Federer Pulls Away From Anderson For 10th Straight Win, Will Face Dolgopolov In Indian Wells SFs
by Staff | March 14th, 2014, 1:46 am

Roger Federer won his 10th straight match Thursday night dispatching big-serving Kevin Anderson 7-5, 6-1 in the Indian Wells quarterfinals.

The four-time tournament champion was tested early by the South African but eventually Federer pulled away winning seven straight games from 5-all in the first set.

“[I] gave myself chances and started with a few more returns in play, I guess, at 5-all,” said Federer. “I was also… feeling good movement wise [and] feeling good absorbing his pace [and] also being aggressive myself. I think the combination in those 10 minutes, all worked out for me. It was big to win the set and then to go on to break early in the second. Then [getting a] double break was like a bonus. From then on I was home basically. It was a really good match for me, basically.”

Federer, who’ll move to at least No. 5 in the next rankings, advances to the semifinals without the loss of a set, and he’ll next face Alexandr Dolgoplov on Saturday.

The 25-year-old from the Ukraine continued his hot form sweeping aside Milos Raonic 6-3, 6-4 to reach his first career Masters 1000 event.

“I was quite fast today,” said Dolgopolov who was down 3-0 in the second set. “I was really happy with that. And I was able to get more returns than usually you can against him. He serves really big and I knew I had to do that, and I’m quite pleased how I anticipated on his serve and have seen the toss of the ball and was really, really concentrated to get those serves back.”

Raonic, who reached the Canadian Open final last summer, was actually out aced by the much smaller Dolgopolov six to four.

“I thought I did a lot of things well, as well,” said Raonic. “I really was pushing myself, because I was hoping that if I forced myself to stay strong with an attitude that the game would come. I just wish I could have served better. But other than that, he did the right things at the right times right away from the start of the match. He was a factor of why I didn’t serve as well as I would have liked as well.”

Dolgoplov hasn’t played Federer since Roger beat him in Basel in 2010.

The women concluded their quarters also on Thursday and earning the last two spots were Australian Open champion Li Na and another 32-year-old, Flavia Pennetta.

The top-seeeded Li Na defeated Dominika Cibulkova in a rematch of their Australian Open final 6-3, 4-6, 6-3.

“Here was different than Australia – of course the score should be different, but today she played more aggressive,” said Li who was down an early break in the third. “I felt like if I stepped back a bit she would step into the balls more, and in the second set my level dropped and it gave her the chances, and she was getting a lot of winners in.

“I think there’s still a little bit of a problem with my level staying the same from beginning to end, but it’s good information, and I’ll take it and just try to improve my tennis for the next day and next match.”

Pennetta was also pushed the limit. The Italian started strong against American Sloane Stephens, but fell apart serving for the match in the second at 5-4, 30-15. That’s when Stephens rolled off six straight games to take the set and lead 3-0 in the decider.

Pennetta fought back to win six of the last seven games and win the see-saw affair on her 5th matchpoint.

“We didn’t play our best tennis,” Pennetta said. “Maybe in the beginning we played much better, and in the second one, but the third was a disaster for both of us. I’m happy to get through this match, but I don’t have good feelings right now – it’s just crazy outside, the wind is just coming out of nowhere.

“But on the other hand I’m happy because I was 3-0 down in the third and fought until the last point.”

Li Na beat Pennetta in the quarters at the Australian Open 6-2, 6-2.

“She plays more or less like me, but she’s more powerful than me,” Pennetta said of Na. “I have to be really aggressive tomorrow and try to take control, but it’s not going to be easy. She’s so good. She’s playing unbelievable this year. She started amazing in Australia – the match was completely in one direction and I didn’t have any chances at all. But I hope to have a little bit of a chance tomorrow.”

In the earlier semi tomorrow, Simona Halep will face Agnieszska Radwanska. None of the four remaining women have ever won the Indian Wells title.

In the men’s quarters, 2-time champion Novak Djokovic meets the surprising Julien Benneteau and then it’s former finalist John Isner against the hot-handed Ernests Gulbis.

Federer also returns with Stanislas Wawrinka for a doubles semifinal against Alexander Peya and Bruno Soares.

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28 Comments for Federer Pulls Away From Anderson For 10th Straight Win, Will Face Dolgopolov In Indian Wells SFs

Perfect fan Says:

Good show roger….keep rolling and stay healthy.

Good luck for the next match….wishes from ur loving yet very nervous fan.

jatin Says:

And people were saying he houdl retire. A perfectly healthy Roger can play and win in any era. He has now more win than anyone else in the tour
18-2…. Keep going champ.

chico Says:

A lot has gone against expectations, but the Dolgo/Fed -semi should be fun. Actually Fed, Nole, and the winner of the Dimitrov/Gulbis -affair have been the steadiest of the favorites. And I would not bet on Fed and Gulbis going through their next matches even if I’d tip the scale in their direction. Gulbis especially. I don’t know what it is with Isner, he seems to be a super nice guy, he must have almost Federesque talent to keep playing at this level with so little injuries, and still he leaves me totally cold. Hoping for Gulbis there.

Wawrinka was a bit of shocker after the way he played against Seppi, but that says maybe more about how much the opponents playing style effects your game. And that said, it is going to be interesting to see what tactics Fed is going to use against Dolgo. Anybody care to take a guess? I’d say as Dolgo hits with a very short back swing that can turn almost anything to a laser like counter punch, you’d expect a healthy dose of slicing. Intimidating net rushes are probably gonna be tested.. Serve has to be on, though Federers serve is harder to read than e.g. Raonic’s.

Mr. Larvey Says:

I would love to see Gulbis and Dojoker in the second semi. It’s been a greatly entertaining week of tennis so far. Let’s hope that best is still ahead of us…

Perfect fan Says:

If the dog manages to bite roger too like rafa in the next round….I m sure nole will back out from the finals, in fear of rabies….LOL ;)

metan Says:

Perfect Fan,
Why are you nervous still?? Roger said that his team and his fans can count on him. So you must said to Roger : .bring on the game and you are rock!!

Perfect fan Says:

@metan, I m always nervous for roger, doesn’t matter he is playing good or bad….the reason being his unpredictable play sometimes. one time he will be playing so good to defeat likes of rafa/nole…and the very next instance, he will lose tamely to a no-one player. for instance, his brisbane final against hewitt….hewitt did play good in that match, but the way fed played the first set was rly baffling, I couldnt believe it was roger playing.

lets hope, he stays motivated and plays well.

Tootie Says:

Go Dolgo!!

James Says:

You know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if Dolgo beats Roger in the SF.

Hippy Chic Says:

James you know what i wouldnt either,nothing against Roger(honestly Fed fans),as i know hes also playing great,but it looks like Alex is very motivated this tourney,i havent seen himlooking so focused or playing so well in a very long time,hope its a great match,ill be able to sit up and watch this one as i dont have work in the morning hooray.

Patson Says:

I would be surprised if Dolgo beats Roger though.

James Says:

@hippy chic, the Goat vs the Dog will be a good entertaining match. I believe it’s a day match. The ball would be kicking up. If Alex targets Roger’s BH with heavy topspin and engage him in BH to BH rallies, he would win, me thinks.
Roger, however, is in form and hungry for his 5th IW title. It’s possible Roger wins this in 2.

I would love to see a Dolgo-Gulbis final though.

Lesego Says:

@James , no disrespect to Alex but there’s only one player who has the tools to succesfully employ that strategy against Roger. He will need to be patient and relentless in hitting to Roger’s backhand and he will need to generate extreme topspin in order to get the ball to rear up to above shoulder height. I don’t think he has either tool in his arsenal.

tfouto Says:

Dolgopolov cant generate topspin as Rafa can. Not even close.

That does not mean he cant beat Federer, but not that way…

Translated Age Says:

Fed. 6-4, 6-2.

James Says:

No, Alex can’t do it like Rafa to Fed but he can engage him in backhand to backhand rallies. Dolgo’s BH is much better than Federer’s. He will also need to serve well. Dolgo’s also very fast. Even Nadal looked old and slow against Dolgo. But maybe that’s because of the back.

Margot Says:

With Dolgopolov doing so well, I’m thinking of Conty, a past poster, who liked him from the first.
If you’re passing through girl, I’m waving and wishing you well.
You like Fed too though, tricky match….

Translated Age Says:

James, only Roger and Stan are allowed to use their backs as an excuse.

Gordon Says:

I’m not sure Dolgopolov is ready to compete with Fed if Fed is 100%. Raonic was a shadow of what he can normally be and it wasn’t hard for the Dog Man to look like a world beater.

If Fed is in tune it could be over soon. Heck, the way Fed is playing, unless Nole finds his form the final may see Fed on top again with overt drama, though I doubt it. Nole needs to assert himself of else it could be a long year for him.

RZ Says:

With that win, Fed is back in the top 5 on Monday. I knew it would be just a matter of time, but this is faster than I thought. If he wins the title, he’ll go up to #4.

Should be a good one against Dolgopolov.

Okiegal Says:


It was his loyal fans that were wanting him to hang it up. Reading this on TX all year long. I’m a Rafa fan and I would comment that Roger should play on as long as he wanted to. I felt like there was something wrong with him and it was…….a back problem. I know he has made some changes…..New coach, racquet, back better and he is looking great. I think he will beat Dolgo. Dolgo will look at him across the net and think…….”can I really do this?” He can do it, but it’s going to take all hands and the cook to get it done….imo. We will see. I’m sure the Dog has a game plan……but can he execute it? Should be a great match if Alex doesn’t fold up like a cheap suit…..

SG1 Says:

Getting to the top 4 is a big deal. It provides some draw protection when players get to the big events. Don’t have to play a Rafa or Nole until at least the semi-finals. Wouldn’t be surprised of Fed wins the whole thing. He’s playing some really good tennis and he has the belief again. Don’t see Dolgopolov stopping Federer here. I do seem to have the Sean Randall curse though. I’m lousy at picking tournament winners.

kjb Says:


I disagree with you when you say his backhand is better than Federers. He has got a great backhand but when it comes down to the brass tax I would take Roger backhand in a second. Its so much more versatile. They both take the ball early but if Fed is clicking there is no chance Dolgopolov will be able to force Federer off the baseline. It is a different story with his previous opponents Nadal/Raonic who play 5 feet behind the baseline, but Federer won’t give him as much time. Should be a good match, I really like watching “the Dog” but just don’t see him taking out Fed here in Indian Wells.

Allez Fed!!!

madmax Says:

Okiegal Says:

It was his loyal fans that were wanting him to hang it up. Reading this on TX all year long. I’m a Rafa fan and I would comment that Roger should play on as long as he wanted to. I felt like there was something wrong with him and it was…….a back problem. I know he has made some changes…..New coach, racquet, back better and he is looking great. I think he will beat Dolgo. Dolgo will look at him across the net and think…….”can I really do this?” He can do it, but it’s going to take all hands and the cook to get it done….imo. We will see. I’m sure the Dog has a game plan……but can he execute it? Should be a great match if Alex doesn’t fold up like a cheap suit…..

March 14th, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Oki, you have to be careful not to put words into Fed fan’s mouths. The only person, I can recall who wanted Fed to hang up his racquet was Gannu.

No other fed fan wished for him to hang up. Way too soon for that.

Okiegal Says:

Not true, MM…..he isn’t the only one. I cant remember their monikers, but there were others I will ponder about this and see if I can come up with a name…..I can remember calling them out on it……..taking up for Roger, I might add. I get fired up when people go to bringing up age….being older and all. Hey, I am very fair toward all players for the most part, but I will take up for Rafa and I have for Roger many times, believe it or not. Thanks for the response, I have a chance to explain myself…..and I like that. Nice chat!!

Okiegal Says:


I read my original post over again and I should not have said Fed fans, because that does sound like I meant every fan out there, and I didn’t mean to imply that at all. Maybe 2 or 3 at the most but it did annoy me and I told them so. Sorry I lumped you all together, not my intention at all.

Okiegal Says:

I am going on and on here and the match is being televised in the US and I am on the computer…..well there is a basketball game finishing up, hope there is no overtime!

John Says:

It’s weird, but as Feds gotten older I don’t really like seeing him slug out matches. I don’t enjoy seeing him play younger guys and chasing down balls like I used to.

I just always Feel like he’s having to fight so hard these days.

We are being spoiled either way. How crazy is it to think that Fed at 32 is still a legitimate threat. When Federer was 27 I remember pondering

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