Rafael Nadal: Novak Played Amazing, He Was Better Than Me Today [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 21st, 2013, 1:39 pm

Rafael Nadal’s Monte Carlo streak finally came to an end today at the hands of Novak Djokovic who beat the Spaniard 62, 76 in the final just finished a few hours ago.

Nadal’s numbers at the event were staggering: 46 straight match wins, 8 straight titles. But afterward he admitted that it was Novak’s day.

“Today, he was better than me,” Nadal said. “He’s a fantastic player. If you are not at 100%, is very difficult to win against these kinds of players. His game is very complete. To win, I have to play my best and I have to bring him to the limit.”

100%? Does that mean Nadal’s health or his game?

Despite the loss Nadal said he is happy to be playing tennis again after missing so much time with the knee last season. Nadal now heads to Barcelona where he has won 34 straight matches and 8 titles.

“Hopefully, I can play another great week in Barcelona next week,” Nadal said. “Play some matches that will keep helping to put me in the 100% physical conditioning.”

After a bye, the second-seeded Nadal will face the Berlocq/Gimeno-Traver winner.

His post-match presser:
Q. He came out so strong. He’s won games against you before, but when he started that strongly, how did you feel?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think even if is true that he started very strong, my feeling was 4 0 was too much. I had very good chances to win the second game. Then I had a tough game, the third one. Then I had 30 Love with my serve another time. So all of this at the end he was playing great, yes, but I was feeling that I was not playing bad.
These kind of matches, 2 All can be possible. So is not something that you start and you don’t feel the ball, the opponent is winning every point. No, that was not my feeling this afternoon.
Is true that he was playing great, probably better than me, but not that different. If you are there 3 1, you are inside the set. 4 0 is too much, no?
That’s what happened. I think he played a little bit better than me, especially in the first set. I didn’t had that feeling in the second. I had 15 40, then I had the break, then 4 2, 6 5. I felt that I was playing really well the second set and I was having more chances than him.
But I need a little bit more physical performance. That’s the real thing, to play all that points with the same intensity. I get tired more to play with that intensity, earlier than what I used to do it.
So, yeah, even like this I had the chance to win the set. But I get tired in the 4 2. Then to win 5 All, have the break, was a few very intense points. I get tired to play the 6 5. I didn’t play with that intensity. When you start to have that feeling, is tough.

Q. I know you say that you felt you were not the favorite with the time you had spent out of the game. But does it hurt to finally lose here after so long?
RAFAEL NADAL: Hurt or not hurt, I don’t know. I like to win more than lose, but that’s sport. Is not a tragedy. I lost after eight years without losing here. That’s something. That’s the more normal thing that can happen after all the success that I had here.
I think for me it was a positive week. That’s the thing. Was a really positive week for me. I didn’t have the practice in Mallorca, I just practiced here before the tournament. With not much preparation, I was able to play in the finals, a few matches. This week going to help me be fit for the next weeks. Hopefully I can play another great week in Barcelona next week, play some matches that will keep helping to put me in the 100% condition physically talking. If we talk about tennis, I was pleased about my tennis this afternoon.
So that’s all, no? I think I’m in the right way. Five finals in a row. If you tell me that four months before, I will be crying for emotions, no? Just very happy to be able to play against the best players of the world another time, and play with real chances. That’s very, very important for me and is fantastic new. I feel emotions about that.

Q. Will you have enough time between now and Roland Garros to get the energy levels up to what you need to retain the title?
RAFAEL NADAL: I play Barcelona. That’s my schedule. Roland Garros is very far. I will try my best now to play a very good week in Barcelona. Is a tournament that I love. Roland Garros is there. We have Barcelona, then we have Madrid, then we have Rome. It’s enough time, I think yes. It’s more than enough. If I am keep doing as well as I did during all this week, why not?

Q. The second set 4 2, chance to serve for the set at 6 5, was it just physical or were you nervous or was there something else?
RAFAEL NADAL: Seriously, 2011 I felt against Novak a few times the tension. I feel a little bit anxious in some important moments. Was not the case today. I didn’t felt that way this afternoon. I fighted to be back on the match after a tough first set.
Is not only physical, but is mental too. But you know at the end is not easy to separate that, no. When you are bad mentally, you feel worse physically. But I really am not bad mentally today. Not in that moment I am bad mentally. I am fresh. I am enjoy to be on the tour another time.
When you get tired physically, the mental part is very difficult to maintain there. Even like this, I tried hard, I tried hard for moments to put one more ball inside. When that happened, I really didn’t feel that I was far to have the chance to win a match against him.
Today he was better than me. I just can congratulate him and his team. I really hope that I will have another chance.

Q. It’s a little bit strange. You won on hard court and Novak Djokovic lost. Today you lost on clay and Djokovic won. How do you see that?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, is not the first time that happen. Is not the first tournament I lost on clay. Indian Wells was not the first tournament I won on hard. The same for him. Is not his first victory on clay and is not his first lose on hard. That’s tennis.
Historically I played better than him on clay, little bit, yes. Historically he probably played better than me on hard, yes. But we were not one here and one there (indicating far apart). I don’t know how many titles I won on hard and how many titles he won on clay.
I think both of us, we are complete players and we can play on every surface. Win or lose, we were in the finals both.

Q. When you were one break up, you lost your serve 4 3 at 15. When you were 6 5, you lost your set to love. Then on the three points of the tiebreaker, you lost three out of four. Do you think the serve also wasn’t helping you enough maybe in terms of percentage? I’m asking, in these moments was the serve somehow important?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I felt better today from the back. That’s the real things. But I was able to serve faster today, this afternoon. I really served much better than what I did the previous days.

Yesterday I had an average 150 something. Today was higher. That’s a positive thing.
I felt better. The treatment worked well. I feel more, you know, healthy this afternoon from the back than what I felt the last two days. So that’s a positive thing.
But in general I am playing against probably the best returner of the world. So was not the question of the serve. The serve can give me some points. But when I’m losing these points in a row, it’s because something goes wrong from the baseline, not from the serve, no. That’s my feeling.
Serve can help me more, yes. But was not the fault today.

Q. Can you explain what you still feel is difficult in Djokovic’s game regarding your game, what are the issues when you’re facing him?
RAFAEL NADAL: Which ranking is him (smiling)?

Q. In some player’s game you have something that is more difficult than other ones.
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, but I am playing against best player of the world. He’s a fantastic player. If you are not at your 100%, is very difficult to win against these kind of players. That’s all. His game is great. His game is very complete. To win, I have to play my best and I have to bring him to the limit.
When I was in my 100% in the past, probably he had the same feeling. But that’s the sport. That’s the good thing about the sport. Bring your tennis or your body to the limit to do a bit more and win these kind of matches. These kind of matches are special ones. To win against players like Novak, if you are not at your 100% full, is almost impossible.

Q. You had the breaks in the second set, but he returned really well. Is it disappointing to lose, because you did play well the second set, that makes it more disappointing to lose because it could have gone to a third set and been a different ballgame?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, no. Was more disappointing if I was losing 6 2, 6 2. That’s the real thing. Was disappointing? Yes. I don’t like to lose, I say before. But for me certainly it was a very positive week. Nothing to say.
I feel for moments in the second set I played my best tennis of the week. So that’s important thing. When I was doing that, I wasn’t far of him, even if I was playing in the right way to win. I needed a little bit more. I needed more physical performance. I needed more matches to play with this intensity all the time. I need to be completely focused in every moment. That gives you the competition, gives you this special things, extra things, when you are playing against some players maybe you don’t need sometimes. But to play against Novak, to play against few players, you will need, and I need. I going to work on that.

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27 Comments for Rafael Nadal: Novak Played Amazing, He Was Better Than Me Today [Video]

Nadalista Says:

You read what you want from Rafa’s statement, okay Tom? This is what I read: he gives Novak all the deserved credit, he takes responsibility for his loss and he is looking forward to the next tournament and improving his game.

Well done Rafa, look forward to seeing you play in Barcelona.


Brando Says:

100%= his game. I doubt anyone would disagree Rafa could play better than what he did, and against such an opponent anything less than his best wasn’t going to be good enough today. Not tough to figure that one out.

Champ Says:

Rafa didn’t seem very much on top the tournament. He seemed a bit tired anddidn’t that mentally strong asweroften used to seeing him. But, he is the best out there abs and Novak did put on a great game. Well done to both. GOOD LUCK FOR THE NEXT ONE. RAFA

alison Says:

Have to agree with Jane Rafa has really expressive eyebows,the way they rise up and down soo cute.

alison Says:

Rafa can indeed play better than he did today,to not serve out a set is virtually unheard of,and im sure going forward he will,hes not called the king of clay for nothing.

Kimberly Says:

He means his game and his timing.

Kimberly Says:

Playoffs start tonight for the Miami Heat, hope our game and timing are on!

nadalista Says:

RT @nadalnews: “I think I’m in the right way. Five finals in a row. If you tell me that four months before, I will be crying for emotions, no?”


Ben Pronin Says:

Only Pacers are a threat to the Heat.

alison Says:

Kimberly if he had served out that second set when he broke Novak,the game could have been quite different had it gone a 3rd set,then unfortunatly he played a sloppy service game,i agree in that his timing was erratic.

Giles Says:

“It took me 10 years but eventually I managed to win the runner up trophy” #NotRafaNadal

Michael Says:

Rafa always plays error free Tennis and that is his real strength. Even yesterday he had a first serve percentage nearing 80%. He does this on a consistent basis which not many players can do. What unsettled Rafa yesterday was the range of Novak’s shots especially those hitting the corners, Rafa didn’t have any answers for that. Also the form of Rafa was some what suspect and he had some doubts after giving a set to Dmitrov and also allowed Tsonga to come back from 1-5. All said and done, Rafa gave Novak the credit he deserves.

skeezer Says:


Well. I posted earlier i would give props to Rafa if he didn’t give an excuse, but according to this article, the questions remains. Would like to see further quotes from Rafa before we all see the usual SOP from Rafa. Yes, i see that Rafa gave Nole full props for winning, but, what was the 100% comment thrown in for? Is he talking about himself, that he wasn’t 100%? If he was 100% is he saying would have been different? Is this an excuse for the loss?

Rafa fans, please explain for all of us un knowing. Thank you, Vamos and all that.


skeezer Says:


Are u serious?

The Heat will not be Beat. Kimberly rules.

Nadalista Says:


Brando and Kimberly have already given the answer to your question but we all know you have an answer much more to your liking, no?

It’s okay to gloat, seriously. I am one Rafan who would not begrudge you. It’s the sport, no?


See you in Barcelona!


skeezer Says:


You did and again commiserations. But u guys are not the ones I am calling out. U know who they are. Good luck in Barcelona, he should take that one. Look at it this way now, if Rafa wins FO, how much sweeter will that be now?
Of course I am not rooting for that, but what else is new?

Michael Says:

I do not know in what context Rafa said that he was not 100%. We all know that he is a bad communicator and his English diction is so poor. He struggles in interviews to give answers. My thought is that he would have said it in the context of not playing well ie. near perfect Tennis which is required to beat players of the calibre of Novak. I do not think there is any injury factor behind this claim. That is what appeared to me when I read his transcript. But, he has left it to intrepretation and rumour mongering.

Brando Says:

I think it’s clear what Rafa meant: his game had to be 100% spot on I order to beat Novak. Physically, thankfully of course, he was fine. Game wise though, his struggles v Dimitrov and Tsonga were enough to indicate he wouldn’t have a smooth ride v Novak in the final. And so it proved. The good thing is for him now is that he has lost that burden of expectation: he doesn’t have to ruthlessly beat everyone on clay as we was expected to do so by the media hype machine. He can just work his way into form. The positive for Rafa is that from 0-5 onwards he was atleast matching Novak. Aside from the TB, he won 8 games in comparison to 7 there. He should have, and you have to v such opposition, won that second set. His fault for playing a woeful game serving for it. But all in all, from 0-5 there are positives for him, a better loss than the Madrid and Rome one, and I think he’ll perform much better next time. I hope he gets to face Novak at Madrid!

Ben Pronin Says:

Skeeze, I didn’t say the Heat would be beat. I said the Pacers are the only threat. I don’t see any other team that could take more than 1 game besides them. But honestly I’m expecting a full sweep.

I love to over analyze Nadal’s comments as much as anyone, but this is getting a little out of hand. Nadal always says he needs to play his best to have any chance of winning. Even when he’s facing scrubs. This is just a reaffirmation that he didn’t play his best and therefore didn’t win. There are no mind games here. He wasn’t at his best, Novak played great, and so we have this result. No big deal.

Brando Says:

@Ben: well said and agreed. Novak played great and was better on the day. Period. But anyone who consider this as the best of Rafa would be doing so in sheer folly. Like he said himself: he can play much better and even in this loss there were some seriously positive signs for him. He was bound to lose at MC one day, his matches v Dimitrov and Tsonga suggested enough to say likely this week. And so it was. No shame in that. I think come RG he’ll be much, much better- and he’ll definitely give a better account of himself!

skeezer Says:

^so Nole couldn’t have played better also? Geez…..

If anyone has the full transcript of Rafa’s presser please let me know tx.

Brando Says:

@skeezer: Who said anything about him not being able to play better? Man it is what it is: milk this for what it’s worth- a seasoned Rafa hating cheerleader like you should enjoy this. Stick to that as opposed to references to how Rafa could improve his situation going forward.

skeezer Says:


Actually was an exceelant account of his game against Novak. Congrats to Rafa for not giving a loss excuse whilst giving his opponet full credit. He actually said his serving felt better this match. Appreciated his honesty in saying he simply needs to get in better shape on the court, as he got tired playing at this intensity. Sounds like he is getting there with his game. Well done Rafa!

oj Says:

U know what shame is? that people still hate and talk bad about Nadal even Make the FINAL MC 2013? why not someone else? for me as Federer Fan, is just Amazing even been 7mt out the Court. Nadal u deserve RESPECT. I know u will be Okey

Michael Says:

“When I was in my 100% in the past, probably he had the same feeling”

Well this says it all. Nadal is only talking about the level of his play. He is saying that he is not playing to his highest level while Novak is doing exactly that at the other end.

moam Says:

Rafa will only gain from his Monte Carlo loss. That’s the way he is. A loss doesn’t destroy him, it motivates him to work harder.
Kudos to Djokovic for winning Monte Carlo for the first time. I’m looking forward seeing these two in more finals this season. The lead up to Roland Garros should be compelling.

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