Novak Djokovic Reflects on His Australian Open Triumph [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 17th, 2011, 6:09 pm

Novak Djokovic fans, here’s a great interview his sponsor Head conducted with the star just after he won the Australian Open last month.

Djokovic reflects on his win, his game and talks a little bit about what’s to come. The Serb sounds very confident and focused in all his answers.

Djokovic will join Roger Federer as the top two seeds in Dubai starting on Monday. It will be the Serb’s first tennis event since winning in Melbourne. He did withdraw from Rotterdam earlier because of a shoulder concern.

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic Reflects on His Australian Open Triumph [Video]

johhny Says:

c’mon Nole, get one more this year. is it too much to ask for? of course not, c’mon, ajde, allez, vamos.

Hypnos Says:

He believes — it’s the Big 3 now.

stu Says:

So mature and quietly confident! And so pleased with himself :). Ajde!

contador Says:

long interview. he does sound clear on what he wants. Ajde Nole!

( and i hope to see and raonic v djokovic match this year!)

and raonic v rafa; raonic v federer…

jane Says:

Me love it! Thanks for posting this Tom G. Nole sounds confident but philosphical about what it has taken him to get there. He says “clear” a lot, which is great. He says “the bottom line is that it is mental” and it sounds right. I hope he can one day achieve his goal of being number one, even it is only for a short while.

contador, I too look forward to seeing Raonic against these top guys, especially as I don’t think he has played a really top level returner yet, except for Ferrer at the AO, and Ferrer won. But who knows what would happen with Milos – he is different and new. I bet we will see those match ups sooner than later.

Duro Says:

johhny, it’s not too much to ask for. It’s essential!

Hypnos, he sure does! It was the Big 3 back from 2007, then Murray joined to group, but it’s the Big 4 more likely. I just want the allocation to change, not the number of the Bigs.

stu, now’s the time. 23 and 10 months; perfect time to enter the prime and golden age of a career. The best should happen exactly from now on. In Novak we trust!

Countess, “and i hope to see and raonic v djokovic match this year!” Well, I’m not! Ha ha ha… The kid is on the roll, plus he was practically my neighbor when he was born, so I wouldn’t like no one to lose there when they meet, which is, of course, impossible, so I9m not looking forward to it at all.

Jane, hey, we don’t want a “short while” :-)! But, I would be satisfied absolutely. There were couple of number ones with just one GS title and some without any to achieve that goal. It’s pretty unfair for Nole to have two of those already and not to achieve his life goal, even for a second, and also unfortunate to play in the era of those two “monsters” where the two GS titles don’t guarantee you nothing but the number 2 spot for a while. Eh…

We can do it, we can do it, we can do it…

Mantras championas…

stu Says:

“it’s not too much to ask for. It’s essential!”

since you’re so good at predictions, which one do you think he will win? i’m hoping he gets a decent draw at Wimbledon – he’s had some tough losses there. going by his track record though, his best shot is the USO. however I only see him winning that if manages to go deep at the FO and Wimby…..hope he keeps the momentum!

Braca Says:

Why not all four this year :) He’s got game for all of them :) To be honest, I am kind of half serious half joking (maybe even a quarter serious and three quarters dreaming), but it could happen … now he is the only one who can do it this year :)

jane Says:

Duro, the sun can’t shine everyday! :) But if he gets to number 1, then I seriously don’t care if it is only for a short while. I just want him to have that spot since it is one he is working towards. I am happy to hear Nole so clear about his goals. Kind of goes to what Fed said on that other thread (cool rhyme hey? A player needs to set goals.

stu Says:

Braca, can’t say the thought has not crossed my mind :)

Dory Says:

Nice interview but the music in-between is deafening. Sound effects FAIL.

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