Novak Djokovic: I Achieved My Lifetime Goals In Three Days, It’s a Dream Come True [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 3rd, 2011, 6:42 pm

Congratulations to all the Novak Djokovic and all his fans. Nole is the new Wimbledon champion and on Monday he will become the official No. 1 player in the world!

Djokovic beat two-time champion Rafael Nadal very convincingly 64, 61, 16, 63 to win his first career Wimbledon and grass court title this morning.

“It’s hard to describe and I can’t find words to describe the feeling that I have right now,” Djokovic said. “I managed to achieve a lifetime goal and I managed to make my dream come true, all in three days’ time. It’s just an incredible feeling that I’m never going to forget. This is the best day of my tennis career.”

Djokovic has now defeated Nadal five straight times all in finals and all this season. What an amazing run. Djokovic is also 48-1 in 2011 with eight titles and he’ll be the overwhelming favorite to finish as the No. 1 player in the world at the end of the year.

“I was trying to take myself back to those matches and really,” Djokovic admitted. “Perform the same way that I performed those days in those matches: aggressive, taking my chances, not giving him opportunity to take over the control.”

As Djokovic won the final point, he fell to his knees. “Best feeling I had ever on the tennis court. Winning Wimbledon, looking at my box, 20 people, closest people to me in my life being there, supporting me, getting to share that moment and that experience with them was incredible.”

Incredible it is.

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11 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I Achieved My Lifetime Goals In Three Days, It’s a Dream Come True [Video]

Possum Says:

I wouldn’t say it was ‘convincing’. Djokovic was playing quality tennis in the first set and supreme in the second, got over-run in the third and looked rather shaky throughout the forth. I thought Rafa gifted him the match by surrendering his serve in the forth with several unforced errors in the penultimate game.

It was not a match of consistently high quality. Rafa looked uncharacteristically weak at times, hitting shot after shot that landed inside the service line allowing Novak to dictate the rally. If Roger was watching he’d be wondering: how come he doesn’t miss like that when he plays me? Which prompts the question: is Novak in Rafa’s head like Rafa is in Fed’s head? After 5 straight losses I’d say, yes.

jane Says:

Thanks Tom!! Great day for Nole & his fans, and it’s nice to see him so happy. That second set was fantastically good; I was rather gobsmacked. :)

JD Says:

That was an incredible tennis!

Possum said: ‘I wouldn’t say it was ‘convincing’.It was not a match of consistently high quality’
How dumb comment this is? This was fantastic, laser precise tennis. And you expect consistency in the grand slam final, come on Djokovic played Nadal and not some junior player!
Congratulations Novak!

jane Says:

Apparently Nole has more goals, and one of his role models is Rafa:

The Belgrade native is already setting his sights even higher though.

“I want to improve,” Djokovic told a small group of reporters after being presented with a cake decorated in Serbian red, white and blue on the Wimbledon players’ lawn.

“The example for me is Nadal. A few years ago we all knew how dominant he was on clay but maybe not so much on the other surfaces. Nobody thought he could get any better but he did.

“Me too, I still consider myself as a player with something to prove and to improve my game.”

jamie Says:

“is Novak in Rafa’s head like Rafa is in Fed’s head? After 5 straight losses I’d say, yes”.



Nina Says:

Great comments by Novak. Rather than resting on his laurels, he says he wants to emulate Rafa and improve. What a champ he’s become, role model and all. I’m so proud of being his fan. :)))

jane Says:

Oh wow Kimmi – the amount of people on the street! It is like hockey celebrations here. Thanks for posting those pics.

Kimmi Says:

Its amazing. He is the king in serbia. It seem like lots of people think this win is the biggest for nole. beating rafa the world number one is bigger than his first two slams. Tsonga and Murray.

Too bad he didn’t have a lot of photos for petra.

jane Says:

Kimmi, maybe because the Czechs already had Martina. Rather difficult to top that!!! :D

Dory Says:

He says he wants to improve and there’s more to come! Amazing.

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