New Grand Slam Champion Stanislas Wawrinka Goes To Hollywood [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 5th, 2014, 9:53 am

Ahead of Indian Wells, Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka spent a day visiting the attractions in Hollywood.

The world No. 3 got all wet at Universal Studios, went to ESPN to film a SportsCenter commercial, then CNN and finished with a trip the Staples Center where he met WTA superstar Genie Bouchard for some LA Kings hockey.

Throughout the day, did anyone actually recognize him?

After a month off of tournament action following his win in Melbourne, Wawrinka will open play at Indian Wells this weekend. The 28-year-old is 11-0 on the season and could meet friend and countryman Roger Federer in the quarterfinals.

It will be interesting to see how he handles all this fame and attention.

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19 Comments for New Grand Slam Champion Stanislas Wawrinka Goes To Hollywood [Video]

Gordo Says:

It is somewhat disconcerting to see Bouchard described as “WTA superstar Genie Bouchard” when she has never won a tournament and showed by her loss to Li Na in the Aussie SF that she lacks the experience and the consistency of serve to take down the top players of the game.

Is she talented? You bet. Does she have potential? Immense. Does she have the looks and personality to flourish and become a true superstar? Absolutely.

But PLEASE – let her get to the point where her tennis is the main part of her game we are talking about. Since the AO run she has been losing to players ranked 60 spots below her and having trouble reaching the 3rd round. And the mistake in not notifying Dubai in time of her intention to play, which saw the 19th ranked player in the world forced to qualify for the main draw (and she didn’t!) was a joke that should have resulted in someone in her camp getting fired.

Genie – tennis first, then all else will follow. I see two extremes – 1) You realize your potential, start winning some big tournaments and live up to the hype, or 2) your game stalls and we remember you as a less-slutty Kornikova, who never won a singles tourney on the tour.

At least Kornikova won doubles tournaments at the highest level. You’ve yet to do that.

madmax Says:

Is there any one who doesn’t like Stan? Such a nice guy, (seemingly), always pleasant, to everyone, seems super, super nice. I find it strange you never see him with his wife, I have never seen his wife watch a tennis match or his daughter, who must be same age as Roger’s daughters – may be he is just super private.

Really like Stan’s style. He seems to have found his groove and has earnt his way to number 3. Good luck to Stan in 2014.

volley Says:

“Is there any one who doesn’t like Stan?”

me. i have never forgotten that he abandoned his wife and child to focus on his tennis. to me that says something about his character. his tennis is thrilling though.

madmax Says:


Volley, Stan is back with his wife and child, and who knows what goes on in a marriage behind closed doors. They separated, perhaps by mutual agreement.

Anyway, how many people get a divorce in this world when they are unhappy, kids or no kids.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

me. i have never forgotten that he abandoned his wife and child to focus on his tennis. to me that says something about his character. his tennis is thrilling though.

That’s a pretty stupid statement. Stan was seduced at the age of 22/23 by Iham Vuillould, a Swiss television presenter. Ilham is 10 years his senior and got pregnant in no time. The rest is history – the Cougar and the Toy Boy.

volley Says:

what’s stupid is your attempt to rationalize the abandonment of a wife and 12 month old child.

volley Says:


no, it wasn’t by mutual agreement. he returned home after DC and packed his bags and left one afternoon suddenly. his wife was quoted at the time as being shocked by his decision without any discussion. yes they are back together now but that initial act showed a huge lack of moral fibre.

Bad Knee Rules Says:


They weren’t abandoned, they were very well looked after with Stan’s money.
He’s not the first and he certainly won’t be the last person to leave a marriage. You wake up one morning and ask yourself, “what am I doing here? This isn’t my life”.

James Says:

Well said @BKR. We should leave out wives/girlfriends just like that if we don’t like them anymore.

Translated Age Says:

Yeah, what kid needs a father in their formative years. Just send a cheque in the mail.

MMT Says:

Oh my goodness – I can’t believe we’re even discussing this.

roy Says:

”his wife was quoted at the time as being shocked by his decision without any discussion. yes they are back together now but that initial act showed a huge lack of moral fibre.”

as does being desperate in your early 30s to have kids because you spent your 20s screwing around and focusing on your ‘career’ and then no doubt squeezing a kid out of some very young male who is going to find it very hard being a father while travelling the world year round.

i wonder … did she think about that? or just serve her interests? is she going to quit her career to look after the kid on the road so stan can spend time with it? ha!

advice to women. if you’re in your 30s and you trap a naive male athlete in his early 20s … good luck with that once you pass mid-30s and the dude is touring the world alone with willing young women chasing him round at every stop.

wow, what a stupid woman.

volley Says:

my, these topicslike this certainly bring out the misogynist tendencies.

“advice to women”

advice to men: keep it in your pants or put a condom on it.

Hippy Chic Says:

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they dont,and its not as if Stan was screwing around behind his wifes back,and his family are well taken care of,so who are we to pass such a negative judgement on the guy,it that is what he was doing(cheating) then granted i would have no time for him what so ever,especially as i am someone whos been on the recieving end of a cheating man,but when things dont work out,its sometimes better to cut your losses,than stay in a loveless marriage/relationship.

Giles Says:

I do hope this doesn’t become a marriage guidance and share your experiences thread. What next? Geez!!!

Hippy Chic Says:

^Yeah point taken^.

Brando Says:

It’s NO ONE’s business to yap about!

Steve27 Says:

Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of yor life.

Hippy Chic Says:

Steve 27 LMAO yet soooo true.

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