Will Ferrell Ballboys for Novak Djokovic During Practice [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 13th, 2011, 10:29 pm

Showing further signs of Novak Djokovic’s newfound celebrity, the Australian Open champion enlisted the help of Hollywood film superstar Will Ferrell to join him for a light practice during the Indian Wells BNP Parisbas Open last night.

Ferrell who was accompanied by American Idol judge Randy Jackson met with Djokovic and then helped with ballboy duties during the session.

The popular Ferrell has starred in many sports-related movies through the years – Talladega Nights, Semi-Pro and Blades of Glory come to mind – tempting me to wonder if maybe a tennis movie could be in the works.

Or maybe Novak has other ideas. “Arranging new mega hit song with my buddy’s Will and Randy :-) They are cool!” Djokovic tweeted yesterday.

Djokovic is presently up a set on Andrey Golubev in his second round Indian Wells match.

Here’s the video and more from Saturday at Indian Wells:

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10 Comments for Will Ferrell Ballboys for Novak Djokovic During Practice [Video]

jane Says:

Ha! Funny. Thanks Tom. Ferrell has been a tennis fan for a long time and he seems to like the “underdogs,” or the “upstarts”, perhaps not surprisingly. :) I remember when Murray played Fed at the USO Final in 2008, and throughout that event in fact, Ferrell was there supporting Murray. Good for him! Whatever helps bring attention to tennis is good methinks.

Nole seemed focused enough tonight; hope he can keep the streak going a little longer; I know it’s bound to end, probably sooner than later.

margot Says:

Nole playing gr8 jane. No 2 here it comes :)

margot Says:

And Andy and Jamie through to the next round, so some crumbs of comfort ;)

stu Says:

If Novak wins 7 more consecutive matches, I think he will have made his way into the “streak” conversations…

That would mean beating Gulbis, Troicki, Andy, Roger, Rafa, and then making his way to R4 in Miami. I don’t know about Andy, Roger and Rafa back-to-back but if this Nole can’t do it, no Nole can!

stu Says:

margot, I happen to think Andy would be better off going to Miami now and focusing on singles but of course he cannot do that to Jamie.

I think this means Andole are not teaming up in Miami, however.

jane Says:

stu – that’s a big ask. :) I really want him to peak for slams this year, so if that means he loses earlier at one of these harcourt masters, that’s fine with me.

margot – good for Andy & Jamie. That will help Andy get match practice, plus wins (in doubles or singles) will build his confidence. I think it’s good he’s still in doubles right now, as isolating himself at Miami might be a downer.

stu Says:

you’re probably right, jane. but considering that (age- and form-wise) he should be playing at his peak this year, I don’t see why we can’t expect him to win them all (or most of them)!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Stu- five players have had win streaks in the 40’s. I think this would entail a couple Masters wins on clay for Mr. D. Now that would be something!

stu Says:

actually, TV, acc. to this page:
there are only 6 players with winning streaks over 23, although some have done it multiple times. Roger’s numbers of 35 and 40 are ridiculous, really. he won everything between cincy 06 and indian wells 07. just insane. Novak, OTOH, seems to believe in taking baby steps. 20+ will be an enormous achievement for him…

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Hey, no argument that 20 straight would be impressive, its just that its still a long way from record breaking, and only HALF WAY to top five!

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