Rafael Nadal Likes The Red Clay Courts In Madrid: They “Cannot Be Better”
by Tom Gainey | May 6th, 2013, 9:53 am

After ripping the blue clay courts of 2012, Rafael Nadal is pleased to have his home Madrid tournament back to red. The former champion said yesterday that he’s happy with how the courts are playing this year compared to last when the courts were too slippery.

“The courts this year fortunately are really good,” said Nadal. “I think they are great. The only thing I can say is thank you to the tournament, you know, for the money that they have invested to have the highest quality courts in here. I think that obviously the court last year was not up to the level that we needed. It was not prepared to be a competitive court. But the courts are impressive this year.

In Madrid, we have the problem of the dry climate, so it’s very difficult to have the clay that settles down properly, a clay that’s the same as in other places,” he said. “It’s great, and the courts are to the highest level. The courts cannot be better.”

Nadal’s rivals echoed Rafa’s opinion giving the courts a positive review.

Roger Federer: “There was a lot of criticism about the color, about the quality of the court as well, being extremely slippery. I don’t know if that was due to the color, but this tournament has, in the past, had issues with the quality of the court. I think through what happened last year, you know, the controversy around the blue clay, I think it was a big eye opener to have a proper court here now. I think this year, from what I’m hearing from the players, it’s a good quality court and the players are happy. In the process, hopefully we’ll see better tennis this year.”

Novak Djokovic: “The court is great. The one where I practiced is great. I haven’t practiced on the center court. I’ll try to do that tonight to get a little feel about it. But also from the opinions of the other players I can hear only positive comments, so it’s great to see that. You know, of course from players’ perspective it’s always positive to see a tournament is doing everything they can to make a player feel comfortable playing on the court, and of course feeling good off the court as well.”

Andy Murray (who didn’t play on the blue last year): “Courts are fantastic. We got here early. Got here Wednesday night, so been practicing for a few days. I played on the center court, I played on Sanchez Vicario, and also four or five of the practice courts as well. They’re excellent.”

Based on those quotes we shouldn’t see any court complaints this year!

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49 Comments for Rafael Nadal Likes The Red Clay Courts In Madrid: They “Cannot Be Better”

nadalista Says:

“I think that obviously the court last year was not up to the level that we needed. It was not prepared to be a competitive court.”

We know, Rafa. But you must remember, these are the conditions needed for some people to win, otherwise………..

So nice of the ATP to be considerate and allow such sub-standard conditions to prevail last year for the benefit of elders in the sport. Very humanitarian and respectful…….

Now back to proper clay and competitive business!


the DA Says:

Wow! Just watched Robson decimate Radwanska. She blasted her off the court. So now she has beaten Clijsters, Li, Kvitova and Radwanska. Impressive. If she can only find some consistency the sky’s the limit.

the DA Says:

^^ forgot the score, 6-3 6-1.

skeezer Says:

“I think that obviously the court last year was not up to the level that we(HE)needed. It was not prepared to be a competitive court.”

HAHA…thats right. Last year on these courts he couldn’t compete. There was PLENTY of players who competed, he just didn’t.

He needs them to be red, and to his liking, otherwise he will pout again and threaten not to play. Such class.

Giles Says:

Everything has to be perfect for the King. After all, he is the expert, no?
King no play on blue clay, King play on proper red clay.
Vamos King!

DC Says:

Wimbledon grass is perhaps more slippery than the blue clay – i don’t recall see anyone slip in madrid 2012- Djokovic slipped twice in the semi-final against Fed in Wimby 12.

I’m guessing these players just made excuses for their losses or/and were not adapt to the surface.

People do generally complain about changes when they are unable to adapt to them – this is not only true for tennis, but for other sports as well as other aspects of life.

It’s sad to see that some of the top players do not want to add variety to the game, which would benefit the game in the longer run.

the DA Says:

Terrific match between Janowicz and Querrey. Jerzy was on fire in the 2nd set. If he maintains this form Berdy will have his hands full. Upset alert.

(sorry to interrupt the Fedal quibbles with an actual tennis post ;P)

Margot Says:

@the DA
Laura’s had some awful results and now this! Amazing.
Her serve was better in this match and that makes a whole heap of difference, not the least in her confidence.
Did you see Lopez lost? Slipping down the greasy pole faster than ice melting in the sun.

the DA Says:

@ margot – yes, caught Lopez going out. He looked so down I felt sorry for him.

As for Laura, she’s still a work in progress. She loses matches she should win easily but then suddenly steps it up against the top players.

Margot Says:

@the DA
A bit like our Andy then…;)

the DA Says:

@Margot – I was going to say, a situation we know well ;)

Humble Rafa Says:

Ms. Aussie Brit is a choker with unique abilities. She chokes against midgets and wins against big players. There is no medicine for that.

rafaeli Says:

Nadal is a pro and he expects the courts to be of a professional standard. No self respecting pro-golfer would play on a golf course that’s below par.

Giles Says:

Many players slipped several times on the blue stuff last year including joker!!

nadalista Says:

Some people with do anything for money, including play on sub-standard courts and hold their home tournaments to ransom. Rafa is a refined gentleman, he has high standards to maintain…..

DC Says:

and butts to pick…

skeezer Says:

“Some people with do anything for money…”

Have your fav look in the mirror…..PS

Humble Rafa Says:

and butts to pick…

Better to pick your own butt that pick others’ butt looking for money.

Giles Says:


Ben Pronin Says:

Are Rafans serious? Really, nadalista? But when I mentioned that Nadal was playing the MSG exho for 2 million, Giles was the first to say “let him make a buck.” Despite how terrible hard courts are for Nadal’s fragile and never-ending knee problems.

Pot, meet kettle.

the DA Says:

OOP out for tomorrow. Roger and Andy both scheduled for CC, third and fourth respectively.

Giles Says:

Ben Pronin. Once again MSG was an Exo, NOT competitive tennis. Rafa was invited to play in MSG about a year or so before the event. He had to venture out on HC so what better way than a no pressure Exo. Eh??

Giles Says:

PS. Fed milked the South Americans good and proper with all the Exos he played in December 2012. That’s ok then?

Giles Says:

PPS. Please don’t bring up the subject of Rafa’s “KNEES” when he himself has said he doesn’t want to talk about it. Thanks!!

Giles Says:

BTW Rafa earned $1.5m not $2m for the MSG Exo.

the DA Says:

Forgot to mention, Nole is also up in the first evening match.

the DA Says:

So it’ll be Nole vs Grigor tomorrow evening. I’ll have the popcorn on standby. Packed day of tennis.

skeezer Says:

“Better to pick your own butt that pick others’ butt looking for money.”
Giles @ 3:56

Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees Rafa’s Knees


Now that is an interesting first rd for a change! Nice ;)

grisham Says:

Just watched Robson decimate Radwanska. She blasted her off the court. So now she has beaten Clijsters, Li, Kvitova and Radwanska–

I don’t know DA. Clijsters was old and retiring and Kvitova is fat/unfit with stomach rolls. Li has some new coach but not doing much either. Maybe Radwanska is great.

Kimmi Says:

great win for robson. I agree DA. the talent is there but consistency is needed..

nadalista Says:

@Ben Pronin,

Are you Fedfans serious? Was that MSG exho in Spain? Why are you studiously side-stepping the issue that Basel is Fed’s home tournament and it is crass to haggle over money to appear at your home tournament? Jeez, makes Shylock look positively munificent.

And now he will play for free? So, what was all that palaver for in the first place?

Be honest for a change and admit that Fed, Tournament Director, none of them come out looking good in all of this.

Bet Rafa doesn’t care……he is laughing all the way to the bank!

skeezer Says:

“Some people with do anything for money, including play on sub-standard courts and hold their home tournaments to ransom. Rafa is a refined gentleman, he has high standards to maintain…..”

Are you serious? LOL.
Does 17 Slams and holder of all time records really bother you that much? What your saying is Fed is soo good he could play on a sub standard tennis court that is no better than an airport runway with potholes and kick everyones a$$. After all, its sub standard. After all, he did it last year against a quality field.
He’s that good? I’ll agree with that. Yep, he is. Lol. He can and has won on any surface laid in front of him.

So Rafa has “high” standards? Really? Don’t you mean “I want it this way so I can win”? You know, like make more Clay courts, change the time limit, and deliver us a 2 yr ranking system. Anything else to help “Rafa”? Pahleaseee let us know.

Sirius Says:

^great post, skeezer

Alex Says:

Hhahah, Ownage!

Alex Says:

Hhahah, Ownage!

rafaeli Says:

skeezer, Rafa believes that a thing worth doing is worth doing well.

nadalista Says:

@rafaeli, at this stage I am moved to say, “Forgive them Oh Lord, for they know not what they are witnessing in Rafael Nadal the Great”

Alex Says:


I know what I am witnessing!

Im watching this guy Nadal pick his ASS!

Yes, the great ass picker. Twist-tug-Pull!

Thers places wher public ass picking gets you sent to Picking rehab!

Son Nadal should count himself lucky…

nadalista Says:

^^^Not surprised that is where your attention would be drawn, the way you like butts and all…

Alex Says:

Well you wont hear me complain, if Ivanovic picks her bottom! :)

Rafa should learn…Touching your ass is allowed only if your a lady with a hot butt! lol.


Giles Says:

Fed fans = @ssssss lovers! #Fact

Alex Says:

Yes Flesiher/Giles, we love our woman.

Shame you haven’t hit puberty, as is evident by the fact you spend your life on this site, you’ll understand one day.


Alex Says:

I suppose the only Ass that will gets your blood boiling is Nadal’s lol, now go look at some more pics of him already, as you do. Just stop posting them, i am embarrassed for you. Its a shame some of us have a life to lead..else we could spend more time returning your cheep underhand insults..

Alex Says:

Excuse typos..lol hardly necessary considering the nature of my comment.

Giles Says:

Hey Alex. Do you really have a life to lead? On the streets more like, You should re-read your posts. Stands to reason you are a fed fan. No class whatsoever. #Scumbag

skeezer Says:


Re; 10:15 post, ROFL!


About time someone gives a taste back of your own medicine. But as usual, you dish it out but can’t take it. You types think because most don’t like his “habit” this means we like his a$$. I mean how delusional thinking is that? Alex hit it the nail on the head, I’ll take the look of a womans over a mans anyday. If your looking for “class”, don’t look to your posts. When you lose, you start callng names.



On to tennis, congrats Fed on the first match!

Giles Says:

I really pity you types skeezer geezer aka Alex. Your posts get classier by the minute. Poor fed. #ShameHisFansAreScum

skeezer Says:

“Your posts get classier by the minute”

Why Thank You! :-D

Alex Says:


Thx :), I liked it too. Emmm Giles or who ever you are..

I find it amusing that you think im Skeezer.

I’m not as nice as Skeezer and my English is nowhere near as good.

Is it so difficult to believe there are that many people that find you repulsive.

You deserve everything you get, you keep hitting the Walnut tree, yet look startled when the nuts hit you.

If you look with your eyes, you see this, no?


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