Rafael Nadal the Man to Beat in Wimbledon Final, But Can Berdych Pull the Upset?
by Sean Randall | July 3rd, 2010, 12:44 pm

Will Sunday be the crowning day for Tomas Berdych at Wimbledon, or will Rafael Nadal continue his march into tennis history? Unfortunately for Berdych fans I’ll come out right now and say it, Nadal is going to win this match and the title that goes with it.

And I think Nadal will win for the very simple reason that it’s a Grand Slam final. In his career only one player has ever beaten Nadal in a Slam final and that man – Roger Federer – isn’t playing on this Sunday. Instead it’s Berdych.

I do think we’ll have a good, tight, entertaining final. We know what we are going to get from Rafa, we’ve seen it before in these mega-matches in which Rafa almost always brings his “A” game.

Berdych, however, is an unknown quantity. He’s never been in a Slam final before and the nerves, the moment and his opponent could all get to him. If they do we could be left with a blow out title bout.

But I think those wins over Federer and then Novak Djokovic should keep Berdych’s mind sharp and focused for the Nadal challenge ahead.

But will it be enough or will it even matter?

Let’s go to the breakdown.

The Serve: Edge Berydch
Several players have remarked that Nadal has really improved his serve. He’s hitting it harder, with better location and added slice, and it’s coming in heavy. But Berdych’s serve is an absolute bomb and on grass his delivery gets the edge.

Berdych’s chances Sunday rest solely on his serve. A bad serving day for Berdych will lead to a straight set loss. However, a good serving day will allow Tomas to take more chances on Rafa’s serve, especially Nadal’s second. And that could be critical to his survival.

If he can keep Rafa from stockpiling break chances – remember how tough Rafa is on break points! – he could perhaps steal a tiebreak here or there and manage a break to turn things in his favor. But he’s need to serve well because we know Rafa will.

The Return: Edge Nadal
Even though Nadal has to face the tougher serve, he gets the edge. Rafa’s has proven many times over in big matches that his return is solid. He doesn’t often do much with them but he gets them back consistently and when needed he has the ability to crack winners.

Berdych is improving but he’ll have to take chances on Rafa’s second serve. I’m just not convinced his can consistently force the issue.

The Forehand: Edge Nadal
Rafa’s money shot continues to be his forehand. And thanks to the dry, clay-like conditions on Centre Court and heavier balls, Nadal can virtually play his clay game on the grass. And when he’s doing that it’s bad news for opponents who drop the ball short in the middle of the court.

Berdych, though, has a forehand that can sting Nadal. His flat blaster in either direction is hard, heavy and quickly gets through the court. But it’s just not as reliable and as vertsatile and Nadal’s.

The Backhand: Edge Nadal
Rafa’s most unappreciated shot continues to be his backhand. It may not have the power or flair of his forehand but it’s the Spaniard’s “rock”. He rarely errs with the shot and when asked he can produce some serious zingers off that wing – I seem to recall a couple “bomb-like” passing shots he hit against Andy Murray Friday.

Berdych’s backhand is also a weapon. It’s flat and heavy but not as consistent nor directional as Nadal’s. And I don’t think he has great drop shot or slice off that side either.

The Volleys: Edge Nadal
Volleying at Wimbledon and on grass seems to be going the way of the CD: extinction. But in this discipline I rate Nadal pretty high. He’s quick with his feet and has a great set of hands. And his overhead is exceptional. It probably won’t be the difference on Sunday but the edge goes to Nadal.

Movement: Edge Nadal
Nadal gets the clears edge here. Rafa ran like a gazelle against Murray. Berdych has improved his footwork but Nadal is simply the best in this category. No one on tour is better at footwork, speed and quickness than Rafa.

Intangibles: Edge Nadal
Nadal is so extremely tough in tournament finals, and even tougher in Grand Slam finals. To date, Rafa’s 40-12 career in ATP finals and of those he’s 7-2 in Grand Slam champion matches. And the two Slam losses both came at Wimbledon to Federer in four sets in 2006 and five sets in 2007.

Nadal also has the experience while Berdych is brand new at this Grand Slam final thing (Tomas has just 5 career titles to Nadal’s 40!). That said, Nadal will feel the pressure of being prohibitive favorite, but Berdych will feel the nerves of playing in the biggest match of his career.

The Pick: Nadal
Had this match been an en early rounder or even a final at Queen’s, I may have picked Berydch. But in a Slam final it’s tough to see Nadal losing now after having come this far. Nadal’s goal isn’t to reach finals, it’s to win majors and not finishing the task at this here would be a failure.

For Berdych, win or lose he’s going home a happier man and hopefully a more established threat at future Grand Slams. So he should be content with all he’s already achieved.

That said, Berdych still can win the match. Players who have a big game – big serve, big forehand, big backhand – can and have defeated Nadal. And Berdych already has a rare commodity that being three career wins over Nadal.

But I think in the end the stage will be too great for Berdych, the pick is Nadal in four.

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225 Comments for Rafael Nadal the Man to Beat in Wimbledon Final, But Can Berdych Pull the Upset?

vrael Says:


Amber Says:

Berdych’s had an incredible run, but nothing will stop Rafa from lifting that trophy tomorrow. He is playing like he never left grass.

mjt308 Says:

Well, no one other than Nadal had beaten Federer in a slam final until the US Open last year either.

jatt Says:


If Rafa wins the first 2 sets, I would make it 3 instead of 4 in favor of rafa.. Even a 4 setter is looking a distant thing against this rafa..

My take would be rafa in straight sets..

Hopefully i am wrong..would love to see berdy winning on sunday..

Voicemale1 Says:

And the Nadal backhand has another dimension to trouble Berdych: he’s learned how to Slice it extremely well. So Nadal has basically two options on the Backhand: drive it using his naturally dominant right arm, or slice it keeping it extremely low for the 6’5″ Berdych to scoop up off the grass. Unlike Federer, who purposely slices short, Nadal often gets his slices deep. He’ll be able to force Berdych to conjure up his blowtorch pace from a dead ball barely off the ground form near the baseline. It’s easy to forget that Nadal enters the Final Sunday with a 27-2 record at Wimbledon since 2005. He’s lost only two matches here in 5 years, both to Federer.

Berdych does have a chance to win, but it’s a really small one. He’ll have to blast Nadal off the court by keeping every potential rally to a minimum of 4 shots. Since his Mathieu match Nadal has been extra stingy with his Unforced Errors. Example: in his opening set against Murray, Nadal gave up 1 Unforced error. One. That’s tough to deal with if you gotta play him. So Berdych won’t get a lot of joy rallying with Nadal hoping for errors. He’d have to play the same way Tsonga played Nadal in the Australian SF on 2008.

Watching Nadal against Murray it looks like not only is his first serve a little faster – its getting into the low-mid 120′s more often while still staying heavy, but his 2nd Serve is a little faster too, often getting into the mid to upper 90′s when it used to hover in the mid-lower 80′s. I’m thinking Nadal will unload tomorrow, and throw the whole shebang at Berdych from the first ball. Nadal is starting to play like a World #1 these days, and given that he’s taken out two guys here who’ve given him a fair bit of trouble in the last year or so, his confidence will be sky high. If Berdych doesn’t win the first set, his chances decrease severely. If he gets down 2 sets, the 3rd set could go by in a hurry. These two played at Indian Wells this year and it was a closely played match, but Nadal won in straights. Its a lot harder to take 3 Sets off of Nadal than 2 sets. There is a small possibility this could go in straights for Nadal, but Rafa in 4 seems the safe bet.

blank Says:

Nadal gets Bird for Sunday lunch.

Dory Says:

Berdych, if you are reading this, remember. Play super-aggressive but make few unforced errors, keep the points short, serve well. Don’t get into rallies. The key to defeat Nadal is to hit big with angles to make him run from side to side so eventually he can’t reach to hit a winner. No other way.

jane Says:

There is a new interview with Berdych at the Wimbleon site, from today after practice; didn’t see one with Rafa yet. Here’s the direct link to Berdy’s:


scineram Says:

Vamos Sean!! Jinx him like you never jinxed before!!!

Andrew Miller Says:

Berdych will have some chances – after all, it’s not clay…if he has a big serving day, it could be US Open Del Potro-Federer translated to grass?

grendel Says:

My impression is that Berdych, a more elegant player than del Potro, is not as consistent.And – perhaps for this very reason – doesn’t have the intimidating presence of the Argentine.

WTF Says:

“Will Sunday be the crowning day for Tomas Berdych at Wimbledon, or will Rafael Nadal continue his march into tennis history? Unfortunately for Berdych fans I’ll come out right now and say it, Nadal is going to win this match and the title that goes with it.”

Wasn’t it meant to be Hewitt over Murray or something?

I have to wonder how Nadal got pushed to five sets in early rounds by unknown opponents but beat Murray in straights. What was his game plan? To win ugly and play himself into form?

Berdych has the firepower to trouble Nadal like Del Potro and Murray do, however he lets himself get bothered by little things, and if something like that happens, he will lose concentration. The other unknown is how he will handle himself when the final hurdle is in sight. When he comes to the realization that he’s about to be crowned Wimbledon champion, will it be all too much for him? Will his arm tighten up and he serves up some doubles? No indication of doing that so far, but those wins against Federer and Djokovic were not championship matches.

We’ll find out today if he’s finally banished his demons. That’s assuming he will have Nadal on the run of course.

Huh Says:








Seth Says:

For the first time, I will be rooting for Nadal in a grand slam final. Vamos Rafa!

Huh Says:

I’m gonna remain neutral in the WIM final. Let whoever wins win, both have played really great and fearless tennis to come to the final.

But I give a BIG edge to Rafa. I have never thought that Berdych has the greatness in him to win a slam. He may give a great performance or two in a slam, but he doesn’t have that talent or class to win a slam IMO.

Huh Says:

DP from the word go, I knew, was for sure going to win a slam coz when I first in 2008 saw him playing, he gave me the perfect thrill, the kind of thrill I only get when I am watching a CHAMPION, a GREAT player. Mentally as well as gamewise,


But Berdych has never given me such thrill, ever!
Let’s see if I am for the 1st time gonna be proved wrong tomorrow.

J Says:

It’s so very clear that most people on here are not rooting FOR Berdych, they’re rooting AGAINST Nadal. I think that’s pretty sad. Disliking Nadal is almost like a personal mission for people on here. Instead of hoping for great tennis, and let’s face it people – Rafa is playing the best tennis of ANYONE out there right now – people are ‘hoping they are wrong’ and Rafa loses or doling out advice to Berdych on how to beat Rafa. Just sad.

I really like TB, have wanted him to play up to his potential for yonks now and it’s wonderful to see him finally do that. Even if he loses on Sunday, and it ain’t over till it’s over, I think this might be the springboard he needs towards career transformation for him. And good for him. As for Rafa, he’s switched ON and is playing as well as I’ve ever seen him. If he wins tomorrow, I will be ecstatic for him and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Vamos!

skeezerweezer Says:

“It’s so very clear that most people on here are not rooting FOR Berdych, they’re rooting AGAINST Nadal.”

You are one paranoid Rafa fan.

Re read ALL the posts and put them in a pot. What you will get is for the most part people that are not Rafa fans are in FACT picking him to win. I don’t know what you are talking about with the Bird other than some posters want him to win but are still picking Rafa!

WTF? What more do you want a chant and a prayer?

grendel Says:

Well, there’s at least one person (Seth) who is not rooting for Nadal so much as against Berdych.

Actually, the two types of reason are not mutually exclusive. Although not my first choice, I’ve been a Berdych fan for a long time, and feel about him much the same way as J. It’s true I don’t want Nadal to win, and it’s also true he is playing the best tennis, so perhaps this is a bit “sad”. But it’s nothing new. These types of partiality are age old.

Even so, I’m going to make a real effort tomorrow to cast the personal factor out of the window, and see if I can just enjoy the tennis skills as such. Not easy – for me, anyway!

Oddly enough, if Rafa runs away with the match, this attitude will be much easier to adopt, mainly I suppose because the competitive element will have vanished. Conversely, if it’s close, then it tends to be tantrums time….

Huh Says:

“J says:

It’s so very clear that most people on here are not rooting FOR Berdych, they’re rooting AGAINST Nadal.”

Not that it matters in the end, but whom people’re gonna root for or against, is absolutely their prerogative. It’s useless if you become sad thinking why all the people in the world don’t root for Nadal.

Kimmi Says:

ok, is it berdy or rafa, berdy or rafa, berdy or rafa..hmmmm *scratch head”

decisions, decisions!

zola Says:

nice analysis.

There are a few things going for Rafa:

-this is a chance for Rafa to defend his 2008 championship. He has already said how emotional these moments are for him.
-he is playing really well right now
-he has the experience of being in a GS final. Berdych might get nervous in his first GS final.
-Rafa is the world’s number 1 and is too proud to surrender a GS final to a player with lower ranking
-as you said, Rafa has lost only 1 GS final and that was to the mighty Roger Fedrer, the number 1 at that time
-The dry grass can play like clay in the baseline

things against Rafa:
-Berdych has no fear of Rafa. Many players are already defeated when they play against Rafa or Roger. Berdych is not one of them.
-Berdych is tall and can handle Rafa’s high bouncing shots.
-Berdych has a two-handed backhand. Again, can nuetraliza those high bouncing balls very well
-very powerful forehand and accurate/powerful serve as you mentioned
-Rafa’s knees. Hopefully he will stay healthy and can run for another 2, 3, 4 hours.

I thought the British crowd has been very supportive of Rafa. I hope they remain the same during the final.

blah Says:

Murray played really well and serve really well, yet Rafa still beat him in straights. I am not giving Berdych a chance, but that’s not a knock on him; Nadal is just too good right now.

blah Says:

And I still don’t trust Berdych’s serve. His first serve% could very well be below 50 on Sunday. Even Murray who I think served at near 80% in first half of the match and only lost a handful of points on serve couldn’t take a set off Nadal.

blah Says:

When’s the last time someone beat the world number 1, 2, and 3 in a grandslam to win it? It would be a tremendous victory for Berdych if he does it, though I doubt he will.

jane Says:

I am going to simply enjoy this final – I’d be happy to see Berdy win his first slam, and I’d be happy to see Rafa get his second FO-Wimbledon double for 8 slams. But if Rafa wins here, then I’d like to see someone else win the USO. It’d even be fun to see a surprise winner on the men’s side win it all (like Delpo did at last year’s USO kind of or Sciavone at this FO).

Plus, if Rafa wins Wimby then surely someone else should win the World Cup right? Spain can’t have everything. ; )

Huh Says:

Hopefully Germany would win the WAKA WAKA WORLD CUP!

Dan Martin Says:

I think Rafa will win due to his mental toughness. However, Berdych has a blueprint for a game plan provided by JMDP’s success vs. Rafa in late 2009. A tall player hitting through the court and pushing him around can work. Berdych first will need to take care of holding serve. If he can do that comfortably most of the time, it is then up to him to dictate when ever possible in rallies and to hit solid and at times huge returns. Rafa in 4.

grendel Says:

that’s a good point of Blah’s – Berdych’s serve, whilst outstanding when it comes off, is not very reliable. Nor is Murray’s – but as Blah says, Murray’s serve coming off didn’t help him.
One thing I like about Berdych is that such a big man is not afraid to bend. I think he is going to have plenty of bending to do tomorrow – that should prove a little battle on its own.

dari Says:

I’m not gonna get all worked up about the Rafa/berdy match as I did the Murray match v. Rafa or the qf sod/rafa match. I admit that I didn’t want rafa to win, but everybody has a great story in winning over rafa at Wimbledon. Obvious the story line in Murray getting to the final over rafa is huge, a lesser story in sod beating rafa again, and then just an underachievr finally coming out in the slams in Berdy.
Fornthat matter, rafa’s story is fantastic too, an “increible” few months on clay AND grass after an eleventh month draught, a veritable defending champ after withdrawing last year.
I suppose I just want to see high quality tennis from both and for rafa to be CHALLENGED! he doesn’t have to lose, but let’s someone show that he is not alone at the top. I know roger is not done NOW, but he will be in a few years at most, and he is quite a bit older than anyone else who made the quarters, so the remaining boys have a lot of tennis to play yet! NO ONE will ever be as beautiful and exciting as RODGER DODGER, so domination by anyone else would not make for tennis I would want to see. I love tennis, so i’ll obviously keep watching and getting worked up, but maybe it will be on a “catch it when I can, watch it on replay” kinda thing and not gluing myself to the tv! And being glued did not apply to just fed’s matches, I woke up early or changed my schedule for Murray and others!
Good luck to Berdy, rafa don’t need it so I’m not gonna feign to wish it for him!
Ohhhhh, man, if Berdy pulls this off I wanna see tears! Do it for lendl! Haha
See ya’ll in the am.

fed is afraid Says:

if roger was playing in the final he would
surely lose. that’s what he does best against rafa.

Skeezerweezer Says:

fed is afraid,

You talk like your 12 yrs old, so don’t claim that you are not. Your posts prove it. This is why your posts get deleted. Such a stupid statement. So, how has Fed gotten 16 GS titles? Because Rafa wasn’t there? Get real, Rafa will not have to face Fed in his era much from here on out, Fed is in the twilight of his career. it will be others . Which are coming fast, and his health, choose your words wisely my fellow poster…lol!

sar Says:

I am a fan of one person only. I am a Nole fan.

I don’t have a dog in this fight.
It’d be nice for Berd to win because he beat Fed and my guy Djok and should be rewarded for that but I like Rafa. Hmmmm

Von Says:

Huh: Thanks with reference to Serena. From the posts here, it’s almost as though she committed a crime by winning. Too bad for the haters, she won anyway. Better luck next year for the non-American players, albeit, they’re not the faves of the haters, but just not being American fits the bill and they’ll be rooting like crazy for them against the Williams sisters. sheesh.
@DH: I don’t know why the racist comments are allowed by somebody’s got a Rabbi in moderation for those comments to be allowed. It’s sad really that this person is so full of racial bias.

You should read the nasty comments aimed at Roddick and his wife.

montecarlo Says:

Those who are hoping that Delpotro will provide some competition to Nadal when he returns are forgetting the fact that Delpotro beat Nadal only during Nadal’s injury period and when he himself was at his peak.
Nadal is now fit and he already got these one dimensional ballbashers like Delpotro figured out.

Von Says:

montecarlo: I have to agree with you that the time DelPotro beat Nadal at the USO, he was suffering from an abdominal tear. I’d like to see them both play when Nadal and delPotro are in tip top shape. The same goes for the win of Djokovic over Nadal at Cincy last year. Nadal was in very bad shape with the abdominal tear during that match, (which was locker room knowledge) and the tournament as a whole, and I’d like to see them both play again, when they are both fit, especially Nadal.

Zola: Walk away or become cross-eyed. LOL.

Andrew Miller Says:

Djokovic with EIGHT double faults vs. Berdych? Man…Todd Martin’s revenge for not making the Wimbledon final (no offense Mr. Martin, but…your work is written all over the current Djokovic serve. Djokovic version 2007 and 2008 may have a better chance in that semifinal).

Here’s some Djokovic serving nostalgia:


skeezerweezer Says:

Geez Montecarlo would you give the injury thing a break already? Sounds like a broken record and you have an excuse for ANYTIME your fav loses. Not good….

skeezerweezer Says:


I don’t think so. Wishful thinkin. Rafa will win tomorrow but as posters have mentioned the formula is there. Big flat hitters, tall guys with 2 handers, neutralizes Rafa’s FH on steriods ( a figure of speech ). They can and have proven to hit through Rafa. It is a matter of physics. If you hit hard and flat the topspinner needs time to wind up a and hit the heavy topspin that Rafa has like no other. He can hit BH’s with a quick prep but not the FH. The formula is there but the opposition needs to execute. When and if they do, Rafa has big problems. And trust me, they will figure out Rafa’s game much faster than the tour has figured out Fed”s.

This is the foundation of his stroking game. What makes it hard to execute is Rafa’s mental fortitude and determination to stay in the point. That, is another factor that is Champion quality.

But don’t forget the Sod match at the 2009 match where he hit through Rafa. Or other rare matches that Rafa has lost. When he has, if you are a true ardent follower, it’s been when players hit through him.

We will see, but it will not be tomorrow. Rafa in straights. He is King and there is NO reason why he will not win. Rafa NEVER beats himself. EVER

Rafa is weak Says:

Delpotro beat nadal during his injury period? please! rafa is uninjured when he wins and injured when he loses. is that how the injury period works? stop discrediting other players. that has got to be one of the dumbest things i have read, even by blind crazy fans standard.

more than the match, the more interesting thing would be whether nadal would pull the MTO card if Berdych is up 2 sets to 0 or 2 sets to 1. no MTOs in the last 3 matches, yes? If that’s the case, how come MTOs only when he is losing? That must be some strange knees that have a mind of their own.

montecarlo Says:

Its exactly the opposite of what you said. Nadal has been changing his game and figuring out those ballbashers.

[quote] And trust me, they will figure out Rafa’s game much faster than the tour has figured out Fed”s.[/quote]

That’s wishful thinking. Havent happened in 6 years. Can’t see it happening in next 6 years. How can you figure out something that’s constanly changing and getting better?

Read this from Berdych-

Q. Is the key to beating Rafa to be as aggressive as possible?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I mean, this time I think so, because he starts to play really aggressive, as well. You know, I mean, the first years I was playing him, yeah, he played his game. He was really patient on court, moving well. I think he was quite waiting for opponent’s mistake.

But, you know, last like two, three years, he starts to play really, really aggressive, as well. That’s what he’s doing right here, as well.

BTW I play ITF tournies myself. I can hit Big Flat shots from both wings. But when I give them all and go for the broke the ratio is like 5 out of 10. These shots are so risky no matter how much you practice you can’t get over 8 out of 10. And you need a 9 on 10 to beat Nadal and you won’t get a 9 consistently enough even if you are Delpo. It may happen once in your lifetime. (Like Tsonga AO semis or Delpo USO semis) but not more than that.

Gannu Says:

For last 7 years of my life I have waited for feddy bear to play this sunday final.. and it feels horrible to see him miss this after bloddy 7 long years… really an aweful feeling..
Nevertheless i hope Berdych makes a match out of this.. Simply dont want a boring final like the women’ one where Serena thrashed her opponent…Wat a terrible sight to see that a$$ pciker biting his 8th GS trophy !!!

montecarlo Says:


you better get used to that sight coz that site is here to stay for many many years to come. :D

Daniel Says:

I just come to realize that since 2005 when Nadal became who he is, He and Federer won all RG and Wimby titles, assuming Nadal will win today.

- 5 Grand Slam for Fed (RG 09′; W 05′-07′,09′)
- 7 Grand Slam for Rafa (RG 05′-08′,10′; W 08′,10′)

We can safey say that at least in the next 2 years they will continue to dominate this two events, Nadal sure bet on clay and Fed not so sure in Wimbledon.

If Nadal start winning more Hardcourt slams and stay healthy, he coud surpass Fed in total GS if Fed stucks in 16, faster then Fed did to Sampras. I don’t believe will happen most due to injury and Nadal getting older (how his game will be like?), but it is very possible.

jojostryus Says:

“Wat a terrible sight to see that a$$ pciker biting his 8th GS trophy !!!”

A true hater at her/his best!

its all abt da game Says:

The game is back..
and in a few hours, the real game will start..

There are some people who really hate nadal here..
Gannu calls him an @$$picker. (is it personal experience or what?)
terrible sight?? So watcha you want man??
want him to create an ocean out of his tears during presentation ceremony?

@ Rafa is weak..
Oh well atleast he takes the MTO afer the set is over..
not when the opponent is gonna serve for the set..

Skeezerweezer says his injury excuse is like a broken record. (you don’t read newspapers, for sure). I appreciate that you think rafa will win. At the same time, i wish these articles will help you..


rafa picked up the injury mentioned here 6 days before his match with delpo..
and he played throughout with this.
I’m not saying delpo would not have defeated him..
he was playing well and could have won against rafa..
but if rafa was fit, delpo would not, actually , could not have thrashed him..
so, your saying “the injury excuse sounds like a broken record” is what actually sounds like a broken record
whenever we say he had an injury, you guys constantly scream “excuses”.

another thing i saw here is comparison between JMDP and Berdych..
Well, JMDP is the mentally tougher guy.. he is a GS champ, after all..
but berdych, if on, is the better of the two..

about my prediction??
rafa in straights..
or if it goes to 4 sets, rafa will lose either the 1st or 2nd set..

yy Says:

Sometimes it just surprises me to see such hateful comments. What did these players do to you guys personally that warrant such comments? Sure, you can support your favourite and hope that his/her opponent loses (in order for your fav to maintain ranking) but why such personal remarks?

The way some of you go on about it is as if some of these players stole your girlfriends or wives or something.

margot Says:

jane hi! Welcome home. I guess, with Andy and Djko out, you and I won’t have to indulge in any displacement activity during this final, just enjoy the ride! I was thinking about Andy’s inability to convert break points against Rafa, something he shares with Fed. I was wondering, if at the cucial, nervey moment, they both stop playing the point and see instead this indominable force across the net? Enough to put anyone off I say. Also was thinking about Andy and Djko. Both have had months of poor form but now both seem to be regaining it and both justified their seeding at Wimbledon.
Oh “Always look on the brightside of life” I know,just call me “Pollyanna!”
I hope all you guys appreciate the superb irony that this year the famous Wimbledon roof has only
been used to keep the sun off the spectators!
So sad about Vera in the doubles, haven’t seen someone break down in the middle of a match before but girls, did you not see her coach..!! Conty??
Here’s wishing for a gr8 match this afternoon.

grendel Says:

its al abt da game:

That’s a telling link. It seems to me that it is very difficult to get this injury/tiredness thing into a correct perspective. It’s not surprising that insults fly from one side to another because -tribal emotions aside – it is not at all clear how to come to any fair conclusions.

Obviously injury can damage a player’s prospects in a particular match, as can tiredness. But so, for that matter, could an onset of depression, a violent quarrel with a spouse, a sudden and hopeless fascination with someone and so on. Are these, too, to be taken into account? In a sense, why not – they are part of the causal nexus in why a player has been substandard on a given day – and yet it would look pretty silly, wouldn’t it.

In this sense, there is something to be said for Tennisfansince76′s dictum that injury should never be mentioned, except in the unavoidable case where the player is forded to retire.

After all, if a player is prone to injury, you could say that is “god given” – but then so is his talent, so the rough needs to be taken with the smooth. And just as a “godgiven talent” can be enhanced or abused, so a proneness to injury can be managed cautiously or recklessly.

In a way, it seems to me to be all a big fuss about nothing, and really only takes place because of the “tribal emotions” involved. After all, it is common sense that any player, including the very best, is going to go through bad patches – for whatever amalgamation of reasons. That’s just the way it is. That’s life, folks.

fed is afraid Says:

skeezer-none of my posts have ever been
deleted. i am respectful of everyone on
here. and i am considerably older than
12. i might not sound like it but i am.

margot Says:

4got, roof was closed 4 darkness, once.
fed is afraid: time 4 name change? fed is old?

guy Says:

@its all abt da game

good points, but i’m afraid you’re wasting your time. there is an obvious federer bias here from most posters and many downright worshippers.

the fact that many people here have the stupidity to even question nadal’s injury problems says it all.

and of course if his 2009 results had nothing to do with injury, as many are claiming, than 2010 is just showing how silly they are.

2009, loses early at french, misses wimbledon, loses no.1.

2010, with improved knees, regains no.1, wins french without dropping a set, currently in wimbledon final.

but of course the injuries are just tactical. in fact the whole of 2009 was just tactical…

oh and while we’re at it, nadal’s h2h with fed doesn’t count because clay isn’t a real surface, and nadal only beats fed by pounding the onehand backhand. the backhand excuse is one of my favourites, because three players who’ve had great success against nadal, namely gaudio, blake and youzhny all have onehanders and handled things fine.

as for the idea that fed has so many grandslams because of weak era, it has merit.
fact is, nadal’s era is harder.this era right now is harder. Nadal’s had to win most of his slams against fed. he has guys like djoko and murray plus the usual suspects. don’t get me wrong, it’s just as hard for fed now, but fed cruised for a few years because he hit a lull.

fed and others just want to compare GS numbers but there is a variable people don’t want to consider, who exactly you are playing to win them. the competition. fed’s wasn’t as tough.

proof? fed took over no.1 from…roddick. that’s right. a roddick not even as good as he is now. backhand was terrible, volleys worse etc. that was fed’s era. roddick gets to no.1.

to make it easier, safin would have been a contender, stayed in the top 5 without severe knee problems, but of course his career was ruined. nalbandian injury woes. haas career ruined. these are some of the most talented players of fed’s age. they went missing.

it took time for the next gen in murray, djoko and nadal to mature on the scene. not too long for nadal who was beating fed at 18 i believe. but he was nowhere near the player he is now.
fed mopped up while these guys were going through puberty.

nadal has 7 slams in this era at 24. if he’d been born when fed was and played fed’s generation he would have 10+ slams at least by 24. take the nadal you see now and timetravel him back 4 years and ask yourself who would beat him? by 28 i dare say he’d have at least 16.

but now he probably won’t get that number simply because the competition is better.

yy Says:

IMO, injury and physical fitness can be used to explain why a match is lost but cannot be use as an excuse to why a person is not playing to his or her potential. All athletes owe it to themselves to keep fit and healthy just as much as how they need to train and improve their playing skills.

grendel Says:

here are hh2h’s of Roddick with what guy says are the most talented of Fed’s generation (Roddick himself earning only an exclamation mark)

Rod-Nadal 3-5
Rod-Safin 4-3
Rod-Nalbandian 3-2
Rod- Haas 5-7

Apparently, this is proof of something or other, I forget what exactly – it’s been debated about a million times…

Ike Says:

great defense by Tomas to win first point on Rafa’s serve.

montecarlo Says:

Nadal isn’t moving well. Looks like we may see the trainer in this match.

Ike Says:

people who are thinking, there is no way Tomas can beat Rafa today, just remember that’s exactly what (almost) everybody was saying before US Open final, that there is no way JMDP can beat Federer. Fearless tennis CAN beat the champions!

Kimmi Says:

rafa serve is difficult to return because of spin. he is serving very well here at wimbledon

Ike Says:

NBC executives: Thanks for not making us to listen to Mary Carillo’s commentary today.

Polo Says:

Nadal with good knees is very hard to beat. I hope Berdych keeps his nerves. If his nerves waver, Nadal will run him to the ground. Looks like a good match so far. Hope Berdych has the mental fortitude to last 5 sets if it ever comes to that.

Kimmi Says:

did i see rafa 5 aces to berdy 1?

Ike Says:

@ Kimmi
You rooting for Rafa?

This is probably the first time I am rooting for Rafa’s opponent in the grand slam finals. (Note: I am still NOT rooting against Nadal. I can’t do that. He made our lives less miserable by beating Federer so many times, without Rafa it would have been lot worse when Federer was dominating everything).

Polo Says:

That explains why the TV coverage seems quite pleasant. There is no Mary Carillo! Hurray!!!

yy Says:

Even the best players can have off days. That is why there is no certainty that Nadal will win. Both will need to play their best. Hoping for a good match. :)

Kimmi Says:

berdych in trouble here

Daniel Says:

Berdy first serve % is not good today

contador Says:

yeah but NBC coverage is so far behind live ( by two games ) that you can hardly call it “live” at least in my time zone.

have the livestream on, which is “live”

uh boy bp’s nadal

fed is afraid Says:

go rafa!!!
a second double double is yours

Kimmi Says:

ike – still deciding, is it rafa or berdy, rafa or berdy, rafa..aah, i don’t know..

very difficult decision.

Ike Says:

@ contador
“NBC coverage is so far behind live ( by two games ) ”

Not in New England. Yesterday, it was lagging by about 1 sec. today it’s okay.

Daniel Says:

Well, if Nadal serve the way he is, this match will end pretty quick! Berdy first serve os below 50%. The main weapon is not working, this way will be almost impossible

its all abt da game Says:

Well grendel,
even i’m of the view that injury should not be mentioned in interviews..
the reason rafa’s injury was mentioned here was because he took an MTO, got treatment on the abdominal side, and at the press conference, he was asked about it..
that is why he mentioned it..
he didn’t start it..

i can understand what you are saying.
if people are fedfans here, it is great..
fed is a great guy who deserves to have great fans..
however, if anyone here is a rafa hater, he is not a fedfan, but fed-obsessed fan, and certainly not a tennis fan..
So far, I have met just 2-3 ppl who fall in the list..

Well, the game is on..
and rafa has broken already..
vamos rafa!!

Ike Says:

@ Kimmi
Lets root for Tomas.
first set is probably over now, but I won’t write-off Tomas, yet.

Ike Says:

Tomas not getting lucky!

contador Says:

well unless bird starts knocking down some aces for free points, i fear this won’t take too long.

kinda like serena v vera

tour de france is in stage one headed for belgium

*contador* has some cycling to do : ) i have to beat lance and the schleck brothers

another win for spain coming up in a few weeks, jane

fed is afraid Says:

rafa on fire
this could be over quickly

Ike Says:

@ contador
sorry, but Germany WILL beat Spain, (even without Muller, St.Iker will not be able stop Klose)

Kimmi Says:

poor tomas. this is looking to be another serena like final

its all abt da game Says:

smooth sailing so far..
that was how the first set went by..
and he will serve first next set..

margot Says:

Deja vu, just what happened to poor Andy.

Ike Says:

@ contador
oh I thought u were talking about Soccer.
Cycling you can have tour de france

Daniel Says:

Nadal’s depth is amazing, he played a perfect set too strong for Berdych, unbelievable how he increases his level in deep rounds in tourneys. His confidence is sky high!

Ike Says:

@ Kimmi
don’t give up on Tomas

contador Says:


i am in the rockies, as in near yellowstone. tennis channel isn’t even offered from my cable co. and i dishes are dicey at best.

NBC affiliate will show anything but tennis : (

whaaaaaaaaaaa whine, whine, complain…

thank god i can get a european livestream, sorta of..

whereas, tour de france is COMPLETELY covered! love it!

Kimmi Says:

conty – tour de france is on?

hmmmm, go contador

Ike Says:

great defense Tomas, lets get that break.

Ike Says:

@ contador
did you say you live in Rocky mountain region? Near the legendary Yellowstone National Park? That’s awesome.

contador Says:

yep! get ready for the hill climbs, baby! watch me go uphill and be amazed : )

today is the day for the big swiss man- fabian cancellera. he’s (very temporarily) in yellow jersey from yesterday’s time trial in rotterdam

Ike Says:

third break point to Tomas, third time lucky?

Ike Says:

not yet

Ike Says:

@ contador
I watched Ken Burn’s National Parks: America’s greatest idea!
Hope to visit Yellowstone / Yosemite some day

Ike Says:

Rafa under pressure, double fault!
Rafa showing human side

yy Says:

Shaky first game for Nadal in 2nd set.

its all abt da game Says:

in this game, he has already committed more UEs than in the whole 1st set..

fed is afraid Says:

nadal is the greatest competitor ever in
men’s tennis.

Daniel Says:

Nadal is so confident that he is forcing second serve to not even allow Berdy to attack him.

Ike Says:

Can’t figure this out, how the heck Rafa saves so many break points, (yeah he is mentally tough….but still…)

Kimmi Says:

ike – i m trying to see hope for berdy but as time goes it is fading away….three break points gone..hmmmm

he definetly need to serve well in this set..

Ike Says:

@ fed is afraid
Agree with your statement “nadal is the greatest competitor ever in men’s tennis.”
I would go further and say, not just in men’s tennis but in the history of all the sports!!!

contador Says:


i have the pleasure of working in central and east Idaho, which means i am often in some of the most incredibly beautiful places on the planet. imo. but it also has it’s downside. very rural and strange. in some places i find myself thinking i’m in a scene from, “oh brother where art thou ” LOL! or maybe something straight out of a stephen king nove…..

this men’s final is going fast, faster than i even imagined.

margot Says:

Polo: no John Lloyd so I am happy too, except Boris keeps saying “the man from the Czech Republic” as if we could’ve 4gotten in the 10 seconds since he last mentioned it…and Andrew Castle is still talking about number of aces served in THAT match…

Ike Says:

@ Kimmi
It’s matter time before Rafa’s defense breaks!

Ike Says:

@ contador
must be very harsh in winter time

Daniel Says:

Im really impressive with Nadal’s second serve. He is not just pushing the ball in the middle of the serve area, he is going for the corners everytime.

Ike Says:

can someone come with the stat: break points saved by Rafa in his career. I believe it must be record.

contador Says:


nadal and federer are right up there but lance armstrong winning tour de france 7 times with all the physical fight mental strategy that makes that month long grind is imo even greater.

contador will be around a long time though, he’s out to break lance’s record.

dari Says:

I thought berd’s chance would be short balls from rafa, but its tomas’ lack of depth here and there that nadal is just eating up!
Ah well, rafa is playing great, we’ll see what tomas can do! Better serving better would be nice.
It ain’t no joke that rafa is stingy on his break points! Wheweee

Daniel Says:

Must pdf as ot seems, Nadal is playing high percentage tennis!

its all abt da game Says:

I agree with that..
No only for winning tour de France 7 times, but coming back from cancer, and then winning what is one of the most greulling races in sports history, Lance Armstrong is truly the greatest competitor ever..

Rafa is weak Says:

I bet guy and its all abt da game are from that 3rd world country called india. you can tell by their loser attitude to judge others. I have seen this in many indians and it really is despicable.

i bet they drink cows urine every day! haha

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Forget his blatant disregard for coaching bans and time between points; Nadal needs to stop pulling at his shorts. It is biological warfare. The ball kids and Berdych are being exposed to his e coli. Biological warfare! I would refuse to play him if I had OCD.

Polo Says:

Berdych does not move as well as Rafa. He is not as mentally tough as Rafa (who is anyway?) Nadal has more experience in big events also. How can Berdych win? Berdych should just play as hard as he can with no expectations of winning but more to gain experience and confidence for the future. I expect better things for Berdych in majors next year, not this year. No, not yet.

fed is afraid Says:

fed wishes he was as “weak” as rafa.

dari Says:

Can we make the match a little more enjoyable, please?

contador Says:

c’mon berdy!

at least get a set! c’mon!

hang on!

( it regularly snows in april here ike ) but the weather is what i call “highly emotional,” up and down, changes all the time.

i go crazy in san diego. always the same. : ) nice place to visit, san diego though.

berdy has to find a way to break or hold on to a tie breaker and win this set. rafa up two sets? berdych will be done.

dari Says:

rafa is weak- wildly offensive and inappropriate words. I hope they are removed and I hope you learn respect. Disgusting. I’m not even gonna make any comments about where you are from.

dari Says:

Bend it like Berdy. Let’s go!

its all abt da game Says:

Rafa is weak (really no better moniker?)..
oops, strong words from a moron..
well, bad guess my friend..
I’m from India.. :-)
don’t worry now, I’m not gonna say anything to you back..
your words and your moniker tells all abt you..
BTW, looks like you are not watching the match..
Rafa is giving some serious @$$ whooping to berdych..
rafa is weak, huh?? LOL!!

its all abt da game Says:

rafa is weak,
let me clarify..
i’m from India, not “india”, as you mentioned..

dari Says:

Rafa does everything

dari Says:

Why, then, am I not drooling at his tennis?

contador Says:

it’s all about the game-

exactly right on lance. he’s contador’s hero, lol…mine too.

the tour is on “versus” right now. i love seeing the scenery: european cities, mountains i have yet to ski, and of course the french countryside and chateaus. great crowds along the way too.

c’mon berdy, take this to a tie break and at least get a set!

make a match it!

dari Says:

Hold here, Berdy please!

yy Says:

3 break points… you can’t afford mistakes like that against Rafa.

yy Says:

Rafa 2 up.

its all abt da game Says:

A lil bit rough sailing..
But set number 2 to rafa..
Vamos rafa!!

dari Says:

Damn, Berdy didn’t bring it. Let’s not let the men’s Wimbledon 2010 final go so fast like this! After such a terrific tourney so far.

Daniel Says:

He should let Djoko be in the final, he at least would give us some rallys. Nerves creep in and he troe 3 forehands long.

contador Says:


as great as rafa is at his sport, there are a few of us for whom rafa is just NOT drool-worthy no matter if he ends up tennis goat.

berdy is done.

back to watching the pelaton breakaway…..

margot Says:

deja vu vu.
Funny moment, Big Bird puts a back hand in net and camera cuts to Cliff Richard saying “Pathetic.” Indication of excitement level of match so far that youse lot are discussing cycling, I feel.

Dory Says:

Why couldn’t Berdych play with so many UEs against Federer?

margot Says:

Big bird picks up his game and gets break points but fails to convert, same old. He can’t out run Rafa, can’t out hit from baseline, why hasn’t he got plan B?

its all abt da game Says:

He has saved another break point..
And now they are showing that at FO, e used to stay 5 metre behind the baseline, while here, he has been right on the baseline..

Dory Says:

Berdy’s shots look too manufactured today esp the backhand.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Beast wins. As predicted. Watching now is futile. It!s a broken record,

dari Says:

Dory- haha! Yeah why didn’t he lay down a bit more for Rogelio?!

Polo Says:

Berdych’s performance in the last two majors may qualify him to the ranks of Djokovic and Murray. Very good players who will never ascend to the level of Federer and Nadal. Nadal is the best of them all right now.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Delpo is mentally tough enough to tangle with Nadal. Soderling and Berdych not so much. Similar games and skills, but Delpo is unapologetic about just planting his feet and hitting Rafa and anyone else off the court. This match should be simple for Berdych – win or lose – keep the points short and give Rafa no rhythm.

margot Says:

Camera keeps cuttting to members of audience yawning. Tennisx audience too?
Come off it! Andy and Djko much better than Big Bird, far more variety of shot.

Dory Says:

Even though Nadal has a greater sting on his serves today, I haven’t seen anyone return Nadal’s serves so badly. And whenever Berdy’s got the chances, he’s missed them constantly. He has played okay on his serve but so easily he lost his serve in both sets.

skeezerweezer Says:

Margot @ 11:16

You got it> I’m outta here to play some real tennis with the guys…Happy 4th to USA

contador Says:

Golf is barely a Sport-

btw, your nick alaways gives me a giggle : )

i agree delpo is mentally tough. in 2008 he was kicking arse on the summer hc tour. but had a weak performance against fed at AO 09. then it was like he said, okay, no more hero worship here and played to win, almost did knock federer out of FO 09.

he had no problem taking to nadal either last year.

i am worried about how he will comeback. i think it will take some time for him to be confident again after the carpel tunnel surgery to his right wrist. that wrist is his game, his powerful forehand. he can’t be at all tentative about it.

but i imagine him watching nadal right now and getting frustrated he’s not out there proving he can beat nadal without all the nadal knee reasons/excuses hanging in a question mark over that great hair on his head. : )

comeback strong delpo! we miss you!

yy Says:

Rafa in 3!

margot Says:

Such a disappointing, one sided final since I don’t know when, but you’ve got to hand it to Rafa, so powerful, so fast, so accurate, so determined and that forehand has got to be the best shot in men’s tennis today.

dari Says:

The most exciting part of the match was rafa’s little roll/ pelvic thrust.
Good thing its fourth of July and I’m gonna party now. Congrats, rafa! I hope I can learn to love your tennis, cause it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Sorry nothing happened for you Berdy, but you’re in the game, a semi and a final in a row at the majors. Well done.

jane Says:

Congrats to Rafa; he’s too good, playing much quicker, I noticed, and more aggressively. Enjoy the day Rafa fans! He’s back not just on clay. Period.

Kudos to Berdy on his first slam final as well.

its all abt da game Says:

The game is over..
and rafa “defends” in style!!

contador Says:


too much like FO final. soda and berdych offically are in the same group with murray. can’t include djokovic, he got a GS. no small feat in the fedal era.

Gannu Says:

Well don rafa.. you deserved it…!!

fed is afraid Says:

congrats to rafa
8 majors and counting
how many more will he get???

Gordo Says:

Well, well. Brilliant play by Nadal as always.

Berdych really never found his groove, not unlike Soderling at last year’s French Open I think he was partly overwhelmed and partly outclassed.

Speaking of class, or classless in this case, here is a comment from a previous post on this match -

Cindy_Brady Says:

I hope Nadal gets plenty of time violations just like Berdych unfairly did. Wimbledon clearly didn’t want him to win. Was trying to help Djokovic. Tried everything to throw Berdys game off. Nadal plays that lame stall game too often and gets away with it. Also cheating with fake Uncle Tony coaching from the sidelines.

His ridiculously expensive watch is puke worthy. Nadal has become a pretentious princess.

I’m predicting an easy 3 set crushing of the greasy Spaniard by Birdy.

July 3rd, 2010 at 2:22 am

It’s hard to be stupid, insulting and a racist in so short a comment, but as always Ms Classless has found a way.

She will undoubtedly bring up her favorite “Nadal is on juice” excuse, or maybe she will stay away from this blog, if she is too busy bludgeoning the neighbor’s kids’ kittens with a ball-peen hammer.

We can hope so.

That she stays away that is. Hope fully the kittens are smart enough to hide. :)

jatt Says:

so the beast gobbled up the bird in 3 !!!
congrats to contador for predicting straight sets..
I now miss fed very dearly..atleast if he was here this year , it might have been 5 sets although we know rafa would have even won that..

I have a feeling if rafa takes good care of schedule this year and his knees are perfectly fine, guys he will bite the us open trophy this year..

osazone4real Says:

Congrats to Rafa
However what a terrible final.
Looked more like wta final.
Nadal didnt need to play great, because Berdych played terrible, he was tense, served terrible, didnt play his offensive game.
Not a great final

Polo Says:

Congratulations to Nadal and his fans. Great job winning his second Wimbledon. The US Open is next in line. I think he can do it.

jane Says:

hi margot, thanks. : ) I think you’re right – best to look for the positives. Rafa, as Dan Martin aptly put it, is “stingy” on break points with everyone. I don’t know if it’s just a Fed, Andy, or whomever thing. Rafa’s just tough to break. His serve placement is great, and he defends so well. Now he’s also on fire, hitting winners off the forehand side all day today. Our faves did alright reaching the semis. On to the hard courts.

Rafa is weak Says:

This is like Federer’s 2009 French open win. Nadal got it through the backdoor.

Who knows what would have happened if Federer was fully fit and Djokovic and Murray were playing well. Time for wimbledon to speed up the courts. It is sad to see a one-dimensional player like nadal trump more rounded players like Djokovic, murray and berdych.

margot Says:

How often tournaments flatter to deceive. No new champions here, in spite of all the shocks and excitement.

Kimmi Says:

congrats to nadal. he is the man to beat from now on. I can see him sweeping all upcoming tournaments.

Time for nadal fans to celebrate. he is the real beast.

fed is afraid Says:

it wouldn’t matter if roger was fully fit
he still would have lost to rafa.
par for the course for him

Daniel Says:

fed is afrid asked How many more will ge get?

I thought the same thing. He is having an stellar year, we just need to watch how he will perform in the pre US Open masters on hardcourt to have a better idea. But by the looks of his serve, which were the last weapon he could improve, he is becaming as Fed himself said, a monster. Fed was right: “the best of Nadal is yet to come”, said last year!

jatt Says:

Rafa is weak Says:

“This is like Federer’s 2009 French open win. Nadal got it through the backdoor.

Who knows what would have happened if Federer was fully fit …”

Are you kidding ? Bring on the fully fit Fed.. and I would say even then rafa will beat him..
Can’t you see how he altered his game..
I mean this year when he won the French open, he did not play the same way when he won the FO 2008
He has altered his service, placement and flattening out his shots and see how aggressive his game looks now ..on top of that his defence is still there.. He is truly playing now like a world number 1..

Dan Martin Says:

Congrats to Rafa. He is the standard bearer for tennis. If he wins the USO, we can start talking about a Rafa Slam and maybe 5 or more in a row.

Gannu Says:

Lol… Momentum theory… At the start of the year ppl were taking abt roger’s grandslam and now rafa wins two and people talk abt Rafa slam.. Fools like Dan Martin .. i wonder how they become editors/writers at these websites..Mere extrapolation doesnt work when things are so dynamic in tennis.. if rafa loses now every tournamnent till the end of the year they all will be joining the bandwagon and predicting rafa’s demise…!!!! Amazing brilliance..

contador Says:

fed is afraid-

why even bring up federer right now? are you sure you aren’t 12?

but let me be 12 and say, no, federer DID beat rafa at wimbledon 2 times when fully fit: 2006 and 2007.

or was rafa injured then? what’s your excuse? i’m certain there is one.

yy Says:

Congrats Rafa!!!!

Rafa is weak Says:

Rafa defends wimbledon? wow. you remind of those dumb indians who take my call when I call american express.

thanks for confirming your dumbness and hypocrisy. i knew you were an indian. i am sure guy is one too. maybe he is ashamed to admit it.

I wonder why Sania Mirza married a Pakistani guy :) she must have wanted to get away from the dumbness ocean.

fed is afraid Says:

rafa was very young and green back then.
it is 6-2 in major finals for rafa against

nadline Says:

Sad for people who don’t like Rafa’s game, you are missing out on the most exciting player of all time.

its all abt da game Says:

not an excuse, but the truth..
in 2006, fed was simply the better guy on grass, so he won..
in 2007, rafa became fed’s equal, but fed, due to his greater experience at SW19, won in 2007..
in 2008, you may bring up the mono excuse or lights excuse, but rafa had improved a bit, had better experience, while fed remained the same..
As of now, rafa is simply much better..

Von Says:

Great win or ! He’s more than made up for the lost opportunity to play Wimby in ’09. My heartiest of congratulations to him and his loyal fans. Enjoy your guy’s win.

Also, to Berdych, a late bloomer, but who is now fully bloomed and won’t be forgotten. Congrats to him and his fans. They were very quiet.

All in all, a very quiet final.

its all abt da game Says:

Rafa is weak,
you are funnier than your moniker suggests..
do keep up the good work of making me laugh..
Whenever I feel like having a laugh, i’ll drop in and read your posts.. :-)

contador Says:

ah, i knew you’d have an excuse, good.

but the record stands. federer has 5 wimbles in a row and 6 total, no matter how many ways you anti feds want to diminish him and blow up your hero.

rafa deserves credit for his accomplishments and place in tennis.

but dissing fed’s accomplishments is, well, pathetic.

jatt Says:

Great job “Rafa is weak”… instead of discussing tennis and debating about tennis..
you have now shifted to india and pakistan..

Just awesome..keep up the good work…:)

its all abt da game Says:

of course, fed’s achievements of 6 Wimbledons will stand.
no one can diss his accomplishments..
you are accusing rafa fans of dissing fed needlessly..
And are you suggesting fed would have won this year, when he lost to people like berdych??
no way!!!!

Andrew Miller Says:

Nadal – pretty sweet for him. Last year, the first loss at Roland Garros, not playing Wimbledon and his parents separating. This year, reclaiming his Roland Garros crown and, essentially, going 14-0 at Wimbledon since June 2008 (and 26-2 since 2006, with two losses against and one win over the world’s best grass court player ever).

Thought Berdych was tight. Seems the era of the return of the big man is here to stay (Soderling, Del Potro, Berdych, Cilic, Querrey, Isner). We used to have Krajicek, Stich, Todd Martin, Ivanisevic, Becker etc. But the big man is back and power tennis is back.

Just that Nadal can play their game, kind of like Federer, who plays the opponent’s game better than the opponent.

All that said: can’t see Nadal holding the USopen trophy. Unless he goes into the Open without playing much at Cincinatti and Canada. Maybe he plays Canada, loses early, and withdraws from Cincnatti to give prep time for the US Open (strategic withdrawl).

contador Says:

don’t mention the mono in a dismissive way. those who do obviously kept up with the facts we know at this point.

but it is a reason, as is rafa’s knee issues.

those reasons for sub par performances are as they are. that the reasons of either player get used as excuses is lame.

the winner is the winner. the fittest of the tournament.

the ill and injured? that’s their loss. shoulda woulda coulda is pointless. this is sport.

jatt Says:

Contador, its all abt da game..

May be a fully fit federer in his prime and a fully fit Nadal of now would make things really interesting..But after seeing the Australian open finals between fed and rafa which rafa won in 5, something tells me, rafa has an edge now..That time fed was playing really awesome but it was not enough to stop rafa..and that was a hardcourt slam..
I am a big fed fan and would really like him to come strong and win a slam in the near future..

fingers crossed :)

its all abt da game Says:

exactly my point..
thank God you agree that mono excuses are pointless..

contador Says:

“have not kept up with the facts”

s/b ( in reference to EBV / mono )

contador Says:

as are the knee excuses and the ” but, but rafa woulda, shoulda won,”


grendel Says:

Dory says plaintively :”Why couldn’t Berdych play with so many UEs against Federer?” 3 reasons, perhaps. 1) Berdych was tight, his first slam final after years of trying after all, not only all the bad ue’s, but a lack of fluidity (which is his strength) for the most part.2)Federer put very little pressure on Berdych – how could he, since he was outplayed? 3) Nadal was just much too good.

I want to join those non-Nadal fans like Kimmi and Daniel and salute Nadal as somebody very special indeed. An abiding memory for me was Berdych sending quite a good shot towards the base line but, out of normal caution, witholding full power, and knowing instantly that Nadal would win the point. Always, he’d return it awkwardly to Berdych so that the Czech now COULDN’T give it the treatment – at least he’d had that option before. There is no other player you can say that of. If Berdych had been more daring (and less nervous) it would have been a more fun match to watch, though the result would have been the same.

Seems to me now, although I frankly thought this before, that there are going to be many more “doubles” from Nadal. There don’t seem to be any outstanding youngsters coming through, maybe the Ukranian Dogopulov, so where is the competition to come from? The best bets to push Nadal on grass remain, imo, a rejuvenated Djokovic and Murray and posibly Gulbis. But not, I think, to win. And I fear time has passed Roddick by. One possibility: Federer goes shooting down the rankings, and meets Nadal, still cold, in the first round – well, that could be interesting…..

b.t.w. its all abt da game , in referring to the bringing up of injury, I was making a general point, and not alluding specifically to Nadal.

Andrew Miller Says:

Here’s wondering about Andy Roddick and Del Potro. Though it’s still early for Del Potro, can these players make it back to Slam finals?

(You can throw Novak Djokovic in that circle too)

Del Potro’s USOpen win must have given players confidence everywhere. But did he wake up the sleeping giants? (Cilic, Berdych, Soderling?) or was it more that Soderling’s 2009 French Open woke all the giants up? Whatever it is, they are WIDE AWAKE.

Andy Roddick’s solid 2009 and strong Miami win also gave the sense that Roddick dug deeper than ever before (for a guy who always has a shovel), but no doubt bad results at 2010 slams. He destroyed opponents in the first Wimbledon rounds (with one tricky win) and then played (in his estimation) a bad Round of 16 match.

If anyone is yelling at the TV screen these days, it’s Roddick. He must be thinking he could have been in the final, and Roddick’s serve and movement are better than Berdych, so he probably could have got a set out there – if not made a match of it.

As for poor Novak Djokovic…lousy serving. This guy has GOT to get it together!!!

contador Says:


rafa won that AO fair and sqaure, to be sure.

of course a fed fan knows that fed’s back was done in by that 5th set.

what that says to me if rafa was the fittest and best on the day. period.

its all abt da game Says:

no contador..
knee excuses were rafa’s problem..
he was unlucky, but that is sport..
i accept that rafa had his problems, and well he lost because he did not manage his body..
same with fed..
no use bringing up coulda woulda shoulda..

grendel Says:

jane – by “playing much quicker”, do you mean getting on with the serving? Because that was my impression, also.

contador Says:

rafa was the fittest on the day. no “if’s” or butts hahahaha

rafa has a long way to go to get to fed’s legacay.

i didn’t bring fed into this discussion…..somebody above here did.

i was willing to let the rafa fans have their day but not at roger federer’s expense

its all abt da game Says:

thanks for clarifying..
speaking about new crop, i think Thiemo de bakker of netherlands can be good on clay and grass..

Purcell Says:

Will an asterisk be put by this victory?

C!P! Says:

rankings from monday
1) Nadal 10745
2) Djokovic 6905
3) Federer 6885

this is the largest gap between No.1 and No.2 EVER

jatt Says:

completely agree with you grendel..

I also don’t see a player yet apart from Fed and delpo who can challenge nadal..but sadly for US Open this year , delpo is out and Fed is not the same fed :(

montecarlo Says:

Vamos Rafa. Well done Champ. :)

Dedicated to DC (and his 4 clones), Rafa is weak, Skeez, Madmax, challengerlevel, grandslamman, Lion and tonnes of other Nadal haters/ doubters here.

its all abt da game Says:

contador says..
“rafa has a long way to go to get to fed’s legacay.”

brother, I agree with that too..
you don’t need to say that again and again..
of course, rafa has ime on his side to chase fed’s legacy..
I, for one, do not understand, why are you are keeping on about Fed (even if somebody else brought it up)

Andrew Miller Says:

Some more head scrating: not sure about Slam finalists Andy Murray, Jo-W Tsonga, Marcos the Magician Baghdatis, and Fernando Gonzalez

Murray played a great Wimbledon. He’s got to figure out the Champs. He lost to Federer in Australia (certainly in a brilliant win by Federer) and got run over this time by Nadal. He’s got to beat them to win.

Jo-W Tsonga: Not sure if he can do it. Other players (Berdych/Del Potro) seem better, and Tsonga not as good as Federer/Nadal/Djokovic/Murray.

Marcos: I think tennis needs Baghdatis more than ever. He can do something big in tennis. 2006 cant be the beginning and end of Baghdatis. Marcos…we are waiting…

Also…Fernando Gonzalez – I dont expect much from him. Everything’s gone downhill since Roddick took his coach. I cant see Gonzalez making it back anytime soon. Kind of tragic – he finally gets an amazing coach, who leaves (maybe out of conscience) to give the best american player a shot at a 2nd slam, depriving another of a shot at his dream for a 1st.

Other players play Gonzalez’ game better, and with no strategy Gonzalez is James Blake.

margot Says:

grendel: love your throwaway line! Of course Rogie will be 3 at US Open so due to meet Rafa in semis. Good say I.
Purcell: just wanted to say I really enjoy your comments. They blow through here like a bracing English breeze- that’s a gale to all you foreigners.

jatt Says:

whew, I just wish if this wimby final was a five setter one..:(

Would love to see some fresh new faces earning grandslams apart from rafa and fed..

would make things so interesting in tennis

Andrew Miller Says:

Agree with Grendel – a less nervous Berydch would change the match. I think Nadal still wins that given he’s done it before in Slam finals.

Del Potro did something incredibly special in the USOpen in 2009. Here’s hoping it was more significant for Del Potro than it was for tennis’ increasingly confident big men, but judging from 2010 it seems it was equally important for both.

(Yet another guy cursing the mirror that tournament – David Nalbandian. Another finalist who may never make it back to the dance…throw him in the pile with Gonzalez, Baghdatis, Tsonga…kind of like the one-hit pop music wonders of the 1980s, they may be the one-time grand slam finalist pile)

Murray still has some hope – he’s a two time slam finalist and clearly one of the world’s absolute best hardcourt players.

DH Says:

What a sweet victory for Rafa!!
To not be able to defend his crown from 2008 due to his knees…
Now to come back and get his 2nd Wimbledon is just awesome.

Congratulations to him.

I hope Del Potro comes back healthy and strong.
He would add more excitement to the men’s game.

contador Says:

you are cool ” it’s all about da game”

i think “fed is afraid” posted like the 12 year old he/she often does and i responded in kind.

roger is at another place in life than rafa. i take exception to having federer put down or brought up for such immature gloating purposes each time rafa wins now.

it can also be ‘imagined’ and argued that if federer was 22-23 at this time he would be willing to adapt his game and maybe even use a different racquet.

who knows.

moving on.

Fot Says:

Just got on-line. First – Congratulations to the Nadal fans here and around the world. I start with the fans here because (for the most part) we have pretty good Nadal fans on this board So “It is an exciting time to be a Nadal fan right now”. Enjoy!

Secondly …I want to set the myth that all Federer fans hate Nadal. I don’t know him to hate him. I ‘hate’ no one. When Nadal first came on the scene, I wasn’t particularly interested in the ‘defensiveness’ style of play that he use to do.

HOWEVER (before you guys jump on me)… the aggressive style I saw in today’s final is great. (that’s more my preference). The way Nadal was taking the ball and hitting winners and hitting aggressive shots – I like watching that. He was more aggressive than Berdych! So I had no problems with Nadal in today’s match. In fact, I actually enjoyed watching him in this match. I like that kind of style! He did an amazing job in the final (not getting broken at all), and he closed out his games with great shots, came up big on Berdych’s 3 games where he broke him. I actually enjoyed the match even though it was straight sets. It was ‘aggressive’ straight sets which I really like.

So I know, in the past, I have been jumped on by some Nadal fans. But today – I have nothing but praise for him, what he’s done since the clay season on through today. So congratulations to him and to his fans to enjoy this time in the game of tennis!

Andrew Miller Says:

Andy Murray, US Open champion?

its all abt da game Says:

its fine contador..
I’m sure your guy will come back better at the US Hard courts..
well, i’ll be leaving now..
hoping that tennis becomes a lil more interesting, with more challengers for rafa!!..

margot Says:

Andrew Miller: I’ll drink to that! Two points in favour of such a possibility
1) his favourite slam
2) far, far away from disgusting hyperbolic British press pressure and endless Sue Barker moments as she gazes at camera and asks, in a breathless whisper, “And what about Murray’s chances?” God, do I want to throttle that woman!

jatt Says:


I am on-board with you on rafa’s aggressiveness in this wimby..When he was playing defensive, he was so hard to beat and now he has altered his game to play so aggressively..

I am not a Nadal’s game fan and i think never will be but have to give all the kudos to him the way he has improved his game :)

dari Says:

I wish I enjoyed this match, fot. I’ve said before I enjoy rafa’s tennis and do like to watch him on clay, but there is no magnet that draws me to his tennis. Today, in large part to less of a fight than expected from Berdy, was Boring. I hope its no sign of the future. It is important for me to note that I do enjoy rafa’s personality and interviews. But that’s not the point, gosh dangit!

Purcell Says:

Please don’t use the word hate. It just doesn’t apply to any circumstances even in sport (!) and it’s insulting to the posters on here. However, a new name has popped up-well to the best of my knowledge—–’Rafa is weak.’ This may be in response to “Fed is afraid.’ Simultaneously amusing and irritating.

contador Says:

its all about da game-

no. i do not have any expectations about a comeback to #1 for federer this year, or winning US Open.

federer really surprised me with the AO win this year. since then, he’s playing with one eye on tennis the other somewhere else, figuratively speaking.

i have lots of hope for murray and others having a great hc season, play smart, confident, don’t burn out, and can make the US Open more competitive than the past two slams.

but i’d bet rafa and his team have a plan to spare rafa’s knees and have him peaking in time for US Open. he’ll strategize the next months differently than he has in the past to win his missing GS, and most difficult for him to win.

Purcell Says:

Thank you Margot. English flatulence summed up nicely.

Dan Martin Says:

Nadal and the other 8′s Lendl, Connors and Agassi – Not that it matters much, but I would put Nadal ahead of Agassi given how Nadal has won at least one slam from 2005-2010 and Agassi was much more hot and cold. For now, his body of work is not quite where Connors or Lendl’s is, but his Davis Cup results and Olympic Gold make it closer than a lot would think. One more slam (or several more years of good to great play) and he leap frogs Lendl and Connors too. On the GOAT list he is moving up and rightfully so. No one has dominated a surface at big medium and small events the way he has owned clay from 2005-present. Two Wimbledon titles along with the Aussie Open title and Gold medal and hard courts make Nadal formidable historically speaking.

jatt Says:

Ok guys I have to leave now.. It was really cool to read all the posts and comments here during all this wimby tourney..

contador..keep making all the accurate predictions
and those interesting posts.

enjoyed reading cool posts from purcell,dari,fot,skeezer and others..

Hoping for an interesting hardcourt season keep it coming :)

Rafa is weak Says:

Berdych and Soderling are tougher opponents in a slam final than roddick and hewitt?

how many french opens would Federer have won if he had someone 5years older than him in those Paris finals rather than someone 5years younger than him?

federer is afraid? of what? getting thrashed by delpotro, gonzalez or tsonga or djokovic like they do regularly to rafa on hard courts?

let murray and djokovic find their game, they will run rafa ragged like they did last year and run him down into the red dirt.

zola Says:

Congratulations to Rafa and my fellow Rafa fans here for his second wimbledon win and his 8th GS title.

Congratulations to Tomas for a superb tournament.

Thanks to all the non-RAfa fans for great comments and support.

This was not the most exciting final match. But I am thrilled that Rafa was able to hold serve against a very dangerous player like Tomas. I thought the RAfa-Murray match was much higher in quality.

Tomas said in his interviews that he was not nervous. But it is hard not to be. He will come back with more experinece and will be tougher to beat.

I loved the post-match interviews from both players and that summersault by Rafa.

I enjoyed all the discussions here. Hopefully see you guys around the US Open.

fed is afraid Says:

roger is only afraid of nadal
but the way things are shaping up
maybe he should be afraid of the
rest of the guys too.

Rafa is weak Says:

the only who is afraid is you, you pathetic excuse of a life. i know dogs and cats that deserve to be treated more humanly than you.

try saying fed is afraid at any tennis tournament and you will get the @$$ whipping of your life.

it is just a tennis match. why would anyone be afraid of their opponents? fed is afraid of a guy who chokes on a banana? and a guy who $h!ts in his pants because his parents broke up? sorry, not credible. he has beaten roddick and hewitt who are much more mentally strong than nadal and definitely more manly than nadal.

contador Says:

yes, yes….fed is afraid-

shaking in his tennis shoes and completely frightened. : )

clearly federer is afraid and intimidated by all the competition young and old over the past 8 years. he was so afraid that he actually met rafa in the FO finals how many times? he must be really, super stupid too, not to have tanked before getting to those finals.

what’s wrong with federer?

how did he ever win all those slams, year after year, and make 23 semi-finals?

he should indeed have given up tennis long ago. tennis is too scary for him.

uh boy.

Rafa is weak Says:

good one contador. hahahaha…. cannot stop laughing.

fed is afraid Says:

rafa is weak-why be so nasty to me?
as you say. it is just a tennis match.

jane Says:

grendel, yep, that’s what I meant. Rafa still did his “hair behind ears” etc, but it seemed to me that he was adhering to the 25 second rule. I even counted a couple of times. He was quick today.

sar Says:

Andrew Miller Says:
Here’s wondering about Andy Roddick and Del Potro.(You can throw Novak Djokovic in that circle too)
As for poor Novak Djokovic…lousy serving. This guy has GOT to get it together
I read about a rumor that Delpo is suffering depression. They deny it but…if so, I wonder if it would be depression from the wrist thing or just primary depression.

As for the giants, I just can’t see Cilic getting anything soon. What has he done? Delpo, Soderling, Berdych, Querrey have all surpassed him.

Berdy was too good. Novak’s serve helped to kill him in his match. Double faults when it mattered. He needs a serve coach to work with him 24/7 on that. Who knows, this might be as far as he can go with his asthma/lung problems.He might be limited forever. We can only do what our bodies will allow so if he can hang around and have good matches, win a few tourneys, as a fan I will be happy.

Fed is only points behind Novak, so if Fed can win Cincy and Novak falter, Fed will be number 2 again for USO. I will be in Cincy again so I hope he puts on a good show for fans again.

vrael Says:

wow….was reading some comments here today…..u ppl do a great job moderating these forums….its just disgraceful the way some posters here talk…best eg is “rafa is weak”…..some of the comments he posted were down right insulting….and no action taken….COMMENDABLE….keep it up tennis-x.com

sar Says:

Jane, welcome back. Let me know any news. :-)

jane Says:

Hi sar, thanks. Fed is defending champion at Cincy, so winning it wouldn’t put him at #2. However, he could improve on Canada results (last year it was QFs I believe) and if he does that, he could feasibly move up to #2. Novak has usually done well on summer hard courts, with a win in Canada (07), two finals at Cincy (08 + 09), and then at the USO 1 final (07) plus 2 semis (08 +09), each time to be beaten by Fed at the slam. I hope he can do well this year, maybe have a little rest between now and then. He’s got DC next week though. That’s cool that you’re going to Cincy again! Maybe next year I’ll make it to the Canadian event.

grendel Says:

fed is afraid

just out of curiosity, do you see yourself as writing verse of a kind? it’s not just the layout, some of your little pieces are quite rhythmic. Intentional?

Thomas Says:

there are quite a few bad names that insult both fed n nadal. Its stupid I know,but we have to live with it..

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Gannu – Dan Martin a fool??? He’s fair to everyone on this site and he used the word “if” in his statement. Rafa is 10-2 in his previous 2 US’s & 11-1 in his previous 2 Aussies. Nadal is #1 in the world. I guess Martin is a fool for saying the top seed might win the US Open and “if” he does he will have a chance at winning 4 straight. Might we all be so foolish …

goat galz Says:

WTF- Fed will be number one for the US Open and he will beat Murray again.If he can’t do it Nadal will.

Sean-yes, Nadal had an easy final against Berd and an equally easy final with Murray.

DH- Fed in decline? Murray is toast.

A “lion” will challenge Fed but Murray won’t. Junkballers like him can’t win.

Oh, and Von, Fed or Nadal will beat Roddick again at US Open.

Carry on, children.

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