Roger Federer Is A Partner In New Sports Management Agency Team8
by Tom Gainey | December 13th, 2013, 10:31 am

According to the NY Times, Roger Federer and his longtime agent Tony Godsick have formed a new sport management firm, Team8.

“I can sell Roger Federer really well, but nobody sells Roger better than Roger,” the 42-year-old Godsick told Christopher Clarey. “I always joke with him, ‘Look, you’you’ve been really successful on the tennis court, but I promise you, you’ll be more successful when you’re done playing tennis.’”

The pair who left IMG 18 months ago have been together since 2005.

Based in Cleveland, Team8 has already landed Juan Martin del Potro and Grigor Dimitrov with designs on branching out to other sports. Former ATP Executive Andre Silva has also joined the agency.

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38 Comments for Roger Federer Is A Partner In New Sports Management Agency Team8

Rogerisclass Says:

good luck for Roger, delpo and Dimitrov.

Ahfi Says:

Great idea. Good luck Fed

Perfect fan Says:

Happy :) to learn that fed n delpo (both my favs) r doing some grt stuff together….will be delighted to find if rafa too cud in some way get associated with this.

GL roger and GL for 2014 too….keep playing champ :))

skeezer Says:

Go team8,
Already having top players signing up. Roger is THE man of Tennis, and this solidifies his afterlife in tennis. He will long be a force in the game.

Giles Says:

@ Perfect Fan. Rafa has his own management company along with Carlos Costa,

Perfect fan Says:

Good to hear that giles….then maybe we fans will be glad to knw that someday fed n rafa open a tennis institution or something lik dat….which will b a treat to thr fans. wat say ya ?? :))

Giles Says:

That would be great Perfect Fan if it ever happens. Am not holding my breath though. Rafa’s tennis academy should be opening soon so he will have his hands full I guess.

mem Says:

im not the least surprised!

when nadal left img and later it was made public that he and carlos costa were forming a sports agency to represent athletes of various sports, i told my sister to mark my words, it won’t be long before roger or novak and their teams steal nadal’s idea. they will get credit for it, and the public will be led to believe that nadal copied federer’s idea. like i said, not surprising at all! when you don’t have what it takes to invent an idea of your own, just steal someone’s else plan and take full credit.
vamous rafa!

skeezer Says:

Of course Rafa’s Dad is part owner of the management co. he is starting, lol. Good luck with that. Have not seen any quality signings either. Fed is signing great players right out of the gate. Allez!

skeezer Says:

Lets see, Fed announced his MC effective now Jan 1, now Rafa’s camp (with Daddy part owner ) announces AFTER they have done the same. The difference? Feds group already has signed 2 top players…….Rafa? ……………………………..
im not the least surprised!

mem Says:


say what you like, but we all know how it works! roger steals nadal’s plan, roger gets promoted as the brain behind the idea, while everyone, including you pretends that they don’t know the idea originated with nadal & his team. signing tops players doesn’t change the fact that he stole the idea. i read recently that a “Rafa Nadal Tour” for youngsters is in the works . if so, ill be waiting for the copycats to copy that one too. that’s what people do when they haven’t any ideas! they have to wait for someone to throw them out for them to catch and run. you get my drift!

skeezer Says:

“say what you like, but we all know how it works! ”

Your inventing delsuional projections frankly that are not true….again. Do some more research on the subject.
Like, we all know how it works for you….like the Egg accusation, remember, no? It has always about the poster in your bedroom, no?
Try look objectively for once, maybe you’ll see the light. And stop drinking koolaid.
Roger is his own man, and leads. He’s comfortable at it. He is not a proven “chaser”. He’s re invented the game, the charitie, the causes, and now Tennis management.

mem Says:


you’re giving me advice! are you suggesting that i should be objective? don’t make me laugh! roger is a guy who can play tennis, but he is NOT a man of creative ideas as is rafa. more often than not, he relies on someone else to create the idea (usually nadal), then he steals it, copies it, whatever and gets promoted for it. writers are most likely to write about roger’s idea than rafa’s. that’s their way of promoting roger. let’s face it! i understand that you have been living in an imaginary world for quite some time and in your world you really believe that roger invented these things, but your thoughts are just not based upon reality! sorry!

Giles Says:

So, fed & co. will be managing players that are in fact his rivals. How does this work out?

Perefct fan Says:

@ Giles at 4:38 AM,

Actually I meant then that both fed n rafa cud wrk together to open a tennis institution or anything lik that which wil help the upcoming n aspiring tennis lovers n enthusiasts who doesn’t have enuff bucks to realise thr dream….by providing them world class coaching classes absolutely for free.

And may be they cud give a cheeky name to the institute lik “FEDAL” ;))….wnt dat b smthng!!

And guess wat….I still believe thr will be group formations in the institute also like “fedfans” n “rafans”….who will still b fighting out thr….LOL!!

skeezer Says:

You’re just blabbering on now with no substance to back it up. Later.

Giles Says:

mem writes great posts. skeezer blabbers!!

Ben Pronin Says:

“it won’t be long before roger or novak and their teams steal nadal’s idea. they will get credit for it, and the public will be led to believe that nadal copied federer’s idea. like i said, not surprising at all! when you don’t have what it takes to invent an idea of your own, just steal someone’s else plan and take full credit.”

LOL. Of course you know Federer STOLE Nadal’s idea. Even though they both left IMG at the same time, it’s impossible that each team thought of the idea separately. Since Nadal and is team are the first people to EVER do something like this. They are COMPLETELY original. How dare Federer do something Nadal came up with ALL on his own.

Mem, get real. You sound like you don’t have a fundamental education.

mem Says:

ben pronin,

im sorry if the truth upsets you. you’re get over it in time.

mem Says:


you’re are so funny! i love the way you say “bladdering with no substance” because after all, you are the “master of no substance.” in fact, i thought you had earned your Ph.D in that area.

skeezer Says:

Your funny- er.
How about this for no substance, Fed earned 53 mil in endorsements last year, Rafa 26 mil.
Fed already has 2 quality players signed under his management co.
Rafa has 0.
Instead of blabbering, why don’t you show us all a link or some facts to where it says Rafa creates and invents all these ideas and Fed copies, steals, etc?
Let me guess, now you’ll want to bring up the EGG subject again, lol.

Giles Says:
Nadal and Costa set up their management company on January1 2013. Federer copied him.

skeezer Says:

Show me where it says in the NY times he copied Rafa. And Fed’s team has immediately been active in signing players to his management co. It’s obvious Fed is serious about this venture. Rafa? Where are all these signings of athletes since he started almost a year ago. Does he have anybody? Please share.


In your link it also says Fed and his agent left IMG a year before Rafa left IMG, so Rafa split with IMG AFTER Fed did.

Giles Says:

^^^ Really not so interested in these trivialities. Rafa set up his management company BEFORE fed.

skeezer Says:


Giles Says:

^^ Let’s see what happens on court rather than off court.

Giles Says:

skeezer blabbers AND dreams!! LMAO

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t know what truth you’re referring to. I’m sure you’ll* tell me.

skeezer Says:

Rafa quit IMG one year after Fed.
Rafa joined ATP council after Fed
Rafa signed on with Nike after Fed

See how ridiculous the vamosheads try thr copycat crap? It goes both ways. And I have more, that is just a sample, hehe.

Heres the real truth:

mem Says:


you are even more gullible than i thought. do you really expect the ny times to inform us that the idea originated with nadal? your lack of understanding is unbelieveable. do you understand that im not talking about who signed who and when? this is not about who nadal or federer has signed! my point is, the idea originated with nadal. all this other stuff that you are pointing out to justify what roger has done is a bunch of nothing. case closed!

as far as ben pronin is concerned, he probably means well, he just doesn’t know any better. his naivete’ is obvious.

skeezer Says:

I surely don’t believe everything I read, especially when vamosheads make stuff up like you. Your EGG accusation is a soaring example. So whats more reputable, you, or the well known revered NY times?
“he steals it, copies it, whatever and gets promoted for it.”
Show us all where it was reported that Nadal came up with the original idea over Fed with all the issues you accuse? Then we can have a civil intelligent conversation.

Eric Says:

I guess the Rafa-Fed wars won’t be ending after retirement after all…

Hey, guess what? This isn’t an original idea! Problem solved.

Margot Says:

Lol you’ll see piggies flying past your window before that happens.

Okiegal Says:

This discussion is hilarious….now the fuss is who started what first……..are you kidding me??

LOL in Oklahoma!!

hawkeye Says:

Rafa Nadal ✔ @RafaelNadal
Very happy for my victory in the charity poker tournament in Prague. All the funds raised will go to #TGHP

Well done Rafa in your first charity poker sit and go taking out none other than Kid Poker himself.


skeezer Says:

“Sit”. Such an athletic performance. And such the role model for kids. Thanks hawkeye for mentioning it.

Roger That Says:

Yes only Roger is giving to the real charities in the right ways.

Not Rafa and his gambling ways. It is not smart for him to be putting his tennis winnings at risk! It is a slippery slope. Even for the good causes!

Go Rog! You can do it in 2014!!! Hoping for the strong start in Abu Dhabi once more!!!! Come on!!!!

Giles Says:

^^^ LMAO. You fed nutters don’t even know his schedule. Hilarious!

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