John Isner, Agnieszka Radwanska Get Naked For ESPN’s Body Issue
by Tom Gainey | July 11th, 2013, 1:36 pm

Tennis stars John Isner and Agenieszka Radwanska both got naked for ESPN the Magazine’s new Body Issue which hit the newsstands this week. If you have thought two tennis players would have taken it all off, would you have guessed those two? Likely not and even Isner surprised himself by doing it.

“This is something I never would’ve imagined myself doing,” Isner told the magazine. “Tennis players aren’t jacked like football players, but we are certainly in good shape, and if my photo shows that in any way, that will be good.”

Alan Clarke for ESPN The Magazine

Alan Clarke for ESPN The Magazine

Said Radwanska about her eating habits, “Unlike most players, who eat at least two hours before matches, I can eat a full meal and go straight out on the court. In fact, I prefer to do that. My usual routine is a plate of pasta 30 minutes before I’m due to go on court. If I don’t, I end up starving midmatch. That habit dates back to when my dad used to pick me up from school and drive me straight to matches. We had no time for dinner, so I had to stuff myself in the car.”

Alan Clarke for ESPN The Magazine

Alan Clarke for ESPN The Magazine

Both players look great. And they follow other tennis names who’ve appeared in the Magazine like Serena Williams and Vera Zvonareva.

You can see all the athletes here.

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19 Comments for John Isner, Agnieszka Radwanska Get Naked For ESPN’s Body Issue

KRIS Says:

Not appealing body types! We need a Greek godess and god!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Agie looks beautiful here,and John looks hot.

Kimberly Says:

I think its inappropriate but maybe I’m a prude

Vivian costa Says:

Isner and Radwanska have beautiful bodies but why must a player show their bodies for money: I am sure they are receiving money for being in ESPN’s Body Issue, right.? I know they are proud of their bodies as they are in shape by the game they play.

metan Says:

Omg, my mom will not allow me to troll here if she sees these pictures.

Pleaseeeee put on their clothes.

tennisfansince76 Says:

if you actually played tennis barefoot on a hardcourt your feet would be destroyed

blanche roddick Says:

Photos should not be on Tennis Channel. My grandson is glued to all tennis programs. This is not appropriate, magazine maybe but not the tennis channel. Thank you

TennisZod Says:

I hope Maria Sharapova, Laura Robson, Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki follow Radwanska’s example. Times they are a changing.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

I think people are missing the point here,these are not porn magazine photo shoots,its all about ESPN promoting a healthy body image,may i suggest you pick up a copy of Playboy magazine if thats the kind of thing that you are after.

Alex Says:

Jezzz, lighten up people. Anyone here live in Europe? Ever seen a Moisturizer advert? Ever opened a news paper?

This is nothing, since when are we ashamed of our bodies?

People spend more time worrying about this than things like Giant oil companies drilling in the arctic, typical bigotry.

M Says:

I’m a little confused.
Many tenistas before this have done the ESPN body issue.

And Jo-Wil Tsonga, Fernando Verdaso, and Feli Lopez posed for charity some years ago.

(Those were nice photos. :-) )

This is not new.

Still – an NSFW warning might be appropriate for those with kids, and those who catch up on Tennis-X at work.

andrea Says:

nice pics. all of the men players are ripped. so many of the women players seem to carry paunch around their middles which seems odd. with all the core work involved you’d think that’s the last place jiggle would end up.

Colin Says:

Poland is a Catholic country, so Radwanska is copping a major amount of flak over this. Good thing she’s isn’t a Muslim – she’d probably be shot!

While I don’t mind looking at pictures of attractive women in the buff, I have to say that these photos – particularly the Isner – are not so much shocking as silly, though the Ancient Greeks might not have agreed.

harry Says:

From an aesthetic perspective: these photos emphasize Isner’s out of proportional legs (he certainly is not the da vinci man!)… While Raddie seems constructed with golden ratios (much like ivanovic)… Personally, i think Rafa is the “golden ratio” man…

grendel Says:

Harry – agree, but that only goes to show that the golden ratio isn’t everything when it comes to aesthetics. There is something massive, smooth and silky, almost serpent like, in the Isner pic which is particularly startling when you think of the great shaggy shamble of a man you normally see on your screen.
As for Radwanska, I’ve always been torn – gorgeous figure, unremarkable face. The novelist Kingsley Amis is reputed to have told his novelist son Martin that sex and sexual attraction was primarily about the face. He obviously hadn’t seen Radwanska, with or without clothes on.

harry Says:

On second thoughts, yes, i agree with you [on both Ispic and Radpic]. There certainly is something arresting about the Isner pic. I need to see more photos of Raddie to comment on her face, though; i just don’t watch women’s tennis after the shriekers came on [it just is too noisy for me]. But I loved watching Henin at RG, the tricks & pranks of Hingis [she definitely punched above her weight!], and the feline games of early Serena & Venus [something that Berdy has now! and which Fed had in 2003]… i am just rambling :-)

Colin Says:

Young guys watching tennis today don’t know how lucky they are! When I started watching Wimbledon on a 10″ black-and-white TV in the 1950s, I wouldn’t have wanted to see most of the female players undressed. “Homely” is the word that springs to mind, though I won’t mention any names.

courbon Says:

@ Tennis Hippy Chic: Playboy? Nah, its better Readers Wives or Razzle…

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Courbon lol naughty man,Playboy is more sophistiated i think,rich and famous women do it,although i believe Ashley Harkleroad was the only female tennis player to do it,Readers Wives or Razzle are more for the normal everyday women walking the street,hence the title Readers Wives,and although Agie looks lovely here,i cannot ever see her doing anything along those lines somehow :)..

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