Olympic Tennis Draw: Federer Has Path Of Gold While Djokovic, Murray Face Pitfalls
by Sean Randall | July 26th, 2012, 10:34 am

Like it or not, it’s the 2012 London Olympics tennis event set to begin on Saturday. This morning in London the draw for four of the five tennis events were released and here I’ll preview the men’s singles.

Among the top players in the sport, really only Rafael Nadal is missing. The defending gold medalist from the 2008 Beijing games is still recovering that ailing knee of his in preparation for the hard court season next month. It’s a big loss for the event but at least the rest of the guys are playing having it at Wimbedon adds to the intrigue.

Nadal’s absence leaves the door that much more open for the likes of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray who are all under pressure to take home the prestigious gold.

Of the three, Federer, in my mind, has the easiest path to standing on top of the podium a week from Sunday. With Djokovic and Murray landing slotted on the bottom half, Federer could have to contend with the fourth-seeded David Ferrer in his semifinal. He’ll take that! Before then, he’ll have Alejandro Falla in his opener then potentially a rematch with Julien Benneteau. Both Falla and Benneteau have uniquely blown 2-set leads at Wimbledon to Federer. So mentally Federer should have the edge in both contests. After a possible date with Fernando Verdasco, Roger’s quarter foe could be a tricky test. John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, David Nalbandian and Janko Tipsarevic are packed into a very tough little section. I think it’s Isner who somehow gets through to try and stop the Swiss, but to no avail.

Ferrer falls in what has to be the most open quarter. The Spaniard has been put in a quadrant that includes other grass-challenged guys like Juan Martin Del Potro, Gilles Simon and Andreas Seppi. Grigor Dimitrov is in there plus Phil Kohlscreiber and Bernard Tomic and Kei Nishikori who meet in a good first rounder. Of those players, I’d tab Ferrer as the slight favorite over Del Potro, but honestly it’s hard to pick a winner in this section. So I’ll take a leap and take Kohlschreiber.

In the bottom half, the pressure will hit Murray immediately in the form of Stan Wawrirnka. More noted for his clay game, Wawrinka stretched Murray to five at Wimbledon and then beat the Scot at the US Open a few years ago. But the Swiss flag bearer I don’t think will pull the upset here, so Murray should survive, but the road won’t get any easier. Richard Gasquet will likely await in the third round before a quarterfinal collision with Tomas Berdych. And in that battle of former Wimbledon finalists I’ll go with Berdych.

In the final quarter, it won’t be an easy go either for World No. 2 Djokovic. Novak will likely meet Andy Roddick, who’s nursing a sore shoulder, in the marquee second rounder, then the hot-handed Marin Cilic followed by the streaky JW Tsonga. And even though Tsonga will have to deal with Milos Raonic and potentially Feliciano Lopez, I’ll take Tsonga to get through and then upset Djokovic.

So my semifinals look like Federer-Kohlschreiber, Berdych-Tsonga. Huh? In the final I’ll take Federer over Tsonga.

In the men’s Olympic event, it’s important to remember that it’s best-of-3, and not best-of-5. And best-of-3 on grass can become roulette in a hurry, and I think that along with the urgency and pressures of the Olympics and the schedule – many guys playing doubles – will produce several upsets. That’s just my guess.

And in past Olympics we’ve seen upsets and unusual results. So hopefully, for the sake of excitement, we’ll see the same. And for the sake of rhyming, we get no RAIN!

Play begins on Saturday at 7am on Bravo network.

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252 Comments for Olympic Tennis Draw: Federer Has Path Of Gold While Djokovic, Murray Face Pitfalls

jane Says:

^ Title sums it up.

BTW, here’s a link to the women’s draw:


jane Says:

“Roddick, who’s nursing a sore shoulder,” Is he? Since when? He just won the tournament in Atlanta so I wasn’t aware of this.

MMT Says:

Wawrinka the Swiss flag bearer? Really? Interesting…I hope at least he has enough sense to finally shave his face for that.

Brando Says:


Not saying it’s fixed or any crap like that, BUT you got to be kidding me?

Fed’s draw is one of the most comfortable draws to a final i have EVER seen. IF he doesn’t make the final then he would be absolutely peeved with himself. It’s a MINIMUM requirement with this draw!

And then you look at andy’s and nole’s draw- how AWFUL of a draw have they got?

Extemely tough!

Right now i imagine a fed v a surprise finalist final, with fed winning with consummate ease.

After rafa’s withdrawal, this draw is probably the worst thing that could have happened to this tourny.

Muzza and nole seem snookered from the start!

VERY PEEVED for my homeboy andy!:-(

RZ Says:

Wow, Murray’s section is stacked! I hope he gets through.

sheila Says:

murray had tuff draw @ wimbledon & got thru to final so i think he can get thru. federer has had problems with falla & benneteau. don’t 4get they both won first 2 sets off federer in majors & this is best of 3 so who knows. federer is probably very nervous because he wants this so bad. hoping its fed but not overly confident about a win here. djokovic no matter how hard the draw will prevail.

blank Says:

The finals is best of 5.

Brando Says:


Come on now. fed’s got it made. IF i were his fan, i could not have handpicked a better draw.

I can just imagine fed shivering with fear knowing that he has to face Falla and benny pre- final as oppposed to say wawa, roddick, gasquet, cilic etc!

LMAO- it’s a bad joke, fed’s draw! Incredibly easy!

Mark Says:

@ Brando. Fed has the luck of the devil. Cake walk in Wimbledon, cake walk draw in Olympics, Rafa withdrawal – what else can the man ask for. Let us hope we have the roof open for all his matches. Anyhow, best of 3 format so anything can happen in the earlier rounds leading up to the final.

Saba Says:

Best-of-three sets, no matter who the opponent is, always tend to be tricky. Federer shouldn’t have difficulty in sailing through his half, but then Falla has given Federer trouble in the past, and Benneteau not so long ago gave Federer one hell of a scare. Its gonna be really interesting. The draw has turned out to be easy (at least on paper) for Federer, now it is up to him to make most of the opportunity.

tfouto Says:

@Mark Federer cake walk Wimbledon? Murray had the cake walk.

Federer had to play Djokovic and Murray.

Brando Says:


LOL, take it easy!

Fed has definately got it made in this one- it really is his to lose!

BUT like you said, best of 3- who knows!

Pet Says:

It will be Federer against Raonic

Kelly Says:

I guess since nadal wasn’t available fed got the cake walk draw instead of him. Good for you fed. Now take the gold.

Thomas Says:


This writer also has berdych vs tsonga in the semis. Except he predicts federer over berdych.

SG1 Says:

Pet…that woyuld indeed be a nice final.

SG1 Says:

I think that sll the top players, no one had a more disappointing result at Wimbledon than Raonic. He’ll want to make up for it and I think that in a best 2 of 3 scenario, he has a good chance to go deep. That serve has to pay off though.

Razia Naseer Says:

Fedrer will be on victory with the grace of G.
od.Wish him good luck

Dhila Says:

how the F the draw is easier for fed ?

Brando Says:

‘I guess since nadal wasn’t available fed got the cake walk draw instead’


rafa’s draw is ALWAYS a cake walk, especially when he has fed on his side:-)

Kelly Says:

“rafa’s draw is ALWAYS a cake walk”

they sure are most of the time, getting murray in the semi’s almost everytime. While novak and roger have to battle against one another evertime.

Brando Says:

^nah, when murray is on his side as a rafa fan i don’t feel its much of a cake walk.

BUT, when he gets fed, then YES- i feel my fav has hit the lotto with the draw!

it makes sense to do so, i mean i rather rafa face someone he is 8-2 in slams as opposed to 6-2 in slams!

Fot Says:

If Wimbledon has taught you guys anything…it’s that NO DRAW is a cakewalk for any of the top players. (Nadal at Wimbledon… anyone?)… Any player can beat any other player on any given day. ESPECIALLY in a best-of-3 match.

Roger has had trouble with Falla in the past, and if they had been playing a best-of-3 set in their last match, Falla would have won. So I hope Roger doesn’t take this guy for granted like some of you are doing. Roger needs to be on guard from round 1. I hope he can do it this year. My fingers are crossed.

Kelly Says:

You must feel lucky though that he never meets novak in a slam semi besides Roland gaross. That way nadal would most of the time not even reach the final. Lucky nadal.

Brando Says:


I AGREE- it’s just im having a bit of fun with fed fans.

HOW OFTEN do you see them crying and moaning about rafa having an easy draw, especially during the clay season, when you know he has ZERO say in the matter.


Fed has very OBVIOUSLY got a dream draw here- i mean the guy has to worry about falla, benny pre qtrs- come on now, that is a fantastic draw for him!

Its ironic that IF rafa had this draw, you just know they would be b!tching about how ridiculous of a draw it is for him, BUT since it’s their fav- all of a sudden EVERY MATCH is dangerous!

I wonder which player usually says that, but gets laughed at for doing…………

jane Says:

Nole really couldn’t have much more of a tricky draw on grass

2nd round: likely Roddick – 4 time Wimbledon finalist; 5 time Queens champion

3rd round: Cilic; this year’s Queen’s winner, or Hewitt, former Wimbledon, Queens and Halle champion

Quarter-finals: Likely Tsonga – 2 time semifinalist at Wimbledon

Semi-finals: Murray or Berdych – both former Wimbledon finalist

Brando Says:

‘You must feel lucky though that he never meets novak in a slam semi besides Roland gaross. ‘

err, wimby 2007? was that a rafa v nole sf? or was it an avatar that just looked like nole?

Rafa has beaten nole 19 times compared to fed (18), BUT yes, i much rather rafa face fed.

Life is ALOT EASIER for rafa when he faces fed than nole, ridiculously easy!

Andrea Says:

@Brando So basically instead of taking the high road you act just as chidish as the other people that do it. Smart.

Brando Says:


yep, i feel sorry for your guy and andy.

they really got the rough end of the deal here!

BUT hopefully one of them shall make the final, and IF they do they shall be battle hardened for sure!

Forehand_lob Says:

On the inner board, we’re running the same contest we do for Slams for the Olympics. If you’re interested, look at the rules here:


Brando Says:


Nah, it’s a more of a ‘what goes around comes around’ kind of thing. As in:

rafa gets a SEEMINGLY easy draw: fed fans let everyone know about it.

now that roger has hit the jackpot, its only fair to return the compliment back now isn’t it?

Andrea Says:

Wow going all the way back to 2007, good for you well atleast you will be able to think back at that moment everytime novak beats nadal on grass or hc. Though with his luck that will probably almost never happen.

alison Says:

I dont see why people keep on complaining about Rafa in the draws hes had,in the tournament hes not even playing in,if people had any sense they would just be looking forward to watching their favorites play.

Brando Says:


WOW andrea, your a surprise today aren’t you?

Talking about the ‘high road’ in one post and then following it with a pathetic pot shot about rafa v nole.

LOL, typical!

I wouldn’t worry about rafa v nole. stats show rafa leads him or is level in ALL DEPARTMENTS except outdoor hardcourts (as always)- and he’s 3-1 for this year, so no problems there.

BUT speaking of 2007, wasn’t that the LAST TIME rafa was beaten by fed in a GS?

was it? please take the high road and help me out on that one- will you please?

Tz Says:

Brando, u just can’t stand federer, can u?? All the times u speak against him , u make negative statements about him. I wonder whether he had slapped in ur face someday or did something more HORRIBLE!

madmax Says:

Sean, please say why you think Fed has a “path of gold?”. ESPN say the following:

Few big guns in the way of ESPN.com

But if you’re Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, you wanted Ferrer to show up in your half at the Olympics — and not Andy Murray. Advantage Federer. Ferrer, who was given a top-four seeding because of the withdrawal of his more famous countryman, Rafael Nadal, indeed landed in Fed’s section.

Djokovic will be looking to make up for a shabby performance against the Swiss in the Wimbledon semis. Will he? And how will Murray react following his Wimbledon heartbreaker? Can he get to the semis?

First quarter: Roger to face familiar foes

Federer, without a singles medal of any color, enters this year’s Olympics in better spirits than in 2008. Back then Nadal was about to snatch the No. 1 ranking, and a month earlier, Federer lost arguably the greatest match of all time to Nadal at SW19.

Outside of that marathon match, John Isner has yet to make any real kind of splash at Wimbledon. Will his fortunes change at the Olympics?
Now Federer is No. 1 again and competing on his most productive surface.
His path to the semis — and potentially Ferrer — isn’t easy, though, especially when considering Federer is playing doubles. A tough schedule.
He’ll be familiar with his first-round opponent — lefty Alejandro Falla. He can be dangerous when hot, and Federer discovered that at none other than Wimbledon two years ago in the first round. Falla, a fine returner and clean ball-striker, won the first two sets but crumbled in the fourth when trying to serve it out. Federer escaped.

The best-of-three format prior to the final helps Falla and Julien Benneteau, who could meet Federer in the second round. Benneteau won the first two sets against Federer in the third round at Wimbledon this year before Fed rallied. Federer would much prefer Mikhail Youzhny in Round 2 after crushing the Russian at the All England Club a few weeks ago. Fed has never lost to him.

Monster servers Ivo Karlovic (any foot fault drama this time?), John Isner (who already beat Federer in a team competition this year) and Gilles Muller might trouble Fed, too — but only if they get to him.

Isner, who foundered at the French and Wimbledon, meets the tricky and much, much smaller Olivier Rochus in the first round.

Is it time for an Izzy revival?

Look for Federer to confront Isner in the quarterfinals, with the winner advancing to the final.

Prediction: Federer def. Isner

Second quarter: A comfortable draw for Ferrer

Ferrer will be confident on grass after completing his Grand Slam quarterfinal set at Wimbledon this year and winning a grass-court tuneup. He also gave Murray a tougher test than anyone would have imagined at the Wimbledon quarters.

Ferrer’s route to the semis is gentle, so another lengthy stay at the All England Club is likely. Ferrer starts against a Canadian wild card, Vasek Pospisil, with Philipp Kohlschreiber, a potential second-round opponent, his biggest hurdle prior to the last eight. The gifted Kohlschreiber, curiously competing this week in Austria, joined Ferrer in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon.

Once Juan Martin del Potro lost the first set to Ferrer in the fourth round at Wimbledon, he sagged. The shorter format would benefit the Argentine in a rematch, and del Potro will be favored to reach the quarters. A third-round clash with Grigor Dimitrov or Gilles Simon wouldn’t be a cakewalk, however. “Baby Fed” Dimitrov is making progress.

Can the free-falling Donald Young snap his 14-match losing streak? Unlikely. Andreas Seppi is too solid and steady.

Injury-prone Kei Nishikori faces the slumping Bernard Tomic in an enticing first-round match.

Prediction: Ferrer def. del Potro

Third quarter: A difficult test for Murray

Sure, Murray will be under pressure at the Olympics. After all, he’s playing in front of his home crowd. But he won’t be under the microscope as much as he was at Wimbledon, where the name Fred Perry is perennially thrown around.

A devastated Murray came up short against Federer in the Wimbledon final, paying the price for getting broken in the second and third sets — when he was up 30-0 and 40-0, respectively.

Competing in England figures to give Murray an instant lift if he’s still suffering from a hangover, and he’ll need the fans behind him straightaway because Stanislas Wawrinka is up first.

Will another Swiss break British hearts?

Only once in their past five head-to-heads has the match ended in straight sets, and the ever-dangerous Wawrinka — Federer’s doubles partner — took Murray to five sets at Wimbledon in 2009. Murray, who will play either Marcos Baghdatis or Richard Gasquet in the third round, would make for great entertainment.

All the good work Tomas Berdych did early in 2012 led to absolutely nothing at the French Open and Wimbledon. Here’s an opportunity for redemption.

Berdych, Federer’s conqueror in Athens in 2004, should, on paper, make it to the third round. Berdych, though, must compete against Ryan Harrison, he of the supreme confidence, in the second. We’d take another Berdych-Nicolas Almagro showdown.

Prediction: Gasquet def. Almagro

Fourth quarter: Novak, the past and the future

Winning the Davis Cup with Serbia in 2010 was a turning point for Djokovic. He has said as much. Maybe representing Serbia at the Olympics will further inspire Djokovic.

He needs a boost.

Djokovic didn’t have much fight against Federer in the Wimbledon semifinals, fading badly in the fourth set in an episode reminiscent of his pre-2011 days.

Djokovic will kick things off against clay-court specialist Fabio Fognini, who pulled out of their quarterfinal matchup at Roland Garros last year. It’s just the start Djokovic wanted.

But the second round is a different matter, if Andy Roddick surfaces. Confidence-wise, Roddick had ideal preparation for the Olympics, winning in Atlanta last week. Djokovic would have to be ready from the start.

And don’t you think Lleyton Hewitt would like to get a crack at Djokovic in the third round in what would be a battle of Wimbledon champions?

The top part of the section is led by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a semifinalist at Wimbledon for two straight years, and a Tsonga-Milos Raonic tussle would represent one of the highlights of the second round.

Prediction: Tsonga def. Djokovic

Gold medal match: Federer def. Tsonga

Bronze medal match: Ferrer def. Gasquet

Arani Says:

to everyone, every player has a dangerous draw, as shown by nadal going out to rosol in round two of wimbledon dis year. there is no easy tennis match. as for an easy draw, federer does have an easier draw but that puts him under more pressure to deliver coz he’ll not have any place to hide if he doesn’t win. so its gonna be an interesting week of tennis. best of luck to all da players.

Eric Says:

“For me,” the French tennis player Gilles Simon told L’Équipe in the Olympic village this week, “the spirit of the Olympics is an American basketball player next to a tiny Chinese gymnast in line at the cafeteria.”

Brando Says:


Jeez tz, take it easy! no need to wet your pants over a few tongue in cheek posts.

no i cannot say i have meet fed, BUT i am sure you would love to wouldn’t you?

ESPECIALLY IF your face made contact with fed- i bet you would love it IF that were to occur!

Eric Says:

Fed’s draw ain’t THAT easy, kids.

I’d expect Youzhny, not Benneteau, in the second round. Could be a bit of a test. Muller or Verdasco, if they’re playing well, are threats. And the QF will be real trial – Isner, Nalby, Tipsa? All potentially very dangerous.

Of course, Federer is the favorite against all these guys. Which brings us to: the only arena Fed really lucked out in was not getting Murray on his side. But I think Fed had to be the favorite against Andy anyway, and actually his SF could end up being pretty rough anyway, if he makes it there.

Anyway, this certainly isn’t the “easiest” draw any of us have ever seen. I could name a couple cushier draws for a certain Spaniard without even thinking.

And for Murray and Djokovic, well, what? Brando, they’re “snookered from the start?” If Nole has trouble with Fognini or, really, anyone until Tsonga, it’ll be because he’s having quite an off day. Roddick is a potential stumbling block, but he’d have to play perfectly. I don’t see how it’s any tougher than Roger’s draw.

Murray definitely has a fairly tough draw, especially with Wawrinka in the first round. (Ouch!) But he’s never really had a problem with Gasquet, has he, so it’s again a fairly easy roll to the QF for him.

Bottom line, Murray’s draw is a bit tougher than Fed and Nole’s, but there’s nothing totally unreasonable about Federer’s.

Fernando Says:

Fernando says that Maestro must be praying to the God of Tipsarevic. Again, Tipsy is the highest seed in Maestro’s Qtr. with only the over rated Isner in the Qtr as well. Maestro pigeons Delpo and Ferrer in the bottom half of Maestro’s Qtr. And no Rafa. Maestro is in the “boy am I lucky” zone. Even a physically and emotionally spent Maestro can probably make it through this draw.

On the other hand White Fang Murray is in the “boy am I unlucky” zone. Wawrinka in the first round is a very tough draw and he also has Tinman Berdych and Amalgro in his Qtr. In the bottom half, Djoker has to contend with the potential likes of Roddick, Raonic, Monoco, Cilic and Fernando’s darkhorse Tsonga.

Maestro’s draw is so nauseatingly cupcake that Fernando has to pick him to come through. In the other half, Fang will be Fang and will disappoint and not make it to the semis and the winner of Djoker- Tsonga will win the Gold beating an emotionally and physically depeted Maestro. And it will be the Djoker.

Cannot wait for the real Olympic tennis matches. Rafa in Rio 2016.. Vamos!!!

I am Fernando @vivafernando

Brando Says:

‘I could name a couple cushier draws for a certain Spaniard without even thinking.’


Can a fed fan at least acknowledge this relatively easy draw, for a change?

‘I’d expect Youzhny, not Benneteau, in the second round. Could be a bit of a test. ‘

LMFAO- all of a sudden youzny is a test for fed!

God the hypocrisy that is on display around here at time is unbelievable!

Had rafa got verdasco, we would’nt stop hearing about how easy rafa has got it, would we?

BUT all of a sudden, fed gets youzhny and he is in for a test!


jane Says:

Eric, I’ll trade you -Fed can have Nole’s draw and Nole can have Fed’s – deal? ;) :)

Tz Says:

I didn’t say I’D LOVE TO MEET FED, it’s ur assumption. What I wanted to mean was that always talking rubbish about a good player is not acceptable from a tennisfan unless u prove urself only a rafa fan

Brando Says:


Quit being being an absolute idiot!

Your talking about assumptions and then you go an say that i ‘always talk rubbish about fed’- PROVE IT!

Go ahead, i would love to see how that is the case.

Or maybe, just maybe, your ASSUMING that is the case based on this thread.

Exactly how often do you post around here anyway, in order to have come to such a conclusion?

Or maybe your overreacting and JUMPING to such conclusions, when in reality you don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

Eric Says:

Jane, through the QFs, sure. I’ll take Fognini and Roddick over Falla and Benny/Youzhny any day. (Somehow I don’t see Roddick repeating his ridiculous IW performance.) And Tsonga compared with Isner/Tipsa? Well, it’s a tossup. Tsonga obviously is better overall and has a loftier “best,” but Isner can win no matter how Roger plays, which isn’t true of Tsonga. Tipsa, well, he’s extremely consistent.

Blah Says:

Did someone just say youzhny would be a test for federer? HAHAHAHAH oh lord, fans are quite funny on this site. Youzhny? Youzhny makes Roddick look like a Nadal to Federer’s chances looool

Skorocel Says:

“I hope at least he has enough sense to finally shave his face for that.”

LOL, MMT! ;-)

Eric Says:

I said Youzhny “could be a bit of a test.” Which is about as much as Roddick should be for Nole. Ok, Roddick is obviously a better player than Youzhny, but Djokovic should eat him for breakfast.

Blah Says:

But seriously, gasK s winning this thing you guys, and hes going to step over andy murrays tears to do it, here’s to hoping everyone else getting injured

Blah Says:

Im not arguing for roddick being a tougher match (though it would be), but federer OWNS youzhny. Almost anyone else in the tourney would have a better chance against federer

Blah Says:

I hope isner doesnt sniff the finals. He ll single handedly ruin tennis if he does and the fifth set gets to some retarded score. Im all for banning him from tennis

Brando Says:


LMAO- it gets even funnier, apparently, fed may have it as tough as nole on his way to the final, even though his draw reads:

– Alejandro Falla: world no. 51- h2h: 5-0

– Julien Benneteau: world no. 32- h2h: 3-1


– Mikahel Youzhny: world no. 29- h2h: 14-0

after this ROCKY ROAD, fed may face:

– Fernando verdasco: world. no 16: h2h- 4-0

IF fed SOMEHOW gets to the qtrs, he’s in for trouble against:

– Ivo Karlovic: world no. 59: h2h: 10-1

-John Isner: world no. 11: h2h: 3-1

– Janko Tipsarevic: world no. 8: h2h: 5-0


– David Ferrer: world no.5: h2h: 13-0

i think it is quite OBVIOUS that the ODDS ARE STACKED AGAINST FED!


Tz Says:

Well, u say u don’t ALWAYS talk rubbish about fed. Alright, I’m taking back THAT word.
To be true, I’m new here. I have been reading stuffs of this blog since the FO sf and since then I haven’t seen u commenting anything positive about the old guy.
I MIGHT be wrong, (because it’s a very short time to completely judge ur view on fed) But it’s just ur harsh comments on fed that made me think like that, that’s all. If it’s not the case, my apologies to u

jane Says:

Eric, you’re on – compare Youz and Roddick’s grass records! LOL. Or for that matter, compare Benneteau’s and Hewitt’s or even Cilic’s. Or for that matter, Tsonga’s with Isner’s. Ha! I will switch in a heartbeat. Potentially, Nole has players all the way through who excel on grass specifically.

Blah, agree re: Rod/Youz that Rod is clearly the tougher opponent, I mean seriously! – except I have to say – I am sorry but I can’t see Gasquet winning this thing or “everyone else” getting injured. ;) Maybe Tsonga can win, but Reeeshard? Well, it’d be a shocker anyhow! :)

Brando Says:

^Fed is a WORRISOME: 57- 3 against these big hitters!

I for one, CANNOT SEE FED REACHING THE QTRS with this godawful draw!

Lucky nole, for sure- AGAIN! :-(

Brando Says:


CHILL- there is no need to apologise. IF anything, i shouldn’t have called you an idiot- that was uncalled for and i do apologise on that one!

Your welcome around here for sure- and in time you will notice that i do not hate fed at all, if anything i do admire his game for sure.

I’m just having a bit of fun regarding this draw.

Be honest, as a fed fan (are you one?) you must be pleased with this draw?

I know i would be if i were rooting for fed!

Brando Says:


I had you down as a seasoned, fair and intelligent tennis fan.

and YET, you somehow fail to realise that youzhny is FAR GREATER of a threat than roddick on grass. How could you possibly miss that one?

Also, the consistent tipsy in comparison to the unpredictable tsonga- again how can you not spot the obvious danger?

I’m putting this one down as a one-off on your behalf, since it is BLATANTLY CLEAR TO EVERYONE AROUND HERE that fed has the TOUGHER DRAW in comparison to nole.

Roddick, cilic, tsonga? Pfftt- RANK AMATEURS on grass in comparison to the high and mighty figure’s that are falla, Youzhny, Benneteau and tipsarevic!

Eric Says:

I’m not sure what the point of dragging out the head-to-heads is. Obviously Federer has big winning H2Hs against them. That’s a collateral to his experiencing unprecedented success in tennis for almost a decade. (Do you think he should be playing Rafa in the first round or something?) What is left out is that Isner and Tipsa are both on their way up – Isner’s win against Roger was on _CLAY_ this year (Tipsa’s played close against Roger, btw, even if he’s never won) – so the H2H doesn’t really accurately reflect a matchup between their current forms.

I also stand by what I said: Isner can beat Roger regardless of how the latter performs, if he is rock-solid on serve. We saw it against Nole in IW. You just can’t say that about Tsonga and Djokovic, really (although I hasten to add that I think J-W is more likely to be dangerous than Isner – the “if he is rock-solid” is a pretty big condition).

Admittedly, it would be earthshattering if Youzhny actually beat Fed, but actually now that I’ve thought about it some more, Benneteau will probably come through that match. He almost beat Roger at Wimbledon less than a month ago, and while no one would expect anything like a repeat of that, he’s obviously dangerous.

Maybe I am letting my contempt for Roddick color my appreciation of how much of a threat he’s likely to be. (Actually, I just discovered that he has a winning H2H against Nole, which shocked me, but they haven’t played since 2010 so things are quite different now.)

(And did you seriously just deputize Hewitt into your argument? I love the guy more than anyone else here, but c’mon…)

Anyway, just some random thoughts. I’m obviously in the minority here. I just don’t see how Fed’s draw is particularly easy, aside from, of course, the good fortune of not having Murray in his SF. It’s certainly not a HARD draw, that’s not what I’m saying at all. It’s pretty average. But so is Nole’s.

skeezer Says:

Hey hey hey.

Take it easy on the cakewalk draw for Fed. He doesn’t get one most every tourney he plays like Rafa (remember 2010?). Lets put it this way, he’s due for one. Sides, he’s running into guys that have beaten him or have almost beaten him, so, yes, there are some bumps there. Does he have the easier draw this time? Yeah. So? About time.

Kathy Says:

As usual Fed gets the dream draw, and look who Murray gets. He is the luckiest player I have ever seen. He is lucky in just about every game he plays. I really have no interest in the Olympics since Rafa dropped out, but I wish he were playing and then we would seen how easy it would be for Fed. He is arrogant and full of himself. Boy if he does win we will never stop hearing him say how great he is!!!

Eric Says:

Brando, I never said that Fed has a tougher draw than Nole. I’m trying to say that they’re both pretty typical draws. Obviously you could cherry-pick a tougher draw for Roger (say, swapping Cilic for Verdasco, or, sure, Roddick for Youzhny), but the fact is, he’s an extremely heavy favorite to come through to the QFs at any given tournament. Just like Djokovic.

Brando Says:

‘He doesn’t get one most every tourney he plays like Rafa (remember 2010?).’


Fed has an easy draw- it’s not his fault at all. And yes, despite its OBVIOUS RELATIVE EASE, he could have a tough ride of it as it is best of 3, and who knows a player may have his best day and beat him.

I think SOME fans need to ask themselves this question: fed gets such a draw and yet they are calling for calm and pointing out how it could be a tricky draw.


YET, whenever rafa gets such a draw- why do we have the SAME posters BIT!HING about how rafa has an easy ride?

Looks like DOUBLE STANDARDS doesn’t it?

Some people need to take a closer look at there posts, before they decide to go preaching about draws and how some have it easy and others don’t!

John Says:


I think you’ve let some of Marks bad habits rub off on you. It’s clear that your trying to irritate Fed fans, lol. I hope that’s not gonna become your no.1 goal, like Marks!

Love the way you start mentioning the H2H vs Nadal in slams.

Just couldn’t help yourself :).

So Federer is not allowed to have an easy draw?

Else Rafa fans start jumping down throats comparing H2H and god knows what else…

Rafa is injured(or hibernating)so please Rafa fans, stop trying to make every freaking story about him and his h2h vs Fed.

If some Fed fans started complaining about Nadals draw previously:just move on for Pete’s sake.

Now that Nadal is out, doesn’t mean Rafa fans need to bash Roger for there fix.

I’m sure I speak for all when I say no more H2H, GOAT arguments that take up pages upon pages.

That’s exactly whats happens when people start mentioning H2h ect.

Just saying, but hey..bash him if that’s what you need to do to feel better about your fav…

Why not start every article with the following disclaimer :)…

Warning this thread(like all other threads)will become a battleground to discuss(in a rude manner) the Fed/Rafa H2H/Goat topic, which has been done a ∞ amount of times before. Enjoy XD

Brando Says:


Convince yourself whatever you want about the draw- quite frankly i am not interested.

Tz Says:

Actually I’m a fed fan first, then a nole fan.
Yeah, I am happy, to me it is an easier draw comparing to the others and i hope fed has no trouble reaching the final.
But to be honest, i’d like to have fed on the toughest draw. Because players like him should get to the qf or sf no matter how tough the draw is (though they don’t make it to the semis everytime. They’re humans after all)

Brando Says:


VERY FAIR and HONEST POINT you make there.

My POINT is simple:

people need to stop the DOUBLE STANDARDS.

whenever rafa gets such a draw- one that is relatively easier in comparision to others- it is called a cakewalk and fans usuallly end up BIT!HING about it!

YET, the SAME fans today are calling feds draw a potentially tough one or one that still lurks with danger, therefore it needs to be resepected as a potentially difficult one.


Some fans needs to take a good, hard look at themselves since when rafa gets such a draw- ALL they do is cry and moan about it. YET, when their fav gets the rub of the green, they ALL THEY DO is point out how it could be tough and ‘we never know what might happen’ etc.

LOL, pretty pathetic!

P.S: this isn’t aimed at you TZ.

skeezer Says:


What double standards? Re read my post. Is Fed playing any “qualfiers”, guys who have 100-200 ranked? I don’t know what your arguing here but go look back at the last 3 years of slams and tell us all who overall had the most cakewalk draws? So Fed gets 1 easy draw since ……when? You missed the point. iYou have seemed to have gotten all angry in your posts here lately …..,

courbon Says:

Yes, my guy (Novak) has a very tough draw…but you know, if he want to takes number 1 place, he should beat all this guys and somehow get Federer in the final.Last year he would pass all those guys without problem, so if he can not do it now-then he deserves number 2 ranking…

Brando Says:


‘What double standard?’

The ONE where if a person gets fortunate and lands a favourable draw, other’s blast him by saying ‘he’s got a cakewalk draw’, ‘what a joke of a draw’ etc.

YET, when their own fav get’s lucky the SAME POSTERS all of a sudden change their tune and point out how it ‘still could be a tricky draw’, ‘you never know what could happen’ etc.

When ALL that has actually happened is: the ease of the draw remains the same in both cases, it’s just the BENEFICIARY is one that has changed- from someone they dislike, to one they like!

Hence the same posters now, sing a different song-that is DOUBLE STANDARDS!

‘but go look back at the last 3 years of slams and tell us all who overall had the most cakewalk draws?’

What sort of statement is that? As IF ANY PLAYER has a choice in the matter- since when did they all of a sudden determine the draw they receive?


It’s not fed’s fault he has a relatively comfortable draw, nor do i have an issue that he’s got lucky with one.

ALL i am saying is that posters need to display the same treatment towards other players (rafa, nole etc) when they get lucky with a good draw as they are doing so now for fed!

otherwise, it is what it is- BLATANT DOUBLE STANDARDS!

Mark Says:

Just read a funny tweet from Novak fan club “I hope that Roger gets cocky with his easy wins, helped by the media hype and is not ready to face a real challenge. It happened in Dubai 2011”.

skeezer Says:

Ok brando.

bkandah Says:

Stacked, snookered, whatever, as long as the King wins. I would have like to see Nadal in there.

Dave Says:

“The defending gold medalist from the 2008 Beijing games is still recovering that ailing knee of his”

Not really. Rafa’s giving interviews to hotties and training hard to improve his poker game.

Meanwhile, oblivious to Nadal’s poker sabbatical, Roger Federer “admits he was shocked to hear Rafael Nadal had opted not to defend his Olympic gold medal, but he expects his great rival to return to action soon. “It was a big surprise to see Rafa pull out of the Olympics as the defending champion from four years ago. It is a big blow to the tournament but he must have his reasons. I don’t know if it was his knee or his preparation wasn’t good enough. I thought it was more his preparation and that would mean he is probably close to coming back on tour. He is only missing maybe a week or two here.” Asked if Nadal had talked to Federer about dealing with his injury problems, the world No 1 added: “I haven’t spoken to him. I don’t think he will call to discuss his problems with me! We are close but I wouldn’t do that with him either. I’m sure he would have wanted to be here (at the Olympics). I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully we will see him on the tour again soon.” Federer is adamant Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will pose a strong challenge. “It’s exciting for the rest of the field regardless of Rafa is here or not. Novak has a good chance after such a wonderful run over the last year and Andy Murray has played so well at Wimbledon recently.”

Mark Says:

^ Who cares!!!!

Mark Says:

^ Am surprised he didn’t talk about his ailing back!!!

Adam Says:

Why no love for Andy Murray. He definitely gets to semis at least. Who has beaten him recently in grand slams? This year Djoker, Ferrer @ Federer. Last year Nadal and Djokervic – no one else. Who’s ever beaten him at Wimbledon? Nalbandian, Baghdatis, Nadal (3), Roddick & Federer. Nobody else. He’s made the semis last 4 years. Nobody else has done that. Its a near certainty that he makes the semis again. Then who knows. He’s 6-1 lifetime against Tsonga and 3-0 at wimbledon against him. Semis he probably plays Novak. Then over 3 sets will help him

skeezer Says:


Who cares? You do! You can’t stop readng and commenting on Fed. Lol.

oui Says:

Mark is someone who used to post here named Von.She just can’t stay away.

Kimmi Says:

Its true that federer avoided dangerous guys like berdych, tsonga and delpo but his draw is still tricky. Benny and falla have a game that gives fed a lots of problems and to play them in the early rounds is even dangerous. Hope he can get through with no drama.

Kimmi Says:

wawa, gasK and berdych have given muzza tough matches before. fingers crossed he can get through that.

Dave Says:

Skeezer: “Mark, Who cares? You do! You can’t stop readng and commenting on Fed. Lol.”
Lol. Those who protest they don’t care are usually the ones who care the most.


Brando: “rafa gets a SEEMINGLY easy draw: fed fans let everyone know about it. now that roger has hit the jackpot, its only fair to return the compliment back now isn’t it?”

No need to seemingly speculate or seemingly guess. Those of us who made the effort to get the facts, analyze and compare Federer’s 7 Wimbledon championships with Nadal’s 7 French Open championships, know that Nadal mostly faced, on average, lower ranked opponents.

Brando Says:


Yes dave, thank you for that.

I would have to agree- rafa did face average competition- after all with ONLY ONE LOSS at RG, what other conclusion can we draw?

I think his most AVERAGE opponent was in the RG final 2008.

Winning ONLY 4 GAMES- what a joke of a competition!

I know you agree with me as once again you are right!:-)

steve-o Says:

It’s best of three on grass. Anything can happen, and anyone can win. Draw means nothing.

I guess we’ll see soon how well the groundskeepers were able to regenerate the grass. It may play a little differently from even the usual new grass, given that they pre-germinated a bunch of seedlings ahead of time to replant the surface.

John Says:

Not For the decent Rafa Fans that show Respect


Its hilarious.

Lets look at the seven most important events leading to the mental breakdown and rude behavior of Rafatards.

1.Nadal wins Roland Garros and Rafa fans are very happy.

2.Nadal loses at Wimbledon and Nadal fans are very upset indeed.

3.Federer beats Djokovic on grass(at 31 which Nadal cant) and Nadal fans are extra sour.

4.Federer Wins Wimbledon…OMG Nadal fans are drooling with jealousy.

4.Nadal withdraws from Olympics and Nadal fans start hating big time.

5.Federer gets a good draw at Olympics and Nadal fans have become like barking dogs, enraged with hate insulting Fed at any opportunity.

Whats Next?

Tune in next Week to see conclusion.

Should Fed win Olympic gold, Fed fans, should at least Chip in for some Prozac for these chaps(so much hate cant be good for any person).

Cause the shockwave is gonna be awesome!

John Says:

5 sorry my bad

steve-o Says:

I would put Kohlschreiber as a dark horse and a medal contender. Had the Germans had the sense to allow Haas to play, I would put him as a still-stronger dark horse.

Hewitt always is very dangerous on grass. Isner not so much because he doesn’t like the low bounce.

skeezer Says:


Rafa fanatics should have just stuck with #1 item on your list and been happy…but……nooooooooooo……the chip on the shoulder remains with them. Fed has gotten #1 ranking back and improved the All time record GS count @ 17. This poster would have well left things alone but certain Rafa Loves couldn’t just let things go…………there is a word for it….let me see…..its on the tip of my……oh yeah…”JEALOUSY”, and that leads to hate -Yoda

jane Says:

Exactly steve-o: “Hewitt always is very dangerous on grass. Isner not so much because he doesn’t like the low bounce.”

Hewitt is a threat for sure: he’s won all the top 3 grass titles: Halle (beat Fed there didn’t he?); Queens; Wimbledon.

Isner’s never made it past the first couple rounds.

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Jane also i think teh big issue for Isner vis a vis grass is his movement. he is a terrible mover on trhe lawns

Kimmi Says:

the danger guys on djokovic qtr imo are roddick, hewitt, cilic/melzer (but djokovic will play on one of hewitt/cilic or melzer) and ofcourse tsonga or raonic. I was reading an article on EPSN, they have picked tsonga in that qtr..interesting!!

jane Says:

Agree tennisfansince76. It was an issue for Isner on clay too, but clay is slower so it allows big John a little more time to get to or reach for a ball. On grass, that time is taken away.

Kimmi, so basically that is a “danger guy” every round except round one, lol. And that doesn’t count the semis.

Also while Andy M has a better record versus Tsonga than Berdych, Nole has a much better record versus Berdych than Tsonga, so they both got the one who is more difficult for them as potential quarterfinal match ups. No wonder ESPN, Sean, etc are picking against them. But I’m still hoping one or both of them get through.

Kimmi Says:

sean picking federer this early is no good. who did he pick early at wimbledon, was it rafa or djokovic? The sean jinx is in full force.

dc Says:

For Nadal fans, H2H is more important than H2O.

dc Says:

A millionaire looses a bet to a billionaire.
The millionaire says to the billionaire – I am richer than you because you have lost more money to me than i have lost to you.

metan Says:

What do you mean with your post @10:04pm

Eric Says:

Hewitt has actually done surprisingly well in the immediate past (so, finalist at Newport). But he’s still coming back from injury. He probably has the least match play over the past year out of the entire men’s draw. Anyway, I’d love for him to do really well, but it’s not that realistic.

Anyway, the draw’s what it is. I guess I just don’t find anything all the remarkable about it. Everyone’s gonna see the dangers lurking in their fav’s path and dismiss those in others’. Maybe you guys are right; maybe Fed’s draw is easier on paper. Even so, it’s definitely not all that remarkably easy. Pretty standard sub-masters event. To my mind, Djokovic is just as heavy a favorite to make it to the quarters as Roger; that’s all that really matters. Murray has it a bit rougher with Wawinka, but Stan’s never been outstanding on grass and his form the last year isn’t great. Only an Andy devotee would be really afraid for him. (I’m merely ‘slightly nervous’. I’d like to see Murray and Novak play.)

metan Says:

@dave, thanks for the link.

Does Roger miss Rafa on tour? Lol, I thought he is afraid to be spanked by Rafa? Just saying.

Daniel Says:

Where is Jamie’s psych prediction? I am curious:) Remember that she said Fed within a lucky period, and it really is with his draw. At least on paper.

roy Says:

”And best-of-3 on grass can become roulette in a hurry”

sign of a great surface. because that’s what competition is all about: making chance as big a factor as possible.

also: name another olympic sport where players only get around one month a year to practise on the playing surface.

sure it was convenient and lovely to put it at wimbledon, but the reality is, this is the olympic games. the modern olympic games.

and the modern game is played on hard court and clay.
the surface should be one of these in order to make it a fair competition rather than a novelty.

skeezer Says:


Some say Fed should be avoiding Rafa, to protect his legacy. As far as Rafa goes, well, he can’t spank, if he can’t endure, which is a part of the game.
Fed could have packed it in after 16. But this is what makes Fed so great. Despite his losing record against Rafa, he doesn’t claim excuses, like injuries or 2 many tournies or blue surface, he just plays on, taking all comers and not whining about it. He is not afraid to play anyone anytime. He is not concerned with h2h, but is on the higher plane ……that is chasing and gettin “all time tennis records”.

metan Says:

@skeeezer, I called lucky! Hehehe

rave Says:

lol, Brando, Mark and a few Rafa fans that are shouting here. SOunds like you guys are blaming Roger for Rafa withdrawing from the olympics. It really is funny yo see you guys foaming at the mouth. ME thinks Roger winning and getting a decent draw is driving you guys insane. I jist love it.

rave Says:

Too many spelling errots. Cannot find my glasses.

Kimberly Says:

John, nadal Won Roland garros and the miami heat won the championship within two weeks of each other. It has been all downhill from there for me and sports. Counting on the us to win some medalls next week to cheer me up as the marlins are trading everyone and sucking terribly. The games are unbearable to go to at this point. Went on Wednesday to a 7-1 loss.

Michael Says:

I do not think Roger’s path is easy as it is put by Sean. It is not a cake walk draw by any means. There is Ferrer, Del Potro, Isner, Tipsaveric, Karlovic and even Verdasco. Remember they are not ordinary players although Roger has a stranglehold over them. And also this is best of three sets on Grass and therefore it is difficult to predict. In the opening round, Roger will have to encounter Falla who is a fantastic player in my opinion and remember he almost beat Roger at 2010 Wimbledon in the 1st round and then we have the ever dangerous Julien Bennateau. So what can only be said is that relatively Roger’s draw is easy when compared to Murray and Novak.

Michael Says:

In my opinion the winner of the Olympics will be amongst Roger, Novak and Tsonga. The dark horse would be John Isner and Berdych. Since it is a three setter on Grass it is very difficult to predict the winner. Anything can happen. Even Ivo Karlovic has a chance.

Sienna Says:

i doubt Karlovic has a chance

Eric Says:

Actually, Karlovic, having withdrawn, does not have much of a shot. :)

Kimberly Says:

Eric, I’d say karlovic has at least as good of a chance as Nadal and monfils!

Mark Says:

@ Oui. I have no idea who Von is. I am Mark. @ squeeeeeezie and uncle Dave. Re: your man’s presser – all I can say is that it is a sad display of poor sportsmanship by the man at the top of the heap! You chaps read links and ogle at pics I post of Rafa so I guess you too are very interested in Rafa. Yes, I read and comment on posts regarding your man but so does everybody else but that does not amount to interest. Let’s just call it curiosity. Geeeez I don’t even watch his matches. Tooooooo boring for me!!

metan Says:

Ferrer/Lopes playing double, I am going go cheer them up, doing so ferrer will increase his practices on grass!

His draw is not easy at all,

Sienna Says:


Roger probably has a stranglehold over every active player in the game of tennis.
I belief he has only 1 h2h which he is currently down in the numbers due to the monoyear.
But he is currently turning the h2h in that encounter. Besides the only player who has a winning h2h opted out for the olympics.

Roger being in TMF style is favorite no matter what the draw is.

The haters know this and robably would have claimed an easy draw whatever is given.

Dave Says:

Reuters: Famous Federer attracts athletes’ attention

Switzerland’s Roger Federer has become so popular among both competitors and media that he finds it difficult to walk around the athletes village at the Olympic park, and has journalists gushing over him at press conferences…

“I have done the village before so it is not like I feel I have to do the village so badly…” he told the packed 700-capacity main press room at the Olympic media centre.

While waiting for the number one seed to arrive, many journalists were using their phones and iPads to take pictures of the seemingly unnecessary “Roger Federer” name placard on the table where he was to sit. As he arrived, people strained over each other to get a picture of him entering the room.

In contrast, only around 50 people turned out to see second seed Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, who won a bronze at the Beijing Games and was knocked off the world number one spot by Federer this month, when he held a press conference an hour earlier along with some of his countrymen. [Pity Nadal wasn’t around, otherwise we would have learned how many members of the press would have shown up to see him. The tennis media rarely tells us such facts revealed by the general sports media covering the Olympics).

If seeming slightly bemused by his popularity among the world’s media, Federer remained light hearted by his reception.

In response to one journalist, who began by saying “As a journalist and as a fan, I know that you will win this Olympic gold” before asking Federer if he would retire if he achieved that feat, he responded: “I don’t know, are you my fan or not? If you don’t want me to stop, I wont.”

While when another member of the media who confessed to being a big fan “like so many other journalists” asked who was the biggest star of the games, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps or Roger Federer he responded “Well, not me”…

Away from chasing the gold, Federer, who has become a father for the first time since the last Olympics, also has the important task of picking out a present or two for his twin daughters, who have just turned three. “I will try to have a look and get some souvenirs,” said Federer, who met his wife Mirka at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. “A good dad should bring back some souvenirs from time to time.”


Federer revealed why he stepped aside as Swiss flag carrier during the opening ceremony Friday night at the Olympics. He’s done it twice before, four years ago in Beijing and in Greece in 2004. And that’s why he decided not to do it again. “I never expected it, in the first place, when I started playing tennis that I would ever carry the flag into the Olympic Stadium for an Olympic Games,” Federer said at a packed news conference here Thursday. “So for me that was a surprise and a huge honor in my life to be able to represent Switzerland…. I felt like maybe I could enter the history books by doing it a third time. It would have been amazing. And there’s no denying that I would have loved to do it. I just felt it was important to give someone else a chance, particularly in Switzerland. We do believe other people should also have chances. That’s why I told Swiss Olympic (officials) I think they should choose someone else. They then chose my (doubles) partner Stan Wawrinka, and I think it’s a great, great honor for him. Because I could not have won Olympic gold without him.”

gaurav Says:

if nadal is number 1 he gets nuber 4 in the semis and when he is number 2 he still gets number 4 in semis thats how he most of the times end up getting murrays in the semi finals. nadal really gets the easier draw , federer’s draw is easier but the first two rounds are bit tougher as they are against the palyers who culd have beaten federer , had federer not shown what mettle he is made of i mean c’mon the way he looked against benneteau it seemed he was a yougster and benneeau is in his 30’s . should nadal get rosol or verdasco or soderling then rafa fans would be on top of their voices that what a tough draw he has got no matter rafa is much better than all of them but the point is that they have defeated rafa when it mattered or nearly got close so in that respect fed;s draw is not all that easy and if at all it is then i mean c’mon he can get one when rafa gets nearly all the time. we will see in USopen what will rafa do in the semis when he gets nole then he will come to know what a draw is all about

metan Says:

@sienna, it is easy draw for roger compared to nole, andy n David Ferrer. But let’s see the ball is round not square, everything can happen.

Dave Says:

metan: “@dave, thanks for the link. Does Roger miss Rafa on tour? Lol, I thought he is afraid to be spanked by Rafa? Just saying.”

You too are very funny. You seem to have blocked out the obvious fact that the only 2 spankings of the 3 matches between Federer-Nadal over the past one year were inflicted by the geriatric Federer on Nadal in his prime. The first spanking was the worst beatdown in terms of total points won (and second fastest match) in career matches between the big four players. The other spanking was on Nadal’s favorite hardcourt at Indian Wells (where Rafa has won his most hardcourt matches and titles and even stays on the estate of the tournament owner who re-surfaced the court this year to make it even slower and higher bouncing). Nadal was so upset he resigned from the ATP Player Council a few days later. Just saying :)

alison Says:

Sienna So Roger losing to Rafa at wimby in 2008 was because he was suffering from mono,had he won that final,you would have been shouting it from the rooftops,hey Roger won wimbledon despite the fact he was suffering from mono,Rafa cant beat a player with mono etc etc,either way Rafa comes out with very little credit,why not just except for once that the better player across the net won the game pure and simple,you dont hear the fair Fed fans making excuses for his losses.

Sienna Says:

It is what it is.
I care more for the 17 slams then the few misfits he had in finals.

Those misfits probably made him the player he is todaty winning slams at 30.
But I give Rafa respect to play to Fed strenghts in 2008 WImbly.

But do not try to claim Fed was 100% fit. There is not a Rafa fan in the world who hasnot been calling the injury card of Rafa. So it is only fair that I just return the favor and keep showing that Feds losses outside clay against Rafa are more or less all about him not being fully fit. But again you stillneed to take advantage and Rafa did just do that.
Roger just is not the guy to miss out on a slam or biggie if he is not fully 100% or if he thought o well I dont have a chance better take a break.

The latest escapades of Nadal show us that he is indeed a player like that. He will asses his chances and then declaire if they are not so bright to fallout claiming injury.

The proof if not being injured is in the golf he is playing and the swimming on holiday.
A pro atlete who is injured will not take those chances.

Dave Says:

Brando: “I would have to agree- rafa did face average competition- after all with ONLY ONE LOSS at RG, what other conclusion can we draw? I think his most AVERAGE opponent was in the RG final 2008. Winning ONLY 4 GAMES- what a joke of a competition! I know you agree with me as once again you are right!:-)”

Had Nadal played the 2003 and 2004 French Opens at the age of 17 and 18, he might have lost both tournaments to players like Gaston Gaudio, Guillermo Coria, Gustavo Kuerten, Albert Costa, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Andre Agassi, David Nalbandian, Carlos Moya, Lleyton Hewitt – Rafa was lucky he was not able to play the French Open before 2005. On the other hand, Bjorn Borg, since age 18, also had only one loss at the French Open (1976 quarterfinal, which is higher than losing in the 2009 fourth round) before essentially leaving the game in late 1981. This was impressive since Borg started winning the French Opens at a younger age than Nadal. And Borg faced the presence of competent clay competition such as Vilas (French Open champ and several ATP clay records), Ivan Lendl (three time French Open champ), Jimmy Connors (US Open champ on clay), Adriano Panatta (French Open champ), Manuel Orantes (US Open champ on clay), Harold Soloman, Jan Kodes, Yannick Noah (French Open champ), Raul Ramirez and Illie Nastase (French Open champ and his 1973 clay season outshines all of Nadal’s clay seasons).

It’s you — not I — who claim that Nadal faced “average competition” at his French Opens. As usual, you were twisting what I said, which was that diligent fans who had done their homework (i.e., not you) would “know that Nadal mostly faced, on average, lower ranked opponents” in winning his French Opens compared to Fed’s Wimbys. Indeed, considering the rank of the semifinal and final opponents of Nadal’s French Opens and Federer’s Wimbledons, the average rank of Nadal’s opponents in the first five rounds of his French Open wins are even higher than what my tennisplanet link above that suggested – it was even less likely that Nadal would lose early to those puffballs (and therefore would become very hard to beat by the last two rounds). This is a significant conclusion to draw.


I’m sure you want to give Rafa a big gold medal for beating Federer at the 2008 French Open with the loss of 4 games. But Guillermo Vilas beat his FO final opponent with the loss of only 3 games (1977). And Juan Carlos Ferrero beta his FO final opponent with the loss of only 6 games. Borg crushed 3 of his FO final victims by 5 games (1978), 7 games (1980) and 9 games (1975).

That Nadal’s 2008 FO final (losing only four games) was out of the norm is indicated by the fact that Rafa’s only other three-set victory in an FO final required a loss of 10 games. So why did Federer win only 4 games in 2008 final? Simple. First, Federer tanked that 2008 FO final match once he realized midway during the match that he wasn’t going to win the match – as he needed to conserve energy and avoid injuries (he played the 2007 final with a groin injury) in order to play Halle a few days later to prepare himself for Wimbledon. Second, part of the reason why Federer was so outplayed by Nadal was because Federer’s game throughout 2008 was compromised by his bout of energy-sapping mononucleosis earlier in the year – Federer was not the same player he was in 2007 (when he crushed Nadal at the end of the year, beat Nadal 3-2 H2H on all surfaces and won 4 of the 5 biggest titles of 2007 while reaching all 5 finals]. You call it a joke, but it was a miracle in the sports world that a performance athlete who suffered mono was able to return to a major title match within six months of his illness – on clay, no less.

The same conclusion was reached by another brilliant and fair analyst, SI’s Jon Wertheim in his book Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal, and the Greatest Match Ever Played:
– “Yet in 2008… a bout with mononucleosis had cost Federer twenty days of practice during tennis’s winter off-season (inasmuch as you can call a six-week winter break an off-season). In his first tournament of 2008, Federer lost in the semifinals of the Australian Open to Novak Djokovic… After the match, Djokovic’s mother, Dijana, crowed to reporters, “The king is dead. Long live the king.” This bold pronouncement of regicide was (a) absurd… But as the 2008 season unfolded, more and more observers came to share, if not to fully articulate, her thoughts…
– Still a step slow, Federer slogged through the next few months… His spring was pocked by losses to mortals (Mardy Fish? Radek Stepanek?), to creditable opponents (the Andys, Roddick and Murray), and to his nemesis (Nadal). Apart from the losses, there were other indications that Federer had misplaced his muse. Usually a model of poise and sportsmanship, he was so overcome with frustration in a tournament in Hamburg, Germany, that he smacked a ball out of the stadium…
– On sheer talent, Federer carved his way through the draw of the 2008 French Open. He was to face Nadal, the three-time champion, in the final… If Federer laid an egg in the final, it was of the ostrich variety. The same rational thinking and self-awareness that make him such a likable champion can serve him poorly on the court. Midway through the match, he became convinced it wasn’t his day. And he could not or would not try to trick himself into thinking otherwise. Federer shook his head, furrowed his considerable eyebrows, and scowled as he lumbered to his chair on changeovers. Once he gave himself no chance to win, he figured he’d do the next best thing and get the hell off stage as soon as possible. Operating at an auctioneer’s pace, he made only halfhearted efforts to retrieve balls. The third set flew by in twenty-seven minutes, a soufflé-like collapse that ended 6-0. It was strictly a cover-your-eyes affair… Nadal claimed that he barely noticed Federer’s vacant effort. Not so the rest of his entourage. Before the match had ended, Toni Nadal, Rafael’s numinous coach and uncle, nudged his neighbors in the stands and used the word “bizarre” to describe Federer’s disposition. “I must read the papers tomorrow to find out what was going on in his head,” Toni said after the match. “I never sensed any determination. He never put himself in that state. I was watching his face. Closed. He wasn’t sending any messages to Rafa. He didn’t have a winner’s mentality. It wasn’t the real Roger.” At some level, Federer had fallen victim to his own dizzyingly high standards…”

noogie Says:

Brando is typically displaying the britsh colonialistic attitude. Where they go people are supposed to succumb to their rotten views. He is suffering from the same illness as mem, his sidekick. Brain tendinitis. Just like Kneedal.

Just saying hehe

Ray Says:


Please stop quoting people like Weirthem, who know nothing about tennis. Dont you know who the best journalists in this world are? I will tell you :

mark/brando/metan in no particular order. If you want to convince morons on this site, AKA rafa fans, please come back with quotes from those reputed journalists.

Weirthem and the likes are totally unqualified to talk about tennis! mark/brando/metan – the 3 morons of tennis-x are the only ones qualified to talk about tennis!

Ray Says:

kneedal! LOL!

good one!

metan Says:

@dave, I am not closed my eyes for those spankings. imo, win is win, and no excuses. Hope rafa can meet roger in next tour, and there will be lot of things to say.

Btw, was it the reason rafa stepped down from atp council, I will double check later.

Ray Says:

Wasn’t na-dull supposed to have a cup-cake draw at wimbledon before rosol whupped his bu77?

Dave Says:

alison, I’m gonna repeat this here in case you missed it in the old blog.

alison: “Thanks Dave Celadrin i will bear that in mind,my significant other suffers with knee pain though and i read about what you recomended to Kimberly so i will tell him what you said,much appreciated,Holand and Barett are quite good for natural remedies,and he takes Hawthorne Berrie cassules for high blood pressure.”

You’re most welcome. If Holand and Barett can’t get these products then ask me for contact info to a pharmacy that should be able to mail these products to you.

InflaNOx is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory to add to my list above (it’s an alternative to Inflammation Relief or Zyflamend) but make sure you check the cautions since it could interact with certain nitrate-containing medications or supplements.

Article on inflammation (tendinitis is mostly inflammation of the tendon)

For high blood pressure, consider either:

– Blood Pressure Relief

– Two products: Blood Pressure Essentials and Bioactive Co-Q 10

Articles on blood pressure issues:

alison Says:

Sienna some fans do make excuses for their favorites losses Rafa fans,Nole fans,Rogers fans theres no exceptions,although theres also many fans who congratulate the other player,except their favs defeats and move on,i have never seen the point in making excuses, it does not change anything,and unlike some i dont bring hate onto an internet forum,as i think theres enough of that going on in the real world without bringing it into the world of sport,if Rafa retires tomorrow im just delighted he has 11 GS,anything else for me is an added bonus.

Mark Says:

@ sienna. Rafa playing golf? Are you nuts? Where did you read that info? You really are a psycho!!!!!

Mark Says:

I see the fed farts are out in full swing rejoicing at the fact that their man’s nemesis has withdrawn. That’s right, they know that fed only has a chance of winning when NADAL THE GREAT is out of the competition!! What a pathetic insecure lot you are. I really pity each and everyone of you. I hope he wins BRONZE. It is a medal after all!!

Mark Says:

Come on Falla !! Sock it to the ole man tomorrow!!!

Mark Says:

Hey sienna. You are Dutch right? Do you like Gouda cheese? I bet you look like a fully rounded Gouda as well!!!

alison Says:

Dave July 26th 5.06pm,thanks for that post,great interview from Roger who has the greatest respect for Rafa,and is not taking Novak or Andy lightly either,when a new tournament begins you are starting again from scratch,no tournament is ever a gimee whatever the draw,and its not the players fault either,you can only beat whoever is stood in front of you across the net,simple as that.

metan Says:

@dave, I am amazed by your tennis knowledge, how do you dig those stuffs and lay them together, it is cool!

What is your vacation, sorry for being rude.

Actually I wanted to ask you few questions but need to go out for dinner, I will type later.

Mark Says:

@ Alison. You thank Dave for his post on July 26 at 5.06 pm and go on to say great interview from Roger…. Firstly I don’t know why you are thanking him. He starts off by quoting somebody else with the words “The defending gold medallist from the 2008 Beijing games is still recovering that ailing knee of his”. And then he goes on to say “Not really. Rafa’s giving interviews to hotties and training hard to improve his poker game” and then he posts a link. Re: Roger’s interview during which some of his words were “I don’t know if it was his knee or his preparation wasn’t good enough. I thought it was more his preparation and that would mean ……. “. Do you really think that was a great interview? Read his words again. It seems to me that he is casting doubt on Rafa’s knee injury and blaming his withdrawal on lack of preparation. As I said in one of my previous posts and I repeat – this is a sad display of poor sportsmanship by the man at the top of the heap.

metan Says:

I’d love quote NADAL THE GREAT, sound FANTASTIC no!

alison Says:

Mark im confused as i dont really see anything wrong with the interview,Roger has said i wish him a speedy recovery,its a big blow,im sure he wanted to play,and hopefully we will see him back playing again soon,Roger only said what Rafa had already said,about not been in a condition to compete,like Dave said Roger didnt know about the online poker anyway,idont knowmaybe im missing something,but i dont think it comes across the way you interpret it,my two cents.

Kimberly Says:

Mark, a month ago I would have Said you were too confrontational. But as of now, your posts are absolutely necessary. While I quite like Skeezer and Dave, most of the fed nuts are being total asses and it will continue until rafa gives him a big beat down. Hope it’s sooner rather than later. Too bad he never got to play him on clay this year, I’m sure then we could stop hearing about the world your final as the score would have been pretty ugly I’m sure.

Sienna Says:

Mark Says:
Hey sienna. You are Dutch right? Do you like Gouda cheese? I bet you look like a fully rounded Gouda as well!!!

July 27th, 2012 at 7:21 am

if youre an american then youre fatso in my view. My god obesitas iskilling you guys over there.

Mark Says:

@ sienna. I am definitely not American. I hope the Americans on this forum have noted your comment!!! Hahaha

Sienna Says:

same if youre british…

but you dont like a guy who has ever hold a racquet in his hands.
Do you even know how to hit a one handed backhand?

Mark Says:

@ Kimberly. Thank you. Cheers.

Rx Says:


“Too bad he never got to play him on clay this year,”

Too bad Nadal never got to play FED in grass this year

Tit for tat :)

Mark Says:

@alison. If you can’t read the implication in fed’s comment e.g.”I do not know if it was his knee or his preparation wasn’t good enough” which is Rafa withdrew because he was not prepared rather than the injury, then I have nothing more to say. The entire press have been flooding us with news about Rafa’s injury, the rest period, the rehab etc etc. And here we have fed casting doubt on his injury.

Mark Says:

Article out today “Djokovic rues Nadal Olympic ouster. “Novak Djokovic believes Rafael Nadal’s absence for a knee problem has taken some of the gloss off the Olympic tennis competition.Nadal, the reigning champion, was forced out of the event when he failed to overcome a knee injury he suffered at Wimbledon and Djokovic, who won bronze in Beijing 4 years ago, feels the games will be poorer for his absence. “It is definitely a loss for a tennis tournament and the Olympic Games to not have Nadal participating here” Djokovic said. Note the lack of assumptions and implications in his statement.

alison Says:

Mark if i thought what Fed was saying about Rafa was bang out of order i would say so,i just dont see any malice in his comment as i already said and Rafa already said, Roger only repeated what Rafa had said,he is injured and not in a condition to compete,ill leave it at that,if you see it that way fair enough,i dont sorry.

Kimberly Says:

I think the Olympics will be Djokovic. He is itching to get a medal for Serbia and become even more of a national hero than he already is (if possible) He would also get the #1 ranking back probably temporarily as Federer is not defending much in the way of points until October.

I’m American and I’m 5’8 and 115 lbs and I hit with a one hand AND a great two hand, my rock solid shot. So i’m american and skinny with a great backhand.

Kimberly Says:

yeah the Rafole bro-mance seems to be on again now that neither of them is #1.

SG1 Says:

I think that Fed has hung around, even being majorless for more than 2 years, was for this shot at winning gold for Switzerland (…and for himself of course). There has to be a ton of motivation for him to win this thing as it essentially seals his tennis resume.

He has to be the overwhelming favorite regardless of the draw. There isn’t anyone in the field he cannot beat when he’s playing well. And he is playing very well right now. He’s oozing with confidence.

And when Fed gets hot, he gets on runs like he did in 2009 winning the FO, Wimbledon, USO finalist (where he almost won) and 2010 AO champ.

Right now, I think the rest of the field is playing for 2nd place. And given that this is not a slam, I expect the Wimbledon upper ups to be less reticent about closing the roof if the weather is poor. This also helps Fed.

alison Says:

^Now that neither of them are No1,the pressures off them,neither are as used to it as Fed is,personally i have always as a fan thought Rafa has done better as a No2,coming from behind,the hunter rather than the hunted^.

Sienna Says:

kimberly please enlighten me… what is the most important thing when hitting a one handed bh?

and are you serious tht you switchbetween a two hander and a onehander?

SG1 Says:

“The proof if not being injured is in the golf he is playing and the swimming on holiday.
A pro atlete who is injured will not take those chances.”

LOL…because we all know how dangerous swimming and golf are. I think that Rafa needs to rehab in a bubble or get a walker. You know what? I think I’ll call Uncle Tony and suggest it.

I question the opinion of anyone who thinks that an athlete will turn down a chance to carry their country’s flag at the Olympics because their “evaluating their chances”. Most of the people at the Olympics won’t even medal. This doesn’t stop them from showing up. Rafa is the consummate competitor. It must be killing him to not be there with his countrymen. Win or lose….

SG1 Says:

People are too focused on the optics and don’t look at the reality. I suppose that if Rafa is caught carrying groceries into his house, that proves the case that he’s ducking the Olympics too. Such nonsense.

Fot Says:

I’m with Alison here…I saw nothing wrong with what Roger said about Rafa because Rafa himself said he was in ‘no condition’ to play…so was it really the ‘knee? or that he hadn’t had time to train? That is a question to think about…so I don’t know why people (or rather one person) have trouble with what Roger said in his interview.

Also…interesting to note in that earlier article that when Roger came to the press, it was packed to capacity with 700 journalist over the world. When Novak came, they said he had about 50 there. Who said Roger wasn’t good for tennis! Roger is a global ambassador for tennis and whether you like or hate him – he is GOOD for tennis.

USTennisFan Says:

That’s why being #1 in ranking makes you happy. Djokovic has enjoyed it for awhile recently and wants to be back badly. The draw is as expected. Only thing that makes big difference is Nadal’s withdraw. My prediction is all predictions are wrong, expect the unexpected. Wait and see for surprises

Sienna Says:

Swimming is indeed not good for your knees. You do swim dont you? to kick your legs out to the side is not a normal behaviour of your knee. Very stresfull on the ligaments.
And golfing is even more pressure on the knees.

You no nothing about atletes. They dont even walk to the door to pick up the newspaper.maybe if the kids go crazy they will nedd to be pickep up, but if the nanny is there she will have to take the honours.. resting means resting and and that is not sitting in the hot sun and swimming a few lanes or walking a golfcourse.

Mark Says:

@ Fot. …..” so was it really the knee”. Yes, it was really the knee. He was injured prior to Wimbledon. Do you think he would be having consultations with his doctors and receiving treatment to his knees if, as fed and others are implying, he is just out of condition?

Mark Says:

Rafa is not playing golf. HIS KNEES ARE INJURED!!!!!

Sienna Says:

Mark Says:
Rafa is not playing golf. HIS KNEES ARE INJURED!!!!!

July 27th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

You are right and he is playing golf and swimming and sunbading….

You never do those things when youre injured. So this is the proof we need to show he is not injured. Thank you for putting it like only you can do.

skeezer Says:

Rafa is not playing Golf. He’s a Poker player now. No knees required.

Sienna Says:

Fot Says:
Also…interesting to note in that earlier article that when Roger came to the press, it was packed to capacity with 700 journalist over the world. When Novak came, they said he had about 50 there. Who said Roger wasn’t good for tennis! Roger is a global ambassador for tennis and whether you like or hate him – he is GOOD for tennis.

Great comment from Fot. Roger is tennis. Actually he is more. He is the ultimate superstar at this venue. The rpessure is immense and these are the WIMBLY Olympics.

Tennis is because of Roger, WIMBLEDON and there history together one of the biggest things happening this Olympics.

As far as Iam concerned these are the “Roger Games”

Sienna Says:

I gues Rfaa has a full life…

Golfing, sunbading and at night he is a poker stud.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Looking at the draw, looks pretty even for me. Everyone seems to have their matchup guys early on. If the draw plays out, the match most anticipated could be Novak vs Roddick. On paper, this looks a terrific prospect for a second round, that too in a 3 setter.

We have seen Roddick capable of doing some real damage in 3-setters against Roger and Rafa. He can get hot for couple of sets easily and his serve should get him through. I wish this match goes to 3-setter and lives up to it’s expectation if it happens.

Roger seems to have some trouble with Bennet, though Falla should not be that big a deal. It was one match he gave Roger trouble, but having seen the match, I doubt Roger would move that badly in his 1st round here. Roger was obviously not fully fit when they met at Wimbledon, so I would look at their prior matches, which Roger won quite convincingly. I think Roger would be better prepared for Bennet this time. Even at Wimbledon, it was Roger who let him off the hook in the second set and made the match complicated for himself. He would be better prepared now.

Murray would be my bet. I really liked what I saw from him at Wimbledon. He seems to be more natural to grass after Roger. His movements were terrific and if he can get his serve going, I think he is going to be tough to beat except may be Roger if they meet in the finals. Anyone else other than Roger in the finals, Murray should be the favourite.

Murray has fooled us before, let’s home he stands up this time.

mem Says:


you’re are about the most dense fan to ever post on this blog. how in the heck you know how an injury affect different players? tell us how you know what a certain player is able to do or not do when struggling with an injury. are you a specialist in knee therapy? have you examined the patient? do you know the extent of the patient’s injury? do you know whether it’s a new injury or a flare up? you are nothing more than the queen of “blather mouth.” you haven’t the slighest idea that injuries affect different athletes in different ways and different athletes may utilize different recovery methods for the same injury. you think in a straight line. in your mind, there is only one solution to every problem. you are just plain dim-witted!

did you actually make the statement “you know nothing about athletes.” you must be referring to yourself.

Mark Says:

Here comes squeeeeeeezie – second in command to uncle dave with his two cents worth!!! Rafa is not just a poker stud ( or shall we say soon to be poker stud, he is still a novice) he is an all round stud especially tennis. Marat Safin called him Nadal the Great and I second that. Vamos Rafaaaaa! Recover well, we need you back to start kicking fed’s butt!!!

mem Says:


oh by the way,

i hope rafa is playing golf, and swimmining, and fishing, and whatever else he decides, and i hope you take pictures, and i hope you publish them for all of us to see!

Daniel Says:


No ofense to Kaiser, but you poested a photo of you beofre and you are not skinny, you’re hot:)

alison Says:

Sienna Rafa is one of the greatest ever tennis players,who also leads a full life outside of tennis,he plays golf,swims,fishes,and now plays poker,all in his spare time its his way of relaxing,he loves tennis or he would not still be playing,but its not the most important thing in his life,his family and his personal life are the most important thing to him,he will return to tennis as and when he feels fit and ready and not before.

nadalista Says:

So much Rafa-love from Fedfans, I mean, that’s all they talk about,Rafa!

alison Says:

Nadalista you know for someone whos supposed to hate Rafa so much,Sienna seems to spend a hell of a lot of time obsessing about him and what hes doing,i was so surprised that she actually said that she read his book,i mean why lol.

Mark Says:

Alison. I did ask sienna why, considering her extreme hatred for Rafa, she invested money in his book. Guess what, she did not respond!!

Sienna Says:

mem Says:

you’re are about the most dense fan to ever post on this blog. how in the heck you know how an injury affect different players? tell us how you know what a certain player is able to do or not do when struggling with an injury. are you a specialist in knee therapy? have you examined the patient? do you know the extent of the patient’s injury? do you know whether it’s a new injury or a flare up? you are nothing more than the queen of “blather mouth.” you haven’t the slighest idea that injuries affect different athletes in different ways and different athletes may utilize different recovery methods for the same injury. you think in a straight line. in your mind, there is only one solution to every problem. you are just plain dim-witted!

did you actually make the statement “you know nothing about athletes.” you must be referring to yourself.

Thank you Mem. I do and you are crazy!if you think Rafa is injured.

He cannot be injured he just lost to aplayer ranked #100 in the world and he realised he doesnot stand a rats change of retaining Gold at WImbly.

That is why he has taken a break! He is not injured he doesnt need any treatment and he is having a holiday.
PLaying Golf , sunbading, chilling at the pool, mayebe some chuchuwa with Xis and playing most importantly Poker for keeping the brand alive.
He is resting ? No way he has just taken a holiday from tennis.

Sienna Says:

And Alison dont be so offended about the weight thing. I am sure you look fine and someone said your hot. Well nice I like that, Nice tennis bod?

nadalista Says:


I know, that’s why I don’t bother posting that much…..why, Sienna is a veritable Rafa encyclopedia, get most of my info from her, girl got him covered from all angles, true blue Rafan……

nadalista Says:


Don’t be fooled, sienna’s a Rafa groupie……………

Sienna Says:

Mark Says:
Alison. I did ask sienna why, considering her extreme hatred for Rafa, she invested money in his book. Guess what, she did not respond!!

July 27th, 2012 at 3:05 pm

? I missed that one.

Rafa is doing lots of charity. I dont mind Rafa taking a lot of money. I read a lot of books. I also read between the lines and found out that I am right about many thing with poor Rafa.

ANy wayssss

The Roger Games are about to start.
I cannot wait.

one game at a time but I’d like to think he win this one and dedicate it to Mirka.
She has been his compas for all those years. I’d say without Mirka no #17 slams.

Maybe thsi is where rafa is most envy onFed’s family lifestyle. But in his book it is made very clear that there is no hankypanky when tennis is at stake. T doesnot want it and his word goes.

mem Says:


like i said, fly to mallorca and do what you have do, take pictures, dine with him, stay overnight, follow him daily, whatever you need to do, if what he’s doing on his time off means that much to you and apparently it’s all you think about.

Humble Rafa Says:

The proof if not being injured is in the golf he is playing and the swimming on holiday.
A pro atlete who is injured will not take those chances.”

I guess someone let you use a computer again. I am injured. I can’t let you and your cronies check my knee to certify that I am indeed injured.

mem Says:


that makes a lot of sense! i know that sienna live, eat, and breath rafa nadal, but it really never occurred to me that she might be a groupie. you are probably spot on! all the signs are there, oh my gosh, she’s probably a rafa’s groupie. i wouldn’t be surprised! great point!

Eric Says:

I remember when these pages used to be full of intelligent discussion of tennis. Ah, those were the days.

jane Says:

Ever since Fed won Wimbledon, the Fedal wars have taken precedence above all else here.

Meanwhile the Opening Ceremonies are about to begin imminently!

alison Says:

Sienna why would i be offended by the weight thing no one even knows what i look like or what i weigh,i dont recall anyone saying i was hot,but if they did then i thank them for the compliment,i am a hot British Yorkshire gal,whos 5 foot 3,and a healthy 9 and a half stone lol,but joking aside, it was Daniel who said Kimberly was hot,maybe thats who you were confusing me with.

jane Says:

Sienna says “The Roger Games are about to start.” You sound like the “PseudoFed” twitter and blog.

Mark Says:

@ mem . She wishes she was in Rafa’s arms instead of xisca. Ah, so that’s what it is all about!!!

Sienna Says:

O right… well imprese confused atmosfera.
Going to watch the opening of theroger games…

alison Says:

The opening ceremony is quite spectacular,and very moving and powerfull.

jane Says:

I agree alison – very beautiful and theatrical so far.

MMT Says:

I’ve never been a big believer in the presumed degree of difficulty of the draws.

The big four have constituted 11/16 semi finalists at Indian Wells, 10/16 in Miami, 10/16 in Monte Carlo, 10/16 in Madrid, 10/16 in Rome, 6/12 in Canada, 7/12 in Cincinnati, 6/12 in Shanghai – in fact the only place where the Big 4 haven’t made up at least half of the semi-finalists over the last 3+ years is Paris where they’ve only constituted 4 of the 12 semi finalists.

At the majors the record is even more clear 12/16 at Wimbledon, 10/16 at Roland Garros, 11/16 in Australia and 10/12 at the US Open.

The bottom line is the big 4 have almost always gotten through the draw in the last 3+ years, so what’s all the fuss about? Has it really mattered if the their individual draws are “easy” or “hard”?

Not really.

Sienna Says:

Its brilliant.

Pure class and a great homage for The goat, TMF , the maestro.

jane Says:

Loving this culture/music section: so much great British music!!!!

Sienna Says:

Sex pistols in a stadium where the queen is present !

jane Says:

^ Awesome!

Super Says:

I am baffled that people think that this opening ceremony is worth anything.

I think that it’s a disgrace, and that the Brits should be ashamed of it. The spirit of human struggles, life, beauty, and sportsmanship is drowned in an inane puddle of consumerism, commercialism, crappy music and hooligan dances.

They took the amazing concepts of the ceremony from Athens and completely span upon it. Hopefully the olympic games themselves will redeem this tasteless spectacle.

There was one scene in which a black man met a (light-skinned) black woman, and as a symbol of ‘love’ and affection gave her a cell phone (!?). So I suppose that all love amounts to is a buying a technological gizmo. It’s funny that poets have been writing about love before electricity was harnessed, but it seems that they were all idiots. Or, who knows, maybe this is one big joke?

Why strive for ideals when reality slaps us across the face so harshly? Maybe Britain’s new motto is, ‘We’re gonna fail anyways, so why bother trying?’. If this is their goal, I can say without reservation that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

alison Says:

I turned the volume up to listen to the drums been played sensational.

jane Says:

Yay! The athletes are coming… :)

Alok Says:

@MMT, I agree with you on the draws, why should they matter? The early rounds in the past, were considered to be boring due to lack of competition. I think that’s changed to a certain degree becoz the lower ranked players have stepped up their game and are giving the top players a somewhat more difficult time, but more times than not it’s the top player who’ll win.

I honestly don’t understand all the fuss when I see so much fear from some posters if their guy has to play a #50 player in the first round or a big server. I laugh when I see some posters put up comparisons of the opponents of each top player. Why would anyone devote time to such trivia?It’s like a ready made excuse more to console the fan than the player.

In reality, the top guys should make it through to the QFs and further, as they should, becoz (1) their ranking provides that they draw much lower ranked players, and (2) it’s much more difficult for the low ranked player to win those matches than it is for the top players to lose, so why the fuss?sometimes, there’s whining concerning the time of the match and the court each top player plays.

As recent as last year, there were complaints from some fans when nadal and djokovic were drawn in the same half. Then when Fed beat Djokovic at the FO, the whining began with Fed and Djokovic landing in the same half. With Fed now the No.1 player, and djokovic No.2, that situation has changed and they will be on opposite sides. However, it will become a worse problem becoz nadal and djokovic could end up in the same half quite often, and the result will be the usual, they’ll kill each other in the SF, making an easy final for the winner of the other SF. when that happens there will be whining concerning who had the most difficult SF opponent. The saying, be carefdul what you wish for, could come back to bite some. It’s one funny world we live in.

Super Says:

I missed the drum solo. I like drum solos a lot. I admit that my impression was only from a few sequences that I watched (which left a bad taste).

jane Says:

I though Emeli Sande’s rendition of Abide was amazing, and the dancers that accompanied her were great too.

Kimberly Says:

Sienna-my core backhand is two handed but I have better reach with a one, I only use a one when I am slicing or doing drop shots or I can’t reach the ball with the two. I would say the most important thing is to close your stance and have your shoulders parallell to the ball. A one hand requires much more footwork, feet must be properly set, can’t get away with off balance shots like you can from two hand or forehand.

Daniel-you have made my day. Thank you!

Dave Says:

Mark, you are behaving like a communist commissar — given your instructions to posters on how they should interpret my post. Your delusional need to control fans of Nadal and Djokovic as if they are your herd to control is getting out of hand. Calm down, you are looking scary irrational. o argue on the facts and logic, not attack the messenger with nonsense.

SG1 Says:

Another tough aspect of the one handed backahnd is generating spin. The two handed backhanded allows you more ease in snapping the racket and still staying in control of the racket head. Generating a lot of spin with a one hander is tricky as there has to be almost a reverse whipping action with less guidance.

SG1 Says:

If you hear a really big explosion when Switzerland comes out, no need to worry, it’s just Sienna bouncing off the walls…really hard.

After all, the Swiss team is led by a goat…or is it the GOAT. Ah whatever….

alison Says:

SG1 LMFAO,but i thought that Stan was the flag bearer for the Swiss team though.

jane Says:

SG1, do you mean Stan? He’s carrying the flag. ;)

alison Says:

Marcos looked so happy carrying the flag for Cyprus,what a gorgeous smile he has.

jane Says:

There’s Aggy for Poland; she looks really proud.

jane Says:

They just showed Nole and Delpo. And Maria was earlier – so many tennis players. Yay.

SG1 Says:

Stan’s carrying the flag? My mistake… I guess Switzerland doesn’t let live stock participate in the Olympics. I guess they’re not all that neutral after all…

alison Says:

Nole was beaming looking forward to Andy and our British team coming out.

alison Says:

SG1 LMFAO no goats aloud.

Brando Says:


‘Stan’s carrying the flag? My mistake… I guess Switzerland doesn’t let live stock participate in the Olympics. I guess they’re not all that neutral after all…’


P.S: Brilliant ceremony, for sure!

jane Says:

Oh how cool – they’re playing Bowie’s “Heroes” for the Brit’s entrance. That’s one of my favourite songs of his, and he always does it great in concert. Trying to spot Andy…

Kimmi Says:

gold collar for the british outfit, ha ha! they are really ready to go for gold.

jane Says:

YAY! Arctic Monkeys. :)

courbon Says:

Finally talking about somethings else then Rafa,s knees.So,Kimberely you posted photo before?I’m depressed with this blog (bitching blog ) so how hot is that photo?(I’m not creepy, seedy man..if I sound like one!)Can we see the photo?
Joking (or am I?)-Actually you may be right about Djokovic getting this one…

Sienna Says:

Being an Olympian is not determined by winning or losing but by how you play the game.

Rafa should hang his head in shame after those words.
He opted out because he had no chance of winning.

Super Says:

Or, it’s because Rafael has health problems which prevent him from playing at a good level?

Maybe that’s a possibility too.

Kimmi Says:

Paul McCartney – this is cool, i like it !!

John Says:


Have you guys watched this tribute Video of Federer?

Wimbledon No.7

I simply love it. Maybe my favorite. :)

Don’t be discouraged by the slow start.

Roger Federer rises again – hours of work, and now a tribute to the great man.


Let me know if you like. :)

metan Says:

Post 06:38pm. LOL!!

skeezer Says:


Excellent! Thanks. GOAT.

tennismonger Says:

The 2/3 set format favors upsets for sure. Don’t forget Fed was ushered out early @ Athens. I’m pulling for my dark, dark horse Roddick to pull of the big upset this time (shoulder willing).

tennismonger Says:

NBC breaks for a commercial just as the riffs for the Sex Pistols’ “Pretty Vacant” begin – how lame…
I guess “God Save the Queen” was out of the question!

tennismonger Says:

Speaking of brutal draws, how about Robin Haase’s?
He plays Kohlshreiber in the semis of ATP Kitzbuhel @ 10:00 tomorrow, then faces Gasquet in London @ 13:00 – he should get some kind of medal for that alone!!!!

John Says:


Glad you liked it.

Had to share since its so awesome.

When Fed retires a lot of people are gonna feel kinda hopeless. :D

And despite what Rafa fans say, it will be a sad day.

Fedale wars will stop lol, and tennis will be difficult.

I for one don’t know how I will be able to continue with tennis once Federer retires.

Anyway…enough with the cynical sob stories. :)

Go Fed.

Hope he never does!

John Says:

By the way…

Being a Federer fan is bloody difficult.

I am a traitor and I admit it(had to some time).

When Federer started loosing I stopped believing.

It was so emotionally taxing that somehow in my mind I stopped believing. It was easier cause the US-semi killed me. I was grumpy and sad for weeks-so go figure.

Its easier to not believe than believe…(Just Tenis)

Cause when you believe and invest all your emotions and he loses you are crushed.

When you don’t believe and he Wins you are happy and there was no risk involved.

I was so disappointing and crushed that I opted the easy way out, and I am so, so, ashamed of myself.

Fed is 31 not 26 (25) like Nadal.

So we have a tough time coping with the realistic fact that Fed will retire.

So give us Fed fans a freaking break!

Cause when hes gone so will we..and there will be a black hole where he once was. :(

Brando Says:


Lol, take it easy.

As a rafa fan, i am pleased for fed that he is back in the GS winners circle again- he’s definately put in the hard yards since AO 2010, no doubt about it!

And yes, it will be very sad when he leaves the game- FOR ALL, not just fed fans.

HOWEVER, hopefully that is a long way off, and right now the olympics have just started.

So, seeing as rafa is not here, let’s not talk about him as it usually leads to a ‘fedal street fight’ on these blogs- which is really tiresome and not necessary!

Let’s enjoy the tennis- which fed and others will hopefully put together a good show of during these games!

Good luck to your fav roger, and moreso to my homeboy andy murray.

come on muzza!:-)

skeezer Says:


Appreciate the honesty, you’re not alone in your thinking. No worries, Fed has done enough. No need to justify his accomplishments. That is for jealous Rafa fanatics to torture over, for what ever Fed does now is all gravy. If he retired or never won another tourney it wouldn’t matter, the “bar” is set and his all time records are safe for a very very very long time. Rafa fanatics never want to talk that talk, its blasphemy!
GOAT is not a theory its a fact. Another Rafa fanatic smoked mirror tactic.
Fed and GOAT is a fact. Until further notice.

Good luck Fed in London! Above all, have fun and enjoy the moment with the Fam!

Kimberly Says:

The nice thing about the Olympics is there are three medalists! So it’s not gold or nothing

Kimberly Says:

ColinO7 and I printed up the brackets and filled in by hand draws for men and women, singles and doubles, just us two since their is no online challenge site. We both actually picked federer even though I intended to pick djokovic at the beginning. And we both picked a kvitova Williams final. Missing the group challenges but Toronto soon enough

Daniel Says:


As my sister use to say: in order to make a woman happy, give them compliments and accessories!:)

Me likes a gal with a tennis outfit!

Borg Says:

I tip Murray to win this Olympics. He needs this one badly.

Mozza Says:

i don’t care what you all say, the guy who said that Isner “single handedly ruins tennis” is awesome loool i hate watching isner’s crappy tennis matches.

Mozza Says:

@borg just because he needs it doesn’t mean he will win, just like every single final of the 4 finals he played. he needed them but ain’t got’em

skeezer Says:

Of course u do, anyone but Fed, eh? Lol.

Sienna Says:

Thanks a lot for the link. It gives great pride seeing the final again with that music and some of those points where amazing.

tennismonger Says:
Speaking of brutal draws, how about Robin Haase’s?
He plays Kohlshreiber in the semis of ATP Kitzbuhel @ 10:00 tomorrow, then faces Gasquet in London @ 13:00 – he should get some kind of medal for that alone!!!!

I think Haase will play on Sunday.

Dave Says:

John, yeah, video is superb. Thanks much.

What skeezer said is right: anything Fed wins now is just gravy. As retiring swimming GOAT Michael Phelps — he is just 27 years old — said: “This (Olympics) is the closure. And it’s really how many toppings do I want on my sundae?… I found that recovery is more important nowadays than it was [in 2008 Olympics]. My body is older… You guys are the ones that keep bringing up the medal count up. Never once in my career did I say anything about medal counts. I’m here to swim as fast as I can. If I do that, that’s all that matters.” Some of this attitude probably applies to Federer as well.

In as much as I believe in Federer I try not to get emotionally invested given it’s only a human sport — nothing is ever guaranteed. It’s easy to believe in Federer given the underlying data — he has been relatively consistent. Even during his mono and back injury period between 2008 Australian Open to 2009 Rome when he dropped to 87-21 (80.56%) — in comparison, Pete Sampras was year-end No.1 with only a 78% winning percentage in 1998. So with such consistency, it’s logical to expect that Federer would still have several periods where he hits his sweet spots to win big titles. Too bad he had that nine-slam drought — it really took a lot of things not going his way for that drought to have happened. But arguably what happened to Federer at both 2011 Wimbledon and 2011 US Open served to motivate him to his 63-6 record since losing to Djokovic last September (Djokovic’s 2011 win-loss was 70-6).

Regardless, how many more toppings did Fed need on his sundae since 2010 Australian?


Viswanathan Anand, the current World Chess Champion, has won five World Chess Championship (2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012): “when I see other sports I also often recognise facets or emotions which I can identify with. I was recently watching Wimbledon and I noticed a pattern in Federer’s play. At crucial moments in the match when he was serving for the set or playing a break-point, something used to go wrong. Federer used to be disappointed, he used to calm himself effortlessly and his next shot would be absolutely amazing. However, Djokovic completely disintegrated in the semi-final and the same thing happened to Murray. I identified with Federer’s pattern because it happens a lot in chess; when I am just exchanging whites or am stuck in a certain opening and the ability to bounce back is quite similar.”

Borg Says:

Skeeze-Like you do not want anyone to win but Federer !!! Cool mate. Applies both ways!!!

Dave Says:

Alison: This generation of players — despite the occasional hiccup — has far more respect for each other than most previous generations since the mid-1970s. They are stewards of the sport — what they say about each other helps grow the sport.

metan: I’ve followed tennis for a long time, I do read a bit (when I was a kid, I read up several books on tennis history already), recognize patterns while taking in the info, and usually remember stuff. So when my buddy Brando threw his Rafa stuff at me, I simply recollected similar situations, though sometimes I have to check fine details. And sometimes I forget to mention details I already know, such as that Jan Kodes won two French Opens. I help large organizations on their strategy, performance, change and learning.

Dave Says:

Every Brit — including the ones who don’t sing the national anthem — should be proud of the opening ceremony. What a spectacular, massive, creative, entertaining show… even if it isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

Mark Says:

Dave. Your post July 27. 6.03 pm. I will not grace your comments with a response per se. Suffice it to say that I do not own a herd, animals own herds. One animal, in particular, comes to mind e.g. a goat. I have fellow Rafa fans!!!

metan Says:

@dave, I had made a wrong guess of your bussines , I thought you are a lecturer or professor, hahaha.
I haven’t read all your earlier posts but I could suggest you to write a book about tennis, you could make it especially about rafa n Roger rivalry.

Questions are:
How does it justify H2H 8-2, borg posted too.
How could you be little with Rafa’s achievement compared to Roger’s about rogers mono when he is facing rafa in all surfaces.

Imo, rafa is master in Clay ,,,many pepole underestimated his ability in other surfaces,,, n he has some slams,, he will add,, I believe.

I also admire brando post, he is knowledgeable too, but both of you have different style of writing.

Dave Says:

Mark: “I do not own a herd, animals own herds.”
Any good English dictionary will teach you that a herdsman is the keeper of a herd of animals. A herd can be a number of animals kept together. That’s what’s really bizarre, your need to be the herdsman and communist commissar for those who are not Federer fans. You remind me of this Chinese farmer herding his ducks through a town.

skeezer Says:

^friggiin hilarious!
Marcie, the herder.


“Regardless, how many more toppings did Fed need on his sundae since 2010 Australian?”

Answer: 0

Steve 27 Says:

I for one don’t know how I will be able to continue with tennis once Federer retires.

You can’t live in the past. Life goes on, dude.

sar Says:

Hoping that Nole takes the gold but he’s got a hard draw.

Dave Says:

metan: “Questions are: How does it justify H2H 8-2, borg posted too.

It’s actually quite funny. In 20 years from now, tennis history will be celebrating that Federer at age 30 was able to regain the No.1 ranking, achieve the No.1 ranking record, win a record 7th Wimbledon, win record 17 Grand Slams and win record 6 year-end championships… while Nadal in his prime fell to No. 3. That’s what’s really important. People won’t care about the 8-2 H2H when Nadal failed to do what’s more important: be the longest No. 1 and have the most big titles. The H2H will always be important to Nadal fans, but it’s not important to Federer or to tennis history.

For example, tennis history remembers Rod Laver for his primary achievements: regarded as the GOAT for several decades, 2 Calendar-Year Grand Slams and 1 Calendar-Year Pro Slam, 11 Grand Slam titles and 9 Pro Slam titles, World No. 1 player for 5 to 7 consecutive years, 200 career titles.

Even Laver’s nuttiest fans do not emphasize that he has a 80-63 head-to-head against Rosewall, both Aussie players who are competent on all surfaces. Otherwise Rosewall’s fans would rebut it by saying that Rosewall has a 9-5 or 9-6 H2H in his biggest finals against Laver… and that Rosewall was already 28 years old to 42 years old when he played those 143 matches against the four years younger Laver. Remember that H2H was more important to professionals like Laver and Rosewall between the 1920s to 1967 (when the pros were banned from the grand slams and other amateur tournaments) largely because the top pros played in head-to-head tours against each other. For example, see link: Ken Rosewall and Rod Laver competed against each other in head-to-head tours of different cities where they played at least 55 matches against each other that made up part of their at least 143 matches. Yet even in the case of Rod Laver, H2H is not a primary measure of his greatness.

To summarize: there is no need to justify or rationalize the Federer-Nadal H2H because it’s irrelevant in the context of modern tennis. Since 1967 pro tennis no longer featured head-to-head tours as the best tennis players focused primarily on tennis tournaments. Ask anyone who brings up H2H to prove that H2H is used an official measure of a player’s greatness or used to compare players in the modern era — they cannot. As well, there are several precedents where H2H was disregarded in the modern era. Throughout 135 years of competitive tennis history since 1877 (first Wimbledon), a player’s ranking/status was generally based on his performances in tournaments. The goal of tennis players was primarily to advance as far as possible and win these tennis tournaments, especially the more prestigious tourneys. That’s how the players were primarily measured.

metan, I’ve already written on H2H on great length, so please re-read all the stuff I’ve written before on it. There are several aspects to consider in their H2H such as 50% of all matches were on Nadal’s favorite surface clay (whereas in most other major rivalries the majority of matches were played on surfaces both players liked), Federer is five years Nadal’s senior, Nadal is the challenger who focused mostly on beating Federer (while Federer could not focus on Nadal’s unique style at the expense of the rest of the field), etc, etc.

Yes Nadal is known as a grand master of clay. But his early results between 2003 to 2005 always showed great ability on other surfaces. But I think the Nadal camp had to choose between focusing Rafa on clay to maximize his titles and ranking points earned or distributing his efforts on all surfaces more equally but winning less titles and ranking points. They chose the former.

metan Says:

Thank you very much Dave for your information n your time taken off for typing those information.

I’ve just started to watch tennis since 2009 when nadal was out at rg by soderling, so my knowledge of tennis is zero n I have no idea nadal early games. I’ll do some research later.

I will reread your post abt H2H too.

skeezer Says:

“Throughout 135 years of competitive tennis history since 1877 (first Wimbledon), a player’s ranking/status was generally based on his performances in tournaments. The goal of tennis players was primarily to advance as far as possible and win these tennis tournaments, especially the more prestigious tourneys. That’s how the players were primarily measured.”


Thanks Dave!

madmax Says:

Kathy Says:
As usual Fed gets the dream draw, and look who Murray gets. He is the luckiest player I have ever seen. He is lucky in just about every game he plays. I really have no interest in the Olympics since Rafa dropped out, but I wish he were playing and then we would seen how easy it would be for Fed. He is arrogant and full of himself. Boy if he does win we will never stop hearing him say how great he is!!!

July 26th, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Kathy are you an actual tennis fan?

Have you looked at the top four players draws since 2011? When you have, and done your homework properly, please come back, and post more eloquently and in an informed manner.

It’s easy to do.

Go to the ATP official site and you will see all the draws for all the players. The result will surprise you. You will soon change your answer.

kimberley, take care not to get drawn in to the dreg comments. You are usually above all of that. There are one or two spoilers here now, I admit. But they are not federer fans. Unless I have missed something?

Kimberly Says:

@madmax–there are posters who are fans of different players who come to post with the sole purpose of aggravating fans of other players. Every player has these fans and it is no reflection at all of the player naturally. There are obnoxious fans of Rafa, Fed, and Djokovic. And there are great fans of all three. Maybe not Murray not because of him but because he simply does not have enough fans on this site and the sampling he has is pretty reasonable. I try to see everyone as people first, I mean, I am married to a man who supports Roger Federer and can’t stand Nadal but on the internet I like others, can get sucked into the school yard battle. Good to see you, and ironically except for a few moments which were key to cost him the second set I thought Roger played really well. Are you going to any of the Olympic events. I was in college during the Atlanta Olympics and went to watch boxing and gymnastics. The partying in the town was more fun the actual events!

madmax Says:

Hey kimberley!

Unfortunately no. I am not going. I see though that tickets are available as there are a lot of empty seats there, which makes no sense, as they were crazy difficult to get hold of a year ago.

I have a friend who got tickets for the basketball, so I am waiting for a report back!

In a way, I like the fact that I can sit back in the comfort of home, miss all the traffic and queues, and see what I want on the screen, though I admit this is the experience of a life time. I stick to wandering around the globe watching Fed when I can, and perhaps one day, meeting up with the decent fans on this site. You included.

So the next tourneytopia is USOpen, right? or are we going to go for the smaller masters tourneys?

The only people here who want to spoil the show are the haters and they cannot be classed as proper tennis fans. That’s their loss.

It’s a shame that they can’t go trolling elsewhere.

Kimberly Says:

Madmax-we go to a different site to do the masters, on the atp site. I will post a link for you if you are interested. It is the same group.

The haters may or may not be tennis fans but they are not seeking discussion of tennis on this site. They are taking out their frustrations in real life by talking trash about some of the greatest athletes ever.

The only time I went to the Olympics was Atlanta and I was in college so didn’t appreciate the events, only the heavy drinking and partying! I remember the concert at the House of Blues more than the gymnastics event i saw.

If I were to go now I would want to go to Basketball, tennis and gymnastics again. What is the big deal with Judo? Saw a lot of flagbearers that were Judo. Also Italy has a ton of medals for fencing?

I am hoping to go to Roland Garros or Wimbledon some time in the future. We could meet up and watch a Fedal semi or final :)

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