Vera Zvonareva Gets Naked For ESPN’s Body Issue [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 6th, 2011, 10:50 am

Volatile WTA star Vera Zvonareva was a picture of calm and beauty in the latest ESPN The Magazine issue. For the famed “Body Issue” which hits newsstands this week, Zvonareva shed all her clothes for a special pictorial.

“I wasn’t sure how I would feel,” Zvonarava said of appearing naked. “I actually enjoyed it a lot”

Zvonareva joined Serena Williams who appeared in their inaugural Body issue in 2009. Zvonareva has always seemed to be a shy person who jump on an risque opportunity like this. But she looks great!

“For me it was something that I just decided to try I think,” she added. “Some things you may want to try at least once in your life.”

You can read and see more here and click here for all the athletes in the buff.

On the tennis court, Zvonareva lost earlier in the week to Ana Ivanovic in Bejing.

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14 Comments for Vera Zvonareva Gets Naked For ESPN’s Body Issue [Video]

CM Says:

It would be so nice if it is ANA. No, she does nothing for me.

David Says:

Yea, seriously. Where’s Ivanovic for these sorts of photo ops?

That said, tennis players still have the hottest girlfriends.

As reported in this hilarious article I just came across.

Swiss Maestro Says:

fcuk it! why dont they get ana (I or K) or sharapova or dementieva or goerges or kirilenko to do it. what about danica patrick? or one of those beach volleyball babes?

f u! espn! please also look at the faces and not just their body. thanks [sorry vera, nothing personal. you know i love you as a friend! LOL!

Paul Says:

Vera a better choice than others suggested above,Swiss maestro not a good face judge.

Kimmi Says:

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. vera is beautiful and i think she looks hot here.
I saw the picture somewhere else coz for some strange reason I cant watch this clip “in my country”.

jane Says:

^ Mine neither Kimmi. ;)

Wog boy Says:

K&j same here, though I wasn’t eager to watch it ,anyway. On this one I am with SM. I am traying to imagine Safina doing this sorts of things, since she is finished with playing due to back problems.

jane Says:

Wog boy, I suspect you might like this (caveat, off topic, i.e., no nude female tennis players ;))

Scott Says:

hey this isn’t some run of the mill bimbo girly mag shoot. these are about athletes and physiques. if you want that sort of thing might i suggest picking up a playboy or tuning into your favorite porn site. and like it or not vera is a prominent player right now and has been for the last year and a half. and in the majority of that span,she’s been top 3 was 2 in the world. not to mention twice a major finalist.

ana is a perfectly lovely player but she has been nowhere near the level vera has been of late,in terms of her results and success. and talking of beauty,i think vera is a lovely girl with intense blue eyes. in fact i find her quite exotic which makes shooting pictures of her very cool. besides,ana takes pictures all the time….as does sharapova and serena….it’s kind of nice to see the attention on a different player who’s actually doing something on the court.

Wog boy Says:

Thanks Jane, I did like it , very much.
Watching Nadal, just won 1st set 7:6. Gutsy performance by Giraldo, so far. How long is going to last?

Swiss Maestro Says:

right! this is not a bimbo mag shoot! glad we got THAT out of the way.

what next? that hugh hefner runs playboy for to assist in kid’s $ex education? come on!

you really dont have to get an athlete nude to celebrate their physique!

alison hodge Says:

theres been plenty of men stripping of lately,rafa,tipso,nole,verdasco,jwt,etc,etc,so i suppose it was only fare that the ladies returned the favour,although i wasnt complaining i have to say i much prefer them on a tennis court as they naturally are all hot and sweaty,not plucked and photo shopped,at least this is vera as she naturally is.

Swiss Maestro Says:


i would like to see your comments when stepanek appears on that espn body issue. or maybe dominik hrbaty. or sam querry. LOL

alison hodge Says:

@swiss maestro i think i would like some things to be left to the imagintion,or in these cases not even then,lol,no thankyou,god forbid.

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