Roger Federer Dismisses Death Threat, Looks Ahead To The No. 1 Race
by Tom Gainey | October 7th, 2012, 11:08 am

Speaking to the press in Shanghai Sunday, Roger Federer shrugged off the death threat that he had received last week.

“So obviously maybe it’s a little bit of a distraction, there’s no doubt about it,” Federer said. “But you have to be aware of what’s happening around you. But that is the case anyway anywhere I go today with my fame and all that stuff.”

Instead Federer shifted the focus on finishing the year No. 1. The Swiss is currently locked in a tight battle for the top spot with Novak Djokovic, the current points race leader. But it isn’t a major goal.

“I hope I will finish World No. 1 at the end of the year,” said Federer. “For me it’s about trying to play well here in Shanghai and go from there. If everything would have been totally focused on World No. 1, I would have gone to Tokyo or Beijing, most likely, and all those things.

“I’ve already reached my goal by getting back to World No. 1 in the summer. That was for me the goal, getting back there and winning a Grand Slam, particularly Wimbledon. I feel very much at peace and I’m happy. I always have to look 12 months ahead, as well, making sure I stay injury free, that I stay hungry for more. This is where if it works out, great, and if it doesn’t, someone else plays better. I am here, so I’ll give it the best shot I can and we’ll see how it goes.”

Federer also spoke about his health after a busy season for the 31-year-old 17-time Slam champion.

“Important is that the body is okay, that the mind is fresh and ready to travel, willing to do the sacrifices and all those things,” Federer said. “I felt like I can handle it. I’m actually kind of fine, but not injured or not tired. So that’s why I decided in the end to come here, because I love playing here in China. I’ve had some amazing weeks here in my life.”

The top seeded Federer opens play either Tuesday or Wednesday against Yen-Hsun Lu or Zhang Ze. He seeks a record 22nd Masters 1000 title. He’ll begin his 299th week at the No. 1 ranking tomorrow.

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83 Comments for Roger Federer Dismisses Death Threat, Looks Ahead To The No. 1 Race

Tz Says:

Just get the title, man!

Humble Rafa Says:

I look forward to being a part of the No.1 race next year. Now back to playstation.

skeezer Says:

As a fan am really concerned about the “motivation” factor. He is talking a good talk but reading his words imo is thought provoking.

“I’ve already reached my goal by getting back to World No. 1 in the summer. That was for me the goal, getting back there and winning a Grand Slam, particularly Wimbledon. I feel very much at peace and I’m happy.”

Feel the same as a fan of his. What more do you want? However, there is more if he wants it, and am sure he knows it. Is the desire and motivation to get more really burning with it all?

I mean its all good from this Fed fan if he packs it in from here and starts the second part of his life with family and business. But like he said he achieved a huge goal in the last stages of his career. Even at this moment, he is still the #1 ranked player in the World. No one can take that away form him at this moment in time.

Will be cheering for his year end #1 but won’t be too disappointed if not. The younger guys eventually are gonna take over, and why not?

In the mean time, keep reaching for the next accomplishment Fed! You……are………DA MAN.


andrea Says:

death threat? that’s awful…for any player or anyone. what a horrible thing to post.

Alok Says:

@skeezer, Fed threw out a big hint when he was asked a question on his participation at Rio. He said that he could retire then return to train again for Rio. To me, that’s a thought-provoking statement, and it’s as though he’s been thinking of retiring for some time. That being said, don’t be too surprised if he does retire prior to 2016.

I’m guessing that Fed’s pushing to get the year end No. 1 ranking to tie Sampras’ record, and if he does that, don’t be too surprised if he were to announce his retirement after the AO2013, where he’ll be hoping to add to his GS tally. After that, there won’t be anything more to motivate him.

evie Says:

@Alok — he’s not retiring any time soon. When he starts dipping below #5 in the rankings, then it’d be potentially on the horizon. But no way will he give up being at the top of the game.

Sienna Says:

Rafa will fall below rank 5-7 after next years AU Open.If his clay coverage is a litle rusty then he will fall out of top 10.
I doubt if he will have the will to continue ranked so low and meeting the top guys early thus losing early in tourneys.
He might be trying to play all clay tourney to keep his ranking up to par but that will not be enough points to make a dent in the top 5, maybe just enough to maintain top 10 material.

Rafa’s comeback will not be easy.

Mike Ramirez Says:

It’s sad that anyone would threaten any celebrity or athlete, especially Roger who has been such an athlete with great character. I did player security for Roger and he is every bit as gracious off court. I hope this is the last I hear of the threats

Humble Roger Says:

we love you Roger. true champion best ever.

jamie Says:

Nadal can only win on clay these days. Might as well just play the clay season since he ain’t winnign squat off clay.

jamie Says:


AO 2013 and Wimbledon 2013 will be won by Murray.

If Fed wins a slam next year, it will be somewhere else. I think he’s won his last slam already.

Brando Says:

Wow. A fed thread, interesting topics to discuss about fed (unfortunate death threat, no.1 race, indoor season etc) no one mentions rafa….. until a certain deranged fan (or is it fanatic).

Think someone needs to see a good therapist asap before they fall off the deep end since their obsession with rafa has gone beyond the comprehensible level- let alone a healthy one!

jamie Says:

Wimbledon 2012 was Federer’s last hurrah.

In 2010 he won the AO
In 2011 he lost the RG final
In 2012 he won Wimbledon
In 2013 he will lose the USO final

Federer has won his last slam already. He will retire with 17 slams. He will reach the USO final next year but will lose it.

Murray will win AO and Wimbledon in 2013.

RG 2013 will be won by Nole.

USO 2013 will be won by Del Potro.

Fedal won’t win a slam in 2013.

Nadal will win RG in 2014 and that will be his last slam.

Of course if Nadal retires in 2013 then he won’t win anymore slams. He is going to have to deal with a slamless 2013 and continue playing into 2014 if he wants another slam.

Same way Federer had to deal with a slamless 2011 and Sampras had to deal with a slamless 2001.

If Nadal runs away like Borg did in 1983 then he will retire with 11 slams like the Swede.

jamie Says:

Borg retired February 1983 after a slamless 1982.

The equivalent of that would be Nadal retiring in early 2014 after a slamless 2013.

If he want another slam he will have to put up with a slamless 2013 and continue playing until 2014

jamie Says:

Sienna is right. Nadal’s comeback will be tough. No need to insult just because she does not like Nadal.

alison Says:

Brando LMFAO i know who your talking about,this person seems more obbsessed about Rafa than his own fans,ive never seen the point personally,wouldnt it be more counter productive to talk about your most favorite player rather than your least favorite player,cant understand why anyone would waste that much nervous and negative energy.

Brando Says:


LOL, she is more obsessed with rafa than any poster i have ever seen- and here’s the funny part: she’s not a rafa fan!


Seriously, she should see a therapist or something since for me her obsession has now gone to a pitiful level that’s just plain sad.

At first i found it pathetic and petty- the consistent level of hate directed to rafa by her, but now (believe it or not) i am somewhat concerned for her. And i genuinely believe she should seek some sort of help or counselling regarding this matter.

Otherwise she’s just going to keep on going further and further on the same sad, lonely path of hers: hating an individual she’s never met or knows!

Tragic i guess.

alison Says:

Brando LMFAO too bloody right.

alison Says:

Agree with Jamie,and interesting that H/S actually defends Rafa on this occasion,nice one.

Alok Says:

@Jamie, where will Fed’s slam win come from if not on the tour?

I agree with you that Sienna’s right. Nadal’s comeback will be tough. I agree with you, there’s no need to insult sienna, by telling her she needs to see a therapist, but that’s what the posters on TT like to do. She left there but they won’t leave her alone. How sick.

There are Rafa fans who are obsessed with Fed much more than Sienna is with Rafa.

Those who hand out therapist advice should apply their recommendations to themselves, because it’s obvious they need it more than Sienna does.

LMAO is gross, but LMFAO is totally obscene.

Alok Says:

@evie, you could be right about Fed. We’ll see what happens after AO2013.

jamie Says:

About Nadal.

Nobody has ever won slams for 9 years in a row in the open era. Neither Borg, Sampras or Fed could do it.

The only player to EVER win slams for 9 years in a row in the history of tennis Pancho Gonzalez.

jamie Says:

This is regarding ATP since Graf won slams for 10 years in a row and Evert did it for 13 years in a row but WTA is easier…

jamie Says:


The only player to EVER win slams for 9 years in a row in the history of tennis is Pancho Gonzalez.

alison Says:

Alok the difference is you dont actually here myself or Brando bad mouthing Federer,we may be Rafa fans,who dont feel the need to belittle other players,if you actually read the majority of our posts we only say positive things about Federer,and we always give credit to Federer for his achievements he is the greatest and that goes without saying,as for tennistalk i would never choose to post on there,as the site sounds very Rafa biased and its not the way i like to me opperate,and im sorry if any fan gets bullied away for daring to have a difference of opinion,but please dont preach to me about been fair when a poster is less than fair towards me,those who cant take it should not dish it out,apologies for the bad language.

Alok Says:

@Alison, isn’t Brando a TT poster?

I remember reading in the past Brando going at Fed and when she was questioned she claimed she was just having some fun with the Fed fans.

Maybe I’m wrong, but Is sienna talking to you personally, or just talking about Rafa?

Look it’s none of my business really, and my apologies for getting involved.

Giles Says:

Jamie. Have been reading all your banter about who is going to win what, where and when. Are these predictions (in which case are you an astrologer or psychic?) or is it just wishful thinking?

jamie Says:


Not mine.

Giles Says:

“Are you a Federist or Nadalian? Nadalian. Rafael Nadal is the best thing that happened to men’s tennis.”
— Former world #1 Yevgeny Kafelnikov

alison Says:

Alok by calling Rafa fans Rafatards,then i would say that is personal,although not directed at me it is directed personally at all Rafs fans,Brando is a he not a she,and hes always saying how great Roger and Nole both are,but enjoys a bit of a joke sometimes as we all do,and i see nothing wrong in that,i dont know if he has posted on TT,youd have to ask him that.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

It’s always about Rafa. Anyone would think that fans of Federer’s would have enough to occupy them on a thread talking about death threats to their hero, but no, it’s Rafa they want to talk about.

All I can say is Rafa must be very important to them and ingrained on their sub-conscious, because Sienna and Jamie just cannot stop talking about him.

rogerafa Says:

@ jamie

Your analysis of past trends and patterns to predict Rafa’s future is better than your reliance on “alignments” but I think it still is only a pointer. Rafa could become the first player to do some of the things nobody could do in the past. He has already had some unprecedented achievements. Write a great champion like Rafa off at your own peril. RG is still his to lose. A fresh and rejuvenated Rafa could conceivably even get the top rank after US open next year if Novak and Andy slip up slightly. Rafa is not that old for us to start writing him off. If he were 30, I would not be so confident but at 26, I think he still has a lot left in him.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Jamie & Sienna, as you are so obsessed with Rafael Nadal, let me help you with some facts about your favourite tennis player

Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəfəˈɛɫ nəˈðaɫ pəˈɾeɾə]; Spanish: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]; born 3 June 1986) is a Spanish professional tennis player and a former World No. 1. As of 1 October 2012, he is ranked No. 4 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time;[5][6][7] his success on clay has earned him the nickname “The King of Clay”, and has prompted several experts to regard him as the greatest clay court player in history.[8][9][10][11]

Nadal has won eleven Grand Slam singles titles, including an all-time record seven French Open titles, the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles, a record 21 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments (tied with Roger Federer), and was also part of the Spain Davis Cup team that won the finals in 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011. He completed the Career Grand Slam by winning the 2010 US Open, being the seventh player in history, and the youngest of four in the Open Era, to achieve it. He is the second male player to complete the Career Golden Slam (winner of the Career Grand Slam and the Olympic gold medal) after Andre Agassi. Rafael Nadal has at least two Grand Slam titles on each of the three surfaces (hard court, grass, and clay), the second player to achieve this feat after Mats Wilander. He was the second male player to win any Grand Slam tournament seven times, matching Pete Sampras’s and Roger Federer’s seven Wimbledon titles.

Nadal had a 32-match winning streak in 2008, starting at the 2008 Masters Series Hamburg to the 2008 Western & Southern Financial Group Masters and Women’s Open, which included titles at Hamburg, the French Open (where he did not drop a set), Queen’s Club, his first title at Wimbledon, and the Rogers Cup. In 2012, by winning the Monte-Carlo Masters, he became the only player to have won eight consecutive editions in any tournament during the history of tennis, and only the second player to win a single tournament for a total of eight times during Open Era. Nadal is the first male player in tennis history to simultaneously hold Grand Slam tournament titles on clay, grass and hardcourts. He is also the first (and only player to date) to win three consecutive Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces. Nadal was ranked world No. 2, behind Roger Federer, for a record 160 consecutive weeks before earning the top spot, which he held from 18 August 2008 to 5 July 2009.[12] He regained the world No.1 ranking on 7 June 2010, after winning his fifth French Open title.[13] He held it until 3 July 2011, when Novak Djokovic replaced him as world No. 1. Nadal has held the No. 2 ranking for an ATP record 241 weeks (as of 9 July 2012).

rogerafa Says:

jamie is a huge Novak fan and he dislikes Roger immensely.

skeezer Says:


“Are you a Federist or Nadalian? ”

Lol…good one! Federist here ;)



Yeah, EIEIO missed it there ( jamie ). Gotta believe she thinks the whole world is full of only Federer fans who hate Rafa? You know, gotta be everyone! no?

Me has my own conspiracy theory, its called jealousy.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Yes, Sienna and Jamie are jealous of Rafa.

Giles Says:

Skeezer. Need you ask? Nadalian all the way. Well, we all have our favourites..

Giles Says:

EIETMO. Good of you to remind people of Rafa’s great achievements!

mat4 Says:

“rogerafa Says:

jamie is a huge Novak fan and he dislikes Roger immensely.”


jamie is not a Novak fan. In fact, (s)he is not a fan at all…

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

How am I supposed to know that Jamie is a Nole fan when he only writes about Rafa?

Giles Says:

Jamie is a Rafa hater. #fact

alison Says:

Mat4 its a shame really, as some people think their own favorite is bigger than the game itself,and that tennis begins and ends with that one player,hero worshipping gone way too far,Rafa,Roger,Novak all have those types of fans,the real fans have their favorites but respect the achievements of others however big or small IMO.

mat4 Says:

I forget to mention: don’t fall on the prediction trick…

mat4 Says:


the only thing I can advise is to ignore the trolls and not to feed them. I fall more than once in that trap, so I am not a good example, you lose your temper from time to time. Just don’t read.

alison Says:

I think tennis is a very fickle sport,domination can be a today thing,but not neccasarily a tomorrow thing,people should appreciate the good times while they are here, nothing can be taken for granted, as nothing lasts forever.

alison Says:

Mat4 yeah too right,i read a post sometimes and i grit my teeth and loose my temper,and then i think damn i should not have said that,and then sometimes i type a post read it and think no dont go there its not worth,and i erase it,si im learning more,must not feed the trolls.

Sienna Says:

Thanks Jamie, Alok.

Alison, Branda,
Which point about Rafa is so offensive for you?

It is a fact that Rafa still has some serious ranking points to defend and when he starts playing he will of course not be using his protected ranking so after the clay swing he will be out of protected ranking tourney (I assume) and he would be very lucky if he has kept his current ranking.

To not play or train on a serious level for that long will take some time to come back.

There is no plan! That is my most troublesome thought about Nadal. They are just clutching at straws. I remember the big fuss about him taking a heavier racquet beginning of the year.

He could take AU Open over Fed because he was rejuvanated but only to find himself out of fuel by the time Wimbledon came around… Every year he falters earlier. And now with his lack of training and match practise he will be a very long shot to equal his points on the HC in januari and februari if he starts to play that is.

I think he is sick and tired of tennis and wants to get out. We are witnessing the strugle within.

jamie Says:

My favorite player is Murray.

I like Nole.

But the underdog Murray story is my favorite. :) Becoming a multiple slam champ(which he will) and beign a Brit takes huge balls from Murray.

I don’t hate Nadal.

I don’t like Federer

jamie Says:

Bottom line, the only player I don’t like is Federer who won his first 12 slams in a really weak era 2003-2007, before Nadal(in 2008) and Nole(2011) heat their peaks.

It’s so easy to dominate and win 12 slams when the top 10 has players like Robredo, Blake, Lube, Ancic, old middle-aged Agassi, injured Safin, injured Hewitt, fixer Davydenko, fatbaldian, etc.

jamie Says:


Bottom line, the only player I don’t like is Federer who won his first 12 slams in a really weak era 2003-2007, before Nadal(in 2008) and Nole(2011) hit their peaks.

It’s so easy to dominate and win 12 slams when the top 10 has players like Robredo, Blake, Lube, Ancic, old middle-aged Agassi, injured Safin, injured Hewitt, fixer Davydenko, fatbaldian, etc.

skeezer Says:


Nice word play. you know what I meant. How can a player at the top be jealous of someone underneath? Feds true fans aren’t. Just saying….


Nice to hear you don’t “hate” a player. A word Rafafanatics like to use. Mmmmmm…wonder why?
Disagree with Fed in a weak era, but that discussion has been debated to death, with no reasonable proof that Fed got most of his Slams in a “weak’ era. Ever thought maybe he was just that dominate? And now, with the debatable era, he is STILL winning Slams. WTF?

skeezer Says:


I had to re-read your post to make sure that is what you said;

“It’s so easy to dominate and win 12 Slams….”

Maybe you should go back to predicting.


jamie Says:

He won 12 slams in a weak era, 2003-2007.

jamie Says:

He only won 5 slams in a tough era, 2008-2012.

Skeezer Says:

Fed was not a weak era, Fed was just in his peak and dominant. Hewitt, Roddick, Safin, Sampras, Agassi, Guga, etc all won Slams. Nole has yet to prove he is a dominant player as far as Slams go, same as Murray. So far there has been only 2 dominant players, Fed and Rafa in this era. How many Slams do they have between them, 28? Try again.

Daniel Says:

“After that, there won’t be anything more to motivate him.”

An 8th Wimbledon. That would be something!!

Alok Says:

@Daniel, yesss, that would be sumpin’ else.As skeezer says, shammoon!!Fed fans will be over the moon with glee.

sienna Says:

Why is hewitt past prime record being held against Fed era ?
When Fed emerged the wholeworld of tennis thought we were in a hewitt/roddick era. Hewitt was in those days not known for being injured a lot.
I notice that youngsters have got very bad memorie and are not so good in readjusting their thinking into the time which is mentioned.

FED totally inihilated his own strong era. the most of the players from Feds era are still around or are just about retiring.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

jamie Says:
My favorite player is Murray.
I like Nole.

Proves my point. How come no one seems to know who your favourite player is but there is no doubt which player you dislike most because that’s the only player you write about. You must be a closet fan why else would you waste so much time on proving to yourself that you hate Rafa.

On the other hand, your favourite player’s favourite player is Nadal so something incongrous there.

alison Says:

Sienna im surprised you really need to even go there,ok im not saying the guys perfect or that it will be easy for him,but your not even willing to be in the least bit objective, and in life theres always a possibility that things can go one way or another,and the comments you make about the guy are not very nice,hes lying about his injury because hes doping,when theres no proof either way,and as Kimberly said hes as likely or unlikely as anyboby else,hes lying about his injury because hes scared of losing,he was lucky to win all his GS titles,hes over achieved,hes only a footnote,hes only a good player not a great player,he should retire and marry his girlfriend as his tennis career is a washout,i could go on all day but i have to go to work soon,and just for the record i have never said anything that nasty about your favorite as i never would its not in my nature to be that nasty to anybody,im not even like that in the real world,as for Rafa if you dont care for the guy fair enough your entitled to your opinion,just like i am entitled to mine and im giving my opinion about yours,and i will continue to keep the faith in my fav,i may be fighting a loosing battle we will see,but its what fans do follow their favorite whatever happens.

Sienna Says:

So Alison please try to take a close(r) look at statements about Fed and his era. you really cannot have it both ways.

I am not saying he was lucky to win all his slams but a few of them he did get lucky.

Rogers era has been put to the test but let me remind everybody that without the mono 2008 would have been a 3 slam year for Fed. We can be pretty conclusive about that.

Rafa doping is not something put forward on my account. I merely acknowledged the possibility and the unbiased circumstances that give raise to such claims.

I prefer to take his absence after the shock defeat against Rosol as a choice by the team. They didnot wanted top loose anymore. So actually that is also being the reason given by Nadal and his team.

Rahul Says:

jamie says: “But the underdog Murray story is my favorite. :) Becoming a multiple slam champ(which he will) and beign a Brit takes huge balls from Murray.”

How does being a Brit take huge balls? Are you commending him for being born in the UK?

At the same time you discredit Safin, Roddick, Hewitt, etc. If Murray ends up finishing with just a couple of slams, would you consider him a crap player in 10 years time?

jamie Says:


How many male Brits have won slams in the open era?

Just Murray.

jamie Says:


The player I dislike the most is Federer.

alison Says:

I dont hate any player,but the player i dislike the most is Berdych,on the womans side has to be Wozniaki,something so unbelievably irritating about her,i always find myself rooting against her,whomever she plays for some reason.

jamie Says:

I dislike Federer because he took advantage of a weak era to win his first 12 slams from 2003-2007.

Once the tough era started in 2008, he only won 5 slams and that was because HE AVOIDED his nemesis Nadal.

Not impressive.

jamie Says:

Federer has not beaten Nadal at a slam in over 5 years!!! That is pathetic.

Even Nadal found a way to beat Nole at a slam again this year!

Nadal has too much pride to lose to Nole at slams for 5 years..

alison Says:

Jamie but surely the only thing Federer can do is beat whomever is stood in front of him,you cant blame him if the competition as you say was not that great?SORRY JUST SAYING.

Rahul Says:


Thats hardly a point…

By that same token how many male Swiss players have won slams EVER?

Just Federer.

“I dislike Federer because he took advantage of a weak era to win his first 12 slams from 2003-2007.”

Lol you cannot be serious… So if he purposely lost to all those “weak” players you would like him more? Wow…

jamie Says:

How can you be the GOAT and lose to your nemesis for 5 years at the biggest stage, the slams? And on all surfaces. Since 2008, Federer lost to Nadal twice at the AO, once at Wimbledon and twice at RG. It’s not like all 5 losses were ath RG since 2008.


alison Says:

But Fed beat Agassi,Nadal,Philipousis,Roddick,Murray,Hewitt in slam finals,BTW sorry about the capitals at the end of the post,it was purely by accident,and not meant as a form of aggression.

jamie Says:

@ Rahul

At least the Swiss had Hingis.

And tennis a bigger sport in GB than in Switzerland.

The pressure is bigger in GB to win slams than in Switzerland.

jamie Says:

Federer beat Nadal at Wimbledon when the Spaniard was a novice on grass. Nothing to brag about when you beat a 19-20 year old at your best slam.

Federer has not beaten Nadal at a slam since the Spaniard reached his peak in 2008.

jamie Says:


Fed beat middle-aged Agassi, novice Nadal on grass, Philippoussis is nothing special, Roddick a one slam wonder and servebot with no ground game, Murray before the Brit reached his peak, Hewitt when he was past his prime and injured and washed up in slam finals.


alison Says:

Jamie but were you not just the other week saying the only GOAT candidates were Federer and Laver,and now your saying how can you be the GOAT when you loose to your nemisis for 5 years?

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Hingis was born a Czech so she is not really Swiss by birth.

skeezer Says:


Asstrology. Your tennis rationalization belongs in those forums. Oh thats right, you might get banned here again for that. Nevermind.


Brando Says:


LMAO, spot on in 8.28 post.

Jamie is an amusing poster.

Like you said, one minute, according to jamie, GOAT= fed or laver.

Now: how can fed be GOAT when he hasn’t beaten rafa for 5 or so years at a slam?


Don’t pay any attention i say- since jamie seems to change his tune whenever it suits him.

A bit like his GS predictions- he’s always right about them, but how can you not be when you bombard the site with 150 or so different psychics- all is own of course- and claim to be right when the winner is presented the slam.

GSlam Says:

@Jamie – One slam wonders are players like Rainer Shuettler (AO final 2003), never really to be heard from again at slams.

In addition to his slam, Roddick made the Wimby final 3 times, and you know as well as Federer that he should have won it in 09. Fed even said himself that he considers Roddick a Wimbledon champion, following the 09 final. Roddick also made the 06 US open final. He’s world class and doesnt fit into the “one hit wonder” category, IMO.

alison Says:

Sienna you need to pick your arguments a little better,and with the correct people,the only thing i was doing is replying to Jamies posts,he was the one saying Fed benifited from a week era not me,i dont believe in the week era argument,the only thing a player can do is beat whomever is stood in front of them,pure and simple,as for Rafa getting lucky sometimes he does get lucky as all players do,and maybe he got lucky in 2008 with Federer suffering from mono,but you cannot be pretty conclusive about that as you dont know,would haves,could haves and should haves mean doodle squat in the real world,credit cannot be given to any player for something that didnt happen,but if it suits you to think that then fair enough,not much i can say to stop you,as for the doping all i can say its whats already been said before hes as likely as any other player,and if you believe hes merely takin a break because of the Rosol defeat,and if you and others dont believe hes really injured then fair enough,but when you argue these points like they are bona fide facts,theres the problem,you know as much as i do nothing sorry.

mat4 Says:


Don’t bother, don’t feed the trolls. I made that mistake yesterday, but I won’t any more. I will just answer and comment posts from people I know.

alison Says:

Thanks Mat4 your posts are great and i enjoy them,so please dont feel that way,i may not always agree with what you say,but i will always try to argue in a respectful manor,yourself,Wogboy,Jane,Nina and Courbon are some of the nicest and fairest Nole fans on this forum.

Psycho Blogger Apologizes To Roger Federer For Death Threat Says:

[…] tournament added security, but Federer shrugged off the threat, pointing out that it was just message board […]

Top story: Medvedev Saves Matchpoint vs Auger-Aliassime In Australian Open QF Thriller; Tsitsipas Soars