Rafael Nadal Says His Knee Still Bothers Him, But Not To Worry Because His Comeback Is On Track [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 25th, 2013, 10:56 pm

Rafael Nadal resumes his comeback this week in Acapulco, Mexico where the King of Clay headlines a deep field that includes countrymen Nicolas Almagro and David Ferrer. Before he hit his first ball, he addressed the local press and of course updated those that gathered on his knee.

“The injury is better, not perfect still bothering me because even though everything is on track. It’s a slow process, it takes patience in the coming weeks,” Nadal said via Google translation.

Nadal, who won the Acapulco title in his last visit in 2005, plays qualifier Diego Sebastian Schwartzman of Argentine in his first round tomorrow.

Rafa was at the Sunday night player party where a young Canadian star on the women’s tour got a lucky photo with the great.

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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal Says His Knee Still Bothers Him, But Not To Worry Because His Comeback Is On Track [Video]

Humble Rafa Says:

You have to be patient with the injury. It takes time to heal.

You have to be even more patient to listen to my injury news update hour by hour.

Rogerisclass Says:

yeah, When Nadal lose. always injury.

annoying excuse.

Rogerisclass Says:

Roger has an injury of the back from the young time.
Moreover, Roger cut the Achilles tendon of the ankle in 2005 of the heyday. He did gypsum for about two months.

And, slump of sickness of MONO. And, slump of the sickness of a lung.

Djokovic has an injury of the shoulder.

Del potro performed an operation on the injury of a wrist…

All the players have an injury or sick slump.

and, Nadal’s two-yeatr-ranking? Nadal’s clay should be increased? etc.

selfish and ego.

alison Says:

Nice picture he looks hot when wearing white.

skeezer Says:

Thank you Rafa for letting the world know every teeny weeny tiny whiny bit of progress with your body part. Patiently waiting for your next report, maybe in a few hours?

By the way, it looks like Rafa was trying to get in a picture of her, not the other way around. She is way hotter than him and he is the one doing the leaning(c’mon..who was lucky?)…..;)

Nadal Already Out Of Indian Wells And Miami? Spanish Press Says So Says:

[…] has made it clear to anyone who will listen that his knee is still not 100%, and he doesn’t like playing on hardcourts much anyway – zero titles since Tokyo 2010. […]

Brando Says:


-‘She is way hotter than him ‘:


But let’s be honest:

IF Rafa wasn’t the good guy he is, by now we would have heard of infinite stories about him and many beautiful ladies.

When you count SHAKIRA, CHARLIZE THERON, LIV TYLER as seasoned admirer’s of your’s you know your doing all right shall we say with the fairer sex.

And i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more than the booming, top spin FH’s that they admire and buy expensive tickets for.

Good men like me and you (my good sir) would definitely feel obligated to find out for sure!


But credit to rafa: He’s a class act to stick with his childhood sweetheart when he is surrounded by all those tempting beauties that could easily lead many men astray.

He’s a good man for that!

skeezer Says:


True. And lets face it, he gets pics with these hotties, I don’t lol!

alison Says:

Skeezer/Brando just wondering if this hot humble British gal from Yorkshire would be allowed to have her picture taken with Rafa too,or does it not stretch to mere mortals like myself lol?

skeezer Says:


Beauty starts in the inside, and you got it. If you are beautiful outside its a bonus and sounds like you are. If Rafa is a real man and smart, he should humbly ask you to take a pic with him and your hot humbleness ;). Hope you get that chance!

alison Says:

Thanks Skeezer but its as Kylie once said I Should Be So Lucky lol,as unfortunatly my chances of ever seeing him play live are pretty much zilch,as care for the elderly doesnt pay very much,so i will have to make do with watching him play on the TV,still ya never know maybe one day,as for the hot humbleness thanks again but i think that would be a matter of opinion i think ;-)

rafaeli Says:

If you are bored with Rafa’s injury updates why don’t you just not read them. His millions of fans like the minute by minute account of his progress and are not complaining.

Obviously, the media are interested too; that’s why they keep asking him about it. If he says he doesn’t want to talk about it when asked then everyone will be speculating about what he’s got to hide. He can’t win.

rafaeli Says:

skeezer says

“[…] has made it clear to anyone who will listen that his knee is still not 100%, and he doesn’t like playing on hardcourts much anyway – zero titles since Tokyo 2010. […]”

Yes, but how many finals? It’s not that bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nadalista Says:

@rafaeli, you are flogging a dead horse. @skeezer has made it his mission to complain about Rafa’s complaints.

La turquie, quelqu’un?

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