Roger Federer: A Few Months Ago People Said I Couldn’t Play Tennis, But I Still Have The Fire To Win
by Tom Gainey | March 16th, 2014, 11:48 pm

Roger Federer was so close to fifth Indian Wells title but today the 32-year-old was turned away by Novak Djokovic 36, 63, 76(3).

Federer came into the final winning his last 11 matches including a won over Djokovic two weeks ago in Dubai. And today’s match also went the distance.

Once Federer broke back at 5-5 in the third there was new hope for the Swiss who seemed out of it early in the set once Djokovic got into form and won the second. But unlike yesterday Djokovic was too strong in the final tiebreaker.

“It was an interesting end to the match, no doubt,” said Federer. “But I think he played well. At the end he made sure he kept the ball in play and I might have made a few too many errors when it really mattered. But I think he made a crucial sort of 20 minutes, half and hour midway through the second set and third set where things could have gone either way. But credit to him for toughening it out and winning that second set and getting the breaker in the third.”

Federer, who was so down last year, took plenty of positives from the week.

“A few weeks ago, months ago, a few people said I couldn’t play tennis anymore,” Federer said. “So for me I need to focus on my own game, my own routines, hard work, make sure I keep a good schedule for myself, for my family and enjoy it.

“At the same time, that fire, wanting to win, is important and right now I have that. I think I have a really good balance right now.”

And it’s been quite a change from a year ago when Federer was ailing with a back injury that derailed much of his season. Now, he says, he’s playing good tennis again.

“If you see the angle that last year was difficult, especially this time around last year in Indian Wells, that I’m able to turn it all around now and I’m really playing nice tennis,” Federer said. “I truly believe that playing good tennis it’s maybe sometimes a little easier to lose this way. Because I really did believe I was playing good tennis. It was a solid match. It was good also movement wise. My serve was around. It was an overall good performance.”

Federer added that he’ll head to Miami now and see how he feels about playing once he gets there – he’ll likely play he said.

“I got very, very close,” Federer said. “It’s encouraging for Miami and for the rest of the season, no doubt.”

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35 Comments for Roger Federer: A Few Months Ago People Said I Couldn’t Play Tennis, But I Still Have The Fire To Win

Skeezer Says:

Stay healthy, keep building the confidence. You’ve alteady silenced the haters, which are the few, jealous me nots.

kjb Says:

I am liking what I am seeing out of Fed right now. I think he should skip Miami, recharge the batteries, play Davis Cup in a couple weeks and hit the ground running in Monte Carlo. Fed can do some damage through the clay season especially Madrid. Love to see him play in Monte Carlo tho.

Perfect fan Says:

I gotta say this….’I m proud to be ur fan, roger’.

I predicted that nole will win this tie in 3 sets and it did came true….but the way, roger played thru out….the character and spirit he shown, coming back from a break down in the decider to push for the TB….very very commendable.

I m hugely excited for roger and the prospects for rest of the season. Its also nice to see nole getting back to form at the right moment.

metan Says:

Skeezer at 12.32am.LOL.
That was Giles lines no, have you asked permission from him??.hehehehe!

madmax Says:

Great attitude Fed.

Great match.

Excellent season so far.

Syed Mohammed Sohail Says:

Its good to see you in a good form.Its my wish for you to win Wembeldon final this year.
I am proud to be your fan.
I am also happy for your statement that I wish for Pakistan to win T20 cup this year.

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Roger, do you think you are the only one with the fire within to win?

We know you lost. But do you think Novak’s fire is even brighter??

Roger lost and who won???

Hippy Chic Says:

Ill repeat what i said on the other thread,congrats to all the Federer fans TV,Skeezer,MM,Steve-O,Jatin,Perfect Fan etc etc too many to mention,on a great week,and really rolling back the years,and playing some fabulous tennis,it bodes well for the rest of the year,no matter what happens.

Michael Says:

It is a pity that a match of the highest quality should end in such a fashion with a bad tie breaker. Roger made many Unforced Errors in the crucial breaker and he lost it. But, what a match it was with both players exhibiting some of their best Tennis on display. Roger’s quality of play was exquisite and near his prime in the first set where he dominated the match and in the second set too, he was keeping close with Novak. One bad service game and he lost the set. However, in the third, Novak was running away with the match when Roger showed his fighting abilities by breaking Novak while he was serving for the Championship. Then, I thought Roger had the momentum and the match was to his taking. But Novak had other plans and in the breaker he was helped by Roger making a series of UEs which helped him clinch the title. Nevertheless, it is a fine display by Roger and he is for sure back with a bang. That old fire is burning inside him and he is looking hungry. With such a performance, he can no more be written off in Majors and probably his best chance would be at Wimbledon.

Translated Age Says:

jaded? pfft.

tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.

Describes Nole to a tee. Yet he still played just well enough to beat a near peak Federer. Aside from last year, even Federer himself says so.

Great to see him back to full form again.

Giles Says:

Fires are extinguished, no? Says:

It was heartbreaking to watch it end, but this has been a great few weeks from Federer. In 2012, even when he won, it often seemed like he had to take lots of risks, make lots of UEs. Last night seemed much more clean- he was taking the risks but keeping UEs manageable. Novak played a fantastic second and third set, but Fed was right with them, and in no way looked tired. In fact, Novak had the look from the second set on.
Great win for Novak, but a great tournament for Fed, and one which gives me much higher hopes for the season from Fed than I had.
Also, seeing Fed in that first set was such a throwback vision to the precision and dance of 2005 Fed, it was a treat.

tfouto Says:

TennisVagabond. Federer on 3rd seemed tired to me.

Okiegal Says:

I’m not sure how would do in slams, he looked tired in the 3rd……and rightfully so. But he is back to great form.

Okiegal Says:


Did not mean to echo, I’m in between back and forth preparing lunch, and your post neat mine……but agree with you.

tfouto Says:


Yes, agree with you.

I am happy by Federer form. I think Federer form is enough for any other then Djokovic, Nadal and Murray, even if he’s older and tired. But on a 3 set, Federer dont have the stamina for this guys, on a 5 set more difficult… Let’s see what future brings…

Trevor Says:

Why did Federer beat Novack in Dubai then?

Okiegal Says:

I also think pressure took hold for both…..Novak couldn’t close it out in the second and Roger felt the pressure in the tiebreaker…….natural human reactions, why we see a lot of double faults in those moments. Can change things around in a heartbeat!

Okiegal Says:


I don’t know why, maybe because V was there and gave Novak some pointers from the stands…..coaching??

Tj Says:

Nadal should think about retiring due to the fact he lost in the 4th round in Indian Wells!!!

Trevor Says:

Okiegal, I am not sure what you mean but I think Federer needs to stand one step further back to give himself that split second longer to play some shots. He needs to stop rushing some shots and I think that is why he shanks a few.

Gordon Says:

I think Fed is going to decide to play Miami once he sees that draw.

Okiegal Says:


LOL I read that back myself and don’t know what I meant by that post either. Should have said in answer to “Why did Fed beat Novak in Dubai”? Maybe Novak needed V in the stands at Dubai get pointers (coaching) like he got yesterday at Indian Wells, is what I was saying.

Slice Tennis Says:

Federer and his fans are hyping this way beyond reality.
Basically Federer did well against rank outsiders and when he met the first top 10 player (who was playing average tennis) he was on his way home.

Grand Slam Says:

Kudos to Fed the Maestro for giving the youngsters a run for their money! At 33 he is really playing very well! This time around,Nole grabbed the win and that should help his vulnerable confidence right now!!!! Let’s see how the season unfolds from this point on!!!!! I am personally looking forward to the clay court season!!!!!

jatin Says:

Slice tennis
Please spare us your wisdom in a thread dedicated to roger and his fans.

Hapy chic
Thanks for That. But this loss didn’t hurt much. Roger’s fighting spirit when Novak was serving for the match was amazing. In the end, he gave it all. And that is what we fans love about roger. Even in his speech he was looking so happy as if he won the match. It kind of showed how even he was satisfied with his level of play and performance.
And in Miami your guy can do a lot of damage too. He should be the second favourite after djoker there for sure. Says:

@Metan,…. LOL. Yeah, we need to seek permission….in deed. Says:

ALLEZ, ROGER!! Great great job and good spirit. Better luck in Miami!

Anyway, some of us can never see the positive in anything even if it hits us flat in the nose, can we?

If everything that somebody else says ‘smells bad’ to you, it’s time to start checking your own nose.

Alternatively, it’s time to take some time away from tennis and start listening to a little bit of Joel Osteen.

Contrary to what is thought of certain players, NOBODY wins all the time and certainly, NOBODY defeats everybody. That is just fickle imagination. If there is anybody who defeats everybody all the time, there would be, at least, one person on tour accounting for all the 36 slam titles between 2005 and 2013. We know there is no such person.

You win some, you lose some.

skeezer Says:

Fed fans united.
Its easy to see the puked out Fed haters, there poster names are well seen. Nice to know Fed fans are the majority Globally.

Its all about jealousy, Fed has the all time records, and there fav has minion records, and in there favs prime he is struggling to get through early rounds?. There retort is the faded adage of h2h and minors 1000. Pathetic.
OMG, How can than this be? Fed starting out one of his best years @32/33? LMAO.
Enjoy the moment. Clay is coming where Rafa is at home. Hope for his fans nobody upsets the crib, lol.

Humble Rafa Says:

Runner-up is the new winner.

#low standards# Says:

This is the other thing that I find. There appears to be only two players whose wins are thought of as wins. It doesn’t matter whether they win against crawling tortoises or not – that is when you hear their fans screaming ‘a win is a win’.

I have seen these two players win against ‘one legged’ opponents (pretty much blowing them of court, one and one), in one slam match after the other and their fans jump around like that person has just invented some gadget to instantly locate all the missing planes of the world. I never hear anybody say, oh, that defeated opponent wasn’t any good anyway. It’s always ‘a win is a win’.

Yes, a ‘win is a win’ until other players, including Federer, put out their best and win anything. Then it becomes, oh, they only won because their opponents were not in top form, not qualified enough, tired or injured, ‘weak era’ or whatever – you get it – excuses – excuses, always downplaying other people’s efforts. It doesn’t matter that Fed is in his thirties and still challenging people supposedly in their prime.

I am also just discovering that even with Fed losing, the fans of the winner cannot relax and enjoy the moment for their favorite player. They still find time to inject some envy.

It’s really pathetic. Jealousy knows no bounds.

jatin Says:

Love him or hate him, you just can’t forget him. That is why Roger is one of the most popular sportsman there is.

Purcell Says:

Hang on Grand Slam, he’s only 32. Premature ageing will set in when infant number three arrives.

Translated Age Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
Runner-up is the new winner.

#low standards#

March 17th, 2014 at 11:58 pm


Purcell Says:

‘….runner up is the new winner,’ and Grumble Rafa is the new Humble Rafa.

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