Where Is Roger Federer? Why He’s Underwater!
by Tom Gainey | April 12th, 2012, 12:07 pm

federer-underwater That’s not a fish, that’s Roger Federer! In a new post on Facebook, the Swiss tennis star appears to be having a great time on his vacation, location unknown.

“Just finishing up my vacation and sending everyone greetings from under the water!” Federer wrote.

While many of his rivals like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are preparing for Monte Carlo next week, Federer and wife Mirka celebrated their third wedding anniversary yesterday.

Roger is expected to return to tennis action next month on May 6 at the Madrid Open followed by the Rome Masters. Federer, ranked No. 3 this week, has won four three ATP titles this year.

You can see more of what the players are doing on the Facebook tennis tracker.

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22 Comments for Where Is Roger Federer? Why He’s Underwater!

Lissa Johnston Says:

It’s a different look for him, but I like it!

Steve 27 Says:

Three years now? Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Federer, As the flame of love goes, why not celebrate in style?

Steve 27 Says:

has won four ATP titles this year.

Actually is three ATP tiles: Rotterdam, Dubai and
Indian Wells. Perhaps the author like more?

alison hodge Says:

although Rogers not really my type,he looks great here,in the age of so many celebrity marriages falling apart,it makes a refreshing change to here of a couple still so happy together,and enjoying a family holiday,not just an amazing tennis player,but a great family man,congrats Roger and Mirka on 3 happy years together.

steve-o Says:

Congratulations to the Federers on their third anniversary, may they have many more happy years together.

It’s good to see that they’re relaxing and having fun in the midst of a long and difficult season.

rave Says:

Alison, you truly are one of the nicest posters. I need to learn from you. Steve 27, may be you need to learn from Alison too.

alison hodge Says:

thanks Rave i appriciate the compliment but honestly im just being myself,and believe me i do have to bite my tongue sometimes virtually speaking,however as its the age of the internet i have realized,everyones entitled to there opinions and to say what they want,but some comments are not worth responding to,and are best ignored,BTW i like your posts too,as they always seem pretty fair to me.

Mark Says:

What! No oxygen mask???

Humble Rafa Says:

although Rogers not really my type,he looks great here

Not your type. This is not a dating site. Plus he is married!

jenny cramer Says:

hope the mini break will put him back to winning ways He looks good under water

alison hodge Says:

humble rafa yeah i do know that,i was just paying a compliment thats all,as many of the women on the forum do about the men sometimes,and the men do so about the women,i dont see anything wrong with complimenting someone its not a crime you know.

mat4 Says:


You’re not allowed to do that. You are a Rafa fan. So your compliments have to be only for Rafa. Don’t make his humble highness angry.

Fed Fan 2 Says:

It’s still not too late to enter Monte Carlo.

Dory Says:

Yeah but I wanted to see his hairy chest!

alison hodge Says:

Mat4 lol yeah just realized what i have done,commiting the cardinal sin,offending his humble highness,and giving the arrogant one a compliment,sorry your humble highness it will not happen again.

alison hodge Says:

^BTW sorry fed fans that was only ever meant as a joke,in no way would i ever call roger arrogant,as he is very far from that,sorry again.^

Lisa Says:

@alison, “his not my type, what are you trying to say” the guy has done you no wrong, why boast of yourself against him?

Nadal Tries To Build A Snowman In Monte Carlo, Can Djokovic Stop Him? Says:

[…] Roger Federer vacationing poolside (or he just has a really, really big bathtub), Juan Martin Del Potro recovering from Davis Cup, […]

alison hodge Says:

lisa im sorry but i dont really understand why your offended by my post,and i certainly was not boasting about myself against the guy,Rogers a perfectly lovely guy,a great family man,and a pretty awesome tennis player,the greatest ever in fact,but im the same as all women,well im the same as all human beings for that matter,some women love Rafa,some love muzza,some love nole,etc etc,we are all different,dont you think it would be a boring old world if we all liked the same thing?

Michael Says:

Whether under water or over water, Roger is the best !!

Jon Says:

Certainly an usual photo of Roger. Congrats to him and Mirka on their 3rd anniversary.

Irene Tiedt Says:

Everyone deserves a holiday break and everyone needs to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Roger and Mirka on their 3rd anniversary and wishing them many more! Looking foreward to seeing Roger back on court. He is still too young and too good on court to quit now!

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