Marin Cilic Suspended Nine Months For Doping Violation, Will Miss Australian Open
by Staff | September 16th, 2013, 1:36 pm

The ITF has suspended Marin Cilic for nine month for ingesting the banned substance nikethamide in May during the tournament in Munich.

An Independent Tribunal found that Cilic inadvertently took the substance through Coramine glucose tablets, and was not trying to enhance his performance, therefore his penalty was reduced.

According to media reports, during the Monte Carlo tournament Cilic sent his mother out to buy him glucose supplements. She returned with a banned substance that Marin, without reading the the label, took and eventually led to a failed doping test in Munich.

Via translation Cilic said he will appeal adding, “I can confirm that the disputed sample originates from glucose tablets that are purchased in pharmacies in France. I had no knowledge that they contain a substance that is prohibited for competition (although it is allowed out of competition). I would very gladly gave more details about the case and I hope that you will understand me that at this moment I can not comment any more until the legal proceedings are pending.

“Finally, I would like to stress that I have never in my life, knowing it was deliberately taken any banned substance. We strongly oppose the use of any stimulants that would help create a better sports results. I am disappointed that at this moment I can not say more about the case, but I’ll do it as soon as the legal process is completed. Then I will answer every question that is asked about this case.”

Cilic’s nine month suspension begins retroactively from May 1 until January 31, 2014.

The 24-year-old hasn’t played since withdrawing from a second round match at Wimbledon in late June. Croatian media reported earlier this summer that Cilic was hoping to have his case tried and resolved in time for the hardcourt events in August.

Cilic is currently ranked No. 24, he was as high as No. 11 this April.

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16 Comments for Marin Cilic Suspended Nine Months For Doping Violation, Will Miss Australian Open

Patson Says:

Why do I find this funny ? If true, there is a lesson : Never send your mother to buy medicine

P.S: Apologies beforehand to all mothers on the forum, it’s just a joke :)

The Great Davy Says:

Should have made more effort when reading label.

holdserve Says:

Can’t believe those in top 30 eat or take medicines without team specialist looking at the label.
If true, really unprofessional.

Anna Says:

I feel bad for Marin. You have to wonder if they have to be near pharmacists themselves to know every possible banned ingredient in the market. Some of these drugs have a dozen different names. The poor guy was sick and was looking for a glucose tablet to help him recover some strength. Those tablets might have helped to put him on the court, but I doubt they would have given him any kind of winning edge.

metan Says:

All athletes needs extra cautions when consuming something. Next time be careful Marin,,,I am so sad to hear this news..

pogi Says:

unlucky guy…

others are lucky…(the real dopers)

jj Says:

next go to a panic room

Michael Says:

Well, are the atheletes really enlighted about what are the banned substances ? Atleast the Coaches should be aware of this and they should be extra vigilant in protecting their mentee’s interest. It is intriguing that players can take this issue so lightly and Cilic seems to have paid the price for his ignorance. I hope he learns from this and turn a new leaf. So should be the approach of the other players too. It is the difference between fame and shame.

holdserve Says:

I think it is highly unlikely that top athletes will ingest tablets without reading the label.

As far as I know, no top athlete takes anything without clearance from his coach or a specialist. They know that being suspected of doping could ruin their careers.

Top Professionals are always careful about what they eat or drink not just because of doping tests but also because of how it affects their fitness.

Anna Says:

I’m assuming that glucose tablets by itself is not a banned substance. If your use to picking up glucose tablets from time to time then you might not be aware that the ingredients may differ from brand to brand. I guess it’s a lesson learned, but in this case I feel 9 months is over the top.

madmax Says:


I agree, I wonder whether this is ever true you know…athletes not knowing whether glucose tabs are banned and whether if they do buy anything through a third person, then that person has to/should run it past their coach first.

It’s such a big risk and this has threatened both his reputation and his career.

I really enjoy watching cilic play as well. Perhaps he will still continue with the training and be ready for Australian Open?

I hope so.

Giles Says:

His suspension will end after the AO!!

Okiegal Says:

I can’t believe that players and the coaches would not KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS IN EACH DOSE BEING INGESTED……this is so crazy and irresponsible on all parties. If it were me……I would be afraid to take an aspirin! If he was truly being honest and sincere…..gotta feel bad for the guy.

Eric Says:

OK, so when is the ATP going to actually, you know, catch someone in the top 100 doping for real?

Humble Rafa Says:

The Great Davy Says:
Should have made more effort when reading label

Speaking from Experience, Great Bald One.

Marin Cilic Reinstated From Doping, Will Play Paris Says:

[…] ITF announced Friday that Marin Cilic’s nine month doping ban has been reduced to four after hearing an appeal from the […]

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