Djokovic Beats Federer in Testy Meeting to Gain Australian Open Final
by Staff | January 27th, 2011, 7:14 am

World No. 3 Novak Djokovic handed former No. 1 Roger Federer a straight-set defeat, 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-4 on Thursday in a match filled with tension and riotous cheering from an appreciative Melbourne crowd.

Djokovic eeked-out the first set before Federer jumped out to a 5-2 lead in the second set, but failed to hold his ground as the Serbian ripped off the next five games and the second set.

Down two sets to none, Mr. Nice Federer disappeared, and Hardcore Roger reared his head. Federer appeared to talk to Djokovic during the Serb’s service preparation as Djokovic went into his extensive pre-service ball bouncing. Federer glared at Djokovic’s player box and complained to the chair umpire about excessive cheering, talking and noise. After losing the second set, perhaps to get in the Serb’s head, Federer took a rare bathroom break.

Djokovic had a huge service hold to begin the third set, surviving multiple break points during a 13-minute game, then immediately broke the Swiss for a 2-1 lead. Federer continued conversations with the chair umpire on changeovers, complaining about Djokovic taking too much time between serves.

Federer then came out and took a 30-0 lead on Djokovic’s serve, but the Serb stormed back with four straight points for a 3-1 lead. Serving at 4-3, Djokovic erased a break point with an ace and fought on during a long game that ended with the Swiss breaking back for 4-4.

Djokovic immediately broke back for a 5-4 lead, and displayed an overpowering serve in the final game, with the Swiss fighting off two match points, to clinch victory.

“It’s really one of the best matches I’ve played in a while,” Djokovic said. “I had to take my chances. I was up a break in the second set and in 20 seconds I was down 5-2…I allowed Roger to step in, and he changed his tactics, he got the best out of it. He was in control, for a while…I was aware that this was the court where I could beat him, where I did it before when I won the title.”

Djokovic in the final will face the winner of Friday’s semifinal featuring No. 5 Andy Murray vs. No. 7 David Ferrer.

The men’s doubles final will be the top-seeded Bryan brothers against the No. 3-seeded Indian pair of Mahash Bhupathi and Leander Paes, who in the semis defeated No. 2 seed Max “The Beast” Mirnyi and Daniel Nestor 7-6(5), 4-6, 6-3.

From AAP on Aussie Davis Cup captain Patrick Rafter reportedly getting ”buds” Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic to play Davis Cup together: “Rookie captain Pat Rafter believes Australia’s Davis Cup team can cause “some real damage” with Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic joining forces in 2011. If Rafter has his way, the one-time adversaries will “absolutely” be on deck for Australia’s thankless trip to China or Taiwan in July. For the fourth straight year — but first under Rafter’s leadership — Australia will begin the long journey back to the World Group with an inglorious Asia-Oceania group playoff. But after advising Tomic to leave his ego at the door, Rafter is confident Hewitt will let bygones be bygones and welcome his 18-year-old heir apparent into the fold for the good of the team.”…Vera Zvonareva has extended her sponsorship deal with Prince…Alright Justine, take a break, but you know you’ll be welcomed back again. ‘Hey, this elbow feels pretty good — and I just watched Li Na win a Grand Slam…hmmm.’…The classy Rafael Nadal after his loss to David Ferrer, speaking to the media: “But you know what, for me is difficult come here and speak about. In Doha I wasn’t healthy. Today I have another problem. Seems like I always have problems when I lose, and I don’t want to have this image, no? I prefer don’t talk about that today. If you can respect that, will be a very nice thing for me. Thank you.”…Li Na, speaking to CNN, when asked if she will study her next opponent: “No, this is my husband’s [who is her coach] job. I will just relax and watch TV, that’s all.” When Na split with coach Thomas Hogstedt, who is now coaching Maria Sharapova, she decided that her husband was her best coaching option. As a child she was a badminton player, and didn’t take up tennis until age 9. She essentially quit tennis for two years in the late 2000′s before taking it up again…Tennis Week magazine killer IMG has signed Russian player Anastasia PavlyuchenkovaHeadline of the Day from the AP: “Brett Favre of tennis? Henin again says she’ll retire”…From a letter to’s Jon Wertheim’s mailbag: “Watching the Fed-Wawrinka match on ESPN and find Chris Fowler mocking of Wawrinka’s play is unprofessional and disrespectful. He actually called Wawrinka a “Tomato Can.” It’s not so easy to play Fed and sometimes you have a bad day. Fowler’s job is to make the match more interesting. Shame on him.” Wertheim’s response: “Agree. This was completely excessive.”…American Lauren Davis, who turned pro prior to her main draw beating at the Aussie Open, was beaten in the third round of the junior event by Eugenie Bouchard of Canada 6-0, 6-3. If she hasn’t taken the cash yet, can she un-turn pro and go to college?…The French media is reporting that Aravane Rezai’s father and her boyfriend got into it prior to her first-round loss at the Australian Open, and the WTA ban is aimed at the Frenchwoman’s reportedly-abusive father, who also has a history of blow-ups with French tennis authorities. The WTA is calling the ban a “serious safety matter” and has involved the police…From the Canadian Press: “Serena tweeted from home Sunday that she wasn’t feeling well from a cold. “My throat feels raw. every time I take a sip of sumthin it feels like i just swallowed 20,000 mini knives,” said Serena, who keeps a running public conversation with herself on Twitter.”

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321 Comments for Djokovic Beats Federer in Testy Meeting to Gain Australian Open Final

margot Says:

Yay, yay, yay, team Nolandy, didn’t see match but the sacrifices are working!! Come on!

The fighter Says:

Wat d hell is wrong in the Aus open? Neither Nadal nor Federer in the finals……Who is going to bother who wl win?

steve-o Says:

@margot, this should please you, I’m firmly hoping for Murray to take the title. That would erase the heartbreak of last year’s final.

margot Says:

steve-o: thanx a lot, but one match at a time and,
also stu, lunch hour, at work, didn’t see match, but I did think Nole’s form against Berdych was astonishing.

Rick Says:

I said I wouldn’t be suprise if Djokovic won in three! (giggles) And Federer choked again, with 5-2 lead in the second set. And Federer completed a Grand Slam, for being beaten in four slams, French, Wimbledon, US and the Aussie Open. And Sean Randall is the GOAT! MOTHER OF ALL WIZARDS! YOUR JINX CURSES KICK ARSE! (GRIN)

TGiT Says:

Fed played a very good march.

Djoko played a great match.

I think every time Fed broker Djoko he broke right back and never flinched.

Congrats Djoko.

Seriously, this could be the catalyst for Djoko to finally get to number one.

Some breathless thoughts…

-Maybe Fed’s aggresive play is not the right move against great baseline hitters.
-Fed is going to win alot of best of three tournys wih the new game plan however I still don’t see it clicking for longer Grand Slams.
-Why? Fed needs a clean entry into the second week and played his get of jail card with Simon.
-Plexi surface is not Fed’s friend.

-Djoko has finally got the confidence to really win.
-I say Djoko is the best returner.
-Convincing absolute victory despite the ball bouncing.
-Seriously this will be the next number 1.

Fedex fan Says:

Hope Federer takes a break from smaller tournaments and gets back fresh for the next GS.

jane Says:

OMG!!!!!! Just got up and checked ATP site and saw beautiful picture of Novak looking so happy and relaxed. I am so thrilled for him! Way to go Nole, :) :) :)

Sorry to Fed fans but no to worry; he is still a contender.

Now Andy M – win win win!! And i will have dream final! Hurrah.

queen Says:

Djoko will never get to number one although well done he actually has a chance to win AO. I have a feeling Andy will go home empty-handed again and will drown in self-doubt which will put him off for the rest of the season. Well he may wake up for US Open. The truth is that players like Djoko and Murray have only chance in US Open and AO so they better take it. There is only one king of clay and one king of grass, which both happen to play hardcourts pretty darn well. That is why neither Murry or Djoko make to number one any time soon or ever.

Huh Says:

“margot Says:
Come on Team! Thursday we cheer for Nolandy,
Friday for Andole!
So light those fires, burn those sacrifices and appease those those tennis gods! We will overcome!
Adje Nole!
Come on Andy!”

Thou u wont believ I didnt read or see anything tennis-related for the last 2 days but it’s true, I didn’t get even a chance to! But today I read to find out that Fed lost to Nole and Rafa lost to Ferrer. Thou it may hurt d fans of these 2 as hell, but it’s good for tennis n I m personaly not the least bit hurt by this. It has made the AO so much more exciting actually! :D

I had always dreant of NolAnd final, but it never happend, didn’t get even close to happening at any point of time. This is the golden chance of NolAnd final, hope it happens and Muzza holds the trophy. I would play the bride then n Mrs.Jane the bridesmaid, in case AO 11 ends with a Muzza win over Nole in final!
Whatever but now I have no tension n I would fully njoy the AO 11, it has opened up in an excitin way, so much fun it’d be to see a new champ here! :D



Thank God, it will be some new fella takin on Nole for the trophy. Hopefully it’d be NolAnd affair and Muzza win so that for the sake of Great Britain n Mrs., Margot, I can sing a new song. May God hear my prayer n may I sing this song that I have composed in the honor of Mrs.Margot, it’s actually a remake kinda thing of the song “Rule Britannia Rule”! :D

stu Says:

Wow he actually admitted this?
“But I’ve won matches in straight sets against him at the US Open where I should have never won in straights”

That’s very big of him!

Huh Says:

We’ve already had enuf of this Fedal affair in GS finals, now let a new chapter start, i.e. let the NolAnd affair start!!!
And then may JMDP too recover n start anothr chapters like JuAndy n JuDjo, it’d be damn exciting! :D

Huh Says:



esquilax Says:

Come on Andy!

stu Says:

queen, Djoko’s had a couple of chances at both already, and taken one. Murray might be lining up his second chance tonight.

queen Says:

Stu, I hope he takes it because that may be it for the rest of the season. He is not going to win 3 GS in a row cuz he just not good enough.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Wow! Congrats to the Nole fans! I’m definitely going to watch the re-airing of this match today! Who expected straight sets?Condolences to the Fed fans. Fed’s still playing great, but it seems like Djoko is on a mission.

jane Says:

“Novak Djokovic did many things extraordinarily well tonight. But there was one thing in particular – he just did not stop running. Reminds one of a certain Spaniard.”

Interesting finish to the AO site’s article on the match. I hope to see highlights. If anyone finds good clips on youtube load em up. Super busy though, but happy for Nole.

Fingers crossed for AM.

Swiss Maestro Says:

Novak was on fire today. Tough loss for the swiss maestro, but it is better he loses to novak than rafa/murray from a H2H point of view.

I am sure murray must have jumped for joy on his hotel bed. This is, now, his slam to lose. As good as novak is playing, murray will not be denied 3times in a row in a GS final. the final should boil down to who wants it more and surely murray should want it more than novak.

I would love for murray to win and not djokovic, purely from a murray fans are more sensible than djokovic fans, point of view. the jingoism, the stupid-arrogant comments from “djokovic” fans (you know who you are) is irritating at best.

Go murray!

FedEnd Says:

I hope the authorities consider changing the best of 5 format into best of 3 format in grandslams.
Thats the only hope for Federer to get into slam finals in future. Else its well and truly the END.

stu Says:

SM – why should the players have to pay for their fans’ attitudes?

I wouldn’t say Murray wants it more. Djokovic has been waiting a long time to consolidate his AO2008 win, and he has a better shot now than he did at the USO against a career Slam-hungry Rafa. While Murray has not changed much over the past few months, this is a new Djokovic with a (finally) working, faster, more precise serve, and more importantly, a completely different mental attitude. Earlier I had given the edge to Murray too in a possible Nolandy final, but after watching his unwavering spirit against Roger, I think Nole will not allow himself to get frustrated with Murray’s game and attack whenever he gets an opening…

grendel Says:

Murray has to beat Ferrer, of course. Some people seem to have overlooked this. Of course desire will not be lacking in whoever makes it to the final. I’m inclined to think Djokovic will win – perhaps because I have just watched him play out of this world. Murray looked just a wee bit vulnerable against Dogolopov.
It’s not much to go on. But it’s not nothing, either.

Polo Says:

I am not a big Djokovic admirer but boy, he was really good today! I think he has been playing the best tennis among the men. Like him or not, he deserves that win and I congratulate him. Next is either Murray and Ferrer. Djokovic looks determined to not lose to either guy.

About Federer, every time he plays a great match, I always worry that the next one will be a let down. This seems to be his current trend. This loss of Djokovic was not a surprise.

jane Says:

Oh this win is utterly distracting me: Fed’s presser very fair and very nice! Way to go Roger. :)

Some comments:

“ROGER FEDERER: I feel okay, because I’m healthy. I wish I had a chance on Sunday, but, look, Novak was the better player tonight. You got to accept that and move on from here.”

Also, laughed out loud at this one:

Q. Will you watch the remainder of the tournament or will you give it a break?

ROGER FEDERER: It’s always a classic question. I don’t know why you care. I don’t know what my plans are quite yet. I doubt it because I don’t switch on the TV a whole lot when I’m elsewhere with the family, so…



Q. You had a couple exchanges with the chair umpire. Was there anything about Novak’s tactics or crowd noise that was bothering you that prompted those exchanges?

ROGER FEDERER: He’s a nice guy, the umpire, so I kind of like to talk to him at times.

Q. Nothing bothered you?


Hahahaha. I like that he doesn’t fan flames, leaves what was on the court, on it.

Very cool interview, and i hope he has fun with his family. He is optimistic and why not. Losing in the semis isn’t horrible.

Polo Says:

I don’t think any future opponent will jump for joy seeing that he may be playing Djokovic instead of Federer. On the contrary, he should worry because Djokovic has been playing better and more ferociously than anybody in the field.

kriket Says:

First we have to see Murray in the final, and then he would have to beat Đoković, which I’m not sure he’s mentally ready at this point. After seeing Đoko against Fed today, if he keeps it up in the final, I don’t think it will be easy for any of those two to beat him. But let’s just wait and see.

Twocents Says:

These two should play every Sunday final. Beautiful tennis!.

I’d be lying if I said I’m surprised about this straight set loss. It’s long over dued. Fed himself put it better than me (as usual :-)):

“But I’ve won matches in straight sets against him at the US Open where I should have never won in straights. I ended up doing it because things just fell my way and tonight was one of those nights it went his way.”

Way to go, Novak. You never got enough credit for breaking Fed’s slam final run at 10 and for being the 1st one who stopped Fed in a non-clay slam.

Good fight, Roger. No AO towels :-((.

Twocents Says:

Oops. No MORE FREE AO towels.

Twocents Says:

I’ll have to open some bottle today to celebrate an end: today is the first day that The Mighty Fed is not holding any slam title since … July 2003.

Thanks for the unreal ride, Fed!

A glorious end. And a relief. Nothing lasts forever anyway, don’t they? Enough is enuff, and too much is too much. This total relief can only do Fed good, imho. Now a 100% hunter he is, nothing to lose, but still plenty fun of hunting to gain.

Call me tard/psycho whatever pleases you. I love this Fed 3.0. Proud to be his life-time fan.

madmax Says:

Congratulations to novak fans, Duro :), and Jane. It’s his time people and I am really glad for Novak. No pressure at all watching the match on Sunday.

Novak or Murray/Ferrer. Will be good. And change is growth. So don’t worry Gannu. Roger will be back. One day this had to happen. Not bad, the 8 year stranglehold for slams – so don’t be too harsh on Roger. He’s still here and he’ll still fight.

I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. It’s easier to accept because Novak is such a great player.

Enjoy the moment novak fans.

Colin Says:

Who is this extraordinary mean-spirited person Queen?
You’d better get used to the new landscape, your majesty, because this is the way things are going to be, more and more.
At the start of the year, the real question about Nadal was not, Can he win a Rafa Slam, can he win this or that, it was Can he play a complete season of tennis without physical problems. We have the answer to that already, and it’s only January.
The question with Federer was, can he any longer rely on his technique at all times. Two defeats in a row in majors to the same man suggest not.
Both Rafa and Fed will win more majors, but neither can be certain of doing so at any given time.

jane Says:

“Mrs.Jane the bridesmaid” – can I throw the flowers? :) Thanks for your warm wishes for Nole huh. Hoping for a Nolandy final and let the best guy on the day win.

Twocents, WOW – since 2003? That is EIGHT YEARS that Fed always had at least a slam in his pocket. Amazing run alright. Enjoy your bubbly. But I don’t think the streak is technically over. He had a slam last year, and he could still get one this year. So you may want to wait and see what Fed 3.0 does the rest of the year.

Huh Says:

“Polo Says:
I don’t think any future opponent will jump for joy seeing that he may be playing Djokovic instead of Federer.”

Lol! ;)

Huh Says:

“jane Says:
“Mrs.Jane the bridesmaid” – can I throw the flowers? :)”

Of course ya can, would b glad if u do! :P

van orten Says:

now after a few hours ,,,this one def. not hurts as much as the loss at the us open semi!!!
next time could be a different story ,,,he didnt lose because djoker is better in general,,,it wasnt his day period….
djoker played very well and didnt drop level what he usually does vs fed even only for a set…and fed just misssed to win the 2nd …so next time maybe he gets the better off him…if not happy for djoker …but he should win at least on sunday because you cant buy anything winning vs roger in semis when failing to finish the deal is the consecuence

van orten Says:

nole served too good …fed didnt..but still he had his chances on noles serve…on the other hand it appeared that every service game of fed was hard fought..he had to play extremly well to get through his service games …so nole got those few extra points on his first serve that practically decided the match!! not one second serve in the tie-breaker for example…impressive!!!

andrea Says:

well, the writing was on the wall with the way novak was playing leading up to this match. congratulations to him!

Colin Says:

An amusing malapropism from the writer of the top article: “Djokovic eeked out the first set”. I didn’t hear him.

Steve Says:

Roger isn’t half of the tennis player he was before, his shots are all topspin… I’m sad to see this but Annacone might be able to do something about it.

Also I dislike how Tennis-x makes a big deal of Roger’s behaviour on court, making everything look more intented than it really was. And Djoker, please stop bouncing the ball 12-16+ times.

Colin Says:

Steve, I get fed up watching Nole bounce the ball, but I suppose as long as they let Rafa do it, no action will be taken.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Feel the same

Congrats to all the Novak fans, he played most excellent!

Now one more match and then a Nolandy? Bring it !

dAri Says:

Maybe because I went to sleep for the third set, but this does not sting as a fed fan so much! I think this is the most I’ve wanted a title for Rog in some time, but it just isn’t as devastating as I thought it would feel. Nole played terrific and fed pretty well, too. The 5-2 up part sucks, but I’m ok with the young ones getting a shot!
Fed showed some good things for the 2011 season, so its all good.
Congrats nole fans!
Geeze I feel so magnanimous, not spiteful much at all.
Ok, but that’s it cause once feds out I’m a Murray girl!
He does not look quite as good as novak does, so if he makes it thru ferrer… Aww it will be lovely the young bucks get a fair shot without all the aura of the goats around them and across the net! Muzz may have the experience edge over ferrer cause he’s been in a final, but if he makes it to the fjnal, nole will have an edge on him for having won this title already. I want the chance to see Murray get his first!
Let’s go muzza!

dAri Says:

Proud to be a fan:)

Lulu Iberica Says:

Colin, I agree Nadal will continue to have physical problems, but if the pattern is win 2 – 3 slams, get injured, win 2 – 3 slams, get injured, etc., then it really doesn’t matter if he can go a whole season w/out injury, especially if no one else is dominating. Course, I would prefer 100% healthy all the time!

From a selfish POV, I should cheer for the major underdog, David, to win it all. He’s Rafa’s compatriot, not a threat in the rankings, and not likely to go on a tear winning further slams. The next best outcome would be Andy M winning. He could get back his #4, but would still be far from the top. If Djoker wins, he’ll get close to Rog in the rankings, and he seems like the most threatening player at the moment. Also, he is the better clay court player. BUT, I actually really like Nole, so I’m conflicted. I think I’ll just root for great tennis from here on out!

queen Says:

Colin, I was not trying to be mean lol, I just say what I see and you have your own opinion – that’s great. My point was that neither Djoko or Murray are complete players like Fed and Nadal. They are great hardcouters that’s all. Somebody suggested that Djoko will be the new numre one. I just do not see it to happen – that was my point.

dAri Says:

Djoko isnt shabby on clay, queen. FO results don’t show it so much, but he has the movement tools for it and some good net play.

queen Says:

dAri, shabby is not good enough for me.

sheila Says:

not surprised that federer lost, but still disappointed nevertheless. after watching djokovic match against berdych i knew he was the stronger of the 2 going into this semi. yes, federer won a red hot wawrinka, but lets face it wawrinka was never really there mentally. i am a federer fan, but i do think djokovic is going to have an incredible 2011. i do hope roger can win back wimbledon, which imo, is his best shot for another major. when nadal gets healthy again i want 2c how djokovic handles him in a match b4 predicting him to become #1. i just hope federers loss here is temporary & he goes on in 2011 2 win some titles including @ least 1 major.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Fed did not play very good tactics, his offense decsions sucked. But Novak could have been the instigator in that also. and he was very solid from the back court. I didn’t think Fed was hitting very well when in a neutral rally, almost at times leaning backwards instead of leaning in, looking to pounce. Reminded me of the pre Annacone days..Oh well Fed missing his mojo and Novak had his ! Hope it’s a great final:)

Kimberly Says:

lulu–my thought patterns are similar to yours. But i’m taking it a step further and rooting for Ferrer (totally unlikely).

I guess I don’t see Novak as as much of a threat to Rafa because while good on clay, I believe he is still greatly inferior to Nadal. Even with Nadal playing his worst and most exhausted he couldn’t beat him. And Novak has fitness issues in those tournaments. I just don’t see him ever doing a “clay slam.” But who knows.

jane Says:

Nole is pretty great on clay, I would say. He’s won a clay masters, played Rafa pretty tight in some matches, but he has come up short so far the FO – two semis though I think. And he has been in semis at Wimbledon twice and Queens and Halle finals, so not too shabby on grass either.

Murray is excellent on grass and I think he will win Wimby one day; he has already won Queens. His weakest surface may be clay but he is not too shabby on it either – he’s been in the QFs at the FO I think and deep in some of the clay masters too.

I wouldn’t count either out on any surface.

Colin, “no action will be taken.” They can only take action if he goes over the time limit, and since bouncing a ball probably takes only 1 second, 12 bounces = 12 secs. :) Annoying perhaps, but not illegal. Also, thank god Nole’s serve is back; I don’t care if he bounces if he can win easy points on serve. Interesting aside, the commentators I was listening to said during Murray and Dolgo match commented that Murray was bouncing a little more when things got tense in that match, maybe trying to counter tigger’s bouncing, lol.

Twocents Says:

Lesson to Fed: No more tweener if you want the title :-)).

Fed no longer has that explosiveness in his movement and shots. He has to resort to naughty tricks like drops, spins, and tweener. Time stands still for nobody. But those are as pleasing to watch.

Jane, all streaks are meant to end. Sooner than later for Fed since he is well into v3.0. For the first time in 8 years, Fed is not no.1 nor a slam champion. It sure spurs his hunger. And hunger is rare asset for an old man. Nothing leads to everything, per Laozi of China.

skeezer, can’t wipe the smirk off my face since yesterday — no Fedal final. I love sports, unscripted sports.

dAri Says:

Queen- that was a cutesy way of saying Djoko is very good on clay. Just behind fed/nadal and somewhere at the top of the specialists. Not out of his catch that title for sure. You remember how far he pushed Rafa, the best clay courted ever in Madrid ’09?!

Colleen Says:

Federer becomes a cranky b**ch when he’s losing important matches fair and square….complaining at chair ump and using expletives in 2009 U.S. open final comes to mind. It’s easy to be a good sport when you win, but being a gracious loser? He’s got a long way to go…

queen Says:

Colleen, that is life. The older people get the more bitter they become. He sees the younsters coming at him with amazing shots so he is bothered. Getting old is hard. Love you Fed!:)

Polo Says:

This Federer loss does not seem to hurt as much to myself and maybe to a few other bloggers here. My theory for that is because we know Nadal is already out. It seems to hurt more when Nadal remains in contention to close in on Federer’s record number of majors.

Duro Says:

Great great moment for Novak and his fans. Strangely, the pure joy I feel is enough by itself. No need to say much, really. What a overwhelming calmness and satisfaction…

Kimmi, I promised you our finals, and we’re gonna get it. Thanks for your congrats.

Countess, thank you, too. Nobless oblige! Stay one.

Huh, I appreciate it, man. Greetings for you. They are all big (four) players; you just have to wait for your turn. Knowing Fed, You won’t wait much.

Jane, We did it girl. You must be the luckiest girl on earth; to have two faves and to see them both in the GS finals. Not an often privilege.

Stu, thanks for holding up the torch high for us. Congrats.

Sar (who is in Australia), lucky you and enjoy! All the best. Say hello to Tim.

And finally, what else but: In Novak we trust!!!


Penelope Says:

Way to go Nole….you deserve to be number #1

Lulu Iberica Says:

Colleen, yeah I agree on your points, but at least he was really fair in the presser. Maybe he lost his temper on court, but then pulled himself together. The real test will be if in 6 months, 1 year from now he is still giving Djoko full credit for that win.

Kimberly: I’m not really sure if Andy or Nole is more threatening to Rafa. Generally, I’ve been more scared of Muzza. Like at the USO, I’m not saying Nole didn’t try to win, but he definitely seemed too content with losing, too respectful of Rafa. But, he seems to have a newfound confidence. And Rafa has tons of clay season points to defend, and Nole is more likely to snatch some of those than Murray is. And Muzza is definitely not winning the FO! Still, finally winning a slam could lead to more confidence and victories for him. It’s a tough call. Whoever wins AO, though, better not also win USO!

queen Says:

Polo, and vice versa. Nadal’ loss did not hurt that much because Fed is out too. He will not come closer to Nadal’s ranking points. Whatever Fed fans feel, Nadals’ fans feel too:)

dAri Says:

Polo, as much as I hate to say it your prob right about the nadal bit. But also, it wasn’t a gut wrencher five setter, had match points kinda thing like we had seen recently. Sure feds game plan broke down, but nole had a part in that! I think its easier to take when all that really happened is fed got outplayed. Wasn’t too pissed at French open, when sod got him good, either!
I’m not gonna do the “the end is near” kinda thing, but no matter wjat happens here on out, its been a tremendous joy and entertainment being a fed fan and I just had to put this loss in perspective to all those gosh damn glorious wins!

Lulu Iberica Says:

Polo, conversely, Rafa’s loss does not hurt me as much now that Fed is out, as my goal is the opposite of yours. But take heart, as you and Fed are currently winning by a large margin!

Andrew Miller Says:

Credit to Tennis-X for pointing out Novak’s serving issues in 2009 and early 2010 – Novak listened to Tennis-X and look at him now! ATP players take notice: free feedback for your game, right here!!!!

Skeezerweezer Says:

Actually after thinkin about it ( yes sometimes I think ) wouldn’t tennis be more exciting if there was a real battle for the slams other than Fedal? Not to take anything away from there accomplishments, but maybe we are coming very soon into the next few years where 4-5 guys will win the GS titles instead of two? Fed and Rafa will be there of course, but seeing Andy and Novak win some too is not a bad thing for tennis , no?

Lulu Iberica Says:

I see queen said it already!

dAri Says:

Also, its a snow day today! That will help with any pain!
But I feel a transfer of energy to Murray. Pulling for that Scot ack! Never a break for the crazy tennis fan!

dAri Says:

Also, its a snow day today! That will help with any pain!
But I feel a transfer of energy to Murray. Pulling for that Scot ack! Never a break for the crazy tennis fan!

Lulu Iberica Says:

Skeezer: I will grudgingly admit that ending Fedal dominance could be good for tennis. I’m not sure of the net effect, though, as many people tune in to see Fed and/or Nadal. Also, I like dynasties. They’re impressive!

Polo Says:

Federer’s and Nadal’s careers are so intertwined that one cannot speak of one without mentioning the other. Sometimes people talk of what each could have achieved without the other. However, their coexistence in essentially the same era have elevated both of them to legendary status in the world of tennis and in all of sports in general. Lucky are we who have been witnesses to so many matches between the two athletes considered to be the best ever in their sport.

Kimmi Says:

Durossssimmmo – finally it might happen. Djoko vs Muzza. Go muzza tonight.

i know i am jumping the gun but If muzza goes thru tonight, it will be amazing. the waiting will be worth it i tell you. in the biggest stage sweet is that.

Sad for my buddy fed ofcourse. could not even watch the whole match, only the first set then was too nervous. not nice to see federer losing.

Hope he comes back strong. I think the surface just did not suit him at night. he talked about it during simon match, I had a feeling it will be tough. The coolest conditions aussie open has had for a long time.

Before i start to jinx muzz. i will stop here. Hope he wins tonight.

Go muzz

margot Says:

Huh@9.14: Thanx so much, that’s a brilliant post :) I know you’ve supported Andy for a long time.
Tennis Vagabond: an excellent summing up of an exciting championship, I feel there’s definite changes afoot.
grendel: re Dolgopolov, I’ve seen him referred to as “dolly mixture” on another site -brilliant. Did u see his coach court side? He’s a renegade Brit who looks like a dodgy used car salesman! Priceless. Yes, re McMillan, don’t know why Andy doesn’t use, probably the best shot in his armoury, more often. But re that match, was reading a write up by Kevin Mitchell, I think. He noticed that in the fourth set Andy had shifted his position on ROS subtly and in consequence was getting a good handle on dolly’s serve. I hadn’t noticed, am too nervous in Andy’s matches, but it’s one of the many reasons why I love Andy’s game, if plan a doesn’t work then he has b, c, or d to try. Not many players can do that. Re Ferrer, you’d be a fool to discount his chances but I take comfort from the fact that Andy just beat him at WTF and i am it was kind enough to say that was one of the best displays of tennis he had ever seen.
Can I ask why u don’t like Novak? I know he can be a bit of a drama queen but surely his tennis makes up for that?
George Morgan continues to advance, another I’m interested in is Liam Brody, left handed, talented. Dad has fallen out with LTA, what a surprise..not, and sent him and his sister to France to train.
Nobody’s mentioned that Rafa’s thigh was strapped b4 Ferrer match. Surely he aggravated that injury? Very unlucky if he got another.
Two Cents: what a brilliant attitude you have towards Fed, so grateful/humble to have been his fan during the glory days but totally realistic and not regretting, the future. U r a star :)

Kimberly Says:

i am deeply concerned. espn2 was saying rafas injury was a torn hamstring and my husband said if that is the case he will be out three to six months.

Oh well. If thats the case I will need a new temporary fav in the interim to keep tennis interesting. Any applicants? I guess over 6 months I would feel a natural pull to someone other than Erenest Gulbis (like someone who actually trains and doesnt lose first round matches).

The crazy thing is I don’t mind if Rafa slips in rankings as long as I get to watch him chase it back! In some ways I like Rafa more as the pursuer than the pursued.

But then I heard Uncle Toni said 1 month? As long as he is back by Miami so we can see him.

Right now Andy and Novak are the pursuers. I think Fed as we knew him is essentially done. Sure he’s good for a slam or two. And Fed fans should be grateful for all they have had for an unprecedented amount of time.

Novak in my opinion is the one with the guts right now. But who knows. In two days we could all be saying something different.

Colin Says:

I love the way people are talking about Federer getting old and crotchety. When I was born, Fred Perry was reigning Grand Slam champion, when “Grand Slam” had its original meaning. You want crotchety?
It’s my speciality. Or specialty, to you foreigners.

Kimberly Says:

Margot if your boy wins you win the bracket challenge. The “what-if scenarios” are posted on the bracket site. Most other combinations, Eric will win.

At least Andreas is dismantled.

margot Says:

kimberly: there are more important things at stake than winning bracket challenge :)
Am glad Andreas has crashed and burned, phew us “experts” had much egg on face. I can’t access messages, apparently I’ve got some? Any suggestions? I think Rafa pulled something in his groin during Cilic match. Don’t understand why his team hasn’t mentioned anything.
Hilarious on radio re Andy. They were asking when does “grumpy Scot” become “plucky Scot”? Not yet it seems ;)

Skeezerweezer Says:


The latest is “minor” damage from a scan in Aus, he is going home for another one…

I am with your opinion that The Rafa machine works best as the pursuer..

Tennis Fan Says:

… why don’t they enforce the ridiculous time in between points (re: Djokovic ball bouncing) or Nadal slowness. This is the part of the game that is really annoying.
… Fed and others that play at a reasonable pace should be rewarded for such…
… The tournaments have to begin to enforce the actual rules of the game.
… too bad Fed lost today. He beat himself … more than Djoko winning. This means he can still win some Slams this year if he gets his head together.

dAri Says:

This AO really got under my skin. Maybe it was the bracket challenge, but found myself watching wayyyyy more tennis than anyone needs to and living my life somewhere between Aussie and eastern time!
It will be weird tonight with no tennis (singles) till laaaate tonight, and in a couple days it will all be over!
Hopefully Murray will have his first by then, and woth Kim and Li in the final, I am happy either way!
There’s been someHIGH quality matches from.the women and youngsters!
Two greats couldn’t come through.
Oh- just saw Rafa Rog moment from rally for relief on tennis channel- my heart!
Anyway, its been a ride this AO, and it aint over yet, but it will be a releif when it is! I want my life back, and i can’t wait for my indoor pass to start on Feb 1st! I think not playing this month made watching all the more draining- no where to put my competitive emotions but in these men and women!
Thanks to Kimberly for the bracket!
Let’s see if i will wake up for Murray match tonight.
Go Mandy!

Twocents Says:

margot, thanks for your props to a silly old Texan. I always admire the commitment of non-Fedal fans like you, amid all these (sickening) over-hyped Fedal fever. Murray definitely worth of your attention. In risk of offending my fellow Fed fans, that two straight set slam final wins over Andy are too due to payback. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it? LOL.

And I’ve been to China, the >5k year mysterious kingdom, too many times not to take note of their wise? perspective: nothing lasts forever except heart.

Tennis Fan, I’m afraid it’s not Fed’s head, it’s his body, the 900+ pro match-savalged body. We’ll never know the true story until maybe Fed’s full retirement, after those “low rent” slings at WO10. Boy, do I wish he spat out everything! But with 3 gorgeous girls, 16 slams, and gizillion dollar bank account, what’s there to complain for Fed? He’s happy. I’m happy.

Kimberly Says:

skeez, thanks for the link.

When Rafa slipped to #4 then kicked $$s to get back it was awesome. I think he feels more confortable in that role as well whether he knows it or not. With that said, of course I want him to stay #1!!!!!!!!

On Temporary fav if he is in fact out Berdych and Verdasco would be serious contenders.

I think we all need to start rooting for Roddick. I mean, otherwise American tennis will just go down the drain. The B squad can’t bring it. Cearly Roddick needs our positive vibes. Can we get past the umpire bashing and support our country? Should we email him to start playing some attacking tennis? Roddick is and has been the Luke Skywalker Last Hope of American ATP tennis. And once the Williams sisters quit forget it. Who’s going to carry the torch. Melanie Oudin? Coco Vandeweighe? Matteck Sands? Time to cheer for Venus, Serena and Roddick americans.

It blows my mind living in south florida where there are so many good tennis players, the Bolleterri institute, and we can’t turn out decent players. Europeans are putting a serious whipping on us!

dAri Says:

Kimberly, I was just thinking about AndyR after I said two greats didn’t make it in my post. AndyR didn’t either. :(
He will get my support and my gratitude for carrying American tennis for the past several years.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Don’t forget Isner. He could sneak in and win a wimby with that big serving game. Andy R is 29 isn’t he same as Fed? It’s well known that if Fed wasn’t around Andy would have had is fair share of Slams. Me thinks Andy has fewer years left than more.

I agree, but were we spoiled or fortunate with the era of Mac, Connors, then Agassi, Sampras, Courier, and Chang?

But then one can argue the game is more global than ever, one of the few sports that are, and that is a good thing, no?

Kimberly please tell old Nick B there in Florida to get his happy a$$ going and develop us some american tennis stars! :)

contador Says:

Kimberly, never trust anything heard on ESPN2, right? your husband is right tho, if it were a “torn” hamstring. thank god it’s not.

as for a temporary rafa replacement, i imagine that’s impossible.

for me, i don’t need anything more than having a renewed interest in the wta and someone interesting in the atp top 200 and moving forward…the moving forward part does make selecting gulbis a bit unsound. but there ya go. he’s hanging on in the top 30 but i have plenty of “spares.” soda, dolgo, simon, le monf, cilic, delpo, injury prone haase and baghdatis…on and on….

in my heart i am a sated federer fan. so i pay attention if possible to atp qualifiers and keep an eye on the challenger circuit. dimitrov has the game that appeals to me the most, really.

if novak djokovic steps up and wins this AO, he’ll show me he wants #1. i don’t doubt he’s capable of being a great #1 but do these 2 – nole and murray really want it? they’ve been hanging up there for awhile now. lots of pressure being #1. whoever will take that spot and hold it is a cut above, imo. which i guess means i’m a closet rafa fan…….

skeezer – if you are at IW the first week …i’m a blond walking around in a daze waving a latvian flag and probably if i can convince him, accompanied by a 6’4″ greek…no joke. : )

madmax Says:

DURO and JANE, congratulations my friends. I am happy for your win through novak. He deserved this win. Of course disappointed in roger – but you know -for a split second – that’s all it took to get over.

I think because am used to more of his losses. and it was a three hour three setter, so longer than the 4 setter he played against robredo. But roger fought and he lost. Not his day.

What can you say?

Novak held his own and now he has come into his own.

A couple of things. Disappointed again with this 5:2 up to roger. At this point…WHAT is going on in his head that needs sorting out? Come on Roger. This is the next thing in your game (the mental belief) at this point which has wavered.

Secondly. novak fans. Come on. The bouncing of the ball. Novak has bounced the ball (not as long as rafa), but why is it taking him so long? Was this a ploy? to unnerve roger? (partly?) I dont know.

Nice comments from roger about novak in his interview. To admit he was the better player, (which he was), class act.

Federer fans, do not be down for too long – there is nothing to be down about – roger federer is our champ – enjoy this time in tennis – 8 years at the top is phenomenal!

No one but no one has been at that level of consistency for so long. celebrate that.

This is Novak’s time and good luck to him.

I will be watching the final on sunday. It will be stranged not to see fedal – but change is good.

Gannu, I hope you are okay?

grendel Says:


“Can I ask why u don’t like Novak? I know he can be a bit of a drama queen but surely his tennis makes up for that?”
Did I say I didn’t like him, can’t remember. I absolutely acknowledge his skills. I don’t think you need necessarily like everyone. Are you familiar with Robert Graves’ story concerning a prospective (I think) English professor at Oxford? This fellow said something like:”I understand you have eccentric tastes in literature; it appears, indeed,that you prefer some authors to others”.

For all I know, Djokovic may be the best tennis player in the world right now. I’d have no argument with that proposition. He’s just not quite my style. He seems to me to be in the Lendl mode, a great player who was certainly the best in the world for quite a while. But not my style. (I’m not talking about character, b.t.w. – personally, I have no interest in grading any of their characters, not sure it even makes sense). Couldn’t quite say why, at least I have some notion – but that will just be seen as stirring the pot.

But after all, the fact that people are fans of A rather than of B suggests certain stylistic preferences, apart from those who are motivated solely on national grounds.

madmax Says:


Right now Andy and Novak are the pursuers. I think Fed as we knew him is essentially done. Sure he’s good for a slam or two. And Fed fans should be grateful for all they have had for an unprecedented amount of time.

Whoooaaaahhhh kimberley. Why say something like this? You dont even like federer. He’s done? Think again and next time be a bit more thoughtful with your comments.

He loses a SF match. He’s 29 years old. He’s still winning tournaments. On an 18 match streak and he’s done?

Less than 2 months ago he railroads rafa at the WTF and he’s done?

You are not as objective as you make out.

WTF Says:

Good for the Djoker. I hope he wins his 2nd slam. Unfortunately, Murray has won the last 3 matches they’ve played (2 in 2008 and 1 in 2009). They haven’t played each other much in the last 3 years. None at all in 2010, which is quite a surprise.

Yes I am writing off David Ferrer. He has virtually no hope of beating a guy like Murray. Even Nadal healthy would have had at best a 50% chance of beating him on a hard court. That is unless Murray twists his ankle or something.

In the final, Murray has to be favorite, unless he chokes again. But the two times he choked were against Federer, a guy he owned in head to head. Novak is a different player with his own set of weaknesses (and strengths). Maybe the Scott will pull it off this time around. Federer is a tougher opponent for Murray than Djoker is in a GS final, regardless of head to heads.

Murray has not lost to Djoker in 3 years, and that last defeat was on the clay of Monte Carlo (Murray’s weakest surface). The AO hard courts are probably Murray’s best surface. Things will be different this time.

Rooting for Djokovic, because he completed the hard task of defeating Federer, a feat that Andy Murray cannot do in a GS, and something even Nadal didn’t do last year in winning his 3 slams*. If Novak can do that he deserves to win the title. However, I get a feeling he has merely done Murray a favor in putting away his nemesis. Murray in 4 sets is my prediction, though I would love to be proven wrong.

*Nadal’s US Open win is only as legit as Federer’s French Open win. They both completed their GS collection without defeating the other player, who both happen to be the biggest obstacle possible to winning that respective missing slam.

Tennis Fan Says:

Djoko doesn’t have many fans because he comes across as smug (or arrogant) much of the time (pounding of the chest, ridiculous looks at an opponent, etc), his entourage (much the same). Federer is personal and has style (both in his game and how he handles himself outside of the game.) Nadal is a likeable individual too, who wins you over with his dogged effort and determination. He’s not the kind of player that is going to find an excuse to quit a match (even if he’s struggling when injured).
No Djokovic just doesn’t have the qualities that I admire in a great player. He can be funny at times … but it just doesn’t do it for me (and many others). It would be sad if Djokovic were #1 for a while (but I don’t think he will be because there are too many other players that are as good as him close behind.)
Nadal and Fed are in a class by themselves.

Skeezerweezer Says:


I will be there the first weekend, if you will be I will look for you. FYI there are lots of blonds in Cali so I will look for the flag , lol. I will be wearing a white tennis hat and size 13 tennis shoes, just keep looking at the ground you won’t miss me.

Seriously if you or anyone else haooens to be going there would love to say hi just stay in touch up here till then…..:)

margot Says:

Here I go again! Calling all fans of Andole
Light the fires, burn the sacrifices, appease the tennis gods, and cheer very, very loudly
“Come on Andy.”

WTF Says:

Colin Says:

“At the start of the year, the real question about Nadal was not, Can he win a Rafa Slam, can he win this or that, it was Can he play a complete season of tennis without physical problems. We have the answer to that already, and it’s only January.”

Nadal’s injury looked to me like an accident, not the result of wear and tear and a punishing style of play. If it was knee tendonitis you’d have a point. This hamstring injury could have happened to anyone.

jane Says:

“ROGER FEDERER: It’s always a classic question. I don’t know why you care. I don’t know what my plans are quite yet. I doubt it because I don’t switch on the TV a whole lot when I’m elsewhere with the family, so…”

Federer doesn’t have enough modesty to admit to watching other people’s matches, but I guarantee that he will see this match at some point or another. Probably live. He’ll be too curious to know the result. It affects him whether he wants to believe it or not. Who wins will affect his ranking for one, and that’s not a thing Fed takes lightly — he well and truly wants to return to #1, and now faces the prospect of playing “classics” with Nadal in a semi final. He’ll also learn something very important about Murray (assuming Murray beats Ferrer, which he will). Will Murray finally put all his demons behind him? Or is he destined to choke away every opportunity at winning a slam? If Murray wins, will Fed no longer be able to beat him in a GS with his eyes closed next time? Will he actually have to fear the guy now?

The result will be big. He will want to know the result, and he will want to know HOW it was reached.

A player like Nadal watches other people’s matches and wasn’t afraid to admit that Fed and Roddick’s marathon Wimbledon final was one of the best matches he’d ever seen played in his life.

Yeah Fed has family, but he’s not THAT busy with them that he can’t even spare a few hours on a Sunday night to watch a match. Whatever he is doing with that time he wouldn’t have been able to do anyway had he been a player in that match so surely he can set aside some time for it.

I like both Murray and Djokovic a lot. I want Djok to win because IMO he deserves it more for being able to beat Federer. It would hurt really bad if he did the hard work for his opponent twice in a row of beating Federer only for the other guy to win — something they might not have been able to do if their draws were reversed.

If Murray beat Federer, I’d like him to win the title. But most of all I’m just salivating over the prospect of Murray and Djoko playing a match again. It’s been too long.

WTF Says:

Btw, ominously.. this is the first time since 2003 that Roger Federer has not held at least one GS title. He is not my pick for the French Open, so it might be until July before he reclaims one…

stu Says:

echoing margot,

Come on Andy!

can’t. wait. for. Sunday!

dAri Says:

Watching the Djokovic/rfederer match, the last set at least. Trying not to get a little aggravated! Commentary BLOWS when you know your man isn’t gonna pull through.
I, too, would be pumped for a Murray Djoko match.
If you can’t have a final with #1/2, then #3/4 is exciting too! Yes I know Murray is not ACTUALLY #4 atm!

stu Says:


It would hurt really bad if he did the hard work for his opponent twice in a row of beating Federer only for the other guy to win — something they might not have been able to do if their draws were reversed.

Yes, thank you. Moreso becoz it’s taken him a few Slams (2007-2010) to finally break thru the Rafa-Fed semifinal wall, and it wasn’t just to be able to pave the way for his opponents.

stu Says:

dAri, watch the first set. you’ll feel better knowing that Fed’s still got what it takes

Swiss Maestro Says:

to paraphrase fed :

we gonna see in six months. are these contenders or pretenders.

one swallow does not a summer make. for that matter even 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 or 15! LOL!

it is quite funny how people keep hoping federer’s career ends, but keep euphemizing their wishes in any many ways.

dAri Says:

BTW- AT some point we are going to hear a lot of “this is the first time federer has not *blank* since *blank year*”
At some point, it will all pile up and just be annoying to hear, but he is also continuing to set records everytime he plays so I suppose I can take some of your ominous talk!
I’m excited for the fed everyman chapter who is not defending anything just going out there and trying to hang with the young bucks!
&@&#? these break point chances!

dAri Says:

Stu- its ok. I’m seeing it in patches even in this final set. But its about to go down… ah well.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Arrggh that first set. Guess I differ. Fed had a golden opportunity to win that first game in the first set to set the tone, but didn’t do it. He could have made a statement right there. Your man doubled in the first game twice. Fed did not get the start he wanted, and Novak then did his part once over that with some interesting tactics that opened up things more for him. He pounded Fed’s FH, not BH, early, and was winning points by it. What this did was open things for the BH side against Fed later on. Interesting stuff…

jane Says:

WTF “But most of all I’m just salivating over the prospect of Murray and Djoko playing a match again. It’s been too long.”

No kidding: me too! I see your point about Fed probably watching the match but I also found it funny and fitting that he said to the journalists “why do you care?” Because in a way, it is a good question.

margot, lighting fires, pouring libations! Andole!

stu Says:

skeeze, i woke up after the first two games so i guess i saw the best of it. yeah i guess its unlike Fed not to capitalize on the opportunity in the first game. im also surprised that he didn’t try harder in the TB. all was not lost until then…

nole beat fed in the EQ department today, and he learnt to do that from fed himself!

jane Says:

dari, “He pounded Fed’s FH,” In every single slam victory Nole has had over Fed (3 now), the commentators have mentioned this technique, how Nole is not afraid, or is willing to, or whatever, go to the Federer forehand. The said it at the AO in 2008, and they said it during the 5th set at the USO in 2010, and now you’re saying about this match, AO 2011. I think because of Rafa most players figured the thing to do is to immediately hammer Fed’s backhand, but (a) that doesn’t always work (witness Stan’s beating the other day, or even Murray in the final here last year), and (b) it could be that the neglected wing, being neglected, could initially/at times be vulnerable too. Anyhow, find it interesting that it’s an approach Nole usually takes.

WTF Says:

Q. (Question regarding who will win the final)

“ROGER FEDERER: Well, I don’t know who is in the final yet on the other side. I fancy Murray’s chances to go through. Then again, it’s night. I don’t know how that’s going to match up against each other.

I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting final. I mean, obviously if Novak plays at this level, he’s got his chances; if Murray continues playing at his level he’ll have his chances too. Ferrer played a fantastic match yesterday.”

Notice that last sentence. Federer DOES watch other people’s matches. Just not after he’s been beaten because he no longer cares how other people play now that he’s not in the equation anymore. This is very childish in my opinion.

You know, that family time which gets in the way of him watching other people’s matches… apparently it didn’t stop him from watching matches before he was eliminated. Only after he loses can he find time for his family in his leisure time, and not a moment sooner.

dAri Says:

Jane- yep they just said it, and it was skeezer!

dAri Says:

WTF- WTF?! talk about these guys’ tennis, on.court attitudes, press room attitudes, but it is out of line, to bring up a player’s dedication to his family. You should be ashamed.
I’m not even going to go into how you misconstrued his words to fit some hateful idea of yours. Ugh.

Possum Says:

Djokevic was a deserved victor. He out played Roger from the baseline. Roger could not hit the ball past him. I don’t think Roger played badly; in fact, I think it was the best he played all tournament. The stats showed Roger hit more winners, but Novak hit the winners that counted. Novak played the key points better. Unlike previous encounters, he did not wilt under pressure but seemed to rise to each occasion. On other hand, Roger did not respond as well as he usually does when he was under the pump. Roger’s serve was not as effective as it normally is. He hit few serve winners and a very low number of aces. His serve often gets him out of trouble but not last night. Roger should have changed his tactics, varied his shots more and charged the net when he had the chance. But all credit to Novak. I’ve never seen him play better and I don’t think he can. That was his peak. BTW, what’s with the ball bounces? And why is he called ‘Nole’?

I like tennis bullies Says:

“classy” federer turns into a real b!tch when he’s losing ain’t he ?

WTF Says:

dAri Says:

“WTF- WTF?! talk about these guys’ tennis, on.court attitudes, press room attitudes, but it is out of line, to bring up a player’s dedication to his family. You should be ashamed.”

Well I’m not. He’s a liar, and I’m calling him out plain and simple. What he does with his family is irrelevant. His pride is what I’m discussing, not his family.

And I don’t hate him. You’re misconstruing MY words to fit some misunderstood ideas of your own perhaps?

If he’s too busy with his family to watch a match after he loses, he should be too busy with his family to watch one before he loses also. Otherwise, he can find the time. And he does. He’s just too proud to admit it.

You can cry if you want, but I’m not apologetic in the slightest. I actually like Federer as a player. Just not the way he conducts himself in the press room sometimes.

WTF Says:

By the way, even before he had a family he never watched a match after he lost (or claimed so). So the family bit is a lie. It was the same story, just different excuse for not watching people’s matches. And yes, based on past interviews he did watch some of the other matches before he lost, or at least intended to. There’s always something to learn about a player if you’re not too arrogant to want to see it.

Snowboard Diva Says:

Bye, bye, Roger. Too bad…. it just wasn’t his day. Would love to have seen them fight through one more set. It’s not often that Rog gets bounced out 3 sets to 0. This will mess with him, for sure.

stu Says:

Has anyone found a link to Nole’s presser yet?

Kimberly Says:

Madmax, Let me restate I think fed is still a top class player who can still bang out a slam or two. But I think thebera of him dominating then tour 90-4 and three slams and one finalna year, yes are done. On a good day he can whip up on anyone including rafa on his a game as well. Sorry if my comments bugged you. I think all rafa fans and fed fans are a little grouchy!

gypsy Says:

WTF and I like tennis bullies you are truly what your name implies, SCUM

Swiss Maestro Says:

federer is trying to win tennis titles! not run for the president of a country!

if people were wise enough to ask the right questions to the right people, this world would be a much happier place.

ofcourse we want to dictate how federer should live his life? ok! that makes sense!

Swiss Maestro Says:

all will be happy in fedal world if ferrer whips murray’s behind to scotland and novak’s to serbia. LOL!

grendel Says:

But Djokovic did pound Fed’s bh for the most part. Certainly he wasn’t afraid to go to the fh – he will quickly have discovered this particular weapon was not firing on all cylinders – but my impression was that it was the bh he targeted mostly. And why not – the improvements we have see recently were awol.

WTF – of course Federer will want to know the result of Murray/Djokovic, and he can get this in 5 seconds flat without watching the game. It seems to me perfectly conceivable that he won’t be watching it live, perhaps he’ll opt for some sailing or a trip to a cinema or something, and if that is the case, why not? What on earth has modesty, or lack of it, got to do with anything? That he’ll want, at some point, to see a tape of the Murray/Djokovic match is certain, for the reasons you say. But to dictate to Federer precisely when he should watch the match seems to me truly bizarre.

There was, moreover, an agenda to the question. He had been asked just such a question on another occasion of loss, gave the socially incorrect answer, and doubtless the journo was trying for a spot of stirring and very likely Federer was aware of this. If he was, full marks to Federer for not caring a tuppeny turd what the journo made of it. I prefer immodesty, if that’s what it was and I remain to be persuaded, any day to sycophancy.

Noting that Federer watched Ferrer’s match, WTF comments:” Federer DOES watch other people’s matches. Just not after he’s been beaten because he no longer cares how other people play now that he’s not in the equation anymore. This is very childish in my opinion.”

That’s one interpretation – not, I suggest, a very persuasive one. Federer had every reason to watch the Nadal/Ferrer match since Nadal in particular was (in his eyes) the chief obstacle to his retaining his crown. So naturally he wanted to check on his form. Now that he’s out of the tourney, there is no urgency to watch the Djoko/Murray match. That’s the simple explanation. And simple explanations are generally the best.

dAri Says:

WTF- I didn’t say you hated fed, I said it was a hateful idea to criticize a man THAT YOU DON’T KNOW and the time he spends with his family.
“Only after he loses can he find time for his family in his leisure time, and not a moment sooner”. That’s a statement you made directly pertaining to his family and you’re taking a big leap from press conference bites to make a conclusion about about people that you have never seen in a private context! People go to work, and when they get off work, they do other things, sometimes those things involve doing things with their families. Like going to the zoo with your kids for example.
Your statement about the family part is hateful. your repeated use of lie and liar is comical, I don’t care about that part.
I don’t like to get into heated internet comment board duels. my participation in this topic- and your dodgey interest in making a conclusion about PERSONAL family habits of a person based on press conference bites- ends here.

Swiss Maestro Says:

let us also not forget that the pressers that players do is a gimmick that helps journalists make a career than the players themselves.

one of these days some impatient player will slap a journo silly for asking questions like ” how do you feel now?” less than a few hours after trying his @ss off to win a tennis match and falling short.

federer has absolutely no obligation to come and inform you anything about his life. i hate it when people spend a dollar on some commodity and try to act as if they are running the whole organization till it was formed. how cheap! go watch curling if you think tennis stars are lying and being too arrogant.

stu Says:

Yeah, I thought he was going after the BH too, especially in the third set when it was shank after shank from that wing for Fed. The stats of the match are really interesting, SO close, even the number of net approaches which surprised me. Almost identical serve stats and return stats (except the 5 DFs for Nole). Fed had many more winners, but Djok won a few more points.

grendel Says:

“The stats of the match are really interesting, SO close, even the number of net approaches which surprised me. Almost identical serve stats and return stats (except the 5 DFs for Nole). Fed had many more winners, but Djok won a few more points”

That is indeed interesting, stu, and only goes to confirm my strong conviction that stats of the kind available from tennis matches need to be treated with extreme caution. As Possum says:”The stats showed Roger hit more winners, but Novak hit the winners that counted. Novak played the key points better”. Stats are powerless to reveal such important info. Well, as they are presently organised, let’s say…

The fact is, Djokovic played a much better match than Federer, he looked dominant, dammit he WAS dominant. He thoroughly deserved his win.

sheila Says:

rick says: roger federer completed the grand slam by losing in all 4 of them. lets c, federers won 16 majors, djokovic has won 1 so far, djokovic is 6 yrs younger than federer, federer has made it to something like 23 semi finals consecutively & how many has djokovic been in. federer obviously isnt the consistent player he once was, but i think hes got a good enuff resume to pass & its amazing how we love to trash athletes when they arent in their prime anymore

Ben Pronin Says:

I’d like to add in my two cents on a few things.

First, Djokovic bouncing the ball for a while. Unless he’s going past the limit, there is no problem. I thi

Ben Pronin Says:


I think he started listening to way too many people, critics, fans, coaches, players, whoever, and it screwed him up big time. He’s back to a lot of bounces and he’s serving as good as he ever has. And I think it’s pretty clear he’s not trying to purposely annoy anyone, he does it for himself. Federer brushes his hair back ever 3 seconds, Nadal picks his butt, and Djokovic bounces the ball a lot. To each their own.

As for the match, I think someone here said it that Federer’s heart and head were In the final set but his game woUldnt comply. I feel like that couldn’t be more true, he did what he could but he IS old for a tennis player regardless of how many more years people think he has. But really credit Djokovic for not going away. No mental lapses, no random patches of errors, he’s finally on track to fulfill his potential.

Nonetheless, Federer will win more slams. I have no doubt about that. This time his game failed him, next time it may or may not. But law of averages will help him. He’s always going to be a presence. And at least there’s no injuries or anything, he’s going to have a good year.

Finally, Federer’s interview is the best interview I’ve ever read by a professional athlete. Not only did he not fall into the media traps but he called them out for being jackasses in general. Absolutely awesome. And seriously, who cares if he watches the final or not? I think it’ll be a great match so his loss if he doesn’t. Either way, it’s his business, there’s no rule that says the loser has to watch the rest of the tournament, or at all.

Kimberly Says:

Nice post Ben.

Btw, anyone else having serious tennis withdrawal right now? Must set my alarm for tonight. Not much left. I always like the thirdhand fourthbrounds best. Lots andnlots of matches and excitement.

grendel Says:


“Nonetheless, Federer will win more slams. I have no doubt about that”. Really? No doubt? Why? There comes a point when even great champions stop winning slams. They’re just not quite good enough any more. Almost, but not quite sort of thing. Is that what I believe about Federer? Well, to be honest, I regard my opinion as worthless in this regard, I just have feelings which aren’t clearly defined.

But I am fascinated by people who apparently KNOW. I mean, why shouldn’t Federer simply be outplayed in each of the next 10 slams, say, by Djok or Nadal or Murray or maybe a risen Delpo or a mature Dolgo or who knows who else – why not? What would be so surprising? Would it then be astonishing – from my point of view – if Federer won another slam or even two? No, not at all.

I just don’t know.

dAri Says:

Re- Kimberly withdrawl- its 8pm on the east coast, how am I not watching a minimum of two matches right now?!
I just watched the rest of the Djoko/fed match. I didnt know that fed had a few break chances and even broke back once. when I went to sleep it was 2-1, novak with the break.then saw the score later, I figured it was just them holding serve back and forth. But roger had a nice little fight there in nole service games until he got broken back. A little fight in roger close to the end is encouraging, he will need that more as his career goes on :)

someone Says:

Djokovic was playing good but the Fed was making way too many errors compared to his match with Wawrinka. This is probably because he had only 1 night match compared to Djokovic, who had 2 night matches and was more obviously used to those conditions.

I mean Fed is the 16 GS champion and 4-time AO champ but he was only given 1 night match before his semi-final match??!! Obviously the AO organizers did that on purpose because they were predicting a Fedal final and wanted to give Rafa the edge by giving Fed less rhythm because they wanted to witness history – the Rafa slam.

jane Says:

“Novak played the key points better” That is precisely what I think Fed said in his presser.

“Federer brushes his hair back ever 3 seconds, Nadal picks his butt, and Djokovic bounces the ball a lot. To each their own.”

lol. They do all have ticks! And not just in service routines, but I have noticed some in receiving routines: for e.g., Fed twirls his racquet sometimes when he is about to receive; Murray rocks back and forth and reminds me of the pendulum on a grandfather clock; Nadal gets down really, *really* low; Nole often has his mouth open, looking like he’s ready to catch flies, and so forth.

I didn’t see Nole/Fed yet, but I heard a few people say he pounded the backhand. I was merely noting, in response to dari’s point, that commentators have often singled out Nole’s tendency to go to the forehand of Fed also – target it even.

Kimmi Says:

there was a rumor through commentators that federer requested a day match during the qtr final with wawa. they were surprised with the scheduling too. (was watching eurosport stream at the time). his match was scheduled to start not before 12:30 pm. that is the earliest federer match started in this tournament.

wozniacki vs schiavoni was the third match on rod laver that day because apparently the organizer wanted to give schiavoni more recovery time.

i dont think it was a conspiracy at all…

johnny Says:

@Swiss Maestro @queen

haha what a sour grapes. classless posts. nuf said.

Kimmi Says:

the courts just suites djokovic game more. that is why he is done very well here. that did not help federer much i am afraid.

plus, he is getting older he is susceptible to lapses in concentration. everytime i think that he was 5-2 up in the second set and then djoko went to win 5 straights games in this set really explains. federer of old would not lose 5 straight games. period!

Ben Pronin Says:

Jane, Federer twirls his racquet all the bloody time. Even during points like when he comes to net and is waiting for the volley or overhead. Let’s not forget Murray is always adjusting something with his shorts or leg. The media tries to make people think it’s an injury but I just think the guy can’t find comfortable shorts.

Grendel, it’s the law of averages. If he makes the semis of the next 10 slams, he’s bound to win 1 of them. Like he says, he’s pleased that he’s always putting himself in great positions to win. Sometimes he doesn’t but sometimes he does and he will. Look at the WTF where his game just completely clicked. I see no reason why that can’t happen at a slam, just wasn’t this one. And cmon, are we already forgetting his record at Wimbledon because he oust in 1 quarterfinal in 8 years? I’m pegging him as the favorite already.

Federer has come back from worse. And what about Nadal? He apparently suffered a really bad injury and practically wobbled out of this event. Does anyone think he’s not going to win the French?I pretty much expect another clay slam. At worst maybe one loss at one of the Masters. But based on this event surely Federer is in a better place than Nadal at the moment, no?

Yeah Kimberly I feel you on the withdrawal, I don’t think I’ll be getting up early for this one though.

Eric Says:

Ben, we get your point about the law of averages, but winning a tennis tournament isn’t a random event. There are no dice rolled to see who advances.

Federer, a man who once reached ten consecutive GS finals and won all but two of them (a f***ing ridiculous achievement, by the way) and then followed it up by reaching another eight straight (winning four, not exactly a slouch), has now failed to make a final four slams in a row – losing twice in the quarters, to opponents against whom he had a combined record of like 20-1 or whatever. And now he’s been kicked out two slams in a row by Djokovic. What will happen when Murray mans up in slam play? What if Roger just doesn’t have what it takes to beat them anymore?

I personally think and hope that he will win more slams, and hopefully even get back to no. 1, if only for that week he needs, but I don’t think it’s realistic to regard him as the leading favorite any more. We’ll see how 2011 goes.

Daniel Says:

Regarding ticks, Murray when receiving twist his anckle wiht his left hand up and down. I just noticed this last match agaisnt Dolgo. He does this all the points when he is receiving. lok at his left hand…

grendel, regarding Fed winning more Slams. I am with Ben, he was just on a 15 match winning streak where he beat almost all playesr who have beaten him in last 2 years: Nadal, Murray, Djoko, Soderling, Simon, Wawa, Davy….
Eventually he will have a run in a Slam again. Plus, Wimbledon I still think he is favorite over Nadal, (55-45) and anybody else. Nadal always strugle in firts rounds, and if he gets an opponent hot with a litle more belief he can go out. If he plays like he did in WTF and Doha on grass, we will marvel once again.

Daniel Says:

Sh…t, twist his wrist. I don’t know why I typed ankle. LOL!

Kimmi Says:

daniel – nadal has been coming to wimbeldon with lots of confidence after winning the RG. So, he will always be tough to beat. I guarantee you wont see a WTF/doha nadal at way!

jane Says:

Daniel, lol, I was trying to picture Murray rocking back and forth AND reaching down to his ankle and just could not figure it out. But yes, now that you mention it I do recall that wrist thing. :)

I agree with those who think it’s too pessimistic to write off Fed for another slam or more. He is still at the pinnacle of the sport; he still is one of the most difficult to beat. Both Agassi and Sampras won slams later; why can’t Fed? I don’t know either, but I am inclined to think it’s more likely than not, that’s for sure.

Polo – thanks! I checked a.s.a.p scripts and the AO site but no one seemed to have Nole’s interview. Appreciate you posting that link for us.

jane Says:

p.s. But on the other hand, given I tend to be a bit pessimistic about my own faves/stuff/etc, I completely empathize with those of you who have doubts.

Gannu Says:

Heart broken…what else madmax.. thanks for encouraging words… i feel this is the end of federer… dont know when i am going to see him win gslams.. lost all hope!

Eric Says:

1990 was the first year Sampras had a winning record on tour (winning 75%); it was also the year he won his first slam. He won his last slam in 2002, twelve years later, and more than two years since his penultimate slam. (He was also the 17th seed at the 2002 USO when he won, making it even more impressive.)

Fed’s first winning record was in 2000 (only 55%), although of course his breakout year was not until later. Twelve years after that will be 2012 — so, by super-crude comparison with Sampras, he should have two more full seasons. Perhaps longer, since Federer is still going to be at the top of the ranking system (I can’t see any very likely scenario for how Djokovic would pass him in the rankings, especially not until the fall).

jane Says:

Awwww, Nole said some really nice things about his relationship with Murray in that presser. Growing playing together, under 10, under 12, under 14, breaking into top 100 at the same time. Very cool. Liked that.

Unfortunately though, once again, Murray is on too late and I don’t think I can watch it. Arrrgh. May try to stay up but will make me very unproductive tomorrow if I do.

contador Says:

thank god for eurosport. thanks Polo

aussie open hasn’t had the video pressers…or maybe i missed something.

Jane – those were nice things about murray, but i don’t want him getting too warm and fuzzy about that when he steps onto rod laver sunday. he looks and sounds confident. he’s won a slam before….as he says he’s different now tho. as he says, he won hitting the ball hard with “eyes closed” 3 years ago. now he knows both sides…it doesn’t come easy. he’s been humbled and sounds like he appreciates where he’s at even more….a chance at a GS final with no nadal and federer conquered…again, like in 2008. changed my mind. i think he’ll get it.

contador Says:

it’s not going to be easy putting that friendship aside is it? lots at stake here for both.

Kimberly Says:

I’m setting my alarm. Very little tennis left. Willnwatch both finals as well, at least I intend to.

Ok, is anyone othernthan me rooting for na li?

jane Says:

contador, I am unsure. It has been so long since Murray and Nole played it is tough for me to know what to expect! They have both evolved even since 1.5 or 2 years ago, last time they played. But I do like the maturity I sensed there in Nole’s interview. I know lots of people do not like him, but, well I do.

First thing is first – Murray vs. Ferrer! Are you staying up? I cannot. Too tired!

stu Says:

Thanks much for that link, Polo. Dunno why the Aussie Open website has decided to keep it to themselves.

The Nolandy final just became even more appealing to me :)

contador Says:

hahaha you know i’m rooting for li na, kimberly.

but she can’t play like she did vs woz.

stu Says:

BTW conty – there are some video pressers in the “videos” section of the AO website. Just clips tho, not the entire interviews.

jane Says:

Kimberly, I think I’d like to see Na Li win, yes. She has fought so hard to get there. But I do really like Kim as well. So siding with Na Li, the underdog, but will be happy for either.

contador Says:

well, i will try to stay up…last night tried the set alarm thing and got a much needed night of sleep. but i’m good to go sleep deprived. no napping. i want to hear a tennis ball bouncing.

stu Says:

im tempted to stay up…but it’s probably going to be a blowout, yes? i like ferrer so i hope not, but if their WTF match is any indication…

contador Says:

hm okay stu….i thought i scoured that website but that was over an hour ago….or more. thanks

i wonder if they are on a budget or something. i don’t see the usual writers and bloggers on AO. and a distinct lack of video interviews like soon post matches. lots of twitter stuff has taken over. i do the facebook “likes” but refuse to twitter. i am on the phone too much as it is…texting…talk, talk…

contador Says:

stu, did u see the AO piece on ferrer? complete with him on the beach in melbourne? nice. and love his story. ferrer is great…i don’t care what anyone says about him.

jane Says:

I do think Murray will win in straights stu. Ferrer looked good against Raonic (didnt see Rafa match) but he fed off Milos’ pace. Murray has more experience and more variety. If this was a clay slam i would definitely give Ferrer a chance, but on hard I would have to pick AndyM every time.

jane Says:

Agree conty – Ferrer seems like a great guy. Saw that beach photo.

stu Says:

yeah, i saw the abs on ferrer. poor guy always overshadowed by nando (looks) and rafa (game). yeah maybe ill cheer for him a little bit too…

stu Says:

Looks like the AO writers are getting tennis “withdrawal symptoms too” :) Special articles on both Dahveed and Andy? They didn’t do that for Roger and Nole yesterday!

stu Says:

jane, that WSJ article really was fun to read. some of those stats even i didnt know, even though i spend half of my day on tennis-related websites…

Eric Says:

This AO piece on Ferrer really is touching…

Ferrer has obviously caught the bug. He can run one kilometre in 3 mins 25 seconds and clocks 36 minutes for 10 kilometres – not only is he fast but he keeps on going like the Energiser Bunny. This year, though, he varied his routine during the off season and tried mountain biking. Clearly, he took to that, too, and racked up 90k a day when he was not running himself ragged playing soccer….Just to make sure that his slight frame is as strong as it can be, Ferrer practises with Basque racquets during December. These are heavy wooden bats used for playing pelota and its many variants so, basically, Ferrer’s off-season training involves playing tennis with a lump of wood the size of a cricket bat. That builds muscle on his racquet arm but in order to make sure that his body is in perfect balance, he finishes every practise session by playing left handed (but with a normal racquet) for five or 10 minutes. A chap does not want to be lop-sided if he is chasing a major title.

What a monster!

stu Says:

I’m suddenly starting to get the feeling that Ferrer might just pull this out. Everyone, everywhere has written him off. Maybe that will light a fire under him.

If he doesn’t, I guess it will show that all the hard work in the world cannot complete against what your opponent is naturally blessed with.

stu Says:

Off to bed. Ya better keep your end of the bargain this time Muzz.

Polo Says:

For the past two days, I wake up at 6AM, turn on the TV and tune in on ESPN2. Then I get a big surprise. Yesterday, Nadal. Today, Federer. I wonder what surprise I will get tomorrow morning.

dari Says:

jane- that was a cool article, thanks!
ferrer is great too, but that article really got me juiced up for nolandy final!

contador Says:

Eric – agree about ferrer’s story. i didn’t know that much abt him. such a humble guy. but he’s overshadowed by the flashier spaniards.

but yeah, what an athlete! of course the spanish dominate 2 of my favorite sports.

but that’s how to do it and hang with the giants when you’re 5’9! be a monster!! i think he had a bad case of nerves or something at the WTF. he’s a better hc player than he gets credit. depends on the hc, i guess.

armed with energy drinks tonight….haven’t tried that one. Polo u must live in different time zone. match comes on here at 1 am, i think.

jane Says:

dari, and it says nice things about Fed and Fedal, too, so it’s not really just for Nolandy fans.

Michael Says:

What a pathetic display by Federer especially after his slaughtering of Wawarinka. He just caved in to Djokovic onslaught and shanked balls that should have been put away for a winner. He neither was coming into the net nor competing with Djokovic in the back court. Looking rather tentative, his serve was horrible to say the least with a percentage of 37% in the second set which cost him a fortune and Djokovic was able to take full advantage of his weakness. Full credit to Djokovic, he played well in the moments and took away the match from Federer. Of late, Federer is just not consistent as he should be. Now his best chance will only be at Wimbledon as French Open is already a given for Nadal or in the worst case Djokovic. But with Federer playing this way, may be 16 will be his final total.

Michael Says:

Although I like Djokovic, I will root for Murray or Ferrer if they get into the finals simply because they have not won a grand slam before. Murray will probably have more chances against Djokovic than Ferrer. By the way has Murray and Djokovic ever met before ? I assume they have not. That will make it a very interesting match if that crystalizes. May be a dawn of a new era in Tennis.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Grendel & dari on WTF post,

Agree and well spoken in response.

For those of u thinkin Novak was successful to Feds BH. Please watch the match again. Very early on Novak pounded Feds bread and butter, FH, and won most battles. This was crucial as Fed never has to usually protect that side. Novak proved Fed venerable on that side, which opened up the BH assault throughout the match. Feds BH has improved a lot, but when you give your opponent notice his strength isn’t going to hurt you tonight, the other wing is gonna open up.

Re: Ben & Fed listening

Face the facts

After AO last year Fed was in a “Fed slump”. When Annacone came in his fall campaign was brilliant, ending with a WTF smack down with

Andrew Miller Says:

Why no props to Ben Pronin and Dan Martin for the free advice in 2010 to Novak via the blog comments to drop Todd Martin and press the rewind button on the serve? Tennis-X called this way before April 2010 when Sean reported Novak’s decision to drop Martin. Novak listened – now two straight slam finals.

Coincidence? I think not!

Skeezerweezer Says:


…worlds best players in one tourney.

Bottom line for the Fed. Going through the aging athlete syndrome, me can only say this. You have your brilliant moments but brain fart or senior moments creep in. You are better than you ever were with age at times, but consistentcy is a huge problem. Fed of course has deified all odds and made new records so who knows….not me.

contador Says:

read both your links thoroughly, jane. appreciate them. both very good information. i want to convince myself that when they play there will be fire, tension, drama…an epic 5 set battle. not a sort of nice happy bromance match or something. suspending judgement until i see it and i don’t want to miss it!

back onto melbourne time for the weekend.

Skeezerweezer Says:

@ Michael

Your post says it all for me. Only thing I would add is Fed’s low percentage on service ; Novak is very well known on the tour as the best returner in the game, so credit needs to be given there on puting pressure on the Fed serve.

Michael Says:


The Problem was not the service alone, it was the mindset. It looked as if Federer was not just exhibiting his fighting qualities as he normally does. He had his chances in the second set where he was serving for the set but Djokovic broke him very easily due to his poor service as well as shanking some easy shots. Again in the third set, he broke Djokovic for a 4 All and I thought that was the moment in the match where there could be a turnaround. But once again Federer disappointed me and Djokovic broke him once again. Granted that Djokovic played well but what was obvious is that Federer was well below his par neither in his service nor his overall game. Some of the shots of Federer were just not travelling and landing rather too softly in Djokovic court. He was also hitting too much short balls and also the return of serve was horrible to say the least with Federer just getting the ball in for Djokovic to have a big swing at the ball. Overall a very poor display by Federer who disappointed his fans like me. I expected much from Federer especially after the Wawarinka match. To be beaten is acceptable but not without a fight. Federer just refused to fight and just caved into Djokovic onslaught is my grouse.

Michael Says:

Federer can still surprise us with a win at Wimbledon. But for that to happen he has to change his mindset. It seems nowadays that Federer caves in very easily under pressure. This is not the old Federer we saw in 2008 where he exhibited fighting qualities at the Wimbledon final even after Nadal took the first two sets with a splendid display. But Federer came back. He lost that match, but still Federer came out with his head held high just because he was trying to turnaround a lost match. That was Federer of yore and today’s Federer is just a pale shadow of the former. May be age has taken its toll which I hope not. I want Federer to win more slams.

andrea Says:

was reading all the comments about novak pummeling fed’s backhands. i still can’t watch the match that was taped…too bummed out.

but somewhere, there is a posting in the men’s locker room that says ‘when in doubt, keep hitting to federer’s backhand’. heck, everyone does it. nadal has made a career stomping roger with this tactic. you can’t be surprised that other players have followed suit.

anyway, this AO, more than other tournament in the past year, has really got me a it nostalgic and excited at the same time. i feel like i’ve gotten a good glimpse at the next round of up and coming players – men and women – and i like what i see. that’s the exciting part.

the nostalgic part is knowing that a whole generation of players that have been the past decade of tennis – fed, roddick, davydenko etc – are waning and won’t be on the scene for much longer.

a real changing of the guard taking place. i know we need new faces, but still sad to see the familiar ones go.

dAri Says:

Murray/ferrer here we go, chumps!

contador Says:

ha! dari’s awake….i am barely.

Nona Says:

Murray’s legs are massive, a product of hours of hard work in the gym. These top notch players have an admirable work ethic.

contador Says:

we have the famous richard evans, i believe, commenting on the match…AO radio.

contador Says:

into net fh from murray then a bh into bet.

ohh df from ferrer

follows it up with a dtl winner…..not going to give up his service game, ferru,


good start from both.

thark Says:


thark Says:


dAri Says:

I’m fading fast, conty, but I already see a blistering pace from both guys from the start. Murray hitting a couple monster forehands

contador Says:

wozniaki in the arena watching

oooooh great down the t ….massive serve

but it’s 30 all

wake up muzz

contador Says:

powerful intimidating serve to seal the game….looks like confidence is mounting

ferru serving. bad attempt at drop shot murray and follows it up with another two into net, and yet another into net…to many ue’s

ferru with a weak looking serve holds.

3-2 ferru

contador Says:

c;mon murray …..serving well to start

fun rally….but murray wins it. very sneaky murray

suddenly 40 love

but nets

big serve here muzz….ace


contador Says:

ferrer is very fast. but his serve…another df

30 all

break chance….no deuce.

chance for murray tho

murray challenged ad ferrer but

back to deuce. still a chance ferrer a little rattled on his service

bp muzz and gets it!

ferrer not serving as well as he was against rafa…nerves? not enough first serves in.

c’mon ferrer stay chill. don;t freak

contador Says:

ah…muzz looking aggressive on serve. serving well

wow….what a point from daveed. what a smart read of muzz serve!

thark Says:

wow david! what a break point!

contador Says:


what another fantastic rally and play from daveed!!

he breaks back 4-4

contador Says:

oops error from daveed donates a point

but daveed brilliant atm

and murray too …..murray looks like he’ll vrea back

top level rallies

contador Says:

murray with a bp,,,,,huge rally!!!!!!!!!!

contador Says:

ferrer saves a bp with a great serve

and saves 2 more bp’s just like that


ad ferrer….wins a chess match rally!!

thark Says:

clutch hold from ferru there…

contador Says:

ferrer has found a serve

5-4 ferrer. this is worth staying awake so far

contador Says:

muzzzzzz hang on…he’s not happy with himself

another murray error. chill muzz


grendel Says:

pure Ferrer – Murray breaks, Ferrer breaks back, Murray thn gains 2 break points, Ferrer hauls them back and holds on to retain serve – huge long rallies Ferrer holding his own, and Murray looking like a gas bag about to explode, Ferrer barely breaking sweat. I suppose Murray will win, but by the time he does, he’ll understand all about ferrer. Good job plenty of time till final..

thark Says:

man when muzza hits that forehand out wide on the run…

how many times has he done that!

contador Says:

wow…..crowd goes nuts 57 shots? really?

murray….what a winner !!

followed by a good serve.


deep to bh return from ferrer and its bp ferru

thark Says:


contador Says:

can murray save the set pt?

big rally……OMG ferrer takes the 1st set!

this is going at least to 4 sets for murray to win.

contador Says:


what now?

thark Says:

oh no!!! lemon yellow shirt!!!

no david, abort!

grendel Says:

so Ferrer is here to play, in case anyone hadn’t noticed. He might actually be good for Murray, assuming he doesn’t beat him of course, a real possibility now. But this pat-a ball stuff isn’t going to work against Ferrer, and Murray will have to adapt, be forced perhaps to come out of his lair ….

contador Says:

ferrer serving

yes lots of shots…..long rallies and daveed wins the long rally surprisingly

but murray comes back…that wasnt so smart from ferru.

murray nets now 40-30

but another great rally…murray comes to net and it’s deuce on a great muzz drop volley

but ferrer gets the next pt…ad ferru

no deuce …ferru error and another error it’s a bp to murray

but muzz botches the bp….lol….this is great

great volley agin by murray and another bp

murray has broken opening game!! great volleying by muzzz

thark Says:

in the first set it seemed like muzza was pulling david in a bit on his bh side and then hitting really deep down the line bh to david’s fh. david was struggling to get those almost every time because he was a bit in front of the ball. seems like it was working but then he stopped that pattern (not that i mind ;)

thark Says:

lemon yellow shirt = instant break to open the set.


grendel Says:

still, this time, Murray manoeuvres Ferrer nicely to break – more than once, in fact, plus error. The Murray box the usual circus these days – Ferrer’s not at all. He’s here on business. Ferrer’s attitude is superb – he just has no respect at all for reputation.

contador Says:

not a smart dropper by muzz there ferru gets to it easily and passes muzz

can muzz hold…??

lucky net cord for ferru

bp back to daveed 0-40

thark Says:

man muzza can’t consolidate tonight

thark Says:

grendel i think you’ve hit on one of the main reasons why ferru doesn’t have more of a fan base. he’s SO serious and businesslike – and he never breaks form really with that attitude. there is not much for the crowd to warm to.

if he would just do a super smiley little circular fist-pumping dance like tsonga or something everyone would love the guy ;)

contador Says:

ferrer too excited donates a bp back

and another donation

a bp left for ferru…

and ferrer breaks back…..sheesh the net was winning. murray errors.

ferru serving an ace out wide. i think muzz will break back….lol….really,

very clever lob ….murray

ferrer is not giving up!! got that volley past murray…not easy.

murray nets and ferrer hold. surprisingly, i think but true.

when will muzz find the cure for this?

grendel Says:

god, Ferrer’s footwork is quite incredible. Seems to have mesmerised Murray – he runs round his bh to hit a not particularly potent fh – and Murray nets it!

contador Says:

this is a great contest….but “oh dear, oh dear” says richard evans who really wants to see the scot win…cant blame him.

3-2 ferrer second set

murray to serve and better step up.

thark Says:

ferrer will not go away mentally like some players would – murray will either raise his game or lose this match.

contador Says:

andy can’t get a hold on this match yet.

i think muzz can’t belive this. neither can i , really.

muzz needs a first serve. murray netting too many when they get into those baseline rallies.

murray finally gets another ace.

murray saves the bp with another ace.

margot Says:

Yuk, yuk.
Andy playing crap, doesn’t deserve to win. Have now stopped watching. Good luck Nole with your second grand slam
:( :( :(

contador Says:


but another netted bh from murray and ad ferrer

back to deuce saves another bp with a great first serve.

deuce. and murray;s serving saving him now ad murray

netted bh slice from murray…deuce

another ace gets murray to advantage

andy murray …..phew!….another tough service game held.

contador Says:

ferrer is the aggressor in the rallies

thark Says:

woz doesn’t look too happy – i wonder who she’s rooting for? ;)

grendel Says:

Murray scrapes thru service game – 3 break points – by virtue of tremendous serving. Ferrer is outplaying Murray from the back, actually (to my surprise, anyway) playing ther more imaginative, as well as controlled, tennis. Murray looks bit flat. Wonder if he’s suffering from same syndrome afflicting some Tennis-X posters – the assumption that he’s just going to stroll into the realmatch with Djokovic. He’ll have to change attitude – can’t always rely on serve – or Ferrer will win.

contador Says:

murray…is coming to net and when he does he wins the points more often. yeah, give up the rallies so much,

ferrer holds serve but murray appears to be switching tactics or at least trying to.

i still think murray will win. but it;s quite a contest

another long ralliy that ferrer wins!

contador Says:

better game from murray, i think. now ferrer to serve.

4-4 2nd set ferrer serving. what is murray going to do? i think he needs to win this set or….

important game. if murray could break here but….

looking to his box giving them the unhappy story.

5-4 ferru

The fighter Says:

Go Daveed..

grendel Says:

Murray just misses with running bh down the line – would have been miraculous get, and perhaps have injected that spark into Murray. Just coupla inches…. As it is, serving to save set

contador Says:

set point ferrer

contador Says:

saves the set point


murray comes to net and it;s ad murray

murray saves it. 5-5

can murray break ferrer here?

contador Says:

ferrer in a little trouble, 0-30

grendel Says:

Murray faces set point and again saves himself with excellent serving. Good job that’s working for him today, or this match would be over. Murray’s been beating up on himself, and his mood – so serene against melzer – not good. But Melzer’s a crackpot, and Murray knows it. Ferrer’s tough as steel – and Murray knows it. That’s part of the problem. Still, he’s there, and if he can sneak the set, perhaps he’ll relax and play as he can.

thark Says:

muzza’s mom looks like she could tear apart an antelope bare handed right now…

contador Says:

but…ferrer comes back. 30-30

muzz should be able to break now 30-40

and andy murray will serve for the 2nd set.

ferrer very mad, frustrated…don’t see him like that much but he blew a chance for the set

grendel Says:

Murray breaks – after surprising error from Ferrer (his turn to appeal to the skies). Murray to serve for set – well, this must be the pivot of the match.

contador Says:

this will be a battle unless murray serves well and comes to net.

great muzz serve 15-15

cross court winner pass from ferru….out murray’d murray from the back.


he needs those first serves but didnt get it and it;s bp ferrer

ferrer breaks back with in an almost identical rally.

tie breaker and murray gets the 1st point.

these guys are killing each other!!

grendel Says:

wonderful bh pass from Ferrer to gain 30-30 – and nother terrific bh plus controlled smash to gain game pt. Murray worn down – tie-break.

contador Says:

tie breaker is going muzz’z way

2-0 muzz

thark Says:

this could go on a while – i need to nap at least a bit before work :(

hang tough david!

see you all on the flip…

contador Says:

nope…..can’t drop shot murray, daveed.

3-0 muzz

very bad tie break from daveed

4-0 muzz

muzzzzz ace


this could be a big bummer for ferrer’s psyche….he had a set point at one time.

now nuzz has sets points to spare

6-1 muzz

muzz gets the 2nd set !!! great match! but i still think murray will win.

contador Says:

how can you sleep thark?! okay g’nite

contador Says:

what do you think grendel?

grendel Says:

well, Murray shld feel bit happier now – thought I detected that eager beaver game face at 6-0. So 1 set all. I had been thinking – is it possible to win a grand slam without a great serve? When was the last time this was done? Gaudio at the French – freak result, though Coria too not gt serve. But that’s clay. Murray certainly would be out of this today without serve – an excellent 2nd serve he had too in tie break. What can Ferrer do? Seems unfair, somehow, that for want of one shot he’s probably going to lose. What’s the incentive for a guy who cannot have a great serve – apparently biology dictates this in Ferre’s case – to put his all into it? Can’t Ferrer hav, I dunno, an operation or something?

grendel Says:

contador – can’t talk much – computer in different room to telly, am running around almost as much as Ferrer….

margot Says:

Just checked scores, what a dogfight as we all knew.
grendel???? since when have Andy’s supporters EVER been complacent?
The only person enjoying this, apart from David fans must be Nole. I have a mental picture of him enjoying his pop corn and smiling sweetly to himself in his hotel room ;)
Andy’s serve is right off and how he struggles then. He must find a way to win these matches when he isn’t playing well, like Rafa does.
But Andrew Cotton says he’s clutching his leg OMG what now.
Can’t watch, still just checking scores now and again …

contador Says:

yep….ferrer doesnt have a great serve. murray has come out confident this set. winning that tie breaker gave him more confidence? i think.

but ferrer is the energizer bunny. and is making this very difficult

contador Says:

an operation? lol….

aleish17 Says:

Tuned in to see the match at 1 set a piece.
Ferrer’s doing a good job pushing Murray.

contador Says:

yeah, i imagine murray did not expect such a dogfight but that’s what ferrer does. he sinks his teeth in and will do his best. his best doesn’t have a great serve. but commentators on AO radio are saying they saw ferrer wincing….a leg…it was.

wheels coming off?

aleish17 Says:

What is happening to Andy M.?
Deuce again

grendel Says:

upbloodystairs, too….Ferrer now gets anguished – earned a break point (Murray once more goes into a histrionic spasm – thing is, he can’t be helping himself doing this) and nets an easy ball. And another error from Ferrer. Tennis very scrappy atm.

grendel Says:

3 flights, furthermore…
well, commentators here say Murray’s knee bothering him – anyone seen anything.
My leg’s going into spasm, too old for this sort of charging around….

contador Says:

AO radio commentators opine murray is wearing down ferrer and the tide is turning….murray has the momentum they think.

murray broke….. 3-1 murray in the 3rd

grendel Says:

Murray plays beautifully to break. Lookin’ good now – Ferrer lookin a bit ragged. But it shouldn’t be forgotten – Murray was saved by his serve, not always the most reliable instrument, when the rest of his game was functionning poorly.

contador Says:

ferrer isn’t getting to some of the shots he was getting to earlier.

spanish fans….”vamos daveed” but murray about to go up 4-1 and i am believing the AO commentators.

contador Says:

monster insects on the court….get it ball kid

great tennis by murray now.

ferrer missing

contador Says:

i’m hungry at 4 am here, grendel. starting to relax, thinking this match will be murray’s in 4. time for a turkey sandwich and a glass of milk.

this is still worth staying up for.

margot Says:

Andy’s serve much better? Can I risk breathing ????Probably not…

grendel Says:

great tennis by both men but specially Murray as he secures double break. Lovelly low volley from Ferrer, tremendous lob from corner by Murray to wrap the game up.

grendel Says:

margot, Murray’s serve been pretty good all match, specially at crunch time. Rest of his game finally caught up. Agree, Contador, this match probably over – but, Murray, you know….

contador Says:

yeah…..feeling sorry for ferrer. that tie break but before that not converting the set point turned the match to murray.

murray simply has more, shame…all that hard work i read ferrer does but….cant get to the GS final. or i guess that can be looked at the other way around. he’s playing outstandingly against a higher ranked more talented player. losing but daveed made it great for almost 2 sets.

murray still making some uncharacteristic errors at times.

time out for turkey sandwich before 4th set.

contador Says:

margot, murray still making mistakes but he’s attacking and taking control more. also think ferrer is ailing some. almost broke his racket in frustration….

andy up 2 sets to 1. i think you can watch now!!!

grendel Says:

Murray finally secures set, 6-1, after 6 deuces. One glorious point – excellent approach from Murray enables him to come to net and hit a lovely controlled volley, you could see it spinning to a standstill, giving Ferrer no chance. It’s obviously this sort of thing made Gilbert think Murray’s best shot at a GS was Wimbledon. Pity we don’t see more of it – after all, it’s a legitimate weapon which he employs as if he were born to it.

margot Says:

grendel: look at serve stats in first set compared to 3rd. suddenly it’s 70%
Andy looked v. unsettled in first set, missing bread and butter shots. Now looks calmer. David such a warrior though, totally admirable!
Hark, what’s that? Oh ’tis Nole laughing ;)

contador Says:

yes, i think murray is now playing like he can challenge nole in the final. maybe he needed this tune up or….do those 2 first sets take too much out of him? i don’t think so….muzz is in great shape.

ferrer appears done.

margot Says:

conty: :), dunno about that, it’s Andy we’re talking here…

contador Says:

and it does seem unfair that the other finalist gets an extra day of rest. i mean from what i read abt the match with fed….those 3 sets were close and tough and went each set for an hour. but i guess that’s the the breaks…nole had to play rafa with little rest before the us open final.

oops….what is happening??? really thought i was going to bed. but is ferrer breaking back?? OMG. i can barely see. he did.

contador Says:

but he ferrer having trouble holding…..trouble all over!


grendel Says:

Ferrer breaks back for 2 all. Now Ferrer at 0-2 fought mightily to retain serve – endless deuces – and it didn’t realy seem to matter. It was noticeable that – having finally imposed himself – was suddenly starting to spray the ball around, but so what, you felt. Well, this what. Murray should have broken Ferrer, didn’t, he lost a bit of confidence (his careless play in previous game) Ferrer gained it by his stouthearted play – result, even stevens again. That said, you’ve got to assume this is a blip. Basically, Murray is playing quite well, Ferrer hanging on by the skin of his t.

contador Says:

ferrer held. murray furious with himself as he should be.

grendel Says:

yes, margot, forgot about first set. I’m talking second set – should have been Ferrer’s, Murray saved himself with his serve and serve alone.

Daniel Says:

Started watching the match when Murray close the third. The final games of this set will be critical and more tense than the rest of the matcg by the sound of your comments.
Who will feel the pressure more at the end of the set?!

contador Says:

nuzz needs an ace but doesn’t get it but….

amazing forehand winner down the line… wins the game.

ferrer serving now…..3-3

Daniel Says:

Murray played an insane forehand to close his game and missed a simple volley 1 feet from the net. How?!

grendel Says:

gt game by Ferrer to test Murray on his service game. and terrific last rally, with Ferrer pushing Murray into the corner, I thought he missed an opporunity to swing ball round to the other side to leave Murray stranded. Did it instead on next shot, not quite deep enough, Murray comes haring across like the proverbial bat out of h and sure enough, the running fh down the line. Great game by both men.

contador Says:

oh god….terrible biff by muzz.


ferrer holds. *scratching head* can this be possible? ferrer taking this to a 5 setter?

i don’t think so but….

grendel Says:

Daniel – first 2 sets very tense – Murray cldn’t find his game, could ferrer pull it out – that was meaning of first 2 sets.

contador Says:

30-all on murrays serve

40-30 and…..murray holds 4-4

ferrer begins game with an ace

muzz attack the second serve no good. 30-0

30-15 ….great shot muzz

critical…30-all bad luck net cord

oh!!!!!!! unreal point from ferrer at net.
wowowowowow…..daveed holds big big service hold

Daniel Says:

Murray backhand return crosscourt is working fine, but sometimes he oges for the deep return and misses, I don’t get, keep crosscourt.
Now is the moment of the truth, Murray has to close this in 4, it”s not like he can’t handle a 5 set, but he must have left in his mental tank to fight Novak on Sunday. If this match goes to a fifth, it can exhauste him mentally too.

Daniel Says:

Horrible mistake, his arms are tense.

contador Says:

tense, tense game…..this is a classic ferrer dogfight

grendel Says:

great game! wonderful bh crosscourt pass from Murray (Ferrer’s approach just tooshort), and then some tremendous volleying from Ferrer when Nurray threatening to go rampant. Great stuff. Meanwhile, Murray tearing his tonsils out in rage – fact is, he was in the ascendancy, should have broken Ferrer twice but either lost concentration or became complacent – and he hasn’t handed the iniative back exactly, but Ferrer’s back in match with a vengeance. Silly me to suggest earlier match over. This is Ferrer we’re talking about, not to mention – er – Murray…

Daniel Says:

Thanks grendel, looks like this toruney all fans of top 4 are suffering withn this matches. I think Muzza will win and in hte final it will be Djoko’s fans time to suffer nerves.

contador Says:

muzzzzzz ace.

and….a good choice drop shot


no 40-30

muzz needs a big ace here….well not an ace but good enough

makes it. 5-5

now what?

contador Says:

coaching? that first serve challenge? ferrer
30-15 now….yikes

40-15….he was not serving like that in the 1st set he won.

40-30…unreal points by muzzzz to deuce now.

this is tight!!!

Daniel Says:

Wow, 2 excelent points by Murray, can he break to serve the match?

contador Says:

battle…back to deuce. ferrer loses this game and….

oops wide murray…ad ferrer

6-5 ferrer.

my guess….tie break coming

grendel Says:

the meaning of great defence. Murray almost toying with Ferrer, calmly moving the ball about the court, Ferrer hanging on like some demented limpet – and finally, the error (only slight – but enough) from Murray, and the day is saved for Ferrer. Still juice in this match

contador Says:

muzz wants this over now.

contador Says:

horrible record i hear ferrer has in tie breakers….AO radio matt cronin says.

stu Says:

wow its still on?

unlucky call for ferrer…

Daniel Says:

Bad call Ferrer.

The fighter Says:

plz ferrer win it…..plz

The fighter Says:

i find murray’s game so boring to watch

Daniel Says:

Murray playing agressive, how Fed should have played the TB yesterday, and with 2 aces so far. This is over.
Go Murray for your first Slam, alyhough Djoko losing 2 straight finals will be devastating.

contador Says:

poor dahveed. he played his heart out. but apparently he should never get into tie breaks. sorry there has to be a loser here.

Rick Says:

I told ya, I wouldn’t be suprise if Djokovic beat Federer in three sets. And can’t believe that Federer again. He was leading 5-2 in the second set. Choking in matches has kind of becoming Federer’s habits. And he really shouldn’t had said stuffs like Djokovic is being 3 or 4, and couldn’t get things done. And he kind of reminded Djokovic not to be nice to him when they play. And making himself a new foe. In 2009, Federer completed his calendar slam without playing Nadal, Djokovic, Murray or Simon Gillies. These players are all his nemesis. It’s fine with me, if Djokovic or Murray. They are all Nadal’s good buddies!

stu Says:


Daniel Says:

With his supreme touch, Murray set’s another final in AO. He trully deserves (well, needs it) more than Djoko.

Let’s hoper for a 5th set slug fest between this 2.
Congrats to team NOLANDY and there jinxing efforts, it paid off!:)

The fighter Says:


Rick Says:

Roger could toys with players like Soderling and James Blake. But should never toy with the young lions with his words. They could chew him up anyday.

stu Says:

seems like a great match, im sad i missed it.

poor dahveed looked so disappointed…

contador Says:

and there it is. muzz gets it…and congratulations to him but congratulation to ferrer for putting up a great fight.

love you dahveed.

courier interview, oh boy. lol….murray didn’t know the score in the 3rd set. and the look on andy’s face….when courier reminds he’s into his 3rd GS final. good luck andy. looks like woz has a crush on you : )

Rick Says:

The best match at YEC last year is the semi of Nadal and Murray. Very exciting match. You could Nadal is tired in the final. Especially, in the final set. He can’t even run. If it was Murray and Federer in the semi. Murray would had won that match!

Kimberly Says:

Well at least Ferrer has shown that he is a true worthy top ten player. COndonlences to Daveed.

Congrats to Margot, Colin, Kimmi and other Murray supporters.

SHould be a great final. Didn’t realize that they haven’t played in a few years.

Go Na Li!

Rick Says:

Really, Roger should be pemesstic about his chances at the Grand Slams. He actually completed a Roger Slam unnoticing by anyone. He had failed to reach the final of all four Grand Slams. French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and the Aussie Open. And is really falling behind Nadal in the ranking, when it is release on monday. Because he won the Aussie Open last year.

Colin Says:

The fighter – you chose an appropriate namne. You are like those supposed boxing fans who think anyone is a total failure unless he does what they elegantly call ktfo his opponent, preferably drawing blood in the process. If you find Murray’s style boring, then you are bored by tennis, so why do you watch it?
Murray won, which is fine, but after that battle he won’t be as fresh as Djokovic. Furthermore, he’ll need to make fewer errors, and get into the match sooner, than he has today. Maybe I’m not giving enough credit to Ferrer, but we’ll see. Against Nole, Andy will be facing someone with far more power than Ferrer, and equally fleet-footed.

grendel Says:

yes, Contador, when Murray saved set point, he thought it was only saving a break point – pretty bizarre. he said he thought that helped him.
wot’s definitely the case is that when he cldn’t really find his game, serve came to the rescue. Frew Macmillan was saying, more than once, that apparently the Spaniards – Ferrer and Nadal camps eg – really admire Murray’s serve.

However, on Sunday, he’s gonna be playing someone with a better 2nd serve than him and a first serve which whilst not as explosive as Murray’s appears at the moment to be more consistent. Djokovic’s serve was monumental against Federer, especially at crunch time.

But what really intrigues me about the match up is how Djokovic will deal with Murray’s soft play. After all, both Murray and Djokovic enjoy power coming from their opponents – when Federer briefly slowed it down against Djokovic, he immediately broke back, but he didn’t seem inclined to continue in that vein.
Djokovic doesn’t vary the pace anything like the way Murray does, but then his game is all the safer. I get the feeling that Murray has so many options that, a bit like Federer sometimes, he’s not entirely sure of the best way to play. Of course, once he’s in a groove, everything takes care of itself in some unfathomable way. It’s getting to that groove that’s the tricky part. Two or three times today he looked as if he had made it, only to give backword as it were.

On reflection, that’s probably good for Murray. Am only guessing, but I suspect he’s the type of player, when up against the best, who can’t easily find the game he wants and certainly not again and again. So part of him may still be feeling sort of frustrated, desperate to pull out all the stops – not to win (obviously you want to win), but to express the best of himself. Hope he manages it on Sunday.

scineram Says:

A year ago Nadal completed the semi-failure slam. Not even a semifinal between 2009 RG and 2010 AO.

Kimberly Says:

scineram—im not defending rick, so please don’t think I am, but I believe he was in the semi-final of the USO where he got crushed by Delpo.

Rick–come on, not the time to do this. I undertand getting frustrated with fed fans when they are attacking Nadal but they are sad just like us right now. This is from a fellow Rafa fan.

grendel Says:

absolutely not sad, Kimberly. Mind you, according to madmax, I’m not a bona fide Fed fan – but I get the sense most Fed fans are ok about Fed’s defeat. He’s had a good innings. Maybe he can extend it, maybe not – either way, it’s nothing to be sad about, plenty to be interested about.

jane Says:

Thanks to grendel and contador for the match commentary. It was great to read. Grendel hope you are not to stiff from the stairs today.

Great job by Murray to pick up his level, funny about losing track of scores.:)
Too bad for Ferrer, but it sounds like he made a great match of it.

jane Says:

To s/b too stiff…

madmax Says:

shut up grendel. We dont all need lectures and innuendos from you. You are not the oracle on tennis, life, chinese, byron and the like. According to your rules, you have an excuse for everything. We also dont need tablets of information morphing into scripts from 2000 B.C. Dont tell me. you are an expert on religion as well. Dont bother answering. I havent got all night to read a post from you.

Kimberley, not grouchy. lack of sleep perhaps, but someone such as you to say that federer is “done” – is pure rubbish. To backtrack is your prerogative. Too late. Done. You obviously meant it, else why say it in the first place? Natural instinct.

If any federer fan had said “rafa is done”. How would you react? You’ve always appeared a sensitive rafa fan to me, fair like Aleisha. But you blew that one apart. It was an ill thought out statement, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Rick, you lurve federer. more than me I think. you can’t stop trying to get a rise. Best to ignore your jibes.

Gannu, you just cannot expect federer to win everything. That’s unfair. He fought. He lost. He has beaten novak many times. I happen to think it was a close match and he just went awol again at 5:2 up. He HAS to sort that one out.

When I have analysed the game a bit more, I may be in a better position to think about it more carefully.

He is the greatest of champions and reaching his semi final of a grand slam is still a good result –

imagine all these years at the top – but also you have to hand it to novak -he played an excellent match. You mustnt deny him that. It doesn’t hurt so much gannu to be honest. The fact that margot doesnt like federer, who cares?

she has waited long enough as a murray fan to see murray reach this position. And it’s going to be a close match. It’s exciting.

Remember that federerer is still breaking records – even now – not only that –

Federer has stated over and over again, he wants to play for as long as possible so that his twin girls can watch him play. I can’t imagine he has changed his mind over night – be proud of his genius and that he has not shied away from wanting to improve his game. Annacone has had success with him, just look at the last 6 monhts of roger’s game. He has been awesome.

Or perhaps gannu it is better for you not to watch any more of his matches – that would be silly though!

No one is an expert on federer gannu, ben, sean, dan,the only expert is federer himself – he’ll decide when he is “done!”. Just supoort the maestro, and don’t get down so often – no point!

madmax Says:

plus, gannu, November, fed won 6:1, 6:4 – call that done? against novak? I’m probably in a minority, but I still think that Federer has played some of hisbest tennis this tournmanet – just couldn’t pull it togther this time.

And heard Andy’s comments on game set and mats where he said that he thought novak was going to win – youre not telling me that that wasn’t a dig at fed, murray loves the media and his time for revenge if you want to look at it that way.

Moving on,

Am looking forward to sunday. I think it will be a difficult match – it will definitely devastate the loser moreso because they are so well matched and have been waiting for this moment for 3 years.

Nina Says:

Duro, Jane, Margot, Contador and every other Djoko or Muzza sympathizer. Our guys are in a slam final, a dream come true. I will be rooting for Nole like crazy, but if Muzza wins I’ll be also happy for him. I’m so elated and pumped up about this final!! :)))))

This is an historic moment. A moment many many tennis fans have been waiting for and will surely treasure (sorry Tennis Fan, you’re not really a tennis fan when you say so many nasty things about these incredible players; Djoko has LEGIONS of fans around the world because of his charisma, personality and incredible talent; learn to respect other players and his fandoms).

Djokovic was extremely solid, intelligent and composed against Federer. He was the right winner and he did almost everything well. He was really clutch in his serve and what a serve he has now! Two straight slam semis won against Federer are no fluke!

My take is that Novak will play the best tennis of his life in the following two/tree years and Muzza too. Any of these two, if Nadal permits, will be n#1. Federer is not over at all and all this decline talk is bullshit. He will win a lot of tournaments and will dominate in best of 3 formats on faster surfaces which suit his aggressive style.

But I don’t want to talk one bit about Roger or Rafa. Enough is enough. We have an historic slam final between the best two tennis players behind Fedal. They have been consistenly good for four years now and they are in a league of their own ahead of the rest of the pack (sod, berdych, etc). We can finally talk about the Big 4 with propiety, something i knew all along.

I predicted this final and we got it. I will be nervous as hell come Sunday but I hope I won’t feel devastated if Nole loses because Andy also needs this a lot. However i will be rooting for Novak, he will always be my n#1 champ. Good luck to both!

Nina Says:

By the way, the stats on the Nole-Roger match are wrong. I counted some of them myself and didn’t coincide. Who takes care of stats? a human being? then he/she is prone to error.

dAri Says:

Wow, nina. You counted and recorded stats? I know I and many others were surprised at the stats in the nole/fed match- they did not match well with the straight sets win and were forgiving in what appeared to be some poor strategy/play by fed. Of course stats don’t tell the full story, especially the part where you find out WHEN something happened, which is obviously very important in tennis.
Which stats did you find “wrong”? And you’re aware that Ue’s are a bit subjective to the scorer/tournament?

stu Says:

Great post, Nina. I agree, out of respect to Nole and Muzza who have worked so hard and waited so long to be here, could we not talk about Fedal for this one day?

I’m rooting for Nole too, and I do believe he will win, but regardless of who wins on Sunday, and i think the situation warrants this cliche, tennis has already won :P

Kimberly Says:

Anyone waking up to see na li? I’m thinking of it, Npt wise as I am playing tennis, showing houses, and gpng to a kiddie carnival but very very tempted. If I do I will see if anyone else is here!

Huh Says:

Great analytical post by WTF at JAN 27 5.11 pm.

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