Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal Having a Laugh in Cincinnati [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 19th, 2010, 12:15 pm

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may collide in just a few days in the Cincinnati semifinals, but the two tennis greats left the rivalry on the court to share a few fun, comedic moments during this taping of a promo during the Western and South Financial Group Masters.

What brought about this laughter? From the video, this exchange:

“So Rafa, you know what you are going to give me for Christmas yet?” Federer asks Nadal.

Replies Nadal, “You know what? I gonna play an exhibition.” And then the hilarity ensues.

“His English is the best, how can you not laugh,” jokes Federer.

Based on the conversation the promo is for an exhibition Nadal will play against Federer in Switzerland this Christmas. The proceeds will go toward Federer’s foundation.

The video was to be “strictly confidential” but someone “leaked it” so these videos may get taken down.

Both guys have difficult matches today in Cincinnati. Federer plays friend Phillip Kohlschreiber in a match that follows Nadal’s contest with Julien Benneteau.

After a week ranked No. 3, Federer is back to No. 2 this week but could drop again after his 1,000 points from his 2009 Cincinnati title fall off the rankings calendar.

Here’s the extended video clip:

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21 Comments for Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal Having a Laugh in Cincinnati [Video]

madmax Says:

Great Tom! Such a cool couple!

jane Says:

Very cute video – Rafa and Fed like a couple of young boys goofing off. They’re so young, as we often forget! Or i do anyhow.

jane Says:

Also funny that they both have some of the same habits as on the court: Fed wiping under nose with hand, Rafa running hand through hair. Both are so fidgety! And Rafa’s smile/dimples – adorable. : )

Skeezerweezer Says:

Hilarious! Thanks for finding this :)

Sean Randall Says:

Have these have been removed? I missed them!

I like tennis bullies Says:


aleish17 Says:

too bad the video is not anymore available =(

Piotr Says:

Hey, does anyone has a downloadable version of this, it has been removed before i could even watch this.
This EWCB thing is ridiculous…

Pinkberry Says:

Missed the videos…bummer :(

Skeezerweezer Says:

I been tennis bullied,

gay? BS..

blank Says:

Oops. Sorry Kay. I searched youtube and posted the same on the other thread. Didn’t see you posted here first :-)

chaitanya Says:

Instead of keeping the video, please keep the downloading link of the video so that everyone can watch instead of going always to youtube.
Its such a nice video to see both Roger and Rafa together having fun.

BlackCat Says:

Thanks for sharing.

Dory Says:

This is the healthiest rivalry in sport!!!!!!

Dory Says:

Btw if any one wants to download the video, use Firefox and the Download Helper extension.

Jay Says:

That was great! Thanks Gilles.

Ralph Says:

Looks like Gilles link is dead now too. Anyone who saw it: what in the video upset the Cricket Association?

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