Nadal Reaches Seventh ATP Final Of Year, Meets The Other Swiss For Madrid Title; Serena v. Sharapova
by Sean Randall | May 11th, 2013, 7:24 pm

Rafael Nadal is remarkably now a perfect seven-for-seven this year in reaching ATP finals. After seven months off to rehab a bum left knee, Nadal has stormed back to the circuit and to this point may be playing the best, most consistent tennis of anyone. Tomorrow the Spaniard seeks a fifth title of 2013 against surprise finalist Stan Wawrinka in the Madrid final.

“Five months ago I could not have dreamed of everything that has happened during these past few months,” Rafa said. “It’s almost a dream to be back in another final at home here in Madrid.”

After a shaky win over David Ferrer yesterday, Nadal had no problems today with countryman Pablo Andujar, crushing his countryman 6-0, 6-4 in 77 minutes. Rafa hasn’t looked particularly great this week in the altitude, but after a disappointing 2012 tournament he’s done what he’s needed to to get back to the title match in Madrid.

“I’ve only played seven tournaments [and] I don’t know if I’m going to be able to compete to win Roland Garros,” said Nadal. “I don’t know it today. The only thinking I have is that how I [have] played until now has been really good. The results have been really positive.

“Today I’m enjoying my path to the final in one of the most important tournaments in the world. We go step by step, week by week even when we get to Roland Garros.”

Wawrinka had a much tougher path. He went three sets to beat Grigor Dimitrov on Thursday, another three last night in a good win over JW Tsonga and today again went the distance to turn away 2012 finalist Tomas Berdych 6-3, 4-6, 6-4.

Berdych actually led 4-2 with breakpoints for 5-2 in the final set but the Czech crumbled as he so often does.

“Tomas is a tough player to beat, he was serving really good, putting a lot of pressure,” said Wawrinka who’s playing in his second Masters final after 2008 Rome. “Down 4‑2, two break points to save…I was saying to myself that I should do everything to win that game, to put pressure on him. I know that sometimes if you show him that you’re going to be there again and again, sometimes [he’ll] make a mistake.”

How much will fuel will Stan have against Rafa? He’s one of the fittest guys on the tour and the way he’s been playing this year I think he should be fine. Except for the fact that Nadal has won all eight meetings with the Other Swiss.

“Rafa is the best player on clay. He’s such an amazing player, he is really tough to beat, especially on clay,” said Wawrinka. “For me, it’s the ultimate challenge to play him in final in Masters 1000 in Spain. That’s something amazing, and I cannot dream for a better final.”

Stan has won his last nine matches including the Estoril title and has a game that should fair well against Rafa. But as usual with Stan, mentally he needs to be sound because he won’t have much support from the crowd on Sunday.

“For sure it’s going to be 100%, except my coach,” Stan said of the support he expects. “After [a] great tournament, to play Rafa on clay, it’s something amazing, and I’m going to take that challenge and try to play my best game tomorrow.”

Nadal is of course the favorite, but has we have seen he still doesn’t look like his old, punishing self. Wawrinka, who’ll return to the Top 10 Monday, has been playing some of the best tennis of his career, so while I expect Nadal to win I think it could go three.

In the women’s final, it’s the two best players on the WTA bar-none colliding in what I hope will be a preview to the French Open title match. Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have been head and shoulders above the pack the last four months of the year and now they resume their rivalry on the third different surface in the last year.

“I look forward to it,” Serena said of playing Maria. “I feel like this whole tournament I’ve only played clay court players from my first round to now, and everyone was also smaller than me. So I think tomorrow will be a really good match – a different game, more power obviously, but still a lot of the consistency. So I’m looking forward to it.”

In this bitter rivalry – we know they don’t like each other – it’s been all Serena 12-2 winning 11 straight including grass at the Olympics last year. But Maria did have a rare stranglehold on her rival in Miami before she got stomped in three.

“It’s always tough against her,” Sharapova said. “I haven’t had a win against her in a long time, but the great thing is that I’m really setting myself up in a position where I can try to change that around.

“I thought I really well against her in Miami for the first set and a half – obviously that’s not enough, but the goal is to keep that level for the whole match this time and open up my chances, take my opportunities. It’s been a while since we played on a clay court, too, and every match is different.”

Serena will be going for her 50th career title. Sharapova, who just won her 500th match today, will return to the No. 1 ranking should she prevail. Both players have surprisingly won 27 of their last 28 matches on the dirt.

Tennis Channel has coverage of both finals live starting at 7am ET.

MANOLO SANTANA start 10:50 am
[1] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) vs [7] A Peya (AUT) / B Soares (BRA) – ATP – Doubles Final

Not Before 1:00 PM
[1] S Williams (USA) vs [2] M Sharapova (RUS) – WTA – Singles Final

Not Before 4:00 PM
[15] S Wawrinka (SUI) vs [5] R Nadal (ESP) – ATP – Singles Final

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105 Comments for Nadal Reaches Seventh ATP Final Of Year, Meets The Other Swiss For Madrid Title; Serena v. Sharapova

skeezer Says:

“Today I’m enjoying my path to the final in one of the most important tournaments in the world…”

Madrid? Really? There is must be a lot of tournaments on his list that are “the most important” in the world. Is that the same thing as “nearly impossible?”

No wonder he doesn’t have 17 Slams. I thought Slams were the most important. Oh well….


Teeg Says:

@ skeezer

He did say “one” of the most important… Never did he say it was the most important. And the fact is, it is an MS1000 event – making it one of the nine most important tournaments (excluding the Tour Finals) on the ATP tour. The grand Slams are ITF sanctioned events and are not governed by the ATP.

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Great post Skeezer.
Keep up your good work. You are doing a great job in trying to maintain the relevance of Roger Federer during the clay season. I hope the authorities listen to you and replace the clay season with an indoor season.

Please continue trashing Rafa. It feels so great to read your posts during these difficult times.

mat4 Says:

@Kimberly and all other nice rafans (that means, alison, I can’t remember any other nice rafan, anyway can anybody be nice, and rafan?):

Finally, I got home this evening, so I can post. Monday I am on the road again, so I won’t be there until RG, and I am not sure yet I shall be able to write until then.

So, rafans, especially Kimberly and alison, sorry. Won’t be here to congratulate your man for a Madrid final, nor, probably, for a good performance in the RG semi or QF. It was probably meant to be, or not to be, in another way.

Anyway, if I make it, I’ll try to be here to joke a bit, especially when Novak wins RG and Fed WB. Of course, Kimberly, you know that I don’t play fair, but who cares?

I hope all the old posters are well (see Skeezer in another war against hopeless posters), hope we’ll be soon there to joke again, e.g. after a Novak win at RG. If such a thing happens, promise I’ll be very nice, condescend, disarming, etc.


Wog boy Says:

My understanig was that Barcelona is more importan to Rafa then Madrid (according to Rafa fans), so if Madrid is “one of the most important” whera does that put Barcelona?

Have a safe roads … and behave youself..

Anna Says:

Skeeze the Geeze…….I think Roger thought Madrid was pretty important last year. He actually took several weeks off to prepare for the clay season, so I think clay tournaments are up there on his list as well. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite panned out just yet, so don’t hold your breath. On second thought. Why don’t you do that. Just hold your breath till Rog is back on track.

skeezer Says:

@RFF(Roger Fake Fan)

Thanks! We can all count on you to make the fakest comments ever! Keep up your fake work, its always a bad great joke and always reveals your love for your poster child, Rafael Badal. Keep studying, maybe one day you’ll be a real fan



@anna the banana

Yes U know Fed played and won it last year, even though Rafa whined all is way out of “one of the most important tournaments” (according to Rafa). Now, its soooooo important? LMAO.

Its a well known fact that Slams are the most important tournamenst of the year. IMO highly doubt with all. The rest of the tournaments of the year Madrid is ” one of the most important”?? Please show me how it is?

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Great post wog boy.
I am really happy and excited to see Nole fans joining us fedfans in taking potshots at Rafa.

Humble Rafa Says:

Nostalgic times. Nothing has changed in 5 years.

It’s Sunday.
I am in a clay court final.
I am playing a mentally unsound Swiss with a single handed backhand

Love the 15-40, 30-40 moment on the Swiss Serve. That’s the icing on the cake.

I hope to win the very important, most grand, admired and scenic tournament in the world.

Roger Federer Fan Says:


Continue your good work. I am not as good you.
Just do whatever you can to spoil the rafans party.
I was very much impressed when you posted a rafa pic from a g@y site.

Did you go there just to find something against Rafa or you are a regular visitor there ?

But just be a bit careful…already people are caling you geezer…they may start calling you g@yzer.

Sirius Says:

Anna the banana…. :D

Looks like mat4’s prediction has come true. Skeezer in a war against hopeless posters. He he

Wog boy Says:


I don’t think so. Just a question, since that was statement made by few most knowledgeable Rafa fans, I didn’t invented it or made it up. I am pretty sure you know who were the ones that said that. They even claimed that Rafa will (should) pull out of Madrid but not Barcelona. Don’t bother answering, I know the answer.

skeezer Says:

@RFF or HR or whoever or whatever you choose to post by this month,

Soo scared. Your accusations are as fake as you are. Prove it. Your a piece of fake sh!t, as usual. I don’t hide behind multiple monikers like you. When the subject is tennis, you can’t talk it or walk it. Try where you may get a laugh.

Roger Federer Fan Says:

Great post again.
You are 100% right. We fedfans dont have anything to write about tennis. We always focus on trashing Raf by talking abt Rafa’s behind, Rafa pics from g@y websites, misquotes from tony, rafa, etc. What else can we do here during the clay season. There is nothing to write about Federer and his tennis.

skeezer Says:


Is that all you got? Posting accusing sh!t without backing it up makes you……


Have fun playing with yourself.


Anna Says:

Skee Gee – I know it’s hard for you to ever see the forest for the trees, but did it occur to you that Rafa could have been talking about tournaments that are most important to HIM during the year. He’s a Spaniard and enjoys the bigger tournaments in his own country. Doesn’t Fed declare Basel to be one of the most important tournaments in his year? Now here’s my theory about MS1000 tournaments versus slams. It comes down to the math skeeze. You can add right. A slam is worth 2000 points. Two MS1000 tournies is also worth 2000 points. Right now Roger’s ahead of Rafa in the math, but then Roger is 5 years older, so I’m thinking 5 years from now things could change quite a bit. Again, forest for trees.

mem Says:

some things never change!

i’m sure rafafans know by now that skeezer is a grown man with a child’s mentality. when the day comes that rafa actually retires, skeezer is one of those who will have to be institutionalized. the poor man won’t have nothing to live for. i think he probably wears a dress at home and is very submissive; the only place that he feels he can exert his authority is here @ TX. he does not understand that doesn’t matter how many backhanded swipes he takes at nadal, it’s not going to change the facts that rafa beats roger more often than roger beats him. that’s the real root of skeezer’s problem. he jumped on the djokovic bandwagon in 2011 hoping that novak would get rid of rafa for roger. that’s sad! he has always had a hard time accepting facts. he is too bitter to actually enjoy tennis.

all i can say is, i hope he finds peace because it must be tormenting to want rafa’s demise so bad and it never seems to come. oh well, enjoy tennis everyone! don’t let skeezer rain on your parade. he’s miserable and he wants some company!

moam Says:

That Rafa has reached his seventh final of 2013 after seven months away due to injury is astonishing. It’s hard to fathom the mindset of this champion. Clearly his love of the game and competition are only part of the equation. The rest is known only to Rafa. It comes from within, from depths that only he is able to reach. Remarkable!!!

skeezer Says:

“are most important to HIM during the year..”

Yes. Well said. Of course any tournament on Clay after all the top players are out he makes that statement. Perfect Rafa stuff. It is most important and don’t forget, from here on out it will be “nearly impossible”.

That said, facts are facts, and it is a great achievement (as moam pointed out )that regardless of what value we can argue of tournaments, its his 7th final in 2013. He’s back. Period.



Is back, with a skeezer novella!

Was that a rant of some kind or just saying Hi again? Posts only of course when her Rafa love is doing something to boast about. But when he is losing with excuses? Pfffft! Gone. Disappearing act. Aren’t you livin the dream at the other Rafa Love blogsite you love? Impressive however you come here just to read my quality posts. I am humbled.

Please re read your post and then look in the mirror. You will see the truth, its hard, but you will be better for it. The post you wrote is for you, not me. I have been at peace since Fed hit #17.

BTW Sorry mem, I am taken by a wonderful lovin woman this past Feb 2012. You’ll have to look elsewhere for someone to listen and handle your bitter and scorned stuff. Funny you try to throw Me under your Rafa Love bus, but as usual it just slid off the shoulder. I’m good. You? Apparently not.



mem says,

“Enjoy tennis everyone!”

You mean, enjoy Rafa everyone! No?
Surely…. not just Tennis?
When you post something that is about Tennis, and not about Rafa, then talk.

Andrea Says:

Look forward to both finals tomorrow. I think Stan has a chance against rafa. Maybe Maria finally gets a win over Serena?

mem Says:


now that is a funny post! does your wonderful loving better half know that she married a three year old? she has my sympathy!

btw, my rafa is doing ok for himself; i’m not complaining! carry on!

Sirius Says:

“btw, my rafa is doing ok for himself; i’m not complaining”

actually, complains don’t come when rafa’s reaching/winning finals. they only come after an early round loss :)

Michael Says:

Thank Nature, it is not Berdych in the finals !! If there is one clay court tournament where Nadal’s performance is not relatively upto the mark, it is Madrid. Wawrinka can take some consolation from that and try his best. But I do not know whether it will be enough to beat Rafa ? I would say it would be 95:5 in favour of Nadal. He is winning but I expect a tough match atleast.

roy Says:

“actually, complains don’t come when rafa’s reaching/winning finals. they only come after an early round loss :)”

as opposed to the decade of complaints from threatened federer fans since nadal rose to the challenge.

Paradox Says:

Skee(boo)zer, ha ha your frustration has no limits.It is going to get worse as Rafa will be playing at the highest level for many more years.You may in future be in need of protection from yourself as frustration levels may cross its hazardous limits.Take care.

Sirius Says:

Decade of complaints?? LOL

steve-o Says:

You can’t say Nadal is “back”, because he was never away. There was no injury, now or ever, that threatened his career. That’s obvious to anyone with functioning eyes over the age of five. What is this, his ten thousandth miraculous recovery from “dire” injury?

Seven months off and seven finals out of seven tournaments. Injured players can’t do that; human physiology doesn’t work that way.

His current play is not a sign of his “fortitude” in overcoming adversity; it’s a sign that there was no adversity to begin with. Nor ever was. It’s

To be a Nadal fan is to embrace an ever-increasing cognitive dissonance. He just keeps demanding that his fans believe in more and more preposterous and illogical things, and behaving in ever-more childish and unsportsmanlike ways. Every time you give him the benefit of the doubt, he will take advantage of you without a second’s pause. That’s just how he is.

There is no defense of what he has done, except either to be so utterly stupid that you can’t see it, or to stick one’s fingers in one’s ears and say “La la la, I don’t hear you!!” and live in denial-land. The latter seems to be the MO of choice among the Nadal posters here.

Just like Lance Armstrong, he’s in it for all the wrong reasons, and his desire to have the whole enchilada and never lose will eventually be his undoing.

No one can destroy Nadal’s legacy but himself. And I have full confidence that he will proceed to do just that in his obsessive quest to eclipse Federer’s.

When it happens the roys and mems of the world will blame heaven and earth, they will blame Roger Federer, they will blame the ATP, they will blame Uncle Toni, they will blame Nadal’s “injuries”, they will blame everyone except the one responsible: Rafael Nadal.

Oh yeah, and go Stan the Man! Even though he has almost zero chance of breaking down the brick wall, I hope he can do it.

alison Says:

Steve O point from this delusional Rafa fan very well taken,i have to say though i just dont buy that someone as competitive as he is would take that long away from the tour without a damn good reason,but thats just my perogatitive,but what the hell would i know eh?im just a delusional airhead Rafa fan.

alison Says:

^And yeah go Stan you have had an amazing couple of weeks,hope you have a great final^.

Paradox Says:

Steve-o, after reading your federistic delusional passage,it is clear tht some federer fans are uncurable from their delusions which make them feel that everything that Nadal does is related to Federer’s downfall.They some how has staunch belief that their hallucinations and delusions are true.I think that as Nadal’s achievements become even more sublime,their psychopathological state may reach a point of no return.These people need immediate assessment of their mental state by professionals,otherwise it maybe harmful for the society.

Thomas Says:

Steve-o I agree with some of the major points in that post. Whilst I do think Nadal was injured, I don’t think it was anywhere near as serious as it was made to be.

volley Says:

@ steve-o

what a load of twaddle. is it my imagination or does the vitriol of diehard fedfans increase in direct proportion to the decline of their hero’s fortunes? and please, cognitive dissonance has become such a cliché on every internet forum. it’s a term which is lazily employed to imply an audience is dumb for not agreeing with an insupportable argument. i would’ve thought someone with such unbridled hatred, but who is clearly articulate, would come up with a more convincing argument.

“behaving in ever-more childish and unsportsmanlike ways”

say what you want about nadal but he has never used the f-bomb towards an opponent or an umpire while he was losing, and he hasn’t ever told a player’s family to “be quiet”.

Rsutherland Says:

Mat4- 8:33pm ‘see Skeezer in another war against hopeless posters’. The first post of this blog makes your statement a bit like saying he just happened to get shocked after he stuck his finger in a live socket.

Anna – 10:03pm ‘Just hold your breath till Rog is back on track’. By nature of the frequency in which Skeezer provides gastroenterological services to Federer, holding his breath has become second nature.

Skeezer – I give you credit for this: It seems like your Jekyll and Hyde routine on tennis-x has subsided.,,,for now. You are posting almost totally in the manner which reflects your true feelings.
More than likely, you will go back to feigning reasonable behavior and the more gentile, non-Federer fans will resume enabling you.
Until then, I am happy to take some credit for prodding you into more guileless behavior.
Congratulations for heeding!

Giles Says:

^^^ Nor has he ever told the crowd to “SMD”

volley Says:

^ it was in a language they didn’t understand. quite a different matter. you wouldn’t have been any wiser without a translator.


Sirius Says:

^and I did bump on Lukas Rosol while I was crushing him in wimbledon. It was so humble

alison Says:

I try my best to be a fair Rafa fan,i dont think hes perfect by a long chalk,and i think it was unfair of the crowd to boo Nole simply because his only crime was to beat Rafa,however be that as it may Nole should not have used that comment against the crowd even though he was provoked he is a professional and should rise above these things,and two wrongs dont make a right,and lets not kid ourselves here,had it been Rafa or Roger one can only imagine the comments then,yet it was completely glossed over by his fans Jane,Wogboy,Mat4,Courbon etc,who are all lovely fans dont get me wrong but surely they dont condone it(no offence).

alison Says:

Sirius i dont condone Rafa shoulder bumping Rosol at Wimbledon,but should i condone Nole swearing at the crowd?no because two wrongs dont make a right.

alex Says:

Seems like Nadal reaching another final, caused the gates to Nadalooney’s jail house, to open once more.

Best thing that could happen is Nadal loses, sending the NL(Nadalooney’s) back to the JH, where they belong and can get there meds, not to mention hibernate. They need our help and its not fair on the looney police to carry the burden of locking away these run-away loonies..we should help. I’m thankful to Skeezer for doing his part.

I for one have hope in this Scientific development:biological transistor that can command living cells. Just imagine being able to command your cells not to pick your butt!


alison Says:

Alex i dont know what it is that i have said that cannot be called only objective critisism?

alex Says:


You were never in the equation, I know you are a fair poster.

Sirius Says:


my post was for those who were trying to show rafa as a saint and others(djoko/fed) as bad guys which i don’t quite agree. Nobody is saint in my eyes. Not fed, not djoko or anyone. They’re just human and their actions proved it.

[sometimes my posts don’t make much sense. its because of my lack of english writing/reading skill. so excuse my english]

alison Says:

Alex/Sirius my apologies to you both,i agree its difficult to know who is arguing with whom sometimes.

Paradox Says:

Alex ,at first you can use that modern technology to make you and your fellow natured Fed fans to see sense.Alex is the best example of pot calling the kettle black .whenever Fed looses and Nadal wins,these pscychos become even more obnoxiously delusional. Alex, actually if you go through the comments from the beginning,you will understand that it your hero Boozer who provoked and initiated this .Most of the civilized forums are disrupted Fed psychos.

Sirius Says:


no apologies needed. you are the nicest rafa fan i’ve ever come to know. sometimes i think you are too nice to be a rafa fan. are you actually a one? ;)

alex Says:

What are you talking about?

Most of the NL(Nadaloonie’s) write under different Moniker’s, haven’t seen you around so perhaps you’re a member of that elite club…

They hide, only coming out when Nadal wins. How many of these so called ”civilized”fans actually talk tennis.. Its my job to retaliate against the NL take-over..

How come good posters that talk tennis like Dave have been chased out hey?

Wog boy Says:


This was my post after the match:

“Wog boy Says:
I don’t mind Nole losing, particulary not against Dimitrov, but he should know better how to deal with nasty (understatment) crowd. He soludn’t let them under his skin, but he is only human.

Bada Bing,

I guees you were familiar with his visit to Czech doctor before Madrid.

May 7th, 2013 at 8:44 pm”

Did you really expect us, Nole fans, to come out and get stuck in to Nole for what he said? When I see fans of the others doing that to their favorites, when they do something wrong, I might take it into consideration myself. Nobody condone what Nole said but I do understand him. The way crowd behaved didn’t look it is tennis match and it is tennis crowd, it was football crowd. American at USO didn’t go for Nole, but they never crossed the fine line, MC crowd did the same, no need to talk about Wimbledon or Aussie crowd, even French crowd (FO) was better than Spanish, sorry mat4. What does this tell you? It was nonprovoked unruly behaviour and Nole lost it. Not the first and will not be last to do it.

Next what I am going to say is not for you alison, but for few Rafa fans who are so disapointed that Nole didn’t tell them to “SMD.” At least you are entitled on proper translation what Nole said. He never used “S” word but used “L” word, difference is in action, like eating banana or ice cream, and he never said “do that,” he was more polite, he said “Now if you want you can LMD.” That would be double treat for the “nice” Spanish fans, wot hing their worst nightmare losing the match and having a peace of #1 in the world for the same ticket prise.

At the end I would like to say, if next year at AO Sharapova makes same offer as Nole in Madrid (regarding her body parts), I will be the first one to put up my hand and accept the offer, I will not be offended with her offer, not at all. Somebody pass the message to Maria, please.

Kimmi Says:

when sharapova plays somebody else, she is very good but serena makes her flat footed. she seem a really bad mover.

volley Says:

“Nobody is saint in my eyes”

quite. every player has their flaws. some more than others.

Wog boy Says:

^^ I hope that with my previous post I am not going to lose those few friends that I think I have here on TX, but I had to let the stem out, hope you don’t mind.

Wog boy Says:

I was pointing (^^) to my previous post not other people posts.

rafaeli Says:

Sirius Says:
no apologies needed. you are the nicest rafa fan i’ve ever come to know. sometimes i think you are too nice to be a rafa fan.

Are you actually a one? ;)”

That is the question!

rafaeli Says:

With fans like Alison, who needs Rafa detractors.

Alison, how on earth do you know for a fact that the crowd was booing Nole because he beat Rafa? Why didn’t they boo him when he actually beat Rafa in front of their eyes in Madrid?

Kimberly Says:

I missed the ROme draw! I woke up to pick and now I see the bracket is closed. I’m so disappointed.

My 7 year old son on the other hand informed me he already picked his bracket yesterday, so he is in!

alison Says:

Wogboy fair enough,i hope we still will get along,as i said before i took my break,the pound for pounders(Nole fans) are some of the nicest fans on this forum,and i still stand by that,so i hope we are still cool :-D..

alison Says:

Thanks Sirius but im only trying to be fair,im no better or worse than any other poster Rafa fan or otherwise on this forum.

nadalista Says:

Good Lord, licking is better than sucking………..


Wog boy Says:


We were, we are, and we will be always cool:)

skeezer Says:


Did you just mistakenly post on the wrong site? What other sites are u visiting girl? ;)

Wog boy Says:


I don’t know, you tell me, what are your preferences?
You recognized yourself in my post?

Rsutherland Says:

Hey anti-nadalites… Kindly reread the initial post of this blog and reconsider your pious “how-bad-the-Nadal-fans-are” nonsense.

nadalista Says:

@9:47am I feel a Balkan insult coming, why would I be surprised? You people are the masters at gutter language hehehe!

Please go ahead, sir, pleasure yourself at my expense!!!

Me, I’m off to watch the Bull, HE IS IN THE HOUSE!!


nadalista Says:

@skeezer, what other site competes with tennis-x blog?

Don’t tell me you’re losing your touch…


skeezer Says:

^In the house? I’m running out. Time for my own sunday Tennis on the courts.

Happy Mothers day to all Moms. You are da best!

Nole Rules Says:

The question in my mind is: Can Rafa finish this match within an hour?

oromis Says:

this is just majestic from nadal…..King of Clay

alison Says:

OMG Christiano Ronaldo is one sexy guy(sigh)..

Rsutherland Says:

Yes – the nadal fans come out when he is winning. But the Skeezers of you disappear when he is winning. So, anti-nadal intelligentsia… where is your sense of proportionality?

Giles Says:

Winning in altitude as well!

Giles Says:

One poster in particular criticising the Madrid crowd ( a joker fan no doubt) should maybe tell his fave to withdraw from Madrid 2014. He may receive the same deserved treatment from the crowd. Well done Madrid crowd!!

alison Says:

ATM GOAT of ATP Masters 1000 titles LOL.

Humble Rafa Says:

Clay court tennis normalcy has been restored. All of you can rest in peace. Tennis is in fine hands again.

I enjoy my “rivalry” with the Swiss. They are like Swiss Cheese, oblige whenever I ask.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am also happy to win this great and important tournament.

Giles Says:

All time record 23 Masters titles for the King! Vamos Champ

alison Says:

Its irritating when the commies keep bringing up Rafas match up with Novak,when Rafa is playing Stan,in a final that Novak didnt even make(sigh).

Margot Says:

@ Wog boy
Do u feel Nole wants to be liked too much and conversely Andy wants to be liked too little?
Makes them both pretty vulnerable in different ways.
A big hug coming your way, btw. U know why ;)
Rafa looked frighteningly awesome, but it was a shame Stan couldn’t put up a bit more fight. His ROS is quite poor and that coupled with his serve being off, made losing inevitable.

alison Says:

Aww such lovely scenes there at the end with Rafa been swamped by the ball girls,and all those kids etc.

Margot Says:

Lol alison, some comms are simply awful. They seem to feel the need to fill every pause…:(

alison Says:

Margot pftt lol yeah.

queen Says:

Once again triumphant! Vamos!

courbon Says:

Congratulations to Rafas fans, great win!

Humble Rafa Says:

Its irritating when the commies keep bringing up Rafas match up with Novak,

Your Humble Highness has no problem with people like that. Humble’s Greatness will be recognized with time, and by everybody. Focus on the game and convert every critic into a fan.

Humble will reach GOAThood with humility.

alison Says:

Congrats to Stan winning a title last week,and backing it up by reaching the final this week was a fantastic achievement,must be a nice change to be making some noise of his own in a tourney,instead of always been regarded as the swiss number 2,well done Stan.

alison Says:

Courbon thankyou,onto Rome and im sure your favorite will be itching to bounce back after the dissapointment this week :-D..

Giles Says:

Lest I forget, well done Serena!

Steve 27 Says:

Nadal surpassed Lendl and now is the king of Masters 1000 with 23. He is the best!

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer and I get along very well so this comment is mde in jest. Skeezer must finally be envious of rafa. Being swamped by the ball girls. He holds the madrid ball girls in high regard!

steve-o Says:

@alison, I think you are one of the more reasonable Nadal fans; at least on occasion you’ve conceded that sometimes he behaves in an unsportsmanlike fashion.

The image of Nadal as Peter Pan, a humble, adorable, innocent naif, is not compatible with the Nadal who has been fined for on-court coaching, who shoulder-checked Rosol, or demanded that the tour be changed to make it easier for him to be #1 (more clay, two-year ranking system, shorter season).

You can be a fan while conceding his unsportsmanlike behavior; but you cannot credibly claim he is the goofy, well-mannered little child his more rabid fans believe him to be.

As for why Nadal skipped seven months, he had a great reason: it took him a long time to come to terms with getting knocked out by Rosol.

His confidence was shattered by losing to someone he didn’t believe he could lose to. He was so shaken that had he played during those seven months he would have lost to many journeymen. And that has to be avoided at all costs, in order to preserve his “warrior” reputation.

People think Nadal is mentally strong and physically weak, when the reality is that he’s the exact opposite. His body has never been seriously injured, no more than any other player (and much less than many). He has limitless reserves of endurance and strength.

His vaunted “warrior mentality” is almost entirely a function of his physical attributes. If he can’t physically overwhelm his opponent, he looks very fragile mentally. And when he loses to someone he doesn’t expect to in a Grand Slam, it affects him very adversely and he needs a long, long time to get over it.

So he plays hooky while he nurses his wounds and blames it on “injury” to get all the sympathy from fans like yourself who are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The alternative is to believe he has repeated dire injuries and makes repeated miraculous recoveries to top form when no other athlete has ever been able to do it.

alison Says:

Kimberly lol im envious of the ball girls getting close to Rafa,given half a chance i think i would be a bit pushy trying to get up close to Rafa.

Giles Says:

steve-o Rant all you like, sticks and stones!

alison Says:

Steve O thats the way you feel and thats fair enough,and thats also your perogative,and as you say giving him the benifit of the doubt is my perogative,and yes your right i dont think hes perfect,but is anyone are the other players perfect?are your favorite(s) perfect?no cause there aint no such a thing,is Novak an angel for swearing at the crowd(sorry Nole fans)? or Roger/Murray an angel for using an f.bomb(sorry Roger/Andy fans)? no but its easy for fans to be swayed by emotional bias,so im not perfect either,TBH i find your posts quite scarey you frighten me a bit,to the point where im scared to even have an opinion,you come across as a bit of a bully sometimes.

Giles Says:

I heard on the grapevine that they picked the prettiest ball girls for Rafa! Lol

Giles Says:

Well said @alison. Just don’t let his type scare you, they are actually dummies!

Humble Rafa Says:

I am thinking Stan, aka The Best Backhand in Swtizernald is going to get a lot of competition for his Swiss No. 2 position soon.

alison Says:

Humble Rafa i think it will be interesting to have Stan rising to the challenge of been the world top swiss player,Barry Cowan said hes ahead of Roger in the race.

volley Says:

steve-o not only has a vivid imagination but a predilection for unripe grapes .

Daniel Says:

Wow, congrats to Nadal, regardless of all the controversy surrounding 7th months lay out to be in 7 finals (even 6 being on clay) and winning 5 titles is remarkable.

Theonly downside is that he can overplay and not be able to endure the wole season, as previous years.

As of right now, Nada to win Wimby (I am obseesed with the odd stat that last 4 years, Madrid clay champion won Wimbledon). Will see, but things looking gretnfor Nadal now.

Hope we have a Djoko x Nadal semis in Rome to spice things more for RG. Madrid was kind of a letdown for other top 4 playes where neither played Nadal in a tourney they had the best shot to beat him. Rome and RG is a different story.

cena Says:

Happy both Serena and Rafa won! May it be repeated at Roland Garros.

Anna Says:

Alison – regarding the Madrid crowd and the Grigor/Novak match. In fact the crowd was very neutral until the 4th game of the first set when Grigor began to threaten Nole with some great shots. Nole decided to slow down play and asked that several of Grigor’s shots be reviewed. While it was legal to ask for a review it became pretty clear that Novak was gaming it up, as some of the shots were well within the line. At the same time he got a time warning and began to argue with the chair. With all of the antics the crowd began to whistle at Novak. Not because of Rafa (why would you even think that?), but because of Novak’s on court behavior. When Grigor finally won the set Novak was fuming and that’s when he cursed the crowd. After that the crowd was firmly pulling for Grigor to upset Nole. If you watched the final today I think you probably noticed how very fair the crowd was to Stan. They’ve also been very good to Roger over the years who has beaten Rafa at that tournament. A Novak fan planted the seed that the Madrid crowd hated Novak because he beats Rafa. Not true.

alison Says:

Anna fair enough.

Wog boy Says:


“When Grigor finally won the set Novak was fuming and that’s when he cursed the crowd.”

Did you watch the match? It was after second set, which Novak won in TB. Watch it again and enjoy it and don’t make up things. Quite a few posters said that Spanish fans were rude and unruly, and those posters were not Nole fans.
Next time keep in mind that you are talking to people who actually watched the match.

Giles Says:

I really don’t think joker should play Madrid ever again. After all according to one poster they are “rude and unruly”.

Alex Says:


Steve 27 Says:

Why get defensive the Balkan when you tell the truth, not support it or always have to be right?
They attack and leave no expose they an answer.

alison Says:

Wogboy fair enough 7.04am.

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