Roger Federer Breaks Down His Group At London ATP World Tour Finals
by Tom Gainey | November 4th, 2013, 12:04 am

Six-time ATP World Tour Finals champion Roger Federer assessed his difficult Group B which includes Novak Djokovic, Juan Martin del Potro and Richard Gasquet.

“Novak is playing great,” said Federer at a media conference today in London. ‘He has won every tournament he has played over the last few. He has a lot of confidence and is playing really well.

“Juan Martin the same, I just played him too. He has reached semis or finals or better in the tournaments he has played. The question is, how fit or how much energy has he got left? I expect him to be tough to beat.

“Richard has played a lot of tennis this year, especially at the back end ever since the US Open. He has really tried to make it to the ATP World Tour Finals. He made it, credit to him. He is playing well as well.”

Federer is playing some of his best tennis of the season. After poor results most of the year, Roger has recently reached the finals of Basel and the semis in Paris where he tooks sets in losses to Del Potro and Djokovic, respectively.

After dealing with a bad back and racquet issues, Federer is finally feeling good again.

“I feel like it is coming together at the right time for me,” he added.

Federer will make his 12th straight appearance at the ATP Finals on Tuesday evening against Djokovic.

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54 Comments for Roger Federer Breaks Down His Group At London ATP World Tour Finals

I Love Tennis Says:

Well, goodluck with each and every game, very tough group indeed. Hoping for the best ….

Go Roger !!!!

Giles Says:

Just do the job tomorrow!

volley Says:

you forgot to include one of the most interesting quotes when he was asked about his return to form and if he could win slams next year-

“The French Open is always going to be hard as long as Rafa Nadal is around,” says the 32-year-old Swiss. “But on the other surfaces, if I am playing well, it’s more in my racquet than in anybody else’s racquet.”


hawkeye Says:

That quote was vintage TMF.


Sirius Says:

^True about the uso. The last 5 years fed lost matches he should’ve won. Clowned up at key moments


Sirius Says:

^that’s in response to volleys post

hawkeye Says:

Filip Peliwo ‏@filippeliwo 19m
After my 2nd practice with Rafa this week. He’s the most humble guy out there, deserves all the praise he gets. #legend #ATP #FinalShowdown

Never in doubt. Humb1e GOAT.

hawkeye Says:

He lost to Roberdo in three straight. No one wins matches based on past results. Not to mention a guy named Rafa who he was 0-5 in majors since 2007 including two HC and then a guy named Novak.

On his racquet? OK, in his mind sure.

Okiegal Says:

If my guy doesn’t win another match this year……I can deal with it……..because he won the USO this year and for me….that was an incredible win. I have got that one taped…..when I can’t sleep at nite, I watch it over and over. Dang, he played awesome that nite!!

Vamos and do great at the Aussie Open!

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer wins 9th sportsmanship award, third in a row.

skeezer Says:

^Great post, and timely, right after the “humble” post.

skeezer Says:

From ATP site, worth posting;
“Federer has been selected by his peers as winner of the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award for a ninth time and by fans as the Fans’ Favourite presented by Moët & Chandon for an 11th straight year. In addition, the 32-year-old Swiss has been named the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year for a second time in recognition of his foundation’s support of children in Africa and Switzerland. Since 2003, Federer has won a record total of 27 ATP World Tour Awards.”

Allez TMF!

hawkeye Says:

Actual players statements are more credible than so-called “votes”.

Who counted the votes? Was it Moët or Chandon?

Too many “hanging chads” methinks.

hawkeye Says:

I’m on 12-hour time delay. The federazzi are protecting delicate skeezer.

skeezer Says:

^only 12 hours? You seem more delayed than that.

hawkeye Says:

I know why TMF had such a bad year. He’s positioning Himself to win Comeback Player of the Year in 2014 a la Rafa.

Quiet. Shhhh. Comeback at work!

Shank you. Shank you very much. (Done in my best Swiss Elvis voice).

hawkeye Says:

Still *scrolling” I see. You’re welcome My fan. The pleasure is all yours.

Giles Says:

The reason why “he” keeps winning the Edberg award is because he claims Edberg was his idol! Hmmm.

hawkeye Says:

Careful Giles or the federazzi will start moderating you soon.

Shank you. Shank you very much. I’m here ’til Thursday. Try the veal!

Giles Says:

@hawkeye. Lol lol
I wonder what happened to @ nadalista and @ NNY? They suddenly went missing. Must say I really enjoyed their posts especially @nadalista who was full of wit and humour and knowledge. Do you think the federazzi had something to do with their disappearance?
Come back @ nadalista!!

hawkeye Says:

Nah, she left by choice most likely due to Rafa-fan-exclusive “moderation”.

Who’s your daddy, “Ruan” skeezer?

volley Says:

“The reason why “he” keeps winning the Edberg award”

ask yourself who decides the nominations each year.

James Says:

Roger Federer is still the most popular tennis player in the world. So, no surprise he won the fan favourite award again.

I’m sure it also helped that he was the only player to post a link on his Facebook page asking his fans to vote for him.

As for the sportsmanship award, I think he deserved it more than the other top ranked players not named Juan Martin Del Potro. Stakhsky might be the only player not to want to vote for Federer.

volley Says:

^ i thought delpo was worthiest this year because of the wimbledon sf.

the whole thing has become a huge public relations exercise. these awards are also sponsored by Moët & Chandon, who sponsor ________? i don’t put much stock in them.

Sirius Says:

“He lost to Robredo in three straight”

as if tommy outplayed roger!

Roger said that when he’s playing well then the matches are in his racket. And I backed his statement for the USO based on his last 5 year experiences. He lost 5 matches that he should have won. Twice holding match points against djoko, once playing a debutant finalist ( lead 2-1 sets and up a break in the 4th) and past two years he just threw away the matches. I don’t want to discredit berdych or robredo, but it was more like roger giving away the matches rather than them taking it away. Specially this year, where fed shouldve straight setted robredo (he broke tommys serve twice and created 16 BPS) but he just self destructed. Robredo did nothing too spectacular, he just kept the ball in play, hanging in there

hawkeye Says:

Oh c’mon @volley, that’s just a peRFect coincidence, no?

@Sirius, you can’t outplay someone and lose in three straight.

skeezer Says:

” don’t put much stock in them.”

Fans, Media and the Tennis Sport World do. It goes down in record books, it matters when taking stock of not just a mans achievements but character.
Think what you what, ……of course( it’s another CONSPIRACY!!). lol.

hawkeye Says:

Which “fan”? Moët or Chandon?

Patson Says:

Nobody has commented on this thing Fed said:

“I know why the year was difficult for me. It’s not because I can’t make a forehand anymore or can’t move. It’s because I had physical injuries, and I still played in spite of the injuries because I’m not going in a corner and wait for four months.”

I think this is a dig at Andy and indirectly at Rafa. Rafa fans , Andy fans, any thoughts ? I’m just a harmless little Nole fan who’s just inquisitive about your response :)

hawkeye Says:

TMF never makes excuses from what I’ve haerd on T-X.

You play you’re fit, no?

Rules don’t apply.

(How’s that Patson?)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Patson as a fan of both Rafa and Andy maybe Roger was having a dig at them both,who knows only he can answer that?depends if some want to interpret it that way,all these players admire and respect each other,but sometimes there is some gamesmanship going on,Roger speaks his mind which is refreshing,some think hes arrogant i just think hes been honest,my take.

skeezer Says:

Just the truth.

madmax Says:

Oh My, to think that Roger must be having a dig at the players, who HEY!!!! VOTED FOR HIM! GOD, people can be so dense sometimes! Always ready to believe the negative, always ready to dis, always ready to shift the dirt, ridiculous people!

ATP World Tour Finals: Roger Federer still the main attraction

Reaction from the haters: “WE hate Roger because he is just sooooo popular! Spit! Spit!

Fans flock to pay homage to the great man as London hosts the grand finale to the tennis season
Would the same have been true if Roger Federer had been missing from the cast list? It is a prospect that this tournament and many others will soon have to consider, though for this year at least London will have another chance to pay homage to the greatest player in history.

The affection which the British public feel for the 32-year-old Swiss was evident when he enjoyed at least as much support as Murray when he beat the Scot in the semi-finals here 12 months ago.

Reaction from the haters: WE hate Roger so much, he is sooooooo popular. We hate him even more! Spit! Spit!

Tomas Berdych believes the change is not so much in Federer as in the standards being set by his opponents. “I wouldn’t say that Federer’s game or his level have slipped,” the Czech said yesterday. “I think it’s a matter of the rest of us catching up.
“We are improving. This is a very strong time for tennis. There are the four or five guys right at the top and the others are trying to close up on them.”

Reaction of the Haters: Roger is so….ya know…”OVER”. He is so, ya know…”OVER”

Gasquet, however, thinks physical issues have been a significant factor in Federer’s year. “It’s tough when you’re not 100 per cent physically, but now he’s coming back,” Gasquet said. “I’m sure that he can win another Grand Slam next year.”

Reaction of the haters: Nothing printed about Roger is true unless: a) he says negative stuff about murray, (so therefore that HAS to be true!) b) he believes that he can win another tournament Haters: Roger PLEEEEEEASSSSEEEEEE RETIRE


Go Roger! Go win and shut the two facers up!

skeezer Says:

U tell em madmax!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Patson wow you have really opened up a can of worms lol.

Josh39485 Says:

@Patson – I certainly don’t see it as being a dig at any player. The writer of the article is entirely untrustworthy (Chris Chase), and usually tries to show Federer in a bad light.

madmax Says:

Josh39485 Says:
@Patson – I certainly don’t see it as being a dig at any player. The writer of the article is entirely untrustworthy (Chris Chase), and usually tries to show Federer in a bad light.

November 4th, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Josh, I responded to Margot on this point. Chris Chase is a gutter writer. Anyone can google him and see the gutter snipe that he is. He has no credibility in writing. Won the award for the most “abysmal writer” ever.

Problem is, people want to believe what they want to believe – Their problem is founded in jealousy and grounded in lies.

Their problem.

Alison! You go girl!

Rumble Says:

It would be a great achievement for Fed to win 2 RR matches and reach the semi, at 32 years age. That’s about as far as he can go now. Given that he is playing starting tuesday – no way can he even dream of winning, since he would need to beat 3 top players on 3 consecutive days – saturday, sunday, monday. That way Delpo is better placed since he is playing today (so will have rest on saturday, if he reaches the semi, and will be fresher on sunday for the semi).

Nadal and Djoke have the same disadvantage as Fed, but they are so much younger so it matters less.

madmax Says:

Rumble this is a good point that you make.

But remember, Fed did this all, beating 7 of the players and going on to win the title in 2011 and reaching the final in 2012.

All is possible.
Nothing is impossible.
It’s a matter of belief. Fed has that belief, doesn’t matter whether people think it is misguided. Have the belief and you are half way there. Nothing wrong in that.

Patson Says:

Hey I just said what I felt. I’ve got nothing against anybody. Thought it might be an interesting and peppery discussion. Chillax !

the DA Says:

@Patson – it was definitely a dig.

mem Says:


have you ever considered that you might be the one who is dense, not to mention naive. if you think that people in high places, who are federer worshippers themselves are telling us the truth about these awards, then you are quite gullible my friend. truth is, we haven’t the slightest idea how many fans voted for roger or any other player. all we know is what we are told. one thing i do know for certain, roger is the white boy that was “chosen” to rule this sport and the people who chose him will stop at nothing to see that that happens , but they overlooked one major detail, and that is, no matter how they set things up to keep him on top, they cannot play the matches for him. some of those same people were praying and hoping and predicting that rafa nadal would not return to this sport, and we all know why.

the day that i believe those votes are legitimate and that roger is the only player that fans appreciate year after year; the only player who demonstrates sportmanship year after year; the only player who is devoted to helping underpriviledged children, will be the day when cows start to fly. people in high places must think everybody is nearsighted and stupid. you guys are certainly “brainwashed.”

i know fed fanatics like you, skeezer, ben, and some others are desperate, but please, spare us your gloating over some awards that have no value anymore, simply because they are based on lies.

now you have my permission to take shots at me. im sure you already know how much i care.

skeezer Says:

So mem, who has said she only comes on the blog when she has something to say, immediately goes after posters saying there dense, naive, gullible, brainwashed, desperate, gloating, etc. What sounds desperate to all of you reading that?

In the end its the same ole rafafanitic jealousy that kicks in, whining conspiracy!

Putting the cherry on top by calling arguably the gretaest tennis player in history a “white boy”.

WTF Tennis X moderators?

Fed deserves every single award he has gotten, and his peers validated it with there vote. Who better to “qualify” the voting .

Yes, Rafa has gotten the SOTY award, ONCE in his career. Kudos to him. But why only once? It’s a conspiracy! Lol…

You types can always vote for Rafa for the ATP fan fav award. If you feel so bad that he deserves ATP awards, vote for him. He’s NEVER won it. Fed has won it 11 CONSECUTIVE times. That tells you alot about his fans.
Loyal. Appreciative. Rock Star of the Global Tennis scene.

Steve 27 Says:

It would be a great achievement for Fed to win 2 RR matches and reach the semi, at 32 years age.
Connors did in 1984. Age…

I Love Tennis Says:


Just be happy with your fave’s wins, awards, whatever recognition he got. And don’t diminish or put down other’s achievements, afterall, not even one of us here in Tennis-x can change the history book …

Giles Says:

Hey @ mem. Where have you been? Long time no speak.
Your post is spot on. You tell it like it is!
Don’t be a stranger and try and post more often.

James Says:

@mem, I’m not at all surprised that Federer won the fan favorite award again.

1. He’s hugely popular.

2. He posted a link on his official Facebook page and asked his fans to vote for him.

No other top player posted a link on their FB or Twitter asking their fans to vote for them. I don’t think a lot of tennis fans cared or were informed about such awards.

The only time I remember Nadal posting a link on his Facebook like Federer was in 2010 when the Spaniard won 42 or 43% of votes to Federer’s 47%

James Says:

Here’s Fed asking his millions of fans on Facebook to vote for him:

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Mem i dont believe that people were praying that Rafa would not return after his injuries,in fact even none Rafa fans on this forum were saying it was great to have him back playing,even the commies were saying how exciting it was,some people might not be fans of a player,but it doesnt necassarily make them anti fans either,in fact after Rafa won the USO Michael whos a Federer fans was saying how its looking likely now that Rafa will surpass Rogers GS count,and Perfect Fan whos a die hard Federer fan is enjoying seeing Rafa challenging that Federer legacy,and thinks it would be exciting if he were to pull it off,one of my closest friends is another die hard Federer fan too and shes says its fantastic to see Rafa back playing such fantastic tennis,and hopes he continues playing for many more years,and has even said she thinks he will surpass Roger,shes only a fan of Roger and not his legacy.

Giles Says:

^^^ So, how many people are we talking about who wished Rafa well. According to your post, a handful. Now count if you can the number of people who wished otherwise. Bet you can’t, too numerous! This forum was agog with haters! Silent ban, doping, fake injuries etc. you name it, they said it. Even wishing he would become a cripple and end up in a wheelchair. Mem ‘s post sums it up pretty well!

mem Says:

Hey Giles,

you can certainly hold things down on your own, and i love it. i read from time to time.
occasionally, there are a couple of comments that get me so riled up until i can’t resist. remember last year, i think it was, novak was said to finish second behind roger for fan’s favorite award. when has novak been more popular than rafa? when has more fans voted for novak than rafa? truth is, certain players are placed where certain people want them to be. i guess at the time, people in high places felt that novak was the #1 player and rightly deserve to finish after roger of course. it’s not rocket science! it takes a little a common sense.

anyway, you have yourself a wonderful day and continue do what you do for us rafafans. talk again later.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Giles yeah i do remember there was some nasty comments about Rafa when he was away injured,thankfully not everyone is an anti Rafa fan though,people like that are not worth bothering with,its them with the problem not Rafa.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Giles/Mem there was a Novak fan who earlier this year was claiming that Novak was more popular than Rafa,all based on that paricular fans emotional bias,anyway immediatly a Rafa fan called Gabsvamos came up with a long list of stats that claimed otherwise,a brilliant rebutal.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Meant to say on that particular fans own personal and emotional bias,with absolutely nothing to back up those claims.^

Top story: Djokovic Saves MPs In Thrilling 5-Set Win Over Federer In Wimbledon Final