Pop The Bubbly, Roger Federer Signs Multi-Million Dollar Moet Deal [Video]
by Tom Gainey | December 2nd, 2012, 11:46 am

He may not be No. 1 on the ATP ranking, but Roger Federer remains the No. 1 brand in tennis for corporations. Earlier this week Federer inked a new deal to become the brand ambassador of luxury champagne maker Moet.

“Yes, the secret’s finally out! I am teaming with Moët & Chandon as their new brand ambassador,” Federer wrote on his website. “Not just any champagne but the world’s most loved. This is a real honour, and as a partnership, I see it as a natural match. The House of Moët & Chandon is an absolute legend, one of the most iconic symbols of global success and style.”

The terms where not disclosed but according to reports it could be worth as much as $30 million over five years. Moet will begin featuring Federer in their campaigns starting in March 2013.

Moet joins Federer’s stable of corporations including Nike, Mercedes, Lindt, Gillette, Wilson, Jura, Credit Suisse, and Rolex.

Promotional video:


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47 Comments for Pop The Bubbly, Roger Federer Signs Multi-Million Dollar Moet Deal [Video]

alison Says:

Just wondering really,some months ago Steve O critisised Rafa for been an ambassador for bacardis champions drink responsible campaigne,i cant quite remember the exact words he said,but it was along the lines of promoting alcohol to impressionable kids,under the pretence of drinking responsibly,now i know champagnes seen as a more classy drink saved mainly for special occasions,and theres a difference between Moet and Chandon and Bacardi,but it surely amounts to the same thing,in one way or another,as both players are doing promotions for alcohol, now ive nothing against Federer or any of his fans,and if he wants to promote this brand fair enough,but i just wonder what those particular fans feel about this promotion from Fed,the ones critiquing Rafa,in particular Steve Os take,as some people seem to have double standards when its their own favorite,sorry Fed fans just saying.

skeezer Says:

Champagne & Fed. What a Class combo! The $ ain’t so bad either hehe….

alison Says:

Anway nice adverts,Roger looks very classy in both videos,nice suit ahh love a man in a suit,have to be honest though and say,they play these sporsmen/woman obscene amounts of money for these promotions alot of the time.

alison Says:

^Pay not play^.

Brando Says:


Rule of thumb:

Fed is a saint, rafa is a sinner.

Use that to deal with all news regarding either and contrary to what logic may tell you, it shall all make sense.

Trust me- Sienna promised me that it works!:-)

alison Says:

Brando i dont want another thread to be turned into a warzone,i would just be interested to here other peoples take,do they agree/disagree,however we will see i suppose,Steve Os not been posting here lately but i would really like to here his take.

Giles Says:

alison. 12 58 pm. Well said!

Giles Says:

Surely Dave deserves a bottle for all his hard work flaunting Fed’s amazing this that and the other!! #DontHoldYourBreathDave

debby Says:

Good for Roger who looks classy as always. The amount is not bad at all.. with that Roger made sure tuition for the twins is already covered. lols.

dari Says:

I wish roger had an “s” somewhere in his name so that I could write it out and replace it with a $ sign.
WOW, the deal$ keep coming. Gotta get a bottle for NYE!

Wog boy Says:

Few of you beat me for this one, I was about to post how some Fedfans had a go at Rafa in a past about advertising alcohol but now Federer is advertising alcohol drinks so it is Rafa fans time for payback:)
Nole, stay out of this or at least go with “Żuta Osa” be patriotic;)

dari Says:

Allison and Brando- It is tough to be a rafa fan it seems, I am curious myself what the fed fans who did express qualms about rafa’s bacardi deal think now? Is it the difference between hard liquor and champagne? I don’t believe I was one of those fed fans who said anything bad about rafa…

skeezer Says:

Champagne, Rolex and Mercendes Benz goes with the Classy Moniker of Fed

Rum and Poker gambling goes with the Pirate of Rafa.

Nuff said on that one.

jane Says:

Don’t forget chocolates and coffee machines for those late nights!

Wog boy Says:


It wasn’t you, I can sign for you!

dari Says:

Ok, Skeezer, that explanation is in line with what I imagined and perhaps the one two punch of rum and gambling is too much to forgive for some. I think I’ve becoming extremely sympathetic of rafa since his long layoff, perhaps I will be more inclined to pick on him after he is back on the court after a while ;) for now, I leave him be.
The main thing I suppose: how impressive and luxurious is the roger federer endorsement portfolio, sheesh. And fantastic of him to secure this one late in his career, so many of his endorsements will grow even stronger after his retirement- the champagne, the watches, investment banking, espresso machines- he will be even more representative of those types if markets after he retires and ages.
Federer did the work on court building his athletic reputation, backed it up with a marketable personality/image, and management team has done their job well indeed. Its all kinda peRFect

Wog boy Says:


If i have to choose, then rum, poker, pirates and what ever goes with that ;) sounds far more interesting than wearing Rolex and sipping shampagne in some sterile atmosphere.

Johhny Depp all the the way, mate.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,

Jack Sparrow is one of my fav movie characters for sure! But so is James Bond, and Fed is the James Bond of Tennis. Hard to pick either way and understand why they both dominate the Tennis landscape in popularity :-)

So what is Nole? It seems he can morph into anyone, lol.

jane Says:

That’s why I love Nole; he’s a transformer. ;)

Wog boy Says:

I leave that one to Nole’s female fan base to decide;)

Deborah Says:

This Fedfan had no criticism of Rafa’s Bacardi endorsement. The ATP has other alcohol sponsors and Lord knows plenty is consumed at tournaments. What I find so interesting is the successful connection of Roger with so many elegant brands and campaigns. His name will be synonymous with impeccable style and grace long after he retires.

alison Says:

Dari tough been a Rafa fan i suppose it does get frustrating sometimes with the negativity he has to stomach,not saying that sometimes its not deserved,as hes not perfect,he says and does things that get on my nerves from time to time,ive never had a problem with Roger or his achievements which are amazing,and i have the greatest admiration for the guy,and theres nothing wrong with this endorsement either,although i never have been a fan of champagne,like Wogboy prefer rum lol,anyway what does get annoying is the double standards from some fans,your posts are always pretty fair though,whichever way you cut it both are still promoting alcohol,is all im saying,the online gambling like Skeezer not so much a fan,was just interested in peoples take on the comparison,especially Steve Os whos not here ATM is all,so ill leave it at that,just making a point,and a comparison.

alison Says:

Deborah yeah great post and good point,although i think that they get paid too much for the privalege sometimes,have to say not usually a fan of his looks,but Roger looks rather handsome in this advert.

alison Says:

Wogboy love a guy with a good SOH,and Nole certainly has that,said it already he reminds me very much of Britains Robbie Williams.

Deborah Says:

There may have been double standards from fans but I’ve seen little criticism of Rafa’s endorsements from the tennis press. However, the tennis press has always given Roger a bit of flack about his high end sponsors, ESP his ties to Net jets. The tennis press has kept up the “humble Rafa” vs “imperial Roger” as part of the convenient contrasting storyline. It used to get on my nerves but Roger is in such another class to everyone else on the tour that I no longer give a damn. Can no longer hear anything over the roar of 17 Slams and 302 weeks as number one.

alison Says:

Deborah i think its fair to say that both players, at one time or another,have had to stomach their fair share of negativity,Rogers the greatest ever,Rafas one of the greatest ever,its as simple as that really,both sets of fans have every reason to be delighted with their favorites legacies,tennis is a great sport,and theres enough room for both players,whomever you support,no need to belittle eithers achievements.

Tennis Guy Says:

Federer = James Bond

Rafa = Tarzan or George of the Jungle.

Novak = clown. Hard to take him seriously on any topic. He has cultivated a very goofy image for himself.

Murray = Vampire. [pale and those ugly canines and very unkempt and ugly]

Tsonga = Muhammad Ali.

alison Says:

^ Different strokes for different folks eh,whats one persons meat is another persons poison,be a boring old world if we all liked the same things^.

Polo Says:

Federer really does look classy. I could not think of any other tennis player who could pull that off. Roger probably has the most universal appeal in all sports.

alison Says:

Polo Federer is the classiest player to have ever played the game granted,but if you look at many of the players off court,dressed in suits they all seem to look classy and handsome,i dont know what other woman think,but if you look at some players on court they are not always the ones you take much notice of,put them in a suit completely different look indeed.

Polo Says:

alison, I agree that other players also look good and classy when they appear somewhere wearing suits. But that usually comes as a surprise unlike Federer who you expect to look polished all the time. And he carries himself well and he look comfortable wearing expensive stuff like it’s second skin. It just comes naturally. Moet knows how to pick a spokesman.

Polo Says:

By the way, my wife who is the biggest Nadal fan (she would not watch any tournament unless Nadal is entered)thinks Federer looks clean and classy all the time. She says he moves differently when compared with the other players. It’s his demeanor which gives him this classy air. She says he can wear anything and it will look expensive.

alison Says:

Polo yeah completely agree,its not just what you wear,but also the way you carry yourself,my husband says that about Kylie Minogue and Charlize Theron,both exude class,class personified,ala Roger Federer.

Dave Says:

Deborah: “There may have been double standards from fans but I’ve seen little criticism of Rafa’s endorsements from the tennis press. However, the tennis press has always given Roger a bit of flack about his high end sponsors, ESP his ties to Net jets. The tennis press has kept up the “humble Rafa” vs “imperial Roger” as part of the convenient contrasting storyline.”

Other double standards pre-date Nadal’s Barcadi endorsement in March 2011, so Fedfans have nothing to apologize for. For example, in 2007 on this very site certain posters hypocritically criticized Federer for wearing his sponsor Nike’s shoes at Wimbledon and US Open with little Swiss flags (to denote the number of titles won). For example, one long-time poster (who shall remain nameless): “Seems like Federer is saying that he deserves respect because he is great; he is, as he puts it, in a “different league” because of his numerous wins… Was it distasteful for Federer to wear Swiss flags on his shoes to demarcate all of his wins at the USO, or to wear crests on his “blazer” at Wimbledon to indicate each of his wins there? In other words, to wear “badges” of his wins, notches on his belt. Had any other player done so – Borg, Lendl, Sampras, Connors, or Rafa at RG for that matter – would it have been seen as tacky by the press or by fans, or maybe even as boasting? I wonder, but frankly, I think so.” Like most Federer critics, this poster failed to distinguish Federer the person from Federer the corporate sponsor’s representative, and was reacting personally as if Federer the person was doing it personally against her.

The hilarious thing is that these critics were silent when Nadal wore shoes (nike Air Max Breathe Cage II) with the same concept at the following year’s 2008 French Open. It had three logos representing the three French Open singles titles Rafa won.

Another example, Federer’s Rolex watch: Federer, who does not play ATP matches with a watch on his wrist, complies with his contractual requirementss to wear a Rolex after matches. This activates the irrational impulses of several Federer-haters to fixate on Federer’s watch (e.g., see link: “Federer, by contrast (to Murray), looked as sleek as a banker. Somehow he’d found time to put on a big gold watch – did he get paid for doing that?”). Never mind that these writers should know that this is common practice for any celebrity, newsmedia, movie, etc that’s endorsed by a sponsor — Murray himself wore his Rado while hoisting the US Open trophy a few months later (before the US Open prize ceremony Murray called out from the court to his girlfriend Kim Sears: “Have you got my watch? I don’t have my watch.”).

These haters behave as if Federer’s watch is a million-dollar symbol of excess, arrogance and snobbery, that Federer alone wears such stuff. Yet the watch Federer wore at the 2012 Wimbledon trophy presentation is only about $30,000 (Rolex Oyester Perpetual Day-Date II with 41mm Rose Gold case, black dial and President bracelet). Federer’s watch costs a fraction of the cost of the Richard Mille watches that Nadal wears on his right hand while playing and winning the French Open. At 2008 Canada Masters Nadal lost a $525,000 Richard Mille watch and at 2012 French Open he lost a $376,000 Richard Mille RM027 tourbillon watch. Yet Fed’s haters who highlight Fed’s Rolex hypocritically remain silent about Nadal , Murray and other players wearing watches.

These hypocrites are simply finding stuff to nitpick and exaggerate about Federer — otherwise they have nothing to criticize Fed with, and this makes the Fed haters feel inferior even more.

Because of his celebrity and status, Federer gets criticized by the few opportunists even for indrect stuff. A few years ago the anti-cigarette lobby targeted Federer because he played at the Swiss Indoors tennis tournamnent, which was then sponsored by Davidoff, the Swiss luxury tobacco goods. At Tennis Magazine, certan writers criticized Federer for living in Dubai because the Dubai WTA tournament had placed restrictions on Israeli Shahar Peer (no mention that the Israeli Mossad was widely suspected of an assassination operation in Dubai just months earlier, that Israel remains in a state of war with most Arab states since 1948, etc.).


As I said in the other blog, Federer’s Moet & Chandon endorsement has wider implications because he is now part of a larger business conglomerate beyond just champagne: Moet and Chandon is co-owner of LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), the French multinational luxury goods conglomerate which has over $30 Billion annual revenue, 83,000 staff and 2,400 stores worldwide. LVMH has over 60 subsidiary companies and many prestigious brands, including the following (I’m sure the ladies here will recognize most of the non-alcohol brands):
– Alcohol: Moët et Chandon (including Dom Perignon champagne), Hennessy, Krug, Glenmorangie, Ardbeg, etc.
– Fashion and Leather Goods: Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Givenchy, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, etc.
– Perfumes and Cosmetics: Christian Dior, Acqua di Parma, Guerlain, Loewe, etc.
– Watches and Jewelry: Bulgari, TAG Heuer, Zenith, Hublot, Chaumet, etc.
– Other retailing: Sephora, DFS Galleria (Duty Free Shops), France’s Le Bon Marche, etc.

alison Says:

Dave great post,let the players themselves decide on what endorsements they choose to promote,however i do maintain that they get paid too much for the privalege,and thats not singling Roger out,as im saying that about about all sportmen/women.

Polo Says:

If you can get as much money as possible from an endorsement deal why not?

alison Says:

Dave my post at the begining of this thread,was more to do with Steve O,and your right Fed fans have nothing to apologize for,for the most part they were all very fair and left Rafa alone just the odd one or two,silence is golden golden,as i say nothing wrong with either doing their own endorsements.

alison Says:

Polo yeah fair enough,can you also ask my boss to pay me that for washing/dressing and looking after 27 old people everyday,as what i earn is a pittance,sorry just saying(sigh),does it really have to be that much money,when the rest of the world are struggling in this day and age.

Polo Says:

It does seem unfair. But don’t we all wish we could get paid as much as we want by our employers? In this regard, athletes and celebrities are the same as any hired hand. What’s not the same is they get what they want. That’s when name recognition imposes its weight. They are famous and we are not. They draw in the consumers that the companies want. C’est la vie.

alison Says:

^I just think its too much sometimes,is all,overkill JMO.^

Alok Says:

When I see the amount of money paid for these endorsements I often wonder if the companies make back that amount enough to realize a profit and keep them going for a considerable period of time, or they run bankrupt, or they downsize.

Venus williams’ clothes line was a loss and she ended up suing the company.

Polo Says:

There are a lot of people out there who are celebrity crazy that they try to copy their style and buy what they wear or endorse. That’s why we have people like the Kardashians or the Hiltons who have amassed a great amount of wealth from whatever they endorse. It’s the same thing with athletes. Kids buy very expensive sneakers endorsed by the likes of Michael Jordan or LeBron James or whoever is very popular at the time. These celebrities and athletes get paid a lot for their endorsement deals because the company usually gets their money back and more.

j.eric Says:

@ alison

to you and of all of the other frustrated Nadal fans: where is your joy?

You do seem to focus endlessly on negative comments and perceived slights. Why not simply celebrate Rafa’s success, which, I know, some have unkindly rated as over-achievement.

Tell me, why to you indulge in foolish, self-defeating comparisons of Raphael to Roger. Self-defeating because Roger’s game and personality personify class, elegance and grace, while Raphael’s exude sweat, grit, vitriol and grunt, in a humble sort of way.

I suppose part of it is the anxiety of knowing the consensus among the tennis cogniscenti at this point in history is that your favourite player is tentatively rated a distant #2 behind Roger’s #1. I say tentatively because Djokovic is gaining fast on Rafa’s famously prominent tail.

The list of complaints and vicious criticisms against Roger is endless, borne of envy and definitely comes with the territory. Has anyone ever threatened to kidnap and behead Rafa? No. Do people call Rafa a cry baby? No, even though he hates being alone, is afraid of the dark and dogs.

You have to admit one thing, though, Rafa does promote a curious public image:rum drinking, gambling and taking off his clothes. for some unexplained reason, and running through parking garages in his underwear. I guess it all started with the Geronimo/pirate ensemble.

My honest reaction to your persistence in your theme in this blog is that you are trying to stir up controversy to engender hostility towards Roger. Does it make you happy to know you have succeeded? I think the answer to my question is contained in my second sentence.

alison Says:

J.Eric err i have never seen you post on this forum before,and its always great to have new people who come and join in the conversation,i have always tried to give an honest and unbiased opinion,and thats all i can ever do,im not perfect and i dont pretend to be,however to stir up controversy was never my intention,you have got me tagged all wrong if you think that,i dont see anything i said at the begining of this thread which was not objective i just wanted to here other peoples take is all especially the poster i mentioned,im actually delighted with Rafas achievements even if they do dwarf Rogers,however i also like and admire the achievments of Roger which are amazing second to none,i dont waste my time or nervous energy been bitter and angry about what i havent got lifes too short,im always delighted with what i have got,lets just say both players have to stomach their fair share of negativity some of it warranted some of it not,and like you say goes with the territory,personally i dont think theres anything wrong with what Roger or Rafa chose to endorse,although like Skeezer im not a fan of gambling,but Armani are a multi national brand of clothing likewise Bacardi,as are Moet and Chandon,now i dont know about anyone else on this forum,but i am the average working class British woman,i can afford a bottle of Bacardi,or a pair of jeans or Armani Undies for my husband,but i cant afford to gamble maybe the odd flutter on the British Grand National when it comes around but thats all,but a cannot afford to buy a Rolex or a bottle of Moet and Chandon,but your right Roger does have more class as a person and as a player,and theres no getting away from that,i have been posting on this forum for around 18 months now,and have to say i think i get on with most people although granted not everyone as nobodys perfect,my apologies again for offending you,but i think your post directed at me was rather unfair but your entitled to your opinion.

alison Says:

^BTW at the moment Roger has 17 GS,Rafa has 11 GS,and Novak has 5 GS,Rafa may overtake Roger who knows?Novak may overtake Rafa again who knows?but at the moment they have what they have,and what they could have is pure speculation,but i will say this to make things clear to the naysayers,im a fan of Rafa the player(for my sins)not Rafa for his legacy,Novak may well go on to surpass Rafa only time will tell,if its meant to happen it will if not then it wont time will tell,its only a game,hardly the end of the world.

alison Says:

^Also last post on the subject,but as a fan i only look for my favorite to suceed,not for their rivals to fail,Rafas never been called a cry baby or had death threats,which are sick,but he has had people call him a hopeless cripple who belongs in a wheelchair,and someone that would pimp his own mother for enough money,so i guess its like i said above both players stomach their fair share of negativity,not nice uncalled for isnt it?

Steven Says:

How much is Federer worth after signing this deal?

I read here $200-300 million but I think it maybe more? http://www.perfect-tennis.co.uk/how-much-is-roger-federer-worth/

Someone told me he gets a % of all RF Nike clothing sales too. They must sell quite well!

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