Wozniacki Injured; Kvitova Asthma; WTA Drama Heightens at Sydney
by Staff | January 11th, 2012, 11:10 am

Just when you thought the injury-o-rama in women’s tennis couldn’t get any worse, the race for the No. 1 ranking imploded on Wednesday at the Sydney event where world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki was injured during a loss that could have consequences for her Australian Open.

Fighting back tears in the third set, Wozniacki had her wrist taped during an injury time-out against Agnieszka Radwanska, losing 3-6, 7-5, 6-2 in the quarterfinals.

Now world No. 2 Petra Kvitova, who has been battling asthma during the event, can take the No. 1 ranking for the first time by winning Sydney. In the quarters Kvitova put a 6-0, 6-4 beat-down on Daniel Hantuchova, and in the semis will face reigning French Open champ Li Na.

Wozniacki joins Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Kim Clijsters, and a host of other players who enter Melbourne injured or may be forced to pull out of the event.

Wozniacki thinks the wrist injury will not keep her out of Melbourne.

“I could feel it today, especially in the third set,” Wozniacki said. “I’m going to go get it checked out tomorrow and hopefully it’s ok. Let’s just hope for the best. I should be completely fine for Australian Open. I started feeling it more and more during the match.”

Kvitova reportedly had asthma-related breathing problems in her three-set win over Alexandra Dulgheru in the second round during the heat of the day, but the Czech said she was not as bothered during her night match against Hantuchova.

“I have to say it was not really bad tonight,” Kvitova said. “I have more problem in the USA than here. This is not really humid here.”

The other women’s semifinal will be (7) Agnieszka Radwanska vs. (3) Victoria Azarenka.

Highlights of men’s play Wednesday in Sydney included seeds (1) Juan Martin del Potro and (3) Richard Gasquet advancing. Upsets were American qualifier Bobby Reynolds defeating (2) John Isner, France’s Julien Benneteau downing (4) Feliciano Lopez, newly-minted Russian Alex Bogomolov, Jr. toppling (5) Viktor Troicki, and Finnish qualifier Jarkko Nieminen outlasting (8) Radek “The Worm” Stepanek 6-1 in the third.

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48 Comments for Wozniacki Injured; Kvitova Asthma; WTA Drama Heightens at Sydney

jane Says:

Didn’t know Kvitova has asthma; that may be partially to explain for her previous inconsistency. Hope it isn’t affected too drastically in the heat.

Also, that’s too bad about Woz: it would’ve been good to see her compete for her top spot.

grendel Says:

It’s not at all clear that Radwanska wouldn’t have won anyway. I think Woz competed – and fell short.

margot Says:

Would love Radwanska to start stepping up :)

Wog boy Says:

Andre Petkovic pulled out , stress fracture of her lower back :(

Kimmi Says:

I agree grendel, wozniacki fell short. Radwanska was fighting, never gave up and was rewarded at the end.

I did not see kvitova match against hantuchova, apparently she was on fire.

Big Nana Says:

Petra’s asthma flares up when conditions are hot or humid. If you watched closely she was discretely coughing all the way through the Hopman Cup. The same again now in Sydney.

Thangs Says:

Hope Kvitova overcomes the problem. She and Kim are the hopes to stop serena, if serena happen to progress..

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t know about asthma, but it was obvious that she had problem first day against Romanian girl, she wasn’t only one and it was hot and humid, I posted earlier about that. Yesterday was windy, but neither hot nor humid.

Wog boy Says:

Well, well, well, I didn’t see this coming. What a match, wow, Baghdatis took it to Delpo and won. Baghdatis had a game plan and did it. Strange thing is that he killed Delpo with BH down the line time and time again. High quality match.

Vicky good on you, your maiden GS is overdue, it is about time to get one, maybe AO, why not. Go Vicky.

I have to say that Sam Smith is really good commentator. She was so right and so accurate. She is better then most of the male commentators.

Rick Says:

Six women for Number 1 at the Australian Open

With Kvitova losing in the semis at Sydney, six women can reach number 1 at the Australian Open. I’ve computed the womens rakings following Sydney (one match to go) and then subtracted out the points earned at the 2011 Australian Open. The points headed into the 2012 Australian Open are below

1. Kvitova 6790
2. Wozniacki 6585
3. Azarenka 6585 or 6435
4. Sharapova 6160
5. Stosur 5405
6. Radwanska 4830

7. Bartoli 4610
8. Zvonzreva 4535
9. Li 4320 or 4170
10.Petkovic 4000

With 2000 points going to the winner and 1400 to the runner-up, Kvitova, Wozniacki, and Azareanka all would be Number 1 with a win. Sharapova becomes number 1 by winning, as lomg as Kvitova is not her championship opponent. Stosur becomes number 1 by winning, as long as her championship oppenent is not Kvitova (needs to lose before the semis), Wozniacki(needs to lose before the semis), Azarenka (if wins Sydney, needs to lose before the semis), or Sharapova. Radwanska needs close to a miracle, starting with Kvitova losing in the first round.

Humble Rafa Says:

Good to hear that Mr. Lady Forehand is working with Lendl on his…well lady forehand. First clean up the stroke (reminds of how Judy Murray hits her forehand).

Then rewire the cables in the brain to avoid choking. First things first though.

On a completely different note, the balls are apparently going to be heavier at the Australian Open. Damp conditions, slow plexicushion courts and heavy balls mean an an early exit for the Arrogant One.

margot Says:

Disrespectfully disagree your Humbleness. It’s Andy’s second serve that the real weakness in his game and gets him into all sorts of bother.
ITT must try and sort that out first.
Heavy balls? Have they been altered? Damp conditions? Sounds more like UK than Oz..

margot Says:

PS Wog boy, I love Sam Smith too, she is one of my favourite commentators! She doesn’t yammer on and on and has good inside knowledge about the players. She also plays women’s veteran doubles at Wimbledon, which is good to see :)

Thangs Says:

Good thatr Kvitova lost. She had enough matches under her belt..also she will realise she is still beatable..so she could be extra careful during AO

grendel Says:

Thangs – I’ve often thought like that. But I’m never quite sure. Because along with extra caution might come a certain tightening up – and Kvitova more than most needs to be free and loose to get the most out of her game. So a loss now could affect her either way. She also appears to be lacking full fitness – too late to turn that around. Hopefully, it won’t matter.

Thangs Says:

grendal – yes,thats true. also when game is not clicking she is full of errors. at this beginning stage of her career, 3 set matches are disadv for her due to her health(fitness,asthma) and high risk percentage tennis..but thats how she can grow up..I wish her to win this AO.

racquet Says:

2 hours to go until the AO draw. Anyone else psyched and/or going to follow it live?

Humble Rafa Says:

The Arrogant One and The Egg Lover are tied at the hip. So they will be in the same half. I only predict what I can predict with 100% confidence.

If this does not happen, I will have to say that the new ATP CEO is to blame.

Lou Says:

A nice article to follow:

The Big Four (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murray) & Del Potro- Statistical Precursor to Australian Open 2012: Part 2 http://bit.ly/ADp4rh

Clearly tells who is the best amongst all the 5.

dari Says:

I’m psyched, raquet! Can’t watch it live, but will follow on Twitter phone!

I think its time I bet for roger rafa in same half!
What I am glad about though, is Murray and roger won’t he in same half

Tennislover Says:

Humble Rafa – Majors come under the jurisdiction of the ITF. Don’t blame the ATP or its past or present CEO for the “rigging”. It is indeed a bit surprising – even if statistically probable – that Djokovic and Federer are drawn to meet each other at the sf stage of the majors so often. However, to assume, therefore, that the draw is necessarily fixed is wrong imho. The draw ceremony is not some secret hush-hush operation held by one or two persons. More often than not, the names are picked by a top current or past player. It is there for all to see. It will require a lot of people to be in the loop for such shenanigans to take place and, in today’s age, it’d be virtually impossible to keep it a secret. Even if Federer meets Djokovic at the sf stage ten more times, I will treat it as nothing more than an oddity.

racquet Says:

dari says:
…is Murray and roger won’t he in same half

I don’t know. I’m kind of curious to see them meet in a SF for a change. I have a gut feeling that Murray would do better than in the previous finals.

Of course I have secret wishes for some players I’d like to land in the top 3′s quarters, but I’m not going to jinx it by stating so beforehand ;)

10 mins to go.

dari Says:

I know who I DON’T wanna see in roger’s quarter and who I do wanna see in, say, rafa’s!

They are just my two faves (am and rf) and if they both got to the final I know that I couldn’t lose either way, unless injury of course… Let me shut up on to the draw and I will check here for uodates as well!

racquet Says:

And we’re off! Women’s draw first.

racquet Says:

Roger vs Qualifier; Murray vs Harrison; Rafa v qualifier; Tsonga v Istomin – 1st matches.

Murray is in Djoko’s half.

bstevens Says:

The draw is out!

Djokovic with Ferrer
Murray with Tsonga
Federer with Fish
Nadal with Berdych

Fed and Rafa in same half!

racquet Says:

Tomic vs Verdasco 1st rnd.

van orten Says:

Wowwwww!!!! Great draw

racquet Says:

Monfils, Tsonga & Simon in Murrays section. Fortunately he has great a record against the French. What I want to know is: whose section has Raonic landed in?

racquet Says:

And where is del Potro?

Humble Rafa Says:

Slow courts! The Arrogant One and I are in the same half. Heavy balls! hmm..

Me, liking it.

grendel Says:

Tennislover – nicely put, and I agree. The thing to remember about probability is that it is incredibly unintuitive. Even statiticians can get bamboozled by it (see Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking – fast and slow” – mindblowing).
Even so – I am relieved that Federer is at last in Nadal’s half, there is a limit to what people will accept. And also, it’s kind of exciting anyway…Looks like poor Murray has drawn the short straw. You do NOT want to be facing Tsonga right now. On the other hand, if Murray can get past him, his confidence will be sky high.

racquet Says:

Roddick, Raonic and Hewitt in same section. Roddick could meet Hewitt in the 2nd rnd.

McEnroe says that he “grudgingly” gives credit to Murray for teaming up with Lendl. hehe Old rivalries never die.

racquet Says:

I think del Potro is in Federer’s qtr. aargh, publish the draw already!

van orten Says:

Fed will put delpo away …wanted him in nadals oe djokers half though

Thangs Says:

Nole,Nadal,Federer,Murray -> From cakewalk to tough order..Seems tennis gods are still showering their love on Nole

racquet Says:

Dolgopolov also in Fed’s qtr, I believe. And Karlovic.

van orten Says:

Fed tricky draw.: dolgo, tomic , karlovic , possible delpo quarter…nadal has a good draw, fedal is very possible
Karlovic and delpo could be nailbiter !!!!

Colin Says:

Grendel, for Murray to be in danger from Tsonga, the Frenchman’s game will need to be in better shape than it was against Nishikori!

racquet Says:

Not forgetting Murray is 5-1 in the H2H with Tsonga. Unfortunately that 1 loss came at the AO but a lot has changed since then.

Kimmi Says:

fedal in the semi for a change. wow!

grendel Says:

Well, Tsonga is a mercurial gent, and I think there’s every chance he’ll be firing on all ze cylinders by the time he gets to meet Murray. However, he’s got to get past Istomin in first round – cld be tricky. ‘Nother interesting 1st round – Tomic/Verdasco.

Goodlooking potential matches – Dimitrov/Almagro, Simon/Nishikori, Nalbandian/Isner, Raonic/Roddick, Murray Monfils.

Murray seems to me to have the toughest quarter – Fed’s and Nadal’s are both quite friendly – del Potro is in Fish’s quarter. However, you just never know with these things. “Easy” draws can turn out hard, and vica-versa.

Fritz Says:

It could easily be Delpich in the semis…

Fritz Says:

Murray has the hardest draw by a country mile!

Colin Says:

The Murray/Nalbandian exhibition is available on the LiveScoreHunter site (in the UK at any rate).

grendel Says:

Woz appears to have a straight ride to the quarters, with Na Li and Clijsters battling for the privilege of meeting her.
Only Penneta looks like putting up much resistance to Azarenka reaching the quarters, where she’s due to meet Radwanska.
3rd quarter seems to be the most competitive, with maybe Kanepi being the best bet to halt Serena’s progress to the last 8 – where she might meet Sharapova or Kutznezova.
In final quarter, if Kvitova is on, there’s noone to get near her. Frankly, even if she’s not on…Stosur’s at the other end, important that she recovers her form. Nervy-wervy.

Wog boy Says:

Friday the 13th.

Whoever is not happy with a draw blame it on Black Friday :)

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