Who’ll be the Next NEW No. 1 in Men’s Tennis?
by Sean Randall | July 27th, 2011, 7:41 pm

Geez, Sean, it’s hasn’t even been a month and you are already speculating who’ll be next to replace Novak Djokovic at No. 1! Well, yeah. Despite an early misstep, I’m sure Novak will comport himself accordingly as the best player in tennis. And my guess is he’ll have a long, prosperous reign on top of the ranking charts right through the Australian Open next year.

But that’s when I think he’ll give it back to Rafael Nadal. Let’s not forget about Rafa. Sure, he’s 25, he’s banged up a bit in the knees but the guy is still one heck of a tennis player. And if not for Djokovic he’d be the clear No. 1 right now. All credit to the Serb for beating Nadal five straight times and for putting up some incredible numbers, but Rafa just isn’t going to go away that easily.

At some point Djokovic’s level will drop off and I think Rafa will be next in line. I’m guessing that happens when Novak’s points from his early season run this year start rolling off next season (Australian Open, Indian Well, Miami).

At No. 3 Roger Federer is still in the mix and clearly hungry and motivated to get back to the top (he oh so close needing just one week to tie Pete Sampras) but I just don’t think the Swiss is capable anymore of clearing two hurdles in Nadal and Djokovic. One, perhaps, but not both guys. He may still pocket a few more Slams ahead but barring injuries it’s hard to see the soon-to-be-30-year-old Federer returning to No. 1 with Nadal and Djokovic playing so well. Sorry, Roger.

Of course if Nadal does get back to No. 1, he won’t be a new No. 1. Nor Federer should he conjure up some magic. So when the triumvirate of Djokovic/Nadal/Federer fade who’ll be next in line to the throne?

At the moment only a few guys come to mind.

Andy Murray has the game, he has the tools but mentally that belief of winning Slams and reaching No. 1 looks to be fading. And now with Djokovic’s sudden surge, it makes Murray’s road that much tougher especially since they are both the same age.

Maybe in a few years Murray will become better than Novak, but there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest that will happen. Yet I can’t rule it out. Maybe one day, like Djokovic, he too will “click”.

After Murray, there are the Frenchmen like JW Tsonga and my man Gael Monfils. I think Tsonga can become a consistent Top 5 player if he can just stay healthy which is real big ask. And Monfils, who has a world of talent and ability at his feet, just doesn’t seem to have that fire or fight. Like his countryman Richard Gasquet, I fear he will be labeled a career underachiever when all is said and done. I’m a longtime Monfils fan so I hope I’m wrong but among his peer group (Djokovic, Murray, Tomas Berdych, Marcos Baghdatis) he’s the only one yet to reach a Grand Slam final, and with the depth in the game right now it may never happen for him.

I’m also ruling out Berdych, who appears to have hit his peak last year. And I no longer believe Gasquet can get to the top. Though similar to Murray, if things “click” for Richard he could really be a threat.

So who’s left? After all it’s a 100% certainty that someone WILL replace Djokovic/Nadal/Federer at the top. My pick for the guy to do it is an easy one, it’s Juan Martin Del Potro.

He seems much older but Delpo is still only 22 (turns 23 in September) and I always say tennis players hit their peak in that 23.5-26 range. So after Djokovic and Nadal play hot potato with the rankings for the better part of next year, I think maybe after the 2013 Australian Open we’ll officially begin the Delpo era.

At that time Del Potro will be 24 and in the sweet spot of that peak window. And with Federer fading at 31, a weary Nadal closing in on 27 and a Djokovic/Murray nearing off-peak at 26, I think we’ll him at No. 1.

Of course with Juan Martin there are a heap of concerns, starting with his body. But he’s maturing and learning (hopefully) how to better take care of health, daily routine and tournament schedule. The Argentine already has a massive game and mentally – unlike Murray, Monfils or Gasquet – he’s proven that he can beat the big names on a big stage (read: Slams!). And that’s so important.

Obviously grass might not be his surface but I think on hard, clay and indoors he’ll be even tougher to beat in two years than he is now. Just imagine.

That said, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray will still be around battling and winning titles, and they’ll likely be a few more names I haven’t even considered (Milos Raonic comes to mind) or some kid on a couch somewhere just ready to burst on the tennis scene, so there will be plenty of competition for Del Potro. It won’t be easy but really the key will be his health. Somehow he has to stay healthy!

And speaking of Del Potro, not coincidentally he’ll begin his summer swing this evening in Los Angeles against James Blake. After virtually running the table in 2009, Delpo missed the summer hardcourts last year due to that right wrist. But after a strong return in 2011 – he’s No. 19 after ranking near 500 in February, I expect big things from the big man these next 45 days or so.

So to recap, Djokovic hangs on to No. 1 for another six months. Nadal gets it back. He and Djokovic wrestle for the top spot for the rest of 2012 and into 2013 before Del Potro ascends stealing it from the both of them.

If you don’t buy it, have your say below.

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98 Comments for Who’ll be the Next NEW No. 1 in Men’s Tennis?

billyboy512 Says:

this sounds unhinged

jane Says:

Delpo sounds reasonable but I think Murray will get there at some point. Also Sean, I find it interesting that you didn’t even mention Soderling in your article. Is it because he is older? Or because you think he’ll never reach number 1? I ask only because Soderling has been in two French open finals, he’s been in the semis at Wimbledon, and he can play pretty great on hard courts too. So if he ever does get over the hurdle and win a slam, you never know. He has reached more slam finals (2) than Tsonga (1) Berdych (1) or Monfils (none) all of whom you mention.

But Delpo (1 slam final / win and 1 semi), and Murray (3 slam finals, plus at least 3 more semis) are the most likely NEW number ones. I agree with you that Rafa is likely to get it back. For Nole I hope he finishes his career with at least one of each of the slams, since he was the youngest to reach the semis of all of them, he is definitely an all surface guy.

Eric Says:

I agree that he seems the most likely guy to become a new no.1, at least right now, based on the reasons you’ve stated. However, i disagree that he’ll pull it off as soon as a year and a half from now. I think Djokovic will be a force for longer than 6 months if he continues to play near his current level, and don’t forget, even though it would appear Delpo has the game to beat anyone at his best, he has yet to beat Novak or Murray so you can’t yet say he’ll dominate. Perhaps they will form a new big 3 awhile down the road, but I doubt he’ll be able to dominate them as no.1; he has to prove it by beating the two of them (as well as winning another major) first.

Humble Rafa Says:

Being No. 1 carries a lot of pressure. People look at me and Roger and think being number is 1 is easy. You are expected to win all the time, agents set up events for you at 15 minute intervals, you get new girl friends, etc.

Whether Djoker can handle it remains to be seen. Unlike the last 2 number ones, Djoker needs training. He is a brainless child capable of doing stupid things…like taking a gun and trying to….You are F’ing no.1. Would you not think on your own or have people think on you behalf before doing such stupid things.

Djoker, the number 1, interesting times ahead.

Kimberly Says:

i can’t see anyone other than the big three performing consistently enough at the moment to challenge for number one for at least two years. But if you told me Djoker would be number one last year at this point I would have laughed at you. So maybe someone else can turn it on.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Novak holds the Golden Key IMO. He owns Rafa and only had a blip with Fed at FO. Otherwise he is the dominant top player. Don’t discount his new found dominance in the top 3. He is the guy to beat now, no doubt.

jane Says:

The L.A. Blake versus Delpo match is just beginning. Kimberly, not sure if you’re following scores or possibly watching Stanford, but Sharapova is just going into a third set versus Hantuchova.

Finally, Gulbis won another match today, OMG! ;)

jane Says:

It was a little touch and go for Maria. She was down a break in the third, but she came back and went up a break, which was enough for her to close it out. 11 doubles over 3 sets isn’t horrible, but she needs to get her serve firing more consistently.

Delpo is doing well against Blake, but he is not crushing James by any means. Blake has managed to get into Delpo’s service games this first set, but he hasn’t been able to get back the one break he gave up. Delpo takes the first set 6-4.

Evan Says:

Guys we all know Davydenko’s got this #1 thing in the bag

simon Says:

Who will be the next number 1 – god knows, it’s almost like guessing which numbers will come out in the lottery draw this Saturday evening :). One thing I do like though, is that finally, after years of boring, emotionless, mechanical characters like Rafa and Roger (unless you count their numerous out of the ‘being nice for the public guidebook’ phrases like: oh Roger you are so great and kind – no Rafa YOU are so great and fine, don’t cry Roger, don’t cry Rafa, Rafa is killing me, you are the greatest, I am the greatest etc) who DO play SUPERB tennis, we finally have someone at the top that is not only playign great tennis but also shows emotion and feels like he’s made of flesh and bone and not of what everyone (including the sponsors) expects mummy’s good boys (that ‘beat their wife behind mummy’s back’) should look like. Someone that roars and jumps after every point won or loss, that eats grass at Wimbledon centre court, post funny/daft videos on the net and generally is not miserable and devoid of any personality and seems to be having a good time (and yes even this daft ‘gun incident’ however stupid and irresponsible is a ‘sign of life’ – in my book certainly more interesting that “Oh yes I will go and train harder and try and play better and I know he is a great champion and I am a great champion and he deserves it and i deserve it and blah blah” – so false and media aimed…

Anyway, the rant endeth – long live the tennis and may the next number one be even crazier than the current one :) Bring out players with more character – god if only Safin and his lunacy were still on the tour…

scineram Says:

You are reaching, Sean. I agree Delpo might be the next new number 1, but he will not dominate probably, only for a few weeks. I still see Nole and Rafa dominating for the next 2-3 years.

Tom Welsh Says:

Actually, Eric, Del Potro has beaten Murray – Rome 2009, 7-6(4), 6-3. Admittedly, Murray has beaten him 5 times, but most of those matches reflected Murray’s greater experience and his ability to grind Delpo down physically. As he gets more used to playing against a wide variety of opponents, Delpo is already becoming more flexible in his tactics. So next time he plays Murray, expect him to adopt a more savvy approach, rather than just trying to bash the ball past the animated backboard.

One of Delpo’s greatest assets is his brain (and those of Franco Davin and the rest of his team). Jane just mentioned that Delpo was by no means crushing James Blake – and I think that is partly because Delpo has learned to win with as little effort as possible, and to reserve his top gear for those special occasions when he really needs it. Most of the time Blake was attacking, and Delpo demonstrated a remarkable range of defensive skills.

Cherry Says:

I would still want for Federer to get back to No.1! That would be really awesome! http://www.tennisround.com

Brando Says:

I think djokovic shall be the no.1 until australian open 2012 easy. After that due to the fact that he cannot gain points but only defend the maximum, I think nadal shall then get the top spot. Further I agree with what nadal said post Wimbledon final that djokovic’s level will drop and he won’t be able to sustain this level since it happened to federer and him. It will be very interesting to see how djokovic handles being the one who is hunted as opposed to being the hunter.

dari Says:

The delpo/Blake match was a bit closer than I may have wanted, but I saw impressive movement and defense from JMdP. He won’t want to do that too much over a longer period, but its reassuring to know those skills are there.
As far as Maria, if you hate her for the messes she gets herself into, you gotta love her for getting out of them!

mortimer Says:

Sean, your analysis is slightly annoying in how it fails to even mention Soderling. That guy may never become no.1 either, but he´s achieved far better results than all those Frenchmen that you so love to endorse.

It´s difficult to see anyone else than the top three being no.1 for a while. Maybe Agassi and Steffi´s kids are growing up, somebody knows?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

DelPo. The polling numbers are pretty overwhelming and with good reason.
I do think Nole will have a hold on #1 for a while, then perhaps we’ll have a period where Fed, Rafa and DelPo are all in contention. But I think DelPo is a cut above anyone who hasn’t been to the top yet. Just look at what he was doing to then unbeatable Nole before the rain delay at the French, and what he did to Rafa at Wimbledon. He can run with these guys, and he is going to keep improving at a solid clip.

Brando Says:

Really want del potro to hopefully win in LA and Washington. If he could do that and maybe reach qtr/ semi at Montreal then he should skip cincy, have 2 weeks off since he played 3 weeks on the bounce and he’ll be ready for the USO. It wouldn’t matter what seed/ draw he has I think he’ll be ready for any of the big4 then.

Kimberly Says:

Jane, where were you able to watch maria’s match. I searched all over for it and couldnt find a free stream.

tonight is stosur lisicki and i am interseted to see that one.

JMD will win this tourney I think.

I ended up buying the Wozniaki Vintage style new yellow dress that I orginally sneered at and it was quite pretty but just returned from playing and have the wierdest tan lines because of the cut. Unfortunately I may have to limit the wearing to night matches.


The tennis world is sometimes ridiculous in thier assessments. Some conclusions are pretty presumptuos without an objective analysis.Novak djokovich beat rafa,fair and square,but was rafa 100%? i seeriously dought that.Winning the US Open would take more than just fist pumping and roaring!Simon somehow ridicules the former world no.1 because he fist pumps after a rally! these rallies are long and protracted and he finally delivers a brilliant shot so whats wrong with that? showing emotion! theres nothing mechanical about the display of emotions from rafa except his focus and consistency in the retrieval of balls!Simons critique of the former no. 1 is mindless.I believe Nadal hasn’t lost it just yet,delpo is good but doesn’t have the speed and consistency in intensity to be no. 1,not yet!

jane Says:

Kimberly, I couldn’t watch Maria, so I followed scores and stats throughout her match. The first set she mainly cruised, then as usual these days, her first serve percentage dropped in the second set, and Danelia broke her immediately to start the third. But Maria broke back to make it 2 all and then she broke again to get the lead. But her service games to close out the match weren’t straightforward – by the scoreboard, Daniela was in Maria’s service games right until the end. It was frustrating that I couldn’t find streaming. I actually like Hantuchova too so I would’ve liked to watch. : ( I

I could, however, find streaming for Delpo/Blake so I watched that one. Maybe Tom Welsh is right that Delpo is saving his best and just doing what he needs to do to win. And at times, as dari said, Delpo looked dangerous. But his first serve percentage would need to be much higher against excellent returners like Nadal, Nole and Murray, because he was down around 50% in the second set and even Blake managed to break back and get to a tiebreaker. Still, this is just JMDP’s first tournament back so he may’ve been shaking off a little rust, too.

margot Says:

Well, Andy’s improving his game too, don’t forget that. Hopefully Cahill is working on his serve and his mind and when they click, look out world!

truthsquad Says:

As a long time Federer fan, it is painful for me to admit this, but I am amazed that people still say things like “he has a few more slams in him”…does anyone really believe that? I don’t see it…I think the belief is gone, and I think the competition is too intense, too steady…as long as Nadal and Djokovich are healthy, they will be motivated and provide obstacles that will prevent Federer from even making finals, let alone win titles….I hope I’m wrong..

Humble Rafa….thank you for your insight! you are most enlightening as well as entertaining….

Kimberly Says:

I would like to watch Stosur Lisicki and Kirilenko Williams later. Any ideas anyone where i can get a stream? Last night I got directed to a betting website for the sharapova match but I feared when they asked for my info I would be falling for yet another scam (victim of a few in my days) and end up somehow owing lots of money. So I passed.

dari Says:

stanford might be a black hole tourney until the cameras get there for espn on friday. i didn’t even see options for it on the pay stream site tennistv.

cricket Says:

I still feel Federer would make a come back soon.

WTF Says:

Djok will stay #1 for around 12 months. He will have so many points that he can afford to lose some. It’s only if Nadal wins those points that he is under threat. But Nadal with the exception of 2009 has never been a quick starter in the early hard court season. His season doesn’t begin until the clay.

That means Djokovic can lose a lot of early points and still be #1. Plus he will I expect not be beaten from now until at least Shanghai, giving him a further points buffer in case he fails to defend some titles next year.

He is around 2000 points clear of Nadal at the moment. I expect that to increase to at least 4000 by year’s end. Nadal cannot possibly catch up until mid year next year (Djokovic would probably have to lose his Wimbledon title back to Nadal).

There is also the very real possibility that Djokovic gets injured from overplaying, but he’s had good fortune with injuries. He hasn’t had any serious ones that I know of. In fact, I don’t remember when he last got injured and sidelined.

Fed is past his prime. He is good for a few upsets now and then but won’t be winning slams
I don’t think. He can still do it but he’ll need some luck. In the past, he didn’t need luck. He created his own fortunes.

If Murray gets there, he will be a late bloomer. Probably 26+. He will win a slam at some point. It’s too hard not to.

I agree Delpo would have to be the next new #1, unless it’s someone new who reaches his peak early, like Tomic.

Brando Says:

@WTF: I also agree a quick look at the maths and it’s pretty clear from here that djokovic is virtually guaranteed the end of year no.1. His only real rival is nadal for that and I think that nadal has more to defend- win at USO, finalist at YEC, win at japan open and both of them have the same amount of points to defend at Toronto/ cincinatti. Then to next year nadal can gain big at the Australian open as he only reached QF this year, but from then onwards realistically speaking I think it is too difficult for nadal to do so since at IW, MIAMI, Rome and Madrid he has to defend finalists points and can only gain if he wins. That I can’t see him doing. The only way for him to get no.1 before Wimbledon, is if either does a djokovic from the start of the year- maybe winning AUS 2012 and IW or that djokovic starts losing points by losing in the semi’s.

Marija Says:

Djokovic dominance boosts Sergio Tacchini
Historic tennis brand is back in a big way with world’s No. 1 player


Adidas must be kicking themselves.

Blah Says:

Gasquet. Yes, that gasquet.

I don’t want to hear it.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

There is no one on the horizon other than DelPo and Murray. Murray we’ve become too frustrated/disappointed with, so DelPo is the sole choice by default.
But things can change fast. Hewitt, Roddick, Ferrero, and Safin all were #1s within a couple years of each other before Fed put the hammer down. By next year, we could be talking about Tomic and Raonic in the same league as DelPotro as the followers to Djokovic. Or ones we’ve not yet heard of– look at Rafa. For most of us, we heard of him within a year of his winning his first Slam and becoming the clear challenger to Fed. So a year is a very long time! We could have Rafas on deck.

Dan Martin Says:

I don’t see Djokovic losing it after the 2012 Aussie Open or even after the IW and Miami swing. He does have points locked into those events, but Wimbledon, Madrid and Rome are a large down payment on staying #1 until the clay court season at least. Also, Novak could add some points this Summer and Fall taking pressure off of the early hard court swing of next year.

Kimberly Says:

Serena loses a set to kirllenko?

Azarenka lost?

Dimitriv lost?

Daniel Says:

Guys, Djoko has 9470 points in this year from 10750 pts possible (the tourneys he played).
And there is still 4000 from Masters (which he will win at least 1, if not more, breaking the Masters total titles in a year, he is tied with Fed and Rafa with 4), 2000 from US Open and 1500 from YEC London, that’s 7500 pts, not counting other small tourney cash grab he may play, like Basel, Tokyo…

He will easily end the year with 15000 plus points and Nadal will be lucky, if he keeps at 11000.

jane Says:

Gulbis versus Delpo in L.A.! I wonder – will Ernie be utterly blown away, or will he find his forehand, his inner fighter (he’ll have to dig deeeeeeep) and make a match of it? Three years ago, or so, Delpo, Cilic and Gulbis were going to be the next big things. But only one of them has made the cut, so to speak. So yeah, who knows what the future holds?

skeezerweezer Says:

Agree Nole will be #1 still at years end. His play will have to take a major detour. Don’t see that unless injury comes in. Based on his performance this year he deserves to hold the #1 ramking for 2011 anyway you slice it at years end. Nole haters better get used to it.

Queen Says:

OMG, what a pile of crap this article and your comments.

Kimberly Says:

Nadal and sharapova rock, may they both return to number one and/or win many grand slam titles and play many finals. After them I could care less who takes over! Maybe I will start to like someone else but I cant imagine it! I better though, both are already kind of banged up at young ages.

Kimberly Says:

Sharapova williams to play tomorrow. If Maria can win this match it would be HUGE for her confidence. Serena may have been out, but its still serena Williams. Thats why its a very big if. The head to head favors Williams 6 to 2 and the reality is although I love sharapova im not in total denial and am aware williams is a much better player. But wow, a win would be great! Go Maria!

jane Says:

Yeah, I think Serena is in Maria’s head a bit, as i seem to recall that Serena has said some smack-talk-ish things in the press about Maria. So if Maria gets the win, it would indeed be good for her confidence.

Michael Says:

Del Potro is definitely a potential World No.1. The only worry is his physical fitness which is taking a heavy toll on his overall performance. The main worry about Del Potro is that he lacks the stamina to last longer matches. That makes his task still more tougher at grand slam events which are fought over five marathon sets.There is no doubt he has the fire to beat the Top but yet there is lingering doubt about his success. May be with the passage of time, Del Potro will discover the secret of maintaining good health and physique. If he does that, he is surely unstoppable.

Gaga Says:

great article,
but I somehow don’t see the del potro at the top – not sure, nice guy, good – but it’s missing the ‘great’ – hope dp suporters won’t hate me:), he is great – just not great great – though he has time – but has injuries, too big a guy and all that, more pressure on the body etc.
all of the ‘big #1-s’ have something very unique – and that masterclass, Rodger, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras (I wasn’t his fan though) – don’t forget that djokovic was a wonder boy, you may like him or not (some do some don’t) but he was destined to be here – or at least had all the top qualities – even though no particular shot as a trademark so far (now seems to be backhand but more is the overall) – but he did, was one of the first to challenge federer, apart form Nadal of course, also mentally
I don’t see anyone right now, so I guess we need some time – that Australian kid was good, was he?

contador Says:

put a dollar on it…andy murray will be #1 after nole but agree with anyone thinking nole has rafa’s number.

getting ready for delpo to crush gulbis tonight :D

contador Says:

what i mean is: nole has rafa’s number and can’t see rafa regaining #1 nor federer.

nole injects new life into atp, imo.

about murray. could be indulging in some wishful thinking. c’mon muzz – this is your US Open!

Skeezerweezer Says:


U were missed. Where u been?

contador Says:

hi skeezer!

been being a nerd. contador fangirl (*embarrassed)

he came in 5th in TdF :/ crashed 4 times in the 1st week.

how ya doin? ;)

vamos delpo!

jane Says:

Hey contador!! Was just stopping in to post an article on Murray and why this USO is a good chance for him to win.


Even if Ernie gets clobbered by Delpo, at least Gulbis made a decent run here! And I thought of you the other day because (a) I saw the trailer for the new Winnie the Pooh film and (b) Tigger is winning again, hoo hooo hooo hoooooo. :)

Nice to “see” ya.

contador Says:

ha! more love for tigger the better, jane !

i’ve been busey messing up on cycling forums. thankfully a nice poster from vancouver, bc is there to straighten out some of my posts :D

i’m trying to find a stream atm for delpo. ernie, i’m happy to see is still in the top 100!

jane Says:

contador, some good players in UMag semis: JCF vs. Tigger-Pogo, and Cilic vs.the Peacock FOgnini. :)

Streaming for Ernie and Delpo is at Fromsport,

jane Says:

Oops no, they seem to be showing Petrova??

Skeezerweezer Says:


Haha you don’t fool me calling yourself a nerd ;). I know you, ;). Anyways, yeah, go Delpo!, C crashing 4 times and still placing 5th? Not bad, no? ;). What if he didn’t crash at all?

contador Says:

i see that… ALL favorites! umag streaming ;)

got the stream for LA :D

contador Says:

oops yes….it’s going to change to LA….er, i think, hope…

ah skeezer. you know me…

bf tells me i’m a nerd for following cycling. lol…he can’t stand it!

contador Says:

fromsport is jovanov v petrova. no matter how many times i try reloading.

hm, have to try espn3, jane.

jane Says:

I dont get espn3. :( Gulbis breaks immediately. i could be wrong but don’t you think Ernie might feel he has something to prove, since Delpo is his “peer” age-wise? Cilic, Delpo and Gulbis. Darn, I need to find a stream.

contador Says:

in portland i have tennis comcast cable…and espn.

cableone in idaho has NO espn3. sheesh. and i keep complaining. the rep just sounds dumbfounded that i’d even ask for tennis :/

i guess livescore will have to be it…

delpo is a slow starter tonight?? (confused by score)

jane Says:

I wish I could see this. :( Ernie is turning it on? Or as you say, Delpo hasn’t found the switch yet. Double break for Gulbis!!

contador Says:

are you following fromsport live chat, Jane? ;)

we are not the only unhappy campers with no stream.

something must be wrong with delpo. and gulbis is famous for dropping a lead!

exciting times watching livescore…

Kimberly Says:

Espn two showing Maria Serena unfortunately, Serena is smoking Maria. Sharapova can’t even get started.

jane Says:

Serena’s up two breaks on Maria already, serving at 3-0.

contador Says:

bellucci took the 1st set 6-1 in his match v bogomolov and managed to lose, so…

vamos delpo! get that engine revved!

jane Says:

No I haven’t been following chat: turned it off when it seemed no one could find a stream or provide a linnk to one.

Obviously Serena is the stronger player, but I do think she is in Maria’s head too. Plus, as funches pointed out on the other thread, Maria just doesn’t have the serve she used to have.

Kimberly Says:

Wow, espn showed the last game of gulbis delpo set one, hub is looked IMPRESSIVE. Monster forehands, great backhands, good movement. The commentators said flawless first set except for one double fault. However, I’m sure he will now fall apart.

Kimberly Says:

I meant gulbis not hub!

jane Says:

Well Ernie took the first set. But you’re right contador: that probably doesn’t mean too much in this match.

Things are looking dire for Maria, on the other hand – she may be having a bagel for dinner real quick.

Kimberly Says:

Uuuuughhhh double fault to 0-5

contador Says:

hey Kimberly. just flipped on espn2 and they are showing gulbis v delpo …mostly serena v sharapova.

****s that i don’t get tennischannel or espn3 in this part of idaho. have to have a dish, bla :(

shreikapova getting bageled.

Kimberly Says:

At least rafa puts on a decent show when he chokes to Novak, this is painful.

Kimberly Says:

Wild forehands from Maria. Terrible.

Kimberly Says:

At least no bagel!

contador Says:

i’ll believe it when i see it: gulbis getting serious about tennis. what a muppet, lol…

jane Says:

Yay Sharpie’s on the board!!

contador Says:

maria has more of a bark than a shriek on serve. it’s a gruntfest.

jane Says:

Gulbis hit his first double at the end of last set; Delpo hit his first ace at the beginning of this set. Tides turning?

contador Says:

“doublefaultova” is an endearing poster on the chat. hahaa

Kimberly Says:

I was so excited about this match and it’s 2009-2010 typical maria double fault unforced error fest….I was hoping she had left this in the past, but no sadly not.

jane Says:

Oddly, i am beginning to think Maria’s best shot at another slam may be the French, where she can get away with a less than ideal serve, potentially.

contador Says:

so far…match stats looking good for EG. :O

delpo appearently having a v. bad night.

contador Says:

apparently not appearantly. look at spellcheck contador…

contador Says:

okay. momentum shifted.

delpo got the break. vamos!

ernie has to be worn out. muppet down

Kimberly Says:

At least finally some decent points, but sadly sharapova still comes up short.

jane Says:

Gulbis breaks back. He wants this win? Is it the “peer” thing? Ernie’s getting less first serves in than Delpo. 53% compared to 57% but he has hit more aces and less doubles,

I didn’t think Delpo’s serve was at its best versus Blake and it still doesn’t seem to be.

Meanwhile, poor Maria is getting pummeled,

contador Says:

yeah, ernie must be able to see the finish line?

he likely needs to finish in 2 sets for a reasonable chance :D

jane Says:

Gosh I am jonesing to see this match! >: (

contador Says:

me too, jane! and a whole lot of delpo fans are confused about why no link.

i’d prefer to see delpo. maybe serena can just get this ‘ova. or not.

Kimberly Says:

They just teased with a window view of farmers classic.

But looks like this is just about over. Poor Maria, still trying.

Kimberly Says:

Finally, a very nice looking point

Kimberly Says:

Three consecutive holds, wow.

jane Says:

Wowsa! Ernie will serve for the win, 6-2, 6-4 if he manages to close it out. We’ll seeee.

contador Says:

serena finishes.

ernie 3rd match point and he..oops, fail, lol. muppet looks good. ESPN2 showing the end. delpo doesn’t appear dragging or injured. just an off night, maybe.

okay. hoping for a umag stream. ‘nite, jane.

jane Says:

G’night contador.

Nice win for Ernie! Not really a big deal for Delpo, either, who has lots more tennis coming up, with Washington, the masters, etc.

contador Says:

haha…throw a racket, ernie :D

mp #4.n finally gets it. entertaining, ernie! i remember why i like him. but cahill has to reminds us he’s a “rich kid.” why. what does it matter. he played well. anyway…

Kimberly Says:

I was actually planning on rooting for delpo to do well so he could get seeded higher for open so nadal won’t have to play him in third round but when gulbis turned it on my natural pull wS to root for him never believed he wasn’t going to fall apart until match point four was over!

gordon Says:

We have never have been asked te same question in Nadal’s and Rogers case. What makes you think that this will be a short lived No 1 holder? There is no way that Djokovic can lose a title after AUS Open. He still will be holding all Master and Wimbledon points from this year. The only you got it right is for Djokovic to play miserably to the end of season including AUS Open. How realistic this is?

sheila Says:

imho, nadal will get #1 ranking back. i think 2b #1 u have 2b consistent week in & week out, u have 2b fast & u have 2b athletic 2 beat the likes of a djokovic, nadal & murray. the reason soderling or berdych havent 1 a major is because they cant beat nadals mental tuffness, his athleticism & speed. monfils has speed & athleticism but mentally doesnt have the fighting spirit it takes 2 win these guys. federer had it, but unfortunately he is getting older & i dont think that passion is there like it once was when he was in his prime(i would love 2c him win a few more majors). murray also has everything but mentally lacks that belief. so i think the next #1 will be nadal again. hes pissed enuff 2 want it back.

jamie Says:

Del Potro.

Dory Says:

Who knows. It’s impossible to predict when the top 3 are so dominant. When they fade away, the landscape would have changed drastically. Maybe Bernard Tomic. Maybe JMDP.

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