Nadal Dominates Ferrer For A Record 8th French Open Title, How Many More Will He Win?
by Sean Randall | June 9th, 2013, 2:03 pm

The final score was 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, but really it wasn’t even that close today as Rafael Nadal wrapped up yet another clay season with yet another French Open title. Nadal now has eight titles at the French and that’s more than any man has ever had at any Grand Slam. And I have a feeling there will be more.

“The feeling on court was great. The match[es] against David are always difficult,” Nadal said. “I think the score is much easier than what the match was today. I think for moments I played great. I think a few moments in the match, I played at very, very high level.

“Eight times here is a lot. I never thought about that. But I will keep practicing with the same passion and intensity to bring my tennis to the highest level possible.”

Facing his friend and compatriot David Ferrer, Nadal showed little mercy pounding down the 31-year-old right from the very start.

The heavy, wet conditions, which Rafa apparently doesn’t relish, suited him perfectly fine against the soft-balling Ferrer – imagine had he been playing Novak today? David can hardly find the power to hit winners when the conditions are quick. With it so thick and mucky, Nadal ran down just about every ball Ferrer could offer and then returned it with even greater force.

Ferrer did make Rafa work a little. After some early stage-fright at the start, David broke Nadal back in the first set but really that was as close as it was going to get. There really never was the sense David was going to beat Rafa on this day.

“Well, my plan was to play aggressive with Rafael,” Ferrer said. “Today the court was slower – it was raining and very difficult to (hit) winners. Anyway, it was 6‑3, 6‑2, 6‑3, but I think the first set and the third one (were) close, no? To beat Rafael on clay courts, I need to play more aggressive. I need to finish the points at the net and to play my best tennis to beat him. But when the court is slower, it’s very difficult.

“He has more power than me with his shots, and it’s very difficult for to beat him. Anyway, Rafael was better than me.”

About the only thing that made Nadal uncomfortable was that nutcase protester who ran out onto the court late in the second set. Besides that Nadal felt right at home as he should, winning again on his favorite court.

And we can now add Ferrer to the list of Top 5 players Nadal has beaten 20 times. Djokovic became a member of that club on Friday just after Roger Federer joined it last month in Rome.

Maybe even more amazing than that is since returning in February Nadal has remarkably reached all nine events that’s he played, winning a tour-best seven of them now. (If only all players could return from a knee injury like that.)

“[It was] a very emotional, very important victory for me. This remained the step after the comeback [from] the injury,” said Nadal. “I won [at] a 250 first, then a 500, then a Masters 1000, so the Grand Slam remained. It happened today, and it’s a big personal satisfaction that it happened. A lot of people helped me a lot to be back here today. I will not say everyone because I will forget, but because of them, today here I am with this. That means a lot more to me.”

Rafa now has 12 career Slam titles placing him tied at third with Emerson and behind Federer’s 17 and Pete Sampras’s 14. Might he have five more in him? At 27 who knows? Who’s to doubt?

For Ferrer, it was likely the first and last chance he’ll ever have at a Grand Slam title. Unfortunately he had to play Nadal. But it was a great achievement for the hard-working Spaniard who’ll continue to be a factor in the big events. Remember David is the same age but slightly younger than Federer, and he’s the one still putting up great results this year.

“Of course, one always has the feeling afterwards that one could have played better,” Ferrer added. “But when the opponent is more steady or consistent, you have to accept it. I suppose in the future I’ll have to try and improve. That’s why I work day in and day out. I hope that I’ll play another Grand Slam final. Last year for the first time I won a Masters 1000, and I’ve made progress. Now I’ve reached the final of a Grand Slam. I hope I will continue.”

Looking ahead to the grass. Rafa has already pulled out of Halle to rest his knees. Probably a smart move as long as he avoids a big power hitter early on at Wimbledon. Nadal won’t move up in the rankings from Paris, in fact he’ll fall to No. 5 which where he’ll likely be seeded for Wimbledon. Regardless of wherever he is seeded or wherever he is in the draw, the 2-time Wimbledon champ is going to be a very serious threat.

He probably won’t be the favorite, or maybe he will be, but Rafa is fully back and as long as his body holds up it’s going to be tough for anyone to stop him, especially on clay.

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84 Comments for Nadal Dominates Ferrer For A Record 8th French Open Title, How Many More Will He Win?

The Great Davy Says:

If were me into the finals today we would have different story:

“The Great Davy pummel butt picker Nadal”

“Uncle Toni calls tailor”

Thangs Says:

Vamos Rafa!

He is yet to beat Murray after injury comeback…Hope it will be for 13th crown on center court.

Anna Says:

I agree with Wilander, after all that Rafa’s been through and the way he’s come back this year, he definitely deserves this 8th FO championship. I would have liked to have seen that protester with the flare get close enough to Rafa for Rafa to crack him on the head with his racquet. Protest out front people, leave the courts to the players!!!

Brando Says:

VAMOS RAFA! Already universally regarded as top 5 in the history of the game, and now you move to outright no.3 GS winner in the open era. Keep making history, breaking records and consigning the haters to their sour misery. VAMOS!

Brando Says:

@Anna: LOL, true re protesters. After the tragic Seles incident, we CANNOT have intruders onto the court. Happened to Fed in 09′ at FO, Rafa today and also in USO in recent past. This is unacceptable, and security needs to tighten up even more as the chance of something truly devastating happening due to someone running onto the court should not even be a possibility. It ruined the occassion a bit IMO.

sheila Says:

didnt watch the final because it was predictable & boring. i think nadal will win wimbledon as well. he is the most dominant player, much more than federer ever was (i am a federer fan). nadal is like a machine. watching the djokovic/nadal semis was crazy how nadal seems to get everything back & doesnt seem to get rattled when hes behind. i wish roger could win but the tsonga qtr final was very disheartening to watch as a fed fan

Giles Says:
High 5’s for the ball kids.

madmax Says:

Congratulations to all rafa fans. A truly awesome tennis player. No surprises for the final win at RG.

Watched the match every now and again, but it was fairly predictable. The final for me was Rafa v Novak.

Sheila, sorry you feel that way. Roger has done his best and is still the best of the history for now, but even if rafa surpasses him in the GS count, it won’t matter. Fed has set many more records that still single him out as one of the best players of all time, so don’t be sad for too long.

Wimbledon next and I think it will be Novak’s this year. Just a feeling.

Vvx Says:

“Nadal won’t move up in the rankings from Paris, in fact he’ll fall to No. 5 which where he’ll likely be seeded for Wimbledon.”

Nadal seeded 5 for Wimbledon?

Doesn’t Wimbledon still take into account past performances on grass over the last two years? Rafa was the finalist in 2011 … that surely has to count for something.

I’ll be amazed if he isn’t seeded in the top four irrespective of his ATP ranking.

Anyway, congratulations to Rafa for an outstanding eighth FO title and a record NINE consecutive years of winning at least one slam. No one else has achieved that in the Open Era.

Now go and win a third Wimbledon! Vamos!

Steve 27 Says:

Rafael Garros should be called from now on French Open.

Sidney Says:

The King is back!

Steve 27 Says:

The protest was to criticize the French President, Francois Hollande for allowing same-sex married couples to adopt children have the same rights as heterosexual people.

Steve 27 Says:

Rafa’s great statement: “Those who do not hesitate is because they are arrogant. course I have doubts, but work to be here. If work is certainly not going back,” said the Spanish, who repeatedly thanked all those who have helped in difficult times.

Steve 27 Says:

Wimbledon next and I think it will be Novak’s this year.

Nah, Andy is far favorite than Djokovic for the title in SW 19.

James Says:

Wimbledon is one Slam where Federer is still a force. I wouldn’t count out the defending champ. Plus he’s been practising on grass, like Murray. A lot of people don’t feel that either of Novak and Rafa will win the Wimbledon. But then maybe most of those are Brits that like to see Andy as the favourite.
I think Nadal will be seeded #4 in Wimbledon. I could be wrong. If he is seeded #5, he is likely to meet Nole/Murray/Fed in the quarter finals. It will be very difficult even for him to beat Nole, Andy and Roger in one tournament. Chances are he could end spoiling the party for either Nole or Andy or Fed. But if he plays very well, it would be tough for other players to stop him from his 3rd Wimbledon crown. I hope he plays well.

Brando Says:

Wimby fav IMO: 1- Fed (defending champ, grass GOAT) 2- Muzza (RU last year, winner at Olympics, beat Fed, Nole in major grass matches, natural talent on grass, home support) 3- Novak (world no1, W and SF last 2 years which is better than Rafa results there), 4- Rafa. Either way: it’s all gravy for me as a Rafa fan at wimby: he’s got nothing to prove there, he’s a 2 time champ, has major love from the UK public, and has a place in Wimby folklore due to 2008. He’s not fav but that means nothing as to who shall win: he can just relax now after winning RG and just enjoy life as a certified legend on tour. Vamos Rafa!:-)

Brando Says:

LMFAO- epic tweet!-): Rafa has new tel. number you should dial 8- 63 62 63

— Tomáš Berdych (@tomasberdych) June 9, 2013

TGIT Says:


Last year we Nadal won dominated the French and everybody and their Mother thought he would bring the slam down on the rest of the year. One tomato can later and he is knocked out of Wimbledon. Do you see that coming? Neither did I. He already has his Doctor’s note ready for any losses. When he loses (and he will) he will play the doctor card. What a chump…..

James Says:

Oddsmakers currently have Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and Federer as the favourites for Wimbledon…in that order.

TGIT Says:

Same as last year and look who won.

Steve 27 Says:

mats wilander, from the start of roland garros, you never give credit to Rafa, you were always on siding djokovic, always complimenting him, rafa not even once, you dislike him so much, you and simon reed. now both of you has eaten all your words..both of you are rafa haters..

Gregoire Gentil Says:

When Kim Clisjters came back after injury and won US open, comment was women tennis is weak. When Rafael Nadal comes back from injury and wins French Open, he is superman. There is something that I don’t understand well here.

jane Says:

Congrats to Rafa – quite the achievement!

Teeg Says:


Let’s not get carried away Kim was away from the game for 2.5 years then bam, she wins the Open? C’mon, something’s wrong with that picture.

Ty Says:

Allow me to clean up Steve’s comment a bit.

Q: “after your terrible injury, did you have any doubts that you would return to this level?”

RF: “I am a positive guy. I am a positive person and I think always in the positive way; but, the doubts are a part of this life. The persons who, don’t have, people who don’t have a lot [of] doubts because they are so arrogant. (chuckle).. because the doubts are in everything. nothing is clear in this world, I think. So I for sure have doubts. But I work as much as I can to.. to be here. So, that’s the only thing that I can do. I can have doubts, yes. but if i don’t work, it is sure that I will not be back.”

Rafa the philosopher.

Ty Says:

should be RN… not RF…. sheesh

moam Says:

Records are “made to be broken” as the adage goes. But it’s hard to imagine anyone every breaking the staggering records Nadal is compiling on clay.

Simon Says:


“When Rafael Nadal comes back from injury and wins French Open, he is superman. There is something that I don’t understand well here.”

I think it shows the media bias and how they look differently at men and women.

As I mentioned before, this is a weak dirt-ball era. The top 2 contenders Rafa got have clay as their weakest surface and one of them is 5 years older than him. If Guga/Muster had that kind of luxury, one of them would have accumulated atleast 6 RG titles.

Besides, Guga and Muster had real injuries which end athletes’ careers. Not the fake injuries team nadal claim. Even Borg, when he was out of the game for few months struggled to win a title, forget a GS. I don’t know if you have read christophe rochus’ comments on ATP covering up for Nadal and ofcourse Yannick Noah’s comments about Nadal and his cohorts. Then ofcourse there is Dr. Fuentes.

Simon Says:

The odd-makers still think Novak is a bigger favorite than Nadal for Wimbledon? LOL, may be they should drink some of the kool-aid that rafa nuts are drinking.

Queens and Halle will tell us where Murray and Federer – the 2 best grass-courters of last season stand this year. Federer needs to win Halle to prove that he will not get knocked out by the younger guns easily, like he did during the clay-court season. Janowicz-Federer match in the quarters will be a total classic if they meet and Federer and Janowicz bring the best. It could very well be a passing of the torch match like the 2001 wimbledon 4th round match between Sampras and Federer – In my book the greatest grass-court match of all time.

While we are at it, The greatest hard-court match is the Federer-Safin classico in AO 2005 and greatest clay-court match is the 2013 FO semi-final between Tsonga/Ferrer. [just joking guys, it is obviously the other semi-final]

As for Indoors, I would choose one of the Sampras-Becker Year-End classic. Unfortunately, this era – the indoor players are weak, like the clay-court era. Federer is way ahead of the pack, like Rafa is on clay. In this era, my best match was the Federer-Nalbandian 2005 final, where Nalby proved what he can do when he cares to play. For sheer classical display of indoor tennis, watch the semi-final that year where Federer pasted an ex-GS champ, Gaudio 6-0, 6-0. Yes Sir, an ex-champ who was ranked 9 in the world, got double bageled.

Michael Says:

Hearty congratulations to Rafa and his legion of fans !! What he has done is anything but a humunguous achievement and the most significant thing is that he has achieved this feat at 27 and still looking good to win atleast two more if all things goes well. This stellar record is unparalleled and not done either in the Amateur era or professional era which makes this record even more unique. I have nothing more to add except to say that it is phenomenal.

Michael Says:

Well the Rafa Vs Ferrer match turned out to be a dud and boring match as per expectations. Fireworks came only from a anti-gay marriage protester rather than on court. Ferrer was just succumbing to Nadal’s fearsome control over the court. He was not doing anything special. He tried to be more aggressive but could not translate his vision on court. I do not think Rolland Garros deserves such boring matches. In the interest of Tennis, it would be good if the matches turn out to be more competitive rather than completely one sided.

vidzy Says:

The way rafa is playing and the way he dominates on clay, his style of play, I have a feeling rafa might not win as many slams outside RG but he might start taking 5-6 months off like he did just now and focus his attention completely on RG as he starts to get older may be over 30..if he plays till 34-35 he might end up winning 13-14 french opens by the time he is done and around 18-19 slams in total and if federer fails to add more tally to his current no which is 17 , will rafa winning 80 pc of his slams won on clay be a contender for the GOAT ?

Nirmal Kumar Says:

What looks more amazing about Nadal is not just the numbers, but the way he makes good players look so ordinary on the field on Clay courts. Ferrer looked like such an amateur player in front of Nadal even when he was playing pretty good tennis. Already he has done that to Roger many many times.

Novak seems to be the only guy who can stand upto Nadal on clay. I thought he had better chance this year, which he proved almost right except for the few mins of inspiring unreal tennis from Rafa.

We need to wait till USO to see how Rafa fares outside Clay.

Margot Says:

Congratulations to Rafa, 8 titles at RG is absolutely amazing and unlikely ever to be equaled.
Am not sure Queens will tell us anything about Andy, unless it’s an indicator of how his back is, because the year he won, he didn’t make Wimbledon final, and last year when Mahut beat him early on, he did.
That’s Andy :)

Michael Says:

The strategy against Rafa at Clay courts should be hit or miss. Brands showed that and even Gulbis many times. Only merciless hitting can work if you have a good day. Novak is the only player who can match Nadal stroke by stroke. But apart from him, the tour looks quite mediocre despite the talk of it being the strongest era in Men’s Tennis. Players like Ferrer, Almagro, Berdych etc. do not even know how to counter Rafa when he is on song.

Michael Says:

Even Borg did not dominate the tour as Rafa is doing now on Clay atleast. There were some good clay court specialists during his era namely Orantes, Vilas, Panatta etc. Even Jimmy was a good clay court player not to mention Mcenroe. But today the field looks quite bareen. Apart from Novak, I am not able to see one player who can challenge Rafa on Clay ? Why in such a supposed strong era we have such drought of talent is a big puzzle ? It is ofcourse given that Nadal’s quality of play is way way superior than the rest but still the absence of competition is making Tennis unpopular atleast on Clay surface when the result is already determined even before the tournament.

Margot Says:

@ Michael
What’s really gob smacking is Rafa’s long term domination. That is what is tennis history will come to regard as so phenominal.
In fact Nole’s attempts to de-throne Rafa remind me of Rafa’s attempts to de-throne Roger at Wimbledon.
Eventually he succeeded. Wonder if Nole will?
And will Rafa “dominate the tour” from now on? Tell you at the beginning of 2014 :)
But am hoping a certain Mr Murray will have something to say about that…;)

Steve 27 Says:

Grass era since 2003 to 2007 was the worst. If a dirt baller beat the so called GOAT in his predilect surface (in fact he outplayed the swiss in 2007) and was his main opponent, told us how mediocre the grass tennis era was by then.

Michael Says:


Well, hats off to Nadal for his indomitable dominance. As regards Novak, well this time around he very nearly won despite playing above average Tennis in my opinion and Nadal playing so brilliantly. That should be the Golden lining for him in future Clay contests. I am not sure whether Novak would ultimately be able to dislodge Nadal at Rolland Garros. But if there is one player who can do it, it is only him and so we have no other alternative but to hinge our hopes on him. He is the answer to Nadal. I do not think Roger dominated Wimbledon as Rafa is doing on Clay. It is complete dominance without space. As regards Andy, well his season begins now. His form will be tested on the grass courts as well as hard courts. On Clay, however he is a push over.

Michael Says:

Steve, Do you mean to say that Hewitt, Roddick, Nalbandian, Safin, Haas, Davydenko etc. etc. are all bad players. Ironically, some are shining even today in the supposed strong era and beating the best.

Steve 27 Says:

Hahha, Michael dont make me laugh!

Safin on grass. His worst slam
Davydenko ?
Nalbandian A fluke final in 2002!
Haas reached his first sf at 31!
Hewitt is like Ferrer, a big heart but no big weapons and his play works better against sv than agressive baseliners
Roddick should have won W2004 rain delay and how forget W2009, his best performance against Federer and those 4 sets points in the second set are unforgettable. Unfortunately, he was not the most talented of his generation. His weapons. The serve and his forehand after 2005 deteriorated exponentially.
Ok, Federer is so great but this generation of lawn tennis is possibly one of the worst ever.

I doubt that with Borg, Connors, Mc Enroe, Edberg, Lendl, Cash, Becker and other geats in this surface, had achieved what he achieved. But then, who can take away cattle and unsay what he is not one of the greatest?

Danny Morris Says:

Roddick was so weak on grass that he absolutely smoked murray in 2009. I am not a Roddick fan, but he certainly has to be atleast the no.3 grass court player on grass in the 2000s. In the 10years between 2000-09, Federer won 6 Wimbledons, Rafa 1, Hewitt 1 and Ivanisevic 1. Roddick made 3 finals and lost 4 times to Roger.

If not for Roger, Roddick would well have 3 Wimbledons, maybe even 4. If Rafa was not there, who is winning those 8FOs? Federer would win 5, of those, Novak 2 [2008 and 2012] and Soderling would have won 2010. Are these clay courters? I am sorry, maybe you can say Robin is a clay-courter, but I still think he is a much superior player on indoor courts. Federer/Nole are far from clay courters. Players like ferrer and almagro have beaten Roger 0 times on clay.

Danny Morris Says:

I think we can safely say Grass-court/Hardcourt players of Federer’s generation like Hewitt, Roddick or Safin would make HoF and achieved no.1 ranking.

I would like to know these amazing clay courters who make the tennis HoF. Ferrer would have greater chances of winning a lottery than being inducted into the hall of fame. Almagro? The entire spanish or argentine armada? Sorry, even there, the greatest player – Delpotro/nalbandian have much more success on hardcourts/grass.

Michael Says:

Steve 27,

While listing the players, I didn’t mean just the Grass courts. That being said, I would like to remind you that Roddick has beaten both Novak as well as Andy at Wimbledon. Sampras got beaten by Hewitt twice on Grass and you say that he has no major weapons. Nalbandian has been regarded as one of the most talented players across the circuit and you say that he came to Wimbledon final by a fluke. The less said about Safin the better. He was a player with great promise, but he didn’t fulfil it. By the way, he reached the semi final of Wimbledon in 2008. May be, he was not a grass courter, but he was one of the most talented players in the circuit during his time. The less said about Haas the better as he has been beaten Novak at Wimbledon when he was over 31.

Nina Says:

I’m not too keen on Rafa and some of his fans here are quite irritating, but I must admit he’s one of the greatest ever and I admire him greatly. He will never by my player of choice but I respect his amazing will and grit. Well done Rafa!

Now, let’s wait Nole takes back what’s his.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Nina im a Rafa fan and i must admit i agree with you,if they had any sense they would just be enjoying the FO win,rather than wasting nervous energy taking pot shots at Roger or Nole,but i dont know what you mean by Nole takes back what is his though?

Michael Says:

Alison, Just my thought regarding Nole takes back what’s his – It is about winning Rolland Garros !!

Brando Says:

Nole taking back what’s his? Newsflash: He NEVER had it in the first place. However, replace RG with MC and Novaks name with Rafa and then Nina could be talking some sense for once!

Brando Says:

Re Novak v Rafa being similar to Rafa v Fed at wimby: could be…… But there is a huge difference: 1- Rafa is a tougher ma to beat at RG than Fed at Wimby- check the stats 2- Rafa was age 22 when he beat Fed, Novak at that age was already 0-3 v Rafa at RG and without a set- again big difference 3- Novak is 0-5 v Rafa at RG at 27, an age by which Rafa was already a 2 time Wimby winner 4- Rafa arguably was more concerned about the rain last year during set 3 than Novak, beyond which set 1,2 and 4 was Rafa’s 5- BAR 0-2 in the 5th set Rafa was always ahead in the match 6- Rafa outplayed Novak in all departments on Friday virtually- Check the stats. 7- Rafa is 1-2 v Fed on grass, Novak is a colossal 3-13 v Rafa on clay: huge difference. Long story short: fact is Rafa is better than Novak on clay, and h2h v him also. Most especially at RG. The manner in which Novak mentally played this match and the final at RG just underlines the difference between him here and Rafa at Wimby v Fed: Rafa knew due to the matchup he has a real chance of the win. Novak meanwhile is always aware he’s up against a monster at RG- and this heartbreaking loss will ONLY hurt him. How many times does ANYONE get a chance to beat Rafa at RG? Very, very few times.

James Says:

@Brando, true that it’s tougher to beat Rafa at RG than it was to beat Roger at Wimby. Roger was great but never dominated Wimbledon the way Rafa is dominating RG. However, Rafa isn’t all invincible in Paris. Novak has the game and confidence to beat him at RG. But yes, it will always be very, very difficult for any player to take three sets off Nadal at RG. When you play Rafa, it isn’t just about tactics anymore. He’s physically and mentally so tough. Also he plays very smart tennis.

Well, let’s see next year if Nole can finally complete his Career Slam or not. Nole will have to play better than he did this year to beat Nadal for the FO. Nadal himself wasn’t as impressive at RG this year as he was in previous years.

Brando Says:

@James: great post. Novak can beat Rafa, but as you said yourself: Rafa can improve his game on clay than his performance this year. Time will tell: I think Novak will win RG one day, but today it’s Rafa’s moment, so Vamos Rafa for the win- a truly historic one!

Nadalista Says:

This @Nina fellow is quite funny. Irony much?

Daniel Says:

I think Nadal wins 10 RG.

I can wait to see Nadal retired just for us to know for sure he is not winning RG title anymore:) But even so, he may be retired for 2 years and if Novak is past his prime by them, some nobody starts winning RG he may well decides to return and win it a few more times;-)
This is a joke guys, but really, the only way for him not to win RG titles anymore is when he retires. Till them, he will be favorite or co-favorite or dark horse everytime he plays, no matter his ranking.

Giles Says:

I can’t believe the bookies are giving odds on Rafa winning RG for the next 3 years.

Nadalista Says:

I don’t think that is beyond the realms of possibility, @Giles. I mean, anyone who knows tennis can see that the guy has improved his game. The joker in the pack, pun fully intended, is the knee, otherwise he is defending Chatrier for the next 3 years. What else do you think is the reason for the increased vitriol against Rafa and his fans on these boards? It’s the realization that Rafa means business!

Giles Says:

Rafa won his 8th FO and achieved this feat with a bum knee.

Humble Rafa Says:

You are welcome. It was my pleasure.

It was a busy day and night. Thanks for your wishes.

Imagine if my knees actually getting better next year..just worth pondering.

All going as per plan, pick up the French..give a decent shot at the slow Aus Open courts..and win atleast 1 more Wimbledon..GOAThood is within reach.

If I was an American player with tongue sticking out, yes, it is going to be bad for you soon.

Humble Rafa Says:

If anyone has seen Skeezer in the last few days, please inform his 2 cats. They are looking for him.

Giles Says:

^^^ Hahaha

James Says:

Andy Roddick Tweeted:

@andyroddick When rafa won his first French open, my trainer @dougspreen said w zero doubt, that he thought he’d win 8 FO …. I told him he was crazy.

grisham Says:

I am hoping for Roger to win it this year but I agree it might be Novak and I am OK with that too!

grisham Says:

Brando @I think Novak will win RG one day,

I wonder if other Rafa fans agree with this statement and how close they think he is in achieving it?

James Says:

grisham, I won’t be too surprised if Novak wins RG at some point in his career. It will always be very difficult for anyone to win FO with a healthy Rafa around though.

Brando Says:

@Grisham: at the end of the day: NO ONE knows what shall happen in the future. That said: has Novak got a shot in the next 3 years? IMO, yes. Should he remain fit and play his best has Rafa got a shot as good as any in next 3 years? Again, yes. Who knows: it’s all the future. I rather appreciate today: and another RG win for Rafa!:-)

Brando Says:

@HR: LMAO, great post by the humble one as always!:-)

Kimberly Says:

So to sum up some predictions at the beginning of the clay season:

How many matches will nadal lose. Answer was 1.

I believe the Sean Randall and Jamie jinx were not effective this season. In fact I believe Sean was correct on the nadal djoker final result and number of sets. I think jamie picked rafa but he/she often changes.

jamie Says:

Madrid winner has won Wimbledon since 2009. Will the trend continue this year?

2009 Federer
2010 Nadal
2011 Djokovic
2012 Federer
2013 Nadal?

Dan Martin Says:

I think Nadal will win at least 2 more French Open titles but up to 4 or 5 more. A lot will depend on Novak in the near term and his knees and lungs as he gets older. At some point, an uber fit grinder is bound to emerge.

Steve 27 Says:

Dan, do you think Rafa have a chance to win a hardcourt slam in the next few years?

contador Says:

@Steve 27

You asked Dan, so not to over-write Dan’s reply, just giving my own; yes, Rafa says he wants to get to #1 and if he says that, he must be targeting an hc slam. I am not a Rafa fan but imo, if Rafa comes right out and says something, then he will probably get it! AO would be his best chance. But not to rule out another US Open. One thing we know about Nadal, he will fight for it.

Steve 27 Says:

Thanks, contador, I hope he can win one more Wimbledon and one more hardcourt slam and certainly the Aussie Open is his best chance. He could surpass Sampras.

Michael Says:

Rafa is surely one of the favourites for Wimbledon but I do not think it will be easy for him to win hard court slams. There he may have to conquer both Novak as well as Andy who are playing at a different level and are tough to beat. Novak has the edge in H2H in recent times whenever he met Nadal in a hardcourt tournament. The H2H stands at 11-5 in his favour. Moreover, Andy is no pushover and he can give some frights. All said and done, I think Rafa might overtake Sampras in my opinion when he finishes his career and probably even equal Roger given the strike rate at which he is going. Although his accumulation of slams might be a bit lopsided loaded with Rolland Garros trophies.

James Says:

I believe if Rafa is healthy he can take on Novak and Andy on the hard courts too. In 2011, Nole had him completely on all surfaces. Nadal seemed clueless at the time. The Australian Open 2012 final changed it all. There, watching them fight for nearly six hours, I could tell Rafa no longer was clueless about Nole. It showed him and us that he could take on Nole on the hard courts, and with some luck and better play, he can beat him. Since Oz12, Rafa once again leads their rivalry. Sure, we are yet to see them on the hard courts. I’m confident Rafa can take him on that surface too. Just stay fit and keep that hunger going, Rafa.
It’s always fun to shut your doubters up!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael Rafas GS resume will always be lopsided given his domination at the FO,and i would agree in that hes unlikely to dominate on HCs the way he has on clay,however i think he could eek out a couple more HC GS before he is done like Contador says his best bet would be the AO i would think?and i can also see a possibility that he will surpass Samprass,although i dont think he would surpass Roger,maybe equal but surpass i think is unlikely,i see him possibly somewhere between the two,although im already delighted he has 12.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael @8.19am June 10th,i dont know if that was what Nina meant in her post?only she would know?it just doesnt really make any sense to me to be honest?

SG1 Says:

It would seem Rafa has at least 1 FO left in him though if I were a betting man, I say Novak wins next year’s FO. He can contend at Wimbledon where has been in 5 finals and won two of them. I’m not sure he’ll win another with Novak and Murray both having games more suitable to grass than his. Not to mention Fed who, when hot, can go deep.

I don’t see another USO in the mix for Rafa. Too much strain on his knees on a relatively fast HC surface. Guys like DelPO, Murray and Novak are all more suited to American hard courts than Rafa.

That leaves the AO. He has a chance to get at least one more of those. It’s early in the season and his knees have time to rest during the 48 hour tennis off season.

I agree with tennis x hippy chic. He’ll pass Sampras but I don’t think he catches Federer. Hell, I thought he ‘s be stopped at 13 based on health issues. I’m guessing he wins 15 majors. That’s just a huge number. But, it all comes down to health for Rafa.

SG1 Says:

I’ll probably be proven completely wrong when Rafa wins Wimbledon and the USO. I actually thought JWT was going to take out Ferrer so what do I know anyway.

Nadalista Says:

First time I am hearing that Novak’s game is more suited to grass court tennis than Rafa’s. Makes you wonder if some people watch the game at all……..

SG1 Says:

Novak’s flatter shots are much more suited to grass than Nadal’s. His serve is also flatter than Nadal’s and better suited to grass as well. I like Rafa as much as any one of the current players but give me a break with the Rafanaticism. Murray and Fed both have games that are much more suited to grass than either Rafa or Novak. Last I checked, Novak, Fed and Murray have never been sent home by Lukas Rosol on grass.

Perhaps Mr. Nadalista, I don’t have to watch as much tennis as you clearly do. I don’t have the Rafa blinders on.

James Says:

@SG1, for a better grass court player, Murray has a pathetic record on grass against Nadal. But I agree he has the better grass game. Roger of course does. Novak? 50-50 I’d say.
I’m thinking this could be Murray’s Wimbledon.

Simon Says:

So rafalings have resorted to twisting twitter messages and articles written in favor of Roger to promote their hidden agenda.

LOL @giles the cunning fox.

SG1 Says:


I think Murray’s one achilles heel on grass is his second serve. It’s a little to attackable at times. Great returners like Novak and Nadal can really make him pay if he doesn’t serve well. If he can get that 2nd serve tightened up, he has as good a chance as anyone to win at Wimbledon.

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