Andy Murray: “I’ll Deal With Everything Better Than I Have Done in the Past on Sunday”
by Staff | January 28th, 2011, 9:21 am

In the Australian Open men’s semifinals Andy Murray defeated David Ferrer 46 76(2) 61 76(2) to reach the final Sunday in Melbourne where he’ll face Novak Djokovic.

Q. How satisfied is it for you to get to the final?

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, very. I mean, it’s a very tough match tonight. I expected a very, very tough match. You know, it was a little bit up and down I thought. I changed my tactics well in the second set, second and third sets. ADHEREL

But, yeah, very happy to come through, because it was a really, really tough match. It could have gone either way.

Q. Can you talk us through the way you changed your game.

ANDY MURRAY: I just started playing closer to the baseline, taking his time away a little bit. I started slicing a little bit more, like changing the pattern of the points. You know, we were playing a lot of sort of cross court backhand rallies in the first set. He wasn’t missing a ball.

I started slicing up the line, changing the passing of the points, was able to dictate a little bit more with my forehand. I used my backhand down the line well. Just went for my shots a bit more. I came to the net a lot. Finished a lot of points off at the net.

There was a lot of changes. But I was just going for my shots a bit more.

Q. In the tiebreaks, you must have been really pleased with the way you stepped it up and won them both pretty comprehensively.

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I served well in both of them. Went for my shots. You know, I got off to a good start in both really. Yeah, that always makes a big difference in the tiebreaks.

Yeah, tiebreaks were good. Third set was very well, it’s not like the first set I felt like I played badly. It was just I had my chance in the first set; didn’t take it.

And, yeah, I mean, it’s gonna happen in a five set match against someone as good as him.

Q. You said you changed string tension. Did you go on court with two different racquets strung with different tension?

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I always go on with two different tensions. I wasn’t really feeling it at all. You know, I went up in tension even though it was getting colder, so I felt like I could really swing hard at the ball just give it just a bit more of a crack, and I helped.

Q. Yesterday Novak said that it’s good for the game to have some people who can beat Roger and Rafa and not have those two all the time. Now we have a final without either one. It’s to your advantage to be in the final. Do you agree it’s good for the game itself to have that?

ANDY MURRAY: I mean, personally, yeah, if people thought it was better for the game if Roger and Rafa were in the final, then I’m not really bothered. It’s better for me if I’m in the final.

But I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s better for the game or not. You know, I think, I mean, those two have been great for the sport, and I’m sure they’ll continue to be for the next six, seven years however long they’re both playing.

You know, but from a personal point of view, I would rather be in the final than be watching Roger and Rafa at home playing again.

Q. You played Novak seven times on the tour. You maybe played with him as a junior or something. Can you talk about the rivalry between you and Novak.

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, because we’ve always been like 3 and 4 the last few years, we’ve always been on different halves of the draw in every tournament we’ve played. So, yeah, we haven’t come up against each other I think for over two years now.

So, you know, we practice a lot together. We get on well together. We’re good friends. You know, so in terms of a rivalry, I think this will be the start well, I hope it’s the start of us playing each other in big matches.

Q. Can you take us back to when you first met? What were some of your earliest memories of meeting Novak as a teenager?

ANDY MURRAY: I mean, we both went quite different routes. I played him the first time I think when I was like 13 maybe. You know, it’s not like you speak that often to the foreign players and stuff. There’s normally a pretty big sort of language barrier.

We played each other up until we were like 15, and then he improved a lot faster than I did. Then I managed to catch up. It wasn’t really until we got back on the tour that we started playing together a lot and practicing together again.

Yeah, the first time I played him must have been, yeah, when we were about 13. So it’s been a long time we’ve known each other.

Q. Was that first match in Tarbes?


Q. Do you know who won?

ANDY MURRAY: I won 6 Love, 6 1 maybe. So, yeah, a lot’s changed since then, I’m sure. It will be just a bit tougher than that on Sunday.

Q. Do you think the fact that Novak will have had 24 more hours to prepare will be a factor at all?

ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I think it helps. Yeah, it’s not really an excuse. I had it last year. You know, I think the more rest you can have, the better.

But it’s not like, you know, at the US Open where I would have where I’d be playing, in 13, 14 hours. I have the whole of tomorrow. I won’t practice till late tomorrow, and then I’ve got the whole day to get ready on Sunday.

So I’m hoping physically I’ll be okay. But, yeah, I’m sure every player in the draw would rather have an extra day.

Q. Can you take us through the sequence where you said you lost track of the score tonight.

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I thought it was 4 3 in the second set, and then, yeah, it wasn’t until the umpire called 5 5 that I realized that, yeah, I just saved a set point.

Q. What did you think when you saw it was 5 All?

ANDY MURRAY: Well, I was obviously a bit surprised. But you need to sort of get back into focusing. It was quite a big stage of the match. So, you know, it hadn’t really happened to me that often before.

But sometimes, you know, when you’re in the match, you know, you sort of get in a bubble, in a zone, and you don’t well, normally you know exactly what the score is, but tonight I obviously didn’t.

Q. When you’re in the rhythm of play in a tournament, very much in your routine, is it quite easy to sort of shut out the historic significance, how big a match it is? In some ways is it possible to treat it like any other match?

ANDY MURRAY: It was until you brought it up.

But, no, I mean, first of all, it’s more like, you know, a personal dream or a personal goal of mine. So that’s really what you need to sort of keep in check and not let yourself get ahead of yourself.

You know, the historical thing, it’s not something that I’ve thought about that much, but it’s something that obviously for me personally I want to try and win.

You know, but I also don’t want to sort of get myself so amped up that, you know, I play a stinker of a match. I think if you go in thinking like, Yeah, no one’s won for 60 years, I might never get another chance.

I’m going to make the most of the opportunity, for sure. I’ll give 110%. But, you know, I also need to make sure I’m relaxed and calm on the court. I don’t want to get myself sort of too worked up.

Q. You didn’t play against him in almost two years, but you won the last three matches in two sets. Does it mean something or not much after all this time?

ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I’m sure if I lost all of them in two sets, I mean, I would have been seven matches down. So, you know, they were big moments for me. I won against him a couple of times in Masters Series finals. When I won my first Masters Series in Cincinnati, you know, that was a big win for me.

The wins meant a lot to me at the time. I don’t know if they’ll have a bearing during the match on Sunday. But at the time they meant a lot to me. You know, I expect a very tough match. I’m not expecting him, just because he’s lost the last couple of times, to hand the match to me. I’m going to have to work incredibly hard.

Q. Did you watch Novak’s match last night?

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I watched all of it. I didn’t see that much of the first set, but I saw from the second set onwards.

Q. It’s going to be hot on Sunday. Novak has had some problems in the past with heat exhaustion. Do you think that might be an advantage for you?

ANDY MURRAY: I don’t know. I mean, it’s in the evening. I wouldn’t expect it to be too much of an issue. If it is an issue for him, then that’s obviously an advantage for me. But I’m not going to the match thinking that will be a problem for him. You know, you just have to see what happens when you’re out there.

Q. When draws are made, I think probably we tend to assume that the toughest draw is likely the way it turns out. We figured it would be Soderling to play Nadal to play Federer. Do you get any more sense of gratification that you’ve came through people like Dolgopolov and Ferrer today, maybe even tougher matches for you mentally?

ANDY MURRAY: There’s definitely a slightly different pressure. But, yeah, from my side I was very surprised. I did one hour of press after my last match. I didn’t get asked one question about Ferrer. The guy is ranked 7 in the world. After this week, he’ll probably be higher.

I have a lot of respect for all of the players on the tour. I have a lot of respect for him. I played him many times. Had very tough matches. I practiced with him. I’ve seen him train. The guy’s in unbelievable shape.

Yeah, it’s important, I think, for everybody to respect, you know, all of the players. And he, yeah, pushed me. It was an incredibly difficult match, like I was expecting.

There has been slightly different pressure going into the matches, because against Dolgopolov I didn’t really know his game that well and I was favored. You know, you’re expecting to get to the semis, but last two matches have been the hardest two in the draw.

So I’m sure Sunday’s going to be very tough, but I’ve been very focused on just playing my opponent and not getting ahead of myself.

Q. The other day you said you were very conservative about your money investment. How conservative do you consider yourself as a player?

ANDY MURRAY: I think tonight I showed that I did what I needed to do to win. I think a lot of the players now are very patient on the court, because you can’t just be trying to hit winners because the guys are too fast and it’s all played from the baseline, it’s a lot slower.

I don’t know. Depends how you view being conservative. You know, I think I try a lot of different shots. I have a lot of variety, dropshots, came to the net a lot, change the pace of the ball. I don’t hit the same ball over and over again just because I think I’m going to make it. I do hit a lot of different shots.

I don’t think the match tonight was conservative. Some matches you need to be conservative. You just do what you have to do to win.

Q. Djokovic yesterday said that this surface is the best for him because it’s not too fast and it does give him some options when he has to choose the selection of his shots. What about you? Do you like this surface a lot, too? Would you like it a little faster?

ANDY MURRAY: No, I mean, it changes. The surface here does change a lot. Not the surface, but the way the court plays changes a lot depending on the heat. Because it’s been quite cool here, that’s slowed the pace of the court down a bit.

But, I mean, for me the court here is the best for my game. You know, I can see why Novak would really like the court, as well. The balls here are very different to what they are at the US Open. The US Open is very, very fast compared to here.

So I think this is along with the French; the French can be very quick, too, for clay it is slow.

Q. You seemed a bit gimpy working the autograph line after the match. Is everything all right health wise?

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. I just played 3 hours and 45 minutes. I was a bit stiff and sore when the adrenaline wears off of just playing a fourth set tiebreak. You stiffen up quite quickly. It wasn’t warm out there. I was a bit stiff and sore. I jumped in the ice bath, had a warm bath afterwards. I feel better.

Q. How significant was last year? You tasted the bitterness of defeat, but you must have gained experience making the final.

ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it was tough for me, but something that I think overall would have made me a better player, stronger mentally. You know, they’re all experiences that you need to deal with sort of playing at the highest level of sport. You know, you definitely lose some tough matches. You know, I hope that it will help me on Sunday.

But I’m sure I’ll deal with everything better than I have done in the past on Sunday.

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49 Comments for Andy Murray: “I’ll Deal With Everything Better Than I Have Done in the Past on Sunday”

stu Says:

“ANDY MURRAY: I mean, we both went quite different routes. I played him the first time I think when I was like 13 maybe. You know, it’s not like you speak that often to the foreign players and stuff. There’s normally a pretty big sort of language barrier.”

Quite different from what Nole said :)

queen Says:

Of course Murray did not speak to Djoko. He is an introvert with self-confidence issues. I hope Nole sends him home crying on Sunday. Go Nole!!!

fed is afraid Says:

oracene price wrote a negative twitter concerning clijsters. does anyone know what happened between kim and serena? i believe serena blocked kim from her twitter feed.

didi Says:

I for one won’t be watching the final. I admit Djoker has grown up but both are brats and arrogant.

lactic Says:

Somehow I feel Djokovic will be too big of a bite for Andy to chew and Andy will go home Slamless once again.

dAri Says:

Well didi, these look like the leaders in the next tier of tennis.
Unless you wanna give up on watching tennis all together, you might wanna get used to them!
They’re not so bad as you think, imagine “growing up” with Rafa and Rog right ahead of you. That’s gotta be pretty tough, I might be a little testy, too.
These guys are tremendous players and in any other era would have had much more success in the majors. I don’t love novak’s bravado all the time but I think I like his passion so i will have to get used to it!
As for Murray, I have an affinity for tall, cursing head cases, so he suits me just fine!

contador Says:

andy murray: “You know, but I also don’t want to sort of get myself so amped up that, you know, I play a stinker of a match. I think if you go in thinking like, Yeah, no one’s won for 60 years, I might never get another chance.”

hahaha! “a stinker of a match” and that’s what happens with all that pressure about the “historical thing.” he doesn’t want to let it bother him but admits he thinks about it. probably AO or US Open are his best chances. how can it not mess with his head at wimbledon? but if he gets a GS here….who knows. that would ease the pressure at wimbledon and give him the huge confidence he needs there. this is another potential “seminal” moment for murray? ack…i don’t like to use the word but there it is, the word that popped into my head abt muzz winnng AO.

i’m completely wishy washy about the final. i see and hear andy and think okay, he can do it. then see and hear novak and think…nah novak will win. losing the concern abt it being a nicy nice “bromance” match-up tho.

Nina Says:

didi Says:
I for one won’t be watching the final. I admit Djoker has grown up but both are brats and arrogant.

Arrogant??? How come??? they are not the arrogant in the slight, and they have been praising Roger and Rafa like they’re some gods. In fact if they want to win more slams they should start believing more in their chances against Fedal and don’t fall in that aura trap. I think they’re too respectful in any case.

Don’t mix arrogant with having a champion mentality.

Colin Says:

didi, just give an example of an action or statement by Murray that is arrogant, a real authentic example. Come on, just one.
He has always been completely modest and reserved about his chances in any match, saying “it will be tough” even when the likelihood is that it won’t.
Nina, what you say may have been true in the past, and true of all the players, not just these two. Nole for one has just proved conclusively that he has no problems with a Federer aura, has he not?
As for you, Queen, what’s to be said?
Someone is (you think)an introvert with self confidence issues, so you hope they are sent home crying. What a very nice person you are!

Michael Says:

Murray Vs Djokovic will be quite an interesting match to watch with their varied styles. Murray is a class to watch with his master strategy and court craftsmanship unmatched by anyone while Djokovic is a Tennis machine who can run balls all the day around. In terms of the game, Murray is a much better player but all will boil down to the Player’s form on that particular day. If Murray serves better, he definitely has chances to lift his first grand slam crown but Djokovic just will not make things easy for him. Based on the current form, I would tip Djokovic to take the title although I badly want Murray to end his jinx at grand slams. If there is a day for Murray, this is it. He just needs to grab this chance as now or never. If he misses the bus now, then things would turn out quite difficult for him in the future.

Huh Says:


We r talkin about tenis here, about watchin tenis n not gradin behavior. No way, Muzza n Nole r arrogant.

Huh Says:

And I realy hope Muzza wins his 1st slam here and make the haters cry.



margot Says:

dAri and Nina, well said! Imagine growing up with the presence of Roger and Rafa always b4 u!
Michael, depends which Andy shows up. Most “experts” are giving him no chance so he’ll like that :) Also, its going to be hot which will help his serve, make the ball fly quicker apparently. I want him to win his first slam so badly it hurts. Not for me, or Britain, or any of that old cobblers but for himself.
Huh honey, thankyou :)

dAri Says:

The only arrogant thing I could think of for Andy is the old bicep flex, but he doesn’t do that anymore. Nole has a lot of Passion and pride, but he and Murray both are very respectful when it comes to other players- not arrogant.
I’m super stoked for the match- I didn’t know that so many were picking against Murray! Little less pressure then.
Go get it, andYM!

Mg Mg Says:

I have been waking up at 3 am since the AO second week. I am torn between Nole and Andy. I actually thought Fed was going to win this title again based on his current form. Nole was able to beat the king. I want both of them to win :) It seems to me Nole was playing better than Andy in semi final. It was very impressive. The best player will win. Can’t wait.

grendel Says:

I would like Murray to win, but I am not hopeful. Murray’s serve will have to be consistently good, not just bailing him out at crunch time. How likely is that? Only middling, I’d have thought.

Meanwhile, you feel Djokovic WILL serve consistently, and the chances for Murray to break will be fleeting. He may take them, of course.

But largely, I agree with those who think Djokovic will be too powerful for Murray. It is true that Murray thrives on power, using the other player’s to generate his own, but that’s not so easy when you get someone who not only hits the ball very hard, but hits it consistently to the lines. To tame this kind of ferocious game requires sublime skill indeed.

Murray does have sublime skill lurking around somewhere in his psyche, but he tends to spend half the bloody match trying to locate it. Against somebody like Djokovic, that could be too late.

Even so, it does seem potentially an intriguing encounter, and whilst Djokovic is certainly favourite, you can’t just dismiss Murray’s chances. But I suspect he’ll have to play the best match of his life to pull it off.

grendel Says:

Also, I agree with Michael – on the other thread. Murray was fortunate to get out of the Ferrer match. Just imagine if Ferrer had had a decent serve. Djokovic, on the other hand, dominated his semi – not overwhelmingly, but he was in control. These facts make you fear for Murray. But – it’s another day, a different match and – hopefully – a different mindset.

Even if Murray loses, I really don’t see this as some sort of death blow to Murray’s ambitions. That’s a bit melodramatic.

Murray will be sore as hell, of course, though I doubt it will be as bad as last year’s loss to Federer (in terms of how it affects his subsequent form). Why? Because history never repeats itself exactly. Murray will be that bit older and, I think, wiser. After a spot of natural moping, he will (I would guess) gather himself together, be reasonably pleased with his form, and carry on with the good work of improvement. Nothing is inevitable – think of the wretched Lendl and Wimbledon – but the chances will always be there.

Gosh, I’m talking as if he has already lost.

Perhaps he’ll win.

margot Says:

Ah, the artistry of Andy versus the consistency of Nole, either way I shall cry if Andy wins and cry if he loses, so am lost anyway…..
grendel: agree with bit which begins “after a bit..”
Of course he is learning all the time, mostly about himself and how to handle his huge talent. I saw a very interesting interview wherein he said Dolly Mixture was such an unorthodox player he had completely disrupted his natural rhymn and on the practise courts next day, he couldn’t hit the lines! Put some of his unusual inconsistency in the first two sets against Ferrer down to this. Obviously Dolly Mixture is a huge secret weapon! BTw who the heck is Andrew Cotton? I like his commentary but who is he??

Huh Says:

Am too tense for my own likin at d moment not knowin wat wud hapen in tomoro’s final. But one thing is sure I dont wana cry, I wana celebrat tomoro, n dats posibl only if Muzza wins. If Muzza wins, it’d be a blast of celebration! If he doesn’t, I wud be devastatd as it’d clearly b d end of the road for him to slam glory. Thus I want n I wish n I pray let it be the day of Muzza!


Huh Says:

With regards to possibility of win tomoro

Mind Says: Nole

Heart Says: Muzza

Huh Says:

Tomoro is d most crucial match of Murray’s life, thats for sure.

Huh Says:

Ladst year it was the tears of agony for Muzza, this time I want it seriously to be replaced by teaers of ecstacy, the tears of excitement of his 1st slam win. BEST OF LUCK MUZZA, JUST GO N GET IT.

Huh Says:

May Novak Djojovic be his benevolent self tomoro.

Huh Says:

May Muzza play thr absolutely best match of his life tomoro n may Nole not have the fire wich he had in the semi vs Fed..

stu Says:

Huh Says:
May Novak Djojovic be his benevolent self tomoro.

Huh, you’re funny :). Let whoever loses be outplayed, and not gifted the championship is all I ask!

johhny Says:

” … Murray is a much better player but all will boil down to the Player’s form on that particular day.. ..”

Murray is a much better player??? huh, you meant Ferrer, right?

Colin Says:

Not so much on this forum but elsewhere, I keep reading that Murray will lose because he’s more fragile mentally than Nole. Well, pardon me, perhaps I am losing my memory, but wasn’t it Djokovic who, until fairly recently, was spoken of as lacking mental strength? Suddenly he’s become a paragon of steely will.
His character will be tested in this final, just as much as will Andy’s.
By the way, despite their genuine friendship, I wouldn’t be too susprised if Andy complained about Nole’s drawn-out service routine!

Colin Says:

Or even “surprised”.

dAri Says:

Huh- I agree with the tears! His tears won me over last year, and now I’m ready for him to get the happy kind!
I will make sure to start my nap early so that I can stay awake as I have fallen asleep during the Djoko and Murray semi and the womens final quite easily!
get your first!

stu Says:

sigh. does there have to be a winner?

contador Says:

i believe nolee has crossed the federer hurdle and that’s the big reason ppl, including me, are believing in his mental resolve more now. what i wonder abt this GS final:

1) will the “benevolent” djoko bend to his mate. and this match will be a nicey nice bromance GS final. yuck, let’s have a real match please.

2) will they close the roof? yesterday listening to AO radio commentators were saying it might get over 40 C. yet they don’t close the roof unless something called “wet bulb globe temperature” – whatever that is – requires it. last time they closed the rod laver roof was in 2009 in that heatwave. it hasn’t exactly been a heatwave there this year.

3) also heard a rumor that murray’s thigh is injured. hope that’s not true. as i said, i hope for a great GS final, not a rollover by either player.

jane Says:

stu, I know, right? :)

contador, have been wondering about most of those things myself. Hope it is a good match, come what may.

dAri Says:

Uh oh, contador, where did you hear that thigh thing? Details, please.
Novak has beat roger twice in a row in major semi, got his Davis cup, is in two major finals in a row. any little hiccup he had in the early round, he quickly corrected. And within the matches against berdych and fed he had moments to lose his lead and he never did. That’s why i think he is over these mental weaknesses. Sure they can creep up at some point, but we can count on that less than we used to!
As for Murray, what I need to remember is that he is one of the players that ppl think possible to beet Rafa, and I know its about matchups but if you can beat Rafa you can beat anybody.
Murray will have to 1) serve great from the get go
2) use his volley capabilities to combat nole’s consistent baseline form (which is rather simple and mighty fine at the moment, wow!) 3) discourage and frustrate nole with variety
Of course he will have to keep his own head, which I trust he will.
Something has gotta work for me this AO, lets go andy.

stu Says:

conty, last time they closed the roof was soon after they denied poor Nole a fair chance at defending his title while they played in inhumane conditions (Ana retired then too, yes?). The roof was closed the next day when temps were the same or lower. grr. I say they make up for it now and close the roof at the slightest indication of discomfort :P

stu Says:

Also, dAri, Novak has not had an off-day yet. How can any player be alert for 2 weeks straight (and more, if you include Hopman Cup)? Somethings gotta give, and it might be this match.

Ok lets goooo, game on!! Oh wait, still 10 hours to go.

dAri Says:

I didnt mention that Murray will have to do his share of baseline ball bashing too!

dAri Says:

Haha stu, that’s what’s been so annoying about these time zone issues. You start your day, somewhere along it you get really amped and then in the span of the next twelve hours you can get amped, down and up again! Who knows what state you are in by 330am!
I hope Murray makes a better start than he did with Rog last year, you cant afford that at this stage.
And stu its a good point that you make about nole not having a bad day yet, but I can’t make a living off of nole’s mistakes, so will count on Murray being EXTRA ON.

stu Says:

Most people say losing another final will break Murray and take away his will to compete, and that it won’t have as much of a devastating effect on Djokovic since he’s already won a major. I don’t agree with this argument bec. for one, Nole’s only major has already been dismissed by many as a mono-assisted fluke. More importantly, it was three years ago and Nole has had to overcome a whole lot in those three years – not just struggles with beating Fed at finals of Slams. He’s had to deal with a broken serve and a coach who broke it further. Failure adjusting to a new racket. Player complaints about retirements. Impersonations. Ball-bouncing. His fitness in the heat. Crazy parents who mess with important people in the ATP. Some of these were his own doing, and others were factors beyond his control. In any case, he’s come out admirably stronger, having been through way too many struggles for somebody his age.

Muzz has only made it to the semis or better at majors 4 times so far. Djokovic has put himself in a position to win a lot more. From 2007-2010, he reached the semis or better NINE times at Slams, and lost to either Roger or Rafa SEVEN of those times (won 1 title). He waited very long and worked very hard to get here, and it’s his will to continue trying that we should be worried about. Here’s hoping he can prove that he’s not just a flash in the pan!

Kimberly Says:

slept through my girl na li losing. I woke up, put on espn 2 and fell asleep after the first game. Woke up and it was all done.

But I’m waking up tonight for sure. Hope its worth it! I think it will be!

Kimberly Says:

stu–i think you will have your wish. Novak has looked much stronger than Murray lately. Murray will have to step it up another two levels to compete. Can he? Absolutely. Will he, Vegas thinks no, odds are favoring your boy.

stu Says:

Dunno, Kimberly. Watched Cincy 2008. When Andy’s on he’s untouchable.

I just hope it’s not a one-sided anticlimax (whichever side it is!)

jane Says:

stu @ 6:25 – you make a strong case for how often Nole has put himself in contention, and thus for his devastation if he loses. I wish I did not read your good argument, in a way.: / But if Nole wants to succeed, no matter what happens, he just has to keep doing the work, beating the big guns and giving himself chances. Deep down I believe he will be okay win or lose.

Swiss Maestro Says:

how can anyone say with a straight face that “poor nole was not given a fair chance to defend his title”?

wasn’t a guy almost 5yrs his senior on the other side of the net, playing djokovic in the same conditions? you make it sound like djokovic was dying on the court, while his opponent was relaxing in the beach.

if anyone deprived djokovic, it was himself. when others criticised him about his fitness, he did not take a joke/criticism on him in good spirits. and paid the price for it!

and the coach broke it further? really? like djokovic is an ideal student? it is team work and both parties should share the blame. todd martin is an excellent analyst of the game. too bad, djokovic could not make good use of such a good tennis brain, but stop dumping the blame on todd martin for that.

stu Says:

I did say some things were his own fault and others were out of his control. Read.

contador Says:

dari, again my sources are AO radio. they have been coming on during the lead up matches, while i’m still awake, with commentary until the singles matches. and they are good, i think. lots of info yesterday about why winners of the juniors don’t necessarily make when they go from juniors, a very protected environment, to the real world circuit. most comments applied to boys. it’s easier for girls for some reasons, i forgot already…..duh oh…what do i know at this point!

duing all this “eleanor” a british commentator was concerned about murray’s thigh. but she didn’t elaborate. she was just hoping it didn’t bother him by the final. i thought, “oh no.” if a player is truly injured, i think it’s too bad they don’t bring in a LL, like ferrer. but that’s a very debatable argument. i am thinking about it from a paying fan’s pov. if i had tickets to a slam final and one player couldn’t actually perform to at least the high level it took to get them there….how disappointing. on the other hand, that injured player got there….so…if she/he limps along and has to get through 2 or 3 sets, the injured player earned it from their pov, and definitely the winner earned it, whatever the case.

stu, i went and looked it up. what else has contador to do while waiting anxiously for godot. okay, one errand…went and bought energy drinks. anyways, 2009 from jan. 25 to jan 30 in melbourne was up to 48C….and there were fires all over. 2009 beat all kinds of records for heat, and not cooling off that much at night. also remember wondering why they didn’t close the roof sooner than they did. by the final the heat had dissipated…or at least it was cooler in the evening.

the high today forcast 104F . nothing like it was in 2009….but still….close the roof! but they probably won’t.

Polo Says:

I hope we can all sit in one room and argue until the game begins. Then argue again afterwards. It is the argument that makes sports so exciting. So keep fighting for your faves, guys! I will be up for this match and keep tennis-x open. FUN!!!

dAri Says:

Don’t shoot me for bringing Rafa/roger into the mix ey this great nolandy moment, but there is a Nike clash of champions exho in march. Maria/serena/Rafa/roger
Check it out LATER

dAri Says:

Meanwhile, there’s a REAL match tonight.
Thanks for info conty, that presser said something about his hip/ thigh too I think. Of course Andy said he was fine. Hope so! Think so!
Time for Andy to have one of those once in a lifetime type matches and win this $#¡+

Colin Says:

I think Murray often gives the impression he is injured because he’s one of those people who grimace strongly if they get a little twinge, so I reckon and hope he’s OK.
I’m probably in worse shape than most of you guys when it comes to sleep patterns, because I was listening to radio commentary on the England v Australia cricket matches in the past few weeks. At least the next two tennis majors are in my time zone or close. As some people indulge in binge eating between bouts of slimming, maybe I can get in some binge sleeping in the next few weeks!

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