Nadal Wins 38th Straight In Monte Carlo, Ferrer Upset; Djokovic Faces Dolgopolov Thursday
by Sean Randall | April 18th, 2012, 6:50 pm

In his clay opener, Rafael Nadal wasn’t at his sharpest but it was more then enough to get past Jarkko Nieminen today 6-4, 6-3 in the second round at the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters.

Nadal has now won 38th straight matches on the courts along the Mediterranean as he seeks an incredible 8th Monte Carlo title.

The Spaniard, however, still has concerns about his ailing knees.

“We need days to see how all the sensations improve: the knees, the tennis, everything,” said Nadal after his 12th straight win on clay. “When you stop for 15 days without practice, physical performance, practice tennis, your body loses a little bit the performance. That’s usual. I need practice, and today was a good practice. Tomorrow is going to be another tough match against a player who is dangerous. We’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Nadal faces Mikhail Kukushskin tomorrow.

Rafa’s main rival, Novak Djokovi, roughed up Andreas Seppi 6-1, 6-4 for his 7th straight match win.

“I thought I was really focused first set,” Djokovic said. “I played really good. I had a tough opponent, obviously, a quality opponent that plays good on clay. For the first official match [on clay] since Roland Garros last year, it was satisfying.”

Next up for Novak should be a good one against the unorthodox Alexandr Dolgopolov.

“I think you expect the unexpected with him,” Djokovic said about the Ukranian. “He’s a very talented player, comes up with some shots that, you know, are not really typical for a tennis player, what you would expect. He comes up with some dropshots. He changes the pace very much. That’s why he’s very dangerous on clay, which is a slower surface and it gives him more time to come up with his shots.”

The big result of the day belonged to Tomaz Bellucci who stunned clay favorite David Ferrer 6-3, 6-2.

“I didn’t play very well,” said Ferrer. “But my opponent, he was better than me in the first and second set, in every moment. I made lots of mistakes. I am not fast. He plays very aggressive, very consistent. He was better.”

On TV the commentators hinted Ferrer may have been injured. Bellucci’s a very tough player on clay but for Ferrer to lose that badly does make you wonder.

David’s exit really helps Djokovic who was seeded to meet Ferrer in the quarterfinals.

Tomas Berdych, Janko Tipsarevic, Kei Nishikori, Nicolas Almagro and Juliean Benneteau were also winners. Benneteau now meets Andy Murray Thursday while Berdych and Nishikori clash. The Scot appears to be the only player who can breakup a Djokovic-Nadal Sunday final. And in maybe the best match, JW Tsonga faces off against Fernando Verdasco.

Tennis Channel again has live wall-to-wall coverage!


COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[3] A Murray (GBR) vs J Benneteau (FRA)
Not Before 12:00 PM
[13] F Verdasco (ESP) vs [4] J Tsonga (FRA)
[1] N Djokovic (SRB) vs [16] A Dolgopolov (UKR)
[Q] M Kukushkin (KAZ) vs [2] R Nadal (ESP)

UPDATE: Djokovic in tears during practice. Novak’s 82-year-old grandfather passed away earlier today.

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114 Comments for Nadal Wins 38th Straight In Monte Carlo, Ferrer Upset; Djokovic Faces Dolgopolov Thursday

Kimberly Says:

On TV the commentators hinted Ferrer may have been injured. Bellucci’s a very tough player on clay but for Ferrer to lose that badly does make you wonder.

Of course if there were hints Nadal was injured we would be accused of “making excuses.” After all his pulling out of Miami was really “running away.” When Del Potro pulled out when he was slotted to play Rafa in Madrid last year, sympathy poured.

David’s exit really helps Djokovic who was seeded to meet Ferrer in the quarterfinals

not really, i didn’t see Ferrer as a legitimate threat to an in form Djokovic. I think Jane said in another thread Bellucci just as dangerous although not rock solid like Ferrer, he has more weapons.

And we all rag on Almagro mental midget but if Rafa not playing his best he poses a legitimate threat. He is a great clay court player with a big game, my husband watched him in Miami and was really impressed with his game. Nadal will have to play well to beat him.

This isn’t Nole/Rafa guaranteed by a long shot.

Kimmi Says:

“Nadal has now won 38th straight matches on the courts along the Mediterranean as he seeks an incredible 12th Monte Carlo title.”

did you mean 8th”

Is there anybody else who has won the same tournaments 7 consecutive times?

Kimmi Says:

no mention from ferrer that he is injured?

jane Says:

I agree with this Kimberly “This isn’t Nole/Rafa guaranteed by a long shot.” But I see Rafa coming through. With his record on clay I just don’t see anyone who can take him out. But with Nole, I think he has one, potentially two, really unpredictable streaky players: Dolgo and then maybe Bellucci, who is tough. IF he makes it through those two, he’ll probably have Muzz (or maybe Berdych). I can see any one of these guys taking out Nole if the going gets tough. You just never know with more erratic but totally talented guys like them. As for Rafa, I can’t see Almagro beating him, and the only other possibly tough opponent might be Tsonga, but clay is probably his worst surface and Rafa just beat him on hard. I think Rafa will be in the final, and probably Murray but maybe Nole.

Brando Says:


Sorry, but i refuse to genuinely believe that is what you TRULY think! I believe your far too intelligent an observer of the game to REALLY believe that!

First of all, nole is FAR superior a clay court player than anyone else on his side- he only lost ONCE on clay last year!

Have the likes of dolgopolov, bellucci EVER beaten nole? NO.

Has murray EVER beaten nole, rafa, federer or even ferrer, del potro on clay? NO, i imagine.

In fact has murray ever won a title on clay- of ANY kind? I imagine that he hasn’t.

And will berdych REALLY beat nole when the going gets tough? of course he won’t- once every LEAP year he might raise the possibility of it!

Nole is by far and away the best clay court player on his side of the draw- the next best, ferrer, has been knocked out early, hence his life has been made easier for him!

UNLESS something ridiculous happens, it should be a nadal v djokovic final- and considering that djokovic is 7-0 against nadal, straight sets wins in his last 2 clay meetings with rafa, and having beaten rafa each and every ocassion that he was not supposed too- he’s the UNDENIABLE FAV!

Djokovic is the fav in this tourny IF he faces rafa in the final- his recent record merits it!

jane Says:

Brando, didn’t you yourself just post last week or so how Murray should’ve beaten Nole in Rome last year? And Bellucci had Nole down a set and a break in Madrid last year. It was Nole’s will that pulled him through in Madrid, and Muzza kind of choked serving for the match. So yeah, while Nole the favourite, I maintain that he could be upset.

And NO way do I agree Nole is the favourite in this tourney if he reaches the final. Rafa has been beaten ONE TIME IN EIGHT YEARS here, lol!! He is the undisputed favourite on clay, and without a doubt at Monte Carlo and Roland Garros where he reigns supremely.

Brando Says:


Yes i did re murray- maybe not last week, but i did do so. It was what it was, like you recognized in your post- andy had the oppurtunity to beat nole, he should have, he choked and he didn’t.

BUT, it was something nole should not have allowed to even possibly occur- long story short he’s the SUPERIOR clay court player.

Re rafa/ nole: Jane, as a seasoned tennis watcher, i am sure you recognize that nothing lasts forever- the game changes and evolves!

Just because rafa has lost once in 8 years at MC doesn’t make him the fav when he faces nole in the final! Ask the man himself, and to his credit, he shall be the first one to say that it would be stupid to place him as fav against nole the next time they meet! he has lost SEVEN TIMES in a row to nole!

Just because it is clay? come on now, records are there to be broken and nole has beaten rafa the last 2 times they meet on clay! VERY COMFORTABLY also!

When federer met nadal in wimby 2008 final, most commentators had it at 50/50 even though federer was a record equaling 5 times in a row winner!

I GUURANTEE you IF nole meets rafa in the final here or in madrid, rome or RG- MOST would give nole an equal IF NOT better chance than rafa to win, for the simple reason that UNTIL rafa beats nole, it would be pretty silly other than to expect a nole win WHENEVER and WHEREVER they are to meet!

jane Says:

To me on clay it’s still Rafa > Fed > Nole. But yeah, recent play matters. And recently Nole beat Rafa in two best of three clay matches. So maybe that makes them, perhaps, equal. I still see Rafa as the King of clay though. Until proven otherwise, and two wins by Nole last year doesn’t change it. If Nole wins the FO then he’s getting closer, but I don’t think one year of Nole doing really exceptionally makes it a complete turn-around. Look how close the AO final was. To the bitter six hour end. So, I don’t expect a Nole win, no. I am I think fairly realistic. I am not throwing past history out the window due to recent history. I think you are undervaluing your guy’s greatness on this surface. I value how amazingly well Nole did last year, and how he’s already defended two of those titles this year. But let’s just see how he carries that through the rest of the year first. Then we’ll know more. That’s how I see it, honestly. I am not pessimistic. I think Nole has done awesomely this year. I think he is the favourite to get through his side of the draw with Murray really close (Murray has been in two semis here and now he has ITT a scary-good clay courter). My point earlier was merely that I see Rafa as a surer thing for the final than Nole, and I stand by that still. But I have high hopes for Nole to bag a few more titles this year, hopefully a big one. :)

Brando Says:


It’s cool- nor would i accuse you of being pessimistic. Lol, as a fan of nadal’s it would be reasonable to accuse me of being pessimistic given my fav’s talent on the red stuff!

I think MAYBE you have misread what i posted. I agree that nole, in the overall scheme of things, doesn’t really challenge rafa’s title of king of clay. With all due respect to your favs ability, you are right to mention rafa’s history warranting him that position.

BUT a few small points. I think between nadal/ nole their recent history matters BIG TIME in their matches. IMHO, i do not see a vast difference between rafa and nole technically than say rafa and roger or roger and nole. I think between rafa/ nole the mental element matters moreso since technically they both can match up really well to the other. Hence, recent losses MUST weigh heavy on rafa’s mind.

We all recognise that nole is the best against rafa, BUT EQUALLY, let’s not forgot that rafa has beaten nole moreso than ANYONE else on tour also!

So on that note, let’s just agree that BOTH have good chances should they meet one another in the clay season!

Kimberly Says:

Jane, Brando your conversation made me curious what the betting odds were. They have rafa as a slight favorite to win the tournament but that does not say those odds will hold if he does come through to the final and play Novak.

Kish Says:

I am a die hard rafa fan and I consider rafa to be the fav for Monte Carlo. However, not exactly a ‘clear’ fav. Nadal has some issues goin into this tourney which includes the obvious knee problem. And that has prevented him from gettin sufficient practice. Lucky for Nadal, clay is his bread and butter and his body clearly gets very tuned in to this season. Also he has a bit of cushion in his draw to get some match practice. Like his match today where he wasn’t under any pressure and he was able to get a good hit. I still think he landed the ball a bit too short. But these things iron out themselves for rafa. I don’t see him losin to anyone before the finals and hopefully he gets better an better. His potential finals meeting with Djoko, very tricky. Cause they both are comin in with good records. If nadal plays with confidence, sufficient aggression and with the authority he has on clay then Djoko doesn’t hav a chance in hell or heaven. But in any event Nadal always finds a way to win.

jane Says:

Sounds good Brando. Rafa will go down in history as the King of Clay. That’s why Nole said he is the “ultimate” challenge on clay. Borg is close too. But to me Rafa just trumps him by virtue of the 81 match streak as well as owning Monte Carlo and RG for so long. And yeah, as I said, the history of Nole and Rafa cannot be forgotten. Until last year Rafa owned Nole in finals and big matches. Nole turned it around and had a dominating year, but you never know when the pendulum might swing again. We’re lucky to see these guys all pushing each other to constantly strive. It’s pretty cool!!

mat4 Says:

Tignor compares the Monte Carlo 2009 and Rome 2011 finals. Some good points. It is here:

There is one thing you can’t see in highlights: the reason why Rafa used to choose not to be the first to serve: that way, he always serves after a rest. In the first and third sets, this proves to be the key element: after some long rallies, Djokovic is tired when it is his turn to serve, and gets broken.

Brando Says:


Sounds cool to me also :-)

carlo Says:

Kimberly: betting odds today for winning MC were 4/5 Nadal, 6/5 Djoker, 14/1 Murray and…. 125/1 for Dolgo.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Any betting odds for Rafa to be in the final? I would bet the House. Complaining knee and all.

Skeezerweezer Says:


“When Del Potro pulled out when he was slotted to play Rafa in Madrid last year, sympathy poured.”

With all respect Delpo doesn’t habitually do this, or that, with injuries and letting everyone know about it. Rafa does and we all know it.

Rafa is in a different league with injury claims……

Michael Says:

Yeah, it will be an incredible feat if Rafa is able to manage his 8th consecutive Montecarlo Masters, not that it is not already when he has 7 which is a unique achievement unparalleled in the history of the sport. Rafa has an easy road upto the finals and it will really require a special performance to thwart his bid for the eighth title. This goes to show as to how extraordinary player Rafa is on the Clay surface.

jane Says:

mat4 @ 9:58 – that was a great link; thanks for posting it. Tignor’s analysis after the highlights is truly interesting.

Colin Says:

Brando, you say “the game changes and evolves.”
I wish the same could be said of you!
Isn’t it just a teeny bit possible Murray might be improving on clay – “changing and evolving” as it were?
Michael: Nadal may be on the way to an eighth MC title, so “This goes to show how extraordinary a player Rafa is on the surface”.
Brilliant! How long did it take you to work that out?

King Federer Says:

I got a question. The ATP website says rafa was in the times 100 most influential in 2011, i check that list, but he is not in the list.

can someone confirm whether the ATP messed this one?

racquet Says:

Murraya bit iffy today. Only 45% first serves. There was an extraordinary rally of several shots where he played with a broken string and still won it!

racquet Says:

Drama! Benneteau rolls his ankle, tumbles and is crying in pain. Nice gesture from Andy as he puts a load of ice in a bag and brings it over to Julien.

Wade Says:

Bad fall Julian. Looks like Murray through. The best for benneteau

racquet Says:

I don’t know. Can’t believe it but I think he’s going to try and play on. Flashback to last year: watch the crowd boo when Murray throws in a few drop shots.

Colin Says:

Murray may have been fortunate today. He looked out of sorts, and the serve wasn’t working. The Frenchman played some great tennis, and if he could have sustained that level he might well have managed an upset.
It’s worrying that there have now been two similar accidents this week. Bad for Monte Carlo’s reputation.

racquet Says:

Yes, apparently it was the same spot where Monaco had his accident. I also heard Murray saying to Barnados that there were holes all around the court. Scary. No more rolled ankle dramas this year…please!

Kimmi Says:

it is strange how murray go up and down with his serve. recently there has been no in between, he either serve really good or really bad.

they better fix the court, it will be a shame if another player gets hurt.

racquet Says:

News just in that Nole has lost his grandfather today and left the court in tears. Apparently they were very close. He seems determined to play on though.

racquet Says:

I should have written practice court.

Kimmi Says:

that is a pity racquet. hoping it doesn’t distrust his game today.

Mark Says:

Whatever little respect I had for djokass disappeared today. Apparently his grandfather died today. News out he is crushed but is determined to play today. That says it all about the classless Serb. No respect. Supposed to be a religious man.

Kimmi Says:

its raining now, verdasco/tsonga match is suspended.
lol mark, the grandfather is already dead and life goes on.

Mark Says:

@ Kimmi. Yes it does, but not so soon. A bit of mourning perhaps??? That’s what normal people do.

alison hodge Says:

mark i have to say i carried on working when both of my parents passed away,and i was devastated,as i needed to keep myself busy to try to take my mind off things,rather than sit wallowing,sometimes grief does that to a person,and you handle things the best way that you can,i suppose this means im also a classless brit then hmm?

Kimmi Says:

simon up double break vs tipsa. tipsa could be in the mourning for his friend nole :)

jane Says:

Nole is very loving towards his grandfather; in fact he dedicated his Miami trophy to him, so maybe his grandfather has been ill for a while. He called his grandfather his hero and on 60 minutes was filmed with him as well. Poor Nole. My heart goes out to him. It will be difficult to play today, but I suspect it’s what his grandpa would have wanted. This picture is sweet:

Kimmi Says:

thanks for the link jane. hoping he plays well today. tsonga is about to finish his match. hot sauce no chance.

Kimmi Says:

just checked h2h, tipsa is 0-3 against simon. no wonder!

Leon Says:

jane, eloquent picture, indeed. At least, Vladimir had seen Novak’s triumph, and Novak may be consoled with that…to some extent.
(Btw, Vladimir is a Slavic name for sure, but is it Serbian?)

Kimmi Says:

murrays had tough draw playing bryans so early. well, at least muzz can concentrate on singles now.

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer-i’m not a stat person like Dave but I would be willing to wager del potro retired from more matches then rafa, and gave walkovers more than rafa. He is constantly injured and we are constantly hearing about it but there is only sympathy.

Jack Lewis Says:

Gee his grandfather died and the number one tennis player is not acting like a “normal” person. Do you mean someone with no obligations, ambitions, career? To be honest I don’t even care what you meant. Who the fuck are you to be judging how others behave when they loose a family member?
Your respect for Djokovic or any other professional athlete should be based on what they do during their work hours the rest is basically none of your business or any other deluded fans out there.

MP Says:

Mark: it doesn’t mean that at all. This is not the beginning of a grand slam. He probably rationalized that this is what his grandfather would have wanted (I don’t that that’s the case, but it’s certainly plausible), that the end of the tournament is in just three days, etc. He can still attend the funeral and engage in the mourning process in a few days’ time. I’m sure he’ll be skipping the Belgrade tournament, though.

And don’t be quick to judge how people grieve. Some people immerse themselves in work so they don’t go nuts, others need to take off a few weeks immediately to deal with their pain.

racquet Says:


You’re right. In 2007 alone, Delpo retired 6 times.

Daniel Says:

Sh…t!! There it goes another bracket challenge. Should have picked Djoko for Miami, but changed. Should have picked Nadal for monte Carlo but since Djokow was playing, I thought: what the hell, eventually Nadal will have to lose in Monte Carlo. Seems will not be the case this year.
Djoko already lost first set 6-2, very hard for him to find focus to turn it around. :(

racquet Says:

As the NYT’s Christopher Clarey just pointed out, other players have played through grief. Sampras, Seles, and Virginie Razzano all played after the loss of loved ones.

Daniel Says:


But did they win and kept winning or they lost? I wonder if Djoko can still win the tourney with this thoughts in his mind, or if did somebody ever?

jane Says:

That video is sad.

racquet Says:


Sampras won his match (against Courier at the AO QF) and the next but lost to Agassi in the final. Monica lost her match (FO final) but won 2 tournaments afterwards. I believe Razzano lost her first few matches.

courbon Says:

You again with ‘Classles Serb,….
You show your class the way you write…You have class as much as peanut butter sauce…People who lecture others and have opinion about everything usually are thick or full of s**t

MP Says:

He looks a lot like his grandfather. Seems to be recovering from the early setback in the match. I hope he can win MC and dedicate the win to his grandad.

skeezerweezer Says:

Pulling out and making excuses are different. One is you are making a claim that you are injured and may or may not play, that you make a statement that it may affect your play, and will be the reason if you lose.

The other is you pulled out because you cannot play AND…… are REALLY injured, period. Plenty of players play “hurt” ( note the difference ) and for the most part we never here about it or rarely do.

Your not getting the sympathy for your fav cause the general consensus on him is that he “cries wolf” too much. Sure the guy has injury problems, but how you handle it with class is another thing. That part is on him and up to him how he deals with it to fellow players and fans. Now some may think this is a good representation of how a professional athlete should act when these issues arrive. To each there own.

carlo Says:

Skeezer, I had a small bet with a friend that Nadal would win v Federer at Indian Wells. I thought it was an easy 20 bucks for me. You never know. Sport betting is too dicey. I’d stick with a slot machine – won more in money in Vegas watching people lose and lose, then take their machine when they give up, then get the pay out, haha…

Very heart breaking about Nole losing his grandad. Also has to be tough for Sasha knowing his opponent is grieving. Nole was brushing away tears as he started the match. Deepest condolences to him. I hope he can pull through and win. It might get easier if he can get through today.

Mark Says:

As I said and I will repeat myself, djokass is a classless Serb with not an iota of respect for anybody other than himself.

jane Says:

“Novak Djokovic rushed off a practice court in tears hours before a Thursday match after hearing that his grandfather, with whom he lived during the 1999 bombing conflict in Serbia, had died.
The world No. 1 still played his third-round match at the Monte Carlo Open. He looked understandably unfocused in dropping the first set to Alexander Dolgopolov, but rallied to win the second set, 6-1.
In March, Djokovic was featured in a “60 Minutes” piece that included a clip of him visiting his grandfather’s apartment in Belgrade. The world No. 1 spoke about how his grandfather, parents, brothers, aunts and uncles lived in the two-bedroom flat during the 78-day campaign. Cameras showed the basement bomb shelter where they’d retreat when air raid sirens sounded.
Djokovic has spoken before of the great influence his grandfather had on his career.
Canal+ captured video of Djokovic walking off the court after receiving the news via cell phone. It’s a sad sight.”

skeezerweezer Says:


Well you dug yourself a big hole there and instead of trying to dig back out you decided to dig deeper. Good luck with that.

BTW, what is your nationality? I’d guess its not Serbian.

racquet Says:

It’s funny what happens to the psyche of some fans whose favorite player suffers multiple losses to a specific player.

Mark Says:

@skeez I will stand by what I said. Dug myself a hole!! What do u mean by that? No thank goodness I am not Serbian! !

skeezerweezer Says:

Wow Dolgo playin excellent on Clay!!

jane Says:

I think Dolgo’s only title is on clay; he definitely plays well on the dirt, given his shot selection, drop shots, net play etc. It’s a good surface for him.

Meanwhile I am kind of surprised to see that Bellucci is losing to Hasse, but he has love-30 on Hasse’s serve to break back.

skeezerweezer Says:

Congrats to Nole. Gutsy play, hope he has time to grieve. Dolgo looks might comfy an the dirt.

racquet Says:

Nole manages to tough it out. I found it quite moving.

jane Says:

Yeah, good win from Nole; understandably he looked pretty crushed at the end there. Hopefully he can do whatever he needs to do now. And indeed good match from Dolgo. He is such an exciting player to watch.

steve-o Says:

Dolgopolov plays well anywhere. But he plays spotty, very high-risk tennis. Much of the fun comes from watching contort his body in all sorts of directions to go for impossible-to-make winners.

Sorry to hear of Djokovic’s loss. But he is through. Very touching at the end to see him look heavenwards in celebration of the win.

Brando Says:

re nole’s personal scenario: my deepest condolences at passing away of his grandfather. Loss of a loved one is always tough.

re the match: saw it and quite frankly speaking, had nole played under normal circumstances than it would have been an easy win for him.

I think dolgopolov won’t ever really make a breakthrough into the top 10 of the game. His biggest strength is his unpredictability- it keeps opponents guessing. Unfortunately for him, just like his opponents he also doesn’t know what he is going to do next.

Brando Says:

hasse has won the 1st set.

atin bhatt Says:

a salute to mr novak djokovic form my side,even after losing his grandfather vladmir (age 83) ,he played a great match and shows how tough he really is,he broke down in tears after the match and just leave the court with emotions,it even made my heart melt,he is such agreat person,such a great athelete,and true sportsman
how many people even dare to step on court in this sad situation
novak,i love you man for who you are, god bless you and my hope your grandfather rest in peace

jane Says:

Brando “he also doesn’t know what he is going to do next.” – LOL, thanks for the laugh. :D

alison hodge Says:

mark 12 months ago Rafa was absolutely hearbroken when golfer seve balesteros passed away,because he was a family friend,yet rafa still decided to play on,just like nole did today after the passing of his grandad,do you think your favourite was classless for doing the same thing as nole hmm?

Brando Says:


LOL, no worries. I do not know if you know this, but rafa himself describes dolgo as a ‘funny player’.

I personally think he’s right.

Also good win for your fav, he probably didnt want to be on court, but stuck it out. credit to him.

kriket Says:

Mark, you’re too dumb to even mention. He’s a professional tennis player, he would have pulled off the tournament if it happened before the beginning, but he’s not gonna concede in the middle of it, no matter how much you and the likes would have wanted him to. It’s his grandfather, life goes on, he certainly wouldn’t want him to give up.

But you’re just too blinded by the hatred to realise that. I feel sorry for you, worm.

Kimmi Says:

so much for bellucci playing so well against ferrer. he cant seem to back it up vs haase.

Ben Pronin Says:

Mark, are you American by chance? You’re criticizing Djokovic for playing after his grandfather died. In 2003, Brett Favre’s father suddenly died the night before he had a game against the Raiders. Favre went out and played his heart out, leading the Packers to an absolute romp of the Raiders. Is he classless, too?

skeezerweezer Says:

Rafa continues on his way to #39. Not surprised if we see a Doughnut here, Glazed.

Kimmi Says:

i agree racquet, it was very moving. Rafa on the roll already. no chance for kuku.

jane Says:

Well, Hasse is good, streaky player too. I’ve watched matches between Nadal and Hasse that were very, very close, so I guess it’s not that surprising that he’s beating Bellucci. You’d just think Tomaz could follow up on the upset last round though.

I don’t really know this guy Rafa is playing but he’s getting schooled by the looks of it. Just following scores.

skeezerweezer Says:

dang…there went my Glazed Doughnut prediction. Well, there is always next set…..

Kimmi Says:

ha ha skeezer, i don’t think kuku agrees with you there, he refused to be bagelled..he doesn’t mind bread stick though.

Kimmi Says:

bellucci making a comeback, its not over till the fat lady sings.

jane Says:

Yeah i just noticed that Bellucci broke back. I don’t hear any singing Kimmi, so maybe he has a chance.

jane Says:

Okay, I think I hear it now, yes, there’s the fat lady. Hasse about to serve for the match and eliminate Bellucci.

And he does. Congrats to him.

Kimmi Says:

hmm, congrats to haase. he was lucky to get out of that first round match with monaco, now he is making the most of it

Novak Says:



skeezerweezer Says:

Well I have carefully watched Rafa play in todays almost impossible victory and see absolutely no movement issues…..fantastic recovery from approx 2 weeks ago.

Mark Says:

Novak. You classless Serb. With a name like Novak that is exactly what u are. You can’t even spell. Uneducated as well!!!!

carlo Says:

Big congratulations to Robin Haase for making his 1st masters 1000 quarterfinal! Would never have picked him to get that far.

And to Rafa, generously giving Kukushkin slim bread sticks instead of bagels.

not laughing at the Sasha joke :( even if it might be true. He’s creative – makes it up as he goes along.

Colin Says:

Around the world, vast numbers of people (probably the majority)are for practical reasons forced to get on with their day-to-day life when a relative dies. When someone is able (as Djokovic is) to make a choice, to pull out and curl up in a corner grieving, would be self-indulgent.
By the way, as an atheist, I can’t resist reminding everyone of a certain passage in the Bible:
“And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.
But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.”

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Kimberly Says:
Skeezer-i’m not a stat person like Dave but I would be willing to wager del potro retired from more matches then rafa, and gave walkovers more than rafa. He is constantly injured and we are constantly hearing about it but there is only sympathy.

April 19th, 2012 at 9:56 am

You want stats ??
I can provide you some simple stats to prove that Rafa deserves all the name calling and brickbats and also Delpotro deserves all the sympathy he gets.
Just check their respective H2Hs stats with the God of Tennis…the great Roger Federer….the Emperor.

Rafa is a disgrace to tennis.

queen Says:

F..k Novak! Hope he breaks both legs. Skinny, ugly mother f…er!

stu Says:

^ wow, seriously?!

skeezerweezer Says:


you’re sexy.

Humble Rafa Says:

Rafa is a disgrace to tennis.
God of Tennis…the great Roger Federer

Why all the hate? Why not be humble like me?

skeezerweezer Says:

UFC Title
Fight of the Decade

Kimmi Says:

go wawa! even though i picked almagro. I just didn’t think wawa would do well here. good to see.

set and a break! lets go!

Kimmi Says:

almagro is breaking down. wawa pulling away, second break in the second set. 2 games away.

Julian benneteau had a broken elbow apparently… from that accident that happened during his match with muzza this morning. Its been confirmed.

Kimmi Says:

wawa with 22 winners. almagro only 5..what a difference. go wawa.

dari Says:

Wow, big news day
Condolences to djokovic family, i had heard novak speak of his grandfather a lot, so i am sure the loss is very tough

To Mark- YOU are so classles.

I dont blame him for playing. When you lose someone yiu care about so much and supported you in what you do, yoiu dont stop. You keep working/playing whatever because you know they would want you to.

Benneteau broke elbow- womp womp, that court is torn up- pico had bad fall too, what gives? Anybody know his current condition?

And i see Stanley is on his way, he had been playing poorly but seems to be doing well to get to qf here!

Kimmi Says:

almagro with a break back point..and he breaks. OK, no panic! wawa had double break! one more chance to serve it out or break almagro right here.

Kimmi Says:

match point more point. break him!

And he does it. Great match! And the prize is to play king of clay.

alison hodge Says:

why cant people talk tennis instead of resorting to nasty name calling,beats me as to why some posters spend so much time and nervous negative energy talking about players that they dont like,instead why dont they talk about players that they do like.

courbon Says:

I was about to reply to Mark and Queens stupid comments but then I saw your post and you are absolutely right.Nothing more to be said.
By the way, whats your favorite player?

alison hodge Says:

my heart goes out to nole today,i cried when i saw him get so emotional,and what a great match from dolgo too,also what a fantastic achievement by rafa,who will now be going for his 40th straight win here in monte carlo,his record on clay is truely superb.

alison hodge Says:

hi courbon Rafas my favourite closely followed by murray,and as rafas achieved so much anyway,im rooting more for murray these days,however i do love to watch roger and nole too,what rogers done in his career ,and is still continuing to do is amazing,and what nole did last year and may continue to do this year only time will tell is also amazing,and i also have great affection for delpo,tsongas also a classy player,theres many players i love to watch,to be honest,how about you?

courbon Says:

Hi Alison,
well I’m definetelly Novaks fan but I guess I always tought Federer had a best style.I do love nadals personality ( and obviously his tennis is great) and for Murray have respect.From others (beyond Fab Four )I really like Tsonga,Dolgopov,Monfils and Ferrer (maybe bit bland but what a hard working guy!) and bagdatis (for flamboyance…)And to clear up things straight away:I’m reasonable Novaks fan, so I know, he has to do so much more to come near Rafa and Fed achivments.And you are right about Feds and Nole matches-they are great.Speak to you soon,going to some party now (London 21:34, right now)

alison hodge Says:

courbon completely agree loved all the ones you mentioned too,i try not to be too negative,but i have to say try as i might i cant bring myself to warm to berdych or soderling,although they play good tennis something about them both leaves me cold,but i still wish robin all the best in his recovery from his illness,enjoy your party take care.

Master Ace Says:

The guy’s relative died today. It’s classless to exploit his loss. However he chooses to deal with his grief is his business. It’s not as if he learned the bad news yesterday or last week and had time to thimk about it. Those few posters putting djokovic down should shut up. I’m sure Nadal has had to deal with a death in his family and Federer had to deal with the death and guilt of the loss of his ex-coach Carter on a trip to South Africa which Fed recomnended. They are professionals — the show must go on.

alison hodge Says:

master ace yeah i completely agree,it was 12 months ago when seve balesteros passed away,and rafa was in tears after one of his matches,as seve was a family friend of the nadals,rafa even signed his name on the camera lens.

Nina Says:

So sad for Nole, but he’s become such a tough player. I’ve always admired him for multiple reasons but everyday he makes me prouder to be his fan. I was moved watching him today struggling with his emotions. My condolences to him and his family. This must have not been easy at all.

P.S. Can anyone ban this annoying classless Mark poster? he just messes up people’s good debate. is there even a moderator here?

Fed Says:

^ Agree!

Oui Says:

you can’t get rid of Mark (Von) because she will just come back under another moniker. Old, frustrated Von the bigot is still around hating Serbians.

rave Says:

AS I posted on the other thread, Noval deserves all our respect. He honored his grandfather by playing and he honored himself too. Grief is real, so is the way each person deals with it. And yes, I worked for Hospice for a very short time, and never once was there an algorithm tha I could use for dealing with grief. That was my hardest job. I had to quit becausr I could not deal with their grief. That was my way of dealing with grief.

Novak, my heart, prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

jamie Says:

Nole looks so much like his grandpa.

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