Roger Federer Looks Back 10 Years
by Tom Gainey | January 17th, 2013, 10:34 am

Following another easy win Thursday night over fellow 31-year-old Nikolay Davydenko, Roger Federer reflected on changes in the game and his style of player over the past 10 years.

“Obviously life on the tour has changed a lot personally for me and on the court as well,” Federer said. “I’m much more experienced today. I know what I can expect from myself in terms of my level of play early on.

“I’m much stronger today physically clearly so I can always rely on that as well, extend the rallies, don’t have to be worried about that. Whereas in the past people knew or thought if you go past two hours on clay against Federer, he’ll not get better from that point on, he’ll get weaker.”

Federer added that changes in the game have made his a better player.

“I would hope I’m a better player today,” he said. “But obviously things have changed around a lot: strings, racquets, court speed, opponents.

“Obviously, I came through in an era where I had to base my game against Sampras, Agassi, those kind of guys, and not the roadrunners. They came at the same time with me.

“Courts were faster then. It was more absorbing, the pace and creating something with it. Now it’s much different, much easier to find angles. So over time I had to adjust my game a little bit. I’m happy I was able to and find a way and be successful for a long period of time.”

Federer went on the say that he feels tennis is up to high you play and not your opponent.

“I’m a big believer in playing with your own strength instead of always focusing on just your opponent, what does he do good, what does he do bad. In a heartbeat you know exactly what your opponent can do. It’s just a matter of compressing it all together when it’s really important and then be confident in your own playing. At the end of the day, you have a lot to say as well out there.”

Federer will put those wits to the test again Saturday against the brash Bernard Tomic in the Australian Open third round.

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16 Comments for Roger Federer Looks Back 10 Years

bstevens Says:

10 years ago, Roger Federer lost to David Nalbiandian in the 4th round when both had 0 grand slams. What a difference 10 years make.

skeezer Says:

“I’m much stronger today physically…” wow, glad he feels like this. Sounds like alot left in him….his legs have for sure gotten stronger.


“Obviously, I came through in an era where I had to base my game against Sampras, Agassi, those kind of guys, and not the roadrunners. They came at the same time with me”

Roadrunners! LOL Love this quote…..welcome to the new world of Road Runner Tennis. Beeeek Beeeek!

Giles Says:

Roadrunners? Wtf

RZ Says:

“Roadrunners” LOL. But it’s a good word to describe how well the top players move today. I remember when Lleyton Hewitt stood out for his movement, and before him Michael Chang. Now so many of the top guys are really fast!

Michael Says:

Where this man gets his energy and motivation despite achieving everything in the Sport ? He is a perfect example as to how a sportsman should be. He has all that he can ask for, but he still wants to achieve more. That is Roger. He breathes and loves Tennis. I do not think it would be easy to find such a player in the near future. He is an enigma to any Tennis lover. Roger, to tell in one word is a “Class Act”. Allez Roger !!

Alok Says:

Fed was interviewed by ESPN crew after his last win. They asked Fed about his goals for this year. He said he still wants to get back to No.1, and enjoys competing.

alison Says:

Its amazing that after all these years a guy like Roger still has the desire,drive,hunger,motivation and will to suceed,after breaking every record there is to break he still seems hungry for more,nothing left to prove in tennis,just playing for the shear love of the game,i very much doubt there will ever be another Roger Federer,the likes we will never see again,once in a lifetime type of player.

Giles Says:

A plus for Fed is that he doesn’t have any health issues unlike some players!! Only downside, I suppose, is he is getting old!!

Giles Says:
Wotz with the pink shoes and pink laces Fed!! Horrendous! Lol

alison Says:

Giles must admit i did look at the shoes and also think horrendous,Roger looks best when he keeps it plain and simple,the rest of the look is great though,mind you Rafas also worn some horrible outfits in the past,those brown patterned shorts and pink shirt ensemble yuck what was he thinking.

Giles Says:

Alison. I think the checked shorts were by far the worst. Don’t think he will repeat the same mistake again! Lol

alison Says:

Giles yeah thank goodness for that lol,my favorite Rafa look was the green sleevless shirt and kharki pirate pants he wore for the FO in 2008,as Jane said it set him apart from the rest,although i like his hair short,and the all black look was hot when he won the USO in 2010.

skeezer Says:

Fed said he likes to mess around wity colors in his fashion, but agree he needs to drop the pink. When has there been anytime that pink looks good on a guy?

Liked him best in the Darth Vader look, all Black!

steve-o Says:

He’s the champion. He plays for love of the game and the pursuit of excellence alone. That’s why he works so hard and puts so much into tennis despite having won so much. It’s really that simple.

alison Says:

Skeezer i like Feds all black look,like it when the look is plain and simple.

Jonathan @ peRFect Tennis Says:

Roadrunners. Very good description!

This presser was terrible though, all about the Tomic match and no questions about Davydenko. Fair enough it’s a big match for Aussie press and fans but at least keep it balanced!

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