Roger Federer: It’s Funny These Players Using Camera Phones On The Court, But Severe Fines Could Follow
by Tom Gainey | May 30th, 2013, 12:04 am

This French Open we’ve already seen Sergey Stakhovsky and yesterday Gael Monfils both used their camera phones on the court to take pictures. Roger Federer was asked about the use of technology like smartphones on the court. While he finds the their use funny at times, he understands that they also can be used to gain an advantage.

:It’s happened before. It’s only going to happen more,” Federer said. “Wouldn’t be surprised if they change the rules because of it again. If you do it, fines are going to be more severe, all these things, because we are moving this professional route.

“I think it’s pretty funny, actually. The problem is that clearly there could be coaching going on and all these things through mobile devices. Probably be so easy to do. Go to the toilet and you hide it somewhere in the toilet I’m just saying anything is possible.

“You have to hope that the players use it in a funny way and it’s not meant bad or disrespectful. Yeah, so see how it all plays out. For now I think it’s all pretty funny, actually.”

Both tours presently do prohibit the use of electronic devices on court, though you often see players walking out to play wearing headphones. Let’s see if Monfils and Stakhovsky do get fined.

So far Federer hasn’t needed a phone. Through the first two rounds against two qualifiers, the 2009 French Open winner has dropped just 11 games. Federer will face Frenchman Julien Benneteau in the next round on Friday. Benneteau beat Roger in Rotterdam earlier this year.

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18 Comments for Roger Federer: It’s Funny These Players Using Camera Phones On The Court, But Severe Fines Could Follow

Michael Says:

If rules are there, they must be imposed strictly as otherwise there is no meaning in having them in the first place. What Roger says sounds reason. It is possible in this technology age to pass on coaching information through smart phones. So, to protect the integrity of the sport, the Organizers should take the strictest action against wilful offenders. I think Tennis is one of the relatively cleaner sport as compared to Boxing, Wrestling or even Foot ball where matches are tampered by illegal betting and fixing scandals. The ATP has been one of the finest organizing body of sports and what is required is to make it even more competent.

Rumble Says:

With google glasses and other such stuff (including in watches) – if coaches want to communicate with players, they easily can – unless every thing on players bodies and their bags is checked before every bag.

Ben Pronin Says:

Michael, the ATP is so far from being a fine organizing body of sports it’s hilarious. Really? One of the cleanest and finest? Cmon..

Michael Says:

Ben, I specifically used the term “relatively”. Compared to other Sports, Tennis is of course better organized and well run. That is my opinion. But you differ. I would be grateful if you could come out with your reservations about ATP as why it is not the cleanest and finest ??

Ben Pronin Says:

What was that crazy player’s name that everyone hated? Who got banned for basically being a complete tool. Gambling, match fixing, etc.

Davydenko was investigated for the longest time because of match fixing. And even though I like him, there’s a reason it escalated to that point. If you ever pay attention to betting sites during matches, not so much at the higher levels but at 250 and 500 events between players who aren’t making millions of dollars from endorsements. There’s a lot of sketchy stuff going on. We still have no idea what’s going on with the anti-doping system (although this isn’t the ATP’s fault). But we do know that it was the ATP who let Agassi slide after he wrote them a letter.

I think that the top of the sport is relatively clean (in terms of match fixing) and that’s why we don’t get many scandals. But after that? It’s a shit-show.

Okiegal Says:

I’m for hawkeye on clay. To me, it would be needed on that surface above all others. You can’t convince me that those ball marks don’t blend into other marks. Would not be possible for that not to happen. The delay in the game it causes…..way passed the 25 second rule. Use hawkeye, end the argument and move on……and there’s still issues with that system. Oh, well…..perfection is impossible.

RZ Says:

Okiegal – I agree. There’s also been cases of players and umps looking at the wrong marks.

Kate Says:

Ben–Crazy Daniel Koellerer

contador Says:

^^ that would be crazy Danny Koellerer – he was banned.

Okiegal Says:

RZ, that’s what I’m getting at. That happens often…….and at some very serious moments in a game. It could be the difference of winning and losing. Does not seem fair to me.

Michael Says:


Atleast the top of the sport is clean in Tennis. While in other Sports, even that has become scandalous. There are allegations about betting in 250/500 tournaments, but in many Countries betting is legalised and has sanctity under law. You also allege that some of the players fix matches in 250/500 tournaments ? Well, may be true. But what is their gain actually from these ? 250/500 tournaments are not at all prestigious and never matters when it is the Masters series and Grand slam tournaments which hog all viewers attention. Therefore, I am bewildered as to what could be the journeymens gain if we fixed a match and lost ? He actually gains only from winning matches and not losing it. About that anti-doping system, well that apply to all sports not particularly Tennis. Regarding Davydenko, well if it was that serious, Davydenko should have been banned for life time. But he is still playing and therefore ???

Michael Says:

I fully endorse Okiegal’s views on Hawkeye. It is definitely needed on Clay. It is silly that the umpires should frequently vacate their chairs and head to the court to see where the ball has landed.

skeezer Says:


Agree too(Hawkeye). But isn’t it pathetic that it is needed as the ball mark is clearly there for all to see, unlike other surfaces. Why is there controversy? Get with it ump!

They do need to enforce the phone thing. It does not belong on the court nor should any potential form of communication(heads up, you can communicate with an Ipod, so earplugs gotta go). Keep the intregrity of Tennis intact!!

Michael Says:


I look at it from the Umpires point of view. Isn’t it silly that he should frequently head to the courts on players call to see whether the ball is in or out. Hawk eye option eliminates that. When there is technology, why not take the help of it ?? Some times the players might not agree on umpires decision when he circles where the ball just landed and it is too close a call. But if it is hawk eye, they have no other option but to comply. So, it benefits from all angles.

Giles Says:

How about some players calling on the umpire unnecessarily to check ball marks at will sometimes knowing full well the ball is out? Gulbis is one of the players guilty of this misdemeanor in Rome against Rafa which Rafa criticised in his presser. Players can use this tactic to distract the opponent. #Unfair

SG1 Says:

Tennis has embraced replay technology. Stakhovsky and Monfils are taking the opportunity to point out that the umps are blowing some calls. Isn’t officiating supposed to be accurate so as to not influence the outcome? In this day and age, there isn’t one good reason why a line call should be blown. This isn’t about tradition or speed of play. It’s about getting things right. Eliminating controversy actually helps the game and makes it more credible and professional. Does anyone truly think that tennis was better before without Hawkeye?

Okiegal Says:


I truly don’t. Challenge, ask Mr. Hawk to give the shot the evil eye, and boom baby, problem solved……end of discussion. If I were an umpire I would sure hate to see replays where I had screwed up. They have to love the system too.

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