Clay Court Carry Over – Will Recent History Trump Older Trends at Wimbledon 2010?
by Dan Martin | June 9th, 2010, 11:24 pm

The Wimbledon gentlemen’s champions from 2005-2009 reached at least the semifinal round of the French Open. With slower grass courts and strings making extreme topspin possible off of even low bouncing shots, Wimbledon is not as far removed from clay as it once was. It appears that the momentum and confidence a player builds during the clay court season are factors that can outweigh any nuances forced by a new surface.

Rafael Nadal’s confidence should be a mile high. He won a Grand Slam title and 3 Masters 1000 events consecutively. No player in the locker room will enter Wimbledon with more momentum. Robin Soderling will have some of his confidence blunted by the thorough beating Nadal gave him. Still, Soderling might wonder if Nadal could turn back some of his break point attempts on grass. If all observers assume that Jurgen Melzer will likely not duplicate his French Open results, that leaves Miami runner-up and French Open semifinalist Thomas Berdych trying to ride his serve and powerful ground strokes to a deep Wimbledon run.

While Nadal is a likely candidate to win Wimbledon and Soderling and Berdych each could harness a big serve and nasty ground strokes to full effect, others may ride a different wave to success in London. Roger Federer’s quarterfinal showing at Roland Garros should not stunt his grass court aspirations. Even if he does not win Halle, his 11 grass court titles will afford him respect at Wimbledon. Andy Roddick had tallied more rankings points than anyone in 2010 when Miami ended. His non-clay court season may have been by design. I would not be shocked to see Roddick in tip top grass court form and shape heading into Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic winning his first grass court match has to help as he needs to forget his collapse versus Melzer. Andy Murray, much like Djokovic, needs confidence. Murray needs to forget most of his results after Melbourne. Being the object of the London media’s attention while also defending a fair amount of ranking points will not make Murray’s path to forgetfulness easy. If Murray can move well, hit his returns and fight, he can enter the second week with momentum. Still, Murray and Djokovic, for different reasons, will have to demonstrate great mental strength to conquer the second week regardless of how much momentum each builds.

Queen’s Club and Halle will offer glimpses of mental attitudes and physical preparedness for this short grass court season. If momentum from the clay season continues to indicate who will perform well at Wimbledon, it may demonstrate that grass court success takes root in the early spring dirt. If these trends do not continue, it may mark a return to an era of tennis in which elite players do not contend on every surface. That will be a day worth mourning as the unified tour I have grown accustomed to may prove to be the exception rather than the rule.

Post Script – A World Made Strange?

French Open results have not typically indicated likely Wimbledon success. Stefan Edberg beat Boris Becker in the 1990 Wimbledon final after each man lost in the first round of the previous month’s French Open. Roger Federer posted a 2-2 record at Roland Garros in 2003-2004, but he followed up his clay feet with his first and second Wimbledon titles. Only two of Pete Sampras’ seven Wimbledon titles came after modest success at the French Open (quarterfinal appearances in 1993 and 1994). Sampras’ lone loss at Wimbledon over an eight year period came in 1996 weeks after posting his best finish in Paris. Richard Krajicek did reach the French Open quarterfinals in 1996 prior to his lone Wimbledon title, but Goran Ivanesevic was absent in Paris in 2001 prior to his inspirational Wimbledon triumph. Prior to the 2005-2009 streak, one has to go back to Andre Agassi’s 1992 triumph to see a Wimbledon champion reach at least the French Open semifinal round. Granted Michael Stich and Boris Becker also won Wimbledon after reaching the French Open semifinals in 1991 and 1989. 2005-2009 may not be so odd after all.

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95 Comments for Clay Court Carry Over – Will Recent History Trump Older Trends at Wimbledon 2010?

Ben Pronin Says:

Dan, you forgot Agassi won the French and followed it up with a Wimbledon final showing in 1999.

Dan Martin Says:

Courier also got to the French and Wimbledon finals in 1993.

Kimo Says:

Dan, I think it’s hard to make a pattern of what currently happens on tour with what happened in the 90′s.

In fact, the whole “win both Wimbledon and RG” was by all means dead after Borg (Lendl and tried, and failed, but that had more to do with his will to complete a career slam than anything else. Wilander also tried but was just unlucky) up until Roger and Rafa started to reign men’s tennis. I don’t think such a pattern would hold up after they’re gone. That’s why what they did is pretty special.

Djoko is better on clay than on grass.
Murray is better on grass than on clay.
Gasquet is better on grass than on clay.
Verdasco is better on clay than on grass.
Delpo is better on clay than on grass.
Monfils is better on clay than on grass.

These are the players who will reign after Roger and Rafa. None of them exhibits the talents to win on both surfaces.

Bottom line: This era is the anomaly.

Ben Pronin Says:

I actually think there are a number of players who could potentially complete the career slam. Of course, most of these guys need to start winning single slams before all four, but they have the games for all 4. Djokovic can play, and win, on all surfaces. Murray is capable of winning on clay. Del Potro is still young and has to improve his movement on grass, but I think he can do it.

Kimo Says:

Of all the current bunch of young talents, Murray and Gasquet seem to have games that suit grass. Murray needs to play closer to the baseline though if he wants to succeed. His lack of power doesn’t hurt him on grass as it does on clay, and his footwork is ok. But let’s remember: last year his draw was a cakewalk. I dunno ho he’s fare against a Soderling or a Berdych or a Cilic or another Andy.

Gasquet has the perfect game for grass. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe his mind, but that’s it. How the hell did he beat Roddick in five sets in 2007?!

Ben Pronin Says:

And two of the sets were tiebreakers, no less. Truly incredible match from both ends really.

Wawrinka really pushed Murray last year and he hits the ball pretty damn hard. I love watching Murray on grass, though. I think his ability to hit passing shots at will is a big part of what makes him so good on grass. And he knows how to move on the surface, although he’s not as gracious as Federer (who is?).

I would like to see Murray exact some revenge at Wimbledon, honestly. Gonzalez in round one, Berdych in round 4, etc. Something along those lines. I think, because of his ability to take the ball on the rise and the low bounces on the grass, he can blunt a lot of power. Plus, junk ball tennis is quite effective on grass because of all the random bounces.

Dan Martin Says:

The number of players to reach all four slam finals since Laver is pretty slim – Lendl, Edberg, Agassi, Courier, and Federer – anyone else?

margot Says:

kimo: that’s neat! Of those I’d discount Verdasco, too late and Monfils, injuries. Of the 4 then Andy and Delboy too seem so prone to injury, already Andy is grimacing when he moves to the right; Novak seems very “troubled” to me, sorry that’s so Victorian! Of course, that could be very short term. As for Richard, so very very talented on grass, clay( he really should’ve beaten Andy) and probably cow pats for all I know; but at some deep level seems to be frightened of winning.
I’ve just seen Rafa’s first outing on grass and he looked very impressive and, unless the knees give out, I can see him dominating for years, such an incredible mind set. Sorry, I know you’re a Fed fan, but it’s just an age thing!

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Would be great to see Murray win Wimbledon. He is my second fav after Rafa. He need not win Queens to do well at W. If he manages to find his strokes and his confidence, he should do fine at W.

Michael Says:

Despite not being in pretty good form of late, I will tip Federer as the favourite to win the Premier event in Grass. The reason is the imposing record of Federer on these Courts for the past 7 years when he won 6 and lost 1 in the finals to Nadal. Ofcourse, his early exit at the French will act as a hangover and Federer can overcome that if he wins Halle. That will for sure do his confidence a world of good. Next to Federer, I will tip Roddick, Nadal, Soderling, Berdych, Murray, Cilic necessarily in that order. According to me, Gulbis might emerge as the dark horse. Overall, this is an interesting Wimbledon with the stakes pretty high for Federer particularly. If by any chances he fails at Wimbledon, then his Critics might be writing his obituary.

Eskay Says:

R.G is what has been known to produce one-slam wonders. But that is in distant memory, relatively. However, Wimbledon champions have not been one-slam wonders only. The days of serve & volley are almost over. Technology has made game different. A player like Rafa can can not be discounted on any surface, notwithstanding his failure at U.S.O so far. If we have to shortlist players for the title, they should be championship material and not mere upsetters. Tsonga should not be excluded from this list, if he has no fitness problems. At the moment, it appears difficult to see a new name on the trophy, but those who could possibly be there might be from Murray, Soderling, Djokovic, Roddick, Tsonga and Berdych.

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Michael: Good point. The thing with Roger and Wimbledon is that irrespective of how the year has been till that point, he always brings his A-game to W. Berdych and Soderling while having the shots suitable for grass, have somehow not fared too well till now there. That might change this year as both seemed to have upped their game by a notch, esp Berdy, who appears to be more determined out there.

WTF Says:

“The Wimbledon gentlemen’s champions from 2005-2009 reached at least the semifinal round of the French Open. With slower grass courts and strings making extreme topspin possible off of even low bouncing shots, Wimbledon is not as far removed from clay as it once was. It appears that the momentum and confidence a player builds during the clay court season are factors that can outweigh any nuances forced by a new surface.”

Seriously dude, that’s just dumb. If the two surfaces are so alike, explain why so many clay court specialists don’t do well on grass. That includes JMDP. Explain why Andy Roddick has such an excellent record at Wimbledon but such a poor one at the French and all clay leadup tournaments. He owns 5 or 6 Queen’s Club titles. As does Hewitt, who also won Wimbledon. But look at his clay court results. Andy Murray is another one to look at. And then all American men. These guys couldn’t play on clay to save their lives. They do much better on grass though.


You just can’t give credit to someone who grows up on clay but learns how to adapt to other surfaces?

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Eskay: There are strong rumours that Tsonga has been advised rest by his docs and that he might miss W.

Eskay Says:

Thanks rg.nadal for the info. That would be sad. It is always nice to see Tsonga’s game. Although he has remained underachiever for whatever reasons, he has an all court game which has potential of succeeding against the best.

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Eskay: Welcome. True. a very talented player. I think, he asks too much from his body and his body refuses to do what he tells it to do. I would pick him as a player who could really do well on grass.

guy Says:

a lot gets made of nadal’s lack of success at the fast court slams, but people often forget he’s missed or been injured in many of them. he’s now missed two wimbledon’s, one OZ, withdrew injured from another OZ, then the last three usopens he’s had either injury problems, or coming back from injury last year.

in contrast fed has never missed or been injured in a slam. he’s a very lucky. and before people say it’s his style, consider peers like haas and safin, both who play very aggressive, a lot less running than fed, and have had careers jeopardised by injury. fed actually does a lot o scrambling, why he’s one of hte best defenders. just happens to have lucky genes for injuries.

Dan Martin Says:

Guy, I largely agree, but Fed nearly withdrew mid-tournament from Wimbledon 2003 with an injury and had a heavily taped ankle in Melbourne 2006. I think Roger has been more healthy at some slams than at others, but on a whole he has avoided major injury issues.

Eskay Says:

I may be mistaken, but something can be read into Fed’s lack of success, relatively speaking,in tournaments other than G.S. He does not push himself as much in lesser tournaments and also does not take part in that many big tournaments. He chose to play at Halle and Estoril, for example, where the field was relatively weak. How far this can be correlated to his injury free state in G.S., I don’t know. But it does appear that he has some strategy.

Thomas Says:

Safin was very muscular. If you have more muscle,then you are more vulnerable to knee injuries as you put more pressure on your joints I believe.

Thomas Says:

Tsonga has the perfect game for grass. He has a big serve,big forehand,and is the best volleyor in the mens game imo. The only weakness he has is his return. As long as he avoids a big server like isner,he can make a deep run. It would be sad to see him miss out due to his hip injury.(he is a guy that is so unlucky with injuries.)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Dan, you really seem to be inventing a trend with your euphemism “the Wimbledon Gentlemen’s champions from 2005-2009″… right. All those guys!
In fact, this is ROger and Rafa alone we are talking about. You might as well say there is a recent trend that the winner of the USO would be the winner of the most slams all time, so we should expect DelPo to win another 15. What R and R can accomplish is exceptional and in no way possible to extrapolate to the field.

Eskay Says:

I think likewise. How he could not replicate or exceed the results of A.O 2008, I don’t know. He does not appear to be in awe of Rafa and Fed too. Perhaps his commitment is not absolute. The hunger to win is not that big. Or could be that some of these players exist in an era which is R-R bipolar.Otherwise, some of them could have been G.S winners by now.

Dan Martin Says:

Tennis Vagabond your point is well taken, but what I am trying to illuminate is how unique Rafa and Roger’s surface fluency has been. Many #1′s had a clear surface problem somewhere in their career. If and when the Rafa Roger era ends I hope the successors are good on all surfaces as well (by good I mean contending).

Kimo Says:

The first upset of the grass season is upon us. Roddick lost to Dudi Sela in straight sets: 6-4, 7-6. Dudi was on fire.

Huh Says:

Hopefully Sela’d be routed by Murry/Nole or even Rafa for my sake.


Dan Martin Says:

I look at the Roddick loss one of 3 ways – 1. No big deal the event starts in 1 1/2 weeks and he can shake it off by then 2. He’s feeling the pressure of knowing that after last year and the Indian Wells Miami stint he did this year that he can win and that has made him a little tight 3. He knows he can win, but also knows his arm and shoulder issues from Oz could hamper his chances therefore he put forth minimal effort to save himself a la skipping the clay season for the big one he wants most

My gut says #1 is the option here, but the other two might have merit.

Kimo Says:

I watched the match. Andy didn’t play badly by any stretch of the imagination. He was just broken once in the whole match, and the TB was very close as well. But that’s grass court tennis for ya, a break here and an unforced error there and bam! The match is over. Happens.

It’s harder to do it in a best of five format though.

Oui Says:

Dudi Sela, the new Gabashvili. Way to go Roddick.

Kimo Says:

Rafa just lost the 2nd set against Istomin.

Ben Pronin Says:

What’s wrong with Nadal? Is he slightly injured or is Istomin? I didn’t catch exactly what the commentators said.

Istomin has some funky ground strokes. But he’s winning a ridiculous amount of points on both his serves. Nadal isn’t returning too well.

Ben Pronin Says:

Ok so Nadal just told the trainer he doesn’t need him. So he’s the one who’s slightly injured. Well, I guess in this case he isn’t.

andrea Says:

roddick hasn’t played all that much tennis in the past 2 months….he should be on alert for wimbledon. he’s got no momentum going in.

if istomin had won the first set, rafa would be out by now.

wondering if it is a subliminal self fulfilling prophecy on roger’s part – people start saying that he only brings his A game to the GS’s and not the rest of the events, and lo and behold, that’s what happens.

stu Says:

Djokovic needs divine intervention.



Nadal took a medical time out after the 2nd set. The trainer appeared to be massaging and stretching out his gluteus minimus.

Istomin is hitting big. Nadal is struggling on the return of serve. It’s going to take a few matches to get his timing down for a big server because he can’t stand 10 feet behind the baseline like he does on clay. Nadal is probably not thrilled with the conditions. It’s cool and windy.

Nadal just saved 2 break points so now Istomin will really feel the pressure for his next service game after not converting.

Kimo Says:

Djoko also lost the first set to Malisse. A day of upsets perhaps?


Sure enough Nadal just broke the next game… now serving for the match.

Huh Says:

Pretty relieved to know that someone’s challenging Nadal on grass. Hoping for Istomin to keep fighing till the last point.

stu Says:

Djoko is so unpredictable these days, its like he picks which round he will exit at from a hat at the beginning of each tournament…

Andrew Miller Says:

Dan Martin is right in pointing out the possibilities at Wimbledon: 2010 is looking more like 1990 (however much it resembles 2008!)

My reason for believing this: even if Nadal and Federer own 2010 slams, the rest of field BELIEVES it has a say. Their confidence is rising (and that’s even as Nadal and Federer’s confidence remains strong).

SO: I am with the snakes in the grass theory. Roddick’s loss at Queens to Dudi Sela plants a rather enormous doubt in my head as to whether he will even get to QF. I recognize this is an awful thing to say or think, but Roddick’s performance at Slams this year is poor, and the Grasscourt loss was unsettling (however uplifting the Miami win certaintly was!). The difference: we’re in June, and that was March.

Certainly: Roddick is the finalist coming into this year’s Wimbledon. But you CANT lose to Dudi Sela on your best surface! So, that’s my reason – Roddick played poorly against Gabashvili, making Gaba look like tennis’ version of Lebron James, even if it is on clay. Another guy, Melzer, who Roddick beat in five sets in Viena in Davis Cup, made the semifinals. You could say ” “sure not his best surface, clearly Roddick’s WORST surface.”

But really: how does the Queens performance encourage confidence for Roddick. Berdych may well have a shot at the QF or better if his head is in the right place.

Grass is a funny surface. JC Ferrero makes QF on grass these days and loses to Ginepri on his native clay. And grass is friendly to those who love the stuff, and who play better as the tournament proceeds.

Leading me to say: I know nothing and can predict nada!

Curious to see how well Schiavone and Aravane Rezai do! I love Kirilenko’s game and Pannetta, but Aravane is so tough and mean. About time someone steps it up! But for that cream puff of a serve………………………………….

Huh Says:

I don’t know why exactly is Nole making a joke of himself, he can certainly do better than gifting sets to lower ranked guys.

Ben Pronin Says:

Istomin is fighting like crazy. He saved 2 match points and broke Nadal right back. Jeez. Nadal really choked a couple of points there.

Huh Says:

stu: You’re right, Nole’s become too predictable.

Huh Says:

Yeah, C’mon Istomin!


Istomin broke back. Nadal was serving for the match and up 30-15 on his serve.

Nadal just dove for a ball while on the baseline. I’ve never seen him do that before.

Match point Nadal on Istomin’s serve.

skeezerweezer Says:


Welcome back :)

Anyone know Istomin’s rank?

stu Says:

Wow Rafa, way to wrap it up! The guy’s amazing!

Ben Pronin Says:


Terrible point from Istomin on match point but Nadal pulls through.

stu Says:

Nole on the other hand has majorly picked up his performance (serve esp) in set 2…

Huh Says:

Anyway, if I’m correct, Nadal won.

So congrats to his fans.

BTW, what’s up with Nole these days is simply beyond me. I simply don’t understand how and why Nole, who used to be so much motivated around 2007-08 has completely lost that fire of his. He doesn’t seem the least bit concerned by the GS robberies of Rafa and Fed.

Huh Says:

Whatever, but C’mon Nole!

stu Says:

Awesome, he won the set. Now he can lose the match in peace.


Thanks Skeez

Post match on court interview Nadal said Istomin’s game is a good fit on grass. He has a big serve, flat ground strokes and isn’t afraid to come to the net and volley. He also said the ball was bouncing very low today and it was windy. His interviews are much better now that he has expanded his tennis vocabulary in English.

sheila Says:

funny, last year @ this time, critics were writing nadals obituary. this year, because federer got knocked out in qtrs by soderling, they’re writing his obituary and nadal is the golden boy. not only do these 2 have pressure on the court, they have pressure w/the critics. if they fail in the slightest they are in decline, especially roger, mostly because of his age. i say kudos to these 2 grt players who have managed to stay consistent thru all the critics and respective fan remarks. i really want 2c murray, djokovic, delpo, berdych, soderling, gulbis and all the other potential players be as consistent as nadal & federer have been thru these years

Duro Says:

stu, exactly. Andrew Miller said couple of days ago 2007 Novak would beat today’s Novak 6:3, 6:2, 6:2. Couldn’t agree more. I would add 2007/first half 2008 Novak.

stu Says:

Superfast 3rd set for Malisse. What’s up with Nole, really?

Polo Says:

Yikes! Novak lost again. If there is anything wrong with Novak, it must be his head. And it just keeps getting worse. He needs a vacation and rediscover the fun in tennis. He used to look like he was enjoying the game a couple of years ago. It looks nothing like that anymore.

skeezerweezer Says:


You are a true tennis fan, excellent “post” :)

skeezerweezer Says:


You have been missed. A breath of fresh air. I know from your posts you know tennis. Keep up the insightful stuff :).

Didn’t catch the interview, thanks!

stu Says:

Duro, I really think this might be it for Novak. He’s reached his peak. Too many problems right now, way too many, and probably not enough desire to fix them?

skeezerweezer Says:

Duro, Dude, Sorry about Nole. Dang! Hope he finds something to hang is hat on before Wimby and gets it into gear. Hoping he plays better soon….

Found Istomin’s rank; 72

Duro Says:

stu, I don’t know. You might be right. We’ll see. Too disgust right now to estimate his future chances. Cheers.

Skeez, what gear? Reverse? He won’t find any gear. See you.

stu Says:

He needs to pull a Henin and “retire”.

skeezerweezer Says:


LOL :). I do the same with my fav. I admit I am not a good fan that way. If he goes into a slump, I call him a chump, when he’s winnin, I’d be grinnin’ :)


It’s true seems like he has to take some time off and re-tool his game. He has it all….just not right now I guess :(

Henry Says:

Dan Martin and WTF:

This artilce does more than insinuate that Wimbledon’s grass is more like RG’s clay. The only one reacting to that is WTF, who suggest that maybe some players adapt well to all surfaces, without response from the writer.

For those who truly believe the W grass RG clay thing, I would suggest to ask the groundsmen at W. It’s pure BS.

The day Rafa wins the USO, it’s probably “because the Flushing Meadow courts are so much slower due to the fact that they’re not really hardcourts anymore and play similar to clay”.

Dan Martin:
“The number of players to reach all four slam finals since Laver is pretty slim – Lendl, Edberg, Agassi, Courier, and Federer – anyone else?”

Correct, Dan but you forget that Laver’s wins were on two surfaces only. No disrespect for Laver’s achievements, but Roger’s and the other’s achievements, therefore, are so much more impressive.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Sorry I do read your posts! Kinda…:). Thanks for the ranking, got it. I posted after I found it on my own and found out you already posted it.

Huh Says:


Thanks for the links to Roger’s WIM outfit.


Fot Says:

So Rodddick and Djokovic loses; Murray’s match is suspended in the 3rd set after darkness; Nadal has to go 3 sets to win…heck, this grass season is already more interesting to me than the entire clay season! lol! (just kidding….maybe)… lol!

I watched Roger’s match and he played great against Falla (of course, it was Falla…but Roger was outstanding in that match).

I watched Davydenko’s loss and he’s still rusty.

Then I watched Nadal’s match and actually Istomin played the way you need to play to beat Rafa on grass. Hard hitting, flat hitting, low ball bouncing. He did all of that and actually had the mo going until Nadal called for the trainer after he (Nadal) lost the 2nd set. When they got back on court, it took Istomin some points to get ‘back in the match’. But all in all, a good match for Nadal to come through. I’m sure he gave all his fans a stroke when he called for the trainer!

Going back to Halle, heck this IS the German open. With 8 players left, 5 of them are from Germany! lol! I just hope the ‘German-Speaking’ Federer can win it. After his match he played a short exhibition with some German announcer for fun. It was short but fun.

andrea Says:

thank god roger is going low key this year with the ensembles at wimbledon. he was going to have to add an ascot, pocket watch and ivory cane to his outfit if he wanted to go beyond the past couple of years.

can’t believe the results so far at these tune up events. was the nadal match really almost 4 hours? trainer doesn’t sound good.

Fot Says:

Someone said they added the time of the ‘delay’ in the match, but according to the website, the match took 3 hours and 53 minutes.

van orten Says:

federer will be respected because of his 11 grass court titles…reallyyyyy???? that is some news here hahhaa…oh my god…

van orten Says:

ah and by the way who the hell is istomin?..played a great match i guess

Huh Says:


I sincerely hope that Fed would reserve his best for taking down Rafa, should they happen to meet each other at the WIM. Anyway, Roger played a decent match today.

BTW, can you tell why Nadal called the trainer? Did he take medical time out? I don’t think there’s any need to be too concerned about it though. So just asking. Nadal generally takes medical time outs during matches, good for him, and nothing novel about it.

Huh Says:

I sincerely hope that Soderling wouldn’t again fall in Fed’s half/quarter of the draw.

Fot Says:

Rafa took a medical time out to get – uhm…his, well his ‘butt’ rubbed down. At first the trainer rubbed the knee a little, then Rafa laid on the grass on a towel and the trainer rubbed one of his buttocks. But after that, Rafa showed NO signs of anything physically wrong with him.

ánima Says:

Pretty close match for Nadal. Istomin served really well, and Nadal was out of touch, out of concentration, and trying to raise balls as if he were still in RG.

I didn’t see neither Djokovic nor Roddick matches, but I cannot say their defeats surprise me… Unfortunately both seem a little bit “blue” as far as tennis is concerned…

Fot Says:

Yes, Novak, Roddick, Cilic all lost. Nadal having pushed to 3 sets; Murray is in the 3rd set of his match suspended due to darkness. The grass season is here!

Kimmi Says:

what a series of upsets today. Roddick, Djoko, Cilic and Murray in trouble right now..

Roddick upset is a big one..he is always been solid on grass and his serve is always unplayable on grass..dudi sela must have played well. Read some quotes from Roddick, he admited he was outplayed today…mmmh! Congrats to sela guy, great win.

Djoko troubles continue. Duro, go over there and give your guy a spanking. I think he needs it.

I am about to give one to Murray..hope he comes thru tomorrow.

skeezerweezer Says:

“Huh Says:

I sincerely hope that Soderling wouldn’t again fall in Fed’s half/quarter of the draw.”

On Grass? I do :)

skeezerweezer Says:


Don’t forget to add Davy to the list…..

Kimmi Says:

Cilic. i don’t know what to think..since that great perfomance at the AO, he is been disappointing..has he ever reached a qtr final anywhere?

He has shown a lot of potential but things are just not working at the moment. Grass should suit him I think..well, we will see how he does at wimbledon.

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer – yap. davydenko.

OK, i think he is forgiven. the guy is coming back from a three months injury lay off..and grass is not his cup of tea.

i think we will have to wait to see the davydenko of WTF..

where is jane? have not seen her posting for a while.

skeezerweezer Says:

I don’t know. I haven’t seen Margot, Contador around either. Maybe they stayed away because of all the ranting that went on…….don’t blame them if that was the reason ;-)

Yeah what did Davy have? Wrist?

With the exception of Roddick, I guess the guys you mentioned have still not got out funk since the spring HC season?

Kimo Says:

Kimmi said:

“Roddick upset is a big one..he is always been solid on grass and his serve is always unplayable on grass”

His serve is not what it used to be. Seems he and Stepanek agreed to tame his serve a little bit more in order to increase his 1st serve % and his accuracy. In my humble opinion, he should go back to serving HOT.

As for Cilic, well, you guys underestimate how good Llodra is on grass. He is pretty good. Cilic will come along, he just needs time and he’s still very young. However I’m not sure grass suits him because of his lean body. He can reach the quarters at Wimbledon maybe, but that’s it. Since they slowed down grass, no lean player has won Wimbledon since Ivanesivic in 2001 (Ok, only three players won it since, but still, Roddick and Nalbandian are not lean either).

As for Djoko, put a fork in him.

Kimmi Says:

Kimo – which serve roddick should go back to? I did not see todays match but Roddick serve is still a monster. He was serving out of a tree last year wimbledon. federer broke him only ONCE the whole match in that final..ONCE in a five set match..and this was at the end when he was starting to get tired.

He had some confidence (due to that disappointing wimbledon loss) and injury issues end of last year and begining of this year but during american HC his serve was bang on. Did u watch his match with nadal in miami, nadal did not have a chance..

Anyways, i still think Roddick serve is still his biggest weapon..he could be still rusty due to little match play since IW and miami, so lets hope he gets it together for wimbledon.

i agree Llodra can play well on grass..he is a serve and volley player, isn’t he? But i have never seen any big results from him. While Cilic played well at wimbledon last year, his perfomance last year made me think he can play on grass. his match with haas could have gone either way..was one of the best matches last year.

I also agree that he is young..he is 21, so hopefully we are able to see his potential coz he is shown when he is on..he can be very good.

van orten Says:

lot of dangerous players on grass. nice to see an open field. seems anybody can beat anybody

Kimo Says:

Kimmi said:

“which serve roddick should go back to?”

Well, Roddick use to average around 145 mph on his first serve. Now it’s in the low 130s. Yes, his serve is still a monster, but it’s not head and shoulders above everyone else’s as it used to be. Now, plenty of guys serve as hard as he does, maybe even harder. Guys on tour have gotten used to that kind of pace.

I remember in the 2003 US Open final, Ferrero struggled to put any returns in, and that was a year where he made it to no.1 in the world and was the best returner.

Huh Says:

“skeezerweezer Says:

“Huh Says:

I sincerely hope that Soderling wouldn’t again fall in Fed’s half/quarter of the draw.”

On Grass? I do :)”

Hey Skeeze,

Its not like I’m wishin Sod to not fall in Fed’s kalf coz I dread Fed facing him or stuff, but it’s rather coz Sod always falls in Fed’s half and almost never in Nadal’s, which IMO doesn’t seem right. Just look at how easy Rafa’s draw was at AO/FO and compare it to Fed’s draws there, hey were too damn difficult for Fed to relax. So this time I really want the tough guys to be equally distributed among Fed, Rafa, Rod, Djoko and Murray, Sod, Cilic coz it’s generally that Fed, Rod, Sod and Cilic are being handed absolutely toughest draws whereas guys like Rafa, Nole are able to sail deep too smoothly because of their cupcake draws. I can’t think of someone being as lucky re: draws as has been Nole for quite sometime now. I want that to change. And not to mention the 2010 FO draw of Rafa which must have one of the easiest ever draws to have been meted out to such a overwhelmingly dominant champion in his favourite surface in the tennis history; of course it’s needless to say though that Rafa’d have run away with the FO 10 even if he probably faced Davydenko, Muzza, Sod, JMDP, Djokovic and Fed in a row at RG, so well he was playing! But still it’d have been a lot better if Rafa had been given a tougher draw.

Huh Says:

Can anybody tell what happened to Dimitrov? Please tell as I like him very much and he’s playing in queens.

contador Says:


i’m around. but yeah, on or two too many TT’ers writing here these days for my taste.

its all abt da game Says:

i think dimitrov lost to lopez..
now we know lopez has a solid S&V game..
so, it was bound to happen..

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Dimitrov won a match then lost a match. Flo beat Nadal so him beating Dimitrov is not so bad.

Dan Martin Says:

I had to get this written before the results from Queen’s came in as it seems thus far that grass and clay are quite different.

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