Incredible Roger Federer Trick Shot Video from Gillette [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 16th, 2010, 10:05 am

For many Roger Federer fans it’s a gloomy Monday after the Swiss lost yesterday to Andy Murray 75, 75 in the final of the Rogers Cup Toronto.

To cheer you up here’s a video from one of his sponsors, Gillette, that will put a smile back on your face.

It appears to be an outtake from a commercial shoot from last month and in it Federer not once but twice knocks a bottle clean off a crew member’s head with a serve.

Real or not it’s funny stuff and well worth a few replays and some debate.

Federer, who is back to No. 2 in the rankings today, is the face of the Gillette’s sensitive skin campaign.

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34 Comments for Incredible Roger Federer Trick Shot Video from Gillette [Video]

montecarlo Says:

I think a better upload would have been Federer’s awful slice forehand shot that bounced in his own court and allowed Murray to get the back break in the first.

Paul Says:

On You Tube, I slowed it down and on the second shot especially you can clearly follow the ball as it strikes the bottle.. Amazing shot.

In fairness, I bet it’s not that unusual for a pro to be able to do that, but it’s cool to see.

skeezerweezer Says:

Awesome :-). If I remember right Murray did a commercial also shown before Wimby with him and a tennis ball around London, that was cool also. I have to say that last serve looks like he actually did it……Although I would not be the fool to stand there in front of a 100+ mph serve just 30-40 ft away?

Ben Pronin Says:

Yeah the first shot is hard to see but the second one is pretty clear. That’s impressive. Let’s not forget aiming at a can like that really isn’t as hard as aiming at a penny on the opposite side of a net.

Sean Randall Says:

Fun trick. But I’ll say staged and fake!

Dory Says:

Incredible!! Andy Murray’s street magic video was also mindblowing:

Kevin Kane Says:


I hate to be a party-pooper, but if Federer was that accurate, his first-serve percentage would be 100-percent, and he would never have double-faulted in his career.

skeezerweezer Says:



I like tennis bullies Says:


Philip Says:

Roger seemed to be trying to prove a point about Hawkeye but I don’t really get what this demonstration (whether real or not) says about Hawkeye. Can someone enlighten me?

RFFaN Says:

I was wondering the same and that’s what makes me think this is at least partially real. Roger’s conversation can’t be a script as it make no sense to anyone but Roger, lol.

JOnny laze Says:

To the people who say it fake and if it was real he would have 100% serve percentage. Fed did not stike the ball with a lot of force, thats the reason for the accuracy. In matches he hits the ball with a level of force that causes faults to happen. Think about throwing a ball at a target with minimal force, your accuracy would be high, but wind up like a big league pitcher and see what happens, its common sense really. PS Dementieva did something like this during 2009 us open (i think) where she placed water bottles on the four corners on the service box and picked them off on her first try, again, it was real and not at full force. dummies!!!

dari Says:

I’llbgo with rffan on this one, that little speech before makes little sense and does not pertain to the situation, therefor, it is certainly REAL fed!
I don’t doubt that he hit those shots but I do kinda think it was one of those on purpose outtakes!

dari Says:

Roger should consider a designer suit line in his post-tennis life. He himself could be the model.

Twocents Says:

Roger would have won 30+ slams if it’s mandatory that slams are played in suit.

ramya Says:

ROGER is an awesome player in the history.those who cannot digest the truth that federer is that much perfect and handsome says that it was a fake.who can do this other than roger,the HERO

Kevin Kane Says:

This incident shows that people believe what they want to believe – regardless of contradicting evidence.

If Roger frequently (about 30- to 40-percent of the time) misses while aiming toward a service box that is 21 feet long by 13.5 feet wide, then surely he can miss while aiming toward a target that is a mere five-inches away from possibly permanently damaging a person`s eye.

And to take such a risk while in a suit, with a noisy audience around that could interrupt his service motionÉ (that`s supposed to be question mark at end).

Until proven otherwise, this is an entertaining – yet staged – spectacle.

Fot Says:

Whether fake or real – it was entertaining! And I must say Roger can WEAR a suit!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, he looks good!!!!!!

Greg Says:

Obviously not too many here play real tennis. I could almost do the same thing while playing in college. Just take your serve speed down a couple of notches and take out the spin and most advanced players are very accurate, especially at a shorter distance like this. I definitely wouldn’t have the confidence to try knocking something off a guys head though…guess that’s why Feds a pro… But really, to doubt this just shows you don’t know tennis very well.

(and to those who point out that he faults…he faults when he is trying to hit a kick serve at 130 mph, not when he is attempting a trick shot at 20 feet.)

Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

Just to chime in. Agree with many others here that it is probably real based on: A) Fed clearly did not serve it with full force, B) he was maybe 20 feet from the target C) the angle and camera can easily make the serve appear to be much faster than it was.

Then again maybe it was just a clever trick, but pretty cool either way.

leo vixen Says:

Who cares about all of this nonsense; Roger looks great in that suit.
Spoken like a true female. Heehee!

Luis Babboni Says:

If it were true, it is enough amazing that must be a real slowmotion caption to show that it is no fake.
The matter that there is no slowmotion, confirm is a fake.
Im sure that with no a man under the bottle and with few tryes, he can do it twice consecutively, but not with a man behind.
someone tells a story about Tiger Woods where he practice throwing the golf ball so near his father head.

madmax Says:

For all of you who don’t believe that Fed actually did this – he did – and I’ll tell you why.

Look at this youtube vid of Andy Murray – all Murray fans – you will LOVE this – I have no reason to doubt that Murray didn’t do this – it is magic and murray did it!

Fed also!

Kevin Kane Says:

A related incident:

In 2006, I saw Federer live in Toronto. After he won his match against Tursunov, a young girl was called from the crowd, and invited to serve for a chance to win a prize.

The girl was allowed to hit 10 serves to knock over 3 pylons in the service box. She missed on all 10 serves.

Then Federer was invited to serve for her. Fed hit all 3 pylons, but it took him about 10 tries. Each of his misses was very close.

dari Says:

I’M still thinking about this video! Madmax, I TOTALLY thought you’re link was gonna be fed “confirming the video as real or fake” I was prepared for REAL! HA!
Murray’s tricks are less debatable. Not real. Maybe the plates. And the drain pipe. Dangit now I have to go watch this vis again! I am an ad man’s dream. I play with head racket and ill start using men’s shavers!

contador Says:

haha dari. i eat swiss chocolate…

and i thought the same about madax “fed confirmed.” she had found out the vid is for real!

i watched it on a couple other sites. i think it’s real. and no one try to burst my bubble! very funny too, fed muttering something incomprehensible about hawk-eye.

madmax Says:

sorry guys!

But if Murray can whiplash those plates, then fed can double whiplash that can!

It’s still great news he’s confirmed stockholm though!

formatron Says:

lol @ those who genuinely think this is real. While it’s sure feasible for him, do you have any fucking idea how much it’ll cost him if he hits the guy ?

at this level of profesionalism, insurances tell you what you’re allowed to do…and what you’re not allowed. this is typically something absolutely no one at this level will take the risk to do, whatever “small” the risk is…

Gino Says:

It is possible that Roger used a soft tennis ball,the ones you use to teach little kids.This way you reduce the chances of injury.I am a pro tennis player and think it is a tough shot to make.

silentv0ice Says:

This is designed as viral, its all fake and the ball is made up in high-end video post production..

Victor Frankenstein Says:

Jeez, I’ll bet some of you are a barrel of fun at CGI – laden movie premieres.

I’m good with it, it was entertaining.
Yeah, the suit.
YEAH, the entourage!

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