Rafael Nadal: After All The Success I May Be A Little Tired Mentally
by Tom Gainey | October 7th, 2013, 2:47 pm

After his loss yesterday in the Beijing final to Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal admitted that he may be feeling some mental fatigue after all the matches he’s played and success he’s enjoyed this year.

“I hope to be ready for Shanghai,” Nadal said. “It’s an important tournament, one of the most important of the season because it’s a Masters 1000.

“So it’s true that probably mentally when you finish the US Open and you had all the success that I had during the long season is mentally a little bit tough. But in the same time, all the success that I had give me a lot of positive energy. Remain a little bit more, and I going to try my best in every match I play until the end of the season.”

Nadal also spoke about what happened against Djokovic in China compared to his US Open win over the Serb, saying that Novak played better and he simply did not.

“I did a lot of things worse than what I did in the US Open and he did the things very well,” Nadal said. “In the US Open he played very well, too. Probably the conditions of this court, this ball, were more favorable for him than for me. He did very well. He played a great match.

“I didn’t play as good as I did in Montreal and the US Open. So to play against Novak when he’s playing well, if you are not playing almost at the perfect level, is very difficult to win. That’s what happened today. I didn’t play at this level and he played at very high level and I lost.”

Nadal, now ranked No. 1 this week with a 65-4 record and 10 titles on the season, will have a few days of rest before his opening round match on Wednesday in Shanghai. If Nadal can win Shanghai he will become the first player to win six ATP Masters titles in a single season.

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43 Comments for Rafael Nadal: After All The Success I May Be A Little Tired Mentally

Giles Says:

Vamos Champ! Stay healthy!
Good luck in Shanghai!

Faleye o kehinde Says:

Oh king, go and win again in Shanghai. Best of luck

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Against a player like Nole you have to be at your best,Rafa played like crap this week,Nole was like the old Nole,Rafas had an amazing year whatever happens next hes still been the tours best player,so he has nothing to prove,im just enjoying watching him to wait and see what unfolds win or loose.

M Says:


Besides your magnificent electric tennis, your charitable and giving spirit, and your undeniable star quality — the other thing we love about you is that wicked sharp mind.

Managing expectations like a boss! Can’t believe I didn’t ask this time even though I would never have wanted to distract you … but the next time you come back to NYC I’m asking for a chess match.


The Great Davy Says:

In te 2010, after all The Success, and showing world how easy to take a set off of Federer in Australia, I too may be a little tired mentally.

If Your Great Davy had met nadal in 3 slam Semi-Final and 2 Quarter-Final, you would see Federer with 20 slam and nadal less than 10.

Steve 27 Says:

Nevermind, Rafa, loses is part of the game, and the flavor of the victories after the upset are more valuables.
Vamos for a sixth and unprecedented Master 1000!

Michael Says:

You can excuse Rafa for this loss for the insane success he had this year. Afterall, he is not immortal and infallible and he is bound to falter at some point reminding that he too is human.

Steve 27 Says:

the question is: Is he determined finally to win the WTF, especially if I correct, the only player who can defeat him is Del Potro
Djokovic : Davis Cup will be his priority
Ferrer: in inevitable decline
Federer: Even with his favorable record in indoor hard court, this time he wont be a obstacle
Berdych Do I have to say more?
Warink and Gasquet has not weapons to hurt Rafa even in indoor har court
Raonic. He could be a threat especially with his huge serve in this condition but he lacks of mobility and he has a poor defensive skills, he is man in progress after all
Tsonga, Unfortunately, his injured has cost his level

So, with Murray injured, Federer older and with a motivated Djokovic in Davis Cup,
the only man who has the tools right now to defeat Rafa in London is Del Potro, But is it consistent this time the Argentine, or will be suffer the tare again he seems to have?
will be decided Rafa this time to win the WTF fo once and for all and silence all critics who blame him this lack in his curriculum?

metan Says:

Naughty Rafa! All my voice is gone just for cheering him whole week. Hope he will grab Shanghai title. Good Luck Champion!

Michael Says:


There is a good chance for Rafa this time to finally breakthrough in WTF. As you said, Del Potro is another threat. But how did you miss out Novak who won it last year ? I think he is the one Rafa should watch out for. Just because, Novak gets concentrated on Davis Cup doesn’t mean that he will take it easy in WTF. He won it last year and so the motivation for him to do it once more. Regarding the rest, I do not have high hopes about them and Nadal can definitely breathe easy. Many are bunnies for Nadal.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

If Rafa(sorry Skeezer lol) were to win in Shanghai this week,that would be 6 masters 1000 titles this year a record i believe?,also it would be the second title this year that he has never won before,Cincy been the other one,wonder if he could add Paris too,ok getting carried away now lol,the one i would really love is a WTF though most of all though,lets end the season on a high vamos Rafa(sorry Courbon lo).

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Michael agree Murray wont be there,and also we dont know if Roger will actually qualify,but i cant seem him not doing so,and Roger record at that event is second to none and he thrives indoors,so i wouldnt rule him out either,Delpo made the final in 2009 so hes dangerous and he beat Roger last year,Rafa lost in the final in 2010,i agree he stands a good chance this year,it depends on whether he is or not he is too emotionally and physically spent,i hope he can give his all and make one final push and end the season on a high.

Giles Says:

Supporting one’s favourite doesn’t mean one has to apologise to others for doing so! JMO!
Vamos Rafa!
Stay healthy!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Michael just out of interest,if you were a betting man,which two players would you predict for the final at the WTF?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Giles i was only joking,thats why i put lol,at the end ;))..

Michael Says:


As of now, my pick is once again, who else but Rafa Vs Novak !!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

The format for the WTF is strange to me,im just wondering if thats why some people cant take it seriously?dont get me wrong,im not saying this as a sourpuss Rafa fan because he hasnt won it,as i would love for him to win it at some point,it just seems strange that a player can loose two matches,but still end up in the final and win the thing,my husband has said the same thing about RRs regarding football in Cup competitions,and he hates tennis so therefore has no emotional bias one way or the other.

Margot Says:

One year I remember Andy was literally hanging around, waiting to see if he had got through, to the semis I think, or not. He hadn’t.
I like it in one way, means you can have one awful match, which could happen to anyone, but still have a chance of progressing.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Margot yeah true,something you dont have the luxury of in GS or Masters i suppose.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Margot just to say i would also love Andy to win too at some point:))..

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Furthur more,i have to say as much as i love Rafa,the most special thing that has ever happened to me in terms of tennis,was our Andy winning Wimbledon,i dont think anything else will ever come that close again^.

hawkeye Says:

It can really be a bit of a farce with the RR format. Players can have equal records and be confused who is eliminated and who is not. Sometimes it comes down to it went down to the percentage of games won over their matches!!!!

WTF is the right acronym for sure, no?


Sirius Says:

The Round Robin format is needed for the Tour Finals because the best 8 players in the world are competing there. Which means every match is at least at the level of a QF showdown in masters or slams. You have a much greater chance of losing here than in the 2nd/3rd round of an MS event. Meaning, if this tourny was played like the masters, people might have to watch a final where none of the big 4 is present.

Thats why its an RR format tournament. As margot said, you may play an awful match but still got a chance to turnaround. In a GS or MS early round match you basically play the players outside the top 16. Playing your B grade game, you have a better chance to beat a 17th ranked player than the 8th ranked player.

volley Says:

an interesting possible explanation for nadal’s successful comeback is platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) ->


it makes sense. my only objection to the article is using the term athlete in describing tiger woods.

hawkeye Says:

Yet another past tennis star jumps on the Rafa bandwagon. Must be a Rafatopia Rafanatic I guess (according to some)…


Vamos Rafa! One by one, past and present tennis players unite.

skeezer Says:

Goran is just still mad when a young Fed made him look silly and so mad he broke his racket;



Giles Says:

Rafa GOAT!
Vamos Champ!!

Hawkeye Says:

Agassi, Sampras, McEnroe, Courier, Ivanisevic, Murray and Nole. Wow. So many TENNIS, I, I mean tennis players past and present are mad at Fed I guess. They all have their “hidden” reasons, no? LMAO.


Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Sirius yeah i hear what your saying,i just find the format strange thats all,just my opinion though sorry.

Skeezer Says:

Goran did not say Rafa is the current GOAT. Typical hawkeye bs post.

Hawkeye Says:

Never said he did. Typical skeezer bs post.

Irony at work.

skeezer Says:

^just exposing the continuos false propaganda that gets spewed out by rafaholics.

Slice Tennis Says:

A frustrated little weenie made this false claim…
“Fed has been to 18 consecutive Grand Slam finals….thats right 18. (10 wimbys 8 FO’s)”


Please expose that as well.


Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with Skeezer,theres a complete difference in what Gorans saying now,and what Pete and Andre said previously,Gorans saying Rafa will surpass Rogers GS tally(which is a bold statement indeed,but just hearsay),where as Andre and Pete were both saying that you could now put Rafa in the GOAT conversation,COULD been the operative word.

Tennis for Life Says:

When did Federer make 18 consecutive finals ?
And when did he play so many finals at wimby and fo ?
Is that wiki page updated and maintained by you types ?

Perfect fan Says:

woh-woh-woh!! chillax guys….why so much heat.

skeezer jus wanna say that fed’s had two record cons. GS Final streaks of 10 & 8.

1) 10 – from 2005 Wimby to 2007 USO, &
2) 8 – from 2008 FO to 2010 AO

Okay….is that clear enough for u guys to stop banging ur heads now.

Thats an incredible record….RESPECT!! though not saying same can’t be broken….it is very possible.

Giles Says:

Rafa is watching fed match.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Giles indeed nice to see one great player showing appreciation to another great player,i have always loved the mutual respect that these two greats have for each other,commies are saying Rafa got swamped by fans asking for autographs in the add break haha.

hawkeye Says:

Robbie Koenig described “Federer at his very best” during the Seppi match.

He’s back!!!

hawkeye Says:

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:
Agree with Skeezer,theres a complete difference in what Gorans saying now,and what Pete and Andre said

Is that what skeezer said?

Slice Tennis Says:
A frustrated little weenie made this false claim…
“Fed has been to 18 consecutive Grand Slam finals….thats right 18. (10 wimbys 8 FO’s)”

18 consecutive slam finals? I guess this either means Wimby and AO have dropped their slam status or there is a new definition of “consecutive” that I’m unaware of. Or could be the new math I suppose.

And this one makes claims of Rafa propaganda from other posters. Tsk tsk.


hawkeye Says:

Beyond The Baseline ‏@SI_BTBaseline 14m
Reporter asked Fed how he came up with #FedZerer. “You’re [just] messing around, right? Hashtag, let’s have some fun.”

Good thing Fed didn’t try this on Tennis-X!!!!

Hashtag, FrownedUpon.

Kimberly Says:

Nice interview by rafa, no excuses

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