Roger Federer Was Living On The Edge Today – He Went To A Basel Football Game [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 25th, 2013, 6:29 pm

Still enjoying his break from tennis, Roger Federer was spotted this evening at Basel FC home game. Unfortunately, Federer’s attendance couldn’t lift his favored team as Chelsea beat Basel 2-1 at St. Jacob Park in the Europa League semifinals.

“Look who’s here tonight supporting his compatriots, Switzerland’s certainly best known sportsman living on the edge, Roger Federer, hoping for a home tie goal,” the TV announced joked when the 17-time Slam champion was located in the crowd.

Federer, who hasn’t hit a ball since losing to Rafael Nadal in at Indian Wells over a month, is scheduled back on the circuit in about 10 days in Madrid.

This week the 31-year-old Federer returned to No. 2 in the rankings passing Andy Murray.

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23 Comments for Roger Federer Was Living On The Edge Today – He Went To A Basel Football Game [Video]

M Says:

LOL. Roger doesn’t even have to practice to rise in the rankings? He can just hang out and watch his home team play? :-)

Rogerisclass Says:

OMG. Roger is very cute and lovely. They look like a couple :)

Roger is doing hard practice from April 5. Although it was not able to practice by injury of the back till then

Roger does not care at all about ranking. I love it. what medest.

Roger is our eternal champion

Humble Rafa Says:

Why is everyone so excited? Who is this guy?

skeezer Says:

^He’s not you. This is all that matters, no?

Sirius Says:

Wasn’t sure where to put this. But this thread, an RF thread, seems ok. Nice article on fedal rivalry

Michael Says:

Having achieved everything a Sportsman can yearn for and ascended to the pinnacle of Greatness, I think it is holiday time for Roger. He is now enjoying his life and today it means to him more than his loved sport. Nice to know that he has settled himself well and I think his comeback at Madrid is eagerly anticipated where he will be fresh as a gingerly. I hope he successfully defends his title at Madrid.

Giles Says:

HR. “Who is this guy?” No need to concern your Humbleness, he is just some spectator trying to follow a football match. Maybe you can teach him to follow the scores!

Rogeristheclass Says:

Roger is so classy :) always love you. true champ :)

Wog boy Says:

I guees HR had a good practice in following the scores in München and Dortmund, so he can teach Roger how to follow the scores .

Giles Says:

Teaching fed to follow scores in a footie match will be very hard work for Rafa. How many footie matches does fed follow in a year? One?

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for the link, they both look really funny in that video when they cannot stop loughing. That forum has good articles, I posted before one about court speeds, it was very well done. The owner of the forum is Federer fan, but his approach is professional. Did you check previous one on the same forum:
” Djokovic Schools Nadal in Monte Carlo.”
Not a bad one either, have a look.

Sirius Says:

Wog boy,

You’re welcome. Yes I read that article too, definitely a good one ;) Actually I’ve been reading articles of that blog since january 2012 :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Hahaha, oh man. Sometimes, Roger’s acting is pretty good. This is so not one of those times. Hahahahahaha.

Giles Says:

^^^ He will definitely have to take acting lessons from the joker! Lol

Sirius Says:

It’s a relief that he is a bad actor. Which means this guy isn’t/wasn’t able to fake anything ever :)

Steve 27 Says:

He will definitely have to take acting lessons from the joker!

All know why they call him the Joker

Ben Pronin Says:

Because he’s funny when he beats Nadal?

Steve 27 Says:

Kid, why are you so obsessed with Nadal?
Did he steal your girlfriend?, Was it abusive to you in school? or just can not stand that your idol has been defeated 19 times by him, lol.

Roger Messi Says:

Fed is just a goof-ball at times. Easily one of the greatest sporting icons of the last decade! Enjoy the twilight years champ. You are one in a trillion!

Ben Pronin Says:

Kid? I’m obsessed with Nadal? I put up a funny video regarding Federer and the 3 comments that followed, including yours, was an insult towards Djokovic. I don’t think I’m the one with the problem.

Steve 27 Says:

insult? what are you talking about it? Do not get defensive, man. Is it or is not jovial Djokovic?
watch this video:
That’s why they call him the Joker.

Sirius Says:


of the 3 comments that followed yours, mine wasn’t for insulting djokovic or anyone. What I wanted to say didn’t show up in my comment as i can understand it now. It wasn’t meant to be offensive to anyone, so my apologies

skeezer Says:

@Roger Messi

Great post!

“Federer has transcended tennis”

For sure!

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