thursday, Sept. 4, at 3 p.m. ET

The current weather forecast for the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center calls for rain on Saturday, September 6th, during both Day Session #24 (Men’s Singles Semifinals) and Night Session #25 (Women’s Singles Final).

In the event that inclement weather causes the USTA to reschedule Day Session #24 (Men’s Singles Semifinals), Night Session #25 (Women’s Singles Final) and/or Day Session #26 (Men’s Singles Final), tickets for each session will provide access to the same session at its rescheduled date and time.

The USTA has several contingency plans in place depending on the time and duration of the inclement weather. Those plans will be implemented and communicated as the forecast develops throughout the day on Friday.

For official updates, please stay tuned to

To print this page, select “Print” from your browser’s File menu.


Inclement Weather Advisory

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you USTA for bringing rain and humidity back to NYC.

Henry Says:

Zola, you’re absolutely right. It’s totally ridiculous not to give them a day’s rest before playing the finals. It’s almost irresponsible…!

With regard to Djokovic having the game. I agree too. However, I must admit I have a huge problem with his on court behavior. I was in Paris when he retired against Rafa, in London when he retired again against Rafa and then when he retired playing Roger in Monte Carlo. Prior to those events I have personally seen him exagerate about his physical condition and calling doctors on court and/or retiring. With a few exceptions he always finds either a mental or physical fatigue excuse after losing. Like at Wimbledon, where he even talked about the “long season”… What about Rafa or Roger that had played at least the same number of matches and in Rafa’s case even more plus the stress of all the finals he played prior to Wimbledon.

So, S Green, if you think that mentally Djokovic is among the top 5, why does he feel he has to fake injuries or retire? Or already find an excuse prior to playing a match, such as the one tonight against Roddick?

All the players know about his faking, but prefer not to say too much about it. Robredo was absolutely right in saying he doesn’t trust him and also saying ” If you’re not fit, then don’t go on court ” and I loved the way Roddick joked about Djokovic’s so-called convenient and many injuries.

I look forward to the days we only talk about what players like Novak are truly capable of on court. I have given Djokovic the benefit of the doubt too long now. His match against Robredo was the final drop for me. As much as I love the tennis he is capable of, I am positive that if he doesn’t change his irritating on court exagerations and IF ever (with huge emphasis on IF)he reaches number one, there will be fewer and fewer tennis fans welcoming him to the top spot.

Roddick has shown great play in New York. According to the Serb himself” Roddick is the fitter player” so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Andy in a well earned semifinal.

By the way just heard that they expect rain on Saturday for both the day and night sessions, so we may see a complete change of schedules after all.

bob22 Says:

bla bla bla, nothing new from you Sean. With your rhetoric you can go for presidency. But those r just empty words: “Novak cannot win big titles if he has multiple long matches along the way, like he’s had at the Open in the last two rounds”.
Do you have any memory recollection of the last US open? Any recollection on day 5, and historical 5-seter match against Stepanek that was running for almost 5 hours? Can you in your selective mind try to refresh what was the score? Was that easy match? For your help here it is: 6-7, 7-6, 5-7, 7-5, 7-6!
Do you have any idea that is tennis game about? You do not live in Rome and these players are not gladiators waiting for your “thumb down”!

Mary Says:

I liken Djokovic’s “illnesses”(a.k.a. Self-Induced Drama) to McEnroe’s tantrums( a.k.a. Self-Induced Drama). I read an article some years ago, and it stuck with me, that McEnroe cost himself matches and Slams when he started with his on-court antics.
I do remember they worked okay for him in the beginning, but the tantrums became almost a crutch, if you will, when a match got tight. I guess you could say the tantrums became bigger than the game he brought to the court.

It will be interesting to see if the same happens to Djokovic. In my mind, what you bring onto the court(Irish temper-hey, I got one of those, or deviated thorax etc.) is your own problem.

I wonder when or if Djokovic’s self-induced drama will overtake him like McEnroe’s did him.

Sean Randall Says:

The semifinal winners absolutely should get a day of rest before the final. It’s a travesty they don’t, but TV’s in charge and since they put up the big money that’s been the schedule for what seems like forever now. Until the players actually step up and complain – seriously complain – the Saturday/Sunday semifinal/final will continue at the US Open.

NK Says:

Both Nadal and Federer are class acts, never faking injuries or using injury as an excuse for losses.

Nadal played with blisters and lost to Ferrer earlier this year, yet said nothing. As for Federer,he has never ever even called a trainer on court during a match, let alone forfieting one. We all saw his presser yesterday where he talked about how much fun it was to play in a 5-setter and how well Andreev played. Not one word about his own sub-par performance or the state of his health. And some people wonder why he is so immensely popular or gets the sportsmanship award?

Sean Randall Says:

Bob22, yes I remember Novak winning that match with Stepanek. I also remember him not winning the US Open last year.

Again, tonight’s Novak’s chance to prove his critics wrong. It’s a match I think he should win (and will per my prediction), and given 48 hours off and with the match in the evening he should be fit to go. No excuses, no medical timeouts, etc. And he need only read the transcript from Roddick for added fuel and motivation.

He should play tonight with a chip on his shoulder. And I actually think he will. But then again maybe he comes up soft again…

Sean Randall Says:

NK, yeah Fed talks of how fun 5-setters are while Novak talks about how he won’t be fit for the quarterfinals. Big difference.

Novak really needs to stay away from those on-court interviews…

;o Says:

Just along for that weather update.
It is sweltering in New York. It was hot on tuesday. Weatherman said it’d get cooler.
Wednesday was even hotter. The weatherman said it would be cooler the next day.

Today, Thursday, was absolutely ridiculous. I spend most of my day outside, so I can’t imagine any tennis player feeling very fit. I expect that this kind of hot pattern will continue into the weekend, unless it rains.

I’d have to say whichever player plays their match at night on Saturday will win the USO. Whatever the number is, it feels 15 degrees hotter now than it did two weeks ago.

But to make this relate, I think its more likely that Andy/Djoko will be put on at night, unless Muller wins against Federer. Any long match for Djoko in the day will drastically lower his chances in the final

As for Rafa vs. Murray. Most likely in the day. Murray faced the same thing in Cincinatti, but ironically it was against Djokovic. They were both tired and out of it by the end. A day match in this heat will make him quick work for Rafa

;o Says:

and ironically*. not but

Henry Says:

Sean, your 4:35 pm post is spot on !!

But, you see, if he loses tonight (which he may well do as the chance he goes soft again is very real, in which case Andy will be all over him), at least he already publicly stated he was not feeling well/fit. In case he wins, despite ‘all his injuries’ he hopes to receive a hero’s welcome to the semis…

Sean Randall Says:

;o, I believe the first men’s SF on Saturday is at noon; with the second at 3pm or after the first. So both will be played during the day. Women’s final at night.

Henry, if he comes out soft Andy will indeed be all over him as you say and bully him all around the court.

anon Says:

– But following his five-set win over Tommy Robredo, Djokovic curiously announced to the crowd how his opponent would be the fitter player come Thursday. What the hell is that? Is he joking? Is he playing possum? Or does he really think he’ll be that mashed up after 48 hours off? –

his comment about the crowd not liking him was weirder
the crowd sure wont like him tonite against the ARod.

S Green Says:

I go with Sean on this one. No excuses and no hero’s welcome.

I partly agree with Sean’s position on what Djoko sometimes says on the court. Yes, he should avoid those remarks that are not good for his PR, but I don’t pay attention to them unless I am seeking something other than tennis. Do I like everything about him? No. My dislike erupts when he comes to the court without motivation like he did at Wimby against Safin or even at the last two matches here at the USO. I really like him when I see him like I did at Cincy against Rafa and again at the Olympic despite his loss against Rafa (except the last game). I don’t care whether he loses or wins tonight as long as he shows a strong desire to win through his movement on the court and body language. He has to prove to me he can again play like he did against Fed last year here at USO or at AO this year. All I am looking for is a good tennis.

Sean looks for perfection. A player has to be perfect from all angles to earn his admiration. That’s ok. But I can accept imperfections, though perfection is desirable.

S Green Says:

Congratulation to Fed for winning in straight sets !

Henry Says:

S Green,

Thanks for your comments.

I am very much like you when it comes to trying to be as unbiased and objective as possible and first of all looking at and mainly enjoying the tennis only. Imperfection is no problem for me either, it actually makes it all more colorful.

However, with truly great and talent-loaded players like Novak and Murray, unfortunately, there have been many tantrum and ‘faking’ incidents that I have personally witnessed. Murray, very much self-aware of his on-court behavior, publicly stated that he really agreed with his critics and was going to do his very best to be more positive on court. And he really has…. and look where it has taken him since his pure concentration on his beautiful game. Djokovic, however, seems to be in a regular state of self-denial, which probably has a lot to do with his support team/family. Just a glimpse at the class act support teams of Federer, Nadal and also Murray is plenty to feel the warmth, compassion and sincerity towards other players. Long ago (end 05) I predicted the number 3 spot for the Serb and thought he would mature and get ready for the no. 1 spot some time after that. Does he have it in him as a player? Absolutely. Does he have it in him as person? I have sincere doubts now he has it in him to face the pressures of a number one or carry the weight and responsibilities of a true number one and actually see Murray overtake him as a top contender (if he can stay healthy)

JCF Says:

Heavy rain forecast for Super Saturday, during day and night sessions.

This will be very interesting indeed.

Too bad the size of Ashe stadium precludes it from ever developing a roof.

andrea Says:

i have come to realize that djokovic’s antics on court are a way to mind -f*&^ his opponents. it’s always a weird dynamic when the player across from you is, or pretends to be, having difficulty physically in the match – hantchucova should have beaten serena post charley horse in wimbledon 2 years ago but instead went down like a lamb.

so his opponents wonder what’s going on and he is still bashing the ball around like there is no problem. total faker.

the longer he is around the less i like him, talented or not. i hope roddick smokes him tonight. and even if andy doesn’t, i hope roger does.

what a record for roger – 18 straight semis now. unbelievable.

zola Says:

THis is brilliant!

so they know Saturday it will rain and Friday it won’t!

and they are willing to delay the Saturday matches but not transfer them to Friday afternoon! The players might as well stay in the locker room to play the final as well!

Wimbledon geniuses! you are not alone!

JCF Says:

I like Djokovic, and I hope he gets past both Roddick and Federer to make the final. But I have to agree with Sean that his problems are his alone. It’s not his fault he has breathing problems, life isn’t fair. But that shouldn’t be used as an excuse. If he’s going to get special consideration because he’s disadvantaged, it’s not fair to the other guys who aren’t disadvantaged. It doesn’t give him a license to make excuses whenever he’s in doubt.

Played a lot of tennis lately? You’re excused. Can’t handle a five setter? Too bad. Taking ‘comfort’ breaks and changing wrist bands during play (why not do it during a changeover?) to catch your breath is deplorable.

Novak is going to be in trouble against Roddick. Rod hasn’t been pushed as hard and doesn’t have all the ailments Djoker has, and he’s going to be fired up, because it doesn’t appear that these two are the best of friends. Djoker himself will have something to prove to shut up his critics. I anticipate there will be a lot of booing from the crowd at Djoker if he tries any stalling tactics again (I don’t mean taking time between points, but changing wrist bands and calling for multiple injury time outs).

It wouldn’t surprise me if Roddick made the final.

Fish played pretty good yesterday. Hit a lot of errors at bad times unfortunately, but a lot of winners also. But he didn’t get more than one look on Rafa’s serve. Nadal played a clean match, not many errors at all, and kept his first serve percentage very high. Hit some great passing shots also. He didn’t look tired like the other day. Hard to complain about his performance. I like his chances against Murray if he can play like he did yesterday.

I like Fish now. I feel bad for him that he lost. Seeing the dejected look on his face in the latter stages of the match, I can only sympathize for him. He’s had great results this year, so I hope PMac gives him a spot on the DC team. It’s hard on Blake who’s also had a fine year, but that’s how it is when you only have two singles spots.

If it rains out on Saturday, is there a chance they will cram both SFs and the finals match on Sunday? I get a feeling that the women will be starting very late, if at all.

jane Says:

I am outta here.

Daniel Says:

For the first time in a zillion years Fed made less then 20 Unforced Errors in a match, uff! Played great, created a lot of oportunitis but Muller serve really well when matters the most.

Now I want Roddick to win tonight, Fed will be more prepared after he survive the Muller serve. :)
Djoko would be a tougher opponent, but it all depends if he has any fuel left.

I am felling a Fed x Nadal round 3 this year, and it could be the final stab for Fed if he lost on a hard court Slam final to Nadal.

Von Says:

I sincerely hope the USTA has concrete contingency plans and not have a make-shit, play it by ear type of arrangement for the side effects of Hurricane Hanna. Their money is already in the bank, but it’s the players who will suffer the most, and to some extent the fans, rescheduling plans, etc. And, I only hope no one gets the crazy notion of brnging forward the matches to Friday, or else that will indeed be unfair to the players who played today. From all that I’ve read, it will most likely be a Monday of matches for both the men and women’s finals if super Saturday is scrapped. Hopefully, Hanna will blow out to sea and put an end to everyone’s anxiety and/or misery.

It’s so very difficult for one opponent to play against another who is injured or in poor health. This is a case of where the the healthy player should play deeper within himself and dictating play, instead of allowing the injured player to do the dictating. However, these things play heavily on people’s thinking and it takes a lot of restraint to ignore the obvious. Hopefully, both Djoko and Roddick will be 100 percent and give us some scintillating tennis to watch.

Sean Randall Says:

Zola, they can’t “transfer” the matches to Friday for many, many reasons (TV, fairness to players, fans, etc). They could move the SFs to Sunday (and the women’s final) and then have the men’s final Monday, which if the forecast does hold for Saturday and the rain does come my guess is that’s what will go down.

Von Says:

Anyone know what’s happening with the matches tonight. I have my /TV on USA but I’m seeing “Monk” even though the listing says “2008 US Open”. Has it begun to rain in NYC?

zola Says:

I think Djoko has tried to improve and that’s something I like to see in players. He stopped those imitations and changed his tone in his pressers. I also like the hug at the net and the imitations ( off-court). I think many of his problems come from his parents. Both Mama and Papa have said and done things that were not received well. But Djoko has managed to keep them a bit farther away. I did not see them in many matches ( after Fed’s “Be quiet!”).

Same with Andy Murray. I did not mind his shouting at himself, but it was not pleasant to see. Now he is conserving his energy and it has really helped him ( As Henry pointed out)….

To me Djoko’s breathing problems are stress-related. I don’t think he fakes it. I think he is under so much pressure to over-achieve from his family that when he does not do the ideal thing, he starts to panic. I think these will all go away once he is more fit and has more experience.

One more thing is that if Robredo or any other player are not happy with Djoko’s time outs or ball bouncing, they seriously should complain to the umpire or the referee. what is the point of whining about it in the presser? it is done and over. Same with Blake’s claim on Gonzo.

Roddick was on offensive starting from his presser. So tonight’s match should be interesting.

Daniel Says:


“what a record for roger – 18 straight semis now. unbelievable.”

That’s why I keep saying he is very hard to beat in Slams and he is always favorite to every slam he enter, even the French. Who knows?! Someday someone would beat Nadal, making it easier for Fed, because he is not going to win against Nadal! :)

zola Says:

I guess the rain will not go away. It is the side effect of Gustav!

Maybe the play Wii tennis or Smashcourt whatever tennis.

If that happens and Rafa is in the final, I m sure he will be the winner!

I am not sure if you have checked the messages on the other thread ( I won’t blame you if you don’t). I just left you a note saying that sentence was not directed to you at all. I don’t mind questions. I am also sorry for the heat you got because of that message.

zola Says:

***Someday someone would beat Nadal, making it easier for Fed, because he is not going to win against Nadal! ***

WOW! now that’s quite a complement to Rafa! on hard courts I still think fed can win Rafa if he is in form. On clay/grass? I think RAfa will win.

S Green Says:

I wanted to say this earlier but missed somehow. It does not look fair to repeat the same thing multiple times, and you admitted that, “I’ve been hard on Djokovic for a while now.” Yet, you continue to do so. This is a 3rd post between you & Vach against Djoko in a row plus your numerous comments the other day and a few today, saying over and over again the same thing.

“jane Says: I am outta here.”
Is this a consequence of Sean’s continual fodder to hate mongers?

jane Says:


It’s just depressing to return to a website, contribute to it regularly, only to read the same negative stuff, or similar, about a player whom I happen to enjoy for the most part. It feels a little masochistic; sucks the life out of me and takes the joy out of watching. Guess I am “soft” like Novak. Ha-ha! Probably just need a break.

Anyhow, may the better player tonight win; I’ll be happy for either.

Sean Randall Says:

S Green, fair? Tell Novak to stop with the antics and I’ll happily stop bashing him. But it’s the same old same old, and as I commented earlier Novak is the one who brings up all these injury and fatigue issues. Not me. I didn’t start nor did any journalist. He volunteers it with his on court antics and then in the press.

If he wants people to stop writing about that then he needs to stop talking about it. Can it be more simple?

Marlene Says:

Scheduled t.v. coverage tonight on USA from 7-11 pm. Right now, there’s other programming….What’s going on with the broadcast?

Von Says:


By Saturday this will all be gone. Thank God you’re not an American/Roddick fan. it’s a double whammy for country and players. Both you and S have each other and a few more loyal Djoko fans who speak up. The Roddick fans have high-tailed it outta here. I wonder why? Nothing’s fair and it’s a fact of life. People thrive on negativity. As I always say: Keep the faith. Remember to do so. :) I had better shut up before I get chewed up by the piranhas. I just a little guppy!

Von Says:


I asked about tonight’s programmed matches also, and no one gave even a hint of a reply. Perhaps you’ll receive an answer. I’d like to know what’s going on myself.

Von Says:


USA just began airing the USO. Enjoy!! Maybe the schedule/listing was wrong.

S Green Says:

I am not complaining about bashing once for each incident if you’re unhappy. That’s legitimate but repeating the same ad infinitum is nothing more than your obsessive compulsive behavior and malicious intent to hurt Djoko fans (Djoko is not gonna read your criticism and get anything out of it; your comments are not going to affect him; and it won’t make you a better player or person, either). Your desire to appease haters for rating shows your character (good luck for that marketing strategy plus sadism !). It shows your character.

Von Says:

According to John MCenroe, Djokovic was practising on the court next to him today, in the heat, and he was looking really sharp. Roddick on the other hand, is not serving well at all — many dolublefaults and is looking lethargic.

Daniel Says:


I ment on Clay! :)
On hard the edge is to Federer!

Roddick looks frustrated that all his serves are returning, no ace so far. Straight sets to Djoko!

The top 4 this year will meet in the semis, 1×4 and 2×3. That’s interesting, when was the last time this happened in a Slam?!

Mary Says:

Just got in, damn Roddick! There was an expo match between two retired players that started at 7. I guess USA did not want to pay to broadcast that match.

rjnick Says:

Has the US Open ever had a Monday final? Does anybody know? I’m curious what the tv coverage would be. USA can’t seem to get out of the tennis game fast enough, and I don’t see CBS ditching their prime time programming, though maybe their daytime programming. I could almost see them dumping it off on the Tennis Channel.

It would be a real shame if it also turned out to be a Rafa-Roger final. For 3 years I’ve waited for them to meet in the US Open and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that what the sport needs in America is for the Wimbledon final to happen in New York. But it would essentially be a lost cause if it happened on a Monday.

rjnick Says:

And while I’m thinking about it — doesn’t football start on Sunday? I don’t see CBS dumping football for the semis — and I don’t see them going for a women’s prime time final on Sunday either. So Sunday coverage I think is an issue, too.

JCF Says:

Well he’s certainly surprised me, Novak. I expected some after-effects of the previous match, but he’s recovered well (how serious were those injuries anyway?).

Up 2 sets to 0, it’s hard to see him losing now. I was expecting a bigger fight from Andy.

Djoker is just playing incredibly right now. He has Roddick playing defense, which is not his A game, and he’s returning Roddick’s serve well plus serving good himself.

Djoker is still in contention for the title.

NachoF Says:

We would have learned something if Roddick has actually put up a fight.

JCF Says:

If the final gets pushed back to Monday it might be a good thing for the players actually. They will get a day of rest between their last two matches.

It won’t make a difference to me, but it might have a big effect on fans if those who paid for finals tickets aren’t able to come in on Monday. Ratings will probably be affected too. They will want to avoid it if they can, but what can you do? If they try to play on Sat there’s going to be lots of interruptions.

Djoko gifted a break to Roddick with a sloppy service game. There may be life left in this still. I hope so, because I’m enjoying the match so far, and I’d like to see more.

YY Says:

Roddick is close to taking the 3rd set to make it 1-2.

If this goes all the way to 5 sets, it looks like Federer making the finals.

Daniel Says:

Wow, three aces including second serve! Just to prove me wrong. The match start to became interesting now, will see…

JCF Says:

Err.. I am dumb.

It doesn’t give them a day of rest between last matches. It would require a Friday start to do that.

Unless there is rain on Monday and the final is played on Tuesday.

If they move the SF’s to Friday it won’t be that big a disadvantage. Instead of playing SF and F back to back, 2 guys will be playing QF and SF back to back.

The weather has been pretty good considering. It could have been worse.

paula Says:

Nole is not only young, but he is also SERBIAN. This is a different world. I know he’s arrogant- but mroe arrogant than Roddick? No. In a different way, yeah, I’ll give you that.

The guy also had surgery to correct a deviated septum- he has breathing issues, they are real.

I was at the Roddick/Santoro match. Do not underestimate the American crowd and their influence. If Nole wins it, he’ll deserve it.

Daniel Says:

The crowd is really playing a factor here.
Djoko can’t let him get affected by it, but how?! Every mistake he makes the crowd manifests. If Roddick closes the fourth he will probably win his most important match in years.

YY Says:

Roddick missed his chance to close out the 4th! Djokovic needs to win this set quick if he wants to have a good chance against Fed.

Daniel Says:

If we go to a tiebreak will be dramatic, specially if it goes the distance. Set point, match point, set point, match point….

Tejuz Says:

Roddick should have closed out the 4th set .. alas he is trailing in the tie-break 3-5 .. guess thats it for him.

Ezorra Says:

Novak Won!!!

Daniel Says:

This short ball at 5-5 tiebreak after getting the minibreak back was one of the stupids ball of all time!

S Green Says:

Great come back from Roddick to make it a match.
If he had served better, he had all the chances to win.
Congratulations to Djoko.
Sean, did he not prove you he has the game?

andrea Says:

can you just believe what that puff wad had to say post match?????? what a wank…..

Tejuz Says:

so its going to be No 1 to 4 playing the semi finals, since Murray is definite to get to No 4 after this week.

1 against 4 and 2 against 3 .. pretty kool… last time it happened was in last years French Open i guess.

NachoF Says:

Wow….Djokovic was very impressive today… Federer is gonna have to serve perfectly if he wants to win cause hes not gonna be winning the rallies at all.

blah Says:

Ugh. Roddick disappoints again.

;o Says:

Oh god. Freaking Michael Barchann (Barkann). Almost all the male players, bar pretty much only Rafa, run there mouth. But he pretty much egged it on.

Daniel Says:


But When was the last time it happened in US Open?!

tennisfan Says:

Djokovic may be a good player … but what a twirp. He needs a lesson in PR. Its always the guy that makes fun of others that can’t take it when they are made fun of … and Djok proved it tonight. I just cannot like this guy … I don’t care how he plays the game.

YY Says:

Think Djokovic has a chance to beat Federer. And who knows? It might just be Djokovic vs Murray!

Tejuz Says:

what happened after the match?? since i couldnt see it live??

Henry Says:


fully agree with your observations. No other word for his behavior. I am European but was rooting for Roddick. Djokovic did not win. Roddick lost the match. He should never have let Djokovic get away with such an easy serve game on 5-3. He expected he could serve it out….
Did anyone notice anything wrong with his hips, ankles etc. There’s no way you can move around the court like this with all the injuries he claimed suffering from. The faker won and got the boos he deserved. This is the one player we should all bash until he stops with the antics and let’s us purely enjoy the tennis he is capable of.

Tejuz Says:

Daniel, Dunno when it last happened in US Open.. but i remember it happened in 2005 AO when Fed, Hewitt, Roddick and Safin reached the finals.

JCF Says:

Well, pity we didn’t get a 5th set (Roddick almost levelled the match) but at least we get a semi final with the top 4 players. Sorry your man didn’t win Von. He fought well though. Djokovic appears to still have enough in the tank to keep going, and the injuries he had the other day don’t look like they bother him anymore.

This is the perfect semi we can ask for. The best players have made it through, and I’m glad. It more than makes up for the anticlimactic early round clashes with qualifiers that the top players get due to their seeding.

An interesting thing to note is that now when slam draws are out, instead of looking to see whether Djokovic lands on Nadal’s side or Fed’s side of the draw, it’s pretty even, because the guy who doesn’t get Djokovic will get Murray, who is not far behind as a threat. He has the game to win slams, so it’s about equal and it doesn’t really matter where Djokovic is placed anymore. What would be more interesting is if Djokovic ascends to #2, and then it will be Federer that we’ll be looking to see where he lands in the draw. Fed vs Nadal semi final? Haven’t seen that in a while! Brutal.

Tejuz Says:

Somehow i guess fed will be more than prepared for Djoker after his loss to him in the Aus Open. The only guy who really get Fed mentally and physically is Nadal..

NachoF Says:

Virtually no one likes Djokovic’s personality… and he deserves it.

;o Says:


Djokovic pretty much just said that he beat Andy with ’16 injuries’. Crowd Booed. And then the interviewer said Andy might have been joking, and djokovic said that it wasn’t exactly nice or right to be doing it in public, saying that he fakes injuries. Crowd Booed.
He said that it was the way it is whether the crowd liked it or not. Crowd booed

the post-matches are going to be extremely interesting

Tejuz Says:

Yeah.. If Fed doesnt win the title… i would hope Murray wins it … just to make the top more balanced.. But then he will have to break his duck against Nadal… Except for that.. all four have won against each other pretty consistently.

Tejuz Says:

well .. If he said that… am pretty sure he will earn more booes from the crowd not only in this tournament but also the rest of the US hard court tournaments.

JCF Says:

andrea Says:

“can you just believe what that puff wad had to say post match?????? what a wank…..”

What did he say exactly? My feed cut off after the match so I didn’t get to see it. When did the crowd boo at Djoko?

“Sean, did he not prove you he has the game?”

Sean expected him to win. I don’t think it’s his game that he questions, but his attitude and fitness.

“fully agree with your observations. No other word for his behavior. I am European but was rooting for Roddick. Djokovic did not win. Roddick lost the match.”

While Djokovic does not always say nice things, this is just as ungracious a thing to say. Djokovic ‘won’ the first two sets. You can just as easily make a case that it was Djoko who ‘lost’ the 3rd set rather than Andy winning it. It took one poor service game where Djoko made two sloppy errors and a double fault. The 4th set, I agree with you, Roddick should have won it. But the match isn’t decided in one set. Had Roddick won the 4th, it’s no guarantee he would have won the 5th.

I can’t wait to read their press interviews now. Novak will undoubtedly be asked about Roddick’s comments from 2 days ago. The press will try and bait both of them.

Henry Says:

Paula, please stop the crap about his breathing problem. I and many others have commented on his so-called breathing problems on this site many times. He had simple and very minor surgery for a sinus problem many people have, including me. He had the surgery in Milan back in 2005 and afterwards claimed he had no more problems. However, when he is behind in matches, or about to lose he loves to exagerate and show the whole world how he is ‘suffering’. Then in interviews he forgets what he said in other interviews, so if it’s not his upset stomach, or his hip, or his breathing, or his blisters, or whatever else he can come with as an excuse. Next time he will retire from a match it will be because of amnesia…It’s such a shame as the guy is super talented but slowly is turning whole stadiums against him. Trust you noticed the totally classless way in which he celebrated his victory. Being a champion or a number one is more than being a great player !

bob22 Says:

Tennis won tonight! You cooked it up with your “jokes” now lick it!

Vulcan Says:

That was a thing of beauty to watch Djokovic stick the donkey’s words right up his ass.
Everything he did tonight was right on target…and that includes his comments when being interviewed.

The donkey…somehow, in this tournament, managed to show even less class than his usual piss poor nominal level. Beginning from the point where he tried to hit a ball right at Gulbis (the ball landed in the net) to his pussy comments about Djokovic in the press conference.

Justin Says:

Djoc dissed Andy and basically NY.

;o Says:


I kinda doubt it. Roddick draws the large ecstatic crazy loud rude night crowds. Not Federer or Djokovic.

Plus, the crowd seemed to be extremely rude, cheering on Nole’s faults and errors. Reminds me of the sweet chinese crowd at the olympics.

JCF Says:

“Djokovic pretty much just said that he beat Andy with ‘16 injuries’. Crowd Booed. And then the interviewer said Andy might have been joking, and djokovic said that it wasn’t exactly nice or right to be doing it in public, saying that he fakes injuries. Crowd Booed.
He said that it was the way it is whether the crowd liked it or not. Crowd booed

the post-matches are going to be extremely interesting”

Ouch. Well, all credit to Djoko for being brave enough to say these things in front of 23,000 US fans after beating an american. I still don’t think it was wise. One thing’s for certain, the guy is good at stirring up drama, and for some people, this is a good thing. I happen to like the drama Djokovic brings, just not necessarily the way he manufactures it. Talking about beating someone even when injured is not on. But maybe the interviewer was asking for it and looking for the reaction.

I hope to see a youtube clip of this.

I give credit to Andy as well for his ‘expertise’ in the press room. These two are going to have a great rivalry, I just know it.

Vulcan Says:

Congratulation to Novak on several levels, but mainly for showing that he would not be dragged down by the classless lowlife level of the donkey’s fans who did everything in their power to disrupt his concentration…not even the rowdiest of Davis Cup crowds behaves as poorly.

Danica Says:

the crowd will boo whenever their player loses. novak was right in what he said. i’ll repeat, that roddick interview the other day was plain stupid and classless. he is the one who needs a lesson in PR. i am sick of double standards.

good job nole! congrats to rod as well for putting up a fight.

Richard Vach Says:

Sean Randall is psychic. You were right, Djokovic did take offense at what Andy said, and didn’t give a crap if the crowd booed him or not, he was going to let them and Andy have it. That was quite a spectacle.

Von Says:

Say Vulcan, you’re Roddick is a Donkey? Why am I not surprised? You disappeared for weeks but your words were around in several other posts. You guys are so much worse than juvenile delinquents. GROW UP!! I don’t think much of the time you know whether you’re coming or going. How do you keep up with the many, many aliases? OH WOW. How about if I attack your guy? All’s fair in (love) and war, ain’t it? Have fun being nasty.

;o Says:

I was just reading another post on a forum.
Novak actually blamed the crowd. He said exactly at one point

“Well I know they are already against me because they think I’m faking everything, so sorry.”


S Green Says:

Sean and all others,
Ok, bring ‘em on. I have taken my gloves off (pardon me, J).
Ref: “Sore hip? Upset stomach? Ankle turn? Unless it’s serious get over it Novak and play tennis.”

Go play against him and take a point in 5 sets, and when you cannot, stop big mouthing. Or, pos like you, shut the fup.

And “if he felt the crowd was against him in his last match against Robredo, wait till tonight!” Bring your grand pa and great grand pa to Flushing to scream in the middle of the game. Bring ‘em on.

Ref: “Will Novak go on to win the title, I don’t think so”

We will see. If Fed beats Djoko, I will keep my word and I will be a reborn Fed-fan after over a year and half and go against you and your high-school-dropped out mentality. What the heck ! Am I afraid? Hell, no. Let’s do it full throttle here!

Vulcan Says:

Von, I am not “Roddick is a Donkey”
I just happen to think it is a funny and appropiate name for the imbecile.
As far as your insults…I’m not surprised by them coming from a Roddick fan.

Colin Says:

Henry, I disagree. “Antics” which stop us enjoying his tennis should mean antics on court. What he says beforehand should not be in our minds when we are watching the match. If it is, that’s our problem, not his. I’m a bit tired anyway, of the frequent use of the term PR. As far as I’m concerned, sod the PR! I watch a tennis game to watch tennis, period. If the players behave reasonably on court interviews and press conferences are to be ignored. If someone is naturally a nice guy, it’s a bonus, it’s great. The only kind of bad behaviour that bothers me is on-court behaviour, such as McEnroe used to serve up.

Von Says:


And you’re so classy as a Nadal fan? using your filthy, dirty language? come on, as I stated juvenile delinquents resort to that. You sound like the other prianha BTW. Enjoy!! Roddick is too classy for your kind. I’M PROUD TO BE A RODDICK FAN.

S Green Says:

When I pointed out that a remark of yours is inexorably racist, instead of acknowledging it, you are a coward to hide under WTF to respond to me. Remember, “Somebody shut this guy up”?
No conversation with you. That’s what happens when you are not qualified to go to Graduate school and cannot think.

Vulcan Says:

More insults…as expected…please lets not waste each other’s time and this Blog’s time with “juvenile” behavior.

Von Says:

OH OW, a nice transposition.

Kaka Says:

Err…. Von… Bandit… where’re you?

I think it is pretty embarrassing to loose to someone who had anthrax, sars, bird flue and common cough, don’t you think so?

Kaka Says:

Err…. Von… Bandit… where’re you?

I think it is pretty embarrassing lost to someone who had anthrax, sars, bird flue and common cough, don’t you think so?

Vulcan Says:

I must say I had my doubts about Djokovic’s mettle but tonight has changed my mind.
The fortitude he displayed in dealing with all of the adversity he had to face was quite impressive.
I picked Federer to win the tournament but if he gets by Djokovic it will be barely.

Henry Says:

please read my previous posts today. You will then see I am talking about Djokovic’ on court antics and a lot of other things, including praise for the great tennis he is capable of.

NachoF Says:

Djokovic might very well win the tournament… that will not make him a nice person or a fan favorite… people just dont like him and he doesnt seem to want to be liked.

Von Says:

I don’t recall anyone stating anthrax, et al. do you? I don’t know how to take your one-liner, never really knew how in the past, ya know. But whatever, have fun. Now you’ve turned on me? What did I do to you? Pray tell?

Vulcan Says:

NachoF Says:
Djokovic might very well win the tournament… that will not make him a nice person or a fan favorite… people just dont like him and he doesnt seem to want to be liked.

I dont think he really gives a shit about what a raucous NYC crowd thinks about his comments…and my hat for one is off to him…it was all about the tennis and he came and kicked donkey’s ass.

zola Says:

that’s what I thought. That this might be enough fuel for Djoko to win the US Open this year. (I hope not! I hope Rafa wins it).

Henry Says:


it’s not just the NYC crowd. It’s many crowds, such as the Australian Open, SonyEriccson Open and many other crowds. And it’s not just about his comments it’s about his overall behavior on court – with the demonstrative ‘suffering’ – and off the courts.
I think that’s what NachoF is referring to. At the SonyEricsson in Key Biscyane he managed to turn the crowd against him and he lost his first match against Kevin Andersen after having won sublimely the year before. So, he should care about the crowds that pay to come and watch tennis and not some injury faking guy…

Chokovic Says:

If Federer does not get the arrogant son of a gun, Nadal will. This is no more about a dumb fck behaving like a retard, this is about a totally arrogant bastud and his shity fans (no pun intended) who are an absolute disgrace to the sport.

So what if these fans have gone to graduate school? they have all the grace of a street dog that barks every time it is kicked. Always trying to promote hatred against classier players like nadal and federer. You can keep trying but joke bastard is a bigger joke than your pitiable efforts. keep it up you piece of sheet….

And please stay as joke bastard’s sheet whatever happens. We dont want federer fans to become shity as well….

Vulcan Says:

Yeah Henry, he sure did fake alot of injuries tonight while teaching Roddick a lesson in humility didn’t he?

S Green Says:

You just did, mental hospital escapee. You have always been the biggest bully with no friends to back you up, a* hole.

JCF Says:

S Green Says:

When I pointed out that a remark of yours is inexorably racist, instead of acknowledging it, you are a coward to hide under WTF to respond to me. Remember, “Somebody shut this guy up”?
No conversation with you. That’s what happens when you are not qualified to go to Graduate school and cannot think.”

I am not sure what you are referring to. Either that or I haven’t read your comment yet. When did you say that a remark of mine was racist? I don’t remember this. So if I didn’t acknowledge it, then I didn’t read it. I also don’t recall using WTF or “Somebody shut this guy up”.

How long ago was this? Please refreshen my memory.

blah Says:

This board is such a popularity contest. You’d think this wouldn’t happen with tennis fans, but this is just the more articulate version of the same thing.

JCF Says:

Also, I want to know what brought on that above comment SG, and how it relates to this thread. I’ve said a few things about Djokovic here, but I don’t know what any of that has to do with this apparently racist episode you speak of or a “Somebody shut this guy up” comment that I don’t recall making.

I’m even having difficulty piecing together your paragraph. “No conversation with you.”? Is that your comment or are you quoting one of mine? If you’re quoting me, I don’t believe I said that either.

Tell me which remark I said was racist, and when I said it, and I will review it and either apologize or explain myself.

S Green Says:

Check out the end of the thread:

Chokovic Says:

You keep licking people’s as* you shitty mo fckr so that they can come and support you when you email them. you shamless sob

happy licking and eating your own name….

Chokovic Says:

or your friends’….

Sean Randall Says:

Let the record reflect, I was thoroughly impressed by Novak tonight. He really turned the corner and stepped up in a huge way.

A statement match indeed.

That said, I was out tonight for the end of the match – had no audio where we were at – so I missed the post-match interview hubbub. If there’s a clip somewhere I’d love to see what happened. Sounded good.

Vulcan Says:

zola Says:
that’s what I thought. That this might be enough fuel for Djoko to win the US Open this year. (I hope not! I hope Rafa wins it).

Zola, it would be an amazing accomplishment if he could…the media have talked a little bit about it being ONE of the greatest years…but have never mentioned it would be the THE greatest.
They havent even mentioned the fact of it being 3 consecutive majors on 3 different surfaces which nobody has ever done. Anyway I like his chances against Murray but if he has to deal with Djokovic in he final it could be difficult in the extreme. Also I hear he’s going to play in Madrid for Davis Cup…Im guessing he wont play both Madrid and Paris indoors then.

JCF Says:

Ah, ok.

Thank you. Now I know what you’re talking about.

‘WTF’ was not me. I did not see your message, and did not reply. It got buried. Ask the admins to check the IP if you want. You will find that the only messages ever posted on my IP either come from me or Giner, who isn’t as active as I am. If I was going to ‘hide’ behind an alias like WTF, do you think I would make it that obvious? Who is it going to fool? Yours was the second last message, and WTF was the last. I’m sure even you would have to think I’d be craftier than that.

Secondly, there is no way of knowing that WTF was even replying to your message. He didn’t quote anything. I am no coward. If I have to defend myself, I will do so.

Thirdly, I want to ask what that had to do with this thread here. What made you bring that up? I’ve looked over every message I posted here and can’t see how any of those segue’s into this.

And now, I’m going to reply to what was said there. (Go to that link again to see my reply)

Now, I have read your recent messages and it looks like you have started taking things personally. Not just to me but Sean and other commenters too. I haven’t seen this side of you before. You’ve gone from reasoned argument to childish namecalling.

This time I really have learnt something about you that I didn’t previously know.

zola Says:


wow! that will be just great. I am actually glad they don’t talk about it a lot. It will be just extra pressure for Rafa. he has a tough match with Andy.

let’s see if there will be any semis on Saturday. The idiots know it is going to rain and still will make the players go sit in the locker room all day. (good candidates for : “Are you smarter than a 5th grader!”)

if he plays the final here and the DC, i think he should skip Paris. He has enough points to stay no 1. he should rest a bit .

S Green Says:

“You’ve gone from reasoned argument to childish namecalling.”

I accept the accusation. I did go berserk. I was provoked by the crowd of the insane.

There has to be a limit for thrashing a person. Ok, he is a kid, comes from a different cultural background, is still learning how to respond to Western media, and makes mistakes. One is perfectly legitimate to make it an issue, but it must stop somewhere.

Why did I bring out this in this thread? For the same reason you brought up my interpretation of Robredo’s remark from one thread to another, aggravating the situation I have been pushed in to, as if I lack reading comprehension. Another reason, you never responded to me, despite I asked you to in the next thread following the thread in question. Plus, instead of talking about Djoko’s in/ability to produce shots/serve/volleys, you went went after his behavior at a wrong time. At least, I was expecting that you would talk about changing the ITF rules if they are misused.
Now, so far going after Sean is concerned, I agreed with him against my will and begged him to tone down. He keeps going after one little mistake for 3 days now, post after post.

Yet, you don’t acknowledge your accidental error. I am sad.
And I’ve already put back my gloves on and try to sound as reasonable as I can. Sorry for taking then off at the moment of aberration.

YY Says:


don’t see Nadal missing Madrid or Paris. He has about the same points to defend at these 2 events as Federer and won’t want to allow Federer to catch up on his no. 1 ranking.

JCF Says:

“I accept the accusation. I did go berserk. I was provoked by the crowd of the insane.”

All is forgiven.

“Why did I bring out this in this thread? For the same reason you brought up my interpretation of Robredo’s remark from one thread to another, aggravating the situation I have been pushed in to, as if I lack reading comprehension. Another reason, you never responded to me, despite I asked you to in the next thread following the thread in question.”

Whenever I posted, I included quotes or at least was referencing a previous post from someone else. My thoughts on Djokovic were posted on multiple threads because he was discussed on multiple threads already by other people.

I have not responded yet because I have not gotten around to reading your replies yet. It’s been a busy day, and please understand that I’m from the other side of the world and I’m late to get to messages because I haven’t been up for the same length of time as people over there, at any given time each day.

I won’t be able to get to it today because it’s a lot to read. I have many long threads to catch up on still, and unfortunately, I’m not a speed reader.

“Plus, instead of talking about Djoko’s in/ability to produce shots/serve/volleys, you went went after his behavior at a wrong time. At least, I was expecting that you would talk about changing the ITF rules if they are misused.”

I don’t find any fault with his shots. And I don’t believe he abused any ITF rules. I don’t think the rules need to be changed. However, I believe players should follow unwritten rules of courtesy, even if it’s not mandated. You use the rules at your discretion. That you are allowed to do something does not make it savory to do so.

Nadal is guilty of doing the same things but to a less controversial extent.

“Yet, you don’t acknowledge your accidental error. I am sad.
And I’ve already put back my gloves on and try to sound as reasonable as I can. Sorry for taking then off at the moment of aberration.”

I’m not sure which accidental error you are referring to, but for the sake of mending any respect lost between us, I’m going to acknowledge it and offer my apologies.

I am a reasonable person myself and won’t let this linger. It’s in the past now. I don’t get offended easily, so if I look that way, I am not. I am surprised however.

I am officially done with this thread. I will continue to say and respond to comments about Djokovic or any other player when someone else comments however, if there is more to say on the matter.

I enjoyed the match by the way. Novak put on a great display except for one service game in the 3rd set. I hope his next match is as fun to watch as this one.

zola Says:

check this out:

******21 ATP tournaments and 20 WTA tournaments will be streamed online one one platform starting next year, the tours have announced. Price details were not given. A year’s subscription to the ATP Masters Series live streaming costs approximately $70, while the final of WTA Tier I events are available free on the WTA website.****

Right now the ATP TV shows only the master series and the master cup. This will be awesome to be able to watch all the tournaments!

USTA has announced that they have “Plans” in place for the inclement weather.

I am dying to see what these “plan” are!

Vulcan Says:

YY Says:

don’t see Nadal missing Madrid or Paris. He has about the same points to defend at these 2 events as Federer and won’t want to allow Federer to catch up on his no. 1 ranking.

Hes already going to put more distance between himself and the rest of the pack with his result at USO…so I dont know if he intends to play both Davis Cup ties but it would seem that either Madrid or Paris has to go…if he does try to play everything he is going to be spent for TMC

Djokovic Fires Back at Roddick, With Game, With Words Says:

[...] I’ve said it a few times in the last week that Djokovic needs to get as far away as possible from those on-court microphones. Those things should be kryptonite to him. Either that or he needs to undergo some serious, serious public relations training before stepping up to an open, on court mic again. The guy is just explosive right now in front of those devices. [...]

Eloise Says:

Novak Djokovic is not soft. He is 21! You cant you expect him to have the on and off court maturity of Nadal or Federer when he is more than 3 years younger.

As for the injuries, every tennis player has something wrong. Whether its a ankle, hip, pinkie or shoulder, it doesnt matter. Nole chose to inform the world of his injuries. So what? Does it really matter that much to you?

Roddick is a complete disgrace. How dare he take a dig out of Novak? Im sure he would be delighted if someone claimed he was faking for attention. Im glad Novak absolutly thrashed the peice of rubbish on court and in words. He deserved everything her got :|

Novak will be the best player in the world. Wether is tomorrow or in 2009. We need to have faith in him and congradulate him on coming this far already as young 21 yr old.

Volimo’ Te Nole!!!

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