Roger Federer Presser: Don’t Feel Bad For Me, I Am Proud To Have Won The Silver
by Staff | August 7th, 2012, 3:02 am

Roger Federer spoke to the press following a tough straight set loss to Andy Murray Sunday in the Olympic finals.

Q. Is the primary emotion satisfaction at winning a silver or frustration that it’s not gold?
ROGER FEDERER: No, no, I’m very happy. I am satisfied. I think this is as good as I could do during these championships. Andy was much better than I was today in many aspects of the game. For me, it’s been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became World No. 1 again, and I got silver. Don’t feel too bad for me. I am very, very proud honestly to have won a silver. Had a very emotional tournament from start to finish. I could have lost in the first round against Falla. Same thing obviously with Del Potro. I felt like I won my silver, I didn’t lose it. So I feel very, very happy.

Q. You’ve dealt with a lot of partisan crowds before. Was there a rise in the atmosphere did you think at all?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, different. Maybe more patriotic. The buildup I think was completely different. Not that I read the press here. But there’s so many things going on right now in the sporting world that obviously the focus wasn’t just alone on the tennis tournament and on Andy Murray. So maybe that helped him prepare. Maybe the mixed yesterday took his mind off it. Then obviously once the match started today, I knew it was going to be a good crowd for Andy. But, honestly, I’ve experienced more tougher crowds for my opponent in the past everywhere I’ve played all around the world. But that’s not why I lost the match today. But I’m sure that gave him a lift and made him play well, once he was in the lead in particular, and he never looked back. His credit for getting in the lead and then using the crowd to his advantage to come through. He did it unbelievably well.

Q. Can you tell me something about how strongly you decide on Olympic gold to get your collection of trophies complete and will there be another Olympics in 2016 for you?
ROGER FEDERER: I mean, I hope so. I said it before the tournament that it’s not impossible that I could take part in Rio. But right now, I mean, in the meantime I could retire and come back. It’s that long of a break (laughter). It’s not front and center in my mind. But, of course, I’d love an Olympic gold in singles. But I am very happy with an Olympic silver in singles, and I already have the gold from Beijing. So this has been an amazing ride for me these last 10 days being part of the Olympics and representing Switzerland. I do that everywhere I go, but this was particularly emotional. I tried extremely hard. I feel I did very well. I hope, you know, the Swiss are proud of me. So we’ll see about Rio. It’s a fascinating country. I’ve never been to Rio. Obviously, I’d love to be part of it. We’ll see how it goes.

Q. Was there much of a sort of physical hangover from a long match on Friday? Also, having played Andy now at the very highest level, what is he doing maybe a bit differently now to what perhaps he was doing a year ago?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I didn’t play him a year ago much I think. Did we even play last year? I don’t know. There was always Rafa or Novak in our way. I would almost have to go back a couple years with Murray. 5 August 2012 visit our archives at R. Federer – 05.08.12 2 It was obvious that Andy was going to become a better player over the years. Obviously he learned how to play more aggressively. He’s more consistent. All these things are obviously minor tweaks, but they make a big difference at the highest of levels. I was very happy for him, that he was able to bring such a performance and bring home the gold for Great Britain. It’s a long time coming for him. Yeah, he did great. Yeah, I mean, I’m not sure. I’m feeling somewhat fine. I think it was maybe more emotionally potentially because, God, I had tears in my eyes after my first-round match, believe it or not. Doing media I think on court it was. I almost broke down. I can’t believe this is happening. But this is how much this meant to me. I understood how close I was from losing. Then there was no doubt about it, I felt the same way exactly after the semis. Maybe there was so much emotion already out of me that potentially today that kind of hindered me from playing my absolute very best. But then again, that’s just trying to come up with some excuses. But I just think he was better, and I missed my chances. I took poor decisions in some big moments at times. I mean, I didn’t win a breakpoint. I have myself to blame at times, as well. But at the same time he put me time and time in a tough position as well. It was a combination of many things today. The result was a bit too brutal, I do believe. But credit to Andy for making it happen.

Q. Were you surprised at how well he passed when you came in regularly in this match?
ROGER FEDERER: No. That’s his best part of his game. If he doesn’t do those passing shots, he’s not going to win gold and he doesn’t win tournaments. He’s got to come up with those shots time and time again. He does it so well. I’ve always said he can absorb pace incredibly well. He has great balance and anticipation. That three-way combination makes it obviously tough to attack him, particularly on a poor attacking shot. So he did very well today.

Q. Could this type of victory be a springboard for Andy to win slams now and be a big threat at the US Open coming up?
ROGER FEDERER: I don’t think he needed this, to be quite honest, ’cause he is a good player. Don’t forget that. He’s an amazing player already. I thought he played a very, very good Wimbledon championship. So for me what I was happy to see is that he didn’t have a letdown, you know, after the Wimbledon finals. It’s easy to come back, best-of-three, you know, go out third round maybe. You just feel more horrible. But he didn’t do that. He came, he won gold. I think this is how champions react. That’s more what I see, and not just actually him beating me and beating Novak back to back. We knew he could do that. He was a threat in a big way anyways at the US Open. Let’s not forget how great Novak and Rafa are, as well. So I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting US Open.

Q. Can you remember losing nine straight games, four on your own serve, the last time?
ROGER FEDERER: No, I don’t. And I don’t want to remember (smiling).

Q. You’ve been through a bunch of these now. How should we view the Olympics and the Olympics gold medal compared to the majors? Where does it rank? How do you see it?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, it’s unique in so many ways, you know. It’s supposed to be that way. I almost believe there should be no points at the Olympics, to be quite honest, because it’s not fair for some of the players who can’t play the tournament for the reasons you know. There’s only four players per country allowed to play per country. Plus we have a tournament running at the same time in Washington that almost gives the same amount of points. So it’s a bit odd. That’s why I’m almost in favor of not having any points at the Olympics. But the importance to me it’s as big as tournaments that are out there. Similar to a World Tour Finals, where unfortunately we don’t play the best-of-five-set finals there anymore, or a Grand Slam. It’s as high up as the big tournaments. And obviously making it best-of-three in the early rounds, you know, makes the margins more small, particularly on grass. The grass has been different this time around because of the seeding. It was slippery in the beginning, then dry again. The played very different. It was an unusual tournament, but a nice one to be part of. Obviously for me, it’s the Olympic year, and you can imagine the importance of it.

Q. While I was surprised to see you visit our archives at R. Federer – 05.08.12 3 for the first time you losing nine games in a row on grass…
ROGER FEDERER: Thanks for the reminder (smiling).

Q. I’m surprised that you attacked so much on his backhand, his best shot. You know him so well. Why do you think you were playing so much on his backhand today?
ROGER FEDERER: Why not, right? You can try it out. Didn’t work. Next time I’ll go to the forehand. At least now Andy knows. No more secrets there. But, no, I mean, look, whatever. He did well. I did wrong, I guess. So I messed up.

Q. After that extraordinary semifinal you played against Del Potro, do you think this could have some effect in your relationship to him, make you closer to him because of this experience?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, those are matches that sort of remind you of some great battles, becomes personal almost to a degree in a nice way. So we could look back at this and have something in common. I didn’t know who won until I lost my match today. So I was looking. I saw the Serbian flag in the room I was waiting. No Argentinian flag, so who won? I thought Novak won. I came out and I saw Juan Martin. I said, Wow. Great effort. I’m so happy for you after the brutal loss. I don’t think many were favoring Juan Martin to win that match. That was a great, great effort. I was extremely happy for him, disappointed for Novak, but I didn’t see Novak, but I was just really happy for Juan Martin.

Q. You talked about how this was an extremely emotional tournament for you. Why was it so emotional?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, look, Olympics don’t come around every year. So this is obviously just a different feel to it. Crowds were different. Early on I could sense that right away when I came on court against Falla. I really badly wanted to come through in the early rounds to get into the tournament. Then you sort of install a certain way of acting and being during the Olympics, you know. So I think all of that made it, for me, very special. Every Olympics has been a life-changer for me, to be quite honest, in Sydney, in Athens, and Beijing. Good or bad, I think I took away a lot of positives, from the Olympic spirit, from the way, I don’t know, you appreciate other sports, appreciate winning, losing. I love watching sports because of the reactions of the people at the very end. How do they take wins? How do they take losses? All these things. For me, it’s always been a dream to be part of the Olympic spirit. I didn’t want to just have it go on for one day or two days with the doubles. I tried everything I could in singles and doubles. I got a silver medal, so I’m very proud. It was emotional in many ways. Obviously, the Del Potro match emphasized all of that, made it go to some crazy extremes, which I never thought it would. But I’m happy I had a match like this, even though it may have cost me the finals. Who knows?

Q. You’ve touched on this with the emotions, but can you describe the difference, how you feel being on Centre Court playing for a Grand Slam title and being on Centre Court playing for a gold medal for your country.
ROGER FEDERER: Well, it was short-lived. It was two hours. It wasn’t 10 seconds like a sprinter. So I had time to get a sense for it. Then again, I was always led by Andy being in the lead. Obviously, I couldn’t enjoy it as much as other Grand Slams where I maybe had my teeth in the match. It was maybe a disappointing final in ways because of that. But the occasion felt big, you know, just because you know when is going to be your next Olympic match? You don’t know yet. But that’s not how I kind of try to see it. I was well-prepared. I was calm. Woke up this morning, felt good, you know, with my body. So I was excited about the match. I couldn’t produce the way I was hoping to.

Q. Going back to the beginning, you’ve spoken about playing here in the Olympics compared to Wimbledon. Was it any different for you with nerves or emotions or anything when you walked out for this match compared to when the two of you walked out for the Wimbledon final four weeks ago? Did you feel any different?
ROGER FEDERER: No, I actually didn’t. I didn’t feel more nervous or more tense or anything like that. I just felt at peace. I was well-prepared. You know, I played a good tournament. I don’t think maybe I played as good overall as I did at Wimbledon, but I knew it could be good enough to win today. Yeah, I mean, it was exciting to play Andy again, to be honest, to have the repeat like this. Like I mentioned before, we hardly played each other the last couple of years. Now we played each other twice in a month on the biggest stage. I was more excited more than anything else. Not negative, not overly positive I was going to win today. I was just, you know, the same way I was before the Wimbledon finals, too.

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74 Comments for Roger Federer Presser: Don’t Feel Bad For Me, I Am Proud To Have Won The Silver

Gannu Says:

all class roger… all those nadlites and djokerites who think feddy bear is one arrogant snub …please read this and then tell me whether he is one?? Gave all credit to Murray…appreciated him a zillion times and took the loss so very graciously….. Well done feddy bear,,,will be there in London to c u for the first time in my life at world tour masters!

the DA Says:

I have to give props to Federer this time, it was the most gracious interview he has ever given after a loss. Respect.

madmax Says:


you at the WTM this year? we must meet! I am there too.

Gannu Says:

YES madmax give me ur email id…want to drop you an email and ask some details abt locations etc so that i can get the bookings done with respect to hotel stay, tickets etc..have been to london many times but dont know the O2 Area well…You can drop me an email at…Would love to catch up with you…

Andrew RC Says:

This is what I’ll miss most about Roger,not just the genius he is on the court, but the love and respect he has for the game and his opponents. No champion, man or woman has come close in the 40 years I’ve watched tennis. Roger is everything you’ll ever want and need in a champion. Thank God he came up and changed this sport forever.

Amee Says:

Federer you are right i am with you,don’t feel bed and celebrate silver medal.

batlord Says:


batlord Says:

Roger is STILL arrogant. Notice how he has to remind everyone how he won Wimbledon and is #1. He can never give an interview without somehow stating how great he is. The thing people hate about Roger is how he PRETENDS to be humble. If you are arrogant, be arrogant and own it. Don’t act like you’re not when the world can see you are.

zurik Says:

i love roger federer is number one tenis playar in the wold best of oll times is number one i dont need gold i have gold trofe in wimblod and number one very good.nobady wins oll tha time.congradulation number one tenis playar.

skeezer Says:

Class presser Fed, all the glory to Andy as it should be. Interesting his take on “no points” for Olympics.

Mark Says:

@ batlord. I agree.

madmax Says:


why don’t you shut up and stop your arrogant comments? Followed by Mark. Two jokers of the pack with nothing nice to say about anyone.

madmax Says:

Absolute class.

The classiest guy on the tennis circuit. An example to all sportsmen and women out there.

Brilliant Roger. We love you and can’t wait to see you at the USOpen.

Good luck.

Tz Says:

I don’t think federer is an Arrogant player. I’d rather say he is honest. Honest enough to speak the truth ( may be speaking the truth is a guilt, specially for him!)
I don’t think he tries to be humble or modest or anything else. He is just being what he is. He doesn’t pretend at all. The words that come out of his mouth don’t certify him as an Arrogant. It’s just some people’s different point of views that make him one

skeezer Says:


I agree more. Hehe…

Mark Says: Madthing. You say SHUT UP and your man says SHUT UP!! Charming!! So why don’t you shut up for a change!!

Mark Says:

^ article didn’t print. Roger Federer tells French crowd to shut up during his match with Del Potro. The article did appear on this forum at the time.

Cupcake Says:

Haters will always hate … feel sorry for them. Fortunately I don’t waste energy on hating people I’m never likely to meet. As it happens, I’d assumed Federer was reminding the press of what he’d achieved as a reason not to feel sorry for him not getting that coveted gold. Strange how people see things differently.

US_T Says:

Given this unique circumstance in a month… Wimbledon Slam & Olympic in London, Murray, GB tennis history, crowd’s craziness… I couldn’t imagine what would happen if Federer won… thing happened for a reason. Everything went Murray’s way on that day, happy for him. It’s big to Murray but it’s not big to other players unless they want it for their countries. I hope Murray can continue with the way he plays now and win at least 1 Slam… so bad he has nothing big.

Olympic should have no point because there are too many inconsistent rules and happen very 4 yrs and gold medal does not always signify the best, only for young athletes and only to some types of sport. For instance, the best soccer/football team in the world right now is Spain… and we are trying to figure out which country is going to get gold at the Olympic, the Olympic soccer team from Spain is already eliminated. And also, other sport likes basketball…

I think many people love Federer not only because he plays genius tennis in the history but also the way he expresses/conducts himself in public. Everyone has his/her own reason to like or dislike him but he is who he is and he is the best tennis player ever. Feel lucky to have a chance witnessing someone like him playing tennis in the last decade… so grateful.

Alok Says:

This has become a war zone these days. Joined this site becoz I like to read tennis stuff, but now most of the tennis stuff is only trading insults.

Why is it that only Fed’s behavior is mentioned? Didn’t djokovic break the Perrier bench? What about Murray’s behavior during his SF match with Djokovic? Even the commentators stated they couldn’t repeat what Murray was saying during one of his head bashing scenes. I’m sure most of you saw that? So why is Fed being singled out for one of his bad moments? C’mon peeps let’s not be biased. If your going to poke trash, do it equally across the board or not at all.

skeezer Says:

War Zone
You can thank Mark for that….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Alok, Skeeze, others, I continue to believe the best policy is not to engage with commenters you dislike. Even if you think you’re right, it turns the board into arguments and it really ruins the whole point, even if you feel you NEED to make your point. You don’t. Just ignore commenters and say what you want about tennis.
This site is getting ruined with these arguments.

Alok Says:

TV, thanks for your comments, and I agree. I love to read, and very rarely comment, but this past week, except for the rants, very little to read that’s insightful.

skeezer Says:


Its been a long couple of years reading trash on Fed, but with the Wimby win, an unexpected 17th GS, 7 Wimbys and #1, well…… It really answers any and all trash talking these past couple of years. Just so you know the frustration there. But there is nothing anyone can say or do now that will tarnish his already legendary status. Tennis historians and Professional Tennis players, past, and present hail Fed as the best ever, so why duke it out with Fed haters? Why listen to these types?
You’re right, I’ll regress, and will act accordingly.

Observer Says:

Haters always end up behind the shroud of internet and nothing close to real-life achievers like these tennis players who bare their strengths and weaknesses to achieve their childhood dream. So, haters, shut up and fix up your own attitude first.

skeezer Says:


Well said!

xmike Says:

hi everybody, sorry if this is a bit off topic, maybe you have all seen these, they are for me the best tennis highlights i’ve ever seen and probably some of the best youtube videos ever made period;

for fans of movies like king arthur or 300, the music alone is worth it; the djokovic celebration at the end of the first video is amazing; whoever the person ( Sriderzone ) is that made these movies, he/she should be hired by some sports channel and teach them a few lessons in editing and soundtracks:

AO final 2012

FO final 2012

WImb final 2012

hope you all enjoy these and please let me know what you think

Dinesh Says:

Roger is the personification, the epitome of class – a champion whose silhouette is lined in Gold even if his neck is adorned with Silver. In Sydney he met his future Wife, in Athens carried the Swiss flag, in Beijing Won the doubles Gold and in London the Singles silver. And then there are his grand slams. He isn’t TRYING to be anything, he is what he is – the Greatest of All Time. If you losers think he is arrogant, he has the right to be – what have you ever achieved to judge him?
Along with all the other TRUE tennis and Roger fans on here and in general, here’s to Roger’s hard earned silver medal and the future of Olympic tennis! Cheers!

Mark Says:

squeeeeeezie. The link you posted is absolutely hilarious, couldn’t stop laughing. Were you too ashamed to post the real link I was referring to? I don’t blame you. Not to worry I am sure you all saw the video that was posted on this forum showing your man say SHUT UP.

Mark Says:

^ “you can thank Mark for that”. Not true. I am not the instigator – I just respond!

Rahul Says:

I love Roger’s interviews. I never get the feeling that he’s guarded or holding back to be diplomatic. Truly a class act.

metan Says:


Rafael Nadal will be playing in Cincinnati

Mark Says:

Metan. Where did you read that?

Michael Says:

Might be, we are expecting too much from Roger at his age. We should be more realistic concerning his performance. Roger did well to reach the final of Olympics which itself is a great achievement. The only worrying thing is his decimation in what is called his second home. This must be ominous but since Roger has always got that ability to bounce back, I am hopeful. Roger was outclassed by Murray and he has put it succintly in his interview. Nothing to add more. Murray was the deserving winner.

Michael Says:


That is Wimbledon and not Olympics.

US_T Says:

I am no fan of no one I choose to be that way so that I can enjoy tennis games fairly… but after reading some of the comments here I have to say this: anyone who has been watching tennis in the last few decades must like Federer’s games and should be thankful. The only reason anyone does not like Federer is because they are jealous of his success (or any rare personal reason) and that is their problem to deal with. Although he is getting old, not as good as he used to be 5 years ago, but he is still the one to beat every tournament, and able to be back #1 this year. I really appreciate his ambition and love for tennis. I am afraid some day he will be retired and do not know if/when we are going to have another Federer in future tennis tournaments.

My kids play sports and every time they are in the heat they start acting ugly. I remind them of Federer to help them control their temper. Thanks to all of you who provided fair and truthful comments here, really enjoy reading them.

iamanomaly29 Says:

Roger had all the right reasons to say “Shut up!” to the expectator who yelled “Out!” as it could have been treated as official call by the players. That expectator should’be been escorted outside for breaking the rule that while play is ongoing, crowd should be quiet. It’s very unfair to negatively magnify this act of Federer when he actually had the right to tell that expectator to shut up. In the past, he also had to tell Novak’s family to be quiet as the play would already start. Federer, as always, in these 2 circumstances, was just doing the right thing.

metan Says:

@live tennis guide mark, about 5 hours.

They mention he is trainning now, is part of the preparation for uso. I will double check ok. I am soooo happy!

Polo Says:

At the end of the finals, I was very happy for Andy for finally winning a big tournament. Then after 2 days, it finally sank in that my favorite, Roger, did not get his gold medal. And I felt sad for him. Then I read this interview and realized that I should not be sad for him because he is happy and proud of his Olympic performance. Very eloquent interview. I don’t feel bad anymore. Now I feel happy for both Roger and Andy. It was probably the best outcome for that Olympic tennis final.

Mark Says:

Michalel. No, it is not Wimbledon. Read the link “Roger Federer twin daughters loves silver medal”. Article in live tennis guide!!

Mark Says:

Metan. Cincy is not certain. I read that if he can’t make it in time to cincy he will play in a smaller tourney for preparation.

metan Says:

Mark, which smaller tourney n where is the place?

Mark Says:

Metan. Winston- Salem.

NK Says:

Trolls. They are like barking dogs programmed to bark the moment someone mentions Federer’s name. You make them relevant only if you respond.

MP Says:

It is great Federer won Silver in singles and GOLD in doubles. We all love your game. My dear, play your best tennis as long as you can. Once you leave, tennis will not be the same. Go FEDERER.

alison Says:

Mark aawww thats a really cute picture,of Rogers daughters clapping and cheering on their daddy,wearing matching dresses,with their hair in pigtails,sitting on their mum and Nanas knees,im sure they are all really proud of Roger winning a silver medal,which is a fantastic achievement.

skeezer Says:

Happy Bday Fed! 31 and #1!

Mark Says:

@ alison. Yeah they are cute and have you noticed the striking resemblance to dad.

alison Says:

Mark yeah i have Rogers a good looking guy,and Mirkas beautiful looking woman,they get their good looks from both of their parents.

batlord Says:

@ madmax

My comments are not arrogant. I was not bragging about how fabulous I am. I was showing you how Roger was telling the world how fabulous he is. Perhaps you need to look up the word arrogant.

Roger is a fantastic tennis player–no question. My argument is he is arrogant about it and he gets away with it.

alison Says:

Dinesh while i agree with you Rogers a class act and the worlds greatest ever player,and granted we should enjoy watching him while he is still playing as he wont be around forever,i have to say its unfair to call people losers,just because mister average on the street isnt rich or famous,winning GS in tennis or world cups in football,great achievements come in many forms,sometimes its a promotion at work,which might not sound much to you,but sometimes its the little things that can count just as much as the big things to the average person on the street.

dari Says:

Its Wimbledon, Mark. Notice the ALL WHITE outfit?! Not to lention that if it was olympics, the babies would be wearing the same outfit as Wimbledon. Don’t think Mirka would have that ;)

Happy birthday to Rog and wish him good rest and recobery to get back on court when the time is right! And i read on twitrer this is Roger’s 7th bday as numerous uno!

Mark Says:

^Then they have obviously copied the picture for the Olympic article.

Mark Says:

Dinesh. Big words! Calm down man!!

Salleh Ahmed Says:

Happy Birthday Roger

U r simply the best

madmax Says:

Actually Mark, you calm down. Enough is enough.

batlord Says:
@ madmax

My comments are not arrogant. I was not bragging about how fabulous I am. I was showing you how Roger was telling the world how fabulous he is. Perhaps you need to look up the word arrogant.

Roger is a fantastic tennis player–no question. My argument is he is arrogant about it and he gets away with it.

August 8th, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Batlord, you need to re-read the article. There is nothing arrogant about Federer being successful. When people are successful in this world, the jealous ones (you), come out and give them hell – for no reason. It can only be out of spite and hatred that people would want to do this. Dissatisfied with their own lives.

Name me one successful athlete, who:

a) doesn’t want to be number 1.
b) doesn’t have to be selfish in order to realise their dream.
c) gives to humanitarian causes as much as RF.
d) Sets up schools in third world countries in order to help the poverty stricken kids.
(Agassi is the neareset I can think of with his projects in L.A).

You want to believe the worst about RF because you can’t believe that a man like him, can have everything and yet still give to others.

You should try it some time. You might then start feeling better about yourself.

Happy Birthday to RF today. Come on!

Polo Says:

What does it matter if a player is arrogant? It will not make him win tournaments. Besides, arrogance is often a function of perception. What is arrogant to one may not be to another. It should not be a matter for debate.

skeezer Says:

^and having 2 kids, being a Father, Husband, volunteering for the ATP and Charity events, is one sure sign of being selfish and arrogant! The guy is an impeccable tennis role model, leads by example, never been fined, and has been awarded repeatedly by his peers sportsman of the year. Pfffft to the haters.

Pazza Says:

Let’s talk about someome else now… like Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Del Potro… must be more fun

Polo Says:

…fortunately there are not that many haters out there. I find a lot of fair and respectful non-Federer fans here, there and everywhere.

Polo Says:

@Pazza, while Federer is around and still plays well, it will he hard to talk tennis without invoking his name.

Michael Says:


I clearly remember the attire of the daughters and Roger’s wife and mother. This picture was only taken during Wimbledon and not Olympics.

Michael Says:

Skeezer@6.57 PM

I completely agree with what you have stated. Roger is definitely a role model for all aspring Tennis players. I have rarely seen him losing temper on the court. Some haters say he has ego. I do not know if that is true ? To me he has never shown it. But even if he does have ego, it is natural. As Genius have egos and it is their preserve and justifiable.

metan Says:

Mark, thanks , hope he can play on of the tour before uso.

Michael, you are right, the cute little girls of Roger were watching their daddy @ wimby, I do have the picture of them standing n clapping hands, so cute! But Roger by nature is bit arogant, I met him few years back , signing balls. Rafa is warm like sun shine n murray is funny guy. I never met nole.

Dinesh Says:

@Alison – I know where you’re coming from Alison, i didn’t call the average Joe a loser because he can’t achieve as much as a celebrity. i’m an average Joe myself, all i meant was that if someone has achieved something by working their tails off,they deserve to be praised for it. If you don’t like the player, don’t praise him. But there’s no need to undermine or dismiss another person’s hard work as arrogance.It’s better to focus on yourself and try being successful yourself.
I take pride in the fact that I’m average. That being said, it would just be nicer if people could be a little more positive – after all, it is sport.

@Mark: It’s a sensitive topic my friend, big words can come and go. Just be a sport and take it in the spirit of the argument.

No hard feelings, anyone.
Go Roger!

Humble Roger Says:

Roger is class and humble.

we love you Roger

alison Says:

Dinesh sorry maybe i took your post the wrong way,no offence was intended or meant,im a Rafa fan,however i do like and admire Roger and all the other players too for that matter,i dont believe in bringing hate into sport as theres enough of that going on in the real world,without bringing it into an internet forum,what Rogers achieved in tennis is unparralled to anyone else,we are indeed lucky to have him still playing and should appreciate him, as he wont be around for ever,as a fan you should be very proud of him.

Humble Roger Says:

Roger also say that “I’m not best ever.”

Tjis batlord, Mark, etc, haters are really shame.
foolish and arrogant.

Roger is true greatest player.

st4r5 Says:

Roger is really humble, considering he is the best ever. Haters will always find ways to say what they want, but the truth is very obvious, he is the best ever and yet very humble.

Raj Says:

Fatastic Interview

Roger is Pure Class as always. Praising Murray and yet reminding others that he is not done yet

Andrew Says:

You’re a Swiss Maestro Roger. Equalling the Wimbledon Title records held by Pete Sampras and William Renshaw

Aquib Says:

people need to study more about the differences between arrogance and class, when people don’t find any flaw about Roger only then they bring out all these craps!

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