Karlovic Crushes a Record 55 Aces in Loss to Hewitt at French Open
by Sean Randall | May 24th, 2009, 6:01 pm

The aces were flying on day one of the French Open. Dr. Ivo Karlovic slammed a record-breaking 55 in a five-set loss vs. Lleyton Hewitt. Robert Kendrick did three touchdowns fewer with 34 in a five-set win and several other players reached the 20s on a fast-paced, powerful first day at the French Open. ADHEREL

So… Is the court just fast? Is that not red clay I see on my TV? Or maybe it’s a red carpet? Answer, it’s clay and I think the hot, dry air is probably helping the ace count. If the guys playing Monday rack up huge numbers than something’s going on!

Besides the frequency with which players were serving bombs, about the only surprise on the day was two-time Slam champ Amelie Mauresmo fizzle-out against Ana-Lena Groenefeld.

Meanwhile, it was status quo for the favorites. Andy Murray played like a No. 3 seed thrashing Juan Ignacio Chela 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. The Spanish trio Fernando Verdasco, Nicolas Almagro and David Ferrero went a combined 9-0 in sets with little resistance.

Radek Stepanek, Marat Safin also were straight set winners. But the match of the day was Gilles Simon’s tough five-set win over American Wayne Odesnik. Simon had been struggling mightily heading into his country’s showpiece tennis event and Odesnik, who’s arguably the best claycourter the US has to offer, took advantage of Frenchman’s confidence slide. That is until the fifth set were Simon found some magic and escaped.

Simon now meets another American, Robert Kendrick, on Wednesday.

On the women’s side, defending champion Ana Ivanovic won her 8th straight match at Roland Garros. And in the match of the day, Vitalia Diatchenko hung in long enough to turn away Mathlide Johansson 10-8 in the third. Incredibly, the Frenchwoman Johansson blew 8 matchpoints in that final set. EIGHT! No wonder why the tears were flowing like wine…

Monday the big guns get on court with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Venus Williams, Dinara Safina and Maria Sharapova are on for the women. Frankly, I don’t see much in the way of competitive matches for the top seeds.

Among the best matches I do see are Andreev v. Fognini, Youhzny v. Muller, Tipsarevich v. Montanes and one from the women, Lisicki v. Safarova.

Have a good Memorial Day holiday! Enjoy the tennis.

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56 Comments for Karlovic Crushes a Record 55 Aces in Loss to Hewitt at French Open

Skorocel Says:

LOL, where do you find such hilarious photos? “Dr. Steelhammer” looks almost dwarfed by “Dr. Ivo” on that one :-)

Kimo Says:

If courts are indeed faster this year, maybe Rafa won’t be as devastating as he was last year.

Is it just me or are things looking better for Federer with each passing day?

jane Says:

55 aces in one match is insane – and he lost! And this is clay?! Is the sun coming up tomorrow? I’m somewhat gobsmacked.

Maybe those guys who don’t traditionally do well on clay will do well here; Roddick, for instance, has a great serve.

On the other hand, Dr. Ivo hit that many aces and … lost … to the grinder Hewitt.

Von Says:


“If courts are indeed faster this year, maybe Rafa won’t be as devastating as he was last year.”

Guess what, they expect rain at RG tomorrow, and Nadal’s playing, so maybe you’ll need to put that jubilation on ice. It could work to his advantage and to Federer’s disadvantage. You know the saying: “One man’s meat, is another man’s poison”? LOL.

I just want it to be hot and super fast when my guy is playing, and that’s not asking for much, is it? Ha, ha.

Von Says:

I just realized that if it rains tomorrow it will be bad news for Roddick and the big servers. Terrible.

Sean: Enjoy the day off!

sonic Says:

Court no1 where Karlo played is historicaly known as the fastest court at the French Open. Remeber Tursunov ripping winners past Nalbandian line it was grass a few years back? Outside courts tend to be on the faster side as well…but the central court is a different story. You could see it in Murray match, plays like an average clay court. As Nadal will play all his mathes on central court he’ll be fine.

One other thing for Karlovic: he had 75% first serve in first 3 sets, which is amazing when you serve at 220. When you add that to the fact that Lleyton stood ON the service line to return, the number of aces is hardly suprising.

jane Says:


I know you posted the link for margot, but I had a look at it as well; thanks. I liked Murray’s post-match interview (one of the videos below the one you posted). He always seems so calm and measured. He looks better in black than white, imo, and his tan looks well too. Good luck to him.

Von Says:

jane: You’re welcome. When I post links, et al., to a specific person, it’s my way of trying to get their attention, due to their interests, but the links are for everyone else’s pleasure, so please feel free to view them at any time.

I’m glad you enjoyed the video, and I agree with you that black does look better than white on Murray. Remember my dress tip: when in doubt wear black and/or white. I think white looks best on darker complexions, but black looks good on everyone, however, you don’t want to drive a black car or wear black in Florida in the summer.

This whole copying of videos and stuff is new to me and considering my spouse thinks I’m computer hopeless, then I can only say, I’m improving and have come a long way, baby. LOL.

Von Says:

BTW, there’s a very nice commercial on the Tennis Channel with Andy Roddick and Rene LaCoste, featuring the LaCoste line, of course. I think my guy looks very handsome, but then again, he IS very handsome. LOL. You know the old saying,”If you don’t blow your own trumpet, no one’s going to blow it for you! And especially not here on Tennis.X. LOL

Kimmi Says:

Did you get to watch live matches on TV this morning? TSN started at 12 pm here, I was very frustrated since I could not find a decent online streaming either. But I am happy Rogers are now showing TSN2, they just started last Monday, and this is good news coz I think a lot of matches will be shown on TSN2.

It’s difficult to watch tennis on TV here, that’s why I subscribed on Tennistv for ATP matches. Some GS were OK but this year AO broadcast was very poor coz most of the matches were shown on TSN2 and I did not have that. Frustrating!

Ezorra Says:

You guys should watch this one. Seriously, its super funny!


jane Says:

Kimmi, I was following scores today but I see that there is coverage on TSN beginning tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week, so that’s nice. Enjoy Federer’s match tomorrow – should be an easy one for him.

NachoF Says:

If Karlovic served 55 aces and couldnt manage to win the match… he just sucks

Kimmi Says:

jane, yes its good news for now, we will see how it goes. Tomorrow back to work so I will try to record some.

Skorocel Says:

NachoF: “If Karlovic served 55 aces and couldnt manage to win the match… he just sucks”

LOL :-)

Giner Says:

I just wanted to share an article (open letter actually) about Lleyton Hewitt from a month back when he won Houston. It’s quite entertaining.

Heard the gossip? Lleyton won a title

Richard Hinds
April 18, 2009

OF COURSE it’s all the bloody meed-ya’s fault.

Just another case of political correctness gone mad and the tall poppy syndrome and typical negative reporting and the bias that sometimes makes you ashamed to be an Australian – even if you’re not.

Lleyton Hewitt – “washed-up,” “perennially injured”, “gap-year No.1” Lleyton Hewitt – wins a tournament on clay, something that happens about as often as the average garbage collector dates Gisele Bundchen (actually, it was his first title on red dirt in 10 years) and it barely knocks the midweek pennant bowls off page 73.

Admittedly, rather than Rafael Nadal or even the ghost of Roger Federer, Hewitt beat something called Wayne Odesnik in an error-riddled final at the lowly-acclaimed US Men’s Clay Court Championships. And, a few days later, Hewitt limped injured into a more prestigious event in Monaco after a delayed flight only to be gunned down in the first round by serial cot-case Marat Safin.

Still, given Australian tennis is currently travelling about as well as a long-haul passenger seated in economy between two sumo wrestlers, Hewitt’s victory was probably worth a few more bells and whistles. If only for the fact that “Australian wins tennis tournament” now has the same shock value as “Fiji dominates ice hockey world cup”.

So, belatedly, here is the kudos. Good on you, Lleyton. Top work. Thanks for deciding not to listen to your aching body and retire to your northern beaches mansion and, instead, spending your final years in the sometimes undignified role of human Polyfilla – the person who covers the cracks in Australian tennis.

Thanks also for reminding us that your best work is done on a court of tennis, rather than in a court of law. Because, let’s face it, recently there have been far too many headlines devoted to your run-ins with salacious women’s magazines rather than your admittedly disrupted playing schedule.

OK, so the man that No Idea said was making eyes at Bec turned out to be her brother? Not your fault. But there seems to be a bit of a lesson there somewhere for any athlete thinking of arriving at their wedding wrapped in blankets and putting a tarpaulin over the “open air” reception venue so that the paparazzi can’t put the spoilers on their $100,000 exclusive magazine photo deal. Something about lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas?

Of course, largely ignoring Hewitt’s drought-breaking victory was not the only case of those idiots in the press running their negative, hate-filled, anti-Australian agenda this week. Pages that could have been nicely decorated with photos of Hewitt dragging his surgically corrected hip across the clay were instead occupied by an old chestnut – why an Argentinian who looks more like a refrigerator repair man than a elite sportsman can win the US Masters but Australians can’t.

It’s a strange question given the reason no one from Mudgee or Warracknabeal had ever pulled on the green jacket – at least in the last decade – is as obvious as the nose on Bill Lawry’s face.

Consider, first, the unequivocal reason why Australia has more top-line international golfers (more than 20 on the US PGA Tour) than tennis players (only Hewitt in the top 100) – Greg Norman. Sure, we have outstanding golf courses and world-class golf teachers. But from Appleby to Scott, from Allenby to Ogilvy, almost every current Australian star was inspired by Norman’s epic feats.

But, while that might help at Ponte Vedra or Royal St Georges, having Norman as your role model at Augusta is like being taught to swim by an instructor who is subsequently taken by a (real) shark. Just as Norman’s many triumphs on other stages have inspired bold performances, his tortuous failures at the Masters seem imbedded in the psyche of the current Australian players.

This year, as Aaron Baddeley and Geoff Ogilvy made brief appearances on the leaderboard, it probably did not help that Norman was putting his spikes on beside them in the non-champions locker-room: “Can you tell me how to play the 16th, Greg? Ummm, actually, please don’t.”

Of course, that’s just the sort of thing the bloody meed-ya would write to bring our athletes down. I reckon they should just say “Good onya, Lleyton” or shut up.

Giner Says:


“the only surprise on the day was two-time Slam champ Amelie Mauresmo fizzle-out against Ana-Lena Groenefeld.”

The only thing surprising about that is that people are surprised about that. The French rarely do well at the French Open. Simon has a 1-4 lifetime record. Tsonga is only 0-1 (never won a match) despite being 24 years old. Gasquet is 4-6.. Monfils is an exception with 10-4.

It’s not as though the French don’t know how to play on clay or anything. It’s their home slam and they have clay courts everywhere in France.

I wonder what it is.

Giner Says:

jane Says:

“55 aces in one match is insane – and he lost! And this is clay?! Is the sun coming up tomorrow? I’m somewhat gobsmacked.

Maybe those guys who don’t traditionally do well on clay will do well here; Roddick, for instance, has a great serve.

On the other hand, Dr. Ivo hit that many aces and … lost … to the grinder Hewitt.”

Previous record was held by J.Johansson at 51 (in 4 sets) and he too lost — to Agassi. Before that, Philippoussis held 2 records for ace count at 46, one was a loss and the other he beat Agassi in 5 sets. If I recall correctly Agassi was the opponent in the previous record as well. Strange that the best returner in the world was on the receiving end of the highest number aces served. Twice or thrice.

What it tells us is that these people serve incredibly but can’t do anything else. They’re one dimensional and far from complete, and I find it really boring when two of them play one another. Although now that I mention it, I wouldn’t mind seeing a contest of aces between Karlovic and Roddick.

margot Says:

von: thanks v. much for link, don’t know if you saw the match, suspect you didn’t cos of time difference, but Andy M was looking v. good, playing much more aggressively which I think was prob. against JMDP. Still early days however. Good luck to your Andy R. today.
How I wish, I wish, for a different final!! But more likely at Wimbles and USO I guess.
Bank holiday here in UK so lots more tennis watching! BFN.

margot Says:

von: have just seen video of interview…..Andy M is just a darling!! Why the hate I wonder, is it just nervousness on the part of fanatical fans cos OMG the boy’s got talent.
Giner: am really glad that Hewitt beat Karlovic. He’s such a gutsy fighter. How boring is K. to watch? I also think there must be an optimum height for tennis players and K is way beyond. He should take up basketball! Wonder who tallest champ was, is it Sampras? Rafa is only(!!) 6’1”, Sorry guys, that’s how I think in feet and inches!
I also think Hewitt is a wee bit short as well, that’s why he has to work so hard.
Finally, to echo your query, why are the French being so French?? That’s my daughter’s question anyway!

Kimo Says:

Oh, Rafa!!!! What were you thinking?!!!!!

Rafa just came out wearing a fuschia top, bright yellow bandanna and wristbands, black shorts and black boots with pink trim.

That is just wrong, and on Rafa of all people. I mean, he’s supposed to be the bull, the bad boy of tennis.

A bull in pink?

jane Says:

The scoreline for Rafa’s first round match this year is quite similar to his first round match last year. In 2008, it was 7-5, 6-3, 6-1 against Bellucci and this year it’s 7-5, 6-4, 6-3.

Skorocel Says:

LOL, who would’ve thought that a guy like Daniel can take just as many games off Nadal as did Djoker in 2008, not to even mention Federer :-)

jane Says:

I think Nadal just gets better as he goes; maybe it’ll be different this year, who knows? He is definitely hitting more unforced errors than usual. But last year Bellucci won 9 games in the first round versus the 4 games Federer won in the final. Clearly Federer is the stronger player, but by then Nadal was grooved.

So I don’t think we can read too much into until we see his next match; then we’ll know more if Nadal is just getting his bearings or if he really is down in form.

NachoF Says:

It doesnt really matter how many games they can take… anyone can have a good service game… the point is to win the set… its a good tactic to just get one break of serve and win your serve games…. that way you still win the set and conserve energy….

Giner Says:

jane Says:

“The scoreline for Rafa’s first round match this year is quite similar to his first round match last year. In 2008, it was 7-5, 6-3, 6-1 against Bellucci and this year it’s 7-5, 6-4, 6-3.”

That’s a pretty crappy first round performance for the defending champ. This IS qualifier Marcos Daniel after all, whom I’ve never seen play.

He casually cruised his way through the AO until he faced Verdasco. He was doing it efficiently without giving it his all. He wasn’t exerting too much effort to try and get it done as quick as possible. In his mind, each match was going to be his — not a matter of if but when.

I hope he was doing the same thing here, and just taking his time before going for the kill. Byt this is on clay, his favourite surface, so you would have expected him to do it much easier. He’ll have to lift his game in Paris.

NachoF Says:

Federer wins with another drop shot… it was on fire today.
6-4 6-3 6-2

Kimo Says:

I saw the match. It wasn’t Rafa’s best performance. Last year he had this aura of invincibility around him, and today it just wasn’t there. He looked pretty frustrated with his play during the first set and a half.

During some of the longer rallies Daniel was able to out-rally him. That’s not usual for Nadal at RG.

But he’s still the heavy favourite.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rafa looked good, but not Nadalesque in the first two sets. Looked great in the third, but Daniel had given up. Not the most promising of starts for Nadal.
Fed looked very good. Hit close to 70% if first serves, 10 aces, no doubles. Lots of UEs, but I think thats because he was so in control that he was really practicing some things.
So it looked like, as with Madrid, Fed is hitting his serve and playing aggressive. Like that combo very much!
Oh, for another Fed-Nadal final!

Roger-Rafa Says:


Want to re-evaluate your Rafa pick? A day and a little into this tournament, I get the feeling that this is going to be a dog-fight – between Roger and Rafa. At this point I am still holding my cards on murray and joker! Actually, the way the matches are going and the ball is flying, it doesnt seem like a French Open at all…. I am actually considering waging some money (wherever it is legal to do so) on Roddick to win this whole thing. Could make a lot of money with that one.

Let us see if Roger and Rafa survive the 1st week. All the talk about semis and finals is now off. It is strictly on a match by match basis now! Roger has to survive Acasuso now…. who is quite skilled on the clay courts! (but those wore the ACTUAL French Open Courts!) Not these puzzling clay surfaces!

jane Says:

Yes NachoF – Fed had a bit of drop-shot-itis today but it was working for him so why not?

Re: Unforced errors – Nadal and Federer were about on par in their first round matches: Nadal with 32 and Fed with 29.

Nadal, though, has a much tougher draw than Fed, so he will have to curtail those errors and get down to business a.s.a.p. Fed can basically experiment until the semis. LOL. Berdych is already almost out unless he can somehow turn things around against Bolelli.

Kimo Says:

I sort of don’t wanna admit that courts are faster this year, because if Nadal loses for any reason (like maybe he’s not as good this year as he was last year), Rafa fans will blast whoever wins and say he doesn’t deserve it because the clay was too fast.

Don’t look at me!!! That’s probably what they’ll say, just like Roger fans thought Nadal won Wimbledon coz the grass was too slow.

jane Says:

Yeah I was just thinking that – what’s going on with the courts? Grass is slow and clay is fast? Even the AO court is sometimes touted as a “slow” hard court.

Daniel Says:

Kimo, I agree with you. Nadal looked like he come to play after a rave to celebrate the gray pride, no offense meant! :) Just Bizarre!

Daniel Says:

“gay pride”

Kimo Says:

All this talk about the speed of the court just made me think:

Is winning all four slams now as tough as it was 20 years ago?

If you think about it, the difference between courts were really outstanding 20 years ago. Wimbledon was very fast, so serve and volley-ers had the upper hand. RG was very slow and was won by players who had the patience to wait for the other player to make the error. The USO was the fast hard court slam and the AO was the slightly slower hard-court slam. It was almost impossible for a player to have the sort of record that Roger has (10 consecutive slam finals), because each slam required a very different set of skills.

Now, Wimbledon is about as fast as the USO, but it’s a little trickier coz movement on grass is very different from other surfaces and players don’t get to play on it as much as hard or clay courts. The AO is now slightly faster than RG, so in my opinion AO with it’s new plexicushion surface is now the middle-slam, where players who like it fast and those who like it slow are put on even ground.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

You’re very right. In fact, I’ve heard the TV commentators saying that Wimbledon is MUCH slower now, and that US is now the fastest of the majors (and only one Nadal has yet to make the final, let alone win!).
Indeed, Roland Garros has sped up a little but Wimbledon has slowed down a lot. Wimbledon has totally gotten rid of the old serve and volley (or serve and serve style). Today, Sampras, Rafter and Henman would find Wimbledon MUCH less welcoming, and if Goran were around he would have the same success as Dr. Ivo.
What Nadal did last year was of course impressive, in that winning back to back slams is always impressive, but it just doesn’t compare with Borg’s double. The days of such vast differences between courts are gone.

Von Says:


You’re welcome! I enjoyed that interview and like the other Andy R., Murray does give very nice interviews. I think he’s a very kind-hearted young man, who doesn’t indulge in tearing down his opponent, but gives credit where it’s due. He is to be admired, not ridiculed. However, just remember not everyone is going to like him or any one player all of the time; so don’t worry, be happy. the most important thin g, you like him and that’s all that counts.
Giner: I don’t think it’s fair to place Roddick in Dr. Ivo’s category. Dr. Ivo’s height is what helps his serve, and I think PMc knows what he’s talking about with respect to Roddick’s serve. I also don’t agree that Dr. Ivo is only a ‘serve’; he does use serve and volley at times even displaying some great volley skills, when he’s on song.

I think Hewitt is one of the best returners in the sport, even better than Agassi, but that’s debatable. I wouldn’t call him a grinder, but a player who’s smart enough to keep the ball in play and wear down his opponent. After all, isn’t that what a lot of the players do, try to keep the ball in play? Nadal’s return game is based on working the point and mainly a war of attrition. Djokovic plays similarly, keeping the ball in play and working the point, waiting to draw the error. Of the top 4, Murray is the better returner, and also more adept at ending the points quickly.
Kimo: “I sort of don’t wanna admit that courts are faster this year …”

I think the courts are playing faster at RG, and probably it’s due to the warm weather they’ve been having. It’s a boon for the fast court players and not so good for the clay-courters. Nadal seemed out of sorts today and I wonder if the fastness of the court was the reason for his disgruntled appearance.

I have a theory that ATP is trying to strike a happy or unhappy medium with the court surfaces, especially clay and grass, because they want the hard-court players to like clay, thus avoiding withdrawals. The same goes for Wimby, they want the clay-courters to like grass, etc., etc.

Got to agree with you re the pink shirt, yellow accessories, and sneakers. I mean WOW, a guy in a pink shirt with yellow trimmings in tennis, how often do we see that — an awful combination. I think Nike has really gone overboard with their color schemes and need to tone it down, because they are turning the players into Christmas trees. All that’s needed is a lighted star/halo on top of their heads, LOL.
TwoCents: You’re funny re the Texans and the fertilizers. LOL. Even though I’d like for Roddick to gain some points on clay, I don’t want to see him hurt, eg., at the FO in 2002(?) and last year in Rome, which caused him to be laid up for two months. I don’t think it’s worth it to play if there’s a high possibility of him being in jured, so forget clay. Today he fell and scraped up his knees and knuckles, and no one was around to kiss his boo boos and make them all better. How terrible! LOL.

Von Says:

Staff: What happenen to my post @ approx. 1:15 pm?

margot Says:

von: pity you couldn’t catch the beeb commentary on the Roddick match, cos they were very complimentary about Andy R and you would have been mightily cheered!
I don’t give a fig whether people like/dislike Andy M’s style of play, it’s when words like “hate him” or “can’t stand him” that I don’t like. It’s just irrational to speak like that about someone you don’t know.
two cents: do you really come from Texas?? OMG!It’s got such a romantic resonance for me, probably completely erroneous.I love Westerns and the best are set in Texas. Do you live in a “Panhandle”?…whatever that is…..

Kimo Says:

Maybe my geography is a little rusty, but the panhandle was in Florida last time I checked.

FoT Says:

Well I’m happy today because Roger won. He has said that you basically just try to survive in the first week of a grand slam. So even though he made some UFEs, he was still very aggressive and made it through to his second round against another pretty good player, so he has to be careful.

On Nadal’s clothes….well let me just say that even if my all time favorite: Federer – was to wear that outfit – I still wouldn’t like it, and that’s saying a lot because I like everything about Roger!

I have no idea what Nike was thinking (or Nadal either) but I’m old fashioned in that I still associate “pink” with ‘female’. I don’t even like golfers who wear pink pants or shirts. But I guess someone out there likes it – including Nadal.

Sean Connery Says:

Shean Connery ish from Texash and he can definitely tell you that the panhandle ish not in Florida. It ish the pan shhhaped protrushion at the top of the shtate

Sean Randall Says:

Pink? Rafa’s going to win #5 in Pink?? There is hope for everyone after all.

margot Says:

Geeesh thanksh sheansh, shwas insh a songh andsh Ish neversh knewsh..sh

Kimo Says:

Rafa has been really strange with his color choices since the Australian Open.

All I can say is: Thank God they make them wear white in Wimbledon.

FoT Says:

Kimo… I guess Wimbledon knows something! No pink there! Thank God for that!

jane Says:

I don’t think Rafa chooses the colours; I think the Nike people come up with the stuff and he goes along with it, no?

Their “theme” this year seems to be “neons” because he’s always had a bit of neon in pretty much each outfit, whether it be the bits of yellow, green, or now bright pink or whatever.

Personally, I really liked Rafa’s original style – sleeveless, and with the longer pants. He was like a renegade. And somehow that suit his unorthodox style of playing tennis. It seemed like a good “fit.”

But now it’s like Nike is trying to compensate for making him go all conservative with the polos and shorts by putting him in these sometimes bizarre color combos.

I like Adidas and Lacoste stuff better than Nike anyhow.

Von Says:

Margot: We’ve got the Florida panhandle. Yes, Texas is where most of the westerns are set and it’s one biigggg state. Texas is like another country here in the US. Andy R. has a ranch in the capital, Austin.

I understand about the ‘hate’ comments, and I agree, I don’t know how people could hate someone they’ve never met. I see the word ‘hate’ bandied around a lot here by some posters, which is really sad, because of the destructiveness of the emotion. All I can say, is try to ignore them, for they know not what they say.

Kimo: “All I can say is: Thank God they make them wear white in Wimbledon.’

I like white, but then I like cricketers, so don’t mind me. I know I wouldn’t let my son out of the house wearing fuschia pink. WOW. The bottom line, the players, have some input in their choice of clothing, but I suppose Nadal likes pink, or he’s not into clothes, just his tennis and water bottles. I’m glad my fave wears white trimmed with black or navy, and the classiest line, LaCoste. LOL.

Von Says:

Margot: “von: pity you couldn’t catch the beeb commentary on the Roddick match, cos they were very complimentary about Andy R and you would have been mightily cheered!”

I would have liked that. The lousy Tennis Channel showed bits and pieces of his match, and wasted a lot of time showing reviews of Sharapova’s match with her loud screaming. Why are we seeing 75% of Sharapova’s match on American TV and hardly anything of Roddick’s match? I know Beeb wouldn’t do that to Andy M. It’s ridiculous!

TejuZ Says:

Sean Randall Says:
Pink? Rafa’s going to win #5 in Pink?? There is hope for everyone after all.

I was just wondering how it wud look, with Nadal in PINK hoisting the French Open trophy :-) very odd.. but we’ll know in 2 weeks time.

TejuZ Says:

I hope the Pink shirt brings Rafa as much luck as the Cardigan bought Roger last year at the wimbledon..

Von Says:

“I hope the Pink shirt brings Rafa as much luck as the Cardigan bought Roger last year at the wimbledon..”

You’re spreading a lot of love around, being so benevolent! LOL.

Maybe Nike provided Nadal with a matching jacket in navy to match his pants which would cover up the pink shirt.

Giner Says:


“The AO is now slightly faster than RG, so in my opinion AO with it’s new plexicushion surface is now the middle-slam, where players who like it fast and those who like it slow are put on even ground.”

That’s how it always was, and was always meant to be. A neutral court for all players. US and Wimbledon are fast, RG is slow, and AO somewhere in the middle. That’s why the AO final between Nadal and Fed sounded so promising. Fed had the advantage at Wimbledon and Nadal got the upper hand at RG, so meeting in the middle would have been a good test to see who was better. Unfortunately for Fed, he blew a lot of opportunities that day.

Kimo Says:

Giner, it’s Kimo, not Kimi :)

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