Roger Federer: Next Year I’d Like To Win At Least 5 Titles, My Ranking Is Secondary
by Tom Gainey | November 10th, 2013, 2:16 pm

Following a tough 75, 63 loss to rival Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of the ATP World Tour Finals, Roger Federer looked ahead toward his goals for next season.

“Winning titles, winning five titles or something, I guess, something exciting, leaving the tournaments as winner. That’s what keeps things exciting,” Federer said. “Rankings, if it’s not world No. 1, then I’m not that interested in. Even though you kind of look at it, it would be nice to stay in the top four, top eight, that kind of thing, for seeding purposes more than anything else. Other than that, it’s either world No. 1 or tournaments or big tournaments in general.”

Federer, who struggled for much of the season, came on strong the last month giving some much-needed optimism for his fans.

“I think it was a stronger finish than I thought it was going to be in Basel, Paris and London,” Federer said. “I’m more positive now looking ahead than I would have been a few months ago where I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after the US Open.

“But I’m back confident and excited going into the off‑season and starting again next year. Like I mentioned, the rankings are secondary for me. It’s important to stay within a certain ranking. But after that I need to make sure I stay competitive, I can hang with the best, and particularly beat the best.”

Federer then hinted at his 2014 schedule.

“I don’t know if I’m going to play more necessarily,” he said. “I’m just going to play a full schedule. What that means, I don’t know yet. I mean, it’s pretty much planned through my season. Clearly Grand Slams are going to be part of my highlights.

“I just still have to decide what the goal is there, then I’ll just attack and try to play good tennis.”

Speaking of the loss to Nadal, which drops him to 10-22 lifetime against the Spaniard, he gave credit to his friend for playing well.

“The margins were more on his side,” he said. “He was playing more consistent. He was playing more solid. He plays the way he always plays. I just couldn’t come up with the shots when I needed them, forehand or serve, moving forward. It’s unbelievable that he gets away with playing so far back indoors these days, but that’s the conditions. So credit to him for making that work for him.”

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33 Comments for Roger Federer: Next Year I’d Like To Win At Least 5 Titles, My Ranking Is Secondary

madmax Says:

We are still very proud of you Roger, very proud to be your fans. You have been able to rock on hard courts for many many years now. We can forgive you a win to rafa, today.

He was a better server today, and as for Roger’s serving, well, that could have been better but now for the holidays and the looking backs to see where he can improve.

I really hope we get a sports psychologist on board though for 2014. Not sure what they can bring to Roger’s game, but it has to be worth a try. For sure.

Slice Tennis Says:

If he wants to win 5 titles he needs to make sure that he plays atleast 15 ATP-250 tournaments next year. He should clearly stay away from masters, grandslams and ATP-500s.

madmax Says:

Slice Tennis,

Go and get a life. Plenty of rafa threads here to keep you company. You don’t support Roger anyway, so why are you even bothered if he is playing, let alone commenting on his aspirations and commitments for 2014.

What are yours? To piss people off?


a FANTASTIC interview here from Fed. For the first time I feel in a post match interview, some great questions from the journalists, honest and forthright as well as interesting (for a change), and great responses from Roger.

Slice Tennis Says:

“I really hope we get a sports psychologist on board though for 2014.”

I agree madmax, you guys seriously need a psychologist.
Get well soon.

madmax Says:


You up to the job?

RS and Giles are in the running too, so presently, you come a close third.

You might get the job though if you aren’t running for president of the ATP.

queen Says:

See Fed, there are smarter tennis players than u who actually can adapt to different conditions and make it work. Old people r stuck in their old habits and convictions.

Slice Tennis Says:

Ooops sorry. It will be a big challenge. The illness is too severe and deep. Escape…………….

skeezer Says:

“If he wants to win 5 titles he needs to make sure that he plays atleast 15 ATP-250 tournaments next year. He should clearly stay away from masters, grandslams and ATP-500s.”

Although he probably won’t (stay away from Slams etc.) I agree. Why would he worry about competing in Slams?

Its boring, he has 17 of them, more than anyone in history.

WTF Says:

Play some more 250s and you’ll reach that goal Rog. But you won’t get points for all of them.

Hawkeye Says:

Maybe a few more indoor exhos against Sampras – stick to those he doesn’t have to qualify for. They could bill it “ExGOAT vs ExGOAT”!!! Just trying to help.

Steve 27 Says:

This guy is the best comedian ever, although competition in this area is difficult for people like Monfils, Fognini and Djokovic.

pogi Says:

2013 is not really Roger’s year…
moving on 2014… we still believe that Roger will come back and beat those top guys especially the guy whose trying to be goat…
Allez Roger!

skeezer Says:

“Maybe a few more indoor exhos against Sampras..”
Sure .. Maybe some bocce ball tourneys, or more time with his kids, or charities, etc.
After all, he has the all time records, why keep pushing when you are at the top of the record books? Like he has to prove anything else in this game, LMAO. His play his all gravy now, bonus time, win or lose, he is playing with House money!

Let the others chase, nothing to prove in this game for Mr. maestro. But others? Still have a big hill to climb.
Allez Fed.

mat4 Says:

Rafa will get older too. Will he be a top 10 player at 32? Who knows?

Skeezer Says:

Nole, has the body type to that is not inclined to “injury excuse” and need time off to “regroup” from mental burnout or whatever. Now, like Fed, he plays through it. He has matured and grown through his younger years and now learned how to deal with it in a professional manner. Kudos to him.

pogi Says:


“Rafa will get older too. Will he be a top 10 player at 32? Who knows?”

unless he still using his “wonder drug”

pogi Says:

to all Rafanatics…

cherish the moment (2013)… coz it will not last a loooooong time…

oh btw, is dull’s lucky number 13?
13 GS in 2013…

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer, nole is not perfect either, he pulls a fair amount of nonsense himself even if he doesn’t get inured or burnout, the second set in his match v federer this tournament he was pulling his nonsense. And Murray does it too during matches and right now had an elective surgery and missed Roland garros and a lot this year. Federer is unique in his lack of drama and illness or injury,

Perfect fan Says:

Well..rafa never announces before the start of a season that what exactly he is trying to win or achieve….he jus says that he wants to stay healthy throughout and wud try to take one match at a time….which is a fairly good thing to say.

But I have always admired and taken pride whenever roger declares his specific aspirations for an upcoming season….it really is brave on his part I mus say to do that esp. after a diff season. But so sad that some fans even take pleasure in attacking him for that.

How many of us believed that fed cud have got a slam in ’12 and wud return to no. 1….jus saying, anything can happn. Says:

@Perfect Fan
He made his goals in 2012 very clear, so maybe giving himself some specific goals will focus him like it did then. Fed ‘on a mission’ tends to play much better.

I recall this year he didn’t really have anything specific in mind. He usually said he knew 2013 couldn’t be as good as 2012. It never really seemed very positive to me.
But then again, I don’t blame Fed’s ‘poor’ year on scheduling. The back’s really been a hindrance. I hope it holds up next year.

Perfect fan Says:

@ COZI: very true and well said….thanx :)

Michael Says:

Roger has set himself ambitious goals and it remains to be seen if he can achieve them. Perhaps they can help as a motivation factor. Still when he plays well, there is nothing more pleasing for a Tennis enthusiast than watching the Mozzart in action. His finesse, genius and technical brilliance on court is unmatched. What has deserted him today is consistency which had been the hall mark of his career all through. Still it is his passion for Tennis that is prompting him to continue. He loves the game and is not in a position to leave it when his career today is at cross roads. However, for his fans it is rather painful to watch him lose to all and sundry & the way he is struggling against the top players. That should clearly bode warnings for him that he is in the twilight of his career. I think Roger needs to take a call soon and he has to choose the perfect timing to end his glorious career.

I Love Tennis Says:

I agree with you Michael, there’s nothing more pleasing for a tennis enthusiast than watching Federer in action. It’s disappointing at times when he lost matches, but he is 32, played a lot of great games in his career. As a Fed fan, I don’t want him to retire or quit when he can still play at high level and produces lots of ubleivable shots that only he can do. I don’t believe that his legacy or his greatness will be ruined by these loses, 17 Grand Slams will be 17 Grand Slams no matter what happens in the future.

James Says:

I’m beginning to really doubt his chances in slams, but I think Roger can and will win at least one Masters 1000 next year.

His best chance will be:

Indian Wells
Paris Bercy

holdserve Says:

pogi Says:

“Rafa will get older too. Will he be a top 10 player at 32? Who knows?”

unless he still using his “wonder drug”

November 10th, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Hey pogi are you implying Fed is using wonder drug? Tut tut!! Not done. Shouldn’t make accusations without proof!

courbon Says:

@ mat4:Hallo my friend-very glad you are back blogging.

Michael Says:

I Love Tennis,

Perhaps Roger can emulate the Jimmy Connors model by continuing to play despite all the humiliations. Ofcourse his legendary status will not be affected much, but you require some thick skin to face the heat. Jimmy was one of his kind who was not bothered about defeats and just played on. I am not sure whether Roger can emulate him considering that he is much more sensitive to defeats for he has made winning a habit all through his career. Infact he is addicted to winning. Let us see what Roger decides. He knows best ?

SG1 Says:

I’ll go out on a limb and say that Federer picks up one Masters 1000 title this year…somewhere. Why not? I do expect him to be better in 2014. Can he be much worse than he was in 2013? I don’t know if he’ll win 5 titles. I guess it kind of depends on what tournaments he decides to enter and how deep the fields are on those tournaments. He needs to be in the best shape he can possibly be in for 2014 and hope some bounces and draws go his way. If this happens, who knows? Maybe one more slam. Maybe absolutely nothing. This is what happened when you’re 4 years past your prime.

SG1 Says:

I don’t think Rafa will be top 10 when he’s 31. That’s 3-1/2 more years of pounding on those knees on a tour that plays most of its tournaments on less than knee friendly surfaces.

SG1 Says:

I think Roger could play until he’s 36 or 37 with his game. He just wouldn’t be any kind of factor at the end of tournaments. His game is much less physical than Rafa and Novak’s.

hawkeye Says:

As long as fedfan enjoys the game. That’s all that matters.

hawkeye Says:

SG1 Says:
I don’t think Rafa will be top 10 when he’s 31. That’s 3-1/2 more years of pounding on those knees on a tour that plays most of its tournaments on less than knee friendly surfaces.

I think he’s already on record saying he’ll probably retire after Olympics which means you are probably right.

If he continued to play at 31, it would largely depend on the competition. Everything goes in cycles. Weak eras turn into golden eras just as a hypothetical example.

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