US Open Fight in Stands [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 4th, 2010, 2:27 pm

Two nights ago the match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner was delayed because a fight in the stands of the US Open’s Arthur Ashe Stadium. A Gentleman’s sport? No more.

The fight or brawl broke out around 9pm Thursday night when Joey Pedevill, 27, starting taunting an elder father, 75-year-old Lawrence Burnett and his daughter, Tracy Falco.

“C’mon, smack me again,” the NY Daily News reports Pedevil taunted Falco. “Go ahead. . . . I don’t give a f— what anybody wants. I got a lot of money on this game, and I f—— paid for my ticket.”

Finally, Burnett had enough and went after the former high school wrestler.

The police were called and while no arrests were made, Pedevil, Burnett and Falco have been banned from the US Open through 2012.

“It’s a hot night in New York. Things happen,” said USTA spokesman Chris Widmaier.

Djokovic always seems to have memorable night matches, will tonight be any different? Djokovic plays American James Blake Saturday night.

If you haven’t already seen it here’s the US Open fight video from Thursday night:

“Throw the bum out…”

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42 Comments for US Open Fight in Stands [Video]

Frank Routh Says:

What I see in the video is the woman slapped(assaulted) the gentleman for using profane language and then her father comes over and and grabs his head(again classified as an assault) and then down over the front row both of them fall. If I were the young man, I’d have both of those two arrested for assault!

Duchess Says:

I think the young guy got a raw deal. Yeah…too bad the old guy fell, but THEY attacked him first.

Foetwinny Says:

Meh. I think the young guy got what was coming to him for havin a fat mouth. Must suck to actually meet someone (and a female for that matter) who doesn’t like his fat mouth. Respect those around you. Obviously this guy has an issue with that. If I was anywhere near this yuppie clown in the stands and I saw his preppy chump ass hit a girl? It’s on.

Charles Watson Says:

i think the young guy was attacked

Gray Says:

This is the most bias article ever, anyone with an IQ over 85 can realize the old man and elderly lady were at fault, not only did they start the confrontation but they broke the law by using force/assault, I hope they get arrested not the younger guy. Whoever wrote this article needs to lose their job.

Ali Says:

Yea, the old grandpa and his daughter are the douchebags in this equation. I wish the young guy would have pressed charges.

Chris Says:

Last i checked being a loudmouth douche wasnt against the law in the US.

Assulting someone for being a loudmouth douche kinda is though….

jmac Says:

like gray said anyone with a IQ of 85 can tell who’s the real victim but of course this is america, hot allot of smart people here.

Roc Says:

The guy is obviously a jerk with a big mouth and should have been removed immediately by security. Where was security??? They took too long to get there to stop this situation. Despite the jerks big mouth, you could see he was struck first by the woman and then by the father. They had no right assaulting him either. They should of gotten security to deal with the jerk and had him removed. They took themselves from being right to being wrong in the matter they handled themselves. They all deserved to be thrown out.

Blue Says:

I agree with Gray. Whoever wrote this article is probably a woman or an old man. Anyone with 2 eyes and 2 ears can watch and see who is at fault. He didnt taunt the elderly father he stood his ground when a woman slapped him and told him to shut up. Amazing how journalist twist the truth. My favorite thing is how you talk about how the kid kept saying “slap be again i dont care” but failed to mention that fact that she slapped him in the first place? How bout the fact that he was talking after he got slapped instead of hitting? Why not write about that?

jkirk Says:

The young guy is a loudmouth, but the other two assaulted him. He still can press charges, based on this video.

DWest Says:

Yep, the old dude and woman should have been hauled out of the place. The young loud mouth should have been warned to keep his yap closed, (it is a tennis match, not the NFL), if he could not comply, he too should have been removed. The old guy is really luck he didn’t end up in jail.

James Says:

they assaulted him and that’s illegal. I’m sure he was being an obnoxious d-bag but that does not justify the actions of the assaulters. They should be arrested.

anyways poorly written article. Very biased.

Michael Says:

Man, all the papers write as if the young man was at fault. All the youtubers, and commenters know the lady and old man were at fault for using violence. The young guy did not lay a hand on them…
Media bias, but no support from the videos

Andy Says:

What poor reporting. Has the person that wrote this article not even seen the video? You shouldn’t be doing this for a job if you’re this biased.

Shalin Says:

OMG, this article was written by some old biased man. I would drop f-bombs if someone slapped me at a tennis match. Who does that? She assaulted him, and then the old man did the same. Sucks he fell. Karma is a bitch. The young man should press charges. He did nothing wrong nor illegal.

Cels Says:

The young guy was assaulted by this 2 persons, but you know the law is in the wrong side………….

hayley Says:

New Bravo show:
Real Tennis Fans of New Jersey.
Or is it New York?
This is what we get as a society when there are shows like that getting ratings.
What a classless group. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Devin Says:

Being a loudmouth and using foul language = not against the law.

Assaulting a man twice, first by slapping him and then by grabbing his head = assault and battery.

This old coot and his fat, ugly wife should have been arrested.

Koj Ik Says:


The young man should press charges. Period.

John Says:

Obviously, the writer of this article is biased. Tom Gainey, way to depict Joey as belicose by stating he was a wrestler in high school. Irrelevant to the article and besides the point, the elderly man and his daughter are at fault and should have known better. Both parties invloved, however, should have held more restaint.

Smith Says:


JimmyT Says:

What’s appalling is that people don’t seem to mind the behavior and LACK OF RESPECT by today’s youth. The elderly gentleman probably put his life on the line to protect American rights–including the loud-mouth’s right to freedom of speech. I see allot of “press charges” comments, but I guarantee that any man of any age here would protect his family in much the same way. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN SOME RESPECT

John Says:

Responding to blatant profanity with violence is what’s wrong here. The young guy (a former wrestler) could have easily fought back but clearly in this video did not. The old people should have at least 3 charges of assault pressed against them.

JBW Says:



The kid is a disrespectful moron. The Jersey Shore has invaded real life.. This is NOT FUNNY!

Nick Says:

What I see here is an old couple getting up in the young man’s face for apparently talking too loud. Why there was a need for such a confrontation and argument is beyond me, clearly the woman is a bitch and wanted to argue. The guy defends himself, maybe a bit rudely. This is where she should contact security so they can have a word with him about being quiet, because he is definitely not going to listen to her after she is rudely in his face. Just because she is older does not mean she warrants respect, people need to learn that. Instead, she slaps him and embarrasses him in front of the crowd and further aggravates the situation. She knows he can’t do anything back and that is cowardly. Young man gets pissed and curses because clearly this woman is too insane to listen to calm logic. Old man, instead of being reasonable and calmly handling it like an adult, tries to be a hero by assaulting the guy when he wasn’t expecting it and then topples over accidentally. Simply because he is younger, the young man is seen as wrong and is thus further assaulted by other heroes in the crowd. Even though they are older, if the old couple can’t show restraint and put up with a loud mouth in a crowd, then they need to grow up.

jane Says:

I think it was simply wrong of the woman to slap the young man and wrong of the elderly man to walk over and kick his beer or whatever. PHYSICAL reactions are just w.r.o.n.g. If the young man’s swearing was bothering them, the best thing they could’ve done is to go and make a complaint to security. Sheesh. Let’s just chill out man and watch tennis. !!!

JimmyT Says:

What you DON’T hear, or see is what caused these people to confront this guy in the first place. Think of that the next time you are out with you children, your parents and whomever else and imagine some dolt screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs because he doesn’t give a F*(& what anyone thinks. Oh, and YES Older does warrant respect…remember that lesson of “respect your elders”, or is that just not taught anymore? I agree with JBW, but it’s not just the Jersey shore, it’s the entire country. I’ve traveled outside the US twice in the last 10 years and each time I am embarrassed at the behavior of other Americans. We look like fools in front of the entire world, and everyone thinks it’s just OK…

JimmyT Says:

Go find the other 6 videos of the entire story, then perhaps your perspective will change. @ Nick “Just because she is older does not mean she warrants respect”… Try saying that out loud at the next Memorial Day event and we’ll be watching you on YouTube. Respect for your elders is the basis of all societies, except for contemporary American apparently. If this was your parent I’m sure you wouldn’t be spouting such rhetoric.

Tennis Racquet Bargain Says:

wow, didn’t know tennis fans can be so rude.

Marin Says:

Shame on you Tom Gainey. Awful article and extremely biased. There is no excuse for the two muppets to lay a finger on the young man regardless of how rude or obnoxious he was behaving. They should have called security, end of story. I hope the second round of this little incident ends in a courtroom.

Ben Pronin Says:

This is bs. This crap went on for 3 minutes. I couldn’t get past security for even a second when I tried sitting lower than my ticket indicated. That’s America for you.

Crybabies Says:

anyone who yells and swears at you or member of your family deserves to be taken down. get some balls, not the tennis balls.

Anna Says:

That girl needs to take some self defense classes. A little pepper spray would have kept her dad out of the fracas. I love it though when punks get a little comupance. Maybe next time he’ll think twice about forcing his obnoxious behavior on everyone around him. I’d happily spend a few days of jail time to deliver that lesson.

Mike Says:

What you can’t see in this video is that after the older man attacks the younger guy, the woman approaches the guy again. She grabs him by the shirt and punches him closed fist in the face.
(you can see that video here;

This kind of violence is clearly over the line, despite the fact that this guy was obviously being rude and somewhat of a loud-mouth. If I were this guy I’d be pressing charges for assault against both of these people. There’s plenty of video evidence to show that he was attacked several times and clearly he did not want to get into a physical confrontation as you can see that he backed away after each punch was thrown at him. I have to give him credit for his restraint.

Other Mike Says:

Yeah, legally there is no question here. Older lady committed battery, kid did not respond with physical violence. Old man comes up, commits battery, kid acts in reasonable self defense. Old lady again commits battery. Could also argue the other people in the stands committed battery by attacking the kid, although thats probably not going anywhere.

You hate when a douche runs his mouth at an event but frankly you cannot attack him for it. I think its obvious this kid could have done a lot more harm to these two if he had malicious intent.

Nick Says:

@JimmyT It’s your kind of thinking that started this whole mess. This was not a matter of respect at all. And no, NO ONE deserves unquestionable respect. I have been taught to respect my elders, and I will automatically do so upon meeting an elderly person. However, if they act in a way such that they do not deserve that respect, then I don’t give it to them, just like ANY OTHER PERSON. Respect is earned, not assumed.
So now that we’ve got that completely unrelated argument out of the way, let’s again look at what happened. The young guys says he was not talking during the points and I believe him. If he was being a little bit loud and rowdey, I’m more than sure there would be a way to politely and calmly ask him to tone it down so that he would listen. Instead, the woman had to act with an unwarranted sense of self-righteousness and scold him like a child. He is an adult. If anything, there’s the respect issue right there. I, too, would be angry if some crazy old lady started yelling in my face like she was my mother. She could have calmly issued a complaint to security, but no, she had to go and be a bitch. There goes my respect for her. And we don’t need to go over the old man’s part, clearly he was legally in the wrong.

Susan Says:

“He is an adult.”???? What are you basing that assumption on? His height? or the number of years he may have been on this planet? If old people have to earn respect, then EVERYONE must earn the right to be treated like an adult. This kid was acting like a child before the videos started and deserved to be scolded like one. What about his respect for his fellow spectators? That’s something that responsible parents will teach to two-year-olds.

Paul Says:

I like Nick’s argument. I also wouldn’t be so quick to question the responsibility of the security. Fans nearby, who were aware of the situation (the argument appears to last at least 3 plus minutes), could have asked security to intervene at the beginning when trouble appeared. Why put blame on the security? Can one watch the game anyway with a potential fight as a distraction? Unless one enjoys the drama security and others would be grateful for the help. Someone, not just those involved in the fight could have been more seriously injured. In the utube video’s it is clear many people called for help at the end of the brawl. Why not before?

Mark Says:

I agree with the argument Nick makes, and wholeheartedly disagree with JimmyT.
The young man in question held his cool despite being assaulted, when he could have easily knocked the both of them out with a 1 2 punch.

Meshell Says:

Again this is in the media….inside edition 11-2-10. Again I say the young man is NOT AT FAULT!!! He’s probably close to my oldests age29.That female…she aint a lady so I cant give her that title..started the whole fight. The old man then continued the physical abuse! I was raised…you dont hit someone for something they say!! Obviously that father hit his daughter for punishment…and that young mans dad didnt..I commend him the young man for not hitting back. I know this mom wouldn’t have been as composed.

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