Novak Djokovic Presser: Winning Three Australian Opens In A Row Is Incredible, I’m Full Of Joy Right Now
by Tom Gainey | January 27th, 2013, 9:36 am

Congrats to all the Novak Djokovic fans. He is without doubt the best player in tennis right now. Djokovic etched his name in the history book becoming the first player in the Open Era to win three straight Australian Open titles tonight after topping rival Andy Murray in four sets 67, 76, 63, 62.

Djokovic’s 21st straight win in Melbourne, the fourth of his career, gives him a career Slam haul of six, equaling Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg.

Early in the match it was Murray who led by a set and held break points in the second. Djokovic, who had won a five-set marathon a week ago over Stan Wawrinka on the same court, wouldn’t relent and fought his way back into the match.

Djokovic also gains revenge on Murray for the US Open defeat. He now leads the Scot 11-7 in their series. The 25-year-old’s also won 11 straight matches against his fellow Top 10ers.

With Davis Cup next weekend, Djokovic is planning to fly out of town in just a few hours to join his team in preparation. The Serb even handed out chocolates to the media gathered in his presser.

Here’s what Novak said after the 3-hour, 40-minute win:

Q. Last year you were in here about 4:00 in the morning. This is a good time to finish, I guess.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Relatively early (smiling).

Q. How hard was that match for you tonight?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It’s hard. I mean, when you play one of your biggest rivals and somebody that is in the top form in finals of a Grand Slam, there is a lot to play for.
I think it went 2 hours, 20 minutes, the first two sets. I think that says enough about the intensity of the match.
I kind of expected that. I knew that it’s going to be physically very demanding, a lot of long rallies, so I needed to hang in there. I’ve done that. There was a few turning points in the match. Maybe one of them was the second game in the second set when I was Love 40 against the breeze. He missed a few shots. I managed have that crucial hold.
After that I felt just mentally a little bit lighter and more confident on the court than I’ve done in the first hour or so.

Q. Anything noticeably different you did from the US Open final to here?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: All our matches in last three years have been decided in a very few points, so it’s really hard to say if I’ve done anything different.
Yeah, I tried to be more aggressive. So I went for my shots, especially in the third and fourth; came to the net quite often. I was quite successful in that percentage, so it worked well for me.
I needed to be the one who dictates the play, and I’m really glad that I’ve played my best.

Q. How does this compare with the others you’ve won, the feeling?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Every tournament, especially the major tournaments, is very special. So every win, of course also adding to that the history part, you know, winning it three in a row, it’s incredible. It’s very thrilling. I’m full of joy right now.
It’s going to give me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season, that’s for sure.

Q. You and Andy are two of the best returners in the game, but it took over 30 games in this match before anybody broke. Why do you think that was tonight?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, we both served well, I think. We were holding our service games quite comfortably.
I was serving better against him today in the first two sets than I’ve done in any of the match in the last two years. But I knew that he’s incredible returner and has that ability to make you play always an extra shot.
To be able to get a lot of free points on the serve was definitely a positive.

Q. Andre Agassi always played very well in this tournament. You got the trophy from him tonight. Is there something similar in your attitudes, styles, that means you tend to start the season in such terrific form?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Maybe the style of clothing that we had. He had many colors and I love colors, so on that regard maybe there is some similarities.
But, no, also he’s I think one of the players that changed the game not just the game itself, but also the way the people see it. He’s a legend of the sport, of course. He had so much success. He won everything: Gold medal, Olympic Games, Grand Slam, everything.
Also he made a huge impact on the sport by changing the style. He was I think one of the first baseline groundstroke players on the tour. Most of the players before him were playing serve and volley. That’s where the game started to change a bit and you could have more players winning the events from the baseline.
So it was obviously a big pleasure and honor for me to receive the trophy from him.

Q. Another major and another semifinal with three of the top four and two of the top four winning. Do you think the gap is closing at all or is the gap growing with the rest of the field?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I think that’s a question that can be always asked. I don’t find a really great answer for that. As I was saying before, it is logical in a way to expect the top four players to be the main contenders to win the trophy.
But I never want to underestimate the rest of the field, the rest of the players, especially the ones in the top 10, the top 15. I was a few points away from losing the match against Wawrinka in the fourth round here. That says enough about the competitiveness of the sport and the quality that other players bring. And he’s around 15 in the world.
So it is possible. It is possible for them to make a breakthrough, to win against the top guys in major events. Tsonga, Del Potro, Ferrer, these guys have done it in the past. Berdych. It’s always a possibility.
But I guess the top four are the most dominant ones in last five years.

Q. What are your goals for the rest of the season? Is the French Open a priority for you now?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Priority for me now is to enjoy this victory. In life, you know, you don’t get many of the opportunities to win Grand Slams. As a tennis player, that’s a pinnacle of the ambitions and of the success.
So I try to enjoy it for few days with the people I love the most, family, friends, and team.
And then after I turn to the rest of the season. It’s Davis Cup already coming up, indoors, clay courts, next weekend, so that’s going to be a lot of fun (smiling).
And then after that, obviously there is still four or five months till the French Open. Of course, I want to go all the way in French Open. I went to the finals last year and had a great match against Rafa, but he’s always the favorite on that surface and he’s the ultimate player to beat on clay.
But I think if I continue on playing well, stay healthy, I can have a chance.

Q. You had tough losses to Rafa and Roger and Andy in the last three Grand Slams coming in here. Going into today, any special motivation saying that you wanted another Grand Slam title?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: What more motivation you need than from this trophy? Just seeing it and reading the names of the winners in last 50, 100 years, it’s incredible. To be also mentioned in the history aspect, you know, and winning three in a row, it’s a huge achievement.
So I’m always motivated in every match that I play on. But of course Grand Slam finals are always bringing something new, something special to every player, and that’s where you want to perform your best.

Q. This final and last year were incredibly physical. Do you get a sense it’s taking stuff out of you or you’re just taking it in your stride?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, as somebody that has experiences playing on the big stage in Grand Slam finals, especially against the top guys, I expected that to happen.
I tried to use that necessary experience in the past to implement that in my game, in my mental approach and mindset before this final.
I didn’t expect an easy match. You never get the Grand Slam trophy in an easy way. You have to earn it. I’m very glad that I’m sitting next to it now.

Q. You spoke about Andre. Are you changing the game, too? If yes, in what aspect do you think?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I leave you guys to judge about changing the game or not. I’m just trying to play this game with 100% of devotion, love, passion, and fun also. I mean, 25 years old and I won six Grand Slams and have a lot of trophies.
It’s amazing. You know, I’m just trying to embrace this moment and enjoy it as much as I can and see where tomorrow brings me.

Q. Last year you played the second semifinal, had less rest; this year the opposite. How different is it going into these two finals because of that? Do you think they should change anything to make it more even?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Only thing I can say regarding this tournament is it’s a fantastic success. I mean, the things and the work they have done for the players is tremendous. They keep on improving and striving to be the best out of all the Grand Slams, all the tournaments. I think they’re right at the top.
So all these guys who are part of the organization on the top with Craig Tiley, the tournament director, are making sure the players feel comfortable. I’m sure you have heard and seen many of the positive compliments from the players, men’s and women’s, about this tournament. Others should follow this example.
I enjoy it. I enjoy it as much as I can.
Changes in the game are always questionable. It depends from what perspective you’re looking at it. But it is the way it is. For everybody it’s the same. I’m just glad to be a winner once more.

Q. Do you switch from one surface to another surface?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: That’s why I said it’s going to be a lot of fun next weekend to see how I can adjust to clay court in indoor conditions, playing away Davis Cup, which is always tricky.
But, look, you know, right now my thoughts are going in this trophy, enjoying as much as I can. Hopefully I’m going to have time to recover and get ready for that tie.

Q. Do you think you’re the funnest guy in players nowadays?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Do you think (smiling)?

Q. I also heard from some ballkids, they said you are always humor. I notice you said hello to Jie Zheng in Chinese in the press conference, too. I want to know about your philosophy in life for humor?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It’s tough to find a rational answer for that question.
But the only thing I can say is I try to enjoy what I do and every moment of the life that I have is a blessing.
There is so many athletes, professional tennis players around the world and it’s such a global sport, they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and to succeed.
I mean, what else can you do but to be happy and try to, you know, bring that joy to the other people around, especially in the tournaments. Everybody has bad days. I’m not always funny or laughing. It’s normal. But generally I’m aware of the fact that it’s an incredible trip for me, you know, being a professional tennis player.
I don’t know if you’re informed or not. I got the permission to leave tonight actually very early in the morning, not tomorrow. So I’m very sorry, and I apologize for not talking to you furthermore tomorrow.
The main reason for that is because I want to get to Europe as quick as possible so I can be ready for the Davis Cup tie. I hope I find your understanding for that.
In the end, there is a little tradition that we try to initiate in World Tour Finals in London, the end of the year, the last press conference, gave chocolate to all the people who were in the press.
I want to start the year with the same thing, if you allow me.
Let’s keep it sweet.

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70 Comments for Novak Djokovic Presser: Winning Three Australian Opens In A Row Is Incredible, I’m Full Of Joy Right Now

Wog boy Says:

the DA,

If you are still around, it looks like you were right, he is flying out early in the morning. Actually it is already early morning here, 2am.

Good luck Champ, job well done. Have fun in Belgrade and good luck in Belgum.

Nina Says:

Relax and enjoy Nole, my dear champion!

Michael Says:

My hearty congratulations to Novak and his fans. He has done the hattrick which is a stupendous achievement by any standards. I do not think even Roger has done that at the Australian Open. So, Novak can be very proud about his extraordinary feat. I tipped him to be the winner right from the start of the tournament and I am happy my prophecy came true, although I thought Andy and Roger had a slight chance, it didn’t translate on the ground. Poor Andy. This is his sixth final and he has won only one which implies his poor conversion ratio in the finals. But Andy need not lose heart. He played quite brilliantly in the first and most part of the second where he outplayed Novak from the back of the court. The turning point of the match was when Andy had three break points on Novak’s serve in the second set having already won the first set. If he had won that second set too, Novak would have been in a real soup. But he fatally committed a double fault in the tie break of the second set just like Novak in the first and that turned the game head on. In the third and fourth, Novak found his rampaging form and Andy just couldn’t cope up with and the fourth set ended rather tamely in total contrast to the tight three sets. Looking ahead, Novak has already on six majors and this year he has the chance to even win a Grand slam considering that Rafa will be coming after a long lay off and may not pose such a big threat at Rolland Garros. Tennis is today dominated by the top four and what a Quality these privileged men have done to this sport by taking Tennis to the highest level. Some of the rallies of Andy and Novak were seen to be believed where they were retrieving some of the toughest angles and taking atheletism to the highest level. My kudos to them.

Brando Says:

Missed the match completely unfortunately.

Came here anyhow to offer my congratulations to nole for his well earned win and also to his nice, fair fans such as Jane, Wog Boy, Courbon and folks of that ilk.

Enjoy the win.

grendel Says:

Michael – just peering into the dark, which is all we can do at the moment, I do think Nadal will likely be hot favourite for the French. Don’t forget he has the Latin American swing to get back into the feel of things. And if Nadal wins the French, he will be a potent force at Wimbledon. Losing in the 2nd round last year is not as significant as it might seem. trufan pointed out he has come close to losing more than once early in the tourney, when the grass is still green. I can’t see him tripping over that particular hurdle again.

Djokovic will again be Nadal’s chief threat. Wimbledon is open, with all the big 4 being contenders. But in general, and assuming reasonable health, it is hard to see beyond Djokovic, and to a lesser degree Murray over the next few years. I can see Djokovic overhauling Sampras – he really is a monumentally great player, and the sky is the limit.


Thanx Brando

Huh Says:


i think u r wrong here when u predict nole to overtak pete. i dont see it happening unless nole swiftly overtakes rafa first. n he’s almost 25.5. he’s at most 2.5 years of youthful energy left. given his physical styl, its hard to see him crossin rafa tally. rafa did well to win many slams befor 25.

Huh Says:


fed had won 11 by the time he reachd 26, rafa’s won 12. nole, evn if he wins RG, would’ve 7 by age 26. so i dunno how can nole overtak pete by winnin 8 mor slams aftr crossin the 26 mark! it’s nevr been done before how many guys’ve won 7-8 slams in the modern times aftr crossin 26??? not many for sure! not even fed has won 8 aftr crossin 26!

Huh Says:


however i agree that nadal can do damage in wimbledon if he goes ther winnin FO.

Brando Says:

Agree with Huh and Grendel re rafa: he’ll be a contender there (Wimby) IF he wins FO.

Re nole overtaking Sampras: To do that he has to win 9 more slams to hit the mark of 15.

He’ll be 26 by FO time.

How many 26 YO players won 9 slams post that mark?

The all time slam record winner, Federer, won 6 slams post his 26 the birthday.

And Fed is arguably the most fittest player, with a all surface game, who consistently reached a minimum of QTRS and even SF post that mark.

IMHO, 12 is the absolute maximum for nole considering fed’s achievement.

Remember, Muzza is his age and will be a real rival for the title in 3 of the 4 slams.

And then there is rafa at FO- always a threat IF fully fit.

alison Says:

Brando yeah great post,and whos to say Roger/Rafa are both done winning GS anyway?IMO Nole still has some way to go before surpassing either if them,OK they might not dominate anymore but thats not to say both are all of a sudden out of contention,and its a possibility that the GS are shared again this year,or some new blood could make a GS breakthrough.

vox777 Says:

Grendel, great post. Thanks!

grendel Says:

Huh, and also alison from other thread. I was a bit unclear, I definitely didn’t predict Djokovic overhauling Sampras. That is unlikely, Brando is correct. I said I could see him doing so – and I still can. It’s a “just about possible” scenario, whereas once it would have seemed complete dreamland.

These are the reasons I can see Djokovic being so dominant. First, he is undoubtedly the best player in the world today and by a very considerable margin. Then, of his rivals, Federer is unlikely to win more than two more, and may not manage that. Nadal is a complete unknown – we have to see. If he does indeed return to his best, then Sampras is safe – at least from Djokovic, though not, ironically, from Nadal. I still think there is a big question mark over Murray. He is such a good player, but he will never, in my estimation, be quite as effective as Djokovic. And since he is an exact contemporary, that leaves him with something of a problem. Of course, lady luck, in various forms, can intervene here.

And then finally, there is no one waiting in the wings. delpo, Berdych, Tsonga – they might pinch one or two, especially Tsonga who one can see continuing to improve. But there are no newbies. Tomic, Janowicz – not exactly young uns anymore – might develop into real threats, who knows. But whereas in the women’s game there are a few youngsters who have suddenly burst onto the scene and will clearly make their mark, there is noone like that in the men’s game. And when one does emerge, it will presumably will take a couple of years before he becomes a slam contender.

So the real question is: just how strong is Djokovic? He has such a physical game, you wonder how long he can keep it up. But if he can – and no doubt that is a tall order – for the reasons given above, I do think he will dominate at least for the next two years and maybe more. In which case, he will be within shouting distance of Sampras.

Unlikely, but not out of the question would be my verdict.

alison Says:

Grendel my post had more to do with two other posters named Nole Rules and Jamie,who dont get me wrong are both entitled to their own personal opinions,but i just think they are getting rather carried away,with their OTT enthusiasm for their favorite,your post was fair,honest,open and balanced,but also plausible,but without the unrealistic expectations.

Bada Bing Says:

I agree, Jamie gets really obnoxious with his astrology prediction that Murray is always going to win, according to ‘experts’.

jamie Says:

I see Alison is upset. Tough luck for Murray.

Maybe he wins Wimbledon. Federer is old. Nole is not that hot on grass. Nadal is always injured. Best chance for Murray at a slam this year.

alison Says:

Thankyou Bada Bing love the monicor BTW LOL.

Giles Says:

Yeah, Jamie is always predicting Andy to win if only to jinx him. He is a Nole fan.

alison Says:

Jamie on the contrary,i dont see anything in my post which was not been purely objective,in life things can go one way or another today was Novaks day and i congratulated him and all his fabulous fans on this forum,as for Murray and his fans bad luck and better luck next time,i am pretty happy with what both my favorites have done in their careers,and i only look for them to suceed and not for their rivals to fail,unlike some i dont have to be completely happy unless others are completely miserable.

alison Says:

Jamie what you dont seem to understand is that its only a game when all is said on done,hardly the end of the world is it?

Huh Says:


nobody can dominate after crossin 26, nor would nole. many peopl thought rafa as god who can just smash all the records(but you know, i was nevr one of them), same is now with nole perhaps. but that aint happening, that novak crossin pete. rafa also used to win som incredibl mathces n tournaments in the most incredibl manner, but now he’s far from not only fed, but also pete. althou i would say rafa may touch or cross pete mark. rafa i can see winning somthin from 0-4 slams, but not mor than that, no way! similarly nole can, lik brando says, reach 12 slams max. but anythin beyond that is out of reach imo. i’d believ the likeliness of nole challengin pete tally only if i see him touchin the borg tally anytime soon. till then, i’d giv him somthin lik 8-10, or may be with som major luck: 12 slams, at most.

and rafa, i do feel will end very near to pete. i wont be surprised if he matches or wins one mor GS than pete. but i also feel 15 is rafa’s limit, he cant cros that, no way! i particularly see rafa as the most dangerous player in FO by miles, if he’s anywhere even close to his best. for others to hav their hands on phillipe chatrier, nadal needs to b realy below par. and another place where rafa definitely can win at least once mor is that illustrious wimbldon. nadal is scary good in grass when he’s made up his mind n he LOVES wimbldon, almost as much as or even mor than FO, coz thats the place where he rose to prominence by starting his conques tof roger federer, n wimby will always b clos to the heart of nadal. so he has chances at both wimby n RG.

in anothr thread similarly, i’ve already stated that the next men’s champion has already perhaps arrived in the form of tomic. i do think tomic’s the real deal. he is egoistic but also highly ambitious n he certainly will improv. i dont lik his attitud in his pampered respect, but his attitude of self-belief i do like. but his game needs improvment n i see him improvin for sure.

Huh Says:

“Nadal is a complete unknown – we have to see. If he does indeed return to his best, then Sampras is safe – at least from Djokovic, though not, ironically, from Nadal.”


i can kill to hav ur styl of writing, you sure got style!!! :D

Brando Says:


Excellent 4.06 post.

Agree with your thoughts in that one for sure!

alison Says:

Huh great post,i liked the way Grendel was just examining it as a possibility,Novak is the best player there is right now,but add what does get irritating is posters all of a sudden,assuming its such a foregone conclusion that Rafa/Roger are done,and therefore Novak will mop up everything in sight,and not thinking also that some other new player could make a breakthrough,do these people think that everyone else is just going to stand still?add to that Novak never won a title on CCs or grass courts last year,so do people all of a sudden think Rafa and Roger would not be a factor on their best surfaces,just saying.

jamie Says:

A new player could make a breakthrough? LOL. The generation born in the early 90s is lousy. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

alison Says:

Huh is that right Nole will be 26 this year?

jane Says:

^ Yes alison: Murray and Nole turn 26 in May, and I think Rafa turns 27 in June?

grendel Says:


I finished my last post:”So the real question is: just how strong is Djokovic? He has such a physical game, you wonder how long he can keep it up.” Oddly enough, just a little later mat4 (2.04) posted on other thread a passage from Mouratoglou. My schoolboy French was just about up to reading it, and he sort of answered my question. If it is accurate then it appears Djokovic has the ideal physique for tennis. I see MMT pours cold water on the Mouratoglou piece, remarking that Murray and others are just as fit, but that is not quite the point. The question is whether Djokovic has the kind of physique which will allow him to play at the top level for many more years to come. I am not qualified to comment on this, but at least it seems that some who are qualified think he is. I thought Wog boy’s quote from Jim Courier was interesting, and it supplements MMT’s admiration of his technique. Of course, a very good technique doesn’t merely improve a player’s success rate, it helps him to last longer, because less effort and strain goes into the making of the strokes. I was (when talking of Djokovic’s “physical” game) rather naively influenced by the appearance of effort in Novack’s game. To someone who doesn’t know a lot about the technical side of tennis, Djokovic’s tennis can look very muscular, in the way Nadal’s does. I have to assume this is something of an illusion.

Huh, I agree, 12 slams would be remarkable for Djokovic. But, you know, if you get 12, well….12+1 =, and then 13+…. All I am saying is that some interesting vistas are opening up for Djokovic. And about Tomic – yes, he is good, and great to watch. How far will he go? No idea, but he’s definitely the most promising of all those middle aged babes on the tour…

Huh Says:

thanks brando n alison, for agreeing. :) n yeah, nole’ll b 26 soon

Huh Says:


tomic’s the only promising one of the young brigade.

n i put nole between 8-10 slams.

mat4 Says:

I read predictions about winning 10,12, 14 slams… How many players managed that in the last 30 years?

As a Nole fan, I think it is a huge call for him to win 8, and to achieve the career slam. The margins are so small, and time changes fast in tennis. And if he somehow manages to win a double digit number of slams, it would make me very, very happy.

I don’t see Tomic being more than a good top 10. Perhaps, when this generation fades, he will be able to win some slams, but he is far, far away from the top three players from the last few years. He doesn’t move well enough, and I don’t see him be that kind of athlete.

grendel Says:


absolutely not prediction. Isn’t one allowed to play? This is a blog. All manner of things have to happen for Djokovic to get to 12, never mind 14. Highly unlikely they all will. But each particular barrier, in itself, is surmountable. So it’s kind of fun imagining Djokovic successfully tackling each of the barriers. Something about numbers….

Just imagining, you know. Just imagining…

Brazil Federer Fan Says:

Here is my prediction:

Novak will win 15 slams. Rafa will win less than that.

Novak, has the ideal physique for tennis – like federer/sampras – thin and wiry.

murray/nadal got too much upper body weight and their careers will be plagued with injuries. Nadal is lucky in that his body has definitely held up very well given his absolutely taxing style of play. The next time he is “injured” it really could be career-ending. I don’t see him winning another hard-court or grass slam. In 2011 and 2012, murray, roger and djokovic have been better Grass court players than him. Delpotro is improving on that stuff and tomic will be really hard to beat there.

Let us also not forget, Djokovic has a great chance at the calendar slam this year. Rather, he is the only player presently with that chance!

grendel Says:

There was a clinical side to Djokovic, imo, but perhaps he needed to reside in the land of pong for a good while until such time as he had mastered his trade. Then he could expand into the glorious shot maker he now is. Doesn’t stop him doing a spot of pong from time to time. Nothing wrong with that – tennis, like anything good, is about rhythms, and pong is one of them. The trick is not to get stuck in pong.

So the case of Murray is strange. He is player of huge gifts who doesn’t seem quite to trust them. So whereas Djokovic is the master where pong is concerned – that is, he resorts to it when he needs to – pong sometimes seems to be the master of Murray. That is sad.

Nadal is a special case. I’ve never seen anyone quite like him. Even his pong – well, it’s not like, say, Volandri’s pong, where eternity beckons. All the time, if you keep your eyes open, you sense a panther probing for an opening. Nadal is an incredibly exciting player, but if you let hostility get in the way, you don’t see this. You just see pong, or imagine you do.

So pong is deceptive. A yawn inducer – or that lull which harbours a devastating storm….

MMT Says:

grendel: One correction to your post at 5:15 – you’re perfectly well qualified to comment on Djokovic’s potential. We all are.

mat4 Says:


You are so optimistic… As a Novak fan, I just hope you will be right, and I will be wrong.

But I honestly think that the appearance of Sampras, Federer and finally Nadal has a bit distorted the numbers. 10+ is big. Huge.

Ben Pronin Says:

Novak can easily end this year with a slam haul of 7 or even 8 depending on Nadal’s status. And if he wins 1 or 2 more next year and even 1 more the year after that. I would hope for him to get to 12. That’s double what he has now but considering his form I think it’s very doable. I feel like 10 would be aiming too low for him.

Giles Says:

There are far too many Jamie’s (remember Jamie, the quack astrologer?) predicting glory, glory and more glory for Djoker and gloom and doom for the rest. Not so fast guys, let’s just wait and see! I can probably understand your euphoria but remember tomorrow is another day, so hold your horses! #YouMayBeSurprised

Ben Pronin Says:

Giles, absolutely hilarious. My favorite is Brad Gilbert giving everyone ridiculous nicknames. And the great Tomic logic.

Giles Says:

Ben. I must admit I havnt read any of Brad Gilbert’s humour. Do you have a link?

Ben Pronin Says:

Giles, I’m referring to your link. In the reactions, every time BG comments, he’s making up a ridiculous nickname. That’s what he does with every single player. He can’t just call her Angelique Kerber, he’s gotta call her Kerber Baby. Gin and Tomic, Doughnut Dave, etc. It’s just hilarious in this context.

alison Says:

Giles exactly great post anythings possible best to wait and see.

alison Says:

Giles Funily enough Jamie was saying after the Wawrinka match Nole is getting less and less dominant every year at the AO,taken to 5 sets by Wawrinka lol,or words to that effect,now all off a sudden hes gonna dominate everything,hmm quite the turnaround,so i wouldnt take his posts too seriously if i were you,as for the pyschic predictions i would take them with a pinch of salt.

Giles Says:

Ben. Am with you. Yes the.nicknames I like Donut Dave!

Daniel Says:

Federer is the only player in the open era to have won more than 5 Slams after turning 26, he won 6. All the other won 5 or less.

I am with Huh here, Djoko will turn 26 on May, during RG so he will have 5 more Slams in him. If as good as Fed, 6. 12 being the max number.

But we don’t know if Fed is done winning Slams. I believe his goal always was to surpass Smapras at Wimbledon. So he will play until he got 8. Tis year he will be defending champion with a good shot at the title, added by Nadal unknown form. This RG willbe indeed one of the most thrilling ones. As long as Fed has a shot or feels like he has one at Wimbledon he will play. Also he can pursuit a lucky Slam as Sampras had one in US Open 2002. That Slam where everything fall into places. Most critics predicted Fed would reach 18 and I think he has at least 1 more Slam in him. The guy was #1 at 31 of age less than 6 months ago…
Also nobody won Slams after 32, so Fed will have untill Wimbledon 2014 still aged 32 to win more (6 more Slams played until he turns 33).

Applying the same standard for Nadal if he wins 5 Slams after 26 (which re turned during RG last year) he has more 4 Slams in him: total 15.

Murray is a question mark still. Irony is: Djoko is prevent Nadal from reaching Federer and Murray can be the one preventing Djoko from reaching Nadal.

But I see Djoko as minimum 10. As long as you winn a Slam, you will always have the defending champion to next year and with the prospect of Nadal not retunring to his best in RG, Murray still a no show on clay and Fed (closest to 32) may not give his all in RG, Djoko will be the clear favorite there.

The most open Slam is Wimbledon where the top 4 are co favourites. Djoko’s worst Slam nullifying his #1 status, Fed’s best compensating age, Murray is yet to deliver but his most consistant Slams together with AO and Nadal’s form depends on an RG win.

I also see Djoko winning 3 this year. So history books could be re-writen this year and basically it will all depend mostly on Nadal’s return, and how he does it!

jane Says:

Giles I enjoyed that link – love those mock Facebook posts! And yeah, Brad Gilbert’s dumb nicknames are hilarious!! :)


Daniel, for some reason the magic number for me with Nole is 8; as long as he ends with 8. But one has to be a French Open title. :) If he gets 10, just wow!! Over-the-moon.

Wog boy Says:


Number 8 is Chinese lucky number.

Giles Says:
Great article. I especially appreciate the paragraphs on Rafa!! #VamosKing

Huh Says:

Giles!!! where did u get that link from???!!! its HILARIOUS EVER!!! my face got pained readin it n laughin, hohoho :P

Huh Says:


m referin to your player reaction post on nole win!

Huh Says:

everybody pleas read the giles’ funny link pleas! if u havnt read it, u miss somthin as a tennis fan for sure! thats a MUST READ FOR ALL COMING HERE!!!

alison Says:

Huh yeah ive read it and your right its hilarious all the nicknames for the players are classics.

alison Says:

Giles thanks for that article,although i have enjoyed the AO and USO,i cant deny it will still be great having Rafa back,loved the last paragraph saying win or loose dont care just want him back ditto to that.

alison Says:

Thomas Thats also very funny i really enjoy these parody type of links.

Giles Says:…_6014.html
Another great article. Me thinks most of the tennis world has been missing Rafa!! #AndSoTheyShould

alison Says:

Giles Margot actually said after the Djokovic/Ferrer match,that she was also missing Rafa too,somewhere along the lines of the semis been more competitive with Rafa around,pretty much what was said in your article,cant wait to have him back playing.

Huh Says:

alison n giles:

add me too to the list of the fans really missin rafa. n to b honest, whil i think fedovic or mur-derer matches r som of th most xcitin to watch, yet there’s still nothin in tennis in the last 2 decades that’s been as immens as a fedal! with guys lik fed n rafa, the court just lights up a bit more! notwithstandin what others hav done or hav been doin right now, fed n rafa just create mayhem among fans n emotions n passions run highest when they r there!

i cant evn imagin fed missin big tournaments due to injuries, so i can only imagin how painful must it b for u guys! n if u ask me, oz open too missed rafa, i continued to feel a vaccum throughout the championship, the spark was a littl less, but it wasnt so difficult for me to understand that it was rafa’s absence. i salute rafa, the champion, the fighter, n the player. my heart goz out 2 u. n i damn want rafa back!

n wat to speak of rafa, i miss even xisca! ;)

Giles Says:

Huh. I appreciate your sentiments for Rafa and Fedal. I suppose we can just miss their battles for the moment but hey, who knows, they might just come back into fashion, so to speak! Hasn’t been an easy 7 odd months for Rafa fans but hopefully he will come back healthy and as competitive as ever and we will once again experience the joy and excitement he has provided us with over the years! VamosKing

Giles Says:

Huh. Now, now, lay off Xisca. She is Rafa’s property! Lol

Huh Says:


;) n mwah for xisca :p

and nonetheless vamos rafa! :D

and btw, of cours we gona c a few mor fedals befor they finaly walk off into sunset. but right now, i dont c sunset, its still day for fedal fans! :D

Huh Says:


man, that was superduper funny! u n giles hav posted 2 classic articles of tennis humor! kudos!

Huh Says:

SUPR FUNNY: From fed diary, as per thomas link

“What can I say? Losing is just a miserable feeling. It’s like waking up to the realization that my cowlick is acting up; like using a public john only to realize they stock one-ply toilet paper; like attempting to hug Mirka from behind only to realize it’s one of our seven nannies. It just takes some time to recover, that’s all.” LMAO!

Huh Says:

From thomas’ link. MUST READ:-

“Roger Federer’s Diary: The Aftermath
Despite the constant presence of his loving family and a team of handlers to rival that of an international pop star, Roger Federer finds time to write in his Italian leather-bound journal.

By Blair Henley

January 26, 2013 – The Day After

My emotions are still running high. That match with Andy may as well have ripped my heart out Temple of Doom-style. Om-Nom-Shivai. There were definitely some tears once I got back to my Royal Deluxe Super Star Celebrity Penthouse Suite, but I’m also feeling some anger this time around. Instead of weeping peacefully in my Wimbledon grass garden like I usually do, I couldn’t help myself from pulling out the soft blades by the handful.

What can I say? Losing is just a miserable feeling. It’s like waking up to the realization that my cowlick is acting up; like using a public john only to realize they stock one-ply toilet paper; like attempting to hug Mirka from behind only to realize it’s one of our seven nannies. It just takes some time to recover, that’s all.

On another note, I’m hearing that people are still flustered by my intensity yesterday. Here’s what I have to say about that:

Image schmimage.

Everyone needs to utter the f-word now and then, right? But the double standard just kills me. Andy gets to terrify young children with his language and facial expressions, and I get called out for dropping an F-bomb or two. He can go on court looking like a rotting banana, and I get made fun of for wearing pink. He gets to go a solid month without brushing his hair, and I’m expected to look ready for a state dinner at the end of a four-hour match. Madness!

My lovely wife, on the other hand, appreciated my temper issues just a little too much. Apparently she likes it when I “talk dirty.” Pretty sure she got the wrong idea. Regardless, she’s always supportive, as are the many friends who sent texts after the match.

Tiger Woods: Tough match bro. If u really want 2 stir things up, drop your next f-bomb close to the mic. Or maybe try spitting on the court. Peeps go nuts over that stuff!

Rafa Nadal: You play a good match. No? You beat him the time next. Yes?

Sam Stosur: Sorry, Rog. You may have lost, but your left arm was looking uncharacteristically muscular. #silverlining

Gavin and Gwen: Roggeeerrr! Rock on! When we’re having a bad day, we like to put our eyeliner on extra thick. U should try it!

Anna Wintour: You put on a proper show, Mr. Federer. Not quite sure what I think about that undershirt, but we can discuss later.

Pippa Middleton: Good try, Roger! I must say, your bum was looking spectacular tonight.

January 27, 2013

No entry.

Januray 28, 2013

I woke this morning to a gift basket at my doorstep. I opened the card first.


Many thanks to you, my friend. Let’s be honest, I probably would have won anyway, but you did a spectacular job of tiring out my friend Andy in the semis. His team is obviously not as skilled as mine when it comes to raising the dead. Regardless, I have sent you a little thank you.

Inside you’ll find a year’s supply of Pixy Stix. They are my secret weapon, my friend, and I want to share them with you, The Greatest. Also, I have included some of my extra Uniqlo shirts. I know you cannot wear them, seeing as how Nike pays you $743 million each year, but I thought you might want some spares so you could try ripping them off. My friend, you’ll love the feeling. Though I do recommend grooming your chest hair if you decide to do it in public.

Your Friend,


Pixy Stix. Who would have thought? Can’t wait to give those things a try. I’m feeling better already.”

Giles Says:
Huh. Here is a link to the Pseudofed blog where you will find loads of hilarities. Enjoy!

marija Says:

Jane”for some reason the magic number for me with Nole is 8; as long as he ends with 8.”

Djokovic already has six. I am wondering who you think is going to be winning all these GS’s in the next 4-5 years @ four per year?

mat4 Says:

One of the best blogs about tennis around:

grendel Says:

jane says:

“Daniel, for some reason the magic number for me with Nole is 8; as long as he ends with 8. But one has to be a French Open title. :) If he gets 10, just wow!! Over-the-moon.”

Now, now jane. We all know about damping expectations. Never believed in the efficacy of reverse psychology, me. Deep down, you can’t help knowing it’s all a trick. And when you turn out to be right (against, let’s be honest, all expectations) the sense of outrage and disappointment is all the worse.

Now of course, nothing is guaranteed in life. Could pop me clogs in 10 seconds. Ah, wait a minute, still alive. Well, then, ten minutes. Who knows? Not terribly likely, though, is it. And it is not terribly likely Djokovic will only get another 2 slams. At a minimum – barring the brick falling out of a window onto his coconut – another 4. At a maximum, another 9. Likelihood – somewhere in between.

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