Djokovic, Federer Collide Friday At Wimbledon, Will Murray Break Through? SF Picks And Pans
by Sean Randall | July 5th, 2012, 11:28 am

It’s about as good a men’s semifinal line-up as you can get without Rafael Nadal tomorrow for the Wimbledon men’s semifinal. Like just about all of us, Nadal will be watching the action on TV from his couch as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer clash for a 27th time and then Andy Murray continues his annual Wimbledon quest against the streaky JW Tsonga.

A very turbulent week one has given way to a more sedate, in-form week two and if that trend holds it possibly dictates favorites Djokovic and Murray will advance to the Sunday final. But Federer and Tsonga will have a lot to say about that.

At stake in the first semifinal is not just a return trip to the title bout but also the No. 1 ranking. Djokovic, who first reached the top of the tennis world a year ago, will hold on to that No. 1 position for a bit longer by beating the Swiss. Federer of course is oh so close to that Pete Sampras record of 286 weeks at No. 1, and he may never get a better chance than this weekend needing just six sets to reclaim the throne and tie the Pistol.

So let’s get right to my picks.

Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer
Federer leads this rivalry 14-12, winning the seven of their first nine. But lately it’s gone the other way. Djokovic has taken six of the last seven encounters winning eight consecutive sets.

Djokovic began this most recent run back at the US Open overcoming a two set hole to Roger in the semifinals. Then he beat Federer twice on clay in straight sets at Rome and then again at the French Open semifinals last month.

They’ve played 27 times but never on the grass. And that helps Federer who’s far and beyond the more experienced player lush lawns. But is that enough?

Djokovic is unquestionably the more in-form player. He’s No. 1, he’s won three of the last four Slams reaching six of the last seven finals. And this week he’s only lost one set, otherwise he’s been very sharp, in fact sharper, arguably, then he was a year ago when he won his first Wimbledon.

Meanwhile, Federer continues to show his age. The 30-year-old escaped the clutches of Juliean Benneteau then got through a bad back against Xavier Malisse. On Monday, it was another thirty-something Mikhail Youzhny’s turn. The Russian, who has been no match anyway for Federer having lost all 14 matches against the Swiss, was likely mentally elsewhere celebrating the birth of a new baby which occured just before the match.

Still, Federer excecuted against Youzhny and most importantly there were no hints of back issues.

So even if Federer is 100% healthy it’s still going to be awfully tough for Roger. In Slams Novak’s going one way, Federer’s, who managed just one single final appearance in the last nine, is going the other. Djokovic also seems to be focused and very comfortable on these courts. He’s owned Federer recently and even though the surface tips toward Fed, Djokovic is just the better player right now.

I like Novak’s movement, his flexibility, his groundstrokes and he’s been returning well, and that could be crucial. In my mind Federer’s best chance to win is to have a huge serving day otherwise, all things being equal, Novak’s going to win and he could do it easily.
The pick: Djokovic in four

Andy Murray vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
This match really boils down to Tsonga. That simple. If he redlines he wins. In fact, on a grass court when he redlines he’s all but unbeatable. The question is can he do it for three sets on the most famous tennis court in the world against a competent foe like Murray who’ll have the crowd well behind him?

As much as I’d like to see it I don’t think he can.

Murray is plodder. He mopes along, often plays the percentages and occasionally goes offensive. New coach Ivan Lendl, who himself never won Wimbledon, has been working on getting Murray to show more aggression. And this week he is serving better. But if he tries to go defensive and Tsonga’s on, it could spell doom for the Scot.

Head-to-head, though, Murray holds the big edge 5-1 having won four straight! And two of those wins during the streak came on grass at the 2011 Queen’s Cub final and at Wimbledon. So Andy knows the problems Tsonga presents and he knows the solutions. But Tsonga did manage to win tiebreaks in both their grass meetings and I think he’ll do the same tomorrow.

What interesting is that with Nadal no longer an obstacle Murray’s been struggling. He had some problems with Marcos Baghdatis early on and after easing past a fatigued Marin Cilic, he was really pushed by David Ferrer. So for me, that’s the pressure.

Meanwhile, Tsonga been his usual free-swinging, hot-and-cold self in recent wins over Mardy Fish and Phil Kohlschreiber, and he’s got the serve humming.

In the end though I think Tsonga’s won’t stay on song long enough. Once the flame runs out Murray’s versatility prevails. But it won’t be easy.
The pick: Murray in five

ESPN has full coverage starting at 8am ET.

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173 Comments for Djokovic, Federer Collide Friday At Wimbledon, Will Murray Break Through? SF Picks And Pans

Humble Rafa Says:

Let’ wait for the masses to come out and assail the author on the Egg Lover-Arrogant One match predictons. Though it is a reasonable prediction based on recent history, the the folks who visit this website can’t take it.

trufan Says:

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Sean. Looks like Djokovic beats Murray to win wimbledon, and Murray completes the third leg of the Murray slam (Losing each slam final without winning any slam).

Federer has to have a great serving day to win, I agree, and get a bit of luck. Djoke has to have a bit of an off day. They can all happen, but are unlikely. 10 years ago, at the same age, Sampras lost to 145th ranked George Bastl at Wimbledon (even when the grass was truly fast). Age is a big factor – don’t think even Federer can overcome it against an in-form No 1 players 6 years younger.

As for Tsonga-Murray, it largely depends on who chokes when and how much. Looking at their recent form, Murray seems to have kept it together pretty well, and given his 5-1 H2H, I think he will make it to the final (in 4).

So my prediction is Djokovic in 4 and Murray in 4. Fed can only win in 3, if he wins (which means HE redlined). Tsonga is too unpredictable.

In the final, Again I think Djoke beats Murray in 4. I think Murray will win a set, just since he is so dogged and now mentally not as fragile.

trufan Says:

Humble Rafa,

I am sure you know The Arrogant One lost in the second round, and is fishing on his island. Like clockwork, he did come out with the usual “tendinitis in the knee” excuse – after the fact as usual – to get out of the exhibition.

Wow, where was that tendinitis during Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, and RG? At madrid he used the surface excuse. I was just waiting for him to magically reveal an “injury” after he got “rosoled” in the second round.

trufan Says:

As for folks on this website – I am a HUGE fed fan, but lets get real, the 31 year old needs some luck tomorrow. If he does get that luck, he will steamroll whoever he meets in the final.

Mark Says:

Trufan. You are a true idiot as usual. Why does Rafa and the Press need to convince YOU that he is injured? You are just a nobody full of hate and criticism! Don’t even know why I am bothering to respond to you. Prize DUDE!!!! Get a life!

trufan Says:


If the only way you can “get off” is by abusing people you don’t even know, then please, do write a longer post (soon) with more abuses. I know you want to, and I am sure you will.

Alternatively, if you are at all in touch with sanity, restrict your comments to players and to tennis. And to facts, which seem to bother you quite a bit! Let me know what in my posts is factually incorrect.

So come on, you can do it – write another filthy post, more fully reflective of your upbringing.

gannu Says:

thanks sean… for not picking feddy bear….neways my heart has been shattered zillion times… so it doesnt matter if fed does for one more time….just can only pray that for one last time fed takesthis wimby,,,,too much at stake 1) no 1 ranking 2) pete’s records 3) 17th gslam 4) proving at age 30 is better than hisyoung peers etc… wonder how fed is approaching this match..he always seems “excited”about plying novak..thats what he has again claimed….wonder whether he really means it and hungry enuff…he has to serve like serena today to have any chance of winning

hore Says:

I see HR’s still trying to make himself relevant after Lord Wedgie got his a** handed over to him

Brando Says:

completely agree with sean. this match is on novak’s racquet- he plays his best then he’ll win in straights, most likely in 4.

Novsk has just been playing better in virtually all departments.

His serve has been as good as fed’s, and then when you look at the return, the groundstrokes of both wings, movement, confidence on court- it’s an absolute no contest.

Fed could have been out of the tournament, potentially speaking of course, on 2 occassions. the same cannot be said for novak.

it’s unfortunate for fed fans of course, who make up the majority here, but one guy is simply better, in his absolute peak while the other has seen his best days go by him and his 31 in a months time.

novak is 8 CONSECUTIVE SETS in a row against fed right now, for fed to have ANY CHANCE it just cannot be overstated enough how badly he needs the first set.

In summary, IF fed wins the first set we will have a contest on our hands and fed has a genuine chance to seal the deal, BUT if novak takes it then it is as good as over imo.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I think your pick seems to be sensible one. I was wondering what should Roger do to beat Novak.

FH – Novak has proved he has better FH. His running forehand on the right and the way he hits it CC is a beauty. He can turn defense into offense in that single shot. Today Roger is probably the worst in Top 10 when it comes to running FH. He falters 7 times out of 10 when he needs to hit FH on the run. Novak has added more power to his FH and it never fails him. We all know how he saved 2 MP against Roger at USO 10 using his FH. He hit a crazy FH at MP in USO 11. It’s a unbreakable shot now compared to Roger’s. So it’s a advantage to Novak.

BH – We all know. There is nothing much to say. Roger’s slice stays low in Grass. It used to be an advantage specially against SHB players since they cannot generate pace. They either had to slice it back or hit a neutral shot. But guys like Novak has proved that they can create an offensive shot from the low slice. Bennet proved it in his match against Roger. So one show which used to work for Roger at Wimbledon is not a big advantage anymore against Novak.

Serve – I think they are pretty much even. But Roger seems to have more off days with serve against Novak, because of Novak’s effective return. Roger puts too much pressure on himself to hit a perfect serve, which puts his percentage down. Occasionally he has a great serving day like FO 11. It’s advantage Novak again on serve.

Return – Roger’s serve at grass is neutralised by Novak’s return. Novak gets most of the balls back, which starts the rally at neutral point or to his advantage. Either way it’s an advantage for him, since on neutral rallies he is expected to win against Roger. It’s a big advantage to Novak.

Baseline Play – I think Roger is better if the rally is around 1-5 strokes. Anything beyond 5-strokes, it’s a huge advantage for Novak. Unless Roger finds crazy angle or hits a great winner, it’s Novak who typically wins the point. It’s advantage Novak here.

So wondering where does Roger score against Novak in a 5-set match. Can he serve at 80% probably to keep it interesting. Maybe he can do it for a set. But for 3 sets? I doubt it.

Sienna Says:

Wow it is simply amazing why the heck does Rafa always has to release press information about his so called injuries. He just takes a two week holiday. He didnot feel like the exho was a good vibe so he choses to go to the beach.

Alway when he loses he comes out with these excuses. And to top it of he was already downplaying his chances ! So why bother if you are not thinking about winning the damn thing in the first place you would not have call out for all thos injuri.

What a character. So full of it. Why canthe just let the biggest tournement of the world play itself ut and if he is fit he can join them again when Olympics get started.

Sad litle champion he is.

Brando Says:


your right in your assessment of their games. the thing is this:

fed knows going into the encounter that he CANNOT play long points with novak as it won’t benefit him. He has to keep the points short, hence be really aggressive.

Now the problem here is that it shall lead to ALOT of UE being made by fed. He’s liable to leak errors now on both the FH and BH side, so whilst he while make winners he shall leak alot of UE that may balance things out in novak’s favour.

Novak will have ALOT less UE, and he shall be more solid on both wings- FH and BH. Question is, how attacing will he be?

IMO, he’ll be very attacking as he knows he’s got fed when it comes to defence, fed isn’t moving at his best- so if he takes it to fed, it shall be tough for fed to stay in the point.

Brando Says:


the great ROD LAVER has just said that IF he had to call someone the greatest, he’ll call federer this title. BUT he believe’s rafa is his EQUAL:

“But at the same time, I look at Rafa Nadal and what he’s done to win seven French Open titles and Wimbledon. Being able to play with somewhat of a suspect knee, his way of motoring around the court and tracking shots down is quite uncanny.
“They’re very close. Are they great champions and do they have equal abilities? I’d say ‘yes’, they’re pretty much equal.”

OUCH! LOL, who’s opinion matters more about rafa- laver or the haters. Mmmm, tough call!

LMAO, here’s the article and you can b!tch about all you want after:

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I think Murray gets it through. Not sure if he will need 5-sets if he can keep his Quarters form. The guy has shown some great improvement in his win against Ferrer.

It’s one of the few times where he is doing a clutch serve. It was his worst weapon. But now he has handled it pretty well in his last 2 matches. This turns around the dynamics of Murray’s game completely. He can let loose his other shots once he is confident in his serve.

I think the last 2 sets he played against Ferrer is the highest quality tennis played in this tournament. He looks a real prospect for the title based on current form. But Murray has deceived us many times before. Hope he keeps it fine this time. It’s very much required that he steps up. He does have the game for the big match.

rogerafa Says:

Novak has actually appeared the most impressive so far compared to the other semi-finalists who are touted as more “natural” on grass. Novak looks to be in championship winning form just like Serena does. It will take one hell of an effort to beat him in this kind of form. Roger is a pale shadow of his former self at Wimbledon and he hasn’t done well on grass of late. I don’t quite understand how Roger’s fans are pinning their hopes on THIS grass late in the second week. Even his slice is not keeping as low as it used to. Roger is lucky to be in the semis due to a relatively easy draw. Novak is a big step up in class and Roger’s previous opponents just were not good enough to prepare him for Novak. Of course, Roger could well have been knocked out had he faced more difficult players. Novak had the ideal draw to prime himself for the final stages and he does look extremely sharp. Everything, rationally and logically, points to an easy Novak win but there is a reason the match has to be played and, as improbable as it may appear at the moment, Roger could yet pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Brando Says:

‘Murray is plodder. He mopes along, often plays the percentages and occasionally goes offensive.’

PRETTY ACCURATE description of murray’s game there by sean.

BUT i do think he has been much better than people give him credit for being in this tourny. after novak, imo, his tennis has been the best and most solid.

and he’s had the tougher opponent’s to face!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, you are right. Novak proved time and again that he can stay with Roger both on FH and BH. He is the only player I’m seeing who goes to Roger’s FH confidently, because he believes his defensive skills. Most of the time he wins the FH duals against Roger. He outpaces and outhits Roger from that side. So where does Roger go and attack. Pretty much nowhere.

Sienna Says:

On the semi tommorow. It is of course totally on Rogers racquet. Let me rephrase it is on Roger’s back.

If Roger is able to play the game with a fitnes health of 85 or above then he is fine. No way Joker is taking a set.
Are his fitness level’s between 65 – 85 % Then it could go all the way decider in the 5th.
Is his fitnes level below 65% like in the Malisse match the he stands less the 15%.

Is the Fed of the Youznhy match then he should be Ok. Novak gets steamrolled in his own service games and he hardly gets on the serve. You guys can think it plays out like a grvael match or slow HC. But it still is the fastest court around. Novak can do nothing about it.

Laughable analyse about NK above/ Trying to breackdown the strokes of Fed againt Novak’s. To claim the serve is even stephen. Stupid.
It is not about a single stroke it is about taking the ball on the rise and timing. I am affraid that Fed stil is a little bit to good in that department for the Djoker albeit the DJoker has great attacking shots (groundstrokes) but against the quick and great timing of Roger on grass he will be outmatched.

Provided Fed is healthy.

Brando Says:

‘Everything, rationally and logically, points to an easy Novak win but there is a reason the match has to be played and, as improbable as it may appear at the moment, Roger could yet pull a rabbit out of the hat.’

the BEST SUMMARY of the fed v novak match so far. Fed needs to do a ‘RG 11’ style performance- do that and he’ll pull it off.

BUT prior to that match, he was playing the best tennis in that tourny. Actually, going into the final he had been playing the best tennis BAR none. that CANNOT be said right now.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, I think true Roger fans appreciate Rafa’s skills. But I see few stinking Hyenas howling around the site in the name of Roger’s fans, but typically Rafa haters who keep spreading a false propaganda against almost every player other than Roger.

Now I’m sure Laver would be called a fool to make such statement.

Mark Says:

@ Brando. I did read that article earlier and think it is a very fair assessment.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

What is amazing in the above interview is Laver states Rafa is Roger’s equal when Rafa is still in the middle of his peak. He has few more years of prime tennis left. I’m not sure when he ends his career and wins more GS, what will people call him?

Brando Says:


Yes. a REALLY GOOD strategy for fed would be to ATTACK nole’s serve- not put it back in play, BUT hit it in order to immediately take charge of the point.

The guy is a fantastic returner, YET he seems to casual on his return’s. Now this tends to be since he knows his serve is awesome, BUT against a returner of novak’s calibre he HAS TO try and make life easy on his own service game.

What’s the best way to do that? By putting continous pressure on his opponent’s serve. he has to try and make novak’s sweat hard each time he serve’s.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am sure you know The Arrogant One lost in the second round, and is fishing on his island. Like clockwork, he did come out with the usual “tendinitis in the knee” excuse – after the fact as usual – to get out of the exhibition.

You should know that by now. A fit Rafa never loses.

Mark Says:

HR. Lol :-)

Brando Says:


YES, it’s true what you post there. NO ONE is calling rafa the greatest, BUT people need to show more respect to him and his achievement’s. At times people just dismiss him as a one surface, one trick pony- which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

In men’s tennis, the greats have a HUGE RESPECT for him:

– Laver: just called rafa roger’s equal in that article.

– Borg: during FO called rafa the greatest clay courter of all time, and someone who he thinks will win MANY more slams.

– Sampras: has called rafa a great player on numerous ocassions. LOL, he even called him an ‘animal’ due to the physicality of is game.

And last, but by no means least, exactly how often has FEDERER himself praised rafa and his game? Plenty of times!

So whilst rafa may not be the greatest, he’s CERTAINLY held in high esteem by the players who would be in that arguement. Some would say rafa may even have his name already in that arguement.

Either way, he deserves respect for what he has done.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, But Roger’s return is not meant to force the opponent. He was the best returner at his prime. Probably no one returns like Roger did. For me he is even slightly above Novak in returning the serve at his prime. But things have changed.

I believe there have been few changes to Roger’s game, post his Mono. Basically the after effects of his recurring back issue, I guess he changed his posture little bit on the returns and on volleys. He is not as reactive as he used to be, which is a big difference to his game.

Can he attack Novak’s serve. It’s not possible. He will make mistakes. He cannot switch into something just for one match. His return game is built on putting the ball back and make it a neutral rally rather than giving advantage to the server. But against Novak with a neutral rally, it’s pretty much Novak’s advantage, unless he has an off day which is anyway possible.

We are talking about the ideal scenario based on their form in recent matches and in current tournament. We never know what to expect tomorrow.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Yeah Rafa deserves huge respect. It’s a pity instead of cherishing to of the greatest players, we sort of put one guy down to praise others. It’s not required.

The guy already been to 5 finals at Wimbledon, and won 2. I believe it’s equivalent to what Edberg has done. Not sure if Edberg has 3. But Rafa definitely has 1-2 wimbledon in him. He has won both HC slams and beat Roger when Roger was playing some of his best tennis.

What more does he need to do? Ofcourse I strongly believe Roger’s overall skill beats Rafa, but effectiveness of their skill is almost equal.

Brando Says:


he has to TRY that strategy. IF he just plays it in then like you say- advantage novak.

IF he just relies on his serve carrying him through- then imo that is playing with fire, since novak is such a good returner.

As good as novak is serving, imo, his serve can be attacked by a player of roger’s calibre on the return. He HAS TO TRY in this regard.

Remember paris last moth? the 2nd set? novak broke fed on a number of ocassions but AT LEAST fed also broke novak. And djokovic serve was the best part of his game in that tourny, imo.

trufan Says:

Rafa is certainly the best clay courter ever – but overall, not really the greatest player ever. He has SO MANY losses outside of clay, often to lower ranked players. 7/11 slams are clay, most of his other titles (I think 80%+) are on clay. On other surfaces as well, he largely relies on moonballing to opponents backhands to win ugly – he makes other players play badly. Very effective, but not exactly high quality tennis.

Then of course his time violations on every single points. A GREAT players doesn’t need to violate tennis rules on almost every single point.

Doesn’t matter what other top players say, since all of them are bound to be politically correct in their public statement, due to media spotlight. Statistics say everything.

When was the last time Nadal won anything outside of clay? Almost two years ago. If this is his performance at his prime, its not exactly GREATNESS, is it?

And then no YEC? Pathetic record on that fast indoor surface.

As for Fed, he is definitely slowed down with age, which is natural. He can’t keep up with Djokovic on long rallies, and makes too many errors with shots on the run. He has to play first strike tennis, and hope he is in the zone. Otherwise he is toast against Djokovic.

jamie Says:

Nole will go medieval on Fed’s arse. LOL.

Ray Says:

It’s not just Roger whose overall skills are better than rafa, even novak is a better player than rafa on all surfaces except clay.

It is morons who donot accept this reality that beg for rafa to be criticised.

Rafa is the greatest on clay. but outside clay he is 3rd best in his own generation.

Brando Says:

‘Nole will go medieval on Fed’s arse. LOL.’

UNFORTUNATELY, the more i think about it- the more likely it seems.

Ray Says:

trufan :

these two clowns nk and brando had rafa winning wimbledon when it was obvious to all and sundry that rafa will not.

Once the draw was out, it was quite clear that the wimbledon winner will be the winner of the Fedkovic match.

Sienna Says:

In a funny sort of way Branda has pointed out why a Fed victory tomorrow is inevitable.

Fedbroke Djoker so many times in the semi at Garros that he will defintely do that again. On the other hand Fed serve will be because of the grass to good and he will just get lesser returns in then at Garros where Fe will get approx same return stats.
Novak weak(er) serve, Fed’s quickness in striking and timing wiljust be to much.

The more I think of tomorrows match the more I am happy to have taken the afternoon off. It is gonna be a milestone in Fed’s legacy. The crown is above his head and it is suited that the Fake king is already taking his holiday and the skitking will need to bow down to FED. And bow he will. The finger will be up when Fed strikes the last ball of the match.

Sienna Says:

Brando Says:

the great ROD LAVER has just said that IF he had to call someone the greatest, he’ll call federer this title.

Thgis is it Branda…. Thank you.

Daniel Says:

The Roger service game is the key. We know Djoko will have his serve broken eventually (he almost never play a perfect service game match), but Roger if able to protect his serve can play more freely. Last match Fed only faced 2 break points, in the third set. OK, it was Youzny, but if a guy like Meyer can break Djoko’s serve twice (who plenty are saying is playing better than last year this Wimby, yeah right!) Fed surelly can break his serve as well. The problem is, with Djoko as the best returner, how many times will he break Roger and if that will even out in the end. My feeling is we will have at least 2 tiebreaks! This match will be closer than some think. Djoko has the 8 sets in a row advantage, but 5 were on clay (and Fed gave that RG match away, he simply wasn’t on it). This time is grass, first time and with Number 1 and another Slam looming around. Fed may lose, but I fully expect him to play great, his motivation will be sky high. Only if he feel the back again that we may have a wash out.
I think this will be one for the ages!!

trufan Says:

Rafa’s stats:

(Note that just about 25% of the ATP tournaments are played on clay, most are on hard courts)

11 slams, 7 on clay (64%)
21 masters, 16 on clay (76%)
50 titles, 36 on clay (72%)

In slams, 52-1 (98% wins) on clay, 105-21 (83% wins) outside of clay.

Overall match record – 254-19 (93% wins) on clay, 319-103 (76% wins) outside of clay.

YEC indoor: 9-10 match record in 5 appearances (not even .500).

Not a single 5+ slam winner has such a skewed dependence on one surface (again, since most of the tournaments are played on hard courts, most “normal” players SHOULD have most wins on hard courts).

He is the Clay GOAT. I don’t think anyone can doubt that. And he is a damn effective player outside of clay too. But not GREAT.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, best Roger could do is to come in behind his returns. He needs to attack the net after making a good return. Whatever return he does and if he stands at the baseline, I’m not sure if it would be effective.

If he can move forward effectively, he has a chance. But his net game has been very poor at this tournament. I can’t understand why his level is so low when he is such a great volleyer. If his net game would have been good, infact I would have given Roger a good chance in this match. My entire pessimism on Roger is because of his poor net play. I don’t think he had put one proper volley back in Bennet’s match. I don’t think he was good in Malisse match also.

That’s why I’m taking at part of tactics out of his game now. Roger is a totally different player when he can press forward and get his net game going. But it’s not working so far in this tournament.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping Roger can turn this around by coming in more against Novak and surprise him. For that he needs to improve his level a lot. Not sure if it’s possible in 2 days.

trufan Says:

And finally, 16>11. Untill Nadal gets to 16 (or whatever benchmark Fed sets), its a moot point.

Daniel Says:


What about the othe rpsych on the Argentine blog who’s prediction was still missing? I remember that the other’s were saying Fed, but wonder if she made her prediction yet.


As you pointed out, she was right the last 6 Slams.

Brando Says:

ah, sienna, truidiot and ray or laver, borg? what a choice of opinion.

mmm, who’s opinion has merit? who’s opinion stinks of bias? or who’s opinion is EVEN worth commenting on?

such a tough question.

LOL, i’ll be a fool and go with borg and laver. it’s risky- i know- but i’ll just go ahead with it based on what their tennis records and achievements are, and the lack of for the 3 wise tennis gurus.

LMAO, :-)

rogerafa Says:

@ jamie

What kind of medieval tool/weapon you have in mind? Could you elaborate so that we could get a sense as to the extent of the drubbing? Is this just your prediction or the psychic’s?

@ Brando

It does appear almost impossible, doesn’t it? To add to what you said, Roger was helped by the quicker balls at RG 2011 whereas Wimby presumably has much slower balls. It will be a pity, though, if a Wimby semi between the top and third seed turns into a one-sided affair. Probably reflects the great shape (physically, mentally and game-wise) Novak is in compared to Roger.

tfouto Says:

what psych?

It’s been pretty easy to predict now.

Djokovic wins everything except FO which goes to Nadal.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Daniel, I think Mayer broke Novak’s serve for the 1st time. So it’s not appropriate to say Novak’s serve is easily broken. He had one off day that too for a set. How may times was his serve broken in this tournament?

Overall I think most of the serves are broken including Roger’s. Against Bennet, Roger could not protect his serve in the second set after breaking Bettet. How can we say Roger can protect his serve against such a good returner as Novak.

In most of their matches, we could see Novak breaks Roger more than Roger does. Most of the set Roger wins against Novak comes in Tie breakers, whereas Novak pretty much breaks Roger couple of times in each set.

Most of the time Roger breaks Novak serve when he has a bad phase in the set. But the key is he comes back within the set and breaks Roger more times and wins the set.

I think people are too optimistic about Roger’s serve when in recent matchups shows that it’s not as effective as it’s debated here. Goback and look at the scores. Most of the sets Novak wins were not on Tiebreakers but a clean breaks in the set.

Brando Says:

It’s interesting to see how one makes a post of how a great of the game feels rafa is also great in his own right, he DOESN’T call him the greatest nor the poster who put’s the article up either does so.

YET, TROLLS come in and are quick to knock rafa and his standing!

LMAO- NO ONE called rafa the greatest, YET people are arguing as to why he isn’t!lol!

atleast he’s made it into the arguement, lmao!

vamos rafa! let’s collect some more slams hopefully and see the hate increase, as it usually means more success for you!

BOY do i LOVE that equation! :-)

andrea Says:

it will be all mental for roger in this match. he knows he’s got something to prove, he’s been spanked the past few times by novak and yes, the age differential is there. the grass factor can help him. if he mixes up things in the first set and serves well, that will give him confidence. he’s very aware that this is a chance for him to take the title….murray will be a bundle of stress if he makes it to the final as would tsonga…

what a win for serena. it’s quite ridiculous that she still makes it to the final…especially after a 1st round RG loss. what a champ!

skeezer Says:


Rafa won Wimby twice an a HC GS. I wouldn’t call that a one trick pony. Don’t listen to that crap, his records prove otherwise. First problem is, he’s so damn good on Clay his achievements on other surfaces seem small. Second problem is, can he repeat those triumphs, and at what cost did his knees go through to get them? If I was in his camp, I would tell him to just prepare for Slams now, and leave all those other small tourneys in the dust. Forget about rankings, protect the knees, and try to win some other GS titles on something other than Clay. I heard his knees were bothering him again after his outage at Wimby…..not good.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Stinking hyenas have started howling against Rafa when he is not even playing at Wimbledon.

Obvious facts points that Roger has a better record. But why do the hyenas have to worry so much about Rafa, I can’t understand. And Rafa is still in the middle of his peak. Let him wind down before concluding where we position him among the greatest players.

I strongly believe two great players can exist, which Roger and Rafa have proved.

the mind reels Says:

Nirmal says:

“Daniel, I think Mayer broke Novak’s serve for the 1st time. So it’s not appropriate to say Novak’s serve is easily broken. He had one off day that too for a set. How may times was his serve broken in this tournament?”

Ferrero broke Djokovic’s serve in the first round, Stepanek broke him in the third round (and won a set), Troicki broke him in the fourth round…

His serve hasn’t been broken many times (I think once only in each match), but he’s faced numerous break points, and I’d expect Federer to do a better job of taking advantage of these than the others.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Ray, looks like your nose keeps itching to smell Rafa’s butt. You seems to sense his farts better than others here. I think you need to keep your nose a bit away. It’s not good for your health. I can understand how it has affected your brain based on your posts here.

the mind reels Says:

Nirmal says:

“And Rafa is still in the middle of his peak. Let him wind down before concluding where we position him among the greatest players.”

I wouldn’t call myself a hyena, but I’d argue that the same should be permitted for Federer. The guy is two matches away from regaining the #1 ranking and shattering more records. Let *him* wind down before people write him off. Age means something but not everything.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

mind reels, it doesn’t really matter. because his return game is so supreme he can wipe it out immediately. Mostly he does it in the next game itself.

As I pointed above, I would be very interested to see the facts on how many times each player have broken others in their recent matches. I suspect Novak has broken Roger more than Roger has broken Novak. So not sure, how it could change suddenly now.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

mind reels, I agree. I’m not putting down Roger. I have given utmost respect and till someone breaks his record it would be even foolish to argue who is better player.

But sticking to the form and recent matches, I can’t give much advantage to Roger.

I do understand you never count out great champs, but I’m wondering where does Roger can take advantage of Novak’s game at this stage when many of his key strokes are not consistent anymore.

Brando Says:


look, i would be very happy for fed and his fans if he were to win. I like fed and his game ALOT, but more importantly, respect him GREATLY for what he has done for the game.

And whilst i personally do not believe in the notion of a ‘greatest’ in any sport, i COMPLETELY AGREE to the viewpoint that federer is the most successful player to have played tennis in the open era. It’s evident based on the record books.

HOWEVER, it must be acknowledged that fed is past his best and is facing a future legend of the game, novak, in his absolute peak. One in going on 31 and really is looking for that last hurrah.

The other is an all-conquering machine, who is feeling as good as ever- and more importantly- playing as well as he has ever done so on grass.

Iask the question- who has federer DEFEATED on grass in the last 3 years that we can all agree is a brilliant grass court player or top 10 player in the world? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t defeated anyone of that calibre.

Novak, on the other hand, is defending champion, he beat rafa and tsonga last year- and is seemingly more comfortable on grass this year.

YES, federer has done better this year compared to 2010 and 2011 at wimby- BUT just look at his draw?

It’s one WE ALL AGREED prior to the start of wimby as being as VERY COMFORTABLE and yet he NEARLY was on his way out in 2 matches!

was federer at the mercy of benneteau and malisse?

YES he was, imo. He knew that had they HELD their nerve- particularly malisse- then he could be out of the tourny.

Novak, in comparison, has not even come close to this situation in his matches. And IF benny and malisse can make roger anxious, then unfortunately for roger and his fans, novak will prove to be terminal for fed and his chances of success here.

Nothing personal against fed, BUT thi reminds me of when fed met agassi in the USO (2004 i think it was?).

An aging legend against the young hotshot- and we all know what happened in that meeting!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Ray, as per you the qualification to be a Roger fan would be to hate Rafa. Yes, I cannot call myself Roger fan with this criteria. I respect Rafa and Novak. I can’t change it.

Brando Says:


THANKS for your kind post- and i COMPLETELY AGREE with you re what rafa should do for the future. Makes complete sense to do so.

Wish your fav the very best of luck- it would make a very nice story if he were to pull it off on friday.

and should he win the entire thing- i for one will be very happy for him!

El Flaco Says:

Attacking Djoko’s 2nd serve is easier said than done. He hits 2nd serves more aggressively against Fed on faster surfaces. Many of their slam matches Djoko has 4 or 5 double faults in the match. If you look at his 3 wins against Nadal at Wimb11, USO11 and AO12 he only had maybe combined 4 double faults in 13 sets. He wasn’t concerned about Nadal stepping inside the baseline and hurting him with a return because that’s not how Nadal plays.

If the 2nd serve comes harder or with more spin than you are expecting it is very difficult to make the necessary adjustment with a one handed backhand. How many players out there with a one handed backhand now (or in the past) have a reputation as a great returner of 2nd serves like Connors, Agassi or Djoko?

Djoko is also very aware that Fed will sometimes hop to his left as the 2nd serve is hit so that he will be in a position to hit a big inside out forehand. Djoko will hit aggressive 2nd serves to Fed’s forehand from time to time to keep him honest. It is a game of cat and mouse on the 2nd serve.

Fed is going to need to do a little bit of everything and whatever is working best try to do a little more it.

Sienna Says:

I am still LMAO about the second round defeath!


Who? Rosol! My word in his prime he is ejected fuully fit after winning his 11 slam and he stuffs up against #100

Brando Says:


IGNORE the trolls.

in REALITY the ‘house’ rafa and fed fans get along GREATLY on this site. they respect the other fans fav and have cordial conversations, arguments about VARIOUS aspects of the tennis landscape with one another. Add in the novak and murray fans, and your left with a GREAT VARIETY of differing and interesting viewpoints.

its ONLY when the trolls venture in and inject their SPITEFUL HATRED for one or the other, do things get heated around here.

just IGNORE them- it’s the ONE THING a troll hates more than anything else- the LACK OF ATTENTION being shown to their SPITEFUL HATRED!

Ray Says:

yes nirmal :

we believe you respect Roger! why dont you get one federer fan to vouch for your respect for roger not your fellow rafa f@rts?

P.S : Roger Federer fan doesn’t count. most probably you are posting in 2 IDs.

skeezer Says:

Fed is gonna have to take it to Novak, starting with the Serve, attacking with his FH at will, simple as that. If he starts sitting back on the baseline doing his “neutral rally” routine with Nole, Nole will walk through him.

Overall just overjoyed he made it this far, still making Semi’s at GS!

Ray Says:

Sienna :

why are you making fun of rafa. according to some of his fans he is an eve better grass-court player than sampras.

why? because he made 5 straight wimbledon finals while sampras did not!

alison Says:

Dear me the haters never seem to stop,why are they not enjoying the fact that their favourite is still in with a shout at winning the title,instead of wasting nervous energy taking a pop a Rafa.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, so true. We have some great fans out here who understand tennis. As long as there is not hatred against other top players, it’s pretty much a nice forum to discuss.

If you are a fan, you got to be critical also. No point in just fanning the obvious positives.

Brando Says:


how true- but why hope for something that you just know will not happen. Pointless imo.

either way, glad andy is in with a chance in this whole thing:-)

Ray Says:

“Overall just overjoyed he made it this far, still making Semi’s at GS! ”

spoken like a real Fed fan! he is nearly 31. at this age sampras lost to a guy ranked 145th ranked in the world.

fed has 32 GS semi-finals = all time record.
23slam finals = all time record
16 GS = all time record.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

we believe you respect Roger! why dont you get one federer fan to vouch for your respect for roger not your fellow rafa f@rts?

you mean federer fan=rafa haters right? I don’t need respect from such posters. You don’t post in forums to get respect. You just post your opinions. Why bother about others, as long as you don’t spread hatred against other players it’s ok.

Ray Says:

with 5 more QFs at slams fed will get the sole posession of the all time qfs wins too = 42 :)

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Alison, I thought last 2 sets Murray played against Ferrer is the best tennis of the tournament considering the quality of opponent. I think he is in with a great chance for the title. It’s a great time for you and few other Murray fans here. The guy is showing his real colors now. Hope he keeps it up.

Ray Says:

” as long as you don’t spread hatred against other players it’s ok.”

you are talking about hatred? go look at your posts. you are filled with bile and hatred for Roger.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Schedule is out. Roger vs Novak is the first match tomorrow on CC starting 1:00 PM.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Ray, I don’t think criticizing a players game is spreading hatred. You can goahead and talk tennis rather than player. I criticize Roger’s tennis, but not Roger as a person. That’s what matters. I don’t hate Roger as a person like few posters who hate Rafa as a person.

Brando Says:


true. i think skeez is right the best way for fed to win, IMO, is the following:

1- Be aggressive: i think the top 4 players have realised that they CANNOT look to outlast one or another and have to attack in order to win. A ‘he who dares wins’ kind of scenario. Luckily for fed, going on the attack is more natural to him than the others. He HAS TO take a ‘all or nothing’ kind of approach.

2- Be solid on serve: KEY- no chance otherwise. He’s been very good on serve in this tourny, has fed. On the 2nd serve though, i think he needs to be gutsy and go for a big serve as opposed to a safe one- just DO NOT give nole an easy hit at all in this regard.

3- Look to dominate with the FH: his FH is still the best shot on grass courts- USE IT, dominate with it at all oppurtunities.

4- Use the slice more often: novak HATES a change of pace, and fed possess an awesome slice- he needs to USE IT often i feel.

5- Go to the net: a surprise S and V tactic every now and then, MAY keep novak guessing, on edge and uncertain. AT LEAST it shall keep the point short.

6- hit DTL shots: the more players do this against novak, the more success they seem to have. Fed should try this approach since ANYTHING short or in the mid court, then he’ll likely be in trouble.

7- be aggressive on the return: he CANNOT just play the ball in. i just do not understand why a returner like fed is so conservative on this front. he has to take charge of the point from the return, IF it is possible.

alison Says:

Nirmal if Murray makes the final,i dont think there will be a dry in the house,and if he wins the final,i can imagine the press come Monday morning,hes in with a great shot,it would be great if he were to pull this off,a great moral boost for us Brits too,bring it on.

Ray Says:

“you mean federer fan=rafa haters right”

no, federer fans = abusing federer all the time and not acknowledging novak is the 2nd best player of this generation!

yes, you are a federer fan!

alison Says:

Brando yeah too right,a certain phrase called p@ssing in the wind comes to mind.

alison Says:

Skeezer great post thanks for those kind words about Rafa too,i wish your fav good luck for tomorrow.

Brando Says:


LOL! i miss our fav not playing BUT i am really enjoying watching andy play.

And friday does provide 2 mouthwatering SF- really any 2 could end up in the final!

P.S: women’s hasn’t been too bad either, although serena does seem to have it in the bag now!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Brando, if you just take each point you have posted and watch Roger’s match against Novak at FO 11, it would exactly match. Infact it was the way Roger played through 03-07.

The problem is, few of those shots are not working anymore consistently. I keep reiterating consistency, because it works still but fails too. That’s the problem for Roger.

You want Roger to attack with his FH. But look at the 1st point in Bennet’s match tie breaker. He tried to hit a inside out FH which went wide, which is sort of unheard of before. When Roger tries to add pace to his FH, he puts it long 7 times out of 10 hits. So how is it possible.

Same with the net game also. He is a master at net, but look at his play in this tournament. It’s pathetic.

Can Roger weave his magic again? Yeah may be. No one thought he would be transformed so much at USO 08 semis. I still remember till quarters it was one of Roger’s poor performance and many of his trademark strokes failed him. But when the SF started, it was a totally a new Roger.

Can we see a new Roger tomorrow? We can only wish and wait.

It’s not like the guy has forgotten tennis and does not know how to beat Novak. He knows. But his game is not entirely in his control anymore. His Serve, FH do not listen to him as it did before.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. For me, if Roger wins Wimbledon it would be the greatest achievement of the open era. I just wish he does. Simply he deserves it.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

federer fans = abusing federer all the time and not acknowledging novak is the 2nd best player of this generation!

Ray, smh. It’s ok to bring in Roger, but why we Novak should be accepted as second best. I can’t understand. So basically you need to hate Rafa to make that statement.

Novak’s time will come. Let’s wait till then. He may even prove that he was the best in this generation. we never know.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

alison, if I go by wish, then I would prefer Roger or Murray. Murray is playing great tennis now and deserves a title. He has shown the right improvements. It’s important he wins. I don’t him to lose and abandon those tactics out of frustration. They are really good and will serve him for few more titles if he can stick to them and execute.

alison Says:

Brando thanks for the Rod Laver link,ill take his word that Rafa is already in the standing as one of the overall greats of the game,rather than listen to a bunch of haters spitting out their dummies,all because people dont see things their way, all sensible Rafa fans agree Roger is the GOAT anyway the arguments pointless,your right best to ignore,its just not worth the effort replying to their posts.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Roger is in a class by himself. I acknowledge his GOATness. As to whether Djokovic is greater than Rafa, that remains to be seen. Right now it looks like Nole may well surpass Rafa, but who knows what will happen. Right now I am content that Rafa is the best ever on clay and among the greatest champions to ever play tennis. Vamos!

Ray Says:

NK :

novak’s time has come. he has better results than rafa at aus/uso. if he wins wimbledon, he will equal rafa’s titles. he has one year end championship.

if he wins wimbledon, he is almost sure to get near rafa’s 102 weeks at top.

when novak betters or equals fed’s records at 3 of the 4 slams and year end championships and comes near 200 weeks at no.1, sure we will discuss if he deserves to be no.1 of his generation!

Lisa Says:

True, Fed needs to have a ‘great serving day’ tomorrow to seriously consider himself a chance….

However, Wimbledon seems to be the only tournament Roger has been consistant on his FS, especially when he needed it the most….crucial get out of jail points….

I hope for his case, that doesn’t change come tommorow….why should that change now? I mean he has been serving great thus far in his last 5 matches….

This will also be the first time ever….that Federer will play Djokovic in Wimbledon….As to how much effect that has….remains to be seen….

I hope Roger puts on a great show tommorow….

alison Says:

Brando yeah missing our fav playing too,but olympics is not too far away so not too long to see him back playing,anyway all my emotional energy is invested in Murray now,so just hoping he can put in a good perfomance against Tsonga,as for the womans side,i would love Radwanska win the title as i think she plays beautiful tennis,but i dont think you can bet against Serena.

Brando Says:

@Alison,lulu, nirmal: completely agree. I’m happy with where rafa is in the game, and respect the others and their place in the game. For now, bring on the SFs :-)

Ray Says:

“Right now I am content that Rafa is the best ever on clay and among the greatest champions to ever play tennis. Vamos! ”

no arguments here. Rafa = GOAT of clay and a great champion else where.

federer > djokovic > rafa – outside clay

rafa>federer> djokovic – on clay

Ray Says:

lisa :

didn’t you get the memo that you are supposed to criticise and maybe even abuse federer if you are a REAL fed fan?

alison Says:

Lulu yeah completely agree but thats not to say Rafa wont win anymore slams away from clay,as nobody knows,its all speculation ATM,eventually Nole will have someone who will challenge his standing too,nothing stays the same forever everything moves on.

Colin Says:

Giving credit to Murray is, for so many people including Mr Randall, as painful as having teeth pulled. Murray is a plodder, says Mr Randall. Then, belatedly, at the end of the article he refers to Andy’s “versatility”. Isn’t there a contradiction there?
To repeat what I said in a previous thread, Murray’s quarter-final win was a bigger achievement than Tsonga’s. Two tough four-set wins, but one was against Ferrer, the other against Kohlschreiber. ‘Nuff said!

Skeezer Says:


Class post from a Rafa fan. Proves your a fan of tennis first.

Ben Pronin Says:

Not really sure Djokovic will surpass Nadal, not yet. He’s now has less than half the slams that Nadal does. And as Nadal has shown, it only gets harder once the number gets bigger.

But Djokovic is moving up the list on several monumental records. If he ends this year number 1 and maybe with 7 slams, then we can say he’s on his way. But if he ends up with only 6 at the end of this year, then he’s got a long way to go. And considering they’re only a year apart, I’m not sure he’ll overtake him in the end.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Let’s get excited folks! Two all time greats on one side, with two unlimited-potential bridesmaids on the other. BRING THE POPCORN AND BEER! That’s Canadian for champagne and strawberries.

dc Says:

If Fed can create some angles, hes got a good chance of winning in 3. He was 2-0 up against Nole in USO 2011.
If Fed’s in his zone, Nole 2.0 has no chance.

Brando Says:

well, i have just finished watching the highlights of fed v youzhny, and i’m thinking that maybe we are selling fed a bit short- just a little at least anyhow.

What i paid close attention to was fed’s movement, and IMHO, it’s the best i have seen him move in a long while- certainly not the reaction i was expecting, due to his back concerns.

He moved freely without any inhibition, with great energy, and in a spritely manner that ONLY he can do. Almost always on his toes like a great ballet dancer. Spellbinding when you concentrate and pay attention to it.

IF he can move just as well tommorrow, then he has a really good chance. As the game, as always, is there.

Brando Says:


‘If Fed’s in his zone, Nole 2.0 has no chance.’

to be fair and honest, i think if ANY of the top 4 are in the zone they can make the other party member look very ordinary. For example:

1- Federer beating rafa at WTF.

2- Rafa beating fed at FO 08′.

3- Murray beating rafa in tokyo final last year (from set 2 onwards).

4- Nole beating muzza in AO final.

When ANY of them are in the zone, that player shall win, since RARELY are both in equally great form.

Sienna Says:

Wow there are some really hatefull people active on this site.
Rafa is already long gone out of this championship yet is fans ( actually most of them tards or Fed haters) are filling this thread up with heathfull comments about Roger.

Why cant you be more humble and bite the bullit. You react like Rafa in a way of two faced people do.

Claiming to dont have a chance prior the chapionship and after that has been put forward as thruth by a #100 ranked tennisnobody you find excuse after excuse for this loss.

Just accept youre guy is not that good and just get on with life.Rafa is in a steep decline his offclay results are showing it. Please keep it real.

Sienna Says:

Ray Says:
“Right now I am content that Rafa is the best ever on clay and among the greatest champions to ever play tennis. Vamos! ”

no arguments here. Rafa = GOAT of clay and a great champion else where.

federer > djokovic > rafa – outside clay

rafa>federer> djokovic – on clay

July 5th, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Ray i am sorry to dissapoint you. There is no clay goat, no grass goat and no HC goat…..

There is one tennis GOAT and his name is Roger Federer.

madmax Says:

Roger go Roger!

Tomorrow everyone I am at wimbledon! Mens semi finals. I will post back to you probably on Sunday morning as will be back late from London.

Fed v novak are on first; if it’s not too late, will stay to watch the murray match.

Well, I just hope the best for Roger with the back issues and am glad that Sean predicted Novak to win :)

Jane, I will report back for you. I am sure it will be a good match.

The roof will be closed as the weather is going to bad tomorrow, all across the UK.

I still wish upon a star for Roger. He has brought us so much so far, and it’s not over yet.

Good luck to both sides!

dari Says:

MADMAX. Amazing you will be there for the smifinals! Enjoy and I wish for Rog to give you a special treat!

I am a little surprised fed and novak on first, but wait, this is Murray’s home

Vamos Fed Vamos Murray

racquet Says:

>>I am a little surprised fed and novak on first

Not so surprising, the top half of the draw started first so it makes sense that they should complete the first SF.

LUl Says:

Yes, Sienna, Rafa is in a terrible, terrible decline. He’s a mediocre player off clay. I mean he lost to that Djokovic fellow in 5 sets at the AO, and last year he lost to him also at Wimbledon and the USO. Clearly he’s done, toast, etc!

Seriously, I do think Rafa’s movement is not what it used to be. I was watching some of the Wimbledon 2007 and 2008 finals thinking that he doesn’t get to as many balls these days.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Ha/ha, LUI is me. Mis-typed my own name!

Hey, Madmax, just saw that you are going to be at the semi! Wow! I’m jealous! I hope you get perfect weather and a great match!

Lulu Iberica Says:

Oh, ok, I don’t see my previous post. It wasn’t important anyway.

jamie Says:

Mente Perfecta predicts a Federer-Murray final.

jamie Says:

^^Also thinks Murray is more likely to win than Federer in the final. Murray has a better chart than Federer.

Lisa Says:


I am a Federer fan….

I surely hope Roger wins tommorow….but keeping it real, Djokovic is the better/dominant player….

That saying…. I wouldn’t be surpriced if Federer turns on a ‘Class Display’

andrea Says:

the stats on this link show that it’s anybody’s guess who will win tomorrow between fed and novak. they are almost identical!

Wog boy Says:

It is good to see that all but one post are from nonNolefans, it is good to read nice words from 90% of posters, but still considering that most of people were putting Nadal and Federer ahead of Nole prior to this Wimbledon, keep it that way, Federer is favorit tonight not Nole.
It is hard to break habits, isn’t it:)?

Madmax, enjoy it I fish I can be there, one day;(

Wog boy Says:

It is good to see that all but one post are from nonNolefans, it is good to read nice words from 90% of posters, but still considering that most of people were putting Nadal and Federer ahead of Nole prior to this Wimbledon, keep it that way, Federer is favorit tonight not Nole.
It is hard to break habits, isn’t it:)?

Madmax, enjoy it I wish I can be there, one day;(

Wog boy Says:

Sorry, I tried to correct “fish” to “wish” not realizing that post has already gone.

jamie Says:

Murray winning Wimbledon would be epic.

steve-o Says:

Come on Roger!

boss Says:

hey jamie didn’t you say the other day that murray’s chart was good but not good enough to win against federer? and now you’re saying that murray has a better chart than federer…lol now even i’m starting to question the validity of the predictions…

Kimmi Says:

go rog!!!

jamie Says:


I’m just posting what Mente Perfecta said TODAY. Mente Perfecta had not had time to analyze the charts well UNTIL today. Was VERY busy.

Anyway, when the final comes, I will post the predicted winner.

jamie Says:

I did say when the tournament started that Mente Perfecta said that Murray’s chart was excellent.

boss Says:

lol aight sounds good jamie…i was just confused

jamie Says:

Bare in mind that there are different astrologers posting on that forum. But Mente only gave the official prediction today. The other predictions were from the other astrologers who post regularly on the forum Not Mente. So his official prediction was given today. The others I posted here were from other astrologers on the forum, not Mente Perfecta.

steve-o Says:

Oh, and I think Federer is the only one left in the draw capable of stopping Murray.

Tsonga has the weapons but is not consistent enough and I don’t see him producing another amazing match like he did last year against Federer.

Murray’s variety will stand him in good stead against Djokovic. He very nearly beat Djokovic on Djokovic’s favorite slow hard courts at AO and he’ll have much better chances here where he likes the grass.

jamie Says:

There are other astrologers there. But Mente is the one who does the most thorough analysis. With tons of details. It takes time. And this is the first time since Wimbledon began that Mente gives an official prediction.

jamie Says:

Anyway, the prediction is really close. Mente is not saying Murray will win the final. But if you read what he posted then he implies that Murray’s chart is better. But the final will be very close.

marrisv Says:

If the roof is on tomorrow, it is a slight advantage to djokovic and to Murray as well because it will be more humid …

I am sticking to my prediction of Novak – muzzard final

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Inspite of grass being Novak’s weakest surface and Roger’s best surface, a certain player who has less knowledge than some of the posters here seems to pick Novak as slight favourite in the semis contest. I’m sure the Roger fans here are going to call this guy is a disguised Rafa fan. LOL.

Hingis picking Novak as favourite. Does she really belong to Swiss?

jamie Says:

The other astrologer, Leo79, thinks Federer will beat Murray in the final.

jamie Says:

I wonder how Federer will beat Nole?

skeezer Says:

Boy it will be fun to re visit this thread IF Fed wins by chance tomorrow, especially for fake fan NK( NK… how about just one “Go Fed” comment????? ). But if not, Que sera sera , I am happy with 16 Slams. New blood Nole is coming sooner or later…..

Gannu Says:

madamx…great to hear that u will be there…Hope u are his lucky charm and our man pulls through….i will be a nervous wreck today…so i will miss ur support ;-) But yes i do have other rog fans like skeez, daniel, kimmi, huh etc who would take me through….hope our man wins…

dc Says:

@jamie Says:

I wonder how Federer will beat Nole?

He can defeat Nole in 3 or 4 or 5 sets. Not much to wonder here.

skeezer Says:


I don’t believe in Astrology. So lets start there. Now, knowing that, I give you respect for posting your “astrological picks”, if it was not based on biased ( your fav ) and escapism ( whoever you pick and loses you somehow create “a pass” ).

Somehow, others believe what you are saying( they are not paying attention, or don’t care too ). My problem is you seem to change your picks at will, and refer to 2-6 other references to “cover” your wrong picks. “its in the Stars” predictions are the same as ” Let me read your Hand”, imo, until proven otherwise. Palm readers are in very small houses with ” Pay me first”.

Nice try into getting attention, but it is all BS, and you deep down really know it.

It would be nice if you just stuck with your opinion, and “the facts” to justify it with. But Voodoo with pin sticking dolls and “weejee” board and the like your can guess right like anyone else “guessing”.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

skeezer, I don’t understand why would you call me a fake Roger fan. What justifies this statement I don’t understand.

As far as Roger winning against Novak, that’s what my heart wishes. But looking at their form, it’s difficult to pick Roger.

If Roger wins, as I already said this would be the greatest achievement in the past 20 years. For me this is bigger than winning Grandslam. When most expert and past player seems to agree this is the most competitive era, and for Roger to win Wimbledon and become No 1 player is enormous. No other record would even come near this. But the problem is, Novak has a huge say in his matches. Let’s see.

skeezer Says:

So many good stories here

– Murray ( we all know ) a very good shot at winning Wimby for his home country. Along side Feds win, this would be the biggest of the year, no doubt.

– Nole making the statement that he is going to start dominating at the top tier of players for some time to come. He is very capable.

– Fed regaining #1 ( albiet for a short time ) and winning his 17 Slam, further cementing his GOAT status.

– Tsonga, with flair and ….oh hell….he’s French! Tsonga at times has proven he can kick @ss on the top 3, will he bust through?

Being a Fed fan, have to say that any of these guys that win would be a big plus for Tennis. Just hope we have some big kick @ss conclusion form it all! Tennis….wins :)

conty Says:

wow, just wow, madmax, am i envious; how great to be at a Wimbledon semi-final! can’t wait for your report!

Michael Says:

I think Sean is a bit underestimating Roger’s prowess on Grass when he says that the match will be over in four sets. I am not saying for certain that Roger will win considering the way Novak is playing. Yes, Novak has beaten Roger in the last seven meetings. But the most important thing is that they were never on Grass and herein lies the golden opportunity for Roger. I would say Novak’s dominance on Roger is a bit overstated in majors atleast. In 2010 and 2011 US Opens Roger was so close with match points up and then the match turned in Novak’s favour. That doesn’t happen often. Their Australian Open 2010, also was a close one although the match ended in straight sets. Then Roger played the game of his life to beat Novak in that French Open 2011. It is only in French Open 2012, Novak pulverised Roger who was playing well below his best. All said, I am not sure about how well Roger is playing since he has not been tested in this tournament so far. That applies to Novak too. Therefore, the ground is even for me. I think it belongs to anybody who play better Tennis on this particular day.

Michael Says:

As regards the Murray Vs Tsonga match, although Murray leads Tsonga 5-1 in their H2H, I expect this match to be very tough and probably in Tsonga’s favour. If the match goes to five sets, I am sure Tsonga will win due to the pressure on Murray. If Murray needs to win, he should win in straights or possibly four. The point is Tsonga is not going to play like Ferrer. He is going to come to the net and upset the rythym of Murray and in tie breakers I think he holds the edge. If Tsonga serves well, he goes on to win this match irrespective of how Murray performs.

tennisfansince76 Says:

its already Friday in England! i just hope fed/Djoker match is a knock down drag down classic. the kind that makes your palms sweat. i am rooting for Fed but good luck to both.

tennisfansince76 Says:

the fed/Djoker semi starts at 5 am her on the west coast. brutal!

tennisfansince76 Says:

any chance of rain and the AEC should not dither. just close the damn roof and enjoy wind and rain free tennis.

metan Says:

@brando, thank you for the link,

Please keep posting, I am enjoyed the most, they are systematic and simple to read, thanks for your efforts,

Wog boy Says:



If it is brutal for you what are we suppose to say here in Australia, it is brutal all year around, apart of Asian leg and AO :)
Since FO I am like zombie, I have to wear sunnies in order not to scare my customers and there is not much of sunny days lately!

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,

Ok, guess I have to ask. Before I go to sleep need to know what “sunnies” are?

Wog boy Says:

Sunnies, it is Aussie for sunglasses.
Now you can go to sleep, have a good night:)

tennisfansince76 Says:

@wogboy i feel your pain. we tennis fans must suffer for our sport sometimes. but i do miss east coast for the european swing. the times were perfect. wake up at 8 and there is the FO or W right there. i am guessing sunnies are sunglasses.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy

Sunnies =sunglasses = makes sense….my bad…too late to have figured out that one…tx…Zzzzzz

Btw….ur cheering for Fed tomorrow, yes? ;-)…hehe

Margot Says:

Colin @3.05. Words bloody fail me. Thought that previous poster was a little OTT about Sean, but now not so sure. Grrrrr.
boss @9.20 lol, me too…;)
skeeze @11.24 summed up nicely and so right :)
British public/media IGNORE tennis for 11/12 and now suddenly enormous interest and huge pressure.
Do hope Andy stays strong and focused and ignores all the idiotic hype.
Andy for the final!
Nole for the final!
Come on guys!

Sienna Says:

Roger and his fans have lived to this match for almost a year. This the one. Here he will separate himselfonce again from the mere mortals in the tennis world.
And the remarcable fact is he will do it in the midst of the new generation.

He will steal their limlight, he will close their curtains right here right now.

The legacy will be fully loaded withing the next couple of months. He will shine as the brightest star of tennis.

His own generation has been blown away and put aside with brilliant an phenomenal tennis. This generation has met the will power and unstoppable eagerness to raise to the top of the game. He truly believes it is his birthright.

ertorque Says:

One more Roger! If there is only one more GS left to be added to your list of 16, please let it be this one.

I will be rooting for you like all of your fans ……………may the force with you!

metan Says:

@skeezer,thanks for your post@1.30

It’s compliment for Rafa,

Atom Says:

Very excited,nervous for Roger … Come on Roger this is it

Dave Says:

Florian Mayer is the only player to play both Federer (Halle) and Djokovic on grass (Wimbledon). Federer’s first grass court match this years was against Mayer — Mayer already had practice and match practice on grass before Federer beat him 6-4, 7-5. Federer’s level right now is higher than what it was at Halle.

Mayer, who gave Novak some anxious moments in the first set, has probably got it right: “It’s a very open match. I think it’s a good chance also for Roger maybe to reach world No. 1 if he can beat Novak. So he will be very motivated. But I think Roger also has to play on a really high level to have a chance to beat Novak.”

Regardless, it’s quite possible the Federer who shows up today will be The Mighty Federer who suddenly appeared at the 2012 Indian Wells semifinal to roll over Nadal (despite the flu and lackluster performances in previous matches), the 2011 French Open semifinal to beat Djokovic and the 2011 World Tour Final to crush Nadal. The Mighty Federer will be in a calm, zen-like state and at one with the ball and the grass, playing at an another level. If that happens, the same demons that caused Djokovic’s stutters during his French Open match against Nadal may rise up again. If so, we can throw away all their recent matches, their form, injuries, etc.

Unlike all their matches since 2011 Australian Open, Federer most wants this match because it brings him one match away from re-claiming the No. 1 ranking. He will be extremely motivated to wake up for this match and he has two weeks to recover before the Olympics. Roger will likely do whatever he needs to do to win.

Looks like the match will be played with the roof open, with some wind but comfortable temperature.

Gannu Says:

Atom..same feeling here…Thanks Dave for the weaher post…always loved all ur posts! ;-) Another 4 hrs to go…count down begins…Hardly can work in office….Better i bunk office during feddy bear’s matches ;-)

Gannu Says:

Love Linda pearce’s style of writing…

the last para is awesome

Gannu Says:

The stats for the matches played by them in Wimbledon this year are just amazing…Look how close both Djoker and Fed have played…almost seems like identical stats despite fed’s 5 set win over JB…Going by stats atleast there is very little to choose…

Lisa Says:

Whether it’s a compliment or not….there is ‘one notable fact’ about Novak Djokovic….

Djokovic in his whole career has never been afraid to intimidate all his opponents….getting in their faces that is….

It doesnt matter if your (Agassi, Sampras, Rafa, Federer)….Djokovic will have lost all respect of you….as soon as you step on that court with him….

This is a part that is always Djokovic….

Sienna Says:

Reading your post gives me goosebumos all over. TMF will enter in a Zen-Like state… love it!

alison Says:

If Andy beats Tsonga and makes the final,i dont really care who he faces in the final as long as he wins Wimbledon,come on Andy.

Sienna Says:

I feel it is gonna be Fed vs Tsonga.

I remember the end of last year vividly and they where the ones who where the hottest on the fast indoor courts.
Probably the closest to come to the Wimbly gras.

I do feel sorry voor Murray. But better loose in semi then again in final against TMF

Mark Says:

It is going to be a Djoker/Murray final for sure!!

alison Says:

JMO Nothing against Roger or Nole it would be nice to have a champion who has never won the title before whether its Andy or Joe,nice to see an underdog win something for a change.

alison Says:

Nothing really invested emotionally in the Fed/Nole match,hope for a cracking match whoever wins,from a neutral point of view nice to watch to see what unfolds,Andy/Joe is the match im nervous about,i just hope both are great matches.

mat4 Says:

I hope, of course, that Nole will win this tournament, although I can’t see him winning against any of the players in the semi: Tsonga is to powerful, Murray to tricky, Federer to strong on this surface. Just hope that I am wrong.

If somebody has to make a surprise and win his first slam, I root for Tsonga. His game is flamboyant, his personality too.

alison Says:

Mat4 im the other way around,at the begining of the tournament i couldnt see anyone other than Nole winning,and TBH i still cant,but you never know what will happen,however i love an underdog so i will root for whoever wins the Andy/Joe semi to take the title.

tfouto Says:

We’ll have a indoor court today… maybe that could help Federer&Tsonga a little bit. Altough grass indoors is different from hard indoors.

Atom Says:

wow FED first set!!!

TennisFan Says:

Sean Randall wrong again re: Federer … lets have your prediction for the final … its can only help Fed’s cause.

JustMe Says:

Sean: MUCH better criticism of Murray this time. No foaming at the mouth or casting aspersions on his character. See? You can be somewhat normal, even if it did take me pointing out your paranoia and borderline psychosis to bring out the good in you. Keep up the good work.

madmax Says:

sorry to disappoint u mark, you shud hv been there wen the callout of roger u are a genius echoed around centre court. in fact i yhought u were there lets be honest hes the only player u hv the time to talk about.
conty a great day, i posted earlier about it. novak didnt play his best andy murray played some awesome tennis roger was and is a genius to watch.
jamie u change yr predictions like the wind so hv a very gud chance of getting at least one out of ten correct!

Top story: Medvedev, Khachanov Lead Antwerp; Wawrinka, Murray In Antwerp; Dimitrov In Stockholm